Rough teen slap anal bigbreasted blond ultracutie cristi ann is on vacation boating and

Rough teen slap anal bigbreasted blond ultracutie cristi ann is on vacation boating and
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Sissy the Redhead: The Making of a Slut Part I She was out mowing the lawn again. That little red head across the street. She was probably thirteen or so. Maybe fourteen, and she had long thick curls of deep red hair.

The kind that looks dyed, but isn't. Her titties were just coming in, but they were coming fast. She must be pushing a B cup by now, only she wasn't wearing a bra that day, just a tight little baby tee that said "Candy" on it that showed off her tight, flat waist.

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The shorts she had on didn't hurt in the showing off department, either. They were jean shorts that were cut off no further than the crotch, and so tight they must have been left overs from when she was ten.

I sat on my screened in front porch sipping my sun tea, letting my fingers trail across my shirt, over my tits, feeling my nipples harden to tight little pebbles as I watched her. She was so tiny she had a hard time pushing that lawnmower, which made her sweat a great deal. Her shorts would ride up into the crack of her ass and she'd have to pause to pull them out. Each time she did that, my breath caught in my throat.

Whenever she'd pass the stoop leading up to her front door, she'd stop for a drink out of her water bottle, rest with one hand on a thrust out little hip, and pull at a few long, red strands of hair that had stuck to her pretty face, all the time her breasts heaving from the labor.

I thought about what it might be like to peel those sweaty shorts off and slide them down her skinny legs. How her innocent little pussy would smell as I pulled apart the lips and licked her from her tight ass up to her hardening clit.

I pictured my hands running over those pert tits and squeezing her nipples, making her moan and writhe under my experienced, womanly touch. Giving her her first real orgasm.

Before I knew it, my tea was forgotten and I had my hand shoved down the front of my shorts, three fingers jammed up into my cunt and a thumb on my clit. I was already close to cumming and was stunned at how fast these thoughts about a young girl were getting me there. Then I began to imagine that my husband, Jim, was watching us. Watching me thrust my tongue into her small hole, hearing her girlish squeals increase until she would go stiff, and her fresh cum would pour out of her tight, young pussy and fill my mouth.

When I pictured him seeing that, and shooting thick ropes of hot cum all over both of us, I went over the edge and exploded into my shorts. By the time the shuddering let off, and I pulled my sopping hand away, the chair I was sitting in had a big wet circle soaked into it and the redheaded girl had finished the lawn.

That night, after solitary dinner as my husband was away on business, I decided to take a hot bath and treat my pussy to a clean shave. As I relaxed in the soapy water, I wondered about the redhead girl and what her bush must be like at her tender girlfriend kiera winters is down for whatever. I imagined it was lightly covered in a soft, downy fuzz, the same color as her hair.

I finished shaving myself smooth, then brought myself off three times thinking about how that hair would feel on my lips. By the I toweled off and went to bed, I had made up my mind to talk to that girl the next day. No matter how irrational it was, no matter how wrong, I devised my plan, and would carry it out. The next morning, I hussied myself up in a very short denim skirt, the kind that would show my baby-smooth pussy and pretty little asshole if I bent over at the waist.

I put on a hot pair of elevated fuck-me sandals and tight white tank top, braless of course. I looked myself over in the mirror. Hot! I'm only 31 years old, and look better than anyone I went to high school with.

My husband says I have a "Preying Mantis" body. Long legs, a long, skinny stomach that climbs up forever before reaching a pair of high, tight small C sized tits. They are perfectly balanced with the rest of my body, and the little nipples sit high on the boobs, pointing slightly up with all the perkiness of a 20 year old college girl.

My arms are as long, and slim as my legs, toped with the smooth, rounded shoulders models have. Add my dirty blond hair and big green eyes to the package, and it's no wonder I've been offered money in the thousands by men who wanted me.

Satisfied I would make even the straightest young girl consider what I was after, I walked across the street to put my plan in motion. I was hoping her parents were at work when I knocked, and I wasn't disappointed. even better, she must have just gotten out of the shower, because when she answered the door, she had nothing on but a towel.

Not a full bath towel, but something about the size of a hand towel. Granted, she was small enough that it covered all the important parts, but god, I got wet just thinking about how easily it could slip off. "Hi, um, I live across the street?" I was more nervous than I thought I was. "Uh huh." She was looking me over, her eyes lingering on my tits, which I knew without looking were sporting hard little nipples. That, I figured, was a good sign. "Well, I saw you mowing your lawn yesterday and I was wondering if you'd like to make some money.

You, know, mowing mine?" There, that was easy. She finally pulled her eyes off my chest and looked me in the eyes. She had a gorgeous face. Big blue eyes, a light dusting of freckles, just enough to accentuate her youth. And while my features were what you'd call delicate, she had those high, strong cheek bones Irish girls always have, but they were still mostly concealed under an innocent layer of baby roundness. God, she was delicious.

"How much," she said. Smart girl, I thought. "How's $50. sound?" Her eyes lit up.

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I knew that would at least get her over in my territory. It would be much easier to seduce her on my own turf. "Sure, I'll be there in fifteen minutes." She was there in ten, wearing a different pair of cut-offs, these even shorter than the last, and a different baby tee, also tighter than yesterday's.

This awesome teen is worthy at dick riding sessions said, "Try Me" over her tits. "Hi," I said when she pushed her lawn mower to a stop in front of my screen door. "So, what's your name?" "Sissy." "Nice to meet you Sissy, I'm Charlotte." "Hi," she said.

Up on my porch like that, I stood about a foot and a half higher than if we were on equal ground, which gave her an excellent view of my legs where my skirt ran out. In fact, if my skirt were to ride up, just a little, I'd bet she'd have a good look at my moist lips. "Just come onto the porch when you finish, Hun," I said. It took her a second to look away from my legs. "I'll fix up some iced tea and we'll square up, okay?" "Okay." I sat back in my chair and watched bend over to pull the cord on her mower.

I was in luck, because it took her a few tries to get it started, and from my angle, I could tell she wasn't wearing any panties under those shorts. With each yank, they would ride further and further up into her crotch until I could clearly see her puffy lips peeking around the edges. I already couldn't wait until she was finished. After about an hour of me leering at her sweet little body heaving at the mower and soaking her tee shirt completely through, turning it almost see through and showing off her hard breasts and nipples, she shut off the mower, and came in.

"Well, you look tired," I said. "Why don't you sit down and I'll get you a drink." "Thanks," she said, and plopped down in a chair. I went into the kitchen and came back out with the iced tea. I set it down on a low end table, and with my back to her, I bent down very slowly, with my legs slightly apart, and allowed my skirt to rise half way up my ass.

I could feel her eyes glued to me, so I took my time arranging the glasses and pouring the tea. When I turned back around, I was pleased to see a sheen had formed over her eyes and her mouth was slightly open.

I knew that look well--arousal. My plan was going quite smoothly. "So, Sissy," I said, in a soft, husky whisper as I handed her a glass. "What do you like to do for fun?" "Um, nothing much. Just hang out, I guess." "Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked. She looked a little shy at the question. "Its okay, its just between us girls." I threw my best seductive smile at her, complete with my irresistible glass-eyed bedroom gaze as I sat down across from her. I made sure my skirt rode up nice and high, and my legs were spread enough for her to get a good look at my bald, wet pussy.

"Um, no," she giggled, looking down at my crotch. "Oh," I played coy. "I suppose you aren't old enough to like boys yet." I knew that wasn't true based on the outfits she wore, but I wanted to feel her out a bit before I made amateur casting french mature hard double penetrated and facialized move.

"No," she sounded a little offended. Good. "I'm old enough. I'm old enough for lots of things." "Oh, really?" I leaned foreword, my smile teasing, my firm breasts bobbing close to the top of my tank top. "What sorts of things?" She was staring down my shirt, the lust building in her eyes at this point. I had a feeling boys weren't all she was old enough to like.

"Um," was all she managed to answer. I decided it was now or never, so I reached up, grabbed my own breast and started to slowly massage it, the whole time staring into her eyes. "Maybe you like these sorts of things?" She nodded her head slowly. "Uh huh," she said, her own hand mirroring mine as she began touching herself.

"Have you ever been with a boy?" I asked. "No, not yet," she said, never taking her eyes off me. "But I have fooled around with girls." "Really?" I asked. I didn't even try to hide the excitement in my voice. "You like fooling around with girls?" "Yes," she said. "Do you want to go inside where its a little more private?" I asked. "Uh huh." I stood up and took her by the hand. I led her up to my bedroom and we sat on the edge of the bed. I couldn't believe this was going so smoothly.

Just yesterday I was fantasizing about tasting this little girl's fresh young pussy, and now she was sitting on my bed, her little chest heaving with passion as I ran my hands over her bang cronys step daughter weird family sex science. When I leaned it to kiss her neck, she let out the tiniest sigh and began rubbing my tits.

Oh yes. She had done this before. Then I kissed her on the mouth. She opened up for me and met my tongue half way, both of our breathing speeding up, our hands frantic now, groping one another shamelessly. I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed her back onto the bed, perhaps a little roughly, but I didn't care.

I was going to have this pretty young girl, and I was going to have her now. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them to her knees, then I lifted her legs up, exposing that tight little pussy. Her fluff of hair was exactly as I imagined, but I didn't waste any more time looking, I leaned in and ran my flattened out tongue up her slit. She tasted a little like sweat, but she was soaking wet with her own juices, too.

Those tasted sweeter than any I had ever tasted before. I split her lips with the tip of my tongue, delving into the smooth entrance to her hole. When I did, even more wetness slipped out into my mouth. Form there I traveled up to her clit, flicking it back and forth, making her squirm. She started bucking her hips up into my face, rubbing her whole cunt along my nose and chin, allowing my tongue to dive into her tight little hole along the way. I decided to tease her a little, and I pulled away.

Then she kicked off her shorts and pulled off that soaked baby tee, and laid back, totally naked, exposed to me, and began fingering herself. I almost came right there, looking down at her small body. Thoughts of how wrong this all was, and how into it she was only made me hotter.

I pulled my top off, but didn't bother with the skirt. I just hiked it up to my waist, turned around, and straddled her face.

She wasted no time latching onto my hips and diving into my dripping pussy. "Oh my god!" She had definitely had practice doing this. Within a minute I was screaming out, grinding my cunt down onto her pretty face, and filling her eager mouth with my cum. That good little girl drank every last drop.

Once my orgasm died down, I crawled off of her. She was still fingering herself, so I figured she might like to play with one of my toys. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out a small rubber vibrator. She cooed when she saw it. "Its not too big for you, is it?" I asked. "No, I have one about the same size at home," she said. "Only mine doesn't vibrate like that." "Well, you dirty little thing. You're in for a treat." I began with her clit, letting the toy bring her almost to the edge.

She writhed and moaned. Her juices were flowing freely now, soaking the bed underneath her, filling the room with her spicy aroma. Then I slid it into her and began pumping it in and out, the whole time sucking and nibbling on her clit. Her moaning increased with each thrust, and I could tell she was close.

Then she shocked the hell out of me. "Charlotte, God! Put it in my ass! Please!" Well, I wasn't one to deny a hot young girl what she asked for, so I placed the tip against her tiny back door, and began to work it in.

Sissy, however, had other plans. She wanted it in her ass and she wanted it now. She thrust her hips foreword and the whole thing, all 5 inches of it, disappeared.

With my mouth clamped down around her pussy, and because she was so small, I could feel it vibrate her whole lower half. She must have loved it, because within a minute, she tensed up and I felt the insides of her pussy push outwards. The next thing I knew she was squirting into my mouth, and screaming at the top of her lungs. And when I say squirting, that's what I mean. It was like she was peeing, only it was definitely girl cum, and about a pint of it shot down my throat, filled my mouth and ran down my chin, covering her and me and my bed.

We laid there for a while after we both came down, stroking each other. She wouldn't let me remove the toy from her ass right away, so the only sound was the muffled buzzing and our heavy breathing. "Will you teach me how to do it with a boy?" She finally asked.

"Sure, Sissy," I said. "You can come over anytime you like, and I'll teach you anything you want to know." "What about your husband?" She asked. I smiled at her. "Who do you think I'm going to teach you on?" To be continued.