Japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored

Japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored
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This story is about bestiality. I never even gave this a thought before. It never excited me watching two dogs fuck. Once I was into it though, I searched the internet for bestiality stories and videos. I would get so hard reading some of the stories that were out there and watching the videos of dogs fucking humans.

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All the videos I saw at first were of dogs fucking women. I then came across some that had dogs fucking men. That really got me hard. I have been wanting to get fucked by a dog ever since. Reading the stories and watching the videos, I realize it isn't so simple as just doing it. Obviously you have to get the dog interested and then there is the thing about the penetration of the dog's knot.

I want to experience the whole thing but am just a bit afraid that the penetration of the knot and then tying will hurt like hell. My neighbor behind our house has two male dogs. We have an alley between a row of four houses that everyone uses to get from one area of the neighborhood to the other. I use it often to go to the store. All the times I've passed by the alley the neighbor's dogs have always come up to the fence barking.

They are separated by another fence and I have never seen them together in the same part of the yard. Both are medium sized dogs although the brown one is a bit smaller than the black one. The black one is always at the fence directly connecting with my back yard.

I have a mango tree and when I have been out there picking up mangoes that have fallen from the tree, the black dog has always been watching me but rarely ever barks at me now. I have often gone up to the fence to talk to him and he has actually come up to the fence and sniffed at my fingers that I place against the fence just to try and be friendly.

The brown one is the only one of the two dogs that I harmonyvision two beauties take on a huge rod ever seen out of the yard. He was coming through the alley toward his house one day as I was walking back from the store to my house. He stopped and so I stooped down and whistled to him calling him over.

He was very shy and tip-toed his way toward me. As he got within three feet he accelerated and ran past me stopping to look back at me after he did. From my living room I can always see the black dog walking in the back and every time he gets at the right angle I look at his cock and begin to fantasize.

It makes me hard right away. I actually don't even big tits stepmom cums in stepteens mouth my neighbors, although I have said Hi when I have been out picking up mangoes and either the husband or the wife has been out back. Anyway one day when I was picking up mangoes, I went to the fence and as usual whistled to the black dog and put my fingers up against the fence.

The dog quickly came over and sniffed as always. At that point the lady came out and saw me talking to the dog. She said hello and then told me that her dogs rarely ever let someone get that veneisse hooking outdoor lesbian fisting in the car tube porn to them without barking. She then told me she had noticed Blackie (the black dog's name) had done this quite a few times with me and told her husband about it.

They then thought about asking me if I would be willing to drop by to feed their dogs as they were going to go away for a week and did not like leaving the dogs at the kennel. I told her I had no problem with that but that maybe the dogs would act differently if I was actually on their side of the fence. She then suggested I come over one day while they were home so I could go near the dogs with them by me to see how the dogs reacted.

I went the following evening and we went out back to where Blackie was first. I whistled to him and talked to him. It seems he recognized my voice and came over and sniffed at my fingers I had out so I petted him and he seemed ok with it.

We then went to where Brownie (the brown dog) was and he started barking but not coming closer to me. I tried to talk to him but he just shied away.

At least he didn't seem aggressive when he barked so I told the neighbors I would come by to feed and give the dogs water every day next week while they were gone. I went back home kind of excited realizing this would be my opportunity to get fucked by a dog, maybe two. I was watching Blackie from my living room walking around and looked at his cock every chance I got. When I got hard I went to the back yard.

I didn't see anyone around so I put my finger inside my ass a little bit and then went to the fence with my fingers against it like I usually do whistling to Blackie. He seemed to notice something different about the finger and was sniffing them more than usual. I suddenly saw the tip of his cock come out.

God I got hard instantly as Blackie was sniffing and whimpering. I went back inside the house and went straight to my room. I took a bottle of hand lotion I have and putting the tip of the spray pistol slightly inside my asshole, I squirted 3-4 loads of cream inside my ass making believe it was Blackie coming inside me. I then took out a big 12 inch dildo I have, placed it between my mattress and bedspring so it was sticking out.

I took my shorts and underwear off and got down on all fours. I then backed myself up onto the dildo and inserted it slowly into my ass. I then rocked myself back and forth slowly fantasizing that Blackie's dick was fucking me.

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All the while I was masturbating. As I drew closer to orgasm I started rocking back and forth harder and then rammed about 9 inches of the dildo inside me as I came. I left the dildo deep inside me for a couple of minutes to simulate being tied with Blackie.

I then slowly started rocking back and forth on the didlo and kept it up until I came for a second time. I often do this to fantasize I am being fucked by a dog. I also have a larger dildo that squirts liquids in me which I squirt just as I begin my orgasm to simulate sexy group meets up for swinger show just as a dog is coming inside of me. I fill it up with the same hand lotion I use to lubricate my ass for my self fucks.

I have used dildoes 3-4 inches wide which I have had to very slowly, little by little, penetrate my ass so I can simulate the pain I may go through when I finally get to actually let a dog fuck me. Many times I have had to call it quits when the pain got unbearable.

But I have achieved full penetration several times while enduring the pain. I have had some very powerful orgasms this way without even touching myself.

I have always fantasized that I want to come just by being penetrated by a dog. Well the week came that my neighbors were leaving and the first evening they were gone I went and opened their garage that leads to the back and to the side of the house where Brownie is.

I went to give Brownie his food and water first. He immediately barked at me but never came toward me menacingly. The barking made Blackie come to the fence to see what was going on so I looked at him and said hello.

He immediately started wagging his tail upon recognizing me. I then went to the back, my dick already hard contemplating what could happen. I realized that if I was actually going to get fucked by either or both of the dogs, that I would have to coax them into the garage because otherwise we would be visible to anyone passing through the alley.

When I filled Blackie's bowl with food and water he immediately began to eat. So I waited and when he ate what he wanted, he drank some water and then laid down. I called him and he wagged his tail but didn't come over to me. What a disappointment. Blackie then closed his eyes and I knew I was not going to get a chance to do anything tonight. With the disappointment, I went up to my room and fucked myself while fantasizing Blackie was inside me.

The next evening I fed Brownie and left him water.

He actually came up to me without barking. I guess he realized I wasn't a bad guy. When I went to feed Blackie, I held off and just talked to him. All the while Blackie was circling his bowls. Before I left the house I had squirted some lotion into my ass anticipating getting lucky. I stuck two fingers in my ass and stuck my hand out to Blackie. He immediately sniffed them and then started licking them. While he did this I saw the tip of his cock came out.

I got hard right away. I put my fingers up my ass again and gave them to him to sniff some more which he did. The tip of his cock was still out. I kept my hand out and began to walk toward the garage but Blackie stopped at the entrance. I called to him with my hand out but he wouldn't follow. Damn. the neighbors must've trained him not to go in there. There are bushes along both my fence and the neighbor's but if someone stopped in the alley and really tried to see though they could so I was afraid to try and see if Blackie would fuck me there or not.

I went to the furthest point away from the alley near the garage and Blackie followed. I let him sniff my fingers again and the tip of his dick came back out. Well the hell with it. I took my shorts off all the while letting Blackie sniff my fingers. As I put my hand near my crotch, Blackie nudged lovely summer brielle plays with her big tits amp wet pussy masturbation and bigtits crotch as he kept sniffing and licking my fingers, My dick was already rock-hard and Blackie then started sniffing my crotch.

A little more of his dick came out. I figured it was now or never and took my underwear off. I got down on my hands and knees and turned away from Blackie. He came up to the front of me. I tried to get him behind me again so I slapped my ass and put my hand out. He came up and as he sniffed my hand again, seemed to find the source of the smell and started sniffing my ass.

God I almost came as my dick began to throb. Oh come on Blackie mount me. I started tapping my ass hoping Blackie would jump on me. He kept licking my asshole but then suddenly jumped up on me. Oh God - it was actually going to happen. I felt Blackie place his front paws on either side of me and jumped up and began to hump, searching for somewhere to put his dick in. I could feel the tip of his dick slapping against my ass but I wanted it inside me.

I moved around a bit according to where I felt Blackie's dick. We suddenly aligned ourselves and Blackie got some of his dick to penetrate my ass. Damn my dick was throbbing up and down and I had precum on the tip. Blackie got further inside me and started to fuck like crazy for about 15 seconds. As I felt an orgasm coming, Blackie suddenly pulled out and I felt something wet squirt on kinky luscious bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot ass.

I realized it must've been his precum. I felt cheated and slapped my butt again so Blackie would mount me again. He licked my asshole a few free men strip outdoor and outdoor tube porn and then jumped up on me again. He penetrated me quicker this time and began to piston fuck me as he gripped me tighter. I was quickly reaching orgasm and after about 30 seconds just as I started to come, Blackie pulled out again and once again sprayed me with his precum clear fluid.

Although I had just come I wanted more. He hadn't gotten his knot inside me yet to fill with with the real load of sperm I was looking for. I quickly slapped my butt again and after Blackie walked up to the front of me he again went behind me and mounted me for a third time.

He quickly penetrated me and was fucking away with a blinding speed I would never be able to match while dildoing myself. We were beyond the 30 seconds this time as Blackie kept humping away and my dick was bobbing up and down. I felt Blackie grip me tighter and felt something big at the entrance to my asshole. I realized it was his knot and Blackie was going to try and get that inside me now. Oh shit. I started taking short breaths as Blackie gripped me tighter with each thrust.

I could feel the knot expanding my ass like when I shoved the wide dildoes up my ass. It was beginning to hurt just as much but I just kept taking short breaths awaiting the moment. With a mighty effort Blackie suddenly penetrated his knot inside me and started humping even quicker. I then felt his sperm shooting inside my asshole and I came like crazy with him and as he spurted load after load into me. I was hurting but it felt too good to complain.

I even began backing up on the knot like I do with the dildoes and finished draining Blackie as he got the last squirts in me. After about 10-15 minutes Blackie pulled out of me which also hurt like hell.

A bunch of come came out of my ass. As I looked back at Blackie, I saw that Brownie was at the edge of the side fence wagging his tail. He must've heard the commotion and smelled sex in the air since I noticed he had the tip of his cock out. I was hurting too much to let Brownie try and fuck me now so I got up, cleaned up the area, and then went home.

I slept like a baby that night with a huge smile on my face.

The next night I did the same routine. Blackie appeared to already sense he was going to get a treat again and was jumping up on me as soon as I walked into the back. I saw Brownie had run to the edge of the fence watching so I went and walked back through the garage to the side of the house.

I pushed my fingers up my ass and let Brownie smell them. The tip of his cock came out immediately so I wasted no time and had him follow me into the garage. Since he was the dog that was able to come and go as he pleased he walked into the garage behind me without a problem. I again gave him my fingers to sniff which he began to lick. I saw the tip of his dick was still showing so I quickly got out of my shorts and underwear and got on my hands and knees.

Brownie just looked at me. I shoved my fingers up my ass again and my slave tied and trying to get free them to Brownie to smell.

He did and then walked behind me to see where I got that smell from. He began sniffing my ass and as I slapped it telling him to get up he jumped up on me and began to hump. As he got a better position and grip he was able to find my asshole and penetrated me. He was humping away even faster than Blackie. I was rock hard and my dick was bouncing up and down. I then saw Blackie watching us and the tip of his dick was showing.

I told him he was next so be patient as Brownie kept humping away. I then felt Brownie's knot against my ass. Brownie gripped me tighter and began to shove his knot inside me. I again took deep breaths in anticipation when Brownie, with a big thrust, managed to get his knot in me. He was smaller than Blackie or my asshole was still wide open from Blackie's fuck last night.

In any event it felt great as I felt Brownie start shooting his hot teen crystal young takes an internal creampie inside me. I again was able to come just as I felt him squirting.

He was able to slip out of me within 10 minutes and quickly went back to the side of the house. I got up and walked toward Blackie who was wagging his tail for all he was worth. He actually had about half of his cock out so he must've been excited watching Brownie fuck me.

I got down on my hands and knees again and Blackie quickly mounted me, penetrated me and gave me the fuck of my life. He seemed determined to show me he was my master and not Brownie. As not to be outdone, Blackie kept piston fucking me at a rapid pace.

He was humping away for about a minute already when I felt his knot at my back door. I felt him grip me tighter and bouncing on his legs to get a better position.

Then with a mighty thrust he got his knot inside me with one lunge which still hurt a bit. So obviously he was somewhat bigger than Brownie. As he kept fucking me he began to squirt his come deep inside me which triggered my throbbing prick to empty its load.

Blackie kept humping more than last time as he emptied his sperm into me. Again apparently wanting to show me he was the master. When he finished with me, I again cleaned up and went home promising the dog's I would be back again tomorrow. I went back every night and got fucked by both dogs each night. On the 4th night I let Blackie fuck me first and then Brownie. When Brownie finished with me I noticed Blackie as usual was looking at us and the tip of his cock alura jacson and ninpolla and jordi out.

Holy shit. you want to fuck me again don't you boy. When I saw him wag his tail I took it for a yes and went to the back and let him fuck me again. What a week. I couldn't wait for my neighbors to say they were going to be gone again.