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Arab milf hot sex mia khalifa tries a big black dick
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The Story of Ann Chapter 6 Love on the Ranch as Devils Ride to Town I drove home leaving Jack's thinking about him.

The man had confessed what he had done to me some 4 years ago when Janet and I attended an end of school year party. I had found busty babe katy jayne fucks with a neighbor becoming more fascinated with him as he told me his side of the story of that night.

I will admit I was attracted to Jack the first time I ever saw him with grandma while at the store that day. I think it was the uniform that he wore that day and the fact that Michelle seemed to like him as well. However, something troubled me about him when I stared into his eyes that day.

I now knew what it was. I was confused about him and my feelings toward him as I drove back to the ranch. I started to realize that I was in a love hate relationship with him. On one hand, I hated him for joining the others that night of the gang bang. However, I also now remembered that I wanted him just as much that night as last night.

Jack was different from most men I knew. But then again most men had not taken me during a gang rape either. I pulled Jack's truck onto our ranch road and up to the house still not sure of whether I hated him or was falling in love with him. Frank was coming out of the house as I started to get out of the truck. He walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as he said, "I was not sure you would make it back home to help this morning." "I am here in body maybe not in mind," I replied.

We walked toward the barn, as I asked, "Aren't you going to ask me about Jack?" "Ann, that is between Jack and you," "While it was not right what he did to you, I believe he is genuinely sorry about it and only wants a chance at correcting a wrong," Frank said to me.

I looked at Frank as I replied, "We all make mistakes don't we dad." "That we do Ann, that we do," he said walking me to the barn.

Frank and I saw to the horses. We groomed and feed them and as the morning sun was coming up, we walked from the barn. I saw the tow truck parked up by the house. We both walked into the house through the back door. Grandma was over the stove cooking breakfast. I looked around the kitchen then into the living room looking for Jack. I asked grandma where Jack was. "He went up to see Michelle," grandma replied. I walked up the steps and to Michelle's room.

I was quiet as I made my way to her room. I stood outside of her door looking into her room. Jack stood bent over her as she slept. Jack was stroking her blonde hair as he stood there looking down at her. "My dear Michelle you are the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future for us all," Jack said then gave her a kiss upon her forehead. I stood there watching him looking down upon her as a loving caring father would and should.

Jack stood up and he saw me standing at the door. He walked over to me and took me out into the hallway. "Sorry Ann, I just wanted to see her," Jack said to me.

I smiled at him as I replied, "That is OK Jack I think she needs her father's love as much as I do," as I pulled him down to my level. I wrapped my arms around his neck as my lips went to his.

He wrapped me in his arms as he kissed me deeply and with passion. I felt my pussy start to tingle then start to drip. I broke our kiss as I fanned myself with my hand. "Jack lets have breakfast first," I said smiling at him. Jack walked me down stairs and into the kitchen. We joined Frank at the table as grandma started to serve up breakfast. She smiled at both Jack and I as she did. We finished breakfast and Jack stood up from the table. He went to grandma and he bent over kissing her on the cheek.

"Wonderful breakfast grandma just like I remember," Jack said to her. Then he turned to Frank and me as he added, "Time to give the horses their workouts." "Jack you do not have to help as you has to work tonight," I replied to him as we started out the back door. "I hired him on a few days ago, Ann," Frank said to me. "That is if it is OK with you?" Frank then asked me. "I guess it is," I replied not for sure of that answer. The three of us split the workouts of the horses. In a few hours, they were finished except for one new horse Frank had just received.

It was a wild reddish colored mustang mare. Frank and I have been trying for about a week to get near her in the holding pen attached to her stall. Most of the time she would run back inside or she would stand her ground rearing up on her hind legs.

We both decided to give her some time to adjust, as she was a wild one. Frank walked us over to the holding pen as he said, "That the wild girl I was telling you about Jack," pointing to the mustang in her pen. The red mare mustang galloped wildly around her pen stopping to rear up at us as she did. The mustang stood at about 16 hands, which is about 5' 4" where her neck meets her body. The mare raced around the pen as Jack walked up to the pen.

As Jack got to the pen, she stopped and looked at him then started to run again. Jack climbed over the fence and into the pen with the horse. "See her ear keeps flipping back?" "That means the horse is watching him," I said to Frank as we looked on as Jack got inside the pen.

"JACK, get out of there," "That horse will hurt you," I yelled as I went toward the pen. "Let him go Ann he knows what he is doing," Frank replied grabbing my arm. Jack walked slowly toward the mare as she raced around in circles around him. The mare stopped and bucked at the fence then looked at Jack. She sidestepped around the pen looking away from Jack. He moved toward one side, facing the horse, and she turned and ran away from him. He moved back to the center and let her go for a little while, then took a few steps sideways to turn milf nina elle blows her stepsons large cock around again.

She stopped, facing the fence, and Jack stomped at the ground with his foot. She took off running again and Jack stepped toward her making her run the other way. I had never seen anyone use this type of training on a horse especially a wild mustang, which can be an very dangerous animal if not handled right. This style of training depends on pressure and release. Pressure - stepping into the horse's comfort zone to make her move a certain direction - followed by release - backing off, when the horse was doing what he asked.

Before long, Jack had her attention and when he held up his hand, she stopped and faced him. Jack lowered his hand holding it out in front of him. The horse cautiously walked toward his out stretched hand. She sniffed at it then went to running in circles around him again. Jack stepped into her path and I pictured the horse rearing up and kicking him in his head. However, that damn horse stopped gave her head a shake as she lowered it toward Jack. Jack reached out with his hand and rubbed at the mare's neck telling her what a good girl she was.

Jack reached up as he grabbed her mane and jumped up onto her back. The horse reared up and started to buck wildly as Jack dug his heels into her underside. The horse raced around the pen bucking trying to throw Jack from her back. "JACK," I screamed as I went running toward the pen. I reached the pen just as the horse finally threw him from her back. Jack went flying and landed face down into the dirt. He lies there with his face buried in the ground and his arms around his head.

He did not move and I thought he was out cold or something. I started to climb the fence when Frank stopped me. "Frank, he might be hurt and that horse is going to come back for him," I cried out as he grabbed me again by the arm. "Jack knows that and he is counting on it," Frank replied. I watched as the mare raced around Jack, as he lies motionless on the ground.

The mare suddenly stopped as she stared down at Jack on the ground. She walked slowly over to him and lowered her head. That mare poked at Jack's arm two or three times with her nose.

Jack reached out with his hand and scratched at her nose as he slowly stood up next to her. Jack pulled her head down to his mouth and he whispered something into the horse's ear. The horse seemed to rub her head against his as if she understood him.

"Good girl and such a lovely girl you are," Jack said as he reached into his pocket giving her a hand full of sugar cubes. Jack started too walked toward her stall as the mare stood there looking at him. Jack smiled at her telling her that was enough for today. Jack walked into stall with that mare following him into the stall. Frank and I stood there in disbelieve watching her as she did.

Jack came out of the barn as Frank and I went up to him. "Damn boy you still have the touch," Frank said looking to him. "She is just wild and alone as I once was," Jack replied to him as he felt above his eye. I looked to see Jack had a gash over his eye with blood flowing from it and I said, "Jack that horse could have killed you." Jack took a hanky pressing it to his forehead stopping the bleeding as he replied, "My time is not here yet as I have one more thing to do here on this earth." "What did you say to that horse?" I asked him.

"Please don't make me look bad in front of the girl I love," Jack replied. "What am I going to do with you Jack?" I asked him. "Well, hopefully more of what you did last night," Jack replied with a big smile. "And with that I believe it is lunch time," Frank said shaking his head. That wild mustang came to be Jack's horse and no other could come near her. That was until Michelle became old enough to care and ride her as that horse took to her just as it had Jack.

However, that is another story. I led Jack into the house through the back door. Grandma looked at him as we walked through the kitchen. "Jack, your bleeding have Ann tend to that for you," she said before going back to work in the kitchen. I walked Jack into the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet seat. I tended to the cut above his eye. I cleaned the dirt from it as I told him this might hurt a little.

I cleaned it without a word coming from him then told him it probably could use a stitch or two. "Place a Band-Aid on it and give it a kiss," Jack said smiling at me. I did as he asked and as I kissed his cut, he pulled me onto his lap. He pulled my face down to his. His hands pulled my face pressing my lips tightly against his as we began to kiss. Once again, I heard bells in my ears and fireworks exploding in my mind.

I also felt something hard poking me on my butt. My arms wrapped around his neck as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. Jack stood up from the toilet with me in his arms. He lowered me onto the sink counter top before breaking our kiss. His hands went to the zipper of my coveralls. He unzipped it then slipped it down past my shoulders. Jack kissed at my neck as his hands went to my back.

He skillfully unhooked my bra removing it in one smooth motion. His mouth enclosed my tit as he suckled on it gently. My nipple grew hard as he did. Jack sucked at one then the other before he tugged at my coveralls pulling them completely off me. Jack turned his head sideways as he kissed and licked his way down from my tits. I leaned back on the counter top giving him hot chick sex video features the seducing teen looking brunette that allows her sweet beaver to be l room.

His tongue followed my hairline from my belly button down to the waistband of my panties. Jack kissed and licked at my panties then looked up at me. "I see you wet your panties," Jack said as he slipped them off me. To be truthful my pussy started to drip when he was walking me from the barn up to the house. After I had watched him handle that wild mustang, I wanted him. Jack buried his face between my legs as I opened them as wide as I could.

He kissed at my pussy lips then ran his tongue between them. My pussy lips opened like a butterfly opening her wings to fly away. His tongue licked wildly at my pussy. My hands went to the back of his head pulling his face into my pussy. His tongue ran in and out of my pussy as if it was a miniature cock. I felt my pussy start to twitch as he fucked me with his tongue.

I pushed his head from between my legs as I said, "Fuck me Jack before we are missed." Jack unzipped his jeans pulling them and his underwear down letting them slip to his ankles.

Jack's hard dick danced in front of him until he grabbed it in his hand and ran it between my pussy lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his back as he pushed his hard cock up into my pussy. "OHhh Jack," I moaned softly into his ear as he started to fuck me. Jack moved slowly at first feeding me just half of his cock then pulling it back before driving it forward again.

I started to buck my two gorgeous lesbian bitches enjoying some re toward his cock until he gave me all of his cock. Jack started to fuck me hard and deeply as my lips went to his.

I kissed him then licked at his lips making his mouth open. I shoved my tongue into his flicking it against his tongue. Jack fucked me faster and I felt my pussy sucking at his cock each time it banged against the back wall of my pussy. "AHHhhhh fuck Jack," I screamed out as he moved his hips downward. When he did that, his cock went from hitting against my back wall to rubbing against my G spot. My pussy convulsed once on his cock before it squirted all over his cock.

My juices splashed from my pussy as he pulled his cock back then slammed it back up into my pussy. "Jack, ahhhh Jack," I moaned into his ear. Jack lunged forward burying his cock deeply and fully into my pussy. I felt his cock swell then throb as it filled my pussy with cum from it.

Jack's lips went to mine and he kissed me deeply as he cock spewed cum into my pussy. Jack broke his kiss as he kissed along my neck to my ear. "I love you Ann," Jack whispered softly and sweetly into my ear.

I pulled back from him and stared into those lovely blue green eyes as I replied, "I know you do Jack." I kissed at his lips pecking at them lightly before I added, "I just need more time, Jack." Jack nodded his head yes, as he stepped back from me.

His cock slipped from my pussy. I felt cum start to flush from deep within my pussy gorgeous babe in fishnets getting fucked mayhem I hopped down from the counter.

I went to the toilet where I squatted a bit while still standing. I gave a little push as cum flowed from my pussy then pee flowed freely from my pussy. Jack watched between my legs intently as I peed into the toilet.

From the smile on his face, Kiara mia is one sausage craving mommy would have to say that man enjoyed pee fun as Janet and I did. I reached down opening my pussy giving him a better view of my piss. I smiled at him as the last few drops of pee dripped from my hairy very wet pussy. Jack handed me my bra then my coveralls as he said, "Ann, I meant to ask you last night." "Are you on the pill or anything?" Jack asked me. "Yes I am on the pill Jack, you do not have to worry," I replied to him as I slipped into my coveralls.

"Oh, it is no worry as I plan on having a big family someday," Jack said smiling. Jack walked me back into the kitchen. As we entered into the kitchen, three sets of eyes looked upon Jack and I. Grandma smiled, Frank gave a little laugh and Michelle pointed to Jack.

"HI ACK," Michelle screamed out giggling as she did. Jack went right over to her picking her from her seat. He raised her above his head. Jack started to rise and lowered her as she giggled and laughed.

Grandma told Jack I would not do that. However, it was too late. Michelle made a little face just before she spit up right into Jack's face. Frank rolled from his chair laughing hard. Grandma was shaking her head from side to side. Jack lowered Michelle hanging her to me. "Sorry about that little one," Jack said as he reached for some napkins.

Erotic and explosive swinger parties striptease hardcore wiped what little bit of mess she had on her face. Then Jack wiped the big mess from his own face. Jack walked over to the kitchen sink and ran some water splashing it up all over his face.

I placed Michelle back in her seat as I handed him some napkins to dry himself. Frank excused himself as hot threesome fuck reena sky and jill kassidy pornstars hardcore told us he was about to piss his pants from laughing so hard. Jack and I sat down at the table, Michelle said, "Daddy, mommy," as she pointed to us at the table.

Jack smiled at her as he replied, "I sure hope fat man fucking a skinny woman in stockings someday," as he turned to me. "We already had our lunch," grandma said as she started to serve Jack and me ours.

Frank came walking back into the kitchen and he walked over to me. Frank handed me my panties as he said, "I think these might belong to you," smiling and snickering at me. Jack and I both turned red as grandma added, "See Ann if you did not wear panties as I don't, you would not leave them behind." The kitchen became silent as we all looked at her.

Grandma smiled as she added, "What I am just saying." We all busted up laughing as Jack and I ate then we all went back outside. We each went our own way as each of us did the afternoon chores on the ranch. We yong pretty cuties had hard core fuck striptease hardcore up at around just before three in the afternoon.

The three of us walked up to the house. Grandma was sitting on the back porch in her rocker with Michelle. "Jack, won't you stay for dinner?" Grandma asked him. Jack looked at his watch as he replied, "I would love to grandma however I have to start at 5 tonight at the bar." "Jack, you worked all day here and now you have to work tonight as well," I said. He smiled at me as he replied, "A little hard work never hurt anyone." "Jack, I wish you would quite that damn job of yours before you get hurt," grandma said.

"Leave the boy alone Mary, he can take care of himself," Frank said to her. Jack walked up and gave grandma a hug then a kiss on her cheek as he told her he would see her in the morning.

Jack shook Frank's hand then gave him a quick hug. He turned to me as he walked from the back porch. Jack wrapped his arms around me. He pressed his lips against mine. My arms wrapped around his waist as we kissed deeply. Once again, bells went off as we kissed. I broke our kiss as I looked up into his face. I smiled at him as I said, "You be careful, Jack." Jack smiled at me as he replied, "Fights begin and end with handshakes as long as I am peacemaker," kissing me on my cheek.

"ME, ME, daddy," Michelle yelled from the back porch. Jack smiled as he sidestepped me and went back to the porch. Even with Michelle at the top step, Jack still had to bend over to get down to her size.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him upon his cheek. Michelle released her hug of him as she said, "Bye, daddy ACK." "Bye, little one," Jack replied turning from her. Jack wiped at his eyes as he walked by me to the tow truck. I believe Michelle had made him cry. I walked up and picked Michelle up as her little arm and hand waved bye to Jack as he drove up the ranch road. Grandma smiled at me as she said, "That man is not like most men." "I am beginning to see that," I replied as I followed the dust from the tow truck up the ranch road.

From that day, forward when Frank and I came in from the morning chores Jack was always waiting for us at the kitchen table. If not there, he would be up stairs beside Michelle in her bed. We would all have breakfast together then the three of us would go about doing the daily chores at the ranch. Each afternoon Jack would leave to go home to get ready to go to the bar to work as a bouncer. Jack never really talked about his night job and none of us asked him about it.

I started to get used to having this man around and so had Michelle. Around two months into our relationship after a lunch roll in the hayloft I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him with fire and passion on my lips. I broke our kiss as I stared into his lovely eyes. Those eyes so lovely and bright they have grown over the months of us being together. Even Michelle's eyes glowed with richness since Jack had been around. Xxx storys pron open smol gril ranch was a happy fun filled place since Jack started to hang around.

Jack would have to leave for one or two weekends a month as he was in the army reserves. Janet would come stay with me when he was gone as I always feared the worst even if we were not at war with anyone at the time. I once asked him, "Jack, why do you still serve when you don't have too?" "Someone has to fight for freedom," Jack replied. I gave him a look and he added, "Freedom is not a gift.It is a Responsibility." I thought to myself, "Did it have to be your responsibility?" I guess I was just scared of him going off to war again.

I did not know much of his time in Vietnam chap seduces curvy lovely gal for sex he never talked about it and if something came on the TV about it, he would always change the channel.

Janet and Jack became good friends with a little help from me. The three of us were working on my car that was just about complete.

All we really had to do was to reinstall the doors; trunk and hood then paint the car. Jack had done an excellent job on getting all the little dents from the entire car. It was almost the end of a long hot summer. It was on a Saturday the temperature outside was already close to 90 by midday. Jack and I had finished our chores for the day and Janet had come over to help with my car.

Janet and I were upstairs getting ready to go help Jack who was already in the barn. "It fucking hot outside let's wear our bikinis," Janet said to me. "Is it hot or do you just want to tease Jack?" I asked Janet. "Both," Janet replied with a smile.

I chose a red one and Janet chose a yellow bikini. We slipped into them and checked each other out in them. Janet's tits hung from the side of hers, as it might have been a size to small.

Janet pointed to my red bottom letting me know that there was a huge amount of hair sticking from each side of mine. I tucked it all in the best I could. Janet smiled as she said, "It looks like you have a dick in there with all of that hair." "Maybe I should slip the dildo in there and take you from behind," I replied to her.

"Only if I can suck Jack's dick," Janet replied smiling at me. I stood there thinking for a few seconds then I asked, "Janet, do you find Jack incredibly hot and sexy?" "If he was in love with you would you love him back?" "Ann, I have fingered myself to that cumshot on big tits!

tube porn Janet replied with a little laugh. She rather tilted her head as she asked, "Ann, Do you still question your love for Jack?" "I don't really know for sure," I replied. Janet came over to me and she told me to close my eyes. I did as she asked then she asked me what I saw. I told her I saw nothing. Janet told me to think of something happy and when I did the bathroom fuck with Jack popped into my head.

I smiled at her as I told her about that. Janet then told me to close my eyes once more and think of something sad or bad. I expected to see that event after school was out or maybe my mom throwing me out of the house. However, I saw Jack as a little boy on the city streets. His face was dirty and he was going from garbage can to garbage can looking for food. I opened my eyes and told her what I had just seen in my mind.

"I think that answers your question Ann," Janet said to me. "As to your other question if he was in love with me I would be fucking that man ever chance I got," Janet added smiling. "Maybe today is your chance," I replied. "What do you mean by that Ann?" Janet asked.

"Let's just see if Jack is man enough to handle us both," I replied as I grabbed her hand and we ran down the steps.

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Frank was coming out of the kitchen as Janet and I literally bounced down the steps. His eyes followed our tits as they bounced with each step we took. We both stopped at the bottom of the stairs and smiled at him. "Are you two wearing that to help Jack with the car? Frank asked us both. We shook our heads yes as Frank added, "God help that boy," as he walked into the living room shaking his head. Janet and I laughed as we went out the back door and into the barn. Jack was placing the trunk lid onto the back end of the car as we walked into the barn.

He looked to cable sex story grile man as the trunk slipped from his hands ending up inside the trunk instead. "Damn it," Jack yelled as he picked it back up showing us a big scratch on it. "Do you want us to go change?" I asked smiling at him. "Change what oh your bikinis? Jack asked followed by, "I did not even notice," as he gave a little laugh.

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I asked Jack what we could do to help. Jack stood at the back of the car for a few seconds then told me that we could polish the new wheels he had brought for my car pointing to a set of rim laying on a table near the car. I went over to them and I saw they were the top of the line Chrome Super Sport rims. I knew they were very expensive as well. Two of them were very wide, I looked at the paperwork, and it called for N series tires.

"Jack, I don't have N series tires for the rear wheels," I said to xxx parn story sex stories in the car. Jack smiled as he replied, "You will when they arrive." "JACK, stop spending your money on my car parts," I said to him. I went over to my car as I pointed out to him all the stuff he had already brought and put onto my car. I looked to the engine and saw he had also just about chromed out the engine as well.

I asked him if being a bouncer paid that well. "No, but then I am independently wealthy," Jack replied. "JACK, you didn't steal those parts did you?" Janet asked him before me. "NO, my mother sent up a trust fund for me a long time ago and with the money she got from the sale of the farm she invested wisely," Jack replied. "Jack, when I am going to meet your mom?" I asked him. He seemed a little nervous as he replied, "Some day you will Ann." I took that as his way of saying he did not want to talk about her.

I told him to stop spending whosoever money it was on me. Jack showed us how to polish the rims before he went back to installing the trunk as Janet and I polished the rims. Janet and I stood at the table facing toward him just staring at him as he removed his shirt then picked the trunk lid back up in his arms. His muscles bulged and flexed as he did. Janet and I just stared watching him work.

"You ladies watching or working?" Jack asked. We both went to work polishing the rims as Jack had shown us to do. I looked over to Janet's big tits watching them shake like hell as she rubbed at the rims with polish and a cloth. I also noticed mine jiggled nicely as well. I looked up to Jack to see that he was watching us. "You working or watching?" I asked him smiling.

Jack smiled back as he replied, "Watching mostly." I reached behind my head undoing my top. I let it fall from my tits exposing them to him. Janet looked at me and I nodded my head to her. Janet reached up undoing her top and let her tits hang freely. We both went back to polishing the rims. Our tits jiggled and as our arms brushed against our nipples, they grew firm and grew hard.

I looked to see Jack smiling as he went back to work. By the time we finished the rims my pussy was tingling from watching Janet's tits bouncing around.

Jack was over installing a door as I went to Janet. I took her into my arms pressing my lips against hers. Our tits rubbed together as we kissed.

I broke our kiss as I kissed at her neck working my way up to her ear. In a low whisper, I asked her what Jack was doing. Janet whispered back into mine that he was watching us intently. I whispered for her to follow my led. I went back to kissing her deeply as we swapped tongues. I ran my hand down to the front of her bikini rubbing at her pussy. Janet's hand went down to mine rubbing at it. We kissed more passionately as the pleasure build as we rubbed each other's pussies.

I broke our kiss as I pulled her bikini bottom from her. Janet pulled mine from my body as well. Janet did not have to follow my led any longer. Janet started to kiss and lick at my tits.

I looked to Jack to see him standing there watching us intently and with a smile on his face. Janet moved from my tits as she stared to kiss and lick her way down the front of my body. Janet dropped to her knees as she ran her tongue around my belly button. She then followed the hairline down to my pussy.

I looked to Jack as Janet's hand parted my pussy. "Are you going to watch or join us?" I asked smiling at him. Wicked pretty chick in underware with toy lingerie and japanese came over getting behind me as he kissed at my neck.

He kissed his way to my ear. He kissed and licked at my ear before he whispered into it. "Ann, are you sure about this?" He asked into my ear. I turned to him as I looked into his eyes as I replied, "Jack, you once told me we had all the time we needed," "Well the time has come." I kissed him once upon his lips then added, "Jack, I love you." Jack took me in his arms as he replied, "I love you too Ann," before kissing me deeply.

"Let's take this to the hayloft above before we get caught," I said to them. Janet went the ladder first with me behind her; she stopped about halfway up the ladder. My face went against her ass and I could not help but run my tongue between her butt cheeks. I ran my face up and down licking between her butt cheeks. I could not use my hands nor could she to spread her cheeks for me as we would have fell from the ladder.

Janet wiggled her ass as she cooed while my tongue licked at her butt. "AHhhh Ann, lick my asshole," Janet moaned softly while on the ladder. Janet had no sooner said that than Jack's tongue ran up and down between the cheeks of my ass. I felt Jack using one hand to pull my butt cheeks apart as his tongue licked at my asshole. I removed my face from between her butt cheeks as I looked back down at Jack.

"You lick it you will have to stick it," I said smiling. Jack never said a word he just shoved his tongue up into my asshole. My face went back to work on Janet's ass as well. Janet has this little problem when it comes to having her asshole or even just her butt cheeks licked or tickled with you hand. She gets this incredible urge to pee. Janet looked down at me as she said, "Ann, you better stop or you know what is going to happen." I withdrew my tongue from between her butt cheeks.

I ran my tongue slowly all over her butt lightly tickling her ass with it. Janet cooed and danced around on the ladder.

Janet moaned lightly as pee started to trickle down her thighs. "ANN, I can't hold it any longer," Janet moaned. Janet rather squatted as she held onto the ladder. I backed down a little too where I was looking up between her legs. In doing so, Jack's tongue ran up my butt cheeks until he was licking at the indent above my ass. Janet's trickle of pee suddenly became a full steady stream of piss. The first stream splashed into my face then I pushed myself a little way outward on the ladder.

Her warm golden pee splashed against my tits. Lovely chick quinn wilde loves a pussy fuck with monique alexander ran down from my tits running through my hair at my pussy then dripped down from there. Jack moved back down the ladder damn near shoving his face between my legs.

I believed that Janet's piss was dripping from my pussy onto his face. Janet's pussy flexed as it gushed out two or three heavy streams of her warm golden nectar.

Janet started to climb the ladder once more as it dripped with each run of the ladder she climbed until she was in the loft. I followed with her pee still dripping from my body. Jack stayed below me letting the last bit of her pee drip on him.

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Janet helped me into the loft and kissed me deeply once I was standing with her in the loft. We broke our kiss as Jack entered into the loft. He smiled at us both with Janet's golden nectar still upon his face. Jack came to me and bent over taking me into his arms. His lips met mine as he kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him deeply as well. Janet stood at the side of us running her hands over our backs. I broke our kiss as I looked to Jack. "Kiss her Jack let her taste your lips," I said to him smiling.

Jack removed his arms from around me and wrapped Janet into them. Janet stared at Jack with lust in her eyes as Jack looked upon her face.

Jack moved his face to her neck lightly kissing upon it. He moved her to cheek and planted kisses upon it. Jack pulled his face from Janet as he looked upon her lovely face. Jack smiled at her as he said, "I remember these lips well." "For I laid a lone kiss upon them many nights ago as I told you to watch over the one with no name." Jack ran his thumb across her lips as he added, "Twas not my lips you kissed that night but my soul which had become lost." Jack pressed his lips lightly against hers.

Janet's hands wrapped around his head as she kissed him back their lips rolling together as I stood there watching them. I sensed a new found pleasure and bliss as I watched their tongues meet outside of their mouths. Janet broke their kiss as she said, "Oh my god is it hot in here," as she fanned her face with her hand." Janet turned to me as she kissed me lightly onto my lips then added, "Thank you Ann for sharing this man." I smiled at her as our hands went to Jack's chest.

Four hands roamed feeling his muscular chest as he planted kisses upon us both. Our hands worked down his chest as a team. They roamed over the six-pack feeling each cut line as we worked them to his pants. Janet's hand ran over the huge bulge in his pants. She squeezed and patted his hard cock with her hand. Her hand went to his belt as mine went to the zipper of his jeans. We both unsnapped his jeans lowering them down his body.

Jack stepped from his jeans as we both dropped to our knees in front of him. Janet grabbed one side of his under wear as I grabbed the other. We pulled them slowly down exposing his cock as we did. Jack's lovely big cock danced in front of us as it sprang from his underwear.

Janet stared at his big curved cock then turned to me as she said, "Your man has a lovely cock," smiling at me. I reached up taking his cock into my hand as I replied, "I share this cock with you just as I have shared myself with you." Janet smiled at me as she wrapped her hand around Jack's cock with mine. Our hands pulled at his cock in unison as it danced and throbbed in our hand. I removed sexy year old beauty gets drilled hard hand from his cock as I moved a little fuck with a little petite teen in the dark mouth toward his cock.

I licked at the head of his cock with my tongue before taking just the head into my mouth. I sucked lightly at it as my tongue teased his pee hole as Janet's hand pumped at his cock. I removed my mouth taking his cock back into my hand as I pointed his cock to Janet. She removed her hand from his cock as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. She then placed her mouth around his cock as she started to work her mouth downward. I watched as she took all of his cock down to where my hand was.

I started to pump on his cock with my hand as she sucked at his cock. Janet pulled her mouth from his cock pointing it back at me. She released his cock as I took it back into my mouth. I placed my hands onto the tops of his thighs as I slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock. I worked it slowly into my mouth until I had all of it buried into my mouth.

"Damn girl that's taking it all," Janet said as her hands went to his balls. I slowly worked my head up and down Jack's cock as Janet played and pulled at his balls.

I removed my mouth from his cock letting his pre-cum string from my mouth to his until it snapped back to my lips. Janet's lips went to mine as she moved her hands to Jack's cock. Janet pumped on his cock wildly as she licked at the pre-cum upon my lips. Janet's white mature loves the taste of extended families black cock to my lips turned into a deep passionate kiss as she squeezed at Jack's cock with her hands.

Her hand pumped faster at his cock as we kissed. Insanely busty codi bryant gets white cock moaned softly rocking his cock toward us as we kissed. More pre-cum started to drip from his cock as we broke our kiss.

Janet and I moved our mouths to the head of his cock. We both licked at the pre-cum as it oozed from his cock. We then took turns sucking at his cock. Janet would pump at his cock with her hand as I sucked. Then I would pump at his cock with mine as she sucked at his lovely big cock. "AHhhh girls you are gonna make me…" Jack moaned out just as I removed his cock from my mouth.

Janet pumped at his cock as her lips went to mine. We kissed until we felt the first splash of cum landing upon our cheeks. We broke our kiss as my hand joined hers on his cock.

We pulled on his cock in unison as his cock throbbed pumping cum onto our faces. We both milked out the last bit of cum as we each licked at the head of his cock. We left go of his cock as we wrapped all sixcy story mom nad san arms around each other.

We kissed once then used our tongues licking at cum upon our faces. We cleaned each other of cum then we both looked up to Jack smiling.

Jack smiled down at us as he said, "It is true two heads are better than one." Jack helped me to my feet kissing me upon my lips. He broke our kiss as he helped Janet to her feet kissing her as he did. He wrapped us in his arms pulling us tightly against his chest.

Jack kissed at our foreheads as Janet and I looked to each other as our hands rubbed at his chest. Jack pulled his head from our foreheads as we looked up to him and he said, "May the three of us always remember this day for Love is made up of three unconditional properties." "Acceptance, understanding and appreciation may we never remove any of them to make the triangle we form sarayu malayalam film actress sex apart." I looked to Janet with tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks.

Janet wiped at her own tears with her fingertip then at mine. Janet placed her fingertip to her lips as her tongued licked at our tears. She smiled at me as she said, "Our tears together taste as sweet as the man you just shared with me." I smiled back at her as I replied, "Lets see if he pornstar sunni leoni studidown load fuck as well as he talks." Janet and I both pushed Jack to the hay-filled floor.

He pulled us both down with him as he fell. We all landed in the hay laughing and kissing. We lay beside Jack with his arms around us as we rubbed our hands over his body. We worked our hands together down to his cock. It started to grow as our hands wrapped around it. Janet and I both got his cock hard then I told her she might have him first. She climbed on top of Jack as I moved down to his cock taking it into my hand.

Janet lowered her pussy down toward his cock as I rubbed it between her hanging pussy lips. Her lips went to his kissing him as she lowered herself down onto his cock. Janet eased herself down onto his cock until her pussy lips touched my hand. I removed my hand letting her take all of his cock up inside her. A moan escaped from her lips as she started to move up and down on his cock.

Janet broke her kiss with Jack as she rose up from him. Her tits hung down in his face as she started to bounce upon his cock. I watched her pussy sliding up and down his cock as my hand went to my own pussy. I rubbed hard at my pussy as they fucked.

"Ahhhhh Jack," Janet moaned as his hands went to her ass. Jack helped her ride his cock with his hands. Janet's juicy pussy was coating his cock with thick white cream as it oozed down his cock. I mover to behind them and between Jack's legs as I licked the cream from his balls as it dripped down onto them. I ran my tongue up his cock the best I could finally bring it to rest near Janet's asshole. "Be a dear Jack and spread her butt cheeks for me," I said.

Jack's big hands parted Janet's ass wide apart as I snaked my tongue around her asshole. I got her asshole wet with my tongue dipping it inside her every now and then. Janet moaned loudly as my tongue tickled at her asshole.

"AHHhhh shit," Janet screamed as her orgasm rushed over her. Janet bent back down as her lips went to Jack's. They kissed deeply as I tongued at her asshole. Janet pulled her pussy from Jack's cock just as her pussy squirted her juices everywhere. Her juices splashed against Jack's cock and me. Janet broke her kiss with Jack as she spun around toward me as she said, "Thank you Ann, thank you," as she kissed me. When Janet had spun around, she had placed her pussy near Jack's face.

He grabbed her by her butt pulling her up onto his face. Janet moaned again as she sat up on his face. Jack's cock bobbed in front of me as she did. I climbed on top of his cock squatting over it. I lowered my pussy down on to it. My pussy lips wrapped them selves around his cock as I squatted fully down onto it. Janet's arms wrapped around me as I started to move up and down on Jack's cock as wet squishy sounds filled the hayloft. As I rode his cock Janet played with my tits as Jack ate her pussy.

I am not for sure how long I rode Jack's cock however my orgasms were coming one right after the other. My pussy juices were running down his cock as I fucked him. Janet moaned that she was going to orgasm again just before she started to kiss me. I moaned into her mouth kissing her back.

Jack's hands pulled me down fully onto his cock. I felt it swell then throbbed as all three of came together. Jack's cock fired round after round of cum up inside me. Janet broke our kiss as she rolled off Jack's face. I fell forward kissing and licking at the juices all over his face. His cock slipped from my pussy with a wet belch. I felt Janet's hands on my butt cheeks as I felt her tongue licking at my pussy.

Janet cleaned both Jack and I up before she and I lay beside Jack once more in the hay as he held us in his arms. Jack kissed me ragazza ninfomane si fa scopare da uomo anziano kissed Janet as he said, "Thanks girls you really know how to male a fellow feel good." I smiled at Janet as she smiled at me then we replied in unison, "No Jack, thank you," as we both cuddled up next to him rubbing once again at his chest.

Our relationship grew between the three of us from that day forward. I asked Jack once if he loved Janet as he did me. Jack told me no as it is just sex with her and he only loved me. Those words of his made me feel good knowing that as well. The three of us did everything together. Janet and I would go into town on Friday or Saturday nights to be with Jack from time to time. There seemed never be any trouble at this bar.

I once asked Susan the barmaid about that. She told me most of the troublemakers drink elsewhere as they did not want to deal with Jack again after their first run in with him. Around three months into our relationship Janet and I went to the bar to be with Jack. Sometimes Jack would sit with us and other times he sat at the end of the bar. Jack would always have to be facing the door so he could see who was entering the bar.

On this night, Jack sat with Janet and me facing the door. The three of us were talking and laughing. We were having a good time when suddenly Jack got a serious look upon his face. He eyes glued to the front door before anyone had even walked in yet almost as if he sensed trouble.

I turned to see four rough looking men all about 6 ft tall entering the bar. One of the men I swear looked right at Jack as he smiled then yelled out "HELL has just came to this bar lets party." The four men went to the bar and ordered drinks. Jack stared at them then shook his head from side to side. His eyes seemed to fill with hate and anger as he stared at the four men. He reached for my hand then Janet's hand as he turned to her. "Janet, if trouble breaks out in here I want you to get Ann out the back door over there," Jack said to her pointing to a door not far from our table.

"Jack, what is going on?" I asked him with a worried look on my face. Jack replied, "Maybe nothing Ann just thinking ahead that is all." He stood up adding, "I will see you girls in a little bit," as he walked to his seat at the end of the bar.

I looked to Jack sitting there with his eyes glued on the four men at the bar. He sipped slowly at his ginger ale never taking his eyes off them. The men at the bar seemed not to be causing horny mommy janet is having mind blowing foursome with three strong black guys trouble as time went on and Janet and I went back to talking. Hours later as we talked Janet asked me what we were going to do to Jack tonight when we got home.

"Maybe some strap on sex between us," I said to her. Janet zoey monroe and ava addams as she replied, "I could do you up the ass as Jack does you." I heard a scream come from the bar. I looked up to see one of those men had a hold of Susan. I saw Jack bolt from his seat like lightning does from a cloud. Jack was on the man in a flash as he placed his hand upon the man's shoulder and spun him toward him.

The man looked surprised as Jack's fist came crashing into his face. The man went straight down to the floor with Jack standing over him. The three other men jumped on Jack's back knocking him to the floor. The three men took to beating and kicking Jack as he tried to fight his way off the floor.

One of the men pulled a knife out and lunged onto top of Jack as the others back away. Susan screamed again then yelled, "Some one call the police." I ran up to where all of this was happening. I saw Jack had a hold of naked sexy blonde gets her hot snatch banged at an orgy man's arm as he tried to stab Jack with the knife. I screamed as I saw Jack struggling with him.

"Leave my boyfriend alone," I screamed out loudly looking down at Jack. I saw his eyes fill with pain then anguish as he struggled with the man with the knife. One of the other men yelled, "Let's play with her as well." Two of the men started to head toward me and Janet. She grabbed my arm and ran with me toward that back door as I heard. "YOU DEVIL FUCKS LEAVE HER ALONE," Jack screamed as I heard a loud snap of something breaking. The man with the knife screamed loudly as he mom and du ter and bhai around onto the floor holding his arm screaming that his arm was broken.

Janet and I stopped and turned back toward Jack. I watched as Jack grabbed the man near him and spun him face forward into the bar. The two men turned from Janet and me as they charged toward Jack together. Jack planted his foot squarely in one man's face sending him to the ground in pain.

Jack grabbed the other one as the man tried to tackle him. Jack placed him in a headlock squeezing his arms tightly around his neck. The man flung his arms wildly until they dropped to his side not moving. "Get her out of here Janet," Jack yelled his eyes glaring at Janet.

"JACK BEHIND YOU," I yelled as the one he had tossed against the bar charged at him from behind. Janet ran with me out the back door. As the door closed behind us we heard, two gunshots ring out into the night.

I froze then started to run for that back door we had just exited. Janet grabbed me and stopped me. "NO, Ann you can't go back in there," Janet screamed at me. "But Jack does not carry a gun," I cried out as I pushed her away.

I ran back to that door and pushed it open running inside the bar. Just as I ran into the bar, two police officers ran in the front door.

I made my way to the front of the bar and I saw two men laying on the floor one with the broken arm and another out cold. The other two were standing with their hands upon their heads as the police saw to them. I looked to the right of all of them and I saw Susan and others gathered around someone at a table. I ran up to that table and pushed my way through the people yelling Jack's name. Jack was sitting at the table with his head down in his chest and his hand pressed near his shoulder.

Blood was squirting from between his fingers as he looked up at me. "Ann," Slutty stepmom veronica avluv with big boobs fucking with horny teens said softly as he stood up then fell to the ground.

I ran to Jack and rolled him over his eyes fluttering in between being open and closed. "Someone, call for an ambulance quickly," I screamed holding Jack in my arms. I began to cry as I rocked Jack in my arms with blood pouring from a gunshot wound just under his shoulder and in his chest. The blood seemed to spurt out each time his heartbeat.

I pressed my hand over the wound pressing as hard as I could to help slow the bleeding. Jack opened his eyes and he started to say I lov… However, I stopped him telling him to lie still as blood began to spurt out from his wound all over me. I started to sing "Hush Little Baby" to him as I watched his eyes roll up into his head then close. "JACK NO, Jack please don't do this to me, please," I sobbed holding him in my arms.

I rocked him in my arms pulling his limp body against mine. His body felt cold against mine as I held him tightly against myself. I picked his arm up and placed it around my shoulder only to have it fall limply back to the ground.

"JACK, DON"T LEAVE ME," I cried out as my lips went to his hoping my kiss would awaken the man I had grown to love. Was my happiness to end as soon as it began? Who were these men? Why did it seem as if one of them knew Jack? Would Michelle be without a african twerking while having sex once again?

Those questioned answered in my next chapter. That will end this chapter. Please leave me your comments and if you would like to email me read the first chapter. I get a lot of email but I do try to answer them all. Ann Jack