Valentines day creampie fuck for karina white pornstar and knockers

Valentines day creampie fuck for karina white pornstar and knockers
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Translated from the original Wuttenberg dialect in 1961. Sunlight twinkled on the babbling brook. The birds were singing. I rested a while where the road squeezed between the wood and the riverbank taking a break from my weary walk back to my father's house and blacksmith's shop in Bad Wuttenberg. Two years service in the army of the Arch Duke Reynard had ended and now I was a free man. I heard horses homegrownvideos uk milf makes her amateur porn debut, but I rested my eyes and remained reclined against a wall as they came near.

Quite suddenly they stopped right by me, a haughty young woman riding a pure white gelding with two outriders carrying pistols and swords on matching grey stallions. She sat side saddle. I looked up at her patent leather boots and heavily embroidered red cloak and her spotless white gloves. "You there, peasant," she shouted, "Do you have no manners?" "Who me?" I enquired as I looked as she sneered at me, her face a mask of disapproval.

"Yes you, now stand up and bow to me as you should," she snapped. "And why should I?" I asked. "Do you want me to lick your ass as well while I'm at it?" I enquired. Her face contorted to a mask of hatred, "Guards seize him!" she cried I stood alright, before either guard could react I had the woman's horse's bridle in my grip as I shouted and threatened the other horses. Pandemoniam broke loose.

The guides horses shied and bolted taking the two guards back the way they came, the guards clinging on as best they could. The woman's horse tried to rear but I held him "Let him go!" the woman shouted.

"You need a lesson in manners first!" I exclaimed and I grabbed the reins from her and released the bridle. He shied and reared immediately throwing her off balance as she sat side saddle. She slid inelegantly from the saddle and missed her footing to sprawl untidily across the grass beside the track.

I let the reins go and slapped the beast hard. It turned and galloped off furiously in pursuit of the guards who seemed in no hurry to return or even halt their furious progress. "You will hang for this, this, this," the woman snarled as she tried to get to her feet, "Insubordination!" "Oh well.

better to be hung for a sheep than a goat," I muttered, "So lie down I'm going to fuck some respect into you." "I said you will hang!" she snapped as she drew herself up to her full height of maybe 1.75 metres. I pulled my dagger from its sheath, "Really?" I asked.

Her eyes widened as I held it to her throat, "Hold very still," I warned before I reversed he knife and began cutting downwards through her cloak and her gown. The razor sharp edge severed the fine cloth effortlessly, and tracing her breastbone down with the smooth edge I parted the wrappings and revealed her charms. Peculiar sweeties bang the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere bosoms spilled out all womanly and suckable and for myself having been deprived of a woman for some months the temptation was almost irresistable.

"No" She protested but I cut further and down beyond her belly until the blade found no more body to follow as it slid down the inside of her leg.

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"Stop!" she said, "In the name of my Father the King!" as peeled the ruined clothing from her shoulders and bared her to the waist. "Princess eh?" I queried, "I never fucked one of those before." I pulled and pushed the ruined fabric on down to her feet leaving her all pink and bare, strangely innocent as she struggled to prevent me laying her on the grass and spreading her legs wide. Naked as near as makes no difference but for her boots and ruffs round her wrists she struggled in the dust as I released my member from my lederhosen.

He stood stiff and proud ready for the action he had been denied for so long. She kicked, I dodged and then I pinned her hands with mine. I fought my knees between hers and then risked letting her left wrist go as I guided my member between her womb's soft moist lips. I tasted heaven as my member slid slowly into her warm moist channel.

I released her hands and ignored the tattoo she began to beat upon my back with her fists. Shutting my mind to her protests I took the pleasure I had so long been denied forcing my member ever deeper into her soft yielding lithe young body. Her mouth was opening and shutting like a landed fish, her breath rasping. Her cheeks were fushed but her fists slowly ceased their pounding and confusion clouded her eyes.

"It is all right, you can let it out, there is no one hear," I assured her. "I hate you, stop, You will hang for this," she said in complete confusion, for her body and her eyes said "Yes, Fuck me, harder, press harder!" "Am I your first?" I asked. "And last," she said, "Now stop it, let me up and." I started to cum. "Oh god no!" she protested, but my seed was blasting into her parts like an erupting cannon ball, flooding her womb and sating her desires. "That was very pleasant," I complimented her, "I appreciate a spirited whore, so much more satisfying than one who lays trembling like a landed fish." "Pleasant?" she demanded, "You take pleasure from humlliating me?" "No, merely from seeing the pleasure you take from my member," I said rather pompously, "You have no more respect for me than I have for you, but you are a woman and I am a man and a good fuck has no respect for propriety.

Our parts work very nicely together so next time we meet raise your skirts and lay for me and I shall not need to use my knife." "Next time we meet you shall hang, now give me your coat to hide my nakedness." she demanded. "On the contrary, if you do not run this instant I shall tie a rope around you and parade you through the village like a captive whore," I laughed, "Indeed I may charge a few groats for my friends to poke you." "You would not dare!" she snapped unwisely.

"Really, well we shall see about that," I answered. I took my knife and showed her the razor sharp blade once again, "Now do not say you would rather die or I may well acceed hard sex with her master makes obedient african girl scream in orgasm tube porn your wish and slit your throat, now hold still." I sawed through the ruffs at her wrists and slashed the bindings on her fine boots before pulling boots and short silk stockings off to leave her entirely naked.

It was quite remarkable, she looked just like any peasant girl but for her clean feet.

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I kicked her ruined clothing into the river and watched the current take it as it slowly sank. I was not heartless. I had presents for my parents and sister, among them a nice girish linen smock I had acquired from a market on our campaign.

A small India rubber ball I had brought for my young cousin and leather belts of the finest quality as well as a quantity of gold coins filled my back pack to bursting. "I command you!" she said quite ridiculously as she stood naked before me. I ignored her and took the india rubber ball from my pack and cut into it with my dagger.

"What are you doing?" she asked "An old trick we used in the war when we chanced upon a woman who was not amenable to our needs," I explained, "It is hard to shout with one of these in your mouth." "If you so much as touch me," she said but with two holes in the ball it was the work of a moment to seize her from behind and wrench her jaw open so I coud force the ball between her teeth.

"Naaghh," she protested, but a thin leather strap pushed through the holes and fastened behind her head silenced her most effectively. Unwisely she started to try to undo it so I strapped lustful chick gia paige fucks her hung boyfriend elbows together behind her back for her pains and out of devilment I took a length of fine hemp rope I had acquired and bound it round her over one breast and under the other then under the first and over the other so her mounds were most pronounced and then my member was rearing anew.

I wanted her again. I released my member again. I grabbed her and pushed her against a tree trunk. I lifted her left leg at the knee and I forced my member inside her once more. I say forced. There was no resistance what so ever. Her parts were sopping either from my previous emissions or her own excitement but what ever it was absolute heaven.

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I regretted that I could not keep her and that the guards must soon come looking for me. She looked me right in the eye and her body matched mime thrust for thrust as we conjoined. I marvelled that no one had found us thus far and when I finally let fly her lovely kitten is gaping juicy snatch in close up and getting off rolled as if in ecstasy. One thing still marked her out as aristocracy, her neatly plaited hair.

My knife soon changed that as the pig tails fell away leaving her hair untidy as any peasant maids though perhaps somewhat cleaner. I pulled the smock I had bought as a present for my sister around her, over her tethered arms and I ordered her to follow me.

She defied me, but a leather strap around her neck and a length of rope soon had her picking her way barefoot along the hard baked earthen path towards the town. I went straight to the Bierhaus.

"Some cheap wine for my whore, if you please" I ordered "You have a whore?" the Bar Keeper enquired. "From the war, spoils of war," I explained, "See!" I pulled the smock off her to leave her naked and absolutely furious. "Very good," the Bartender agreed, "She can work here and we can split the money between us if you like, I am sure she will be very popular." "Yes that sounds good" I agreed, "how much for a fuck?" "Five Schillings," he suggesed, "Ten if she takes it up the ass hole?" "No, she is still an ass virgin, she is saving her ass for a special man like you to fuck." I insisted.

"Then I shall waste no time!" he agreed and he swiftly bolted the door and came back grinning with his lederhosen around his ankles and his short fat cock swollen like a knackwurst.

"Bend!" I ordered my whore, and I pushed her head down over a table. She almost fell but I held her while the bar tender spat onto her ass to lubricate her and then repeatedly rammed his cock head against her until little by little her tight ass bud slowly opened to accept his cock.

She tried to scream but the ball stopped her. No one seemed to recognise me, I did not understand till I realised I had grown a beard since I left. "How much to fuck her mouth?" someone asked. "Not yet but you all may wank and piss over it, it will help keep its skin and hair nice." I suggested, "For tonight wanking is on the house!" I watched as half a dozen peasants dropped their trews and hauled out their swollen cocks and began wanking.

The woman was gasping like a real whore now. It was like she was really enjoying the bartenders cock in her ass or maybe it was her clit against the table edge but her xxx ebony open sex story were like bullets and moisture was oozing from her cunt and running down her leg and that told its own story.

I watched a while as peasant after peasant shot his load. Trails of multi coloured spunk from silver grey to almost white criss crossing her slim ripr lithe body like a giant snail had crawled all over her. In her eyes, in her hair, up her back, on her tits and of course the bartender shot his up her ass. I realised I had tarried too long and quietly slipped out the back way. I was just in time, the guards were aproaching so I slipped away towards my fathers house.

I stopped part way, found a puddle to use as a mirror and carefully shaved away as much of my beard as I could with my dagger. Finally I went home. I need not have worried. Ten guards had approached the Bierhaus.

They hammered on the locked door and when they were let in demanded to know about the bearded stranger and the princess. They did not make any connection between the naked spunk covered whore being shafted up the ass by Wolfgang Bentlemauser and their Princess and while their captain and three guards searched the Bierhaus and checked upstairs the others queued to fuck her ass "On der Haus" at the Barmans invitation.

They left, but only after the other three had fucked her, I cannot think why they didn't pull the gag from her mouth but maybe they knew who she was and hated her enough not to care.

For myself I greeted mother and father at the forge, "Uncle Hans," my cousin Werner, announced as he strode in, "Oh hi Willi," he said after not seeing me for a fortnight, "They have a new whore at the Bierhaus, can you lend me ten Schillings?" "Dumbkopf, she will have cock rot you fool," I cautioned. "Yes but Herr Bierhausmeister allows assfuckings, not cuntfucking and you cannot get cock rot from the asshole." he explained. "Of course you can, to be safe you should wank up her ass crack or tits dry hump her and shoot up her belly," I suggested.

"Is no fun," he said sadly, and then asked, "How was de war Willi?" I told them about the war, the good bits, not the rats and the good friends who didn't come back. It was two hours later after I had a good wash when we went to the Bierhaus. The whore was nowhere to be seen, "Where is the Whore?" Werner asked.

"Out back, we put the bitch in the dog pen, she says she is Princess Caroline!" he laughed. We went out, she was out of the doghaus with Herr Castlemeiner fucking her mouth and Herr Grainger fucking her ass while Frau Hilter held the leash I had put around the whore's neck.

"Five Schilings for to fuck her ass, Fifty Pfennigs for her mouth, twenty to wank over her," Frau Hilter laughed, "She says she is Princess Caroline." "And to fuck you Frau Hilter?" I asked. She grinned, she was mother's age or more, "For you Willi, I pay you!" I saw the sign on the dog pen "Princes Cariline," some fool had made, I wondered how they had not realised it really was her.

"I think I will have a meat pie or some Knackwurst instead," I apologised. "You would rather eat knackwurst than give me a length of your knackwurst?" she enquired and laughed. I sneaked away again, I was beginning to feel sorry for the Princess, only beginning, so after a good supper I went home to sleep in my own bed for the chat with dulcemariaa in a live adult video chat room now time in over two years.

Morning came and went, the sun was way past the noon time by the time I rose. "Such a lazy bones," Mother said, "You missed all the excitement, they arrested everyone in the Bierhaus last night, they had Princess Caroline there all the time tied up!" "I saw they had a filthy whore," I agreed.

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"A stranger brought her and sold her to the Bierhausman for ten pieces of silver," she laughed, "Just think the bitch Princess Carolin being fucked by all those men, maybe there is justice in the world!" My father came to my room, "Willi, Werner has been arrested, he was in the Bierhaus when the guards found Princess Caroline, will you speak up for my ex play with a pen tube porn, when?" I asked "Now at the Palace," he explained, "They are to be executed." I grabbed my clothes and followed father up the winding road to the cliff top Castle we called the Palace.

The courtyard was full of people, the gallows ready erected. A proclamation was read. Werner was in the queue for the gallows. I had a duty. They sat in a line, all the pompous fools, King, Queen, Prince Oswald, Princess Caroline who looked rather different with clothes on, the Burgomeister, Town Crier, Hangenmeister.

"Herr Burgomeister," I yelled, "Since when has fuking a princess up the ass been treason?" "You, peasant, come forward," the Burgomeister ordered me after conferring with the King. I pushed my way to the front. "How dare you criticise your betters." he challenged.

"All men are equal in the sight of Gott," I reminded him, "Where is it written fucking a Princess up the ass is treason." "It is called sexual harrassment Herr Peasant, we are not savages." he replied. "Not rape?" I enquired, "At least one of them Fucked her up her cunt." The Burgomeister looked at Princess Caroline who stared at the ground her cheeks redenning. "Is it true?" he asked. She nodded with the tiniest of nods. "How do you know?" he asked.

"Because I fucked her," I explained, "And she loved it!" "Do you know the penalty for rape?" the Burgomeister demanded.

"Death, or ask the wench for her hand in marriage, it is on page 44 of the Wuttenberg law book," I informed him, "War is boring, I only had a law book for company." The King intervened, "So which do you choose?" he asked, "Think carefully." "Will you marry me Princess," I asked.

"Are you serious?" he asked. "The one who fucked me had a beard," the princess insisted. "I shaved it off," I agreed. "Then how shall I tell it was you?" she asked. "By this," I exclaimed showing her my dagger, "And this!" I dropped my lederhosen to show my cock was ready and waiting.

"Ah that is him," the Princess agreed, "Hang him!" "Good, that's settled," the King announced, "I now pronounce you man and wife, and the rest of you case dismissed go home." "No hang him!" the Local bus sex infront of other peopls demanded.

"Anyone who can subdue you long enough to fuck you richly deserves you," the King sighed. "We want to see a hanging!" the peasants demanded. "How about a rape?" I asked.

"Rape, Rape, Rape!" the crowd chanted. "Guards, take my whore of a daughter and strip her before Herr Peasant cuts her clothes off again!" the King sighed, "And try to put up at least a token resistance," he suggested to her. She did better than a token, she kicked and screamed, "Be still wife!" I commanded, "Now lay for me or I shall have you whipped!" The guards pulled the robes over her head leaving her naked.

I knelt before her and started to suck her left breast. Her teat stiffened. I rose and aimed my cock between her pussy lips. He slid in easily. "Bastard!" she cursed but she was well and truly fucked. I kicked off my Lederhosen and whispered to her to wrap her legs around me and then I fuckwalked her around the courtyard so everyone could feel her tits and grope her ass.

Finally |I shot my load. "Go home I shall fuck you again tomorrow," I ordered. The king had other ideas, "She is your wife you provide for her," he ordered, "I don't want her back until she is fat with a lusty child, I need an heir, its not as if Prince Oswald will oblige me." I must have looked confused.

"My brother likes men, or men's cocks up his ass to be precise," the Princess explained, "Anyway father I shall get a child quicker if we sleep in my own bed rather than under a tree with this peasant." "Very well," he agreed.

"And it will be much easier to slit your throat," she whispered and she laughed. She looked quite pretty when she laughed. "Next time you take me to the BierHaus I want to have a man up my cunt and one up my ass and one sucking each boobie," she cooed.

"Well I want you all to myself," I countered and I kissed her The End?