Bosss step daughter begs for creampie and real mother brazil dolly little is in need

Bosss step daughter begs for creampie and real mother brazil dolly little is in need
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Our adventures continue. You might want to read days 1 and 2 We woke up naked with the sun glowing off the mirror. We cuddled for a while. We showered and I stood behind you and lazily stroked your tits and caressed your whole body. I felt my prick stiffening but you said let's save it for later. We had a leisurely breakfast with the usual crowd.

There was a lot of naught talk and flirting. You were wearing your see through bikini top and a sarong around your waist. We decided to go to the communal Jacuzzi. You took off your bikini top and sarong and you were gloriously naked. As you stepped in all the men were looking at you.

You were the only woman there. Your breasts floated in the water and your nipples were engorged and erect.

Everyone milf and young girl rough this is our most extreme case file to date folks quiet and a bit hung over from last night. You reached under the water and started stroking my cock. Another man moved over to sit on your other side. You reached over and started caressing his cock.

Everyone was looking on with amazement. I started getting an erection as I assumed was the other man. He turned red in the face and started to pant.

He moved around so he was facing you and put his prick between your tits and pumped. Soon he exploded on your tits. I spent a moment cleaning them off with my tongue. We stood up to go and everyone was dazzled by our blatant display. When you stood by the Jacuzzi you preened and did little bump and grind.

You put on your sarong but left your breasts bare. We decided to take a walk around the resort. Naturally everywhere we went men were staring. It was exciting to walk around with you half naked. Your breasts were wonderful. We had lunch with the usual crowd. We had a little wine and some not so innocent flirting.

You were leaning your tits on the single men leading them on. One of them reached over and caressed one breast.

You sighed then moved his hand away. After lunch we headed to the pool. It was somewhat warda el jazairia sex adel adhm of happy naked people. There was a water volleyball game going and we played for a few minutes and your bouncing tits distracted all the men. You got out of the game and were standing around enjoying the pool and sun. The next time I looked over at you there was a soft look on your face and I could see some hands behind you.

I dove under the water and came up behind you. I saw the man from last night at the pool standing behind you and rubbing his prick all along your ass. I swam to the front of you and put my arms around both of you.

We were all getting excited. Suddenly we heard the squeal of a microphone from the stage by the pool. One of the resort staff was announcing a wet T shirt contest. You turned to me with a gleam in your eye, extricated yourself from our arms and went up to the stage to sign up.

The man who had been fondling you had a real look of disappointment on his face. I smiled at him. I walked over close to him and reached under the water and started caressing his prick. He responded by caressing mine. We moved closer and started moving our hips back and forth our pricks touching.

This went on for a few minutes and we didn't know where it was headed - but it felt very good. Just then you came back to us and put your arms around me and reached down and held both pricks. You whispered to me "lets take him back to the room". We got out of the pool our arms around each other and headed for the room. A few people stared. Once we got to the room he and I put you between us and started caressing you.

The sexual tension was rising. I moved and put him in front of me and hugged him.

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Our pricks were caught between us and it felt good. You then told him to lay on the bed on his back. You got on the bed and moved up so that you were directly over his face. He eagerly pulled your cunt down and started licking you. You both moaned. You ground your wet cunt back and forth on his mouth. I looked at both of you and leaned down and took his prick in my mouth. I relished the softness of the skin and the hardness of his erection. You looked back at me and smiled.

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I licked and sucked it for a few minutes and could taste his pre cum. I also was stroking it softly. You got off his face and moved down to his prick. I took his prick in my hand and rubbed it over your cunt and you pushed down on it. I then moved up on the bed and put my prick in his mouth. His mouth was warm and wet. Soon we were all moving frantically and making sex sounds. You reached down to where you were joined and pleasured yourself.

In only a few minutes of fucking and sucking we were all on the verge. I felt my balls tighten up and started to come in his mouth. You ground frantically and he pumped up into your cunt. Sex sounds - Oh god, Umph, eat me, lick my cunt. Then you both came. We fell into a tangled mass of limbs and drifted of for a quick nap. We had lunch with the usual crowd. You still had your tits on display. I saw you press them on one of the single guys you had danced with and touched his thigh.

You did the same with the single guy, leaning into him, touching him seductively and moving your tits against his arm. The mood at the table was sensual. For the rest of the afternoon we wandered around. You took off your sarong and we walked up and down the beach. I was teasing you about the wet T shirt contest. From the look of your nipples and flushed skin I knew you wanted to do it. At dinner you wore your gauze see through top and your sarong. The whole table teased you about the upcoming contest.

You blushed and everyone could see your nipples. We had dinner and some wine and you were up to your usual flirting with the single men.

We heard some sort of announcement music from the stage and the MC called the women to the stage. He gave all a thin white T shirt and you couldn't wear anything under it.

The women lined up on the stage and when it was their turn they went up front and a staff member poured a bucket chilly water over them. The result was immediate. The shirt became transparent. Some of them shook their tits while the more daring did some sort of dance and pulled the T shirts tight to their body and proudly stuck their tits out.

You were the next contestant. After the water was poured on you pulled the shirt tight against you did a little dance and shook your tits. You stood there for a few seconds taking it all in. You looked at me and started fiddling with the hem of the T shirt. You pulled it up slowly and the crowd started chanting "take it off". You tweaked your nipples and pulled the T shirt over your head.

You were a vision of sex. The crowd kept chanting. You started pulling on the knot of the sarong. Then you turned around and gave them a flash of your ass. You turned again and flashed your cunt. The crowd whistled and chanted. You came running to me all flushed and excited. You won the contest. You were called back to the stage to thunderous applause. You went back to the stage bare breasted and your sarong dangerously low. After the applause and presentation you came back to me again.

All the men looked at me jealously. You whispered to me back to the room skinny wife fucked and filled with cock. When we got to the room you had me sit in a chair and did a little burlesque dance and pulled your sarong off.

You came to me and I put a finger in you and you were sopping wet. I started caressing you and finger fucking. We got on the bed and I pushed my self in and we both came quickly.

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Off to sleep the sleep on the contented.