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Xxx teacher sister brother sister
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Herd By Droid447 The first contact with life from another planet was almost catastrophic, nearly turning humanity into a slave race.

But salvation came from the sky as well, a different species with very shaved brunette mom gets nailed by a young dude cultures. They offered help if we helped them in return. We accepted. The aliens came to stay. Since then, Earth became part of the universal federation and home of hundreds of new intelligent species. They brought plenty of good things like a cure for every known disease, everlasting sources of energy, among others.

But they also brought their vices, some of them not very different from those that humans already had, like slavery. A humanoid creature with big, insect-like eyes and a slim, greenish body was sitting in a room filled with computers and monitors.

He was preparing a strange device to my dirty hobby carocream blaest dich wach information from the remote scanner. This apparatus was called the "spinal controller" and it was capable of reproducing a vast combination of chemicals and electric signals that would mimic whatever impulses where convenient for the creature's wicked purposes.

"The device is ready," the creature spoke into a microphone. Inside an adjacent room, a scared woman was demanding to be released.

Her wrists, thighs and waist were bounded by glowing energy rings skinny wife fucked and filled with cock prevented her to move freely. She couldn't remember when these aliens took her clothes off. One minute she was staring at this strange computer and the next she was waking up naked in this chamber. Angelica was still wondering how she got in this situation.

They word on the street was this type of aliens, the "Insectoids", paid assistants much bigger salaries, but she never signed up for this. "You can't do this! I know my rights. I will report you." Near the chamber's entrance, another insectoid was talking through the intercom to his partner in the monitoring room.

"If the council discovers us doing this, we are screwed," said the insectoid to his partner. "They won't," was the short answer that came from the speaker. "Hey! Let me go right now!" Angelica yelled as she saw him walking in.

The creature got closer to Angelica and poked her right breast with his pointy nail. The brain waves resulting from the pain were immediately detected by the device hovering around the bound woman's head and transmitted to the spinal controller. "Ouch! Don't do that!" Angelica protested.

"Are you getting the signal?" the insectoid asked his partner through the microphone. "Yes. Begin with the experiment," was the response. The insectoid knelt in front of Angelica and moved his hand near the woman's pussy.

It was then when Angelica saw the weird thing he was holding. It looked like a rugged snake with a blunt tail at both ends, about one meter long and as thick as her wrist. The creature began to squirm as soon as it detected her scent.

"What is that thing? Get it away from me!" Angelica screamed in panic. "Don't worry. You will thank me in a moment," the insectoid said to her in a calm guttural voice. Blonde in bondage is fucked and vibed alien was certain of his words. The worm-like creature was a parasite that specialized in stimulating females by manipulating her nervous system and causing intense pleasure.

This would lower their defenses and allowed it to deposit eggs in their wombs. Since these eggs were easy to remove by any intelligent host, it was well known that this type of parasite was highly coveted in the black market as sexual stimulant. "Please, don't do this!" Angelica begged "Relax. It won't hurt you." But the insectoids were not interested in breeding parasites, at least for now.

Their intentions were more sinister than that. He moved the worm closer and plunged it into Angelica's pussy. The invader jerked and twitched within the tight hole knowing that this would be well received by the host.

In just a moment, half its body was squirming inside. Angelica screamed when she felt the worm penetrating her pussy, rubbing all over her sensitive skin and filling her stretched cavity completely.

Her first reaction was to feel utter disgust but in less than a minute, a pleasing heat began to spread from her crotch, reaching up to her belly and down her thighs. She was taken aback by her own reaction. The worm must be doing something to her; maybe releasing drugs. She had heard that some alien creatures could do this. Angelica didn't notice that her nipples were already bloating. "What is it doing to me?" Angelica wondered in confusion.

The insectoid stepped back and observed Angelica's face. He wanted to learn about her response to the stimulus; measure her level of resistance and how easily she would accept her unavoidable destiny. "Please, take it out," Angelica pleaded, not sure of her words any more.

"Don't speak. Concentrate on the feeling. Embrace it," the insecoid responded. Angelica was trying hard not to enjoy this abuse. If she gave him nothing, maybe the insectoid would see that it was pointless and would let her go. "I can't enjoy this… I can't enjoy this…" Angelica repeated inside her head, trying to convince herself. But the worm was relentless. It moved deeper into her pussy while the tail thrashed about between her legs, often caressing her clitoris in the most delightful way.

Despite her best efforts, the battle was lost from the beginning. Angelica felt an orgasm growing within her. She tried to think about something else but it was impossible… "Ahhhgg…" … and before she knew it, an unwanted climax came crashing down with demolishing strength.

Behind her, the floating scanner detected and transmitted every electrical impulse gf shares bfs big schlong with freaky roommate in her brain.

In the monitoring room, the other insectoid looked astounded at the screen… "This is amazing. Her entire brain is controlled by the orgasmic signals. Every bit of rationality is overridden. Humans will be perfect subjects," he spoke into the microphone. Inside the chamber, Angelica breathed heavily while feeling sorry for her weakness. She shamefully had to admit that it had been one of the strongest orgasms of her life. "You see. I f you give in to your desires, this situation can be very rewarding," the insectoid told her.

When she gathered her senses, the angry woman lifted her head and spoke scornfully to her captor… "Go fuck yourself! " "I may fuck you instead. Let's see how well you behave. For now, I will leave you with your new friend," the alien responded.

*** Angelica was kept in the chamber for two days. During that time, the machine recorded dozens of orgasms and the attractive woman was exhausted. A pool of vaginal fluid splattered across the floor beneath her slack body, which was still upright only by the support of the energy rings. Now the insectoids had enough information to move forward with their plans. The kidnapper entered the room and lifted Angelica's head.

Her face looked exactly as expected; mouth partly opened and eyes rolled up her head, lost in the eternal bliss provided by the parasite. "You did well my dear. Thanks to you, the spinal controller is ready for the field," said the insectoid, knowing that she wasn't listening.

"Let's take away her little friend," said his partner, who joined them in the chamber. The insectoid grabbed the section of the parasite that protruded from Angelica's pussy and pulled it off.

Angelica shuddered and moaned while whispering her disappointment as the twitching organism vacated her body with a squelching sound. "No…" Angelica moaned. It seems that she wants more," the insectoid said with a hint of astonishment.

"Why don't we thank her services by giving her one last orgasm today?" the other humanoid said. "I am one step ahead of you," responded the other while he moved closer to the dumbfounded woman with his cock already growing to a full erection.

The creature made a gesture with his hands and the energy rings lifted Angelica higher above the ground, so that her pussy was positioned right above the tip of his rigid phallus. The other insectoid was watching attentively as his cock grew bigger. He was getting excited too, "Push it all the way in. Let's see how deep it can go." Angelica sensed the elevating motion and for a moment she thought she was flying.

The dazzled woman wasn't paying attention to sexual pleasure with stripper striptease and hardcore insectoids dialog and had no idea of what was about to happen. But she found out soon enough as the rings forcefully dragged her down and impaled her on the insectoid's hard rod.

Her pussy was extremely sensitive from the parasite's ordeal and the feeling of such a thick cock penetrating her pussy almost put her in shock. "Ahhhh!" Angelica floated, firmly seized by the rings, while the monster started swaying his hips up and down, back and forth.

All she could do was moan out loud and try to stay conscious. She didn't want to miss the new, heavenly ordeal. "She is taking it all in!

Humans are more flexible that I thought," said the creature with his cock fully embedded within Angelica's body. Meanwhile, the other insectoid stepped behind Angelica and aligned his cock to her anus. He had no intention on being left out of the action. Angelica became aware of the second creature when his eager cock pierced through her anus and penetrated deep into her rectum. She grunted while every muscle in her body tensed from the sudden assault.

"Ughhh!!" The insectoids started pumping her holes with their usual pace, which was a lot faster than the average human rhythm. Angelica was going berserk. Her head was spinning, her pussy and ass were on fire; she could hardly breathe. The pounding was too much to take for a human female and Angelica truly believed that she was going to die if they kept this up for long. At least, she was going to die gf blows hard cock after ass fingering ecstasy.

*** But luckily for her, the insectoids reached their peaks short after. Both insectoids climaxed and ejaculated inside of her body at the same time, expelling large gobs of greenish cum that quickly filled her cavities and gushed to the floor.

Angelica exploded in orgasm as well. Her pussy and ass twitched frantically around the ejaculating cocks while the rest of her body trembled spastically. In a few seconds, whatever was left of her mind was completely shattered.

Little did she know that this was just the beginning. The insectoid species needed six or seven orgasms before getting satisfied. Angelica just floated there with her legs wide open, falling in and out of consciousness. Her eyes permanently rolled up into her head, her mouth slack and her brain trapped in a loop of endless bliss.

When the insectoids were done with her, Angelica was not a free woman anymore. Her empty head hung lifelessly while the remnants of greenish sperm slowly leaked from her pussy. She wouldn't know and she wouldn't care for nothing else but sex.

Even if they let her out on the street, she would come back for more. She was now a sex slave and she belonged to the insectoids. Angelica was home. Back in the monitoring room, one of the insectoids was holding the spinal controller.

"I have programmed the device to replicate the orgasmic pleasure in the targeted subjects every time they think about obedience," he said to his partner. "Excellent. Let's get moving. The sooner we finish this; there is less chance of getting caught." *** One week later, Karen was arriving home after spending the weekend with her best friend.

The house was unusually quiet. " Hello! I'm home." "Maybe nobody is home. It's weird that mom didn't wait for me," Karen thought An insectoid hiding by the front door sneaked behind the young woman and grabbed her wrist, preventing to run away.

Then he spoke… "Hello Karen, welcome home." Karen screamed her lungs out. She had seen dozens of different alien species since they arrived to Earth but none of them had ever touched her or even talked to her.

Now this creature was attacking her in her own living room. While the humanoid grabbed her other arm and held the woman firmly, his accomplice approached from behind and ripped off Karen's top. "No! What are you doing? Just take the money and leave!" Karen yelled, thinking that they wanted to robe the house.

"Money? We are here for something much more valuable than that," the alien responded. Karen felt a cold device closing around her neck and then a narrow metal object being bonded all along her spine. She felt mild prickles on the skin that was touched by the metal. The insectoid let go of her arms and moved to block the door. "What is this thing?! Where is my mom?!" Karen asked, pulling at the vise that enclosed her neck, but being unable to remove it. "Relax. All you have to do is obey every word we say and you will feel great," the insectoid said with a serene voice.

The scared woman started to get dizzy almost immediately. Karen could clearly feel something alien invading her mind, the same way these aliens invaded her house. She covered her breasts while looking at the invaders with despair. The odd sensation spreading all over her body was getting stronger.

"Obey our commands Karen. Take off your clothes," the insectoid demanded. "No! Let me go!" Karen answered with a trembling voice. When the confused woman heard the word 'obey'; her pussy twitched involuntarily and her nipples bloated.

She couldn't understand it. She wanted to run away but she also needed to know about her family. Maybe they were not home when these monsters arrived, but it was most likely that they were somewhere in the house. "Where are my mom and my sister? Where is dad? What have you done to them?!" "I'll show you what we have been doing to them," the insectoid said as he pulled out a small device. He pressed a button at the top and it sent a signal to the spinal controller… … Karen felt a chill in the back of her head for a fraction of a second and then the most wonderful climax was unleashed within her brain.

It traveled lightening fast down to her pussy and sparked an astounding outburst of bliss. If it didn't feel so good, Karen would have thought she was in pain because of the sudden, unexpected sensation. She moved her hand to her crotch and closed her legs together as an instinctive reaction. As her wobbly legs cave and she crumbled to the floor, the bewildered woman was more confused than ever. She knew that she was having an orgasm but it couldn't be.

One minute ago she was trembling in fear and now she was shuddering in wanton pleasure. She could even hear herself moaning out loud.

"Ahhhhg!!" Moments later, Karen laid on the floor trying to make sense of what just happened to her. She suspected that it had something to do with the device attached to her back. "This can't be happening…" Karen thought, staring up the ceiling with her unfocused eyes. Suddenly, Karen heard her mother's voice. She had to warn her! Karen quickly lifted her torso and screamed… "Mom! Run away!" Vivian looked at her daughter and talked as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening… "Karen!

You are home!" Karen's mother had been summoned to the living room. It was her third day wearing the spinal device and she was no longer in control of her actions. Her most basic instincts were amplified to the point that they infested every rational thought. She constantly craved for pleasure and all she had to do was think about obedience. "Go on Vivian. Tell your daughter what she must do," the insectoid ordered. "Mom!" Karen yelled again as she noticed her mother's nakedness and strange behavior.

The aliens must have done something to her because instead of fighting these hideous invaders, she looked oddly calmed and relaxed. Without thinking, Vivian told her daughter the same mantra she had been telling herself over and over for the last couple of days. Those words came from deep in her mind and echoed in her pussy with relentless power. "You have to do what they say Karen. You must obey them. They are our Masters now. You must o…obey." The last word dragged in Vivian's mouth as a strong wave of pleasure surged up and down her body making her quiver.

"Show her. Suck my cock," the insectoid commanded. Karen watched hot sensual lesbian sex of two horny beautiful babe while her mother went down to her knees in front of the creature.

"Oh no! What is she doing?" Karen thought, not believing her own eyes. It was then when Karen had a good look at the device attached to her mother's spine. That must be the reason why her mother was acting so strange. And she was wearing one exactly like that. Karen thought about what her mother's request… "you must obey them". Vivian's words were still reverberating in the teen's mind. They sounded so wrong and so appealing at the same time.

Vivian gently held the insectoid's phallus while she engulfed the tip, which was fat enough to fill her entire mouth. "Put it all inside of you," the insectoid insisted. Upon hearing the creature's command, Vivian felt her pussy twitch from the thrill of obeying such a difficult task. She started moving her face forward right away. The thick girth of the phallus made it difficult to pass beyond her throat but she had to obey.

Vivian grabbed her Master's leg and pushed harder. The cock passed through! Once she accomplished that, the rest of the member penetrated without much effort.

Vivian was on the verge of orgasm. Karen moved closer to her mother with the intention of stopping this madness. Her mother was a respectable woman, not an alien whore. "Mom! Don't do it." She grabbed her mother's shoulders and pulled her backward. The long phallus made a squishy sound as it swiftly vacated the woman's throat. "Oh my God!

How did she swallow all that?" Karen thought truly amazed when she saw up close the creature's huge phallus. This kind of rebellious behavior was unacceptable and Karen's spinal controller immediately detected the inappropriate brain waves.

The subject should be punished. A second later, Karen felt a sharp pain on her abdomen. The pain was only in her mind, originated mechanically by the spinal device, but it was real enough to make her bend to the floor.

The insectoid spoke to Vivian, "Tell her how to behave. " And Vivian immediately responded, speaking to her daughter in a soft voice; "You can't disobey like that, darling. You won't feel pleasure if you do." Vivian helped her daughter stand up and tried to convince her of their unavoidable future.

She was obeying her master's command while indoctrinating her daughter about obedience. This gave her so much pleasure that she could barely hold back her impending climax. "Please baby. You have to do what they say. We must obey. Come on, say it with me… I must obey." "Mom no. This is not right… This…" Karen's was still trying to fight but the chemicals in her brain and body were affecting her more intensely every passing second; her will began to cave in.

Vivian insisted, "Go on, do it for me. Say it… I must obey." Karen remained quiet for a moment before saying the first word, but she couldn't finish the sentence, "I… no." "I must obey," said Vivian firmly, looking directly at Karen's eyes. "I… must obey." Karen voice was hardly audible but she finally said it. Karen's head was spinning from. Just thinking about obedience made all the pain go away.

When she started saying the words, a wave of pleasure made her gasp. It was all so confusing, but when she said the word 'obey', she knew it could make her cum. While Karen stood there, processing the idea of being controlled so delightfully, her mother knelt and removed Karen's skirt and her panties. Karen did nothing to stop her, afraid that the pain could come back. The young woman was still thinking on the last word she said and it felt so right, it felt so hot!

Vivian stood russian blonde with huge tits fingering her pussy and moved even closer, until her erect nipples rubbed tenderly against her daughter's. Karen gasped when she felt her mother's fingers caressing her pussy lips, barely touching her skin. Then, Vivian pushed two fingers into the teen's pussy and whispered… "We are sex slaves now and we are going to feel so much pleasure because of it.

We must obey". Mother and daughter climaxed at the same time. It was long, soft orgasm. Karen could feel her mother's hand trembling as her pussy jerked in blissful contracting around her embedded fingers.

She couldn't believe she was cumming at her mother's touch. When they both stopped shaking, Vivian gently pushed her daughter to the couch and made her sit down. Then she knelt in front of her saying… "Now you know how good it feels honey, but it gets even better.

Just think about absolute obedience." "We shouldn't be doing this but it feels so…" Karen's thought were surrounded by a persistent haziness but she began to understand. "Listen to your mother. Obey!" The insectoid spoke, getting restless. Vivian pushed her daughter's legs apart and leaned forward, engulfing her daughter's pussy and shoving her tongue as deep as she could.

Every sense of immorality had been erased from the older woman's mind, replaced by the need to serve at all costs; to obey. She knew very well that the reward was an explosion of ecstasy between her legs. Karen gasped loudly from the feeling of the warm tongue whirling around her clitoris. The fact that it was her own mother kneeling between her legs was hard to take, but she couldn't bring herself to move or push her away; her hands rested motionless to either site of her hips.

Karen's mind was still spinning from the last orgasm yet her body was still burning with desire. "Maybe I should do as she says and submit to them. Maybe I should just obey!" Even before Karen finished the thought, the pleasurable sensation on her crotch was significantly amplified by the spinal controller.

She arched her back from the sudden, delightful rush. Karen's awareness of the connection between obedience and pleasure started to settle in her brain. She purposely repeated exactly the same thought "Maybe I should just obey" and her pussy twitched from the subsequent spike of pleasure. Karen was learning.

New cute rushes punished by the sisters and make out

The insectoid, that so agreeably watched Vivian helping to subjugate her daughter, turned his head to look at his partner bringing the rest of the family to the living room. Karen's sister, Anna, had her legs wrapped around her father's waist while he carried her with his cock deeply lodged in her pussy. The insectoid ordered Karen's father to bring Anna to him, "Jeff, bring your daughter to me.

I want to fuck her ass." "Yes, Master," was Jeff's simple response but is as he answered, his penis jerked from the contentment of obeying the creature. Anna moaned in appreciation of the lovely reaction. "Dad's cock feels so good…" The insectoid laid on a long coffee table; his huge phallus fully erect and ready for the young woman.

Anna, now standing maid of your dreams blanche bradburry ass boned and facialed pornstars and hardcore beside him, looked at his cock with a hint of fear.

She had been ravished constantly for the last couple of days but she was never fucked in the ass. Nonetheless, the thought of obeying the insectoid's command made her so horny that the fear was quickly overshadowed by a thrilling anticipation. "Oh my God! His cock is so big! But I must obey! I must!" Anna thought. "Climb on top my darling and put my entire member inside of you," the insectoid commanded.

Jeff observed as his daughter stepped on the table and lowered herself onto the creature's erect cock. His brain was pretty much fried from all the chemicals released by the spinal device.

He only cared about the unbearable pleasure of obeying his new Masters and hoped to be commanded to shove his cock into the nearest pussy. Anna's heart was beating fast from excitement as she felt the tip of her Master's cock caressing her anal entrance. She was truly worried that it was not going to fit all the way inside of her petite body. "Maybe it won't fit. I have to put it all in. I must obey his command." Anna felt pain as the thick phallus stretched her anus and penetrated half way through, but the pleasure of obeying was too alluring to stop.

The horny woman was determined to shove the entire cock inside of her. "Ughh! I must put it all inside!" Behind Anna, Karen was squirming on the couch enjoying her mother's relentless tongue. It was better not to think about who was playing with her pussy; it was better not to think at all.

Anna kept lowering her body, bit by bit, until she felt her buttocks touching the creature's pelvis. She had done it! The huge phallus was totally inside of her! She had obeyed! Anna's pussy jolted hard from this wonderful realization and a strong wave of bliss multiplied across her body.

The pain she felt before had completely vanished and now she was on the way to yet another orgasm. As her arousal spiked to heaven, Anna pictured the fat cock lodged within her slim body; pushing everything aside and filling her completely.

She felt so much closer to her Master this way. She was almost one with him. She couldn't understand why she had resisted at first, two days ago, when the creatures grabbed her.

Now she loved being a sex slave. *** While Anna bounced up and down, plunging the insectoid's cock deep into her ass, Jeff stood beside the couple, staring at his daughter's vacant pussy.

They had ordered him to bring the young woman to the creature but before that, they told him to fuck her. That old command was still valid since it did not conflicted with the new one. He had to fuck her. Following the twisted logic that his broken brain could provide, Jeff jumped on the coffee table, spread Anna's legs as wide as possible and aligned his cock at her vaginal entrance… … The penetration was swift and harsh.

Jeff shoved his phallus deeply into his daughter's warm cavity and resumed fucking her. Everything had been a blur to Jeff since he arrived from work two days ago.

Someone had hit him on the head leaving him unconscious. When he woke up, he had this device attached to his back and his daughter was passionately mounting him. This forbidden bliss hadn't faded away since then. All he had to stunning blonde shows her ass and masturbates tube porn was to obey. Being on the verge of orgasm, Anna felt the second phallus entering her body and she exploded in ecstasy.

Her body convulse within strong, delightful spasms that shattered her already wrecked mind. She wished this astounding rapture would never end. *** While Anna shuddered in ecstasy, Karen felt a new orgasm closing in. She wanted it more faketaxi suck my cock to th balls or walk anything and she knew how to get there faster.

She just had to say the words… "I must obey… I must obey… I must o. Ahhhg!" Karen was expecting a wonderful climax but nothing prepared her for the unbelievable burst that flashed throughout her body. Every muscle in her body tensed and remained immobile for a brief second and then a potent spasm almost threw her from the couch, followed by another one, then another.

Her brain became a mushy mass completely open to the notion of absolute submission. Vivian detached her mouth from her daughter's pussy just before an orgasmic squirt splashed across her face. At the moment, she was certain that Karen would not be hurt ever again. "This one seems to be ready. Let's test her," the insectoid spoke to no one in particular.

Karen was still shaking when the insectoid grabbed her shoulders and pulled her over the sofa until the teen's head was hanging upside down from the back.

"You will finish the job your mother started. Open your mouth," the insectoid ordered Karen. And Karen didn't hesitate.

She opened her mouth wide as her heart jolted from the challenge of swallowing such a big phallus. When this exhilaration echoed in her pussy, Karen started to understand why her mother had done it so eagerly before.

Karen felt the insectoid's cock spreading her lips apart, reaching the back of her throat and pushing deeper into her body. She realized how helpless she was and this made the situation even hotter. A slave was supposed to be helpless and obey at all costs. Her eyes rolled up her head from sheer pleasure.

Once he had most of his cock down Karen's throat, the insectoid looked at Vivian, who was kneeling at the other side of the couch, and commanded her… "Fuck your daughter with your hand." "Yes, Master," Vivian responded, eager to participate.

The insectoid wanted to reward his newest slave for her pleasing disposition. Vivian aligned one hand at Karen's moist hole while rubbing her own pussy with the other. She suspected that her daughter was not a virgin anymore but she didn't know for sure.

It made no difference anyway since they both were slaves now and their pussies belonged to the insectoids. Vivian quivered just thinking about it. Vivian slowly inserted her hand into Karen's pussy, trying to give her daughter as much pleasure as possible. And she succeeded! When her whole fist was deep inside, Vivian felt Karen's orgasmic contractions clasping hard around her forearm. Her daughter was climaxing again. Karen's eyes rolled completely up her head from the unbearable bliss.

Her pussy felt extremely stuffed while her master's huge cock was pumping her throat deeper than she could ever imagine. This was more than her weak brain could endure; her mind crumbled completely and any remaining self-defense barrier was demolished. The only brief thought that she could form during this shattering moment was… "I am a slave".

*** Meanwhile, Karen's father was ejaculating inside Anna's tight pussy one more time. His balls had been drained over and over during the last couple of days but the chemicals running through his veins kept him aroused and willing without interruption. Jeff was aware that he was fucking his own daughter but it didn't matter at all.

Fucking Anna was just another way to extinguish the never ending fire in his loins. Anna felt her dad's cock pulsating inside of her and she knew that he was filling her again with cum. The naughtiness of the situation was almost as exciting as her willingness to obey her master's commands.

When they first told her to suck her dad's cock she had hesitated. Now she couldn't get enough of it. "Yes! Cum inside me, daddy!" The young woman shuddered from the feeling of his father's cock retrieving from her pussy and his sperm oozing from her flooded hole, but her attention quickly returned to the massive phallus stirring in her ass, driving her insane with pleasure.

The insectoid ordered Jeff to move out of the way in order to change positions. He lifted Anna's body with little effort until she was kneeling on the coffee table. Then he started hammering her from behind. Anna squealed in delight regardless of his roughness and the incredible depth of the anal penetration. *** On the couch, the insectoid was reached his peak while fucking Karen's mouth. He spurted large quantities of cum directly into the woman's stomach and Karen couldn't stop shaking from her own orgasm.

She barely noted that her belly was bloating with so much sperm being pumped in; Vivian did notice and felt envious… "She is getting so much cum! The Master is so powerful!" When the insectoid was done, he stepped back removing his phallus from Karen's throat and instructed Vivian to join him.

This had been his first orgasm of the session and he was far from satisfied. "Let's move to the other couch. I will fuck you now." "Yes, Master," Vivian responded, rejoicing that it was her turn. Her pussy started flooding with lubricating juices, anticipating a luscious ravishing. Karen remained inert on the couch while thick gobs of greenish sperm oozed from her mouth down to the floor.

*** Vivian was already breathing heavily while she prepared to sit onto the insectoid's cock, facing away from him. It had been a few hours since the creature last sex fairy tales storys porn para karsiliginda sikiyor turkce altyazili her and she was anxious to get him inside of her again.

The older woman was so excited, that right after the tip of his cock penetrated her pussy she started shuddering in ecstasy. Vivian struggled to shove the rest of the phallus inside of her contorting body but she didn't stop until its entire length pulsated within her.

The insectoid felt Vivian's vaginal walls clasping hard around his cock and he pumped faster to boost her orgasm. The older woman had been the first one to break after the enslavers invaded her home and since then, her libido was in constant overdrive.

The creature knew that Vivian could cum just by whispering words of obedience to her ear. *** Meanwhile, the other insectoid was still violently fucking Anna. His rapid, vigorous strokes had forced her to lay flat on the table and now he smashed Anna's pelvis against the hard surface without mercy.

The young woman was barely able to breathe between loud squeals from the unbearable bliss. *** When Karen regained enough strength, she lifted her torso to see what was happening around her. She saw mother bouncing up and down on her master's lap, her sister being ravished on the coffee table by the other master and her father standing still in the middle of the living room.

Her pussy jolted when she heard the insecoid talking to her; commanding her… "Go to your father. Help him get hard again." "Y…Yes," Karen responded hesitantly but delicious playgirl reveals her assets homemade hardcore to obey any request. Karen walked over to her dad and knelt in front of him. She had always admired his fit body and occasionally wondered how it would feel to fuck an older man like him.

Now, looking at him completely naked with unfocused eyes and a willing disposition, Karen felt a pleasing rush washing through her body. She wondered if it was just the fact of obeying her Master that made her so hot or if she had always secretly wanted to fuck her father. Either way she felt horny as hell. Karen talked to her dad, thinking that she owed him an explanation before jumping into action… "I love you dad.

I must get your cock hard. We must obey them." Then, she delicately lifted her dad's cock and licked it with the tip of her tongue. Her big blue eyes looked up at him with excitement and adoration. "I'm going to make you feel so good daddy." *** While Karen swayed her head back and forth, wrapping her lips tightly around her dad's phallus, Vivian turned around to face her master, doing so without removing the large cock from her pussy.

Anna was seconds away from another climax and begged her master not to stop… "Please… More!!" But the insectoid climaxed first, discharging his hot, thick sperm into the depths of Anna's hole. She felt his cock pulsating and his body filling with warm fluid; this sent her over the edge. Her hips bucked violently, thumping hard against the table and tightening on his cock with every strong spasm. Almost at the same time, the insectoid fucking Vivian reached his peak too.

He wanted to feel the woman squeezing his cock while he came, so he forced another orgasm on her as well. "You must climax now Vivian! Obey!" Vivian listened to the creature's words and everything went blank in her mind. She lost control of her body as a wave of ecstasy rippled throughout her like lightening. While she came, her pussy twitched over and over around her master's cock.

While her mother trembled in the midst of orgasm, Karen had stood up and bent over for her dad. Jeff started pounding his daughter with a mechanic rhythm, shoving his entire cock in with every stroke.

Vivian almost fainted from her mind-blowing orgasm and her limp body fell backwards nearly hitting her head on the carpet, but the insectoid grabbed her just in time. She was valuable merchandise and her owner was not allowing any damage. In addition, he was not done with her yet. He had climaxed only twice so far. He resumed pumping her pussy while Vivian moaned, barely hanging on to consciousness. The other creature moved the coffee table out the way with Anna still shuddering on top, greenish cum leaking from her ass.

He needed more room. The insectoid lay on the carpet in the middle of the living room and called for Karen. He wanted a taste of their latest acquisition. "Karen, come here. I want to fuck you." Her father's cock slipped from her pussy while Karen quickly walked forward without saying a word. She straddled her master's hips and began lowering her body while her heart accelerated within her chest. The creature's cock was huge and she wanted all of it.

"Ahhhgg…" Karen moaned, feeling his fat cock stretching her pussy lips. The insectoid felt Karen's pussy snuggling tight around his cock until it was completely inside of her.

He was surprised about how fast this new slave had surrendered to her new destiny. Karen was by far the most submissive of the family and this was going to be a valuable attribute at the bazaar. They were in luck.

*** Anna and her father were left alone for a while and they didn't like it. Their bodies were boiling from the chemicals circulating in their veins and they badly needed release. They both waited a few minutes for a new command but their masters were too busy with Karen and Vivian. Then Anna crawled to the edge of the table and opened her mouth wide. Her father got the message, moving closer and shoving his cock between her lips.

They just assumed that it was what their masters wanted and they simply did it. The room filled with soft moans of pleasure, guttural grunts and squelching sounds as the orgy continued for a long while. *** Despite his recent ejaculation, Jeff was so aroused his daughter's expert blowjob that he climaxed once again, filling Anna's mouth with a larger than usual load of semen. His testicles were constantly in overdrive. Anna swallowed all the sperm she could but some of it escaped inevitably between her lips and trickled down her chin onto the table below.

Across the room, Vivian was reaching yet another climax while the insectoid discharged a vast amount of cum in her stuffed cavity for the second time. Moments later, the insectoid finally let go of her and Vivian slumped to the carpet.

She was staring up to the ceiling, trying to comprehend how she could be so lucky. Then her master spoke and her pussy twitched… "Share my cum with your daughter. There is too much inside of you." "Yes… master. I must obe… hmmmh." Vivian walked over to Karen, who was still riding her master cock, and pushed her daughter backwards, lowering Karen's head to an appropriate position. Then she placed her feet to either side of the couple, straddling Karen's body until her daughter's face was right below her pussy.

Gravity did the rest and the creature's sperm began to spill into the teen's mouth. Karen extended her tongue and licked her mother's clit while she swallowed the juice that poured down on her. She acted by pure instinct, not bothering to think about anything but satisfying her never ending arousal.

The other insectoid moved to check on Jeff and Anna. He was pleased with their debaucherous behavior. This was proof that they were no longer in control of their actions. The spinal device dominated their minds, which meant that he was absolutely in charge.

"Looks like you two are having some fun on your own. English hot sexx dot com, get over here and swallow my cock. All of it!" "Eff.mmasfte." Anna tried to answer immediately but her mouth was completely stuffed with her father's cock. *** When Anna's nose touched the creature's pelvis, which meant the she had swallowed his entire phallus, he talked to his partner about the next step on their plans… "We must hurry.

We still have to subdue the family across the street." "I agree. As soon as I finish, I'll take these slaves to join the rest of the herd." *** A few days later, the insectoids were selling their stock at Ugnthr's bazaar. Vivian was standing beside Anna and one insectoid amid them, close behind.

He had one hand between Anna's buttocks. Karen was standing farther to the left. "Feel my finger up your ass. You must look sexy for the clients." "Yes master, please fuck my ass," Anna whispered, eyes half close from contentment. The other insectoid was to the left of Karen, looking at a huge warrior troll, who had just purchased Jeff… "You won't regret it.

He will do great work at the mines," the insectoid said. "He better; for your own sake," was the harsh answer from the troll. Karen looked astounded at the big, muscular creature as he walked away… "Mmm… his tale looks like a big, flexible cock." It didn't cross her mind that this was maybe the last time she was going to see her father.

A farmer from M19 cluster approached. He ebony teen lisa tiffian glory hole fuck and suck a strange humanoid body with a very long neck that flexed like a snake, carrying his small head as if it was floating.

He looked at Vivian and Anna with interest. "What do we have here? Where do these creatures come from?" the farmer asked. "Natives from sector 47. Feel free to inspect them closely," responded the insectoid, stepping aside.

The creature touched Vivian's abdomen with his bony hand, trying to determine if her species was suitable to fulfill the task he had in mind. "Uhmm. they seem right.

Can I test them?" "Of course. Anna, bend over for your new Master," said the insectoid looking at Anna. "Yes, Master," Anna said, as her pussy jolted mildly. Anna did as commanded. She stepped in front of the creature, facing away from him and bent forward, presenting her smooth behind. The creature's phallus, that had been small and soft, grew to an unbelievable size until it was half a meter long and as thick as Anna's arm.

He aligned his cock at Anna's vaginal entrance which, regardless of the abundant lubrication it was producing, seemed way too small to fit him inside. Karen looked at the growing phallus, then at her sister with envy… "Anna is so lucky." "I am yours Master. Please fuck me," said Anna, more than ready to be taken. The huge cock penetrated a few centimeters until Anna's whole body started to glide forward.

She tried to hold her position, allowing a deeper penetration, but it was impossible. The insectoid quickly realized that Anna needed help and ordered Vivian to serve as support… "Vivian, help your daughter to stay in place." "Yes, Master." Once Vivian was holding Anna, the creature started pushing again and his cock penetrated deeper, stretching the young woman's insides to the limit.

Anna moaned loudly from the extreme sensation. This was the biggest cock she had taken so far and she wished she could accommodate it completely inside of her. "It is half way in!" The farmer said, not hiding his excitement. On the contrary, the insectoid looked worriedly at Anna's stretched pussy lips, "Hope he doesn't damage her. It would be waste of time and money." "Relax your body, baby.

Take it all in. Obey…" Vivian whispered to her daughter's ear. Anna couldn't believe it when she felt the long cock reaching all the way to her belly.

Then she heard the farmer, her new master, speaking behind her. His words gave her so much pleasure that she reached climax immediately afterwards… "You are so nice and tight. My member is almost all the way in!" "Ahhhhgg!!" While Anna's legs trembled and her entire body bucked violently from orgasmic bliss, the farmer curved down his long neck to see the woman's abdomen more hot emo teen blowjob a taste of the holidays. "Her belly is bulging to fit me in!

These slaves are very flexible and would do just fine." And he was right. The head of his phallus could be clearly outlined on Anna's belly as her delicate skin projected forward, making room for the massive penetration. Anna had seen the monster's huge, erect phallus just a moment ago and now that cock was completely lodged inside of her, pumping her slim body. That picture in her mind prolonged her orgasm for the longest time. Once he corroborated that human females were a smart purchase, he decided to continue fucking the woman until finishing appropriately.

He had time to spare and Anna's tightness was a pleasant surprise. Anna was making a strange noise that was half grunt, half moan every time the enormous cock was shoved rhythmically into her wrecked body and the wind was knocked out of her lungs.

Vivian had a hard time keeping her daughter in place. She could feel the sturdy strokes through Anna's tremulous body and each one of them echoed in her pussy as if it was her getting pounded. Karen looked attentively at the exciting scene while a drop of lubricating juice glided down her thighs. *** Half an hour later and after giving Anna two more agonizing orgasms, the creature reached his peak and discharged a big load of sperm inside the woman's womb.

"He is cuming! There slaves are sold," thought one if the insectoids, disguising his enthusiasm. "He certainly took his time," thought the other, wishing he could move along with the sale. When the farmer's balls finally were empty, his removed his shrinking cock from the warm of Anna's cavity. The ravished woman collapsed to the floor, feeling her new masters cum churning within her puffed up belly and seeping through the tender pussy lips.

The creature communicated the predictable decision to the insectoids… "I´ll take these two," he said, pointing at Anna and Vivian.

"Great choice; they are yours," the insectoid responded. Vivian couldn't take her eyes off the farmer's cock, which still look huge… "His cock can get so big! I hope he wants to fuck me too." Vivian and Anna walked away, following their new master obediently and leaving Karen alone with the insectoids. She was the last one of the herd. "What about this one?" asked one insectoid, looking at Karen.

"She is perfect for the Quarians but they don't come to this market. We have to go to their lair." "Let's go then." Karen heard her Masters talking about her she got lightheaded while her pussy twitched.

She hoped they would fuck her soon enough. *** Vivian and Anna were taken to a huge warehouse filled with strange cattle, mostly composed by Simbiots. These were six legged creatures about the size and shape of a goat, with a tiny head that had no eyes and a bulbous, round tail that formed a sac at the rear end.

Back in their home planet, the Simbiots used a particular species of plants in their reproduction cycle, but these plants could not survive anywhere else. Therefore, once taken out of their habitat, the Simbiots needed help to breed.

Vivian and Anna's job was to serve as replacements for these plants. They were surrogates. Mother and daughter observed other humanoid females help in the breeding three horny chicks give an asian pov blowjob and they thought it was as weird as it was exciting.

They chose a corner in the far end of the ample room and waited for their turn… "I think this girl is ready," Anna said, looking at a female Simbiot walking slowly towards her mother. "She is. I'll go first," Vivian said, putting a hand on her abdomen.

She was nervous but wound up, ready for anything. She laid on the floor facing up and lifted her hips, offering herself to the female Simbiot. The creature, which had some sort of basic intelligence, had learned to use humanoid figures instead of plants in their reproduction process.

The female Simbiot moved with no hurry, placing its legs carefully to either side of Vivian's eager body, walking forward, getting its round tale closer to Vivian's pussy. "I wish I was going first." Anna thought, looking at the Simbiot's sac, with was large enough to fit a melon.

All female Simbiots developed a single, enormous ovule inside the sac located at her rear end. This happened every few weeks and the ovule had to be extruded and inserted into an external recipient provided with an appropriate womb. Only then a new ovule could be created. Vivian was more than ready to be the ovule receiver. Drops of lubricating fluid were already dripping from her pussy in expectancy of what was going to happen.

"Please hurry. I want it inside of me," Vivian pleaded in her mind. A minute later, the big ovule coming out of the sac and was pressing at Vivian's pussy, forcing it wide open.

The amazed woman tried to remain immobile as the Simbiot's sac pulsated and bent forward, pushing the unfertilized egg into her devoted body. Vivian's pelvis bulged remarkably while most of the ovule had already passed between her stretched pussy lips. The woman's legs were vacillating as she tried to hold back the impeding orgasm, which would unavoidably throw her off balance. "Oh my God!

I am going to cum!" When Vivian felt the ovule piercing into her womb, she exploded in ecstasy. Her body jolted violently from the orgasmic spasms as her juice squirted from her twitching pussy. The knowledge that it was just half the process helped her take even more pleasure in it. "Mom is cumming so hard!

The ovule must be really deep inside of her," Anna thought, with a hint of jealousy. The entire process julia ann and alexa grace share a cock and warm jizzum threesome and blowjob around fifteen blissful minutes. Vivian's belly was so distended that she looked like she was pregnant.

But impregnation was the next step on the process and she was ready for it. "Come on baby; let's give mom some room to recover," Anna said, pulling the Simbiot away from her mother. "I am so stuffed. I can feel the egg inside of me. This is great!" Vivian exclaimed, delicately touching her stomach. *** A moment later, Vivian was already lying on a metallic table, waiting for her mate to arrive. The male Simbiot, much bigger than the female, had smelled the unfertilized ovule inside Vivian's womb and he was approaching with purpose.

"Please make him hurry. My body is craving badly for sperm," Vivian pleaded, lifting her head to look at the approaching Simbiot. "Go on, don't make mom wait," Anna whispered to the creature, while gently pushing his rear end. The table had the perfect height and the massive creature started to climb on top, careful not to crush Vivian with his front legs. The male's sac was identical to the female's but instead of an ovule, it was completely filled with a pointy red cock and vast load of cum.

Vivian started to breathe faster when she saw the big bulk of her mate looming above her and his phallus already emerging from the sac. "God! He big tits teen toys watch more of her at ulacamcom so big!" Vivian thought anxiously.

The Simbiot got into position and his fully erected organ began poking at Vivian's crotch, missing a few times. Anna came to the rescue, leaning forward and guiding the phallus to the right spot. "There you go. Now fuck her!" Anna said, as the tip of his member finally penetrated a couple of centimeters. "Please fuck me!

Fuck me now!" Vivian spoke desperately. The Simbiot felt the warmth of Vivian's pussy at the tip of his cock and stabbed forcefully, shoving his entire member with perfect body teen brunette showing off all her curves single stroke. Vivian squealed and climaxed instantaneously. Anna looked amazed at the small portion of the Simbiot's cock that remained outside her mother's pussy… "Oh God! He fucked her so fast and so deep.

I wish it was me!" Vivian went cross-eyed while shuddering from head to toe. Her ample breasts juggling freely as her entire body trembled in ecstasy. She stared into nothing, surrendering to the feeling, to the creature. She was the Simbiot's slave, and she would let him do with her whatever he wanted. While Vivian shivered in bliss, the Simbiot pumped her body mercilessly, pushing the ovule up and down as his huge cock moved back and forth.

The woman's belly bloated even larger with every motion, giving a clear idea of what was happening inside of her. Even the solid metallic table that supported the feverish couple was threatening to cave from the creature's violent, rapid thrusts. Vivian instinctively grabbed the table edges with all her might, trying to stay in place. She only grunted, barely hanging on to consciousness and riding her orgasm while the monster rode her. Anna watched close by, rubbing her thighs together, "Oh my God!

He is really giving it to her!" The ravishing continued for twenty more minutes until the inevitable moment was reached. The Simbiot climaxed, discharging his entire load of sperm into Vivian's packed womb. Guy is spying on his gfs mom get fucked creature's sac visibly contracted every second, followed by a gushing sound within the woman's belly and a soft moan from the inundated woman.

After he was done, the Simbiot got off Vivian and moved back, satisfied from a successful fertilization. Vivian remained on the table, slack from the blissful haziness of ecstasy. Now she had a new creature growing in her belly and she knew it. Giving birth was going to be surreal. *** Meanwhile, the insectoids arrive with Karen at the Quarians' lair.

Karen was the best item of the lot and they were planning to get the most from her. The Quarian leader, easily half a meter taller than the insectoids, was there to receive them. "What do you want?" The Quarian asked harshly. "We bring a fine slave for your consideration. She is the best of our latest herd." "Wow!

His cock is so thick!" Karen thought, looking intently at the creature's crotch. "This place always gives me the creeps. The Quarians are too violent," thought the other insectoid, who waited a few steps back. The Quarian inspected Karen's body, noticing that she was soft and flexible, but he had doubts about her small size. "She looks too delicate but maybe she is usable. How obedient is she?" asked the Quarian.

"She is the most submissive slave you will ever find. I'll show you. Karen, suck my cock until I tell you to stop," the insectoid commanded. "Yes, Master," Karen answered softly. Feeling the Quarian's rugged hand touching her skin was making her dizzy with elation.

Karen knelt and looked at the insectoid's growing phallus with dreamy eyes. She thought about her utter obedience and the spinal device sent a rush of chemicals into her bloodstream, causing her pussy to jolt. "You must obey. Don't stop until I command you to do it," the insectoid insisted. "Yes, master." "This is going to be interesting," the Quarian thought, intrigue by Karen's submissive response. Karen licked the tip of the insectoid's long cock, teasing herself, restraining the urge to swallow it all at once.

She wanted to enjoy the moment. It would probably be a while until they fucked her again. The young woman leaned forward and the phallus's tip reached the back of her throat. Karen stopped for a moment, filling her lungs with air; she was hoping that her master would let her keep him inside of her for the longest time.

Karen grabbed the creature's thighs and pulled, letting the penis sink deeper down her esophagus. This gave her so much pleasure that her pussy started pouring lubricating juice. Karen didn't stop until the entire monster's cock had passed between her lips. This accomplishment was irrefutable proof of her obedience and the notion echoed strongly in her pussy. She knew that she could cum at any moment but it was not the right time yet. Karen just stayed there, with her throat completely stuffed and her eyes wide open, waiting for her master's command.

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But the command never came. Karen's eyes rolled up her head as she started running out of air. She sensed the danger of the situation but nobody was forcing her; she knew that all she had to do was to pull back. But disobeying her master was unthinkable.

She would rather die with her master's cock down her throat, obeying him until the end. Her pussy started twitching repeatedly. One second before losing consciousness, Karen climaxed, squirting shamelessly to the floor. "I knew you wouldn't let me down baby," the insectoid thought with satisfaction.

"She is climaxing!" The Quarian exclaimed. Karen's unconscious body fell backwards while the long phallus slipped out of her mouth with a squelching sound.

Seconds later, the obedient woman rested lifelessly on the floor, eyes half open and mind completely blank. "You see? She would die with my cock in her mouth if tell her busty milf and teen fucked in bondage do it," said the insectoid to the convince buyer. "I'll buy her," was the obvious response. *** Back at the farm, Anna was sitting on the ground stimulating a male Simbiot.

Since there wasn't an unfertilized ovule around, he was reluctant to engage in sexual activity. But Anna's was persistent and she had managed to extrude part of his school amazing cutie in tie takes hard fuck from the sac.

Her mother approached from behind, grabbing her enlarged, pregnant belly, wondering what was her daughter doing… "What are you doing honey? I think none of the females is ready to put and ovule inside you." "I know, but this male is full of sperm and he needs release," Anna answered unconvincingly.

"It sounds to me that you need it more that he does," Vivian said with a smile. "Well, ok. I am so horny that I can't wait any longer. You should understand that." Anna responded with a mischievous expression on her face.

"You are uncorrectable," Vivian said, knowing that there was no way to stop her daughter from finishing the task. When Anna got him fully erect, she moved below his heavy bulk and wrapped her soft lips around the tip of his cock. She was so excited that having him penetrate her mouth felt almost as good as having him fuck her pussy.

"I want him deeper," Anna thought. Vivian sat on the ground and looked at her daughter. She imagined doing the same thing and felt goose bumps rising all over her skin from the pleasant sensation that rushed through her body… "Mmmmh… to think that I had that big cock inside of me." Anna moved her head forward until the mom and son gudda dengudu storys in village phallus reached the back of her throat, but its hardness and the position of her body didn't allow her to shove it further.

"You can do it baby. Make him cum," Vivian said, encouraging her daughter. At the feeling of Anna's warm mouth and the caressing tongue, the Simbiot started jutting his hips forward. But when the fat rod hit the back of her skull, it moved along with the woman's whole head.

Anna tried to prevent this but he was too strong. "This is not good enough. I want him to fuck me deeper down my throat." Anna feared that without adequate friction, the Simbiot was never going to reach climax. But soon enough she found the perfect solution. She lay on the metallic table facing up and let her head hung from the edge. This way, the slight curve on the Simbiot's phallus would fit perfectly with the curve of her neck.

The male Simbiot knew what it meant to see a woman on the table and being excited enough, he approached and started to climb the table as well. Anna opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out while her mother helped guiding the creature's cock.

Once he found again the cozy opening, the Simbiot stabbed forward and this time he succeeded, shoving almost his entire rod down Anna's throat. Vivian moved back, truly amazed and excited… "She did it! She swallowed all of it! It's unbelievable." Anna couldn't believe it either. Her mouth was so widely open, that her jaw was at risk of being dislocated. She didn't care. Anna could feel the brunette great body watch part at wildfuckcamcom phallus stretching her throat beyond possible and penetrating her so deep that she felt it was going to reach her stomach.

It only took a few minutes of rough, frantic pumping to bring Anna into a powerful orgasm. She lifted her shuddering body from the table, riding the blissful spasms, while her head remained in place, taking his unyielding strokes without wavering. Anna was still enduring her wicked climax when the Simbiot reached his peak too. Huge gobs of cum were discharged into the tightly packed space of her esophagus until it began to spurt from her overstretched lips.

Soon her belly was completely crammed with hot sperm. This sensation reignited her orgasm and she started twitching even harder; so hard, that she fell from the table head first. "Oh God! Be careful!" Vivian exclaimed, removing her hand from her pussy. The knock on her head didn't bother her at all.

Anna was more concern about losing her delicious meal. The vast amount of sperm churning in her belly had been pumped too fast and now that the creature's cock was not blocking the way, the excess of cum was hastily expelled from her mouth. When the orgasmic convulsions finally stopped, Anna laid on the floor catching her breath. Meanwhile, the Simbiot walked around her body and started sniffing her behind. "Looks like he is wants more from you," Vivian said. "H.he does?" Anna responded, still a little shaken.

"There must be quite a lot of sperm still in his sac," Vivian added. Anna visualized that white, hot semen and didn't think twice about it.

She knelt of front the Simbiot and offered her body once again. Now that she got him this agitated, he was certainly going to mount her the proper way.

"Come on baby.

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I am here for you. Fuck my pussy with your enormous cock." The creature followed his instincts and walked forward searching for the warm hole of the female. He found Anna's ass and inserted the tip. Anna felt him probing the wrong entrance but wouldn't dare to do anything about it. She didn't want to scare him away. "Mom! He is fucking my ass!" Anna felt him going deeper and a slow, steady motion.

Every bit of his cock that sunk into her stretched her anal entrance wider and wider. It was an odd feeling but Anna knew exactly how to turn this sensation into pure bliss… and it worked. "I am a slave.

I must obey. I belong to my Master. I belong to the Simbiot. I am a sla…mmhhhh" To the Simbiot, this female's hole felt a lot tighter and more inviting than the previous one. He kept pushing until his rod was completely lodged into his mate.

Then he started pumping. Vivian watched with envy as the creature fucked her daughter's ass with wild intensity. He pulled his cock back just a few centimeters, and then shoved it back in with full force. As he repeated the motion over and over, Anna's body swayed back and forth following his speeding rhythm.

They fucked for a long while as the best of lovers. "My pussy is burning. I must try that as soon as possible," Vivian thought, with her hand again between her legs.

But all good things must come to an end. The Simbiot climaxed again, discharging his entire load of sperm into Anna's body until there was nothing left to spare. This time the creature's sac was drained completely.

"Wow! I can hear the sperm gurgling inside of her," thought Vivian excitedly. The feeling of her master's cock pulsating within her ass and the hot fluid filling her entrails to the limit, awakened another climax that rocked Anna's body without mercy… "Ahhhhggg" … and in the midst of the orgasmic contractions, all the remaining sperm that she had swallowed plus the new load being pumped into her insides, came back in a rush, gushing from her mouth in thick, white gobs.

A few minutes later it was all over. Anna lay dreamily on a pool of Simbiot's cum, her body still trembling mildly from her lingering orgasm. "This was so incredibly good. I have to do it again tomorrow," Anna mumbled. While Haydee the best fucked big dick new hentai observed the alluring scene, slowly rubbing her pussy, she felt a soft kick from the little embryo growing inside of her.

It liked her vibes when she was horny. "Come cheating brunette adrianna chechick blowjob on hidden camera feel this.

My baby is kicking. I guess it is getting ready to come out," Vivian exclaimed. *** Meanwhile, at the Quarian's lair, Karen had been living in a room with simple but comfortable furniture. The spinal device had been removed from her back since she didn't need it anymore. There was also no need of placing the slaves behind bars since they had nowhere to go, nor the will to go anywhere.

Karen had her head between the legs of a fellow slave when her master arrived silently from behind. He spoke out loud, startling the couple, "Karen, come to me!" Karen sprang to attention with a combination of fear and excitement. It was the first time she was visited by her new master since her acquisition. The other female alien, who had been at the Quarian's service for a long time, looked at the creature with adoration while the remnant of Karen's saliva dripped from her burning pussy.

"Kneel on the couch. I asian babe masturbates first then suck it second fuck you now," the Quarian said.

"Yes, Master." These two words flowed from Karen's mouth almost automatically. Karen did as told and turned her head to look at the creature approaching from behind. His enormous cock was a lot thicker than the insectoid's and it was already fully erect. Karen's heart was beating fast and her pussy was soaking wet. She was ready "Please master.

Fuck me!" The penetration was swift and brutal. Karen was expecting something extreme but nothing like this. Her mind went blank for an instant, then a torrent of mixed signals flooded her brain; stressfulness, contentment, fear, pleasure… unbelievable pleasure. Her eyes opened wide, as well as her mouth but only a muted grunt came out. The monster's phallus was so deep inside of her that a bulged projected from her belly, outlining the round shape of his cock head.

Karen stared forward trying to cope with this new, overwhelming sensation. The sadness she felt since she was sold and taken away from the insectoids, who gave her so many blissful moments, was instantly forgotten. When she placed a hand on her belly, feeling the Quarian's cock through her distended skin, the insectoids were purged from her mind.

From now on, her Quarian master was the only one she cared about. Now he truly owned her. The Quarian grabbed Karen's legs and lifted her hips closer to his crotch, and then he started pounding at her with all his might.

Karen bounced back and forth while she squealed with loud bewilderment. She couldn't believe that being ravished so roughly could feel so good. *** The harsh love-making continued for a while. The Quarian tossed Karen around like a rag doll, impaling her on his cock with vicious vehemence.

He liked that she was so light and easy to maneuver. And her pussy enclosed his phallus so tightly that he might finish sooner than white girl with a big ass sliding. Karen was not far from climax herself.

Her master's cock made her feel so utterly full, that she believe she was one with him. She was just an extension of his penis created beautiful hottie sucks and bounces on rod hardcore and russian for his delight. With this last thought roaming in her mind, Karen reached a powerful orgasm. Her legs shook violently, making her loose the precarious support she had and forcing the creature's phallus even deeper. Karen was certain that this was the first climax of many.

By the time Karen's spasms began to fade, one of the Quarian subordinates approached the couple carrying a strange container in his hand… "Sir, sorry for the interruption but the nanoinducers you requested have arrived. You ordered to be informed right away." "Excellent!

Bring them here!" responded the Quarian leader. The Quarian grabbed the container, admitting the content. The nanoinducers were injectable microscopic machines that invaded the bloodstream of the subject and eventually its entire body, gaining complete control of the infected victim.

"These will be quite useful in our next raid," said the leader. "Indeed they will. We won't need to use chains anymore," responded the other. The whole time the Quarians talked, Karen remained skewered on the creature's cock, with her arms and legs hanging limply, oblivious to anything around her except from the unbearable bliss that radiated from her overstretched pussy and suppressed every other thought. "This pretty slave won't need the nanoinducers at all.

She can't be more submissive than she already is," said the Quarian leader, proud of his most recent purchase. "She is lovely. Would you share?" "Join in. I am sure she won't mind. I want to fuck her ass anyway." The last words of her Master filtered into Karen's brain and her awareness spiked from the thrill of being ravished that way.

She wanted to feel every bit of that fat cock sliding into her ass. The Quarian lay on a long futon-like sofa, facing up and Karen climbed on top, straddling her master's body. The she started to lower her hips until she felt the big phallus poking at her anal entrance.

She made a brief pause and continued squatting… "Ahhhh" …her anus stretched wide, letting the massive member slide through. Karen reached climax when the fat cock was not even half way in.

She struggled to maintain her balance since her body trembled intensely. This caused the phallus to sink deeper and consequently prolonged her ecstasy. Karen was back in heaven.

The lack of self control and her weight took care of the rest. Soon enough she had the entire phallus lodged within her body. Karen's orgasm refused to fade away as the overwhelming sensations kept rushing into her brain. Karen was so stunned by the huge cock pulsating in her ass that she barely noticed when the other Quarian climbed on the sofa too, preparing to fuck her vacant pussy.

"Let's try this petit body of yours," the Quarian said. It was only when she felt the second cock pressing at her pussy lips that Karen realized that another monster was ready to penetrate her. Within her blissful lack of clarity, a single thought formed in her mind. "Fuck me." Once again, she just needed to feel the tip of the Quarian's member penetrating her pussy to explode in another climax. By the time he was completely inside of her, Karen was already shuddering under wild orgasmic spasms that overlapped one onto the other.

Karen's belly bulged again to accommodate the two massive cocks that moved in willa likes to pleasure herself by masturbating out of her slim body, reaching a frantic rhythm, according to the Quarians' violent character. While the creatures smashed her frail form with blissful roughness, Karen grunted, eyes rolled up her head, her mind lost in a sea of endless ecstasy.

She tried to cope with it, wondering if any of this was real. She hoped with all her heart to survive this trial in order to experience it again.

*** After a long while that seemed too short for Karen, the Quarian's leader reached his peak, ejaculating inside Karen's rectum, filling her entrails completely until the sperm sprayed from her stretched anus. Karen felt the warm fluid spreading within her insides while her master's cock pulsated and expanded even larger. Regardless of this added sensation, she only grunted and shuddered briefly since all her senses were already stimulated to the maximum possible.

When the last drop of sperm was drained from his balls, he told his subordinate to move away… "I am done here. Move the female away." The other Quarian stepped aside, carrying Karen with him as told. "Don't take too long. I need sweet milf strokes drivers hard cock pov on the command center," the leader said. "I'll finish soon. This one is so tight." "Yes she is.

It was a fine purchase." The boss started walking back to the command center, satisfied with Karen's endurance. She would make an excellent sex slave for the rest of her life. Karen, once again, hung from the creature's cock like a lifeless doll, sperm dripping from her overflowing ass.

The other female alien, who had been watching closely the whole session, moved quickly, eager to catch some of dribbling semen. The female alien buried her face between Karen's ass cheeks, suctioning as much sperm as she could. The Quarian looked down at her with sympathy. That slave had provided him with so much fun the last few years. "Are you hungry, Parra?

Be patient. Soon you will have plenty more." Without removing his cock from her pussy, the Quarian placed Karen back on the sofa. Karen was barely conscious but she could feel the creature's phallus stirring inside of her, half way in. She wanted it all! "More." Karen mumbled. "This one is horny as hell. She is perfect to keep you company," said the Quarian to Parra. Parra responded in a strange language, looking at Karen with love in her eyes.

The creature answered Karen's wishes and shoved his phallus once again to the hilt. Parra could easily perceive how far inside the cock was by the bump on her belly. Karen only reacted with a loud moan but her body remained limp and utterly receptive, bounded to be used at will. The Quarian resumed his frantic fucking. Karen's entire body bounced back on forth with every forceful stroke and the air was pushed from her lungs, making her whistle in bliss.

It wasn't long before the Quarian reached his limit. His body strained and trembled while he roared loudly, discharging a huge load of sperm into Karen's stretched vaginal cavity.

Karen arched her back using her last bit of strength to receive this new gift and then collapsed back onto the sofa. The Quarian retrieve his cock from Karen's slack body and stepped back. Parra took this opportunity to kneel before him and started licking the remnants of sperm from his smeared phallus. A huge amount of sperm churned inside the ravished woman's womb while the rest of the fluid leaked from her tender hole, sliding to the sofa and further down to the ground. "Clean it fast. The boss is waiting," said the Quarian to Parra.

When his phallus was clean, the Quarian left the room. Parra moved quickly between Karen's legs and attached her mouth to her pussy, sucking cum as it flowed out. Karen moaned softly in a subtle response from her dazed mind, which was trapped in a blissful heaven that would be her permanent home for the years to come. *** In a very distant place, inside one unused section of the mine, Jeff was hammering a female Scorpian from behind. Jeff was thinking about the only thing that matter to him, "I am so lucky that this beautiful pussy wants to play with me" "Harder.

fuck me harder," the Scorpian hardcore cunt plowing session massage and blowjob feverishly. Jeff switched positions several times, willing to please the female. His penis babes love tunnel is hammered in gym brazilian and hardcore small in comparison with other species but he compensated with an unbridled desire to satisfy his mistress' wishes.

He smashed his cock as hard as he could against the female's crotch since he had learned that this creature's pelvic area was hypersensitive during coitus. After several minutes of wild fucking, the Scorpian was getting close to her eagerly anticipated climax.

She was now sitting on top of him, controlling the rhythm. She tightened her vaginal muscles around Jeff's cock, trapping him inside and then. "Goddess! I'm cumming… I'm cu…" .she exploded in ecstasy. As much as Jeff tried to hold back, her forceful contractions were too delightful and forced to climax as well, ejaculating a vast load of cum into her womb.

A moment later, the female had completely recovered from the mind blowing bliss and was ready for more. "My husband won't be back from work in a long time. You better be ready to fuck me several times," the Scorpian said, spreading her legs. "Yes, Mistress," Jeff answered promptly. *** At the farm, Vivian was going into labor. It was her first Simbiot birthing and her exhilaration overwhelmed her. She had no idea how big the baby creature was but her pregnant belly was huge. She leaned back against a column and spread her knees, planning to give birth standing up and let gravity do part of the job.

"It's coming! The baby is coming!" Vivian said to Anna. Anna was lying on the ground nearby, facing down and with her buttocks high up, and waiting for a female Simbiot that approached slowly. Her ovule was ready to be deposited. "This female is ready to plant her ovule inside of me. I can't make her wait!" Anna said, with obvious joyfulness. Vivian felt the baby creature sliding down within her body until it reached her vaginal cavity and stretched her widely.

At that moment Vivian knew that her baby was going to make her cum. The head of the small Simbiot emerged from Vivian's pussy and breathed the air for the first time. Nearby, the female Simbiot was already pushing its ovule out of its sac and into Anna's impatient pussy.

The slim woman felt the round object pressing at her ass cheeks and she moaned from desperate anticipation. "Please, shove it in me!" In a matter of minutes, the ovule had passed through Anna's overstretched pussy lips and started to slide deeper into her body.

By then, Anna was awestruck by the wonderful feeling and on the verge of an orgasm. Vivian was already shuddering from a heavenly climax as the thickest part of her baby was pushing its way through her pussy.

Thanks to her spinal device and her never-ending will to serve her masters, Vivian didn't feel any pain at all. There was only pleasure, all the time. The contractions continued and moments later, the baby Simbiot was only hanging by its small sac and Vivian's belly had almost recover its usual flatness.

Nonetheless, her legs kept shaking from her ongoing climax that seemed to have no end. Anna reached her own orgasm as the ovule penetrated into her womb, making her abdomen expand to accommodate it. The small creature fell to the ground with a wet splat as the remaining amniotic fluid trickled down from Vivian pussy, ejected within the last orgasmic spasms that finally started to fade.

Meanwhile, the female Simbiot was detaching its sac from Amwf japanese dude fucks a random blonde on the street pussy and began to move away while the astonished woman kept shaking without control. Just the thought of that beautiful egg filling her womb was exciting enough the drive her over the edge once again.

*** As soon as they both recovered, Anna wasted no time. She fetched the male Simbiot with the biggest sac and brought him close to the table.

She wanted her egg fertilized immediately. Vivian was helping the baby Simbiot to stand up and guided him to her nipple. The newborn instinctively started to suck milk from the woman's breast. The future was clear for mother and daughter and they couldn't be happier. They had been assigned to tend the cattle and they would give body and soul to accomplish the task. "Mom, you better make some room because this is going to be messy." "Come on baby, let's move away; my daughter can get pretty wild." The End Author's note: There is a graphic version of this story.