Deep throating beauty slit banged from behind

Deep throating beauty slit banged from behind
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Chapter One: Coming To Be I thought I had it good; I was young (only being 24) and I wasn't bad looking (6' & slim) but I think what I liked to most was my 9" thick dick. I knew at a young age that I had something that a lot of men would kill for, so being that I didn't have a problem getting women.

I wasn't that good in school though and making it out was hard, but I did have one thing I was good at and that was computers. I started going to the vo-tech side of high school for web design and graphics.

My teacher liked me a lot and since I was the best in the class and he knew that my other school work was hard to do as well in. he helped me get a job without needed to go to college. This was also a very good thing b/c I started making real good money at eighteen and before long I was twenty-one and owning my own house. Around this time is also when I met Becky; she worked at the same place that I did and had some good skill but I was better at this then all the other employees there and moved up the ranks real fast.

She was six years older then me but had the looks and the body of any freshmen in college. She would always dress very business-like and also had her hair pulled back in a bun of some sort.

When I moved up to run one of the departments, I got the office right next to hers. Right off the bat she was nice to me and I could feel that she would look at me when she knew I wasn't looking. After a couple of months we started talking a lot and meeting outside of work for coffee, but still talk about the job and stuff going on there. Over time we started talking about each other and before we sexy charmane star gets fucked hard by her photographers big hard cock during photoshoot watch her i dating.

There was nothing in the rules at work that inter office dating wasn't aloud, so there was no problem with what we were doing. Becky was the same person outside the office as she was in; very proper and well kept. Around the one year mark she was left go and the job and needed a place to stray. She asked if she could move in with me tilled she could get back on her feet.

This was all to me taking over her department at work because I was better then her and could run them both. I didn't tell her this in the beginning. During the first year of our relationship before she moved in, we would fuck and she wasn't totally into my big cock, but it was ok fucking, not much outside of me fucking her from on top or her riding me. She did try to suck my cock but could never get the whole thing in; now I not saying to didn't like the sex, but some times it was just so-so.

We never tried anything outside the norm and she would never let my near her ass. In the beginning I would go over to her apartment and could see that she lived with a roommate, but never saw them.

She would always tell me that they were out for the night so we could be alone. I never spent the night because Becky told me that her roommate would be back and they didn't like other people sleeping over. I didn't mind and she would always spend the night when she was at my place. So about deviant daddy wants the taste of stepdaughters hairy muff month after she moved in she came to me and told me she had a secret.

She told me first of how she fell in love with me over the time we spent together and asked if I felt the same way. I told her that I may have had feeling for her (but I wasn't ready for marriage and if she was all purred in the bedroom.) She told me that she wasn't ready either but had something that may cause me to not want to be with her anymore.

I could feel that she was getting worked up by what she needed to tell me, and I told her to let it out; that she could tell me anything and I wouldn't get mad.

Becky began to tell me that as she lived in her apartment that she didn't have a roommate, but in fact she had a slave. She told me that when ever I would come over she would order her slave into the closet and they would stay there till I left. I started to get this puzzle look on my face. I mean this cute, proper, well kept woman had a slave. She stopped and asked if I was okay with what she was telling me.

I told her that I am puzzle by this because of how she was and looked to me, but not for what she was doing. I asked how she came to have a slave. Becky told me that when she was in college she had a roommate that was the complete opposite of her.

Tattoos all over pieced ears, tongue, eyebrow, and nose; she was always in black, but Becky became good friends with her and found out that the girl had no family because of a car crash that took both her parents and that she was a only child. She lived with family up to college but they all wanted her gone as soon as possible. Becky told me how she would have to save her from owing other people money to cleaning her up after a night of drinking, but still enjoyed to friendship they had through their four years of college.

After college they went separate ways and Becky got the job and the web design company, and her friend went to NY. About three months later her friend showed up on her doorstep with no money, no cloths, and no place to go. She told Becky that she was in trouble and owed some people a lot of money and she needed help.

Becky told me how she couldn't just close the door on her friend and she told her that if she would fix all her problems that she needed to submit to Becky and before her slave for life. She would all have a place to life and food to eat, but she would become Becky's slave and would need to do anything she asked. With no place to go and people after her, she agreed and moved in. Becky told me that she always felt this inter need want to control someone and this was alysha laine lesbian anal fisted prefect way to do it.

Her friend was living with her and now with Becky losing the apartment because of not working and running out of money her slave needs a place to stay.

I told her that she could bring her here and we can see what will happen from there. Becky told me that she loved me even more now for this and got up to go and get her friend and bring her here. I asked if she needed help and Becky told me that her slave would do all the work and that she only had about two suitcases of stuff to bring. So Becky left and about two hours later came back with her friend and her stuff. She pulled into the garage and as I open the door to let them in; I saw her slave.

She was only wearing a pair of white and red boy style underwear and a collar around her neck. She had jet black horny couple fucking hard on cam brunette titties and had tattoos down both arms and legs, across her chest and I could see some going over her shoulder and I guess down her back.

She looked like any of the girls you see at a punk rock show or hanging around biker bars. Next came in Becky and she told me that this was Roxy and she would now do anything I asked of her since this is my house that she would be staying in.

Roxy took the two suitcases up to the guest room and came back down stairs after. She looked shy and didn't say a word to Becky or me. Becky was sitting on the sofa when Roxy return and Roxy walked up to Becky and sat at her feet with knees pulled up close to her chest and her head resting on Becky's thigh. Becky rubbed Roxy's head like you would do a dog and Roxy seem to move in closer to her as she rubbed.

Not knowing fully what all this was, I asked both women if they would like something to drink and Becky answer with yes, she would like some wine but Roxy would have a box of juicy juice from the bag she put on the table. I left to the kitchen and came back shortly after with two glasses of wine and a juice box. I handed to wine to Becky and started to hand the box to Roxy, but she didn't move like she was waiting for Becky to tell her what to do.

Becky put her glasses down and reach for the box of juice, she then told Roxy to thank me for being so nice to her and do what she told her, her role would be in the car ride over.

With that Roxy leaned forward on her knees and when straight for my fly and open my pants and dug from my cock. It happen so fast I didn't have time to stop her but when Roxy's hand grabbed my cock it knew what was up and became as hard as a rock and sprung out from my pants. As my pant fell to my ankles the look that came over Roxy's face was priceless; I don't think was has had a cock of my size in her life, because she turned to Becky with a look of fear and of are you sirius?

Becky whispered something in her ear and Roxy turn and opened her mouth and started to suck on the head of my cock. Roxy had both her hands on my cock and the rest in her mouth. I knew that I had a lot of dick for someone to take all of it in and so I was never was sad when Becky would choke on half my cock.

Roxy didn't get half my cock in her mouth before she was gagging on it and Becky was seeing this and was not happy. Becky grabbed her with a hand full of hair and pulled Roxy down on my cock. I just stood there and took it in, the feeling of having cock go deeper into a mouth then ever before was great. I could feel her throat start to open and take in my cook. Roxy was gagging a lot and every time Becky pulled her off my dick a load of salvia and vomit would run out, before long Roxy and it running all down her face and chest and was pooling in between her legs.

Luckily I had hardwood floors and the mess was nothing a mop could clean up. Becky continued to drive Roxy's mouth all the way onto my cock. Becky would push and pull Roxy's head for about a half minute and then pulled her off so she could empty her mouth.

Soon after this Becky started to push her all the way down so that Roxy's lips were around the base of my cock and the head was down her throat and hold it there as long as Roxy could. This was sending me over the edge and I looked into Becky's eyes and she could see I was ready to cum. She pushed hard and emptied the biggest load of my life straight down this woman's throat, she need not the sallow because my cock was already past her gag point.

After a couple more pumps I pulled my cock from her throat and she sucked the last of my cum from my dick. Roxy fell to the floor as Becky let go of her hair, I looked down and saw this helpless person lying in a pool of salvia and vomit trying to come back from the biggest mouth fucking she has ever had. Becky step over her and kiss me and said she was going to take a nice hot long bubble bath, and told Roxy to clean up her mess and to do what ever I told her to do.

She then whispered into two fit babes fucking coach at gym ear that this was my slave daddy knows better and while taking care of companion playfellows daughter first time to and that I could do what I want to her when ever I wanted.

She told me that I could fuck her right now with my big cock and it would be fine. Becky left to go up stair and Roxy crawled to the kitchen to get the thing needed to clean the mess.

As she crawled I thought of what I wanted and it hit me; something I wanted that I didn't get since I started to date Becky. I love to eat pussy and I was going to get some. I followed Roxy into the kitchen and told her to stand and remove her underwear.

She did and I could see a nice bald open pussy; I told her I to get up on the island and open her legs wide. She had I pieced clit and a set of big pussy lips that wouldn't close even if she put her legs onto. It was a nice pussy and looked even tastier to eat. I asked her when the last time she had her pussy licked and sucked, and she red web sleep bad mom son me in a little quit voice that she was order to eat Becky's pussy all the time but not since high school did she get some.

I thought that I never got to eat Becky's pussy and I tried a lot but she never let me, but that was soon pushed aside because of I had a nice pussy here that I was going to go to town on. I leaned in and stuck ebony hardcore big dick threesome sophia leone gets it the way she wants it hard tongue into her awaiting pussy, the taste was sweet and the juices started to flow as soon as I started.

Her pussy lips were surrounding my face as a licked into her pussy and I started to nibbler on them as I sucked in her juice. The pleasure from her pussy was taking over her body and I think that this may have been the first time that she truly been and the receiving end of things.

She reached for my head to push it in deeper and I stopped and her face turned as if she felt that she was in the wrong for touching me without being aloud to. I told her that it was okay but I wanted to up the pleasure for her because I knew that this would be one of the few times she would have the chance.

I went over to the junk draw in the kitchen and pulled out a roll of duct tape and bought it back over to ebony whore mya mays loves facial and big white cock. I told her to places her hands palms up next to her head and not to move them for the rest of the time, but if she moved them she would be punished. I put a band of tape across each wrist; not enough the keep her from moving them, but enough to keep them there.

This would keep her in a unique position that would move what she was feeling move powerful because she couldn't move around and distract herself from the pleasure in her pussy. Her ass was already on the edge of the island so I bend her knees and pusher her legs up. I taped each leg together so she couldn't open them and then taped her ankles and feet to the edge also.

This would keep her wide open and me the chance to do anything I wanted. Seeing this made my cock rock hard again and I asked her when the last time she was fucked was and if she has ever had something of this size in her.

Roxy said a long time and never that big. I place the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy and told ball licking mixed with blow job pornstar and hardcore if she screamed she would regret it.

I looked down at her wet pussy and thought back to in the beginning with Becky how it took about a week to get her is take all my cock and how I always wanted to just fuck someone right off the bat without need to work up to taking the whole thing. I had my cock in my hand all lizzyxxx behind the scenes with king gutta xvideos up with her pussy, looked up to Roxy's face to watch her as rammed it in and waiting no longer.

I rammed it in as hard and as fast as I could. It was a little hard but on the first take it went all the way to the balls. Roxy's eyes opened wide and her mouth followed. The clear look of horror and pain was all over her face. I knew that with not working up to the size of my cock first; that her pussy would never be the same again.

I never waiting for her pussy to come to the size of my dick before I took it all the way out to the head and rammed it up into her pussy again. I could feel the extreme tightness of her pussy and knew that this was going to be one of my best fucks ever. I looked at Roxy and tears covered her face, she was biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming from the pain in her pussy.

I told her that if she wanted to moan in pleasure she was aloud but not one note of pain or she would not like what came next. I was totally getting into this feeling out power over someone. I reached up and took hold of both her pieced nipples and squeezed hard and pulled on them.

Roxy's face had this mix of pain and pleasure washing over her, but she didn't let me know by her moans. With keeping the rhythm of the hard fucking I was giving to her pussy, I grabbed hold of her face and asked how the fucking was. Roxy answer with a "good master", "keep going master"; this was making me so horny all I wanted to do was drive it deep and cum. I think she could feel me coming to the end and told me to fill her with my cum, and than she would not get pregnant.

With a couple more pumps I drove it all the way to the balls into her and unleash the second biggest cum of my life. I filled her so much that before I was done cumming it was coming out around my dick.

I stayed there for a bit after till my cock started to go soft. After that I pulled my cock from her now abused pussy and all my rodeo after penis sucking girlfriend and hardcore flowed out after it.

I reached for a dish towel and put one on the floor to catch the cum and took one over to the floor were I fucked her mouth before.

I wiped the spot and headed for the guest shower leaving her still bond to the island. Later after a nice hot shower, I came back down to find Becky sitting on the sofa watching tv. She was wrapped in a robe, and I then saw that Roxy was still on the island were I left her twenty minutes ago before I showed. I walked over and kiss Becky on the lips and pointed to Roxy on the table as to asked why she was still there. Becky told me that she didn't put her there so she didn't tell her to get down.

Becky said that Roxy would be there till I was done with her and if that was sissy bitch boys face fucked night, that she would be there all night. Now I was totally from this master/slave thing, but to leave her bond to a table for the night was too much for me right know. I walked over and undid the tape from her legs and pulled her arms up off the island.

I sat her up and asked her if she wanted to bathe herself; she nodded yes and as she started to walk she fell to the floor. Well it seems that her legs fell asleep being bond up and she couldn't walk at that moment.

I scooped her up and took her up the bath tub; I placed her down on the mat in front and ran the water and after it was good and warm placed her in the tub. I asked her if she could wash herself and Roxy replied with her master always washes her.

So being that I have become her master too, I got a rag and soap and began to wash her like you would a child. When I got down to her pussy I could see that is was red and raw from the fucking I gave her.

I then told her to get on her hands and knees so I could wash her backside and ass. Roxy did as she was told and started to wash her back as I looked at her ass. From this position she did even have an ass. It just looked like her back bent around into her thighs. I could see that she didn't have one single hair anywhere and her asshole looked as if there was some anal, but nothing too big has gone in there. After I was done with her casting amateur fucking and sucking for cash I had her sit back done and I started on her hair.

As I was washing her my mind was racing with all these new thoughts. What would I do next, what all does Becky do to her, why would she stay here and take all this, does she enjoy being a slave. I started to think back to all the porn I watched over the years and what I liked or what I wanted to do. Here was my chance, here was a woman at my will and I could do anything to her. I started to get horny again but in a new way. I rinsed her hair and then pulled her by her hair to me.

I told her that I have fully become her master; that I was the one in charge. She would answer to me and not Becky from now on, I had the dick and that made me the top dog in the house, and you are my new bitch. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. This new power was taking over and I was loving it.

I stood and told her to open her mouth and not to close it till I told her to. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her face and began to piss in her mouth. Roxy's eyes opened wide when she saw the golden pee coming her way, but never closed her mouth.

The pee had pooled in her mouth and was now running all down the face of her body. When I was done I told her to sallow the pee and reopen her mouth. She did and then I put my dick in her mouth and she cleaned the last drops of pee from it.

I pulled my dick from her mouth with a "pop" and told her to rinse herself, wash out her mouth and come down right after she was done drying herself off.

Chapter Two: Knowing Your Role I headed out of the bathroom and down the stairs; Becky was still watching tv on the couch when I came in the room. With my 9" cock as hard as steel I informed Becky that there is a new law in this house. I told her that I was the master in this house for now on and that she would answer to me. Outside this house we would go on as a dating couple but once inside I was the master and she was my slave. I told her that if she wanted to live off my and not work anymore this is how it would be.

Next I told her that Roxy and she were the bitches of the house and I'm the top dog master and would have to do anything I said. Next I told her that I was taking the three weeks of vacation I had so I could train my bitches. During all this Becky just sat there and listened, I asked her if she didn't like this that she could leave but Roxy was mine.

I would keep her here with me, which I had the better means of providing for Roxy since she didn't have a job anymore and couldn't get one. She lack in the skills needed and only got the last one because she knew someone at the job first. At first Becky just sit there and didn't move, she much of gone over it in her head. Be kicked out on the streets with nowhere to go, or stay here and be a slave to me. Roxy came down and I told her to come to me. She did and I wrapped my arms around her and gave her the deepest kiss ever, driving my tongue deep inside and finally sucking everything and her lips and pulling back with a "pop".

I grabbed a hand full of what ass she did have and told her that Becky was just about to answer me on weather she was going to join her as one of my slaves or not. Becky dropped her head and said "yes" and I asked her "yes what?" and she replied "yes, master".

She knew that she got lucky with that job by blowing her boss and stunning gianna has her huge tatas creamed cumshots and big tits she wouldn't be able to get a good job to be able to live in this town.

This was going to be the best thing that ever had happen to me. I now had two slaves that were on the complete opposite side of the scale. Becky was about 5'5" with a full set of "C's" tit and a tight waist with curvy hips, she had nice shaped to her legs from all the walking she did and she was what you called the average women.

She kept herself well kept, but never totally shaved down there; she would always sport a shaped of something in her pubic hair and had a little going back to her asshole that I wasn't ever aloud to fuck. Roxy was a punk inside and out. Tattoos all over with piecing too, she had a very skinny frame and no meat to her bones. Her tits were small and if she would put her arms up over her head they would almost disappear all together.

She only had hair on her head and she must have kept on her pubs because it was all smoothed there and rough play pov of me getting punched slapped and grabbed to her asshole. You could see her little rose bud real clear. I now had two totally sexy women and they were all mine. It was getting to dinner time and I was hungry; I order pizza and though of what I want to do next.

I knew that Roxy would do anything I said and I knew that Becky would of too, but I wanted to save her for something real good; so I though of what I wanted to see.

Sitting down on the one chair in the living room you could see up to karlee gray got her pussy pounded hard from behind hardcore and big dick front door and someone there but they couldn't see you in the living room if the lights were down.

So had Becky get my wallet and bring it to me. I took a hundred dollar bill from it and waited for the doorbell to ring. When it did I told Roxy to fold the bill in it in her wet pussy and answer the door naked; to tell the pizza boy that his money for the food and a good tip was somewhere good and he would have to retrieve it himself.

Without a question asked and moment wasted, she took the money and put it in her pussy walked to hot babe massaged by sexy skilled masseuse door to get the food.

When she opened the door Roxy and myself were put back a bit. There standing in the doorway of my house was this cute little pizza delivery girl, she must have been shocked too, to see this naked woman answering the door. I waited to see if she would say what the fuck and go back to her car of what.

Roxy spoke before the girl left and told her the same thing I wanted her to tell the pizza boy. I heard a little more being said and to me it sounded like she told the girl that world of war a aletta ocean was a great tip but she only could collect it with her mouth. Roxy took the pies and put them on the table by the door and turned back to the girl.

I could see a little smile come across the girl's face and Roxy turn a little so I could see her front. The girl got down on her knees and Roxy put one leg up on the table giving me the best view of the money in her pussy.

The girl leaned into her pussy licked it from the bottom to the top. Next she uses her mouth to pull the bill out and dropped it to the floor before returning to Roxy's pussy and eating it a little more.

Next she licked up to Roxy's nipples and stopped to bite each one before continuing up to her neck and then her lips. She gave Roxy and big kiss and then pulled from her lips said that she would take the tip and a little more.

The girl bent down the pick up the money and on the way up slapped Roxy hard on her ass. She turned and head back to her car; Roxy grabbed the pies and came in the living room asked me "master did I do good?" I nodded yes and told her to put the food on the table next to me.

I told Becky that she was to go and get us all some beer and bring some plates for the pizza. As she got up to got the stuff, I told Roxy for being a good bitch she could come and sit on master's lap and eat with him. I sat back in the chair and Roxy came over, and on coming down to sit my hard cock went up her wet pussy. Becky returned with the beer and plates and served us the pizza. I told her to sit at the foot of the chair on the floor and that she should take notes from Roxy and how a good slave acts.

Towards the end of the meal I had Roxy moved so her feet were hanging off the side of the armrest and I putted some sauce from the pizza on her toes. To see if Becky fully knew her place in the house I told her to lick the sauce from Roxy's toes. Without a moment wasted she licked the sauce clean off. I put some more on Roxy's toes and got it in between the toes too. I told Becky to suck on the toes and not to miss any. She did as she was told and clean the toes once again.

Roxy started to giggle from her toes being sucked and quickly cover her mouth. I told her that it was okay and that she on above Becky from being such a good slave.

I then told Roxy to get done on all fours and for Becky to get behind her. I put some sauce in the crack of Roxy's ass and told Becky to lick it up. She did and then I told her to put her tongue in Roxy's asshole and lick it good. As she was doing this I moved to the front of Roxy and I placed my hard cock in front of her lips and she opened up and engulfed it. I told Becky to keep eating Roxy's asshole till she came and not to stop till then.

With Becky's tongue deep in Roxy's asshole and Roxy all the way down on my cock, this was the hottest thing I ever seen.

Roxy was moaning around my cock and I could feel her about to climax. She started to shack as Becky continued to lick her ass. After Roxy came I moved around to her ass and told Becky to hold her cheeks apart. When I got to her ass I could see a puddle of her pussy juice on the floor between her legs and I know that I could have some real fun later knowing that Roxy was a squirter. I lined my dick up to her asked and asked her what she wanted her master to do.

Roxy screamed out that she wanted; no she needed her master to stick his big fat cock in her virgin ass. And with that I did as my slave said and pushed it in. now if I thought that her pussy was tight, that was nothing to how tight her ass was, Roxy screamed out from the size of my cock pushing into her asshole.

When I got it all the way in I had to wait a bit for your ass to adjust to the size. I then pulled out and told Becky to lick Roxy's ass and spit in the hole.

I bought my cock back and pushed it in again. Roxy was all screams again but I knew that after a couple more pumps she would come to feel only the pleasure of having her ass fucked. I continued to fuck her ass and would pull to look at the gapeing of her hole. I fucked her ass some more and pulled out and bought my cock up to Becky's mouth; she turned away and was met with a hard slap across the face. I grabbed her by the chin and told her that when my cock is giving to her she will take it any way I want.

She then opened her mouth and took my cock in. I patted her on the top of her head and said "Now that is a good bitch, you will learn to ably." I returned to fucking Roxy's ass and really started to fuck her hard; she was now moaning loud and I could feel my ball's start to tighten and a big load coming.

I came for a third time today and it was just as big as the others. After I was done I pulled out and the cum started to ooze out.

I told Becky to clean up the cum and not to miss any. I moved to in front of Roxy, but before I was fully there she reached for my cock and started to suck it clean. Becky wasn't fully into licking up the cum and I knew that she would need my training tomorrow, but for now I was spent.

After they were done I headed up to bed and told them to crawl behind me to the room. Once in the bedroom I took a small pillow from the chair in the corner and place it at the floor of the bed. I told Becky that she was to sleep there and to not get a blanket during the night. I told her that maybe tomorrow she could earn a spot in bed, but she didn't show me that she could have one yet.

I crawled into bed and told Roxy to join me; she looked a little dumb founded as to being aloud to sleep in bed with master. I told her that she earned it and to get in before I change my mind.

She crawled in with me I started to make out with her. It was something with the ring in her lip and the barbell in her tongue; I never been with someone like her and it gave a whole new feeling during the kissing. I wrapped my arms around her and I slowly drifted off to sleep. Chapter Three: Earning Your Spot I woke to a huge boner and thought back to the events of the day before thinking it was all a dream.

I opened my eyes to see Roxy lying on my side and I knew then that it wasn't a dream and my life was going to be so much better from now on. I got out of bed and headed for my computer; I emailed my boss to let him know that some family stuff came up and would need to be out for a couple of weeks and that I would keep him up to date with what my department needed to do from my laptop.

I could run my employees from anywhere because I was good and my job. He replied back said no problem, and I sat back to think of what I waited to do now. I knew that Roxy was trained and would do anything, but Becky on the other hand needed work.

She was good at being in charged, like with Roxy being her slave and with controlling me with sex and stuff like that. She was still on the floor just sleeping away unaware of what I planed for her today. I didn't really know either, but it was going to be good. I was looking out my window and could see my neighbor Rick going to put some mail out to be picked up.

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He was in his mid sixties and lived alone since his wife pasted last year; and he looked just like anybody's grandpa. He didn't go out much and I never seen his kids come a visit. I would help him out from time to time with stuff he needed and would always cut his grass during the summer. He would always try and give my money, but I would never take it. I just told him that I would take care of him as long as he needed it. So I got thinking, I must have been getting lonely being by him self and I never seen him have a female over.

So it popped in my head what I would have Becky do. This master business was not just for me, I would help out people that I thought needed some help to; and I would watch like having a live porn movie going or something, it would be fun for all.

I throw on a robe and headed for the door, opened it and called out for Rick to come over. He did and I asked him if he have some time to come in and talk. Rick said yes and I invited him in to my living room. I told him that I wanted to know if he would help me out with something and he said for what I did for him anything he could classy cecilia fucked in fishnets hardcore blowjob would.

I told that I have came in to a problem with a woman I know, she was down on her luck and I would help limp bizkit groupie gets naughty chris charming out with all her problems, but in return she would have to do anything I say. Rick just looked at me and said so how do I come in to this. I called out to Becky to get down here at once. She came down and walked in to the living; when she came around the corner Rick's eye lit up.

He must have not seen a younger naked woman in years because once Becky was in view he didn't take his eyes off her. Becky turned to my and said "yes, master you called" I told her that I wanted to thank Rick for being such a kind neighbor since I moved in here and for her to give him the best blowjob of his life. I looked back at Rick and you could see the tent he had going on in his pants. Becky wasn't getting this whole slave thing yet, and I informed her that is was do as I say or the door.

Becky turned to Rick and dropped to her knees; she opened his pants and pulled out a 6" uncut cock covered petite babe taking it up the ass grey hair.

I was shocked with how low his balls hung and so was Becky. I don't think she has ever been with someone this old nor had an uncut cock. She just looked at it and I moved to the back of her head and pushed it forwarded.

She opened her mouth and sucked it in. I could tell that Rick was happy as I smiled at me with Becky sucking away on his dick. She was bobbing her head up and down as Rick ran his fingers through her hair. I told her not to forget the balls and one by one she sucked on them as she pumped away on his dick. I was rocked hard by watching this and sat back on the arm of the chair.

I told Rick that I wanted to give him something that he probably never had and had him get down on his hands and knees. I told him that he was going to like this and had Becky start licking his asshole like she did to Roxy. I loved having her do this things, it was so hot to me. I asked Rick how it was and he said not to have her stop. I got down with Becky and told her what I wanted her to do.

I told her to grab hold of his cock and pull it back between his legs and suck on it for a bit then return to his asshole and her tongue in deep. She did this till Rick started to cum in her mouth. She swallowed his big load and sucked out italian malu and moana pozzi rest from his cock. It went limp soon after and I helped him to his feet.

I whisper in my ear that it has been a long time since he has been with someone and that if he could he would love to fuck her later, but now he had to pee real bad. I told Becky to crawl out the back door to the deck and I told Rick that I would help him with all that. Next I help him from his cloths and lead him out back and told he that if he need to pee to pee on my bitch, that she needed to be shown who is boss around here.

Like it I was telling him to pee on a rock, he walked over to her and started to pee. He peed all over her face and on her chest and he was done he told her to clean his dick and she did. Becky put the pee covered cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. As she was finishing up cleaning Rick's dick Roxy walked out and I told her to bring Becky over to the hose and clean her off and have her dry out in the morning sun.

I removed my robe and put it on Rick and took him inside for some drinks. As he took a sit at the table he got the first look at my rock hard 9" cock and his jaw almost hit the floor. I told me that in all his years he have never seen one so big. I laugh and told him that it dose wonders with the ladies too. We talked a little and I told him that he could spend the day and when he was really he could have Becky any way he wants.

He just kept looking at my cock and did care all too much because it was quite a thing to look at. Becky and Roxy walked back in and I could see Rick start to come around again. He said he was really now and told Becky to get on the floor like a bitch. He said that he was never aloud to fuck his wife in the ass and before he dies he's going to do that. Becky got down and Rick walked up to her, slapped her ass and lined up his cock.

Now I know that she never wanted my cock, but I knew this could be a good warm up to it. Rick started to push his cock into her ass and she started to let out some small screams of pain. Rick slapped her right across her ass and told her to shut up. He didn't need a winey bitch; he wanted a bitch to fuck in the ass. I was put back by this; here was this old man that never really say a word to anybody fucking a slave in the ass in the middle of my kitchen.

For a man in his sixties he was going town on her. I was just hoping he didn't have a heart attack in my kitchen. Roxy got down next to Rick and started to rub his chest and back and tell him how good he was doing fucking this bitch in the ass.

I walked around to the side and of Rick to get a good look at things. I was into watching my neighbor fuck my slave. Becky started to moan as her ass got use to being fucked. I was watching Becky's face when I felt someone grab my cock and start to stroke it. I turned to see that Rick had his head on my rock hard cock and was pumping his hand up and down.

I looked at him and he started to say that he just had to touch it, and that he never did anything with a man before and always wanted to try some stuff before it died. I wasn't gay put he was doing it good and I decided to let the old man do what he wanted.

I was so horny and who is he going to tell, I'm the only one that talks to him. I took Roxy by the arm and bought her up for a kiss. As I was doing this I stepped in to Rick and without me knowing he took my cock into his mouth. He got about three to four inches down on my dick and started to suck on it.

I felt good and I continued with what I was doing. I guess this was all Rick needed because he yelled out as he pumped another big load into Becky's asshole. After he was done I told Roxy to clean up the mess and when he pulled out of Becky's ass he turned to my and went back to suck on my dick.

I don't know how, but he was good at it; never on me with his teeth and worked the balls and shaft was he sucked on it. I was on the edge and grabbed hold of his head and unleashed a load into he mouth. He got some down but there was too much and it started to run out.

I shot a little more and pulled from his mouth. Roxy was there to get the entire extra and clean my cock. I help Rick up and he thanked me for letting him do that.

He always wanted to try but never know anybody that thought like him. I told him no problem and he said he needed a nap; I told Roxy to take him to the guest help and stay with him till he wakes, and to help him if he needed anything.

I turn to Becky who had her head on the floor and her ass in the air. My cock was a little soft but could still fuck, and I knew what was next. I got twistys sabrina maree starring at my boobs her and without warning plowed my cock up her ass.

Her head shot up and she let out a scream; I pulled out and rammed it in again. I started to fuck her ass as hard as I could, as my cock came back to life. I was fucking her so hard that my thighs started to turn red from slamming into her. Her face was back on the floor and I was slowly moving her across the floor as I plowed my cock into her. I felt my balls tighten and unloaded a load of cum deep into her ass.

I continued to fuck away on her ass as I shot what cum I had left into her ass. I pulled out and her asshole was gaped open and the cum was running out. I looked up to her head and Becky was passed out still with her ass in the air. I grabbed her hair and wiped out the cum and left her there.

I got up and headed to the shower to think of what I wanted to do next. Chapter Four: Two Bitches plus Two Dogs Equal a Great Night As I was in the shower I got thinking of some more things to have my slaves do from me. After I was done I took a nap too to rest up for the things to come. When I got up I walked to the guest room to see that Rick was gone so I headed down stairs to find Roxy walking in the front door licking her lips.

I just Rick wanted one last cum for today and she made it happen. I told her to go and clean the kitchen and proper something for me to eat. As I walked through the kitchen I saw Becky still pasted out on the floor. I gave her a good smack on her ass and she came to life in a second. I told her to started cleaning with Roxy and then find some old towels in the garage and moved all the furniture in the living back against the walls.

I went up to put some cloths on and as I headed to the garage; I told both of them that everything needed to be done before I return, and if them got done early clean some more. I left and head two my friend Joe's house to talk to him about something I needed. He was one of my good friends from school and had what I was looking for. When I got to his house I asked him if I could borrow his two dogs for the night. I told him that Becky wanted thai girlfriend unaware 3 tube porn dog and she liked the Great Danes and Pit bulls, and I told her that my friend just happen to have each.

I have watched his dogs in the past when Joe had to go out of town and his dogs never had a problem with me too.

Joe said no problem that I could have them for a couple of days because white college teen taking black dick more videos on could give him some time to head to his mother's house and visit. It was just too far to have both dogs in the truck without driving him crazy.

So I loaded King and Cooper and head home to my two bitches I pulled into the garage and walked into the kitchen with the two dogs. I spotted Roxy on her hands and knees cleaning under the couch. I commanded King to sit and for Cooper to head over to Roxy. Cooper walked over to her and stuck his cold nose right into her pussy and gave it a sniff or two. Roxy jumped a little as the coldness of the dog's nose touched her pussy, but Cooper knew the smell of a bitch's juice too well and began to lick at her pussy.

I called out for Becky to come to the living room with the towels I requested early. Becky entered the room to see Roxy on all fours and having a dog behind her driving his tongue deep into her pussy. Roxy was enjoying the feeling and started to push back onto Copper's tongue to get it in deeper.

Becky started to say that this was too much for her and I reminded her that if she stopped being my slave, that she stopped living here too. Once again she dropped her head knowing all to well that I held a lot over her head and that she wouldn't make it out there without me. I told her to lay the towels out on the floor and help Roxy get on top of them. Next I told her to get Copper good and really to mount his new bitch.

Becky dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of his cock and gave it a few pumps. Cooper knew what was next and jumped up on to Roxy's back. Becky help guide his cock into Roxy's pussy and as soon as he got in a bit; Cooper started to fuck like there was no tomorrow.

I never seen something fuck a bitch so fast before and he never miss a step. I told Becky to play with Roxy's clit as she was getting fucked and Becky did just that. Roxy was moaning out as Becky rubbed her clit and the dog fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. After a couple of minutes Roxy screamed out and climax as the dog was fucking her.

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Her arms gave out and her face fell to the floor; Cooper didn't last long after that and came in her pussy with all the doggy cum he had. Cooper then pulled out with a wet "pop" and walked over to the cornered laid down and clean himself. Before I could brother and sister baat room xxx either of them to do something; King walked over and walked right over top of Roxy.

Now being a Great Dane and having the name King was all you needed to know why. I thought that I was hung; King was just a long as me, but has to be twice the thickness of my cock. His dick hung down like one you would see on a horse. He didn't have to mount her either being so tall; he had kira kosarin porn storys xxx four legs planted on the floor and just moved his hips forwarded to push his cock in.

This stretched Roxy's pussy farther then anything had before and King had to work at it to get all of his cock in. After a couple pumps he got the all thing in and Roxy knew it; she was screaming in pain as the dog started to pick up paste and get into the fucking. Roxy started to move forwarded like to get away from King. I told Becky to hold her in place and not to let her move. I guess that this was the point where Roxy was getting move then she could handle. King was going at it for quite some time and was fucking his bitch real good.

He never got to the speed that Cooper did, but he didn't need to. His dick was so big that it was doing the job at the paste he was going. I headed around to see Roxy and taking it, and you could see by her face and she didn't really enjoy the massive doggy dick in her. I told her to push back onto the dick as King pushed it in. She shook her head no as the tears ran down her face. I asked if she was defining master and she said no. I told her once again to push back and that I wouldn't ask a third time.

Roxy did and let out a loud yell as she did; I couldn't see it at the time, but King had just got his knot into Roxy and it had to be the size of a grapefruit. King was now fully in her pussy and unloading all his cum deep inside. I asked Roxy if King was filling her pussy and she nodded yes and said all the way.

After King was done he turned so he and Roxy were ass to ass and tried to get his dick out of her pussy. He pulled and pulled but it was too big with the knot still inside; he pulled her around the room and I just laughed at her.

His cock started to go soft and with a loud "pop" he unmounted her and headed over to the corner where Cooper was and cleaned his dick too. Roxy fell to the floor as all the dog cum leaked from her red puffy pussy.

I told Becky to clean Roxy and pushed her head into Roxy's asshole. Becky stuck out her tongue and began to lick up all the cum that was flowing out. Roxy just laid there without moving. With the dogs resting and Roxy pasted out on the floor; I told Becky to clean up everything and go make some food for us. I sat down on the couch thinking that I needed some more thing to do to my sex slaves.