My cock between your tits watch part on suzcamcom

My cock between your tits watch part on suzcamcom
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This is a fictional story, but the characters are real people. In this story, Melinda is my next door neighbor. In reality, Melinda is a young woman who writes and reads stories on xnxx. So, the events of this story are fictional, but the story is written for and about a real person, Melinda. My name is Ray, I'm a man in my early 40's and my wife Ann is a sexy woman. Ann is 5'8" tall, 130 lbs., brown hair, blues eyes, small perky breasts and she has an ass to die for.

Ann and Step sister is a pervert have been married for twenty years. In all those years, Ann hadn't ever taken a sexual interest in women until we got a new neighbor two years ago, Melinda. When Melinda moved next door my wife and I immediately notice her figure it was impossible not to notice.

The most noticeable thing about Melinda was definitely her huge breasts. Melinda was absolutely stacked, and she often wore clothing that revealed her ample cleavage. My wife and I started discussing Melinda's body the first time that we'd ever seen her. We agreed that we'd never seen any woman who had breasts as large as Melinda's, and still had a flat stomach. While not as large as her breasts, Melinda's ass was also full and round. As for Melinda's other features, she is 5' 8" tall, 135 lbs., long raven hair, dark brown eyes and she has a beautiful tan.

My wife and Melinda soon became good friends, but not in a sexual way. I also became friends with Melinda, and often fantasized about her. Melinda was always a little bit of a tease, but I never seriously thought that I would make love to her. A few months ago Melinda got my wife to start fantasizing about her. You see, I came home from work and Ann was all excited. As soon as I came in the avalon arrives in bed and prepares for her usual fingering session door, Ann asked me, "guess what I saw today?" Well, I couldn't guess, so Ann told me that she had seen Melinda tanning in her back yard.

Ann told me that she had been up in our second story bedroom and looked down in Melinda's back yard. Melinda has a privacy fence, but behind the fence, she was tanning in the nude. I soon became interested in Ann's story and had all sorts of questions to ask. Ann told me that Melinda's boob were capped with big aereolasand her pussy was shaved smooth. I asked my wife, "why didn't you call me and tell me, I could have left work early?" Ann replied, "you know that you don't like me calling at work.

I told Ann that she should have taken pictures, but she said that she wouldn't ever be able to do that. I told her to hide behind the curtains and take some pictures. Ann thought that it just wouldn't be right to take nude pictures of Melinda, and she sounded like she wouldn't even consider it. Ann's stories of Melinda's sun bathing was driving me crazy, and Ann seemed to know that.

Every time that Ann and I saw Melinda, she would remind me of what she'd seen. Ann would tease me with the details, and that always got my libido going. I ripped Ann's clothes off several times after she told me her Melinda stories.

Sometimes I thought that Melinda's body turned Ann on as much or more than it turned me on. That was hard to believe. It wasn't even a week later and my wife told me that Melinda had been tanning in her back yard again. This time Ann had some new details to add about Melinda, and I found myself ripping Ann's clothes off as she told me the story.

Ann told me that Melinda had spread tanning oil all over her big breasts and flat stomach. Then she spread oil on her smooth shapely legs. My wife told me that when she got to her vagina, she spread oil on it and rubbed her vulva for a while, then started rubbing her clit.

By the time Ann finished her story, I was licking her clit and finger fucking her. It wasn't long after that and I was creaming in Ann's hot wet pussy.

After Ann told me about Melinda's tanning session, I begged her to take pictures of Melinda's next session. Ann was reluctant, but I promised her that I'd do anything that she wanted if she'd take some pictures for me. I wasn't sure if I'd talked Ann into taking pictures or not, but I was hopeful.

A few days later when I came home from work Ann told me that she had talked with Melinda and told her how she could see her tanning in the nude. I thought to myself, "why did you do that?" I thought Ann had ruined any chance that I ever had of seeing Melinda in the nude.

Ann continued talking she told me that Melinda didn't seem to mind that she'd been seen in the nude. Instead, Melinda said, "I knew that you and Ray would be able to see me tanning if you were in your bedroom, but that's all right, nobody else in the neighborhood can see my tanning spot." Then Ann told Melinda how I'd begged her to take nude pictures of Melinda.

Once again, Melinda's answer surprised me, she told Ann, "go ahead if you want, I'm sure that Ray would enjoy them." To my delight Ann told me that she'd take pictures of Melinda the next time that she saw her tanning.

Early the following week we had a nice sunny day. I wondered all day long if this would be the day that Melinda would tan in her back yard. When I got home, Ann was extremely excited, she asked, "guess what I did today?" For once I knew why Ann was excited, I said, "you got the pictures of Melinda!" Ann confirmed my guess, and I couldn't wait to look at the pictures.

Ann and I took the Oral pleasures and riding at a hot orgy card to the computer. As I turned the computer on, Ann told me how Melinda had come over to our house today for a few minutes of small chat. Ann then told me that Melinda got a little nervous and finally asked my wife if she could ask some personal questions.

Ann told me that Melinda's questions embarrassed her a little. Melinda wanted to know what it felt like to get your hymen broken, did it hurt, did it bleed a lot and what Ann's favorite sexual positions were. I couldn't believe what Ann was telling me and finally asked her, "you mean Melinda is a virgin?" Ann told me, "yes, I think she is." Astounded, I replied, "you've got to be kidding!" Ann replied, " I can't believe it either, you'd think Melinda would have guys fucking her all the time." I was so astounded with the notion that Melinda might be a virgin that I didn't put busty brooke bliss fucked doggy style riding big dick pornstar and brunette SD card in the computer after it finished booting.

Ann was excited and kept babbling. She told me that Melinda thanked her for the information. Melinda told Ann that she was lucky to have me for a husband and lover. Ann said that when Melinda left, she told Ann, "WELL, I better get home, its a nice day, and I want to work on my tan." I asked Ann, "so you think Melinda wanted you to watch her and take pictures of her while she tanned?" Ann nodded her head.

I put the SD card in the computer and we started looking at the pictures. The first picture of Melinda showed her walking out to her lounger in shorts and a not too revealing top.

Then, there was a picture of Melinda peeling her top off, she was facing our bedroom window. The next picture showed Melinda starting to remove her white bra.

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I teased Ann and said, "why didn't you zoom in more." Ann replied, "your lucky that I took any pictures at all." Ann had a picture of Melinda dropping her bra and when I saw it, my cock started to rise. Then Melinda dropped her shorts to reveal a skimpy pair of white panties that contrasted against Melinda's tan skin. I reached over and rubbed Ann's crotch, and she willingly spread her legs for me. Ann reached over and unbuckled my pants. Seconds later Ann said, "God, your hard as a rock already." I continued looking at the pictures in total fascination.

Now, all of the pictures showed Melinda completely naked. I got to a picture that showed Melinda bending over her lounge chair, you could see Melinda's full round ass. Ann blurted, "LOOK at that picture." I thought Ann was commenting on Melinda's hot ass, and said, "oh yeah, that is a nice ass." Ann giggled and said, "quit looking at Melinda's ass for a second, see how she is turning the lounger around." I hadn't even noticed that.

Ann told me that Melinda had always tanned facing the sun, but that day, she turned the lounger around and faced our bedroom window instead. I thought, "oh my, Melinda is deliberately putting on a show." I wondered if the show was for Ann, maybe for me, or perhaps both of us. Ann's pictures kept getting better and better. Ann found the zoom lever on the camera. She had pictures of Melinda oiling up her mountainous breasts, her flat stomach, and her long sexy legs. My wife and I had our hands all over each other as we looked at the pictures.

I didn't even have to peel Ann's clothes off, she quickly stripped as we looked at the out of families xxx when mom is not in home. It wasn't long and I had a finger in Ann's pussy, it was surprisingly wet. I continued clicking through Ann's pictures. When I got to the pictures that showed Melinda spreading oil on her smooth bulging vulva, I couldn't take it anymore.

I grabbed Ann and bent her over the edge of the computer desk and buried my face in her dripping slot. I licked her while praising her for all the pictures she took. I told Ann that I was going to fuck her hard, that I was going to fill her pussy full of cum.

A few minutes later, I had my cock in Ann's pussy. I fucked Ann harder than I had for years. The desk creaked as I slammed into her pussy.

Ann's slot was so slippery and open that my cock glided in and out of her silky slot easily. I told Ann how fucking hot she was as I exploded into her dripping tunnel.

By then, Ann was having her own orgasms and gasping softly. After we finished, we looked at the pictures several more times. I couldn't believe the pictures that were zoomed in, showing Melinda fingering her clit and slot. Ann soon was teasing me about how my cock was hard again. Minutes later, I had Ann on her back, fucking her again.

I grabbed Ann's small boobs and kneaded them firmly, telling her how much I loved her big boobs. Ann knew what was really turning me on, and I could tell that she was pumped up too. We had a good long fuck, it was great. Ann and I continued making love for over an hour. When we finally finished we took a shower together. As we were drying off Ann started talking in a coy voice, she asked, "so, did you like the pictures?" I told Ann that she knew darn good and well that I did.

Ann continued, she asked, "well, are you going to keep your promise and do anything I want for taking the pictures?" I assured Ann that I would. Ann asked again, "ANYTHING?" I assured Ann that I'd do anything that she wanted. Ann hesitated for a minute or two. I wondered what in the world Ann had in mind, finally she told me, "I want you to rape Melinda while I watch from a hidden spot." I couldn't believe what Ann was asking me to do.

I told her that I'd go to prison. I told her that when I agreed to do anything, that I never thought she'd ask me to do something illegal. Ann persisted, and told me that she really wanted me to rape Melinda, and that she thought that Melinda would let me do it. I thought Ann was crazy. I couldn't believe what she was asking me to do, but Ann persisted. As Ann continued, I became more and more open to all natural chicks getting very excited smalltits and brunette she was talking about, but still the thought of raping Melinda was extremely frightening.

Ann told me more and more about the conversation that she had with Melinda that afternoon. Ann asked Melinda if she was really a virgin, and why a woman as sexy as her had never been fucked. Melinda told Ann that there had been several men who she would have given her virginity too. Melinda then told Ann that she fantasized about men taking her against her will. Melinda wanted a man to rape her while she kept saying no, no, no.

In real life, whenever she told a man to stop, he did, even though she didn't want them to stop. Simply put, Melinda wanted a man who found her absolutely irresistible, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Then Ann told me how Melinda had told her how lucky she was to be getting sex from me all the time.

Melinda told Ann that she was a little bit jealous of her. That surprised both Ann and me. Ann and I had been talking for over half an hour when she told me, "I really think that Melinda wants you to fuck her, I really do, you just have to be forceful and do it, you can't chicken out, just do it!" I began to get pumped up, and started grabbing Ann again. I started kissing her cheeks, and the side of her neck.

I told her how I wanted to fuck her again. Ann was eager to give me what I wanted. I continued kissing Ann's perky breasts, sucking on her nipples, working my way down to her yummy pussy. Ann was aroused again, she knew I was thinking about fucking Melinda. Ann knew how badly I wanted to fuck Melinda, and she knew that I might actually do it.

For the next several days I kept asking Ann when and how I was going to do the dirty deed. Ann was slightly aloof, her details were deliberately fuzzy, she just told me, "don't worry, I'll let you her slippery dildo has never been wetter when and where." Several weeks passed and Ann never did let me know when and where.

I kept pestering Ann. Ann knew how stimulated I got thinking about raping Melinda. Ann and I made love daily, sometimes several times a day. Ann knew that she was getting the most passionate loving from me in years, all of it due to my passion for Melinda's hot body.

I kept asking about Melinda, if Ann was sure that I could get away with raping her, and not doing prison time. Ann told me that she was positive. She said all I had to do was be confident and take Melinda. Ann told me that she was sure that Melinda would put up a struggle but that it would be a fake struggle. Ann told me that she was positive that Melinda wanted to be fucked, and that she thought that I would be a wonderful lover.

I had never been so turned on in my life, and thoughts of what could happen if Ann was wrong was bryan gozzling fucks lana rhoades tight anal. Still, I knew that if I was given the chance, I was going to do it. A man can only hold back so much animal passion before he loses control. Ann's pictures and stories of Melinda had me totally out of control.

I came home from work last Friday night and Ann calmly told me that the next morning was to be the day that I was waiting for. Ann told me that Melinda wanted me to help her move some furniture in her house. Ann told me that she told Melinda to come over in the morning and ask me herself when she was ready. Ann then revealed her plan. I was instructed to tell Melinda that Ann had already left that morning on a shopping trip.

After that I would tell Melinda that I needed to change what I was wearing before I helped moving her furniture. Ann told me to get Melinda up in our bedroom. I asked how, and Ann told me, "just be confident, and make her do it, don't take no for an answer." Ann then told me, "when you get Melinda up in our bedroom, take her, I'll be hiding in the closet." That night, I couldn't sleep a wink.

The anticipation and fear of what might happen had me quivering with fear and excitement. Ann and I got up early, we couldn't wait for Melinda to show up at our house. I don't think Ann slept either. I took our notebook computer up to our bedroom, and set it to play a slide show of Melinda's nude pictures. I made the bed, put on a pair of gym shorts, no underwear, and a tee shirt. Then Ann and I waited for Melinda to show up.

I was nervous and asked Ann if she'd visit me in prison. Ann giggled, she seemed much more confident than me, and told me to just go for it, that everything would be okay.

I wondered to myself if Ann and Melinda had actually planned this morning together, or if it was totally Ann's idea. I wondered if Ann and Melinda might be lovers. I wanted to ask but didn't. I wondered if Ann wanted to get her hands and lips on Melinda as badly as I did.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang, and Ann sprang to her feet.

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Ann whispered, give me a few seconds to get upstairs before you open the door. Ann hustled quickly and quietly up the stairs. I let Melinda ring the doorbell a couple of more times before I answered it. I opened the door and Melinda was wearing a low cut blouse and a pair of tight shorts. Thinking of grabbing Melinda's mountains had an immediate effect on me, and my cock started to rise. Melinda asked, "is Ann here?" I lied and said, "no, she just left to go shopping, she probably won't be back for a couple of hours." Melinda looked confused and tentatively asked, "did Ann tell you what I wanted to do this morning?" I pretended to be ignorant and said, "well, she must have forgotten." Then I asked Melinda what she wanted.

Melinda proceeded to ask me to help her move a little furniture. I agreed to help move the furniture, and told Melinda, "I need to change out of my pj's, why don't you come on up with me while I change." Melinda seemed a little nervous and said, "I don't think that Ann would appreciate finding me in your bedroom." I replied confidently, "oh, I'm sure she wouldn't mind, if you don't come up and keep me company, I'm not going to help you move your furniture." Melinda didn't argue and followed me up the stairs.

As soon as we got into the bedroom, I peeled of my tee shirt and threw it into the clothes hamper. I turned towards Melinda and she checked out my abs and arms. Melinda then spotted the huge bulge in my gym shorts and nervously said, "I better wait downstairs." Quickly I replied, "no wait, I have something that I want to show you." I grabbed the notebook computer that was sitting on our dresser and spun its screen towards Melinda.

Melinda gasped and said, richelle ryan and andi anderson get pounded my God, where did you get those!" I told Melinda, "you know good and well where I got them, you posed for them, you nasty little tease." Melinda started to stammer and asked what Ann would think of my actions. I said nothing at first, instead, I reached down and dropped my shorts.

My cock was throbbing and precum glistened on its wild cheeks engulfing dong in club striptease hardcore. Melinda stared as I approached her and boldly said, "Ann would say, rip her blouse off and grab her boobs, see if they're real or full of silicone." Melinda nervously stepped back a step.

I quickly wrapped my arms around Melinda and started kissing her cheeks, and the side of her neck. I nibbled on her ears and Melinda nervously stammered, "I'm not kidding Ray, I think Ann would be pissed, stop it Ray, REALLY, what would Ann say?" I thought to myself, "Melinda isn't worried that I'm going to rip her clothes off, she's just worried that Ann will catch us in the act." That was all it took for my fears to evaporate, I knew that in a few minutes Melinda would be mine, all mine.

I knew that I was going to get to do everything that I'd wanted to do for over two years. I hooked one of my legs behind Melinda's and pushed her back onto our bed.

I pounced on Melinda and started pulling her top off. Melinda protested and fought to keep me from ripping her top off. It didn't take long to remove her top, I'm sure Melinda could have put up a better fight than she did. Melinda continued to express concern about what I was doing as I unsnapped and ripped her lacy white bra off of her mountains.

Once again, Melinda asked, "what would Ann say?" I growled, "she'd say, grab her boobs, squeeze em, suck on em, tell me what they're like." I grabbed Melinda's boobs and squeezed them firmly. I pinched and pulled Melinda's big firm nipples and growled at her, "OH, you like that don't you, you nasty teasing bitch!" Melinda protested and told me to stop, but there was no stopping me now. I sucked on Melinda's boobs with vigor. I knew Ann was taking it all in from her hiding space behind our mirrored closet doors.

I loudly announced, "I'd tell Ann, OH YEAH, THEY"RE REAL, no silicone in these babies, they're wonderful, lets check out Melinda's hot shaved pussy." Melinda was protesting as I ripped off her shorts and white thong, but it wasn't any more difficult getting them off than her top. It was impossible not to notice that Melinda's pussy was wet and open, that her clit was standing big and erect.

I taunted Melinda, telling her, "oh your loving this aren't you, you nasty little slut. Look, your pussy is practically dripping. I've been wanting to fuck you for over two years, today is the day." Melinda started protesting, telling me that she was a virgin, telling me that popping her cherry would make a bloody mess that Ann would surely see.

I growled at Melinda, "sure nasty girl, I'll bet that you're not a virgin." Melinda kept insisting that she was a virgin, so I told her to spread her legs and let me check it out. Melinda would not comply with my orders, so I grabbed her and stretched her out over my knees and proceeded to spank her firm full ass. Melinda gasped, and soon was pleading for me to stop.

I commanded her, "spread em, spread em good and wide and I'll stop." Melinda sobbed as she spread her legs, and I grabbed her full ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. By now, a trail of precum was oozing down my shaft.

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I made Melinda lay over the edge of the bed, her stomach was on the mattress and her feet touched the floor. I ordered Melinda to spread her legs as I inspected her pussy. To my amazement Melinda's hymen was plain to see. It was the first one that I'd ever seen.

The thin membrane of skin had a small circular hole in the center of it. I couldn't help but lean forward and start running the tip of my tongue over the thin elastic membrane. I taunted Melinda some more, telling her that I was surprised that she was really a virgin. Then I told her, "we're going to take care of that problem in a few minutes." Melinda pleaded with me and warned that it would be a mess that we couldn't hide from Ann.

Even if Ann hadn't known what was going on, even if she wasn't in the closet, I had to take Melinda. I was to the point of no return. I kissed Melinda's pussy with passion, puckering my lips and running them up and down over her slot. I ran my lips over her bulging clit, and then started flicking it with my tongue. Melinda's clit was huge, and I couldn't help but suck it between my lips and massage it.

Melinda was still protesting, but I think she was orgasming at the same time. As Melinda spoke, her speech was uneven and almost unintelligible. I couldn't take it any longer and made Melinda stand up so that I could rip the covers off the bed. I then commanded Melinda to get on her hands and knees on the bed. Melinda did as she was told. I turned Melinda so that Ann would have a perfect view of me entering her pussy, and I would have an excellent side view in the closet mirror. I rubbed the head of my cock on Melinda's hymen and was amazed how small her opening looked compared to the head of my cock.

I teased Melinda and asked her, "do you want me to fuck you?" Melinda did not reply. I backed away and swatted Melinda's ass with a couple of firm hard smacks, then I asked her again, "do you want me to fuck you, you nasty little slut?" Melinda said nothing, but nodded her head. I smacked her ass again and replied, "I didn't hear you." Melinda almost whispered as she said, "yes, yes I want it." I swatted Melinda's ass one more time and taunted her again, "you've been teasing me for over two years, now you want it, WELL, YOU NEED TO BEG FOR IT!" Melinda quickly complied as she pleaded with me, "yes Ray, fuck me Ray, please fuck me, I want you so bad." I got behind Melinda one last time and rubbed my cock over her hymen, then I started to push xxx story sex stories 12 sa it.

I could feel the membrane pushing back against my swollen head and then it gave way. My cock slid easily into Melinda's hot wet pussy despite the fact that it gripped my shaft firmly. A few strokes later my cock was in to the hilt and I started to pump Melinda's pussy rapidly, it was wonderful. I commanded Melinda to beg for a good fucking, and she complied. I grabbed Melinda's hair and called her a nasty slut. I pulled Melinda's head back and fucked her hard.

I could feel moisture club seventeen hairy teens 4 sex stories my balls as I slammed into Melinda's pussy from behind. I looked down and saw a small spattering of blood on the sheets. I always thought that if I ever took a girls virginity, I'd do it softly and gently, but I never thought I'd rape a girl.

Instead, I found myself pounding Melinda's pussy as I taunted her and pulled her hair until it hurt a little. I was getting a little carried away with this new experience and it felt so good. I felt a powerful orgasm building and I started muttering, "OH GOD, THAT'S SO GOOD, uhhhhhh, AHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH, I'm cumming.UHHHHH, take that you nasty bitch." As my orgasm rocked me the closet door suddenly rattled. The mirrored panel rattled so loudly I was surprised that it didn't break.

Melinda yelped and asked, "what was that?" I pulled my blood streaked cock out of Melinda's pussy and said, "it sounds like we have somebody hiding in the closet." I stepped over to the closet and rolled the door to the side. Ann was sitting on the closet floor, her shorts and panties were next to her. Ann tried to cover her pussy with her hands. There was no hiding the fact that Ann's thighs and fingers were covered with moisture. Ann's face was crimson red with embarrassment, as I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the closet.

I said to Melinda, "well, now you have your answer, now you know what Ann would say if she found out. I think Ann enjoyed the show don't you?" Then I asked Melinda, "wasn't Ann a nasty girl, what should we do to her?" Melinda grinned and said, "I think we should teach her a lesson, I have an idea." Melinda, I hope you enjoyed the story about you.

I know that I've thoroughly enjoyed sexy amateur asian machine and dp fun of the nasty stories that you've sent me. Thanks again, Ray