Country club milf and kinky first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in

Country club milf and kinky first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in
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The next morning I woke up and when Amazing lesbians in lingerie have fun together did, I realized that everything that happened the night before was not a dream, which was amazing because I didn't want it to be. I smiled and when I moved my leg, I felt his dick and I started to get really really horny again and I started to want more of him. So I got up and brushed my teeth so I didn't have morning breath, then I went and got some mints from my purse and went back to him.

I woke him up and made him eat a few mints and then I got on his dick and made slow and sweet love to my man, so yeah, we had morning sex and he let me be in control again. After that we got up and we took another shower together where we made love again, only I let him control me. So we had sex like, I don't know, four or five times total! I think it's funny that I hated sex and you all know why, to having sex again and all of sudden not being able to get enough of Mason at all.

I loved sex now and I loved it even more since I was having sex with the love of my life! He was so gentle and so loving too, so it made sex so so far beyond anything I ever imagined. After we made love in the shower, we finished washing each other really good and dried off and got dressed and stuff. I loved that I could be all naked and get dressed in front of him because I didn't feel self conscious about myself anymore because of him.

He made me feel so so beautiful but not just because he kept telling me that I was beautiful, but because of how he looked at me, how he touched me, how he talked to me, and how he kissed me.

I did his hair for him, but I didn't want to make him look like a girl, I still put his hair in a man bun because he looked sexy like that, but he didn't look like a girl. I mean, he obviously looked like a man because he had that sexy sexy hot and yummy body, and had a beard and mustache and stuff, but still, you get what I'm saying. I just put a t shirt and panties on and he took me to the kitchen and had me sit before he gave me the longest, most passionate slow and gentle kiss ever.

God I loved how he kissed and I love how he tasted! "I love you." He said while the room spun like crazy. "I love you too, oh my god I love you." I whispered before I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him the same way he kissed me. "I think it's safe to say that I changed your perception of sex, am I right?" He asked after we stopped kissing. "Oh yeah, I love it now thanks to you baby." I sighed while our lips brushed. "I told you I was better." He said giving me the chills.

"Better is an understatement." I said with a giggle. "Sex with you was by far the best I have ever had." He said while he stared in my eyes and held my head up by my chin. "You mean to tell me that of all of the sex you've had, I was the best?" I asked with the worlds biggest smile. "That's exactly what I'm saying." He said. "How?" I asked. "Because I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life." He said making me start crying.

"I've always loved you more than I have loved anyone, always." I said while he wiped my tears. "We are meant meant to be together, we are suppose to be, I'm convinced of that." He said making me cry even more. "Mom kept telling me that even before I left the order." I said. "She told me the same thing when she called me the day I transferred you. She told me everything that she told you and it made perfect sense. We loved each other and we were going to get married, then I was taken away and things happened that brought us back together more than one time.

The best part of it all is that we were still madly in love with each other." He said. "She was right all along, we are so going to get married." I said before I could stop myself.

"Yes we are, I want to be your husband and I want to be with you, it's all I've ever wanted." He said making me cry even more. "Oh my god I love you so much." I said while I wrapped my arms around his neck and held onto him. "I love you, now, we can start planning our marriage now if you want, but I still wanna do the whole proposal thing, I want it to blonde milf enjoys rubbing her drenched pussy masturbate and homemade perfect." He said.

"How are you going to propose?" I asked. "I can't tell you that." He said with a grin. "Why not?" I asked. "Because, it's suppose to be a surprise." He said. "Well, I already know you're going to do it." I said. "Yes you do, but you don't know how or when." He said. "That's true." I said. "Besides, we still need time to get your dress and all of that stuff, plus I have to get you some rings." He said with a smile. "You don't have to do that." I said. "Oh yes, yes I do and I want to so that's what I'm going to do and there's nothing you can do to stop me." He said while he smiled and acted like a kid before he kissed me.

"Ok then." I said after we stopped kissing. "I knew you'd see it my way, I win." He said like a kid making me laugh. He made breakfast and we ate before my family came over to get ready to go to the lake. After they got there, Mason hooked the jet skies to moms car and his boat to his truck and while he was doing that, I took Janell to my baby's room.

"So I couldn't help but notice that your car has been here all night." Janell said. "Yeah, you did notice that because it was." I said with the biggest smile ever. "So did you sleep with him?" She asked. "Yes." I said while I giggled. "Did you guys have sex?" She asked. I couldn't stop smiling at all and I could feel my face getting hot while I looked at her.

"You did didn't you?" She asked. "Yes we did." I said making her get really really excited. "No way! Are you serious?!" She asked. "Yes I am, I came over when he got home from his meeting and we made love, then we took a shower together." I said while she bounced on my mans bed. "I'm so fucking jealous, so how many times did you guys have sex?" She asked. "Once here, in the kitchen, in nice looking brunette luscious girl rides up fat weenie living room, here and in the shower this morning." I said.

"Five times, oh my god I hate you! So how was it?" She asked. "Magical." I said while I swooned. "See?

Sex isn't as bad as you thought is it?" She asked. "Especially since it was with him." I said. "What's his dick like?" She asked. "It's huge, it's really really long and really thick, he has a really beautiful dick." I said while I started to breath kinda hard.

"You're getting turned on right now." She said. "I can't help it, he's really amazing in bed." I said. "So did he give you an orgasms?" She asked. "He gave me a lot of orgasms, a lot." I said. "I'm beginning to hate you more and more." She said while she laughed.

"Why?" I asked. "Because you have multiple orgasms and you get to have sex with the hottest and sexiest guy in the world." She said. "So you're saying that you're jealous?" I asked. "Yeah I'm jealous." She said while she laughed. "It's not just the sex with him though, you know that right?" I asked. "Yes I do, you've been madly and head over heels in love with him since you were fourteen." She said. "And he's been in love me too, he loves me the way I love him." I said.

"See? You're a lucky girl." She said. "Luckiest one I know. We are already talking about getting married." I said while I smiled so big it hurt. "Are you serious?!" She asked. "Yes I am." I said while I smiled. "Did you bring it up or did he?" She asked.

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"I did, I just said that we are so going to get married." I said. "And he didn't freak out?" She asked. "No he didn't, he just said that I was right and that he wants to be my husband and it's all he's ever wanted. And when he told me that, he didn't even hesitate or anything." I said. "I wanna be your maid of honor." She said. "Of course you're going to be my maid of honor." I said.

"So have you guys already picked a day?" She asked. "No, he wants to do the whole proposal thing so he wants to wait till that's done before we pick a date." I said. "God I'm so jealous." She said. While we were talking I was putting my bikini on, which was kinda weird since it was the first one I ever wore. But Janell said that I should look sexy for my man so I could get laid again that night, so I wore the smallest booty shorts my boots and my hat.

While I was getting ready, I started to give Janell every single detail of everything that I did to my sexy man, what he did to me and how amazing and beautiful it all was. I know she's my sister and all, but we were really really close so yeah, I already knew that she was seeing some girl and a guy at the same time and no one else knew but me.

Then again we experimented a lot together when we were way younger. Anyway, when I was done getting ready, Mason came in his room and looked right at me. "Oh my god." He said before he made a fist and bit his finger while he looked at me. "Easy." Janell said while she laughed. "Oh my good god." He said while he looked me up and down. "Do you like my bikini?" I asked.

"Yeah, I do." He said while he hugged me and slid his hand on my body. "Fuck you look sexy." He whispered in my ear. "Thanks." I said before he took my hat off and kissed me right in front of Janell. "You guys are really hot together and I don't think you guys have had enough sex." Janell said.

"Did you tell her?" My baby asked while he laughed. "Yeah, I kinda did." I said nervously. "It's ok Mason, if anything I'm jealous." Janell said. "Why are you jealous?" He asked. "Five times? Five?" She asked. "We can't help ourselves." I said while he pulled me against him. "You two suck." She said. "Yes we do." Mason said making us laugh. "It's true." I said.

"I bet it is." Janell said with a sarcastic grin. "We are almost ready." My man said before he kissed me again. "God." I sighed after we stopped kissing and he put my hat back on. "Do I need to give you guys a few minutes?" Janell asked while she laughed.

"We'll need more than just a few minutes." Mason said while he walked out of his room. "A lot more." I said while I laughed, We all went outside and watched my sexy man climb in his boat so we could help him get all of the life jackets on there and he had a ton of them. I couldn't stop watching him and wishing that we were alone because he was making me really really want him again and he wasn't doing anything to try. "Uh, mom, why fantastic brunette dani has her muff plugged pornstars cumshots dad here?" April asked making my Mason stand up and look at four men that were walking up his driveway.

"I'll take care of this." He said with his deep booming voice while he got out of his boat. "I'm staying with you." I said while I took his hand. "Ok that's fine." He said while everyone else went into the garage and I slid my fingers between his so they could see me holding his hand. "Can I help you?" He asked while my dad and two of my cousins, and my ex husbands brother, came walking up to us.

"We are with the police department and we've received." My dad said not realizing who he was talking to. "Police huh, do you have your credentials?" Mason asked with like, a whole bunch of authority.

"We don't have to show you that sir." Dad said. "What's your badge number and your name?" Mason asked. "We ask the questions here not you." My ex husbands brother said. "Do you have a warrant to be here?" Mason asked while he held me so that he could protect me. "Yes we do." Dad said. "I need to see that warrant." Mason said. "We don't have to show you anything." One of the men said. "Actually, yes you do and unless you guys show me a warrant, I will be assuming that you are impersonating a police officer which happens to be a felony." He said.

"We are police officers and we have a warrant to search your house." He said. "I'm sorry but I don't believe that you're police officers and here is why. I've been working in EMS in this city for a number of years and I happen to know all of the police officers here, and I've never seen you before." Mason said.

"Well we are police officers." Tims brother said. "No you're not, again I've been working on an ambulance for a long time and wether you believe or understand this or not I know what I'm talking about. Not only that but I know girl has huge creamy orgasm cam you really are, so stop playing these stupid games or you're going to end up in jail for impersonating a police officer tonight." Mason said.

"Don't you recognize him dad?" I asked. "No I don't and I don't care who he is, you're not going to have anything to do with him." Dad said. "Actually, yeah I am, in fact we are going to get married.

I'm nineteen now so I'm an adult and I make my own decisions." I said. "No, that's not how this works. You're coming with us and you're going to marry him." Dad said while he pointed at my ex husbands brother while he reached for me.

"Don't touch her." Mason said while he blocked him. "She's coming with us." Dad said. "No I'm not, I'm staying here. You took him away from me once and you're not doing it again." I said. "You've never courted him so you don't know what you're talking about." Dad said. "I'm Tree and we were planning to get married before you and the highers took me away from her." Mason said making dad just kinda freeze.

"I didn't know it was you." He said after he he and the other guys stood there staring in shock. "Now you know, and now you know how I know you're not the police, now what do you want?" He asked. "She's going to come back to the order and marry him." Dad said. "Well, you're wrong because I'm not, I'm staying with Mason because we are in love hardcore sex action with these soccer players doggystyle and bestfriend we are going to get married.

You should probably know that we've been having sex already." I said making the guys look all horrified and stuff. "I can't marry her now, she's been having premarital sex." Tims brother said like he was all disappointed.

"Why would you do that Kaylee?" Dad asked while he looked at me. "Because I love him, he loves me and we are going to get married." I said. "You're not getting married to him." Dad said. "Actually yes I am and there is nothing you can do to stop me. You ruined my life once by taking him away from me and you're not going to do it again." I said.

"You're going to come with us." My ex's brother said while he tried to grab my arm but Mason grabbed his arm and shoved it away from me.

"I said don't touch her." Mason said while he stood kinda in front of me to protect me. "We're just wasting our time, she's a whore now anyway." My ex's brother said. "Watch your fucking mouth. You're going to let him talk about your own daughter like that? Are you fucking serious?!" Mason asked. "She had premarital sex, so it's the truth." Dad said. "You don't ever talk about my girl like that ever again or I'll rip your fucking face off and force feed it to these three fuckers." Mason said while he was interrupted.

"Is that a threat?" My ex's brother asked making my Mason walk up to him. "It's a promise not a threat, you will show her respect, now get off of my property." Mason said. "She's coming with us." My ex's brother said while he grabbed my arm. My man didn't say anything to him while the brother tried to pull me with him, he just punched him right in the face, I can't lie, it really turned me on when he did that, and I mean it really turned me on.

He nocked the brother out with one punch and he fell back and hit his head on the driveway really hard. That was like, the sexiest and hottest thing I ever saw in my life, I almost wanted to just stay at his house instead of going to the lake and just have sex with him all day after that! "We're calling the police." Dad said while my sisters and mom came out of the garage.

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"Please do, and while you're at it, explain to them how you're impersonating a police officer and that you just attempted to kidnap her, not to mention that fact that you're trespassing on private property." Mason said while the brother started to wake up.

"What happened?" Alura jacson and ninpolla and jordi brother asked while dad started to call 911. "You tried to kidnap my girl and you got nocked the fuck out." Mason said. "Lets go guys." Dad said after he hung his phone up.

After all of that, I almost dragged my Mason to his room and fucked him, but since my mom and sisters and brothers were all there, I didn't. "That was awesome!" April said. "They are fucking stupid if they think they're going to touch her and think I'm going to just let it happen. I think we are ready to hit the road, so let's go have some fun." Mason said. We went to the lake and when we got there, I got to help my man unload his boat and then the jet skies.

After that Janell and mom went to a camp site while April, me and a few of my other sisters rode the jet skis over to where they were. Well, we followed Mason because he was driving his boat but still.

And driving his jet ski was so so much fun! After a little bit, a few of us got on his boat and he started to get the water skis and the inflatable thingies out. And while he was doing that, me and Janell went inside of the boat to explore it, and it was way way awesome!

It had this really cool couch thingy, a small kitchen and bathroom and stuff in it! We even found a really nice bedroom in it and stuff, you could literally camp in his boat! We went back to the front and when we did, my gorgeous man came down and kissed me a few times while he held my chin. When we stopped kissing he took his shirt off, and oh my god! I looked at him and bit my pinkie nail and looked at Janell and she was stripping him with her eyes.

She looked at me and saw me watching her so she came up to me. "No wonder you fucked him five times last night, he's sexy as fuck." She whispered. "I know right?" I whispered. "I mean look at that body, god!" She whispered. "You should see him when he's naked." I whispered. "How big is his dick?" She asked. "I don't know but trust me, it's not small at all. I could barely get it in me." I whispered.

"You know I can hear you guys right, because I'm literally standing right here, as in, less than three feet from you." Mason said while he laughed. "Well its true, your dick isn't small at all it's really really thick and it's heavy.

My fingers don't even reach all the way around it." I said making Janell start breathing hard. "Apparently the sex you guys had last night was amazing because when girls have amazing sex we talk about it." Janell said. "And trust me, it was amazing like, oh my god! I had so so many orgasms like, massive and amazing orgasms.

He ate me out and everything." I said making Janell kinda moan. "Did you give him a blow job?" Janell asked. "I gave him a lot of them." I said while I looked to see that he was getting really hard for me again. "So, big cock, lots of orgasms and stuff, sounds like you had a lot of sexy fun last night." Janell said. "I'm a squirter, he makes squirt and pass out, he's that good, god I'm getting horny just thinking about it." I kinda whimpered.

"So he's a master in bed huh?" Janell asked. "Oh yeah, he is." I sighed. "You're face is all red, look at you! You're all wet for him now aren't you?" Janell asked. "Mmmhhmm." I said while I bit my lip and nodded my head yes. "Hello, still here." Mason said while he laughed. "So have you ever measured it?" Janell asked while she looked at my man. "Nope, but my ex did." He said. "How big is it?" I asked making him look at me with a grin, almost like he wanted me again.

"You know, we had sex all night remember?" Mason asked before he kissed me. "I wanna know what the measuring thingy said." I said after we stopped kissing. "I won't tell anyone I promise." Janell said. "I know, it's just that it's a little awkward talking about it with my girlfriends sister right here." He said.

"You already know how close petite asian cleaner sucks huge black dick while getting fucked by other guy are baby so either way I'm going to tell her so you might as well just say it." I said making his bump start growing. "Over seven, well, it's a few centimeters short of eight." He said while he looked in my eyes.

"Inches?!" Janell asked. "I believe it, he's way bigger than my ex, way bigger." I said. "Your family is right outside that door, they don't need to know." Mason said while he laughed. "I wanna see." Janell said.

"Sorry, it's all hers." Mason said while he pointed at me. "I don't believe you then." Janell said. "I do, I had him in me all night." I said. "I don't believe you either." Janell said.

"You just wanna see his dick." I said while I giggled. "I wanna see if it's really as big as you both say it is." She said while her face started to turn red. "Can I just show her?" I asked while I looked at my baby. "It's up to you, like I said, it's all yours." He said.

"So if it's all mine, do I get to show her?" I asked. "What ever you want baby." He said making me start gushing in my shorts and bikini bottoms. "Come here." I said while I pulled him to me by his waist band. "I gotta get him all hard for you." I said while I looked at Janell who was staring at his bump.

"I can't believe you're actually going to let me see it." Janell said. "You said yourself, you don't believe us." Mason said. "Yeah, so now we have to show you." I said while I started rubbing his dick and squeezing it. "Well hurry, I wanna see if you're telling the truth." She said. "Ready?" I asked while my mans amazing dick started to throb.

"Yes." Janell said. "Look." I said while I pulled my mans shorts down and pulled my dirty hobby blacksophie horny threesome mydirtyhobby and piercings dick out. "Holy sssshhhhit, he shaves too, fuck." Janell moaned. "Do you believe us now?" Mason asked making Janell nod her head yes while she stared at his huge sexy dick. "This was in me all night." I sighed. "You have the hottest cock I've ever seen, oh my god." Janell said while she looked at him with slanted eye brows.

"Watch this." I said while I wrapped my fingers around his thickness and showed her how my fingers wouldn't reach all the way around him. I couldn't help myself at all, I just pulled his fore skin down and up again so that I was slowly jerking him off.

"I fucking hate you so bad." Janell whimpered while she touched herself a little. "I have a real man." I said before I looked up at my man and kissed his beautiful and perfect cock a few times. "I wish I had a real man like him." Janell whimpered. "If we don't stop we aren't going to make it out of here." Mason said. "Why? Do you wanna fuck her again?" Janell asked.

"So bad." He sighed while he moved his hips. "Is her little pussy nice and tight?" Janell asked. "Very, very tight. I got stuck inside of her when she was cumming." He said making my whole body shake. "It's true, but seriously, we have to stop or we aren't going to get out of here." I whimpered before I licked his dick a few times and slipped his dick head in my mouth.

"Fuck, that's not hel.helping baby, oh god Kaylee." My man moaned while I sucked his dick further in my mouth. "Oh my god, ssssooo fucking hot." Janell moaned right when I pulled my mouth off of his tasty dick. "I can guess what you guys are going to do when you get home." Janell whimpered while I kissed his yummy cock again and tucked it back in his swim suit.

"What do you think we'll be doing?" I asked while I rubbed his dick through his swim suit. "You guys are going to fuck when you get home." Janell said while he lifted my head by my chin and kissed me like crazy.

"Yeah we are for sure." I sighed after we stopped kissing while my whole body shook. "How does he taste?" Janell asked. "Ssssso so good, I love his cock." I whimpered. "I have to wait a little before I go out there." Mason said.

"Yeah, you really should because it's really obvious that you're really really hard." Janell said. "Believe us now?" I asked. "Yes, I fucking hate you, you're boyfriend has a very very beautiful and huge cock." She said.

"And think, I get to have him when I want and how I want." I said. "Shut up." Janell said while she laughed. After that, Mason kissed me so so passionately that he made everything spin all around, I wanted him already after he beat my ex's brother up, but after that, I was literally aching for him!

I stood up and kissed him while he touched my boobs and massaged them while we made out right in front of my sister. The rest of that day was a blast I had so so much fun, but so did everyone else!

And during that whole day my Mason and I kept touching each other, like he actually slipped his fat manly finger in me a few times and everything. He got me so close to exploding all over his finger that it wasn't funny and I was going way crazy for him. I couldn't wait to get home because I wanted him to fuck me this time. We made love the night before, but now I wanted to be fucked by him, I wanted it so bad that I couldn't see straight like, oh my god! Especially since I saw how my sister Janell kept having sex with both of us with her eyes!

When it started to get dark, we loaded his boat and jet skis on the trailers and we all went back to his house, and since they were all staying for dinner and stuff, Me and my girl study together like knew that it was going to take everything I had to not rip his clothes off and violate him. We got everything loaded and cleaned up so we could go back to Masons house and have dinner and stuff, and before we left, mom, Denice and April all came up to me and surrounded me.

"So I found out why you're glowing like crazy today." Mom said. "You did?" I asked. "Yeah, is it true?" Mom asked. "Is what true?" I asked. "Did you stay the night with Mason?" Denice asked. "Yes I did." I said. "Did you guys have sex?" April asked. "Yeah we did." I said making them get excited. "I knew it! I told you, I told you that it was going to happen soon and you guys all called me a liar." April said. "Way to go girl, was it everything you thought it would be?" Mom asked.

"It was wwwwway better than I thought it would be." I said. "So was it better than it was with your ex husband?" Denice asked. "Oh my god you have no idea, it was like, a million times better." I said while I started breathing hard. When Mason came up to us, they smiled at him. "We ready?" He asked. "Yes we are." April said. "Ok then, let's go so we can take showers and eat, I'm hungry." Mason said while I hugged him from his side.

"Where's Janell?" I asked. "She's right there." April said while she pointed at her coming out of the girls restroom. "Cmon, we're leaving." I said. "I'm coming calm down." She said while we laughed. After a few minutes, we all went back to my lovers house and parked his boat and stuff before mom and April went in and started to make some potato salad and some other stuff while Mason went out and started his grill.

"I can't stop thinking about his big cock." Janell whispered in my ear surprising me because I didn't know she was even there. "It's beautiful isn't it?" I asked.

"It's perfect, but it's all yours so I hate you right now." Janell said making me giggle. "All mine." I whispered while I giggled. "You have the sexiest and hottest guy in the whole order and in the entire world, the guy that every girl out there wants so yeah, you're the luckiest bitch I have ever seen in my life, I hate you." Janell whispered while she giggled.

"I know, and he picked me, of all the girls out there he picked me so believe me, I know how lucky I am." I said. "I mean look at him, my god." She said while we giggled. "I know, and I get to see all of that for the rest of my life." I whispered.

"What are you guys giggling about over there?" Mom asked. "Nothing." We said at the same time. "He's going to his room." I said. "Go get him." She said while we watched my man walk in the house and go to his room. "I'll be back." I said while I went to his room and went in. "Hey." I said while I closed his door and locked it. "Hey." He said while he smiled. "What are you doing?" I asked while I walked up to him and untied my bikini top.

"Getting hard for you." He sighed while I dropped my bikini top on the ground. "Yeah?" I asked while I started to breath hard. "Yeah, I am." He said while he slowly pulled his swim suit down. "I can't get enough of you." I whimpered. "Good cause I can't get enough of you." He said while I looked at his dick and saw it growing.

I just looked in his amazing eyes and got on my knees in front of him and took his dick in my hand. "I love that you always make me want more." I whimpered right before I opened my mouth and slid his tasty big cock in my mouth and sucked him as deep in my mouth as I could. "Oh my god Kaylee." He moaned softly while I kept sucking his massive cock and looking in his amazing green eyes. I felt his dick getting bigger and harder in sunny leone fucks hard alison tyler mouth and I loved how I made him moan for me, but I wanted him inside of me and I wanted him so bad that I was aching all over for him.

So once I felt his cock throbbing like crazy, I slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock until it made that yummy popping or kissing noise. "I want you to fuck me." I sighed while I stood up.

"Do you?" He asked while he pulled me against him and grabbed one of my boobs. "Yeah, I want you to fuck me hard baby." I whimpered a split second before he shoved his tongue in my mouth. We kissed really hard for a few minutes while I jerked his dick that was covered in my slobber and while I untied my bikini bottoms with my other hand so I could get all naked for him. We moaned in each other's mouth before I pulled away from him and went to his bed and climbed on it on my hands and knees and looked back at him.

"Fuck me baby." I whimpered while I spread my legs wide and lifted my ass up so he could slide his massive sexy shaft in me. "Is this what you want?" He asked while he pressed his dick against my little hole and shoved his dick all the way in me until I felt his body push against my ass making me gasp kinda loud. "Ooooooooooohhhhh ggggooood!" I moaned while his dick stretched me open while it went in all the way in me! "Ye.yes, fuck me Mason, fff.fuck me." I gasped making him moan and pull his dick out all the way and slam it deep inside of me again.

"More, give more baby." I gasped while he started to pull his whole dick out of me and shove it in me again. "You're so fucking tight, fuck." He moaned while he started to fuck me fast and kinda hard.

" that, yeah baby, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me." I whimpered while he started to jut in and out of me really fast and really hard. I cried his name out before I fell in my face, and when that happened, I could feel this amazing orgasm start to build up more and more. I could hear him grunting and moaning my name and I could hear and feel his body slapping against my ass, and it was loud!

I loved that my juices kept splashing all over my ass and back while he fucked me really good! I had never been fucked like that and I was llllloving it, oh my god! I actually had to bite one of his pillows because I was moaning and gasping so so loud. My whole body started to feel like it was all fuzzy and it was buzzing like crazy. I could feel every inch of his big cock while he fucked me with it, oh god I was so close to exploding that it wasn't funny at all! It almost felt like my skin was crawling with these like, huge and massive chills, it felt so good that I ended up biting my arm.

I was so not expecting my body to get all stiff and shake as bad as it did so fast at all. He hadn't been fucking me that long at all, and I was so close to cumming all over his big heavy cock. "Cum all over my cock baby." He moaned pushing me right over the edge! "Oh god, fuck, fuck, oh.oh god mm.Mason!" I moaned while he fucked me as fast and as hard as he could. All of a sudden everything went white and I could feel my whole body kinda rolling I think, I don't know what was happening to be honest.

All I know was that I was feeling everything I felt when he made me cum harder than I ever had in my life the night before. I could hear myself moaning and I could hear myself gasping and the amount of pleasure I was feeling was way way beyond incredible. All of a sudden, I ebony film and naikani all xxxx story mp4 feel his dick get stuck inside of me, and when that happened, I heard him moan and hearing him moan Kaylee like he was just, god I don't even know.

And when I started to cum, it like, took over my whole body! But what shocked me was that his cock got unstuck because my cum was forcing out from around his massive and sexy cock. So I think that helped him because he started to fuck my brains out again, while I was cumming! I could literally hear and feel my cum spraying out from around his cock every time he pulled out, and he never stopped fucking me.

After the worlds most intense and amazing orgasm ever, everything went all dark and my whole body started to tingle everywhere. I don't know how long I was passed out, but when I came to, my lover was still deep inside of me but he stopped fucking me. He was laying on top of me and he was kissing my neck and shoulder. That's when I lifted myself and turned my head so he could kiss me, and while we kissed, he started to thrust in and out of me again.

After we stopped kissing, I pushed him back so that his dick could come out of my dripping wet hole and rolled over onto my back. I spread my legs all wide for him and looked in his eyes while I reached for his cock. "More." I whimpered. "Yeah?" He asked while I reached up and grabbed his dick and pulled him to my pussy and against my love hole. "Give it to me." I whimpered making him push his dick inside of me. "Ffffffuck baby." He moaned quietly while he sunk all the way inside of me again.

He watched me sit up and look down so I could see his big cock go in and out of me. I didn't have to tell him that I wanted to watch his cock at all, he just knew it so he started to fuck me again. Oh my god it was the hottest thing I had ever seen, only this time I wasn't watching a porno, I was the one he was fucking! I stayed on my elbows for as long as I could but when my man started to fuck me faster and harder, I couldn't help but fall on my back. I looked up in his eyes and started to fuck him back and just like the first time, it didn't take long for me to get really really close to exploding again!

I loved how deep he went in me, and I loved the wet slapping noise our bodies were making with each of our thrusts. All of a sudden all those chills and stuff started to really hit me hard to the point that I couldn't breath, and the more he moaned my name while he looked marry queen likes to suck his shaft my eyes, the more I started to loose control of everything.

All of a sudden, I could naughty slim sunny honey hot sex in the taxis backseat his dick getting bigger inside of me while he fucked me hard and fast like before and I knew that he was about to cum inside of me. I tried to keep looking in his amazing eyes while he fucked my brains out but I couldn't control my body anymore. My muscles got so tense that I kinda rolled to my side and my back arched like crazy.

My moans and cries were all shaky and high pitched, and my gasps were high pitched and squeaky. My whole body twisted and tensed up so bad that I swore I was going to hurt a muscle or something.

Then out of nowhere, my whole body started to tingle like crazy and I felt the unmistakable feeing of a massive orgasm getting ready to rock my world again. And right when I started to cum, I heard Mason moan my name and felt him fall on top of me at the exact same time as I felt my lovers cum shoot deep inside of me. I lost it, that's all I can say about that! This crazy crazy amount of the worlds best pleasure ever ripped through me in this massive massive wave over and over again. But what I loved was that I could feel my lovers cum filling my tight little pussy up at the exact same time my waves of orgasms ripped through me!

I could literally hear my pussy spraying my cum from around his massive sexy rod, so it was like my cum was forcing his out, and believe me, he came A LOT! All I saw after the longest orgasm I had ever had in my life, was white, and then everything went dark. I don't even know what happened after that, but when I finally opened my eyes I noticed that I couldn't move at all. I mean, I was shaking and jerking like crazy and I could feel my lovers arms wrapped around me and all, but it was like I was paralyzed or something.

I tried to move so I could kiss my lover but I still couldn't move for a minute. "Oh my blonde suck group of bbc on of may interracial and blowjob baby." I gasped while I tried to catch my breath.

"I know, fuck I had no idea that you'd be this fucking amazing." He said while he tried to catch his breath. "Neither did I." I said while I giggled. "So we're both surprised." He said. "No wonder your fiancé had sex with you so much." I said while I finally got enough strength to roll over and face him. "Was it that good?" He asked while he brushed my hair away from my eyes.

"We had sex six times in the last twenty four hours baby, what do you think?" I asked. "I would say that I'm a stud." He said while he laughed making me laugh. "You're not lying, we better get dressed and go back out there." I said while I giggled. "Yeah, they're probably wondering what we are doing right now." He said while we laughed. "I think they already have a pretty good idea." I said while I stood up and almost fell. "You ok?" He asked while he caught me. "Yeah, my legs are all weak." I said while I giggled while he held me.

He helped me up and I had to go to the bathroom since I was all full of his yummy cream still, god I loved how that felt! I had to go sit on the toilet for a minute so I wouldn't be leaking his cum all over the place.

After that we got dressed again and went back out to see mom, Janell, April and Denice all looking at us with a little grin. "What were you guys doing?" Janell asked. "Talking." I said with the biggest smile. "So is that's what they're calling it now?" April asked. "Something like that." Mason said.

"Your face is all red." Denice said. "Well they just had sex, what do you expect? That's what, six times now? Janell asked making me kinda bury my face in my mans sexy body. "What? I can't help it look at him." I said while I laughed. "Children coming back in." Mom said while she laughed. "At least she's getting some." Denice said making everyone laugh. "She's not just getting some, she's getting a lot like, a lot a lot." Janell said making us all laugh.

"Shut up." Denice said while we laughed. "Jealous." I said. "You think?" Janell asked. "Kids." Mom said while she nodded her head towards my younger siblings who were coming in anal loving blonde on her knees nude bj house.

"Who's getting what?" My youngest sister Jamie asked. "Nothing, it's not important." Mom said while she laughed. So Mason made us some steak and stuff and we all had an amazing dinner, oh my god it was so good! But after that we all just kinda hung out on the patio thingy in the back by the fire pit and of course I was literally sitting in my mans lap and he was holding me.

"Hey can I ask you guys something?" Mason asked. "Yes you can marry her." Mom said. "So you're daniela de itaquera sp caiu na net me permission to marry her then? Is it official?" He asked. "Yes its official, I'm giving you permission to marry Kaylee." Mom said making me get all excited. "Thank you." He said. "So I guess we really are going to get married." I said while I looked at him.

"Did you think I was kidding?" He asked. "Well no, but still, I just like hearing that I'm going to get to be Mrs. Mason McCarthy." I said. "Kaylee Roberts McCarthy, it does have a really nice ring to it." Mom said making me get all excited.

"Do you know who you want to be your maid of honor?" April asked. "Janell, she was going to be my maid of honor the last time we were getting ready to get married." I said.

"You should just move in with him, well, that's if it's ok with Mason anyway." Mom said. "I was going to adorable model is flaunting her opened tight pussy in closeup rubbing opening what you guys thought about that because I was going to ask her to move in with me so I guess I already know what you think about it." Mason said.

"Can I move in tomorrow?" I asked. "We'll help." Janell said. "Really?! I can really live with him?" I asked. "Why not, if it's what you want then do it. We aren't in the order anymore so we are free to do whatever we want." Mom said. "That and you won't have to drive over here just to have sex with him." Janell said. "And he won't have to drive to your house, you'll be under the same roof." Mom said.

"When is your lease up?" Mason asked. "In a month." I said. "Here is what we'll do if you want to move in with me, we'll keep your lease and just pay it out so that your credit doesn't get messed up and you'll just stay with me while we do that." Mason said. "You're really going to let me move in with you?" I asked. "I want you to, I would love it if you did." He said making me get really excited. "I want to, I wanna live with you." I said while I looked at him. "So do you want to get started tomorrow?" Mom asked.

"Well, I have to pack because I have a bunch of stuff, so we can start that." I said. "I'm off tomorrow and the next day so I'll help too." Mason said. "What time do we want to start?" Mason asked. "I want to sleep in because I'm really tired so can we do it tomorrow afternoon or something?" I asked. "I'll bet you're tired." Janell said. "We'll come over around one so we can all sleep in." Denice said.

"One it is." Mason said. So, now I had the man of my dreams again, I got to make love to him, and now I was going to move in with him!

I don't think you'll ever understand how excited I was about my new life, well, it already started because well, yeah, but you get what I mean. It went from amazing to beyond amazing, that's the best way I can describe it but I was beyond happy because of it all! I was happy because since the first time I was with him in sexy brunette gets fucked in various positions beginning, I loved my life.

Mason said something when he came mofos sexy latina babe gets fucked in tent see me in the hospital that really kinda stayed with me especially since I could like, literally see what he was talking about.

Amazing body teen stretching and gaping pussy with inflatable what a body

meredith rose sybian fuck movie recut full Remember when he came to see me and he got to hang out with me for a long long time, it was that night that I wore his shirt for him, it was our first day that we started courting again?

Well, when we were all talking he said that he knows what we were going through because he had been there before. He said that things may be bad and it might seem like we were in pitch black tunnel that seemed like it was never going to end. But if we push hard and work at it, we would eventually see light at the end of that tunnel. He said that it wasn't going to be easy to get to where we could see that and that it was going to take a lot of work on our part to get to that point.

But, if we worked hard at it and never gave up, he promised us that we would see that light and once we saw that light, we should push harder to get to it.

He said that it wasn't going to be an over night thing and that it wasn't going to be easy, but when the dust clears we'll realize that all our work would be worth it. And in his words, "Happiness and love are achievements that we all must seek in order to make our lives worth living. Love can conquer all of our inner demons, love can bring happiness and love can make us whole again.

Seek those who love you like your family and friends because they will be your best and most powerful support systems that you will ever have and with their help, you will find happiness again." I cry a little every time I think about what he said because I am the perfect example of that, perfect.

I'm in love with the greatest man alive, he's in love with me and I have great friends and I have my family, all thanks to Mason. And because of all capri cavanni housewife gets nailed in bed in black heels that, I am at the end of my dark tunnel standing in the light, and I'm happy again, I'm happier than I have ever been, god I love my life!

Months after the day I made love to my amazing Mason, I was living with him and I was loving it! I always knew that he was bull headed, I mean, he was really stubborn and he has always been that way, always. Where we lived now, the winters were really really bad like, we got tons and tons of snow so he wanted me to be safe.

We weren't even married yet and he wanted to buy a new car for me that had four wheel drive, but since I didn't want him to, he made me drive his truck. He'd drive my car to his work and he would always leave his truck for me to drive no matter what. Even if I didn't have any plans or anything he would leave it for me and make me drive it if I wanted to go somewhere because he felt better about me driving that.

Basically, my car would be his, and his would be mine during the winter and I couldn't get him to stop doing that because it was his truck, not mine. It sounds like I'm complaining I know, but I'm not complaining at all, if anything, I loved him so so much for it!

He loved me so much that he didn't want anything to happen to me while I was driving around in the snow. Even after I wrecked his truck, he still insisted that I drive his new one, he didn't even care that I wrecked his other one at all!

He wasn't even a little mad, he was scared and he worried about me and that was it. He was working the day I got in the crash and he got so worried that I might be hurt that he came to where the crash happened with lights and sirens. He was made to be a supervisor, so he drove a Ford Expedition, but there was an ambulance behind him and two fire trucks that came too. He was so worried about me that he looked like he was going to cry and it seemed like he was freaking out a little bit.

Well, he was freaking out like, really bad but he was trying to hide it since he was working. I was more worried that I wrecked his truck more than anything else but he didn't even care that I broke his truck really bad at all. He worried about me being hurt, that's all he even cared about.

I wasn't feeling any pain at first, but while he and another paramedic and his old partner Kendra were checking on me, my back started hurting. So I guess you have an idea of what happened next, my baby insisted that I go to the hospital to make sure I was ok and he had his truck towed home. And after that crash, he had to get a new truck and he even paid for the other people I got into the crash with, he even paid the tickets I got from the crash. He even made me drive his brand new truck and he refused to take no for an answer.

I did get hurt and had to wear a neck brace and my ankle was broken, and during all of the time I was healing, Mason was so so incredible and amazing to me!

There was also one time that I got so sick that I thought I was going to puke all of my insides up. Mason stayed true to who he was to me, the most amazing, incredible, sexy and handsome man in the world!

He took a whole week off from work after he took me to the hospital and when we got home that night, he put an IV in me and gave me some kind of medicine that made it so that I wasn't nauseous. When I puked, he held my hair and a trash can for me so I wouldn't have to get up and go to the bathroom. He never left me, he stayed right there with me and he held and helped me. Mom came over to help once because he wasn't eating or sleeping like, at all.

He was so focused on helping me that he didn't take care of himself, he didn't even go to the gym like he did every day that whole time. That went on for three days, three days and he didn't leave my side except to make me something to eat, or at least something that I wouldn't throw up.

Now, my new sex life,!! I think he kinda turned me into a nympho I mean, I can't get enough of him and his big cock at all!

We have sex all the time, like, at least once a day but he was so so good, oh my god he rocked my world! I not only liked sex now, but I loved it and it was all because of him! After our first six times in 24 hours, I was sore because he had a really really big cock and I was not use to his size, well, at least I wasn't yet.

But once I wasn't sore anymore, we had sex like crazy for almost a whole day and I loved that I didn't get sore after that. I loved loved loved how he filled me up so so much and how huge he felt inside of me, I still love it! I had three new favorite things in the whole world when it came to having sex with Mason. After the pain went away, I went to bed with my Mason in our new bed and the next morning I felt something. It felt so so samantha rone is a flawless blondie who loves the pounder hardcore and blowjob and so amazing that it just woke me up.

And when I opened my eyes, I found out that Mason was eating me out, he was eating my pussy and he didn't even stop after I woke up! He ate me out and he gave me so so many orgasms that it wasn't funny, I mean, his sexy beard was dripping with my cum, it was that amazing! So there's one thing I fell in love with, waking up to him eating me out. There was another morning that I was asleep and I was having this really really vivid dream that Mason and I were having sex and I mean he was buried deep inside of me.

I could feel him thrusting slowly and I could feel every detail of his cock while he did it and it felt so so real. But when I started to have an orgasm in my dream, it woke me up, and when I woke up, Mason was actually deep inside of me making love to me.

So I loved waking up with him inside of me. And another time I woke up and he was still sleeping. What I didn't tell you was that we always slept naked together unless some of my siblings were there. Anyway, I woke up horny and I grabbed his dick and when I did that, it was all soft. So I would play with it, then I would suck it until it was really thick, really long and heavy and I'd keep sucking him until he woke up.

We always ended up making love for at least a couple of hours before we got up. I loved having sex with him in the shower, the pool, the hot tub and every room in his house, well, he insists that I call it our house, so, in our house. No wonder his ex would have sex with him so many times I mean, I was experiencing the reason first hand!

God Mom and son hot seu was so happy that he was already experienced because he was sssssooo so good and I got to have the worlds most amazing sex!

Mom and son sexspank bank

Remember when we were best friends and we had fights and we had drama between us? Remember how I told you that we always did everything we could do to work through our problems and we always end up working through them? It was like that all over again! I know that some of you wanna read about all of the drama that I caused him sometimes and the arguments we have, but I don't want to tell you about all of that. I know I'm not perfect and I do and say a lot of stupid things, but my Mason loves me so much that he refuses to give up on me.

He sticks by me and he fights for me, he fights to make sure he doesn't loose me at all. I admit, I did accuse him of cheating on me a couple of times and after the first time, he downloaded an app on my phone that let me watch him I guess. He downloaded it, not me, he did it and if I felt like he might be cheating, all I had to do was look at the app he put on my phone. It let me read all of his texts, it let me see his photo albums, any phone calls he made and I could track his phone.

He even gave me all of his passwords to his emails and social network pages. One day I thought he lied to me about being at work because like some crazy psycho, I thought he was with another girl.

I called him and we had the worlds biggest argument on the phone, and the worst part of it was that I could actually hear his radio, I could hear his dispatchers sending an ambulance to a call. But did that register with me, nnnnoooo, it didn't, I must have just blocked it out because I was so convinced that he was with another girl. So I decided to go look for him using the app that he put on my phone and when I found him, he was at a really bad car crash.

I literally saw him crawling out of a wrecked car while the paramedics and fire fighters pulled someone out. I felt so so bad, I felt horrible, in fact I felt so bad that I cried all the way back home christy mack girls with big ass lesbians for a long time after I got home. When he came home from work, Sex dil se dil tak srial acterss xxx images com had to hug him and tell him how sorry I was and you know what?

He was really really sweet and amazing to me. I made him dinner and everything because I wanted to show him how sorry I was for accusing him of cheating. And the make up sex, oh god, all night long, literally all night long!

God I was surprised that I hadn't gotten pregnant yet, thank god I was on birth control! But it gets way way better. I started school in real estate and business management and stuff because I've always wanted to sell houses and stuff, luckily for me, I already had a job waiting for me! I was going to get to run Masons business, well at least I was going to at some time because someone else was and I wanted to start from the bottom and work and earn that spot.

Anyway, Petite hotties ass cummed pornstars and babe was way way more than supportive and he was always there for me. I was in school full time, as in, I didn't work at all because Mason suggested that I quit my job and concentrate on school. He was so so amazing, he took care of me, he actually took care of me while I went to school. He made sure that I had everything I ever needed and he even paid my tuition because he didn't want me to stress about money at all.

It took me a long time to get use to him giving me money so I could go shopping or steamy hawt trio sex smalltits and hardcore the spa with Summer when I wasn't in school.

I hated it because I didn't want him to think that I just wanted to be with him just for his money I mean, he was paying for my school tasting a gigantic cock deepthroat and blowjob. It didn't even occur to me that he was rich at all, all I cared about was that I had my soulmate back in my life, that's all I cared about. I didn't even have to take student loans out and stuff because Mason paid for all of it, books and everything.

I tried to beg for him to not do all of that and we even got into really bad arguments about it. It didn't have anything to do with him giving me money all of the time because I appreciated it and I loved him for that, it was just that I wasn't with him for his money or anything.

I loved him more than anything, he was my everything and he was all I needed. But how can I say no when he gets on his knees and begs me to let him pay for everything? No seriously, he literally got on his knees and begged me to let him take care of me like that. He even bought flowers for me and everything just to beg, I mean seriously, he went all out! But it wasn't just that though, he used my sisters and my mom to convince me.

He talked to them and had them tell me that it was ok for him to want to take care of me. So I had like eight people that were telling me to just let him be a good husband, even though we weren't married yet. So yeah, after several months of him begging and my family talking to me, I finally caved and let him pay for my schooling and all of that other stuff.

You thought my mom and sisters loved him before, well, they really really loved him because they literally saw how amazing he was to me. Then came Valentine's Day and it was our first ever Valentine's Day together as a couple ever. I gotta to be honest, I was way way excited about it, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep!

I didn't know why, but I think I might have had something to do with the fact that we never got to celebrate that day as a couple before. I was so not expecting it to be so so amazing, it was way way more amazing than any other Valentine's Day I ever had! But I noticed that something felt a little different at first because Mason made me breakfast in bed, he drew me a bath and set my clothes out for school that day and he even helped me get dressed.

He literally treated me like I was his queen! There was something about it that felt, I don't know. It felt kind of electric, like there was this buzz in the air I guess. Mason had the day off, so he ended up spoiling me so so rotten that it wasn't even funny! When I went to school, I noticed that he started to send me some red roses and chocolates.

Dani daniels ass fucking story

Every class I went to I ended up having a dozen roses and stuff waiting for me. So when he came to my school and brought me lunch, I couldn't help but smile, hug and kiss him. I don't think you'll ever understand how much I loved him for spoiling me like he did that day. When he left so I could go back to class, I all but made out with him out by my car that he was driving that day. And when I got out of school, I saw that he and someone else decorated his truck for me.

It had so many red and white balloons in husband finds his wife being eaten out by teen that I couldn't get in it at all, I didn't even know where I was going to put all of the roses he sent me. I felt like a little school girl when I opened the door and watched a bunch of the balloons come out of the truck and float into the sky.

There were so many of my classmates who were there watching, they were so jealous of me! After that there was actually room in his truck for me to put my roses in there.

I wanted to see him so bad that I kinda felt sick, I really really wanted to see him, I needed to! I said goodbye to my friends and when I got in the truck to go home, I found a note taped to the steering wheel that said. Hey my love I hope I've made today memorable for you so far. If not, don't worry, there is so much more in store for you my queen. You can't come home yet because I am working on a surprise for you, so go to your moms house, she's waiting for you.

I love you always and forever, happy Valentine's Day my beautiful goddess. "Oh my god why are we not married yet." I said while I took the note off of the steering wheel. After that I went to moms and when I got there, she was acting all weird but so were my sisters.

Janell came up to me and hugged me while she cried and that hot lesbian dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals me think that something was way wrong.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Nothing." Janell said. "Um, I think you're lying because you're all acting like, really weird." I said. "Nothing is going on, I swear." April said. "Then why are you guys acting all weird?" I asked. "Can't tell you." Janell said. "Don't worry, it's not bad." Denice said. "Ok then." I said. "We are going shopping." Mom said with a smile. "Ok." I said while I got all excited. "So where is everyone else?" I asked. "They're with Mason." Mom said. "What are they doing?" I asked.

"It's a surprise, happy valentines." Mom said while she hugged me. "You guys are being sssooo so weird." I said. "Cmon, we don't have much time." Janell said while she took my hand and started to drag me out of the house to moms new car.

We got in and we went to the mall where we started looking at really fancy and expensive dresses. I was so confused because my mom and sisters were being so weird and I didn't know why, but at the same time, I had a feeling that it had something to do with a Valentine's Day thing from Mason.

I had never had a guy do something so big for me, and whatever Mason had planned, it had to be way big. I say that mainly because mom got me this really really beautiful red dress! It was really long and I looked way hot in it. The best part of it was that it really really showed my boobs, and you know how much my man loves my boobs and you know how much I love showing them to him. It had no sleeves, it had this amazing split that went from the bottom all the way to my hip and the neck line plunged all the way to my stomach in the shape of a v.

When I opened the door to the dressing room, I went out and looked at mom and them. "I like this one." I said. "Then that's the one we'll get." Mom said. "Mom, this is a twelve hundred dollar dress, there's no way I'm going to pay for this because I don't make any money at all, I'm a full time student." I said. "Who says you're paying for it?" Denice asked with a smile.

"Well who's paying for it?" I asked. "Kaylee hun, don't worry about it, just know that it's all covered." Mom said. "So can I like, get this one?" I asked. "If that's the one you want, then that's the one we are getting." Mom said. "Yay!" I said. "He wants us to get shoes too." Janell said while she looked at mom. "Who wants me to get shoes? Mason?" I asked.

hardcore group sex scene in a van going to blow it." Denice said while she looked at Janell. "Don't worry about it, we just need to hurry." Mom said. "You guys are being so weird." I said. "Go get that dress off so we can get it, and hurry because we need to get some shoes." Janell said making mom and April shove her. "You guys are starting to really freak me out." I said while I went into the dressing room.

Me: babe, why r my mom and sisters acting so weird? What is going on? Mason: its a surprise, and trust me, you're going to love it Me: do they know about it? Mason: yes they do, they've been helping me plan it all. Me: what's going on? Mason: baby, I can't tell you yet, it's a surprise, trust me beautiful, this is all going to be worth it in the end I promise. Me: ok I trust you, I love you baby Mason: I love you too, see you soon beautiful So after that I wasn't all freaked out anymore and some how I just had this feeling that I was finally going to get engaged to the love of my life.

Maybe I was right, maybe I holly hendrix has some fun with her dads fr wrong but Mason was doing a lot for me for Valentine's Day. It only made sense, I mean, I had five classes that day, he sent a dozen red roses to all of my classes, he came to eat lunch with me and brought me more roses for that, and he decorated his truck for me.

And now we were in a really really nice store at the mall and I was getting a twelve hundred dollar dress, but there was way more that I didn't know about yet.

I got changed as fast as I could and went out, then we went and got a really nice pair of heels before we went and paid for them. After that, we all went back to moms house, and when we got there, Summer was there and so were my other friends. We all went in and mom took me to her room and had me take a bath, then I put a robe on.

Then they took me to moms vanity and that's when my friends and mom came in and started to do my hair and make up. "Ok, you look way hot, now put the dress on, don't wear panties or a bra." Janell said. "Ok." I said while I got up and they left the room. Once I had the dress on they came in and finished my hair while Janell and April put my heels on for me. After that was done they went into another room while mom came in and looked at me.

"I can't tell you how happy and proud I am of you right now." She said. "Thank you." I said while she came up to me and hugged me. "Now, you're not ready yet, sit." She said. "Mason loves you so so much, he adores you and he worships you and everything you touch.

He goes on and on about how you're his goddess and his queen, so, because of that he wants me to put these on you." She said while she went to her closet. "What are they?" I asked. "You'll see." Mom said while she pulled the really beautiful box out of her closet.

"First I need you to put these on." She said while she handed me these amazing and incredibly expensive looking diamond ear rings that were long. "Are these real?!" I asked while I looked at them. "Yes they are, those are real diamonds." Mom said.

"I didn't know you had these." I said. "They aren't mine, I wish they were but they aren't." Mom said. "Who's are they?" I asked.

"Kaylee, we don't have time for this, our ride is going to be here soon so we need to get ready." Mom said making me start putting them on. "But I'm curious, who's are they?" I asked while I started to put them on. "They're yours." Mom said. "I don't remember buying these." I said after I got them on. "Probably because you didn't buy them silly." Mom said while she laughed and tried to not cry.

After that she had me look in the mirror and she took something else out of the box and walked up behind me. "Hold your hair for me." Mom said making me take my hair and pull it up for her. "Oh my god." I said while she put this really really beautiful diamond necklace on for me. I could not believe how beautiful the necklace was like, there was no way that the necklace was cheap, it had so many real diamonds on it that it sparkled like crazy! After that she put these amazingly gorgeous diamond bracelets on my wrists, but she also put some on that didn't have diamonds on too.

"These are all yours also, there's more but your sisters and Summer want to put it on." Mom said. Right as she got done saying that, my sisters and my friends all came into the room and they were all dressed up too.

They took me out to the living room and had me stand in the living room. They were all wearing really really nice dresses and they did their hair up too, so I wasn't the only one who was all dressed up and stuff. They even had diamond ear rings and necklaces on too, but they weren't like the ones I had on.

Even my mom was all dressed up and had diamond earrings and stuff on too, and when she came out, she brought the box out and handed it to Summer. April reached in and pulled this incredible and amazing diamond tiara out and handed it to Denice, then she handed it to Janell and she and mom put the tiara on my head. "Mason is going to die when he sees you like this." Summer said while she tried to fight her tears back. "Our ride is here." Janell said.

"I wish I knew what was going on." I said. "I think you have an idea at least." Summer said. "Summer! Shhhhhhhush!" Janell said while she laughed. When we got outside, there was this big limo waiting for us, and it was huge.

The driver got out and opened the door for us and then he started to drive. After a few minutes, we got to this really really nice and exclusive restaurant that not very many people knew about. It was one of those restaurants that everyone talked about because it was so exclusive that it had the longest waiting list ever. I knew more about it than most because Mason had to go there a few times and he knew the owner pretty good, actually he was friends with the guy.

Anyway, when we got there, I saw Summers boyfriend and my other friends and my sisters boyfriends were all there waiting for is wearing tuxedos.

We got out and my mom had me wait by the limo while my friends and my sisters went and stood next to their men. They made this like, alley way for me and that's when I saw some people start rolling this red carpet thingy out for me. That's when I saw the love of my life walking to me and oh my god he looked ssssooooooo so handsome! He had his hair up in a pony tail and he had his beard all trimmed and looking so so sexy, and that tux he was wearing, oh god!

He just looked way way handsome and way way sexy, I couldn't stop staring at him like a love sick 14 year old girl. "Oh my good god you're so beautiful!" He said while he walked up to me with a look that made my knees weak. "Hi baby, you look so hot." I stuttered and stammered before he leaned down and kissed me all soft and slow, tongue and all. The man took my breath away and he ruined my logic when I looked at him!

"My god you take my breath away, you look like an absolute goddess." He whispered with his hand on the side of my face after he stopped kissing me. "Thank you baby." I said while I looked right in his eyes and while he took my hand. "Shall we?" He asked making me nod my head yes because I couldn't talk, he made me feel that amazing. Remember when he first talked to me when I was fourteen?

Do you remember what happened to me? Yeah, it was just like that all over again I couldn't breath, I couldn't talk, I couldn't think and I couldn't stop staring at him! The sparks between us were exactly like they had always been, they were blinding me and I loved it!

I had huge butterflies and I was actually nervous, I don't even know why I was nervous but I was. We were actually courting, and we had been for a long time so why was I nervous?

He took me inside, and when we walked in, I saw a few of the waitresses and other people standing there waiting for us. All of them, the girls and boys were all dressed up in tuxedos and stuff. "Sir, mam, right this way please, your table awaits." A girl who looked younger than me said. When we were going to where I thought was going to be our table, I saw so many people staring at german teen jahre teeny deutsch anal fick dirty talk ohne gummi but it wasn't a rude or mean kinda stare if you know what I mean.

They were all smiling and watching us all walk through the restaurant like we were these like, famous people or something. Then all of a sudden, we walked in this room that was all decorated and everything, and that's when we all sat down and stuff. While we were eating, I so could not help but be in Masons lap almost, god I loved him!

I couldn't stop staring at him with a smile. I loved that he kept stealing little kisses from me, and don't worry, I wasn't mad about it at all because I kept stealing kisses from him too. But then he started to kiss my neck, and when he did that he kinda, well, not kinda, he really turned me on! I did notice that something was different about him though, but not a bad different. He seemed like he was all nervous and I mean he seemed really nervous.

So, I tried to get him to calm down a little, I didn't tell him to calm down, I just kinda melted into him and held his hand so I could help him relax. He was so so sweet and so amazing which wasn't anything new for him because he was always that way. And while we were eating, I couldn't help but realize that he had been giving me a taste of what it was going to be like to be his wife the whole time I was living with him, and let me tell you, I loved it!

He was everything he ever said he would be and he was everything I ever imagined he could be and way way more. Remember when he said that he would help me be what I wanted to be and he'd let me do whatever I wanted with my life and that he'd always support me and stuff? Well, we weren't even married yet and he was already doing all of that. When we all got done eating and the waitresses all came out and took our dishes, I noticed that everyone except for my sisters and my friends started getting up and walking away, but they were all going to the same place in the restaurant.

I wanted to know what was going on so I looked up at my man right as he looked at me. "I'll be right back ok?" He asked. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Do you trust me?" He asked while he started shaking a little. "Of course I do baby." I said right when I saw that he was trying to not freak out because he was so nervous. "I can't tell you where I'm going but trust me, it'll be worth it I promise." He said making these amazing sparks fly everywhere. "Ok." I said.

"I love you." He said making me smile. "I love you too, hurry back to me lover." I said. "I will." He said before he kissed me. After we stopped kissing, he took my hand and helped me stand up right when my sisters came up to me. Even my youngest brothers and sisters all came up to me, and when they did, the youngest ones all took my hands and took me to this really cool lounge area that had this huge screen. I thought it was a little weird that no one sat down on the fancy couches at all at first but I decided to not overthink it.

I still felt so so bad for my lover because he seemed like he was freaking out a little, he was that nervous I mean, he was shaking. They all took me to this love seat thing that was right in the middle of the room, but it was sitting msog in japan let the slut make you cum and cum again fuyutsuki kaede this like, stage thingy.

When I sat down, all of my younger brothers and sisters sat on the edge of the stage thing, and then everyone else sat down. I was kinda surprised to hear some of the girls in the room crying and I kinda felt bad for them. All of a sudden the lights in the whole restaurant went down so it was dark, except for this one light that was right above me. It was bright at first and I thought it was just a normal light and stuff, but when the rest went out, that one stayed on.

Then this video started to play on every tv and on every single screen in the place. It started out with summer talking about a true love story that was "something you would see in movies." Only she was talking like some kind of reporter. She started talking about dance asian 02 tube porn young busty mom and tight teen fondling each pussies on the couch oldvsyoung and pantyhose that fell in love and the fact that there was four year age difference between them didn't seem to matter.

After that I saw that Mason was driving his work truck, and Summer started asking a whole bunch of questions about us and when we met and fell in love. Mason told everyone in that room when he knew that he was in love with me.

Then I remembered when summer did the same thing to me, so between questions that she asked him, there would be parts where she asked me the same questions she asked Mason. It was almost like one of those news shows like inside edition or something like that, then again, summer was a news reporter for the tv station where we lived.

Summer even talked about how the love of my life was taken away from me and everything that happened to me after that, but there were also parts where I talked about it too.

I talked about my marriage before my new life, and when I talked about the time I was almost killed and that I lost my baby, I heard a lot of people gasp, especially when they showed the pictures of me in the hospital and in the ambulance. "A paramedic came to your house that day, tell me who that medic was." Summer said while I started crying, on the video.

"It was Mason. He was the one who saved my life that day." I said. "Did you know it was him?" Summer asked. "No I didn't, I mean, I recognized that deep deep voice and everything, but I was hurting so bad that it didn't register." I said.

Then she started talking about how bad my injuries were, but what made me cry even more during the video, was that she interviewed my mom about everything. Mom talked about how my life was when I ran away from the order and how my life was horrible and how I almost killed myself.

And in the video, I talked about how Mason came and saved my life again and my mom talked about how she knew that Mason and I were suppose to be together. After all of that, me and Mason got to talk about how we got back together and how everything we went through always ended up leading us to each other. I mean, we had to be soul mates because no matter what happened, we ended up being together again.

Janell was interviewed too, and when she talked about us, she cried a lot, which made me cry. After her interview, Summer said some really really nice things about me and Mason before a slide show of me and him together started and it had one of my all time favorite songs playing with it, I Melt.

And after that another song that I loved more than any other song played, it was our song, mine and Masons song. It was ours for so many reasons and it was called Remind Me from Carrie and Brad. I sat there and cried while I watched the video but then the slide show ended, my all time favorite picture of me and Mason came up with a caption that read "I love you always and forever my queen." Right when that happened, the light above me got really bright and the rest stayed really dim, and while that was happening, our song started to play again only no one was singing.

I was surprised when my youngest siblings came up to me and took my hand and helped me stand up. I was so busy crying that I didn't get a chance to ask them what was going on or even see that some guys were moving the couch away from me.

And when the couch was gone, mom came up to me crying her eyes out holding the worlds most beautiful bouquet of roses. She couldn't say anything because she was crying, so she just handed me my roses and hugged me and when she let go of me, I saw all of my sisters and friends all standing up and looking at me while they cried. I couldn't stop crying either because I was so overwhelmed by what my man was doing for me.

But that's when I felt him touch my back so I turned around. I wanted to hug and kiss him, but before I could do that, he got on one knee and looked me in my eyes. "Oh my god." I cried because I knew what was coming. "Hey beautiful." He said. "Hi baby." I said. "God you're so beautiful." He said nervously. "Thank you." I said while I cried. "I mean it, you're a goddess, you're my goddess, you're the greatest and most beautiful woman I have ever had the honor of knowing.

I don't really know if there are any words that can explain how much I love you, how much I've always loved you Kaylee. I have known that you were the one for me since the day we first spoke to each other.

Every time I look at you I have the exact same reaction I had the day I walked up to you at that park years ago. Now, I wake up and pinch myself to make sure that you coming back in my life isn't just an incredible and amazing dream. I want you to know that I know without a doubt that I am one of the luckiest men alive, the luckiest man to be walking and breathing because I have you.

I love you more than anything else in this world, I love you Kaylee, you are my queen, you're my goddess, and I was maryjo gets nailed and filled all holes at one night stand with hidden cam if you would please give me the honor of being your king, will you marry me?" He asked while he pulled a red fuzzy box that said Shane on it out of his pocket and opened it.

I couldn't say anything at first because I was crying so hard, and not because I was all sad, I was happy, he just made me the happiest girl in the whole world. I also felt so so bad for him because he was shaking really really bad.

"I love you too, I love you, yes, yes I will marry you baby, I'd love to marry you." I said while I cried and touched his face with my other hand. The whole restaurant got really really loud after I said yes, everyone was cheering really really loud! And while they were doing that, Mason took the ring out of the box, took my left hand and slid the ring on my finger. The ring was so perfect!! We did a lot of ring shopping and I had so many that I liked that it was hard to choose from.

But somehow, Mason got all of those rings in to one amazingly beautiful ring, well, not son mom xxx son and mom but you get what I mean. It had six small little diamonds on the band and one really big one in the middle and it was so so beautiful!

"I love you, I love you always." He said after he stood up and put the box thingy in his pocket and hugged me. "I love you forever, I'll always love you." I said while I almost sobbed. I handed my roses to someone, I don't know who took them from me because I was way too busy crying and hugging my new fiancé. He backed off and held my chin gently before he kissed me right in front of everyone while they kept cheering for us. "Now I know why you were so nervous." I said after we stopped kissing.

"You could tell?" He asked while I smiled so sweet damn hot busty blonde call me that it hurt. "It was pretty obvious, I know you pretty good remember?" I asked while everyone kept cheering.

"I guess that would make sense wouldn't it?" He asked. "Thank you for the best Valentine's ever." I said. "You are so welcome." He said with the warmest and most loving smile. "I didn't do anything for you, I kinda feel bad." I said while he wiped my happy tears away. "Yes you did, you gave me everything I ever wanted for valentines. He said with that smile while he caressed my face. "What did I do?" I asked. "You said yes." He said making me start crying again. "I can't believe that we are engaged again." I said after he kissed me a few times.

"The only difference this time is that we are actually going to get married and I'm not going anywhere." He said. "That's two things." I said while I caressed his face. "I meant only two differences." He said making me laugh. "No one has seen this ring except for your mom, what do you say we go show it off?" He asked. "Ok." I said. "IM GETTING MARRIED!" I yelled while I turned around and held my hands up making everyone cheer again. The rest of that night was almost a blur, I was way too into Mason and I was way too happy that I couldn't concentrate on anything.

I loved that all of my friends from the hospital were there but so was Kendra, Masons old partner, a whole bunch of people from his work were there and even some of the people he went to nursing school with were there! But so were the girls that helped me escape the order!

I was way way beyond happy, I don't even know how to describe it. He made my whole dark world disappear, all of the hurt, pain, depression, and sadness was all gone! He literally pulled me out of my deep depression and I have to admit, I didn't make it easy for him to help me at all. But do you wanna know what? He never gave up on me, he never turned his back on me and he never once even showed any doubt that he wanted to be with me. He didn't care about how broken I was at all, he didn't care about the packages that I carried from my last abusive marriage at all.

He even told me that all of my packages that I carried and my brokenness all came with was a package deal, and it was a package that he wasn't going to refuse or reject for any reason. He showed me, my mom and my sisters what it's like to be truly loved, what real love was like. His love for me was unconditional, how many can say that their significant others love their lovers unconditionally because Lovely teen rachel raven gets her twat stuffed and creampied pornstars hardcore can.

He never tried to change me or anything, he loves me just the way I am, and he always did. After almost two hours of people coming up to me and congratulating me and my lover for our engagement, we finally got in a limo with my family and started to go to moms house. I was engaged!! Mason wasn't just my boyfriend anymore, he was my fiancé and I was finally going to get married to him like I was suppose to in the first place!

I can't tell you how happy I was, words, there aren't any to describe how I was feeling at all! I was beside myself even though I knew it was going to happen but I was still in a daze! It literally felt like I was in a dream! While we were riding back to moms house I was just sitting there in my fiancés arms and I couldn't help but keep looking at my amazing ring that he got for me. I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't stop looking at my amazing man at all, I was in heaven, that's all I can say because that's all I have.

I was so amazed at how much Mason changed my life, how he literally pulled me out of my misery and sadness and made me the happiest girl in the whole universe! I just sat there and admired my man and my ring.

I know that my friends and family were talking and stuff but I was so far in heaven because I was so happy that I didn't even hear them. "You're being sunny leone fucked hard her husband adorable." My fiancé whispered in my ear while I held my hand out and stared at my ring with the biggest smile.

"I'm really happy." I said while I looked at him and pulled his arms around me. "Happy Valentine's Day my queen." He said softly making me kiss him. "I love this ring." I said after I stopped kissing him and showed him the ring he put on my finger. "Good, but there is more to it than that, there's still the wedding band that goes with that." He said.

"Did you already get it?" I asked. "Yes, I have that already." He said making me gush with happiness. "We're really getting married this time aren't we?" I asked. "Yes we are." He said. "Aaaaaaaawwwww, look at how happy you guys look." Janell said making me look at her.

We got to moms house and when we did, we were all so excited that none of us could stand it! What made me even more excited was that Mason sat us all down and started to talk about setting a date for our wedding day, he really really wanted to marry me!

But it gets better because he did a lot more and not just for me, he also did things for my sisters and my mom! My two sisters that had kids, April and Denice, he gave them, GAVE them houses like, he literally just gave it to them and they had no strings attached! And the house that mom was staying in, was hers now, it was all hers. None of them had to pay rent, none of them had to do anything for him, they didn't have to work for him for very little money, they didn't have to do anything at all!

All of that is exactly the opposite of what the order does, exactly! Because in the order, we lived in houses that the husbands owned, we worked for them and we were suppose to pay them rent on the houses we lived in. Mason had no expectations for them basically, they had free houses but they could live their lives how they wanted, date who they wanted, and do anything they wanted.

And for me, I already lived in a ginormous house with Mason, I was engaged to be married to him now, and I had everything I ever wanted, him. But to him, I must have not had enough I guess because I found out that night that he made me his primary beneficiary for his life insurance, and if anything happened to him while he was at work, I would get paid every month for the rest of my life. His businesses would become mine, his house and all of his things would become mine, including all of his money.

We were all at moms house when we were talking about it all, and my sisters and mom that got the free houses were crying! He gave them the keys to their houses that night and everything, they had no idea that he was going to do that, yeah, I think it was pretty safe to say that he was already family and we weren't even married yet!

It was so exciting that we went to Denice's house and then April's house, and they were both really big! Not as big as Masons house, but they were big enough that all of the kids could have their very own rooms! That night was the best night of my life, it was even better than the night that we made love for the first time ever! I mean, the sex was life changing and he knew how to rock my world like crazy, but I was happy, I was happier than I can ever remember being, god I loved my life now!!

So here we are today, I'm sorry that I can't tell you about how my marriage to my cousin, who happens to be the love of my life, yet because it hasn't happened yet. But yes, we have been doing a lot of planning and Mason has been helping so so much which is amazing because it's not as stressful because of him. The order, well, they still haven't given up yet, well, sort of anyway.

They stopped trying to get me to go back to elle sait comment me detendre hardcore blowjob order and marrying another guy because they finally realized that their fight was a complete waste of time. They are now trying to get both of us back in now, they want Mason to come back and marry more girls and stuff, but he refuses to do that.

They've even tried to sue him and they literally just lost what if i could bang u both doggystyle deepthroat lawsuit. They only sued him because he refuses to go back to the order and take me with him, he was serious about only wanting to be with me, and I mean he was really really serious about it. He's proved that to me, my mom, and my sisters that he was, he even proved it to the highers and my dad.

Like I've said before, Mason is very stubborn and he will fight whoever and whatever he has to to get and keep what he wants, and in this case, it was me!

He wanted me and only me, I was his life, his world, his reason for breathing, for living and his reason for being the best man that he can be. I only know all of that because he's not only told me, but he's showed me in more ways than one! And just in case you're wondering, yes we made love the night he proposed to me in fact, we made love literally all night that night and into the next day, so so amazing!

The man makes my toes curl when he makes love to me, he makes me feel all numb and he rocks my world! And honestly, the fact that he's my cousin and that we commit incest or the fact that I am literally going to be marrying my cousin doesn't even cross my mind.

All I know is that I am so so in love with him that it's crazy. He's part of me, he's my world and he is my life.

He gave me the best reasons in the world to keep fighting and to keep living, he gave my life meaning and he gave me purpose. He's my everything and I am the person I am today because of him. I'm still in school to get my degree so I can work at his realty company, my choice by the way, and help it be successful!

I love that I have a man who never ever so much as thinks about giving up on me. I've never felt so loved, I've never felt so whole, I've never felt so happy in my life! I escaped the order and fell back into the arms of my soul mate the love of my life! I don't care what you think, I love him and I love him with everything I have, he's a huge part of me and let me tell you, I am ssssooooo big tits ladies sharing on one lucky hard cock outdoors excited to get married to him, I cannot wait until I am his wife, cousin or not.

Maybe I'll write more after I become Mrs. Kaylee McCarthy so we can share that with you all too, until then there's so much to do and we have appointments with a caterer and photographer today. I'm so glad he makes these appointments on days that he's off of work, god I love him.