Goth babe in a fishnet top masturbates

Goth babe in a fishnet top masturbates
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After we had gotten ourselves back to normal Paul grabbed me around the waist throwing me over his shoulder, so that I wouldn't step in the mess we'd made, or so he says. Back into the bathroom we go, I guess it's our next favorite spot, after the bedroom (for now). He puts me down on the floor, on my feet, and starts the water running in the tub.

Once the temperature is where he wants it, he puts the plug into the tub so that it will start to fill up. As soon as it's full enough Paul turns off the water, and taking my hand helps me to step in, since the sides are high and my legs are so short. Once I'm in Paul gets in, so I'm sitting in between his legs, leaning back, I can feel that Paul has a hard on again.

I'm telling you this guy is like a marathon man! I just snuggle back against him and sigh with total contentment. Paul wraps his arms around, pulling me even closer. Before I realize what I'm doing I say, "Paul…I love you." After I realized what I said I shut my eyes grimacing, thinking 'Oh no this guy hot ass teen blondie payton simmons fucked by massive cock pornstars big dick going to bolt!' "Umm ummm mia khalifa sex opening bra don't have to say anything back, okay Paul?

I just, I didn't mean, well yes I did, but…" Paul had turned my head so he could see my face, putting his finger over my lips to silence me, he says to me, "Let me talk okay?" I nodded. "If you didn't jump to trying to undo something you feel, you would've realized, that, I love you too sweetie" Then taking his finger from my lips he kisses me.

When he ends the kiss, he looks at me, with a smile and wipes the tears that had started to fall from my eyes. Wrapping his arms back around me and pulling me to him, so that I'm sitting sort of sideways against him with my head on his shoulder.

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Resting his cheek on my forehead, he sighs that same contented sigh as me. While before we had FUCKED, this time we made love. After we'd gotten out of the tub, we went back to the bedroom, avoiding that spot on the floor, we got into the bed. Paul pulled me into his arms, tenderly kissing me, ever deepening the kiss.

While his hands roamed over my body again, but this time without the need and urgency as before, almost like through his fingers he was memorizing every part of me.

As he was exploring my body with his fingers, I was exploring him too, touching his neck, chest and shoulders. Planting light kisses on every spot my fingers touched. Then lightly kissing his chin, cheeks, the tip of his sunny leone jabardasti bf xxx fucking story, and back to his lips. His touch felt so soft, he was doing to me as I had done to him, kissing where his fingers had touched, as our kiss ended, his mouth went down to my right breast.

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Gently licking, around the areole, and sucking my nipple into his mouth. Flicking it with his tongue, causing me to arch my back. After giving the same attention to my left breast, he planted soft kisses down my stomach, issuing some laughter from me because even though it felt good it also tickled.

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He chuckled, then kissing back up my stomach, getting the same response as before, he started kissing my lips again. Smiling at me, propping himself on one elbow, he started to kiss me with more passion. He licked my lips and as they parted, he thrust his tongue into my mouth, twining his tongue around mine.

When we pulled away, I pushed Paul onto his back, leaning over I started to lick around his left nipple, gently nipping at it. I got a shocked gasp from Paul, but by the way he was breathing I knew he liked it. So I did the same to his right nipple, then kissing down his anal gapers club marley brinx kenzie taylor maci may anna de ville chris strokes natural tits ass to and stomach, and back up as he had done to me.

As I reached his head, instead of lying down beside him, I put one leg over him. Straddling him, I moved so that my moist pussy was on the shaft of his hot cock, I began rubbing my pussy over his dick, mixing my wetness with his pre-cum. Reaching behind myself, I took Paul's cock in my hand and guided it's head to my opening, when just the head was in I let go with my hand and slid all the way down.

Balls deep into my pussy, I start grinding over him, lacing my fingers through his. Holding on for dear life. "OH MY FUCK…OH GOD" Paul pants. His words just spur me on, I pick up the pace, grinding down on him harder and faster. Hitting my g-spot and grinding my clit into his groin, I feel my first orgasm (of this time) starting to roll through me.

I start pumping and grinding harder and faster as my entire body begins to shudder. Paul does a quick roll, and pounds into me like a jackhammer, grunting and teen madison heart sucks cock on camera. There are no words either of us can speak, it's completely moans, and noises.

I'm spinning into my second orgasm, when I feel Paul's cock grow, and spurts shot after shot of cum up inside me. As we both explode and collapse, trying to catch our breath, kissing each other, and holding onto each other.

The next thing I remember is waking up, hearing Paul moving around in the apartment. I get up, slumping into the bathroom, I clean myself up. Then I go back into the bedroom in search of clothing, not finding any of mine, but spotting Paul's t-shirt from the night before on the computer chair, I toss it over my head. Going in search of Paul, I find him in the kitchen, bleary eyed I smile at him.

"Coffee?" He hands me a mug full, and after a few sips, I feel myself start to come alive. "Good morning baby." I say. "You mean afternoon." "WHAT??" Low and behold when I glance at the clock, it's 1:30 in the afternoon. "Thank GOD we're both coffee drinkers," I say, "I don't know how I could function without it." "I made that pot for you, when I heard you moving around." Throwing my arms around his neck, I kiss him, "My hero!" He shakes his head laughing at my dramatics, "My shirt never looked better by the way." He says with a wink.

Over the next week, we make love in every room in the apartment (except the roommates) at least twice, and on every surface available. On one occasion, we had been fixing breakfast and the need to have me came over Paul, he'd grabbed me around the waist, put me up on the counter. Spreading my legs to eat my pussy again (the man loves to eat at that spot often), he was down there when his roommate walked in. I screamed, and Paul jumped up, his face covered in my juices, trying to block my half naked body from site.

His roommate said "Sorry, I didn't know you guys were here, I didn't hear anyone when I opened the door" Paul asked him to please, leave the kitchen, so we could straighten ourselves up. When he turned to look at me and see if I was okay, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. During the entire exchange with his roommate he had a huge splat of my cum on his chin. Wiping his hand to where I was pointing, because I was laughing too hard to speak, he looked at his hand started to laugh also.

Then he reached under my t-shirt, (his actually and he'll never get it back, since he keeps washing it then wearing it for like and hour, keeping it smelling like him) rubbing my cum over my pussy, "Just going to save that for later" He says with his devilish grin. The next day it was time for me to head back home to the U.S. it was a tearful goodbye and it was very hard to leave. Paul had already purchased and open-ended ticket that I could use to go back whenever I wanted.

I didn't find that out until I got home, and found it wrapped up in his t-shirt, freshly washed but smelling of him. I sat down on my bed and cried. At home; Once I got myself together, still being on London time myself, I rushed over to my computer firing it up, and pulled up our favorite I.M. application. There he was waiting for me.

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I plopped my headphones on, plugged in my cam, and saw the most handsome man on the planet smiling at me, giving me my favorite tongue wiggle.

"Paul…b.e.h.a.v.e!" "What took you so long?" Paul asked "Well I went to start unpacking, to get the things out that I'd need right away, and I found your t-shirt and the ticket." I said "And it made me cry, because I have a piece of you here, and you have nothing of me. Also buying me that ticket, you should not have done that." Paul lifts a finger, and twirling around it is a pair of my panties. "Looks like you left young gorgeous babe sucks and rides old schlong pairs of panties in the U.K." the he sighs, "and as far as the ticket…what's the difference if I'd bought one for me to come there, and you know why I don't like to do international travel." He gives a one eyebrow raised look.

"Okay, yes that's true. What would you do if I decided to get my shit together, pack and ship as much as I can, sell what I can't and move there permanently? I asked. I looked up at the screen, and Paul was dancing around in front of me, twirling my panties over his head like a lasso. "YES! Yes, baby come back!" He hells. I spend the next month getting everything together, working my last weeks, and spending as much time with Paul on-line as I can.

What can I say…London's Calling…