Wife orgssm while looking at cam

Wife orgssm while looking at cam
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Sweet hot chick taylor sands spread her long legs Kirsty's party on Saturday, which had ended with a mess of glorious girl-on-girl fucking between me and her, I had gone home, and woken in the mid-afternoon, where realizing my younger brother was watching had added an extra fillip to my wake-up wank.

That was Sunday, meaning Monday was right around the corner, and that in turn meant school. Ordinarily, I would have looked forward to this prospect with dismay, but now I was eager, because at school I could find partners to enhance my enjoyment of my ultra-sensitive vagina. My fingers and imagination were all well and good better than that, in fact but I had no doubt that the real thing would be much more so.

I chose my clothing very carefully. I had seen enough teen dramas to know how problematic it could become if I got a reputation for being a 'whore' or 'slut', or even just 'easy'… and yet, I wanted sex, and lots of it. I needed to seem demure and chaste most of the time, while being able to turn it on at a moment's notice if the opportunity arose.

After some agonizing, I went with a pleated skirt that stopped a couple of inches short of the knee… and, daringly, no panties underneath. My cotton shirt could hang loose, or be tucked in tightly to hug my curves, and especially if I loosed a button or two at the top.

It took long enough to decide that it almost made me late, and I certainly had no opportunity to try anything right then. The whole morning was a rush of difficult lessons that took all my concentration, and I almost forgot about the wonderful sensation of the open air on my clit.

I really can't recommend enough the combination of going commando and wearing a skirt. I am surprised I didn't have rivulets of vaginal juices dripping down the inside of my leg from constant arousal.

By the time we reached lunch break, I was not waiting any longer. I wolfed down a couple of snack bars I had brought from home, and went on the hunt. I needed a specific type of guy, in a specific placing for my first test, and I eventually found him. I had seen Daniel, a boy in one of the other classes of my year, around the school, but not given him a second look: a slightly nerdy, unremarkable child.

While being by no means a pariah, he had few friends, and was well outside the 'cool crowd'. When I spotted him hanging around the courtyard, clearly with nothing to do, and stood just where I wanted, I knew I had my chance.

Standing in the corridor, far back enough that nobody else could see me, I stared at him and waited. After a few seconds, he glanced up and saw me. Then I lifted my skirt and flashed him my shaven pussy.

He did such a classical, comical double-take that I almost ruined the moment by laughing. Instead, I placed a finger on my smiling lips to indicate silence, ran my hand sensually down my side, and gestured with my head for him to follow. Then I turned without looking back, and walked down the corridor.

Straight to the ladies' loos, the ones hardly used at this time of hottie sadie holmes gets bent over and fucked. The ones with a bolt on the inside of the main door. At the doorway, I paused, looked back again, and nodded my head for him to follow me in, for as I had hoped, he was only a few metres behind me. As soon as he came through, I pushed the door to, threw the bolt across, pushed him against the wall, and kissed him deeply.

He was surprised by this, but responded enthusiastically. After a couple of minutes of this, I deemed the time was right, and my hands went to his waistband. I undid the button of his trousers, pulled down the zipper, reached inside, and pulled out his already hard penis. He was so shocked by the whole situation that he did nothing to stop me.

It was not the biggest I had ever seen, compared to some of the schlongs I had viewed on the net, but it was fairly sizeable, and I knew it would feel good inside me.

I went down on my knees, and took him in my mouth. It was my first time ever giving head, and I don't think I was that skilled, but I made up for it in enthusiasm. My head bobbed up and down, my lips first pursing on the tip like a chaste kiss, then spread wide as he knocked the back of my throat. I couldn't go very deep, but that seemed to be fine with him.

I didn't think it would take much to impress him, lesbian vixens love morning pussy exploration pornstars hardcore I was right. The very situation overwhelmed him, and it didn't take him long to shoot his load down my throat. I was prepared for this, though: his first time was always going to be quick, so I had decided to get it out of the way and get him back up for a longer second round.

Sexily, I looked up at him, made eye contact, and opened my mouth, showing his salty seed that I had gathered on my tongue. Then I closed my mouth, and swallowed it down. He swallowed himself, his adam's apple bobbing, and his knob twitched too, and started to rise. I undid the side fastening of my skirt, and as I stood, it slid off and pooled around my platform-soled shoes. Daniel gasped in awe when he saw my bare, hairless twat up close.

He reached out with one hand towards it, hesitated, and brought his hand back to his side. I sighed, resisting the temptation to roll my eyes. Instead, I grabbed his brunette cutie takes care of a dick and placed it on my slit. He felt up and down, growing in confidence, and then started rubbing in earnest.

I moaned in appreciation, and started almost unconsciously moving my hips in time to his ministrations. I could gladly have ridden his fingertips to orgasm, but it was a means to an end, and I knew the end I wanted. With his own body responding to the erotic situation, his member was soon as hard as before. Harder, if anything. At that point, I reluctantly pulled away, and led him to the counter-top into which a row of sinks were set.

I pushed him back so his bum was in the gap between two sinks, pressed up against him, and lifted one leg, placing my foot on the white porcelain rim, and opening my twat wide. Then I placed both hands on his shoulders. "Well, what are you waiting for?" I asked huskily. "Put it in." The first words spoken by either of us could have broken the spell, but instead they deepened it. He grabbed his still-saliva-covered meat in one hand, and pushed it between my glistening nether lips.

I gasped. I could feel it going all the way in, a warm shape pressing the walls of my cunt outwards! It was incredible, the sensation was so intense. As he pressed further in, the lips on my face also spread in the widest grin imaginable, and I leaned forward to give him an affectionate peck on the cheek.

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Then I started moving my hips. Resting my weight on his shoulders, I pulled up and down, in and out. Each re-entry was a sensation, especially once I adapted to the size and was able to take him to the hilt. The feel of his fuzz of pubic hair brushing against my mons was a little extra tickle, like a hint of spice in each bite. He was clearly enjoying it too.

He started thrusting his hips in time to my motions, then placed his hands on my hips. We grew faster and more energetic, and started panting from the exercise. Pretty soon, he was pounding my pussy, and I had to hold him by the hips and slow him down.

I had initiated this encounter, and he had to be taught the lesson that I was not relinquishing control. A look of blind panic crossed his face, as it must have seemed that I was about to withdraw entirely, and leave him bereft and blue-balled. The fact is that I would never contemplate something so cruel, but the misapprehension served my purposes, so I fixed him with a stern glare, softened with my wickedest smile, and moved my her tight pussy gets fingered and fucked brunette latina again, more slowly.

He got the message. We writhed against each other to a slow tempo. His thick meat pushed in and out of my eager pussy, caressing and stimulating every nerve. I was in heaven. The pace increased, our hands all over each other's bodies: backs and breasts (I don't know when my shirt came undone, I don't remember either of us loosing the buttons) and bums, hair and hips. Then he leaned in, his arms under my armpits, grasped my shoulders from behind, and heaved, an ecstatic groan losing itself in the hair at my shoulder.

The sensation was astonishing: I don't know what that shaver did to me, but I could feel him cumming inside me, a flow of warm liquid at the gate of my cervix. Warmth and joy exploded from my loins, and it was all I could do to keep the volume happy ending massage by big booty my cries down.

I gripped him back and rode the high. His heavy breathing brought me back to reality, and I knew I had a job to do. "There there there," I began, whispering into his ear as if I were calming a baby. "That was good. You're a good boy." I stepped back, and his rapidly softening penis slipped out of me to hang, slightly pitifully.

A drop of cum slipped off the end, and hung, on a string of jizz, a few inches down. I looked him straight in the eyes. "I'm not your girlfriend," I began sternly.

"We are not a couple. We don't even know each other." I turned around, bending over to pick up my skirt, and I knew he had a great view of my pussy lips, with his white semen just starting to leak out. From that position, I turned around to look at him, and was delighted to see the clear expression of awe on his face. "If you do everything right, I may let you have another go some time." I wiggled my pert bum at him, then stood back up. "But if you breath anything about this to a single other living soul, you have no chance.

No. Chance. Got it? Not your best friend, not your mother, not your priest, nobody. This happens in secret, or not at all. I said got it?!" I raised my voice, with a whip-crack on the final syllables. He nodded, and I smiled. I knew that he would not tell. I had him wrapped around my finger.

I wandered over to one of the toilet stalls, doing up my shirt. I reached in, grabbed some toilet paper and quickly wiped up the mess around my groin. Then I tossed it negligently in the loo and flushed.

Finally, I re-fastened my skirt, brushed my hair back, and I looked once again the picture of the prim and proper young lady. At the door, I turned back once more. "Remember, not a word. Don't talk to me. Don't even look at me.

Your chance of access to my pretty little pussy ever again depends entirely on your ability to keep your mouth. Shut." Then I swung the latch, and left.

I took to my slightly ungainly heels as soon as I got out, making sure that I was round the corner before he exited, and made another couple of turnings after that, just in case he thought to follow me.

When I picked up my bag and checked my phone, it was no more than 5 minutes before lunch's end, so I hurried to my first afternoon class. ~#~ That evening, in a flurry of WhatsApp messages, the arrangements were made for Kirsty to come over to mine, ostensibly to help each other with homework. As soon as the door was closed, though, we were embracing, our teenage bosoms heaving, our lips locked, our fingers on each other's hairless, beautiful, rapidly moistening vulvae.

Our clothes flew off, and pretty soon, we were in the 69 position, Kirsty on top. I grasped her butt-cheeks to gain purchase and lifted my head up to graze on her snatch, and her long blonde hair brushed my inner thighs as her tongue plunged between my folds. Something had changed, though. It was not unpleasant, just… "You taste different," I said.

"So do you," her voice came back from beyond my hips. Then she gasped. "Oh my God, you had sex with a guy today!" It was not accusing.

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If anything, she sounded delighted. "So have you!" I agreed, for indeed, I recognized the flavour of male ejaculate mixed in with her feminine musk. "That's such a relief," she said.

"I was worried you might think we were going steady or something, and I really want to fuck lots of different people." With that, she dove back in and, for a while, our mouths were occupied by things other than speaking. The intriguing taste was soon washed out by my saliva, but I delighted in probing out the remaining vestiges of it that hid between folds and under flaps. Kirsty seemed to be enjoying my search too, judging by her squeals when my tongue delved particularly deep.

Not that I had much attention left to devote to my other senses, most of it being taken up by the marvellous feelings she was causing between my own legs. My questing tongue must have done the trick, because she came slightly before I did. I got a fascinating close-up view of her pussy pulsing and spasming as she climaxed, then a seeming gushing of natural lubricant coated my face. Before I could clear my eyes, my own orgasm overtook me, and I could not resist pressing the back of her head into my crotch for maximum penetration at the final moment.

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She rolled off, and we lay for a while, gasping, staring at my dull, off-white ceiling. "So who was it?" I heard her ask. I knew exactly what she meant. "Daniel Whittaker," I answered. "Nobody important." "Huh.

How was it?" I grinned. "Amazing." I sat up, pulling my arm out from under Kirsty's thighs. "So who fucked you?" "Mr Adams." I drew in a shocked breath. "The P.E. teacher?!" She nodded.

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From here, gazing across her smooth mons, down her trim belly, across her generous chest to the wickedest smile imaginable, she looked particularly alluring. "Now this I have to hear," I said, resting my head back in her lap. "Tell me all about it." "Well, ever since we shaved, I just love touching myself. I'm guessing it's the same for you.

It's kayla marie did her very first black on white action so smooth and silky, then so slick, and then… well, orgasms are the best!" Her hand strayed towards her crotch, but I pushed it aside and put my own fingertips to work. "Mmmm," she moaned, before continuing. "The problem is that, at school, there aren't many opportunities to do that without being noticed.

A couple of times, I caught myself starting up without thinking, and had to cool off before anyone noticed. By lunchtime, when I headed off to one of the loos near the art building, I was ready to explode. In fact, I think I almost did: another girl knocked on the cubicle door and asked if I was okay because I was making so much noise." She giggled.

"I seriously considered inviting her in to find out." "Maybe next time," I interjected, not looking up from my work massaging her clitoris. She paused, and might have nodded her blonde head again; I could not see from where I was.

"In any case, that cooled me down until about halfway through the next lesson, so I was raring to go again when the last lesson of the day came along, which was P.E. Honestly, I didn't think I was into girls, but all of that bare flesh in the changing room nearly drove me wild. I am so glad our games uniforms don't show up moisture well, because my crotch was sopping after an hour-and-a-half of watching them bending over their hockey sticks, shorts riding up to show their camel-toes and their butts waving at me.

My mind was full of images of them doing the same, but without those inconvenient clothes, or any nasty hair." Her surprise sex for stacie staciejaxxx and hardcore reached out and touched my own bald groin.

"At the end of the lesson the end of the day I changed slowly, and got in the shower late. If I had seen them all naked, I think my senses would have overloaded and I would have come right there. Just the last few was enough that I couldn't resist touching myself.

I stayed in there as I heard them all leave, letting the water slide down my body, and rubbing my clit. "I was well on the way when I realized someone was still there, at the edge of the showers. Mr Adams was watching me, and he could see that I was masturbating. Except I didn't want to stop, so I carried on. I kept expecting him to interrupt me, but he kept watching.

I started playing up to it, giving him a show, moaning louder than I needed to, and that just got me even hotter. He had to be enjoying me getting off, and that meant he was getting aroused by me. So I invited him in." "Wow. What did you do?" "I just said, 'I see you there, Mr Adams.

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Do you like what you see? Why don't you come and finish me off?' He seemed uncertain, so I tried again. 'Come on in. There's nobody else around. I won't bite… unless you want me to.' He hesitated a few seconds longer, and then waded right in. My back was to him at that point, but I heard him splashing toward me. He reached round with those big arms of his, placed one on my belly, and the other on my pussy, and his fingers felt so good that I just surrendered to him.

They are all callused, so he has much more friction than I do, but even aside from that, just the fact that it was someone else touching me was a real thrill. "I leaned backward and rested my back against his chest for a while, letting him rub and caress me. I wanted more though, so I reached back and grabbed the waistband of his shorts. I didn't want to move too much and dislodge his fantastic fingers, but the prospect of the next stage was really enticing me, so I yanked downwards and his shorts and underwear dropped.

The feeling of his meat springing out and pressing against my spine was so intriguing, I just had to turn around and get a look. "Was it big?" I asked, trying to imagine the burly PE teacher unclothed. Kirsty nodded, smiling widely, eyes huge and glistening. "Oh yeah. I think I even gasped when I saw it.

Then he lifted me up bodily, pushed me against the tiled wall, and planted me down onto the end of his shaft. The feeling of it sliding in, spreading my pussy wide was just… first time verging fucking girl. Just wow.

"And say what you like about him, he's properly strong. I think he spends a lot of time in the school gym outside class-times. My feet weren't even touching the floor, so I wrapped them around his waist and started moving my hips. I tried to help, but he really did most of the work. He just grabbed my bum and his powerful arms raised and lowered me, while his hips petite latina rides on a big boner cumshot and teen. I don't know anyone our age who could have kept that kind of exertion up, but he kept going for minute after minute, while I encouraged him, telling him to fuck me, fill my cunt, and how great it felt.

He really seemed to like that, and he panted along too, telling me how fine and tight I was, how fucking sexy I looked, and how much he wanted to fill me with his jizz. "'Do it!' I said. 'Spunk inside me!' And he did.

He planted his lips on mine and stuck his tongue down my throat, then I felt his knob pulsing, and I knew he was cumming. It was so hot that I came too, right then. Oh God, that was fucking brilliant." Her story had seriously aroused me, and I could tell that she was feeling it too. Both of us knew that we were ready to go again, but first I wanted to clear up one thing.

"This was all in the showers, right? So didn't his semen wash off? Why was it that I could still taste it?" "Oh, it did. What you tasted wasn't that ejaculation, it was the next one. We got out of the shower, towelled each other off, and I started to put my clothes back on. I was just bending over to get something from my gostosa fica com a boca toda melada curta yousexsite no facebook, when I felt him behind me.

'I can't resist you,' he said, 'and I don't know when I am going to get another opportunity like this.' Then he lifted me up onto the bench, got me on my hands and knees, and slid into me from behind! "He rode me like a horse, pounding his dick into me, his balls slapping against my clit… Oh God, Rachel, yes, right there…" As she talked, I had seen her getting aroused at the julia ann my friend mom, and taken it upon myself to lick her across the line.

The thought of the P.E. teacher's shrivelled ball-sack impacting her smooth skin over and over again, right on the spot where my tongue was making its assault, should not have excited me anywhere as much as it did. "I tried to sit up, to get close to him again, but he pushed down on my back, leaving me almost flat on my front on the bench. I suppose he liked the full stretched out view of my nubile teenage curves, with my damp blonde hair waving back and forth with the rhythm of his fucking.

"His hands were all over me, rubbing my pussy lips and arsehole, grabbing my hips, stroking down my sides… Urgh… mauling my tits under my shirt.

Ugh, yeah. I was about to cry out at the end ooohhhh when he covered my mouth with his palm. I could… Yes, yes! I could smell my fresh pussy juice on his fingers!" She grabbed the back of my head. "And then he, he, OH FUCK Rachel, I'm cumming! I'm cumming again!" She didn't need to tell me, I could feel her vagina pulsing and clenching on my lips, pressed up against it, smearing my chin and cheeks with her orgasmic flow.

She fell backwards, and lay on her back, her glorious chest heaving like ocean waves. She was silent for a long while. "And then he spunked, and left me," she continued. "Just blasted my cervix with his sperm, pulled out, planted a kiss on the back of my neck, took a deep breath with his nose buried in my hair, and he was gone. I was still glowing from my orgasm. I must have lain there for a good 20 minutes in post-coital bliss, my arse in the air, jizz leaking from my labia and cooling in the air, my shirt half-buttoned and bunched under my armpits.

If anyone had wandered in, they would have got quite a sight. I almost wish they had: I hear people pay a lot for shots like that of teenage girls like us, and it might have been nice to give someone a gift like that, at no cost to me." I genuinely could not tell for sure whether she was joking.

"Then I realized the time, gathered my stuff and came straight here."