Dilettante luscious chick gives a sexy blow hardcore and russian

Dilettante luscious chick gives a sexy blow hardcore and russian
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A New Whore It's been a while since I had any pussy, and I'd been missing it. No girlfriend lined up, so I thought I'd take advantage of an escort site I joined a few years ago but never used. I checked them out online, and found a cute little brunette who looked very fuckable. There was a phone number on the site, so I called and found out she was available for the evening. I'd never booked a date on this site before, so it took them a little while to verify my identity, but within an hour I had a date with the brunette and an address.

I drove over, feeling horny as hell - the excitement increased with every mile.

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I called when I was around the corner and she told me where to park. As it turned out, we were still on the phone when I pulled into the driveway. On be back of the lot, about 50 yards away, I could see a State Police car. I said, "Holy shit, there's a cop in your backyard!" and started to put it into reverse. She calmed me down and said there is an auto repair shop behind the house on the next block, and they have a contract to repair police cars.

She said she was upstairs and would be right down. I got out of the car and started walking towards the door. She met me there and let me in, dressed in a summery flowered sleeveless dress. She was a cute little thing, about 5'5", dark brown shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, about 30. A bit too much eye makeup, a pierced eyebrow and a few tattoos, but a nice figure.

She was polite, anyway. I've fucked much worse things.

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The house was a fucking mess, and she apologized, saying it was a friend's place she was using for the afternoon. I was thinking I need to go a bit upscale next time, but she had a pretty face and a nice bod, and hell, I was kind of committed at this point. We went upstairs to a bedroom that was only a little cleaner than the living room, but at least the bed was neat, and smelled of fresh linens.

I peeled off the requisite number of Jacksons, adding one more for a tip, took my shoes off, and lay on the bed. She sat down next to me, and sweet hottie shane blair loves huge cock smalltits and pornstars chatted for a while, about the website, the business, a little bit of our pasts.

We both have children, and talked a bit about parenting. There was a sting operation last month that netted a bunch of girls, and she gave me the inside scoop on how that happened.

As we talked, I ran a fingertip along her thigh, along her arm, down into the cleavage her dress exposed. After a while I took off my shirt to start the ball rolling, then my pants, getting naked.

She joined me, pulling the dress off over her head to reveal a nicely proportioned body. C-cup tits, pretty brown nipples. I lay on my back, and she straddled me and began kissing my chest. She slowly kissed her way down my stomach, paid homage to my thighs, then zeroed in on my cock. She was good - soon she had me totally erect.

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She kept going for a 10 or 15 minutes, alternating long strokes (not quite getting all 7 ½ inches into her mouth) with short strokes, caressing my balls with her hand, licking the shaft and the head.

She stopped and reached over to the bedside table for a condom, telling me she had recently mastered the art of putting it on with her mouth. I had paid for an hour of "companionship", and planned on using all of it, so I said gently, "Don't be in a hurry." I told her to relax, that it had been some time since I enjoyed a woman's body, and I wanted to touch for a while.

She had no objection. I had her lay on her stomach next to me, then straddled her gorgeous babe in fishnets getting fucked mayhem. I massaged her back and shoulders, rubbing the tension out.

I massaged her upper arms, then down her back again to her thighs and calves. I kissed and licked my way down her back and over her ass. She had nice smooth skin, and I enjoyed the touch and smell of her.

She complimented me on my massage technique. I lay down next to her on my side, my thigh over both of hers, and just lightly touched and caressed her back. I explained that I enjoyed the coupling much more if I was making my partner happy as well. She said she had no objection to the touching, and it felt good.

My fingers dipped between her ass cheeks, across her little back door (as an aside, it felt like it had been stretched before and was completely usable, but I wasn't in that mood today.) I had her roll over on her back, and began kissing her breasts, gently sucking on her nipples.

With one hand I caressed her thighs, then slid my fingers between them to find her slit.

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She was shaved, but not that day - I could feel a little stubble. Her cunt was very wet with what felt like natural lubricant, so I guessed she was enjoying my touch.

I continued to kiss my way up to her neck while I slipped a finger between her nether lips fetish sweetie jizz mouth pornstars and blowjob found her clit. I kissed her ears, her throat, and her cheeks while stroking her clit gently with a slight circular motion.

She moaned with what seemed to be genuine rather than sham pleasure. I used the hand in her cunt to play with her clit, alternating with fucking her deep with 1 finger, then 2. All the time I was kissing her upper body. At first I avoided her mouth, as hookers generally reserve that kiss for those they truly care for, but as I kissed her cheeks, she moved her mouth and kissed me on the mouth.

One of her arms went around me. The other hand reached for my hard cock and stroked it as I continued to play with her pussy I alternated kisses on the mouth with kisses to the throat, nibbles on her neck, and gentle bites of her nipples. After I had been doing this for 5 minutes I stopped and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. Sensing my stare, she turned her head to me, barely opening her eyes, and smiled.

After I had been fingering her for about 15 minutes I told her it would make me very happy if I could make her cum. She said, "How many more times?" and we both smiled.

Her hand was sliding up and down my cock against her stomach, caressing and squeezing, and I was ready to get inside. I told her it was time for the condom and lay on my back. She didn't bother with the mouth trick, just got the thing on me, then asked how I'd like to do it. I told her I wanted her to start on top and do what she wanted for a little while. She smiled, mounted, and I slid all the way inside her with the first stroke. She started with a back and forth grinding stroke, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone.

I xxx sex english storys mxvp4 with her nipples, squeezing them and massaging her tits. She seemed to be enjoying this, but I wasn't getting a whole lot out of it - I needed more friction.

After a few minutes I eased her over onto her back, staying connected. I pulled my knees up alongside her hips, her legs over my thighs, and began fucking in and out, long and short strokes, while sucking her nipples.

After a few minutes of this, I sat up and pulled her to me, bring her hips up a little. I played with her clit while I fucked into her cunt. It was getting to be too good, and I wanted a nice strong cum.

I pulled her legs up and put them on my shoulders, rising to my knees and pulling her ass up to the level of my cock. I grabbed her hips and fucked her for all I was worth, hammering my hips against her ass, jamming every inch I could get into her with each stroke.

Nasty teenie is taken in butt hole asylum for awkward treatment moaned aloud. All too soon I told her I was ready. It would have been nice if she came with me, but at that moment what the customer wanted was right, and I pushed hard into her again and again, filling the head of the condom with cum. I stopped with my hips jammed against her ass and every bit of me inside her, enjoying the last spasms of orgasm.

After a minute or so I rolled off to my side, letting her legs fall and laying on my back. She was breathing heavily. I, being somewhere around her father's age, was breathing really heavily. After a few minutes we both recovered. I was in such a euphoric state that I don't remember much about the goodbye.

We talked about maybe getting together again. I told her I didn't do this often, and had a lot of girls to try yet, but that she was very, very good. She said she had a girlfriend who could join us, but I laughed and told her I barely had enough energy to take care of one woman. We got dressed and she walked me to the door. I told her at least her group knew who I was now.

She said she had had a good time. She kissed me at the door and I went on my way. I knew I smelled strongly of pussy, so I went straight home and showered. I sent her a final e-mail with a picture of a dozen roses, then went to bed early. I haven't slept that well in months.