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Mature blonde slut dana denive fucks a stud with a gigantic black cock interracial and pornstar
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I spent the rest of Monday just thinking back on the days events. I relaxed for the rest day and the went to sleep on the couch. That night in bed i pulled my cock and began to stroke it, it wasn't long before my full 7inches was getting a good workout.

I was imagining fucking Tillys tight little cunt. I was imaginig having her in bed with me while i bent her over and fucked her hot dripping cunt in a doggystyle position. It didn't take long before my cum erupted everywhere. I cleaned up and went to bed and fell asleep instantly.

I awoke the next morning full of energy and ready to go to school. "Well I guess that day off did you good" Mum said as i grabbed the keys off the bench. "Yeah, I feel great" I told her as i headed out the door "See-ya Mum" I said "Bye Sean" She said back to me. I drove the car out of the driveway and stopped over the road so i could pick Tilly up. I couldn't wait to see her when instead of seeing her come out of the house i saw her Mum instead.

"Hey Sean" She said "Hey Lyn. Wheres Tilly?" I asked her "Oh shes running late so I'll take her to school today" She told me "Oh i don't mind waiting its ok" "No she wont be ready for a while so I'll take her" She said I said goodbye and drove off to school, I couldn't help but think if Tilly had regretted what had happened today and if I had done something wrong.

I thought about this all throughout the morning sessions at school and got in trouble by both my morning teachers for not concentrating. Morning Tea arrived and i tried to find Tilly but she was no where to be seen.

I couldn't stop these thoughts in my head that I had done somethign wrong they became more frequent between morning malabimba subtitulada castellano sexploitation italiana sub subtitulos and lunch, but it was then i realised that if Tilly was at school today i would definately see her this afternoon.

On Tuesday afternoons everyone in the school had to choose a sport in which they were required to participate in. The sports ranged from Football to Chess, I choose Tennis because it was an easy bludge and i know that Tilly was also doing Tennis.

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I boarded the bus but was disapointed to see that there was no Tilly i beagn to feel depressed when I saw her arrive on the bus. "Sorry I'm late" She told the teacher as she sat down. She saw me looking at her and she immediately looked away and sat at the opposite end of the bus to me. I looked at her body for the entire bus ride, even though she was in her school uniform she looked great.

Her shirt was a size too small and her tits were practically busting out of her shirt and I could see the skin from her stomach.

Her sport pants hugged her body and her ass aswell and I could see the outline of her G-String that she was wearing. I couldn't get my mind off her and i knew I had to get her alone. We arrived at the tennis courts and all paired off into our friend groups and began to play.

I only managed one game of tennis because i just could not stop thinking about Tilly. After I had finished the game i was playing i walked the rest of the courts to find Tilly. I found her playing with her friend Katie, I sat down and beagn to watch the two girls. My cock beagn to grow in size immediately, everytime that Tilly hit the ball her shirt would fly up and expose her flat stomach.

I was even getting aroused by the site of Katie running around. Katie had blonde hair that ran halfway down her back, she had a killer body hot cutie was brought in asshole loony bin for harsh therapy she had nice little perky tits.

I had assumed i was the only one watching the two girls play untill i heard someone say "They're fucking hot aren't they" I jumped out of my seat surprised that someone else was here, I turned around to see who it was, it was my friend Scotty "They sure are" I told him "How nice are Tillys tits man, I could spend all day in them" He said "Haha yeah there pretty good" I said "Shame shes a dick tease" He said "What do you mean?" I asked "Shes a tease, all she does is kiss guys shes never done anything sexual fine tits virgin gets little cunt played with He said "Theres nothing wrong with that man" I told him "Whatever dude.

Anyway I'm going to have a crack at Katie, shes a fucking slut. I heard she'll fuck ya' for a lift to a party, so wish me luck" He said "Good luck" I told him We walked on to the court that the two girls were playing on and Scotty yelled out "Oi, Katie! Come play me" "In what?"She asked "In what-ever you want"He told her "Oh, sounds fun" She said as she walked past Tilly and whispered in her ear. The two left the court leaving Tilly and I alone.

We stood there in a moment of akward silence before i broke the silence. "So what did Katie whisper in your ear?"I asked her "She thinks you're friend is hot" She told me We had another moment of akward silence before this time Tilly broke the silence.

"Sean, about yesterday I'm sorry for what I did. I never meant for that to happen, I'm so sorry" She said "What do you mean? I'm not sorry" I told her "I'm sorry that i made you do those things with me yesterday I just don't know what came over me.

I hope you don't think any less of me" She said "Tilly. I like you, i mean i like you a lot and trust me you never made me do anything and I'm glad we did those things and i hope we can continue this relationship we have. Don't you?" I asked her There was a pause for what seemed like an eternity before Tilly came up and wrapped her arms around me and said. "I'm so glad you said that Sean" She let go of me and then kissed me passionately, my tongue met hers in her mouth and i played with sexy dark whore adores sex a lot tongue for a bit before she broke it off.

"Follow me" she said as she grabbed my hand. I followed her out of the tennis court and into the clubhouse. I looked aaround expecting to see people int here but the place was deserted. Tilly led me in to one of the dressing rooms and stood me infront of a glass screen that faced into another dressing room.

"Look at that" She said I turned my head to look through the screen and to my amazement i saw what looked like two people fucking. I looked closer and made out that it was Scotty fucking Katie.

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"Holy shit" I said "How did you know that they'd be in here?" I asked her "I know Katie too well" She told her "Thats fucking hot" I said "Just enjoy the show" she told me With that Tilly got to her knees and undid the zipper to my pants.

She opened up the front to my boxer shorts and grabbed my cock which had already became hard. She slowly licked the shaft of my cock as my audrey bitoni cumshot compilation lord of cumshots rolled back in delight.

She gave my cock a kiss and she looked up at me with her big green eyes and smile before taking my cock into her mouth and beagan sucking. She continued to suck as she grabbed my ball sack and started to play with them in her hand. She had definately become bettr at giving blowjobs, even though it was only the second one she had ever given. As Tilly kept sucking me off i looked back through the glass screen to watch Scotty fuck Katie.

Scotty had Katie positioned on top of the massage table as he lay on top of her fucking her pussy. This continued for another couple of minutes untill they stopped. Initially i thought that Scotty had blown his load but instead he was just repositioning Katie and himself.

He picked Katie up off the Massage table and then lent her over it so her ass was facing him. I could immediately make out the view of Katies shaven pussy glistening with juices. Scotty positioned his cock behind her and slid it in to her pussy and beagn pumping her furiously. He was pumping her hard and fast and i could see the expression of pain and pleasure on Katies face. Scotty was grabbing her blonde hair and using it to pull her back and fourth onto his cock.

It wasn't long before katie had turned around and stated to suck Scotty's cock. About 10 seconds later Scotty had shot his load inside Katies mouth and she had swalloed every last drop.

He helped her get off her knees and they got dressed and left the dressing room. "They're done" I told Tilly as she continued to suck my cock and play with my balls.

I started to run my hand through her hair as i could fell the pressure in my balls go higher and higher. It took only a few more minutes before i felt that familiar feeling "Im going to cum Tilly" I told her She kept sucking and i though she hadn't heard me "Tilly, Im cumming" I said, but she statred sucking faster untill i shot my warm load all the way down the back of her throat.

She swallowed it all then used her tongue to clean up the bit of cum that was leaking out of her mouth. "Thanks Tilly, that was fucking amazing" I told her "Thats ok" She said "I know we don't have much time but i want you to lick me out again" I smiled at skinny adorable teen bounds on rod hardcore massage and picked her up and carried her over to a bench that was positioned in the middle of the room. I placed her down on it and positioned myself so my head was between her legs.

I slid my hnads under the elastic of her shorts and slid them down around her ankles. It left her black G-string exposed, i could see what looked like a stain on the front so i assumed that she was already wet.

I then slid her G-string down to meet her shorts and exposed her pussy and clit. "Notice anything different?"She asked "You shaved completely" I said "I hope you like it"She said "I love it" I told her I knew I had to hurry up because the bus would be leaving soon so i took one last look at her glistening pussy before i teen girl is nailed well smalltits hardcore to eat her out.

My tongue made traces around the oustide of her pussy lips occasionly lightly touching her pussy. I did this for a few minutes as her pussy got wetter and wetter. I then started to move my tongue over her pussy more frequently and with more force each time, I had a new figure 8 pattern that i was using and judging by the moans of ecstacy i knew it must of been good.

I wanted to keep this up but I knew i never had time so i stated to lick out Tillys pussy flickering my tongue in and out of her pussy and then spending some time on her clit. It was after a couple of minutes of this when Tilly placed her hands on my hand and pushed my head deeper into her pussy and clit. She started to quirm and i knew she was about to cum, it only took a few more seonds before i heard her scream. "I'm Cumming!" She yelled With that she exploded in my mouth.

"Oh my God!" She said "That was fucking incredible" She told me as i licked up all the juices that had leaked out of her pussy. I was continuing to eat her out when both mine and Tilly's phones went off. I lifted my head and grabbed my phone to see that i had a message from Scotty asking me where i was and that the bus was about to leave.

"Katie just sent me a message, the bus is about to leave" Tilly said "I know Scotty sent me the same message" I told her as i moved my body up and positioned my hips between hers.

I kissed her on the neck before i said. "I want to fuck you Tilly" "I know you do and I want you to fuck me but I'm not sure when i want to do it, Is that ok with you"She said I smiled at her as i stood up and helped her up.

We both got dressed and beagn to leave before she grabbed me and started to kiss me. Our tongues met again as my hand creeped up under her shirt and started to massage her breast. We broke the kiss up and we left the dressing room. We decided that we shouldn't leave together so we wouldnt raise suspicion Tilly beagn to walk out before turning back to me and saying "I want you to fuck me on Friday night" " "I thi

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