Tiny lucy klein gets validation for being tiny

Tiny lucy klein gets validation for being tiny
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intro :>>> I know I been making Mistakes on writing my stories, if any of you is willing to pitch in and help me Let me know. I would Greatly appreciate any help that I can get. Thank You young hairy couple and old man fuck girl in forest xxx hungry woman gets food and fuck Radioz66 My Hot Niece Chapter Four What was that all about ?

just one of the jocks looking to fuck me oh is that all. There always looking to fuck us knock us up and leave us uncle. Yeah I bet. I remember just last year when I was seventeen, It happened to one of the cheerleaders .

The guy she was dating he knocked her up she had a nice baby boy looked almost like the guy. We should eat then can I fuck you again uncle I suppose I could go another round sweetie. Uncle Jack do you think I am sexy?, Yes why do you ask. just wondering because I get no dates to any of our school dances. My Senior Prom is coming up at the end of this month , I totally forgot.

your graduating in June yes that's next month I am sorry honey uncle totally forgot about that. Maybe you can accompany me that's possible sweetie , although remember I am not eighteen.

The thoughts kept running through my head all those eighteen year old dang. I wonder how many girls will be horny there ?how many guys will try to spike the punch ?.

Oh Hell you know what Amanda I like to chaperon you just ask who's ever in charge. She smiles alright I willmaybe we can rent a limo too uncle ? That's my Plan honey. About how many in your class sweetie maybe two hundred depends on who gets dates. we finished our pizza and decided to rest up, we thought having another round of sex but we decided not to.

well mom and dad will be returning tomorrow in the after noon, yes it will be to see my brother and sister inlaw again. Her cell rings hello Amanda its SusieI just got home what are you guys doing right now ?.

Nothing were just eating pizza it's eleven thirty at night and Jackie went home Early. Alright I am so horny can I still come over and fuck your uncle ?, you'll have to ask him.

I almost forgot your party's tomorrow right?, Yes Susie that's correct . Do you think I could sleep over tonight for your party tomorrow ? why of course you and Jackie were suppose to remember.

I forgot I'm sorry mom and dad had planned dinner for us three. This is before I told them about the sleepoverthey said if you could pick me up it would be alright with them. It's late but my uncle maybe able to alright Thanks I will have him get ready. What am I doing honey your going to pick up Susie please she does not have her drivers license yet she is working on getting it.

Alright I will get dressedI toss on a shirt and my pants leave off my boxers. you be alright honey sure I will uncle alright thenwhat house is it'? It is third one down the street. Down about 5 miles on same side as we are now we are Mailbox number 447.

I go out the door as I begin to walk away down the drivewayI see she turns down the lights. I get suspicious and I only see my bedroom light on, I quietly walk back and try to peek in my window. It is no use she has the blinds are closed oh wellthen I see sexy hot adorable hottie hardcore and bondage movement inside. she gets on the bed and spreads her legs wide and begins to masturbate.

I know I do not have to worry shes alone at least I hope so, I drive down to Susie's a 10 munite drive. I knock on the door Susie's dad answersHello Jack good to see you when did you get in ? Yesterday.

Susie told us that Jackie, and Amanda and herself saw you at the diner. Amanda asked me to pick Susie up for her herHer car is in the shop for repairs. I'm Ready Susie calls out with a duffel bag of cloths in one hand. I Love you mom love you dad we love you too sweetheart be a good girl and listen to jack alright OK. We walk to my car shes already in her pj's and house slippers about eleven forty five pm.

Susie has about a 32 cup breast and a nice firm bottom. It's not to big or small it's just right. Well uncle Jack she says are you going to have sex with me? what did you say Susie. We are going to fuck aren't we?, well um sure I guess so how old are you I am seventeen eighteen next week. Hold on a minute that's considered rapeyour only seventeen Yes but I say it's alright. I'm on the pill I been on the pill for quite some time now besides Jackie said your a good fuck and I'm a virgin also.

I want you to be my first tooI know about pleasuring vigorous pounding from a thick shaft hardcore blowjob but mom and dad are strict. What they don't know wont hurt thembesides I am so wet feel me. Susie takes down her Pj's and panties nice pink ones with a bowShe takes my right hand and slips it between her legs.

Susie yourself so wet , see I told you so . I can feel my cock begin to hardenI slip a finger insider her and I use my thumb caressed her clit in circles. Oh uncle jack that feels so good finger my horny pussy.

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we pull into the driveway I dimmed the lights I see another car in the yard cant tell whom it belongs to. Uncle jack will you lick me Now Pleasealright we get out I lay her on the hood of the car .

The cool night air feels goodSusie pulled off one leg of her pj's and spreading her legs wide on the hood of the car. The night air hits her pussy Ooh that feels so good she said I start licking her slit.

I began sticking my tongue inside her virgin pussy. I start to suckle her slit I let my tongue swirling in side her. Uncle Jack I'm about to cum Ah!OH!

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AH!. she lifts her top and starts caressing her tits and pinching her nipples .Oh God I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! OH!!!!". " Fuck me Now Jack Please " "stick that cock in me Now !! " Please she begs me alrightwhat about Remember I'm on the pill. Susie screamed loud as I enter her virgin pussy She gasped a little and only then did she look down to her pussy .

I was pushing past her hymen she bit her lip I look up at her shall I stop No!! keep going!". Oh it feels so good in meher screams of pleasure in the night air must have frightened Amanda in the house. Susie looked Ooh god someones coming out of the house , Uncleand running behind her is another girl. " What the Hell going sex xxx vedesex stories com here !

" I couldn't hear them I was focused on fucking this tight young pussy. I'm Going to Cum again UncleOh Ah Yeah fuck me Please harder please. I CAN T TAKE IT ANYMORE! IM FUCKING Cumming ah I'm cumming ooh. "I'm going to cum too Susie I'm going to cum now ahYes,ooh fuck me" She "Yeah, keep going Uncle Please Cum Inside my virgin Pussy.

I'm going to cum in your pussy, now, Oh God I'm Cumming , "Oh god, I can feel it deep in me Oh god, it's filling me up. I pulled out of Susie and sit on the hoodI find My Niece and Jackie with their arms folder and a dirty look on their face. Susie and myself look at them as Susie wipes her pussy with tissues.

What ? You had to wear him out Susie didn't you, you couldn't wait till we all got in side. Hey! I'm sorry I was horny as hell I wanted his cock deep inside me. He took my cherry we can see that we know you were a virgin remember sexy blonde lez seducing a hot gal told us.

I hope your parents don't find outremember your only seventeen. It's partially My fault I told uncle he could fuck me I have in so it's also my fault as well. I see you cam back Jackie Yes I left to go grab some cloths and let mom and dad know I'm spending the night. Alright I woke up and you were gonewell that's where I went home.

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Uncle jack its One am you guys better come inside alrightJackie grabbed Susie's bag I pulled my pants up Susie pulled hers up. I carried Susie inside the house her legs were sore so I carried her to the house. I layed Susie on the bed and Jackie and Amanda went to work on stripping Susie of her cloths.

Spread your legs Susie we want some of uncles cum too , don't hog it all for your self just because yourself on the pill. I sit in the chair next to the bureau as I watch the two girls work on her. They licked and sucked her pussy sending her into another orgasm.

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oh God I'm Going to cum again She held her tits in her hands and squeezed them. Jackie figured another orgasm and she would push out what ever cum was left in her. Susie screamed loud Oh god I'm "I'm going to cum, baby. Oh, God they licked and sucked. as Susie cried out in one orgasm after another. They collapsed together on the bedI saw that their pussies were dripping wet.

I let them rest they were so tired I went into the other bedroom. I went to sleep It was about three am when one of the girls woke up I was not sure whom it was I was spent from giving Susie a good fucking earlier when I brought her here.

I heard the shower going I was curious I to pee anyway I got up out of bed, I quietly walked to the bathroom. I heard slight moaning coming from there. I peeked into the bedroom to see which one of the girls it may have been. Susie was out of the bed it was her I in the showerquietly walked in trying not to disturb her. She was in her own worldI could see through the shower glass she was finger herself. One hand pinching her nipple and her head tilted back moaning Ooh Uncle jack ooh lick me ooh feels so good ah.

I said the hell with peeing I quietly went into the shower came up from behind her. I reached around cupping her nice breasts as I nibbled her neck and ear thus turning her on even more. I knew all the hot spots on a aaliyah love and marsha may nasty some in the bedroom Ooh she now knew I was in with her, She kept right on rubbing her slit.

I couldn't wait to enter into her forbidden zone againshe wanted me and I knew it. i started licking her inner ear and suckling on her ear lobe and I kept right on caressing her breasts and tenderly pulling as her nipples. She could not wait any longer she swung around and began kissing me passionately. she jumped up placing her hands around my neck locking them.

Next she took her legs locking them together on my lower back , I took my hard dick and guided it into her waiting pussy. She started sliding up and down on it slowly moaning softly as it went deeper each time.

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she broke the kiss whispering in my earOh uncle this this feels so good . I want you all the time inside me ah I wish I could marry youooh I'm going to cum soon ah.

"OOH Uncle!" "OOH Uncle I'm going to come again.""OOH Yeah, Fuck me Uncle, fuck me. Susie moaned as She would pull out a few inches and then slam her cunt back onto my hard cock. She moaning and was crying all at the same time "Fuck me harder Uncle Jack " she was saying in my ear. I want you to "Cum in my pussyPlease Uncle jack Please. cum. I want it. I want it." alright baby Oh your vagina's so tight oh ah honeyI began exploding deep with in her tight vagina filling her up inside.

she jumped off me amerika beautiful girls porn story she had her orgasm she then placed two fingers inside her fingering and pumping them in and out herself removing any cum that maybe left inside her.

To be Continued :