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Hot mom step real mom
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My name is Ali. I'm 21 years old guy living somewhere in Arabia with 170 cm tall, 60 gm weight, with white complexion and long black hair. As being a college boy I have met many cute Arabian chicks in our university but nevertheless I hadn't make a love relationship with anyone of them cuz I couldn't do that due to my shy personality.

Yeah, I do have affection to girls but I can't tell any girl about my feelings to her. As a result I was masturbating all the time going thinking of me being in that hot situation with a "fair sex creature". I took many photoes to our Department chicks and I operated them with PHOTOSHOP to take off their heads and paste'em on some porn chicks pix I had and inserted my pic with them as being fucking them or sucking their pussies.

The operated photoes were damn so good and exact and seemed to be real. You may know all, you western fellows! That being an arab is not easy to handle sex with a girl as you all do abroad. (I envy you)! Anyway, I felt sad and I was complaining about this all the time.

Imagine that being in age of 20 without kissing a girl even!!!!!! But all my dreams and fantasies came true this year, yeah I've did it!!! I had sex. It's all happened when I moved to the countryside (my dad's hometown) to take a vacation and breathe some new fresh air.

Then, I saw a girl I knew since a long time I knew her and she knew me also but many years passed since she was a child.

Her name is "Jihan" with 14 years old with small undeveloped tits and small nice round ass, her lips were pink and her eyes were black as well as her hair long thief girl force for sexy rape

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Then I said to myself: "god, she is now the one I want, she looks charming!" I went to her, greeted her and as I expected she didn't forget me, she called me by my name.

We talked over and over while that I was examining her beautiful slender body and her gorgeous thighs and legs. Next day, at afternoon as I was walking my way to my father's farm house I saw some ghosty person was standing near thick bushes and calling me in low voice like whispers… it was her "Jihan"!! I asked her: " everything's ok?" she answered me "no!" and added : "I don't feel ok, and you are responsible for that…&hellip. Ali, I'm loving you and I can't take it anymore!" I was shocked!

She was rubbing my back with her arms, she was feeling horny! I didn't say a word but I answered her by a strong lingered kiss as I was grabbing her small boobs with my hand giving her hornier sensation. I kissed her lips, cheecks down to her neck. Gradually, she began to lose control on herself so I unzipped her shirt to see that amazing lovely chest she had&hellip.

And what beautiful round boobs with pinky nipples!

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I started to suck her boobs and bite gently her nipples justlike a baby, she moaned and scratched my neck with her nails. She seemed that she liked the smell of my mouth as I always put a mouth-deodorent! We were approaching closer and closer the ultimate point of orgasm. Both of us couldn't take it anymore, " we must do it now!" I said, and she nodded saying: "OK!" then I asked her if anyone would notice her absence and she answered me that I had not to worry; her father and brother were out for the town and they wouldn't be back before three days.

I didn't ask Jihan about her mother cuz she is dead and Jihan was living with her aged sleepy grandma… "Great! Everything is fine now " I whispered to myself then I told her that I chinese slut taking a bath with a webcam to lock the gate for safety and she told me that she would wait for me.

Our farm was surrounded by a long fence with a red giant gate, inside the farm there were too many thick crowded fruit trees and palms giving perfect place to do sex without any disturbings! I quickly locked the gate viewing that nobody was around and…… SHIT!!! There was some spunk oozes out of my hungry dick! I must hurry then.

When I returned to Jihan I was amazed; she took off her skirt and pants and she was toying her pussy and butt with a cucumber! I told her that I would help her in that then I knelt and took the cucumber away and started licking her hot thirsty pussy. Although her pussy was hairy but that didn't prevent me from enjoying that job.

(In fact, her pussy wasn't hairy so much; her pubic hair was still growning and her arse was as just fine as I thought.) I enjoyed the taste of the dripping juices coming out from her tiny virgin pussy. Step mother teaches ally associates daughter hd xxx risky birthday capers with I kept sucking and tickling her pussy (with my moist tongue), butt and the rest of her body she kept groaning like a pussycat.

The poor teen couldn't bear it as she was pulling my long hair while I was lotioning her hot body with my saliva. And then, she pushed me and hurried to unbelt my trousers and put her hand inside my pants and squeezed my dick and pulled it over. I was lying down on my back with just my dick up and Jihan was kneeling and shaking hard my organ after that she spitted on it and tilted her head to my pubic and said:"I'm thirsty! I want refreshments" and of course she meant my 12 cm circumcised cock.

So, she put it in her wet mouth hold it in one hand and began to do blowjob. Her tongue was dancing with my dick giving me a great feeling, her head was moving up and down with my dick inserted in her mouth, holding the shaft in one hand and the other was pinching nicely the balls. I felt so hot so I took off my T-shit and letting her sucking. Then Nicoles bathtub fuck nikita von james pornstar released a howl when my cums were heavily targeting her mouth and throat but the last shot was ahead to her left eyebrow.

Then she smiled mischievously: "hehe, mmmm! Delicious!"she said. "provided with a cream, huh?" I replied and added " Jihan, I love you and want more of your love".

Then, and with an obscene action she fingered her pretty round ass and said "show me your love and feed it" (she meant her anus not her pussy cuz girls here wouldn't accept easily to lose the virginty of their cunts inorder not to be recognized that she was fucked by someone else before getting married.

Therefore, the anal fucking was the unique solution for that problem). I wasn't sure that she could bear my throbbing cock easily from the first time so I looked around for something and&hellip. Yeah, SESAME! So I grabbed a bunch of sesame leaves and sqeezed them to gush the oily juice of it and rub that over Jihan's butt hole.

Her Ohs and Ahs went on after I was completely naked playing with her full-moon butt! My dick was waiting on fire to penetrate her ass hole.

When she turned her body to doggy-style I knew that it was my turn to feed her hungry butt with my hot sausage shaped dick. I gently pushed it into her anus as she was moaning and screaming whisperly for a help to come down the fire that burning her bottom.

With time, I kept pumping my manhood to her faster and harder as I could see some blood coming out her virgin arse, I hugged her tightly with howls as the heavy cum-load was thrusted inside her hot mucal ass.

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God, how a hard thing it was! I picked up my breathes again and repeated the action as she was still lying as a lost puppy, she was crying while I kept pulsing and my cock shaft was totally hiding inside her then I splattered all my cums on her shivering body. Then, she turned her face to me with tears filing her eyes and cheeks.

However, she smiled and said: "Ahh,what a strong love you have!!" I answered her gasping hard for a breathe :"it is only for you and I'm happy to lose my virginty with you, Jigi!". "me too!" she replied.

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After nadia ali ass fuck story, we moved to an old chambre inside it there was a water pump leading to a basin to get a bath. We still naked when we entered the chambre to switch on the pump. At that moment, Jihan hold my tired cock and began to shake it again but harder this time, I begged her to stop as it was really painful but she wasn't not listening to my cries!

All she wanted to have is more cums feeding her sex hunger. So I sprinkled her face, long black hair, and chest with my whity viscous sperms.

As the naughty teen felt satisfied, we decided to bathe in the basin and we did it; both of us was helping each other to get rid of that liquids and hymens which filled our bodies. Our bodies were shinny and clean again under the sunlight rays. We laughed and enjoyed the bath more than the sex (I'm saying the truth). Soon, she tied her long hair and got dressed again and left. But before her departure she kissed me and said : "we are now strongly connected to each other! I'll be your pretty slave, master!

Just call and I'll obey". Wow, I didn't believe myself at that moment that I had sex and had someone to exchange love with. Now, I'm back to my college with more confidence and dare but still thinking about that teen and everytime I remember that noon I feel lusty and in need to spank her nice white butt. I wanna go the countryside!!!!