Toxic stepsis dolly leigh blackmailed and punished with cock

Toxic stepsis dolly leigh blackmailed and punished with cock
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(our unnamed sub) excitedly read the note again: "1500 hours. My dungeon. Dress accordingly" It was the note she'd been waiting for what seemed like ages. Her heart thundered in her chest as she waited, checking and rechecking her watch: 2:58, and he still wasn't there.

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She shivered a little in the winter sun, but the cold had little to do with it; this would be her first session in ages, and she ached for his brutal ministrations. She selfconsciously smoothed the little plaid skirt and tank top over her voluptuous curves, irritatedly buffing a dull spot on her clunky thigh-high platform boots. 2:59. As she bites her lip nervously the door's thrown open on a rough red-brick room lit by a single bare lightbulb.

Her master glares out at her, hardly dressed to match in tight black jeans and bare feet. "You're early," he growls, and she jumps a little, the threat of punishment to come sending shivers down her spine.and making her hesitate. He seizes her by the back of the head, fingers threading through her hair in a tight but surprisingly gentle grip, pulling her roughly into his dungeon.

She stops in the center of the room, turning to face her master, eyes downcast submissively. "Strip, slave" he simply commands, swinging the crude wooden door behind himself and engaging the complicated lock with a simple twist of the key. "Yes master" she whispers in return, voice cracking with excitement. She slowly peels off her english movies x x x top, the thin fabric sticking to her skin with perspiration, her full, firm breasts straining against her lacy too-small bra.

She slowly unfastens her pleated skirt at the side, unwrapping it like a towel to reveal the matching thong when a sudden slapping noise makes her jump and drop it unceremoniously. She looks up to see her master testing the flail, slapping it against his open hand, eying her hungrily. "Go on," he growls, another thrill of exquisite sweetie is pissing and pleasing smooth twat gripping her as she hears the intensity of things to come.

She swallows hard, and reaches behind her back, unclasping her bra, sliding it with trembling fingers off each shoulder, holding it to her chest a moment before shyly letting it drop, holding her hands out to the sides in supplication, baring herself to her master. She holds the pose a moment, then hearing no further order hooks her thumbs into the straps of her thongs, sliding them down her shapely legs, baring her juicy pussy, dripping with anticipation.

"Dance." She hesitates a moment, biting her lip shyly as she gyrates her hips, slowly sliding her hands up her chest and raising them over her head, crossing her wrists playfully. A slow smile spreads across her full, luscious lips as she begins to lose herself, eyes closing to slits in surrender.

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"Stop." She freezes mid-gyration, eyes opening, her breath shallow and fast as he pads towards her catlike, firmly gripping her full breasts, licking the beads of sweat from her cleavage. A quiet moan escapes her lips as he kisses up her neck and he grabs a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back and licking ferally up to her ear, nibbling on her earlobe before disengaging.

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"Face the wall. Up against the bricks." She scampers back to the wall obediently, resting her full, firm breasts against the cold brick, the surface rough against her sensitive, diamond-hard nipples. She stops and eases herself against the cold, coarse bricks, whimpering a little as they dig into her delicate flesh, focusing on it as she eases her hips against the harsh surface.

She gasps and struggles a little reflexively as she's pushed hard against the wall, her breasts crushed as she feels her master's full weight bearing her to it, her nipples scraping along and sliding inbetween the bricks, the rough material unbearable against the sensitive skin of her pussy, her round ass burning against his jeans as he grinds licentiously against her. He growls low and ferally into her ear, savoring her submissive whimpers, then draws back. The lash comes almost immediately, stinging against her ass, a resounding crack echoing off the dungeon walls for only a moment before another comes, then another, then another.

She whimpers and digs her fingers into the brick, gasping with every lash, moaning low in encouragement as he traces her curves with the flail, the soft leather soothing her burning skin before suddenly cracking across her back, driving her chest back against the rough brick. She presses herself tight to the unbearable surface, whimpering obediently as her soft flesh is rubbed raw by the unforgiving red brick, her pussy dripping with desire, jumping as he cracks the flail past her ear, then caresses her shoulders and the sides of her ample breasts, then feints, then lashes her back, her raw flesh glowing bright red.

Just as suddenly as it started the assault stops, and she feels his hands boldly caressing her aching body. She sighs happily, closing her eyes and resting against the cold wall, feeling his fingertips stroking the curve of her hips, up her slightly ticklish sides, twining through her hair, then gasps as he pulls her forcefully away from the wall, arching her backwards.

"Do you like this?" "Y-Yes Master!" She crawls desperately to the center of the room, letting him half-drag her, looking up dutifully as he lashes her across the face once, not hard enough to leave a mark but stinging nonetheless.

"Good. Now, what do we say?" "Th-thank you master" He yanks her hair up sharply, forcing her to straighten on her knees, straining higher.

"You can do better than that." "Thank you master!" she shouts, one hand subconsciously drifting between her legs with the ecstasy. He whips her wrist deftly, and she returns her stinging limb to cross with the other behind her back. "Hm. Still not convinced. Perhaps you'd better show me your appreciation." As he beauties submit to sex serf hardcore bondage his pants she gasps giddily, "oh, yes Master," eagerly straining against his grip on her hair as he holds her mouth just inches from his freed, throbbing member, her tongue reaching for it.

Slowly, an inch at a time he lets her closer, her tongue expertly caressing the head, a sigh escaping his lips as she wraps her own around his cock. Without warning he reverses the hold, thrusting his cock into her eager mouth and stopping just before hitting her throat, carefully but brutally fucking her mouth with short, hard thrusts. She moans happily, her hand again leaving its designated place and again being slapped back, this time her clenching pussy earning a slap as well as he pulls out, her teeth barely scraping her master's escaping member as she jumps from the sudden agonizing impact, one leather strap striking directly on her sensitive clit.

He watches bemusedly as she writhes in his grasp, then looks away suddenly, distracted by something. She gasps for breath, slowly coming back to herself a little at a time. "M-Master?" He growls, dragging her to her feet with both hands. "You were followed," he snarls accusingly, raising her wrists over her head in a familiar pose and fastening them to manacles mounted near the bare bulb in the ceiling. "No Master, I-" but her protestations only earn her another stinging strike between the legs.

"You will stay here and be silent.

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And to make things more challenging." he trails off, looking to a little black suitcase in the far corner. She writhes awkwardly in her bonds, stretched on tiptoes, the chains jangling from the ends of her long leather cuffs. She watches helplessly as her master rummages through his bag of tricks, a sly smile playing across his face as he draws out the vibrating panties and puts the remote in his pocket. He approaches her, gripping one ankle firmly and pulling her leg up until the muscles strain, the wounded skin burning as it stretches, sliding her into the panties one leg at a time.

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As she lowers the second foot he kisses her suddenly, passionately, the panties vibrating until she moans helplessly into his mouth, then slowing to a teasing pace as he draws back and slaps her roughly. He places one finger to her lips, shushes her, and winks. He steps back, adjusting his pants around his slender hips and produces the key to his dungeon, unlocking it.

He turns off the light as he steps out, saying something inaudible to someone on the other side of the soundproof door, swinging the door almost closed - but not completely.

She whimpers quietly to herself, the pleasure driving her slowly insane as she writhes against the torturous toy, trying to raise one leg at a time and increase the pressure on her still-burning clit, cringing with every jangle of the chains, staring in abject fear at the crack of light coming in the door, knowing at any moment someone - anyone guy bonks beautiful chick in wazoo hardcore and blowjob could walk in on her, but still unable to fight her craving for release.

She bites back a gasp as the door swings open again.