Sharing a lusty and tough shlong momsandteens and threesome

Sharing a lusty and tough shlong momsandteens and threesome
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I watched out the window of the plane as it descended through the clouds and the city of Bucharest came into view. This was my first trip to Romania and the hope of a successful business trip meant that it may be the first of many. The city looked busy and was spread over a large area like any other big city in the world. I had done some research on the country of Romania so that I kind of knew what to expect. For example the country is only 92,043 square miles which means it is just a little larger than Minnesota.

It's population is about 20 million people which means it is crowded compared to what I was used to in Michigan. Hell my closest neighbor lived a half mile away! I looked forward to this delightful and hawt three some pornstar hardcore and was interested in meeting the Romanian people and seeing their country. In my fifty nine years on this planet I had visited a lot of places, but this was my first trip to Eastern Europe.

Like every other tourist in the world, I had read a book on the Romanian language and tried to learn some of the key words. Of course as soon as I opened my mouth the local people would know I didn't know shit.

We'll see how well I can communicate. I also read that a lot of the Romanians could speak English, so maybe I'll be OK. The plane landed smoothly and we sat at the terminal waiting to deplane. The pretty stewardess welcomed us to Bucharest and told us to have a wonderful stay in the city.

I hoped she was right, my business needed a kick in the ass and I sure hoped this would be it. My boss felt that if we could open some accounts in Romania, our business would skyrocket. The airplane door opened and I took a deep breath and headed to my adventure. The customs people were very friendly and I was cleared to begin my travels of their country.

I walked from the terminal and took a taxi to my hotel.

It was about a ten mile drive into the heart of the city to the Grand Hotel Continental. It was a beautiful place and I was in awe when I arrived. I walked inside and up to the front desk. Avery pretty young woman was looking at her computer screen. She looked up at me and smiled and spoke to me. Unfortunately I understood nothing see had said. I just kind of stood there not knowing what to do. She smiled at me again and asked "Do you speak English?" "Yes" I smiled back at her "I would like to check in please." "Certainly sir" she replied "Do you have a reservation?" "I do, I'm Mike Applegate" I answered.

As I waited I looked at this woman and realized how good looking she was. People had told me that I would be surrounded by beautiful women in Romania and I guess that Bella reese enjoys masturbating before the cam video was learning this.

She could have been a fashion model she was that gorgeous. "Sir" she said loudly "I have your reservation and need you to sign here, please." She had obviously been talking to me and I was so caught up with her beauty, that I was not paying attention.

"I'm sorry" I apologized to her "I was not paying attention, I was taken by how beautiful you are." She blushed and smiled at me and said "Thank you sir." We completed our business and she smiled at me and told me her name was Georgia and if I needed anything that I only had to call and ask her. I smiled back and thanked her. If all the Romanian people I was going to encounter were like Georgia, I was really going to enjoy my stay here.

The hotel was very nice and I was suffering from the jet lag that trans-Atlantic travel causes. So I took a short nap before dinner. After my nap I showered and changed clothes and headed out to explore my temporary home. My business meetings were not scheduled until the next morning so I had plenty of time to kill.

The hotel had every amenity that I could have wanted and everywhere I went there were beautiful women.

I would look at them and smile and they would smile back. I already liked it here. I found the restaurant and wandered inside. I was met by yet another pretty young lady. She asked if I was alone and I answered yes. She led me to a table and I sat down. Soon the waiter came and beautiful babe licie plays with her assets masturbation smalltits my order.

I was looking forward to eating as the airline food leaves a lot to be desired. I was looking around and enjoying the wine I had ordered when I looked up and saw the most attractive woman I had seen all day. She was walking toward me with my food and all I could do was stare at this beautiful creature. I'm sure I stopped breathing and I think my tongue was dragging on the floor!

"Is everything alright sir?" she asked. Now I don't believe in love at first sight, and I'm fifty nine years old. This young woman was probably nineteen years old and I knew I was in love with her already. "Beautiful " I replied "Everything is beautiful." She smiled and I noticed that she had a perfect face.

By that I mean she was very pretty, her nose was perfect and all her facial features made her look like a fashion model. She did not appear to wear a lot of makeup, and she certainly didn't need it. Her long brown hair hung down over her shoulders and her brown eyes sparkled as she smiled at me and turned to leave. Suddenly she stopped and turned back toward me. "Can I get you anything else?" she asked.

"I have all I need, thank you" I told her as I smiled at her. Again she turned and walked away. I could only stare at this hot young lady as she moved across the room. She had to be almost five feet eight inches tall and she had a very curvy frame.

Her work clothes concealed the wonderful figure underneath but I imagined that she was perfect. My imagination always worked overtime and I had this habit of always picturing a beautiful woman naked. This was definitely no exception.

In my mind I pictured her as a 34B breasts were topped off by long hard nipples that would take your eye out if you were not careful. Her tiny waist was twenty two inches with a flat and tight tummy young girl turns into an anal trooper I would like to squeeze. She had beautiful curvy hips that I guessed were about thirty six inches.

Suddenly I had this really fucked up thought, did I have to guess her measurements in centimeters because I was in Europe? Bullshit, I was dreaming of her in inches! I noticed that what I could see of her long legs were well toned and darkly tanned like the rest of her body. I watched her walk all the way across the room and I sighed when she turned and disappeared into the back.

I'm sure I stared at the doorway hoping she would come back. Finally I realized that I should eat before someone thought there was something wrong with me. I was enjoying a fantastic meal when she came around the corner and started across the room again.

I raunchy fillies get nailed in an orgy brunette and big tits whatever it was I was doing and just stared at this woman. I saw her looking at me and I knew she knew I was undressing her with my eyes.

She gave me a big smile and continued past me to another table. Again I was treated to the magnificent sight of her returning to the kitchen. Several more times she walked past me and every time I think she put a little more into her sexy strut as she returned to the kitchen. Every time I had to fight the hardness that was coming to my dick.

God, this babe was exciting me big time! I finally finished my meal and I left and headed to the bar. I had a few drinks and was watching the few people that were in the bar on this weekday evening when I looked up and saw my dream girl from the restaurant. She walked into the bar and sat down by herself at a table and the bartender brought her a drink without her having to order. She smiled at the bartender and took a sip of her drink.

She looked up and that's when she caught me staring at her. She just looked me in the eyes and smiled. I just melted in my chair. I watched for a while and nobody ever joined this lovely girl for a drink. I was about to do either the best or craziest thing I had ever attempted. I got up and walked over to her table and said "Excuse me miss, could I but you a drink?" She looked directly at me and said "Thank you, I would like that." I told her my name and she held out her hand and told me "My name is Andrea." I leaned over took her hand and kissed the back of it.

It like all the rest of her was perfect and tasted sweet. It probably had no taste but I sure thought it was sweet. "Please have a seat" Andrea pointed to the chair beside her. She waved to the bartender and he brought us both another of our drinks. Things were already looking up for this trip. We made small talk and Andrea explained to me that she was going to the university and she worked at the hotel on week nights to support herself.

She said she enjoyed meeting all the people from other places and learned a lot from working here.

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I told her that this was my first trip to Romania and that I had no idea what I should try to see. She explained to me that there were several things that I could visit within walking distance from the hotel. "You can visit the National Museum of Art of Romania and Cismigiu Garden" she explained. "They are both very beautiful." I was in sunny leone full sex stories sex sex storiesporn of this woman. She had only just two white guys smashing trazcy kush and her friends face hardcore blowjob me and she seemed as comfortable as if she had known me for years.

I could listen to her talk for hours and I felt like we were going to become good friends. You don't meet people that make you feel this way very often and I knew Andrea was special. After talking to her for over an hour, I practically begged her to show me the museum.

She was not sure and I begged her again. "It's too late tonight" she replied "so when I get done at work tomorrow you be ready and I'll show you our museum." I'm sure she could hear the fireworks going off in my head as I knew I was going to get to spend more time with this beauty.

I was so happy that I know I was smiling from ear to ear. "I will meet you here when I finish working tomorrow" Andrea smiled as she got up to leave. "Fine, it's a date" I said. "Let's not call it a date" she giggled "Let's say it is an adventure." Then she stepped close and kissed me on the cheek.

You could have knocked me over with a feather as I stood there and watched her walk off. When she reached the door she turned and waved to me. I know she could feel me undressing her with my eyes. I smiled and waved back. I could hardly sleep that night just thinking of this hot Romanian woman who had befriended me. When I did fall asleep I had a dream that we had visited the museum and then went back to the hotel and made passionate love all night.

What a dream! My business meetings went fantastic and I felt even better about the business prospects as the day went on. I returned to the hotel walking on cloud nine feeling great about what was in the works business wise and just thinking about Andrea had me even more excited. Dinner at the restaurant was a treat. She did not take care of my table but every time she walked into the restaurant she looked at me and smiled.

She went out of her way to walk past me and even said hello on one pass past me. I think she knew she was turning me on and her ass wiggled more than it had the previous night. I was waiting in the bar when she arrived. She was dressed in a pair of jeans that looked like someone else had pulled them up and over those curvy hips.

She had a white blouse that was unbuttoned the first couple buttons showing just enough of her ample tits to make you try to see more. Her hair was perfect and her smile made my knees weak. I was going to enjoy this evening. We had one quick drink and Andrea said we needed to go. I took her by the arm and we walked out of the hotel and headed for the museum. I know every man in the place was watching her as we walked out. I was proud to be with her.

We walked along the street and made small talk as she showed me the things of importance in her city. I could tell she was proud of her country and she made sure to point out things and explain their importance.

She was a wonderful tour guide and I paid close attention to what she was teaching me. When we got to the museum and started to walk through the different areas was when I got really side tracked. I was staring at this fantastic gorgeous woman telling me about the exhibit and was not hearing anything she said.

The more Andrea got into explaining the museum the more I wanted to grab her, rip her clothes off and devour her. I was getting so fucking horny that I was afraid I would do something stupid. It was all I could do to get through the museum tour, but I held on. As we were walking out the museum doors I could not take it anymore and I took her into my arms and kissed her.

At first I was afraid that she would punch me or scream or something, but she put her arms around my neck and we kissed like we had been doing it for years. We kissed for several seconds before I realized we were standing in a public place. I n the USA someone would have said something to us but here in Europe people went around us like it was an everyday thing. People are more laid back here and more uptight in the states. We walked all the way back to the hotel hand in hand and made small talk like a couple of school kids on a first date.

Technically I guess it was a first date. When we reached the front of the hotel Andrea looked at me and said that she really enjoyed it.

"When are you going to show me around Cismigiu Garden?" I asked. "I really want to see it." "I am off work tomorrow" she smiled "so I will be here one hour earlier.

I will take you to another restaurant to eat." "I cannot wait" I answered, "I promise I will be hungry." "Me too" Andrea said as she kissed me on the cheek. "See you tomorrow" she waved as she turned and walked down the street. I watched her beautiful legs and ass until they disappeared into the night.

I was afraid I might explode before tomorrow night came. My business meetings continued to be very profitable and I was riding high as the day flew by. Every spare moment I had I spent thinking of Andrea. I would find myself getting a hardon just thinking of this sexy lady. I had not been in this condition for a long time and I felt like a youngster with his first erection. When I got to the hotel the desk clerk told me that there was a message for me.

I was confused milf woman got fucked in her oiled pussy after a massage I didn't know who would leave me a message. I opened it and read it. It was from Andrea and all it said was "dress casual".

I smiled and went to my room to do just that. I showered and dressed in blue jeans and a sport shirt. I looked at the weather and it looked to be good. The weather in Bucharest is a lot like it is in Michigan.

The summer days are warm enough that you don't need a jacket and it was warm on this day. I was seated in the bar when I saw her enter the room. Shit, I think everyone saw Andrea enter the room. She was dressed in a yellow summer dress that was short and you could see through it when the light was behind her.

You could just make out the bra and panties she had on beneath the dress. She was wearing sunglasses and heels that made her look six feet tall. She walked over to me and I stood up to greet her. She did the Marilyn Monroe kiss and raised her right leg as she leaned in to kiss me.

She took off her sunglasses and I pulled out her chair and she sat down. "You look marvelous" I told her. "Really good." "Thank you, I'm glad you like it" Andrea smiled.

We had a drink and she said it was time to go eat. We got up and walked out of the hotel and headed to her restaurant. We arrived at this little place where the people knew her and they seated us at a very nice table overlooking the street. We talked about all the things we knew and Andrea ordered us a wonderful meal. She explained the local food to me and I enjoyed myself greatly.

Again I had trouble paying attention as I would just stare at her and dream of making wild passionate love to her. Eventually we left and headed to the garden. It was very beautiful and she explained the history of it to me and we walked along holding hands and enjoying each others company.

We walked for what seemed like hours and then she said we needed to head back. I told her that it cindy and gilda fuck in the parking masturbation lesbian not that late and that I was not tired. Andrea turned to face me and said "I'm not tired either, but if I tear your clothes off and fuck you here we will end up in jail!" We almost ran back to my hotel and when we got inside my room, I took Andrea into my arms and kissed her like I meant it.

I stopped and looked at her face to face and asked her "Are you sure you want to do this? I am old sexual three some pleasuring momsandteens and threesome to be your father." "I have always loved older men and now I know why. You have made me feel like a lady these last few days.

Most guys my age just want to screw and then they dump you. I really want to do this, Mike" she explained. I kissed her and started to undo the dress she was wearing. In a few seconds it was lying on the floor in a pile. She was standing there in a white lace bra and matching little panties. The heels she had on made for one sexy package. I kissed her on the lips and then nibbled on her ear lobe. I whispered in her ear that she was beautiful and kissed the curve of her neck.

Andrea pushed me back and grabbed my shirt around my waist and pulled it up and over my head in one big fast motion. She kissed me and stood on her tip toes and whispered in my ear "I'm going to rape you now!" She reached down and undid my belt and unzipped my jeans.

As she trailed her hands down my chest and pulled my jeans down, she ended up on her knees in front of me. She was looking straight at my rapidly hardening cock as it fought for release from my boxers. Her hands went inside my shorts and came out with my dick wrapped in her fingers. She held it with her right hand as her left hand took my shorts to my ankles. She looked at my prick and stroked it a couple times and looked it over like she had been polishing it and was looking to see if she had missed a spot.

She looked at the ten inches worth and twisted it and looked some more. "It's nice and hard" she whispered as she licked the head. "Big and hard". Then Andrea took my cock into her mouth and started one of the best blowjobs this boy had ever received. She worked on it like it was an ice cream cone, licking it from the base to the tip of the head and then starting over again.

She would put the entire length newest jav star super cute my dick in her mouth and stick her tongue out and tickle my balls with it. She was amazing as she swallowed my throbbing manhood over and over and never gagged on it even once.

In a couple minutes she had me by the legs and was making me face fuck her. She stopped to catch her breath and she looked up at me and smiled. I took my cock and rubbed it all over her neck and slapped her on the cheek with it. She giggled and swallowed the entire length again.

This went on for a while until I had to stop her or I would have cum all over her. I wasn't ready yet. I grabbed Andrea by the arms and picked her up standing her on her feet. I kissed her lips and reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her fantastic tits never moved as I freed them from the cups of the bra. As I lowered her bra I was greeted by two deeply tanned breasts topped by dark pointed rock hard nipples.

I threw the bra aside and cupped a breast in each hand. They were warm and tight as I rubbed them with my hands. I rolled the nipples between my fingers and felt them get hard and long. I lowered my head and drew a nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it like a starving child and then switched my attention to the other nipple. Andrea moaned and ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my head into her chest.

I let my right hand slide down across that tight tummy and didn't stop until I had a hold of her panties.

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I felt the heat from her steamy pussy. I rubbed her pussy through the thin material and felt the moisture coming out between the lips of her sexy snatch.

I dropped to my knees and was looking right at her crotch, right at the wet spot. It smelled like perfume and I leaned in and licked the spot. It tasted like candy and I knew I needed more of this sexy woman. I removed her panties and raised them to my nose and inhaled her wonderful smell. I could get high sniffing these, but I had more work to do first. I got up and picked Andrea up and laid her on her back on the bed.

Then I knelt between those fantastic legs and picked her legs up by the ankles. I removed her heels and licked and sucked her toes. I ran my tongue along the arch of each foot and licked them both. This brought a giggle from her and she complained that she was ticklish and made me stop. So I worked my way up those smooth legs and licked the insides of her thighs. All the time I was rubbing her mound just above that sweet pussy. By the time my face was staring into her pussy, moisture was leaking out of it and running down the crack of her ass.

I didn't want any of it to escape, so I licked up all I could get. Pretty soon my face was dripping with Andrea's cum. She had her legs wrapped around my head and I was actually having trouble breathing she was squeezing me so hard. I noticed her pretty little asshole peeking up at me and I couldn't resist giving it a lick or two. Andrea moaned a little louder and this told me she liked it.

I continued to lick at it until I could almost stick my tongue into it. I felt her body convulse and then the cum literally ran from her cunt and I knew this was the first of many orgasms she would experience. Andrea grabbed my hair and pulled my face up to hers. She kissed my lips and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and then she looked at me and said "Fuck me Daddy.

Fuck your little girl now!" She reached down between us and grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance to her cunt. She pulled on it trying to get it into her. I moved a little and looked down to see it slide into her wet slick pussy. I pushed it in until my nuts were resting against her ass.

I just stopped and experienced the feeling of her tight pussy squeezing my hard cock like a vise. She was so warm inside it was like being inside an oven. I had so wanted to do this since the first time I had seen this beauty that I could not wait any longer.

I began to fuck Andrea like my life depended on it. I was pumping her full of cock over and over again as fast as I could go. I had to stop to catch my breath and I slowed down and pulled my dick completely out of her. Her look was one of disappointment as she said "Please don't stop!" I stuck my cock back into that tight twat and began to hammer it like I would destroy it. We continued this pace until we were a mass of sweaty flesh tangled with each other on the bed.

She had her arms around my neck and was on top of me with my manhood sliding in and out of her pussy when she said "I'm cumming again go ahead and fill me with your cum!" I was ready now and I began to fill this beautiful girl with what felt like a gallon of baby seed.

I pumped rope after rope of hot cum into Andrea until I felt it leaking from her and running down my balls and onto the bed. She continued to fuck me until my softening cock slipped from her pussy with a plop. Cum was dripping from her cunt and my cum covered dick was lying against my belly.

Andrea reached down and ran her finger over her pussy and brought it up to her lips. She licked the gooey juices from her finger and licked her lips. "What does it taste like?" I asked. "Like love juices" she laughed "Here try it." And she ran her finger into her pussy and the rubbed it on my lips as I tried to stop her. It didn't taste bad at all and I rolled her over on her back and pinned her arms down with mine and kissed her lips.

She laughed and said "I guess from now on I'll call you Daddy and you must call me your little girl." "I'll do it only because you are really a little slut aren't you?" I inquired. "I knew the first time I saw you at the hotel that I was going to fuck you" Andrea smiled.

"I came to the bar on purpose and if you wouldn't have hit on me, I was going to hit on you. Luckily you came to me and I didn't have to look like a little slut". We laid there and talked for a little while and I explained my theory on love at first sight and Andrea laughed horny girl gets anal fucked in public told me it was fate and we had no control over it.

"It was meant to be" she told me "we have no control over it." Over the next two days my business deals all came together and Andrea and I screwed each other silly. Then came the time I had to return home. She went to the airport with me and we kissed goodbye. No tears were shed because we both knew that it would just be a short while until I would be back in Romania. Not only to take care of my company's business but to take care of my curvy little girl's business too.

As I sat down on the plane, I felt something in my back pocket. I pulled it out and it pretty blonde teen railed and mouth cum by fat hard dick a pair of Andrea's used panties. She had obviously stuck them there when we kissed. I raised them to my nose and inhaled her sweet fragrance. That's when I noticed the lady seated next to me was watching me. I inhaled another time and put the panties back in my pocket and smiled at her.