My sister night sex sex stories amazing

My sister night sex sex stories amazing
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"Come on. We don't have to make out. It's just a small kiss. I want to try it out." I sigh and look at my best friend since 4th grade. She was gorgeous, brown hair, brown eyes, white smile. She was straight. Me? I was gay. She knows this.

We were in the middle of a sleepover when she had brought up kissing a girl. I've had a crush on her since I realized I liked girls. Once I told her, she was accepting and caring.

But she didn't realize all I wanted to do was kiss her. Now, we're 18 and she wanted to kiss teen aelxis rodriguez fucks johnny sins pornstars and big butt. She sat cross legged across from me in her short pajama shorts and a spaghetti strap cami on her bed.

I bite my lip and sigh. "I don't know Meg. Your-your my best friend. If I kiss you." She cuts me off with a hand on my knee.

Her fingers drifting under my basketball shorts for a moment. She scoots closer and my heart beats a little faster. My eyes flicker to her lips as she shoots me a small smile. "Listen Sammy. It's just one kiss. We'll always be best friends. Nothing will change that. I promise." I let out a sigh as she uses my nickname. I look up to her eyes and shoot her a playful smile. Making my decision. "Okay. But I'm a good kisser. Don't be offended if I have to push you off of me." She laughs and nods her head.

"I promise I won't be." I smile and raise my hand up to her cheek. Her smile fades and she licks her lips. That was hot. I lean in. I press my lips to hers and I hear her let out a soft gasp.

It took all I had not to let out the same gasp. Thank god I didn't say no to kissing her. I mean just look at what I would've been missing!

I kiss her a little harder and she moans so quietly, I could barely hear it. I move my other hand up to her other cheek and tease her by moving my tongue across her bottom lip. She parts her lips for my tongue but I kiss her one last time and pull away.

She opens her eyes slowly. I'm surprised by the look in her eyes; hunger. Pure hunger. I shake off the look she was giving me and give her another playful smile. "So, you thinking about switching te-" She leans forward and kisses me hard. I let out a surprised gasp and she pushes me back against the headboard of her bed. She moves her hands to my face and pulls me deeper into the kiss. This was a different kiss.

This kiss felt loving yet filled with lust. I moan softly and run my hands down her back. She shivers and climbs on top of my lap. What were we doing? I said one kiss and now we were making out and she was sitting on top of me?

And very effectively turning me on, I must add. I move my hands to her shoulders and reluctantly push her back. We definitely needed to talk about this. I break the kiss and we both pant for breath. She avoids looking me in the eye. "Meg.what." She moves off of me and shakes her head. "I-I'm sorry. I don't know.Sam, I." She furrows her brow in confusion and I try to calm her down. "I told you I'd have to push you off of me." I say with a nervous laugh. She looks up at me for the first time after the kiss.

"Sam. I need to tell you something. Please, don't freak out." I shake my head and grab her hand. I smile at her. "Have I ever freaked out on you before Meg? Just tell me." She smiles and looks at my lips then back up to my eyes. She shoots me the cutest smile. "I.I am in love with you. I've loved you since Freshman year Sam. I didn't know how to tell you and I made this plan tonight to kiss you and when I did it felt like my whole world was falling into place that I just had to do it again.Sam, say something." She says desperately.

She loved me? Love? I knew I liked her, I didn't know if I loved her. I wouldn't let myself love her. Not after all of these years telling myself that I couldn't, she's my best friend. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. She pulls her hand away with a panicked look on her face and gets up from the bed. "Oh god, I shouldn't have told you.

I knew you would freak out." She's adorable. I smile and laugh. She looks at me and frowns. "Why are you laughing?" I stand up and walk over to her. I grab her hips and pull her to me. She rests her hands on my arms. "Your the only one freaking out. Meg, I've had a crush on you since I realized I liked girls. And you loving me and wanting me to love you back?

I don't know how to do that because I told myself I couldn't because your my straight best friend." She smiles and wraps her arms around mother son xxx hot movi neck. "I don't think a straight best friend would kiss you like this, would they?" She leans forward and closes the distance between us. Her lips capture mine in a heated and needy kiss.

I moan softly and wrap my arms around her waist. I pick her up and make her smile into stunning blonde shows her ass and masturbates tube porn kiss. I set her back down and she breaks the kiss. I smile. "No, I guess a straight best friend would not kiss me like that." She smiles back and brushes a few strands of straight brown hair away from my blue eyes.

"I have wanted to kiss you since Freshman year Sammy, just like that." I smile and kiss her lightly. "Sorry to one up you babe but I have wanted to kiss you like that since 8th grade." I playfully joke.

She smiles and cups my cheek with one hand. "Babe. I like wankz slutty milf boss fucks her employee when you call me that." I smile and start to say something else but there's a knock on the door.

The door starts to open and we pull away from each other. "Girls?

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There's snacks downstairs if you want something to eat and feel free to raid the fridge for things to drink." Her mother says as she walks into the room. Megan smiles nervously. "Okay mom. Thanks." Her mom smiles curiously but backs out of the room, closing the door behind her.

I look back to Megan and she looks back juvenile beautiful chick teased by old crock me. I wanted her.

She was my best friend. But if she wanted me to then who was I to stop what would eventually happen anyway? She bites her lip as I walk over to her. I tuck a piece of hair behind her ear and let my fingers trace down the length of her neck to her chest. Her breathing quickens and she closes her eyes. I let my eyes rake over her body. Jesus, she was beautiful. I step closer to her and since I was slightly taller then her, I use my fingers to tilt her head up to mine.

I quickly lean down and claim her lips. She moans and kisses me back. I raise my other hand up to her cheek and caress her face softly. Her hand comes up to the hand that was now laying lightly on her neck and she moves it lower to her breast. I moan at the feel of her hard nipple poking through the thin tank top.

I gently cup and squeeze her breast. She moans and parts her lips. I slide my tongue in between her soft lips to be met with her own. I move forward and she walks backwards until her back hits the wall. She moans and moves her other hand from her cheek to her other breast. Mmm. She's demanding. Nonetheless I squeeze her breasts harder and kiss her more forcefully.

She groans and I move my hands lower to grip her shirt in my hands. I pull her shirt over her head, breaking the kiss. I toss her shirt to the floor and move my hands back to her breasts. She lets out a lustful groan and kisses me hard. I moan and my hands are forced above me as she pulls my shirt roughly above my head. Revealing my black sports bra and breaking the kiss.

I smile at her and grab her by the waistband. I whisper to her in between kisses. "Your not.trying to top me.are you. sweet cheeks?" She smiles and moves me back until my legs hit the bed. She pushes me back and I fall on the bed. I smile up at her as she climbs on top of me.

She smiles back and leans down to me. "What do you think?" I moan as she kisses me slowly. I run my hands down to her ass and squeeze roughly.

She moans and I slide my hands into her short shorts and gently knead the soft flesh. She lets out a louder moan and breaks the kiss. "I want you, Sammy." She whispers against my lips. I whimper and start to pull down her shorts then slide my hands out of the soft cloth and run my hands over her back.

"I want you too, Meg.let me have you. Let me take you." A small smirk appears on her lips and I roll us over so I am on top now. "Have me Sammy." I sit back and pull down her shorts. Making sure to look into her eyes to check if she was sure about this. All I saw was lust and want. I toss the shorts to the floor and move up so I'm hovering above her. It takes all I have not to jump her right there when all she has on is a lacy red bra and lacy red panties.

I bite my lip and breathe hard. She lifts her hand up to my face and runs her thumb across my bottom lip. She whispers to me. "Take off your shorts." She drops her hand from my face and I start to take off my basketball shorts. Once they are on the floor she runs her hands down my sides to my boxer shorts.

She starts to pull them down but I stop her with a smile. "Nuh uh. You won't touch me for a while. I've waited most of my life for you, I'm going to spend this night." I lean down and kiss her neck. She moans and runs her hands up my back. "Simply.pleasing you." She gasps as I bite the tender skin of her shoulder. I pull the straps of her bra down her arms and kiss down her chest. I lick the valley between her breasts to make her arch her back.

I reach underneath her and unsnap her bra. I pull the bra down her arms and throw it to the side. I sit up and my heart beats louder as I see her breasts. Her boobs were bigger than mine and had delicious dark pink nipples to go with her tan skin. The breasts I've deviously sneaked glances at.

I blowjob heroes of the storm first time charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes a hand to her stomach and slowly make my way up to her right breast. She trembles under my touch and closes girls out west squirting hairy lesbian pussies eyes.

I sigh as I cup her breasts and quickly move my other hand to her left breast. She whimpers and arches up to my hands. I groan in lust and crash my lips down on hers. She moans deeply but I break the kiss to lower my mouth to her erect nipple. She gasps and puts her hand on my head.

I groan and flick her nipple with my tongue. She moans loudly as I lightly pinch her nipple. "Sammy." I smile. I love it when she says my name like that. I move to her other breast and hear her moan again.

"You have to stay quiet." She nods her head and bites her lip. I kiss down her stomach and she sucks in a breath. Her smell intoxicating me. I trace my tongue across the top of her panties and she shivers. I move my tongue to the crease in between her left thigh and her pussy. I take a long lick of the skin and she moans softly. I switch to the opposite side of her thigh and give her skin another long lick.

"Please Sammy. I can't wait any longer." She breathes out. I look up at her and slide an arm under her thigh. I move my other hand up to her pussy and trace the outline of her pussy lips with two fingers. She moans deeply and I smirk. "Tell me you want me. Tell me you need me. I want to hear you say it, Meg." She licks her lips and tells me exactly what I want to hear.

No, what she wants me to hear. "I need you Sam. I need your lips on me.

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Your tongue. Your hands. Your body. All of you. Please Sammy, don't make me wait. Make me yours." She says so desperately auf den geschmak gekommen amateurs porn woxokcom. I groan at her words and immediately pull her panties down her legs.

I lean down and take her clit into my mouth. She gasps and pulls away slightly. But I know that is only because she has been sex priyanka chopra xstorys com so many times and that she is insecure.

I don't let her run away and I bring her closer. I suck lightly on her clit then let it slip through my lips. I caress her wet pussy lips with my warm tongue and I feel her relax slightly. Good. Now I could give her the pleasure I knew I was capable of.

I lick her slowly yet firmly. Eliciting a small whimper from her. I know she wanted me to be rough, fast, hard but I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to take my time to appreciate her gorgeous body. None of her boyfriends have treated her the way I can and will treat her. From here on out, she is mine. My lover, my girlfriend, my best friend. And I will give hell to anyone who lands a harming hand on her.

She's had too many rough patches. Now, I was going to give her a good one. I move my tongue slowly up and down her slit. Gently fluttering my tongue against her clit occasionally and earning a muffled moan. I glance up to see her head turned and buried into her plush pillow to restrain all of the involuntary moans.

I wrap my arms around her thighs and push my tongue as far into her entrance as I can. She gasps then let's out a ragged moan into the pillow. I slide my tongue out and quickly flick her clit.

She moans and arches her back. I knew I was good at eating a girl out but I have never made a girl cum as fast as Megan did. She suddenly reaches down to my head and holds me there as she arches her back and I send her into a world of pleasure. She muffles her moans with the pillow she has been using. I decide to send her into another orgasm and start to suck on her clit.

She lets out a high pitched moan that misses the pillow and I'm sure can be heard through the door and possibly downstairs but I don't stop. She quickly turns her head again and moans loudly into the pillow as she shakes and trembles in another orgasm.

I moan into her pussy and stop my sucking as she comes down from cloud nine. She lets her hand fall limply to the bed and I come up from in between her legs. I pant for breath and sit back on my heels. She reaches between her legs and slowly and gently rubs her clit until she fully comes down. I lean down and kiss her sweat touched skin softly, making sure to place a virgin rough deflowering punishment party kiss on her clit then up her body to each nipple.

I kiss her neck and cheek lightly until I hear a small moan come from her parted lips. I smile and give her a quick kiss on the lips. I roll off of her to lay next to her on my back. She reaches down and slides her hand on my thigh. I breathe sex old men with black guy six mms com a sharp intake of breath and look to her. I find that big white smile staring at me and I can't help but smile a little myself.

She bites her lip sexily and moves her hand to cup my mound. I let out a small moan at her touch and stare into her again desireful eyes. She looks down to her hand and moves her fingers softly over the slit in my boxer shorts.

I let out a soft gasp and close my eyes. She all of the sudden climbs on top of me, never stopping her hand which is now reaching in between her legs to fondle my pussy and her other hand pressing against her bed next to my head. I moan again and slide my hands up her thighs to rest on her hips. She moves her hands from my pussy up my abs to my sports bra. She cups my breasts through the fabric and I moan.

She uses her other hand to do the same. I arch my back and dig my fingers into her hips, eliciting a quiet moan from her. She leans down and buries her head in the crook of my neck. She whispers against my skin sfer leaving a small kiss on my skin. "You made me cum so hard. Twice. I can't wait to make you do the same." I shiver at her dirty talk. I never thought I'd hear words like that come from those lips.

Her tongue runs down the length of my neck to stop with a kiss at the top of my left breast. I let out a long shaky moan. She slips her fingers underneath my sports bra and starts to pull upwards. Forcing my hands reluctantly away from her body and above my head.

Once the bra is over my head she leans down and crashes our lips together. I moan deeply into her mouth as her tongue pushes past my lips. I try to pull my arms out of my bra to touch her put she holds my hands hostage above me with my bra acting like restraints. I groan. I did like a girl who could be a little rough. She smirks against my lips and runs her free hand to my breast.

She cups my breast and pinches the nipple lightly. I moan and kiss her harder. She pinches my nipple harder and I moan louder. The heat gathering between my legs getting hotter. She can feel it too because she lets go of my "bra restraints" and uses her hand to cup my mound again. I moan softly. And she breaks our kiss to whisper to me again. Her hot breath washing over my ear. "Don't move your hands." I smile and shiver at her order. Let's be honest. It was an order. She kisses down my neck and takes my breast in her mouth.

I moan and bite my lip. She moves her mouth to a little bit below my nipple and bites the tender skin. I gasp and arch my back. She was most definitely giving me a small mark on my breast.

I moan and she trails her tongue down my stomach. She kisses my stomach right above my boxer shorts. "You might want to grab a pillow." She whispers.

She pulls down my boxer shorts and kisses every bit of skin revealed. I moan pretty loudly and smile. I guess I do need a pillow. I'll admit it, I'm a screamer. I reach to the pillow she had her face in just a few moments ago and turn my head just in time as I let out a moan. She smiles up at me, a devilish smile. She had sucked on my clit hard and fast then let it slip from her lips.

I gulp and look down at her. She was beautiful between my legs. I bite my lip and she goes back down on me. I throw my head back in pleasure as she licks my clit firmly. I buck my pussy against her tongue, putting more pressure on my clit. I groan and she flicks my clit.

Again and again. Pushing me closer and closer to the edge faster then I thought I could be brought to an orgasm. I'm gasping and panting for breath. Has she done this before? If I didn't know better I would say there was a very mature sapphic lesbian between my legs right now. My hand grips the bed sheets tightly and my moan gets muffled in the pillow as she thrusts her tongue as deep as she can into my pussy.

Oh god. I was definitely close. She moves back to my clit and does exactly what will set me off. She sucks my clit, she sucks it hard.

I hold back as much of my scream as I can when I reach my orgasm. My back arches to it's highest point and I quiver in pleasure. I ride out my orgasm as she slowly releases my clit.

Once it is free from her lips I sigh and again pant for breath. Damn, this girl has a talented tongue. She kisses my thighs lightly then moves back up my body, leaving soft kisses in her wake. She kisses my lips lightly and I finally open my eyes to meet with her loving brown ones. I wrap my arms around her back and move her down to the mattress so we are laying on our sides facing each other.

She cups my face and kisses softly. With care and love. I love her. I know that now. I kiss her for a second longer then pull away to look into those sweet asian pov hot slut sucks on cock brown eyes. "I love you too." She smiles and brings me into another kiss.

I kiss her back and pull her closer to me. She breaks the kiss and rests her forehead against mine. "Don't hurt me Sammy. Commit to me. Be mine." I smile. I've always had a "commitment problem" as she likes to say.

But she doesn't know that my commitment problem was because of her. I couldn't ever forget about her. She is always on my mind. I wouldn't want it any other way. I tuck a piece of her loose curly brown hair behind her ear. "Baby, I couldn't commit to anyone because the only person I wanted to commit to is you, Meg.

So, you. You don't hurt me. You commit to me. Be mine." She lets out a sigh of relief and chuckles lightly. "You got it, Sammy." She quickly pulls me into another kiss. I moan and she rolls on top of me. She breaks the kiss and kisses down my neck then my stomach. I gasp at her fast pace.

"Meg." It comes out more as a moan then anything. She nips at the ticklish skin of side, making me moan yet squirm from her teeth. She kisses back up my body and flicks her tongue over my nipple.

I groan. This girl, my girl, was driving me completely insane. She kisses up my neck to my ear and whispers to me huskily. "I can't believe you thought we were done." My eyes roll back in my head as she nips, sucks and licks at my neck.

I'm sure she is leaving another mark. She moves a hand in between us to my pussy and runs her fingers up and down my wet pussy lips. I moan and move my hand to grab her hair and pull her away from my neck and kiss her hard. She moans into the kiss and we are sent into a flurry of legs, fingers, tongues and teeth.

I got my girl.