Girl with small tits reveals her body

Girl with small tits reveals her body
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This isn't me. Unless you think of her as a huge exageration of me. Nor does it describe my life style. But there's been so many comments about my tits that I thought I'd write a story about a girl who really has a topless beach teens voyeur hd video spy with big tits she hates so much she calls them "puddles".

Otherwise she's pretty sexy. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- My Boyfriend --------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a problem, big flabby tits. When I was younger and better looking I thought for a while I could be a little choosey about my bed partners. I thought then, and still do, that guys who like girls with small shapely breasts have a healthy mature attitude about the female body.

While guys who go ga-ga over big but ulgy tits are just infantile. So where does this put me? Well, today I just take what I can get. I tell people over the internet that I'm twenty-four but I'm actually older. Nor do I really have a boyfriend.

I do have a lover, or at least a guy I go to bed with. But it's hard to call "Ralph" a boy since he's more than ten years my senior. And I can't tell anyone he's "my" boyfriend because he's married, has three kids, and a beautiful wife.

He's not quite my boss because I don't work for him directly. I have this job which requires that I be available at a workstation during business hours. It doesn't pay well, but most of the time I don't have anything to do either. I can surf the net when there's no call coming in.

Or I can do e-mail, that kind of stuff. I like to write and have started posting stuff on this porn site "xnxx". Ralph has this problem with his wife. After her third childbirth, she turned to abstinance for birth control. So one day I admitted I hadn't had a boyfriend or gotten laid in several years and he took the bait. I'm not very pretty and my tits are too big and very floppy.

But I guess guys like sticking their dicks inside me as much as I like them doing it. Some of them seem to like playing with the puddles I call tits. Some of them. The more discerning guys let me keep my bra on when they're fucking me. I hate my tits and privately think there's something wrong with guys who don't agree with me. At least Ralph likes for me to keep them well supported. Of course, since we can't let anyone know about our relationship, Ralph can't take me out anywhere.

All he ever does is come to my apartment after work, fuck twistys brook little starring at more than and still get to his home only a little later than usual, which varies a lot anyway. If his wife suspects anything she's probably happy with the arrangement.

I'm the one who should be pissed. But I'm so hard up for dick I'll take it any way I can get it. Our first time is about the only encounter worth remembering. The others have all been repeats, except for my nervousness. I'm not nervous any more. When I'm expecting him I just wait calmly, naked, on my bed with the door to my one room apartment closed but not locked. He doesn't knock. But when I hear him turning the knob I usually have enough time to scramble into the doggie position, so that when he first sees me I'm bent over on the bed, legs apart, crotch wide open.

I don't even look at him so all he sees is my ass, with my wide open, ready orifices. He likes me to lube myself before he arrives. Actually, my ass is my best feature which doesn't say all that much for the rest of me. The whole thing is very demeaning which is maybe why I like it so much. I decided long ago that prince charming was never going to come rescue this sleeping beauty, and I need to get my kicks anyway I can.

Letting guys kick me around is one way I can get a few kicks. The first time we hadn't yet established our easy, satisfying and rather quick routine.

I was the first mascochist lover he'd ever had. But he quickly discovered that he could enjoy his role. Of course, I left work right on time, he about ten minutes later.

He wasted about five minutes finding my apartment so I was on pins for about fifteen minutes. I was afraid, especially the last five minutes when he was overdue, that he was going to chicken out. But finally the doorbell rang. This time the door was locked and I let him in. You can't easily fuck with your clothes on. And I like being naked with just the bra, so I made it possible for him to quickly undress me.

Actually, with a bra on people assume I have big pretty tits. I tried to warn him, but he really wanted to see them. He didn't quite embarress me to the extreme by making me put it back on, but in the future he wouldn't argue with my first suggestion.

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Ralph is nice in that way. He'll make me do all sorts of disgusting things once I've suggested them. But he doesn't say anything about my pathetic jugs. I mean I actually love doing shitty things like sticking my tongue in his asshole while he calls me words that describe accurately what I am. "Shit eating ass licking slut" for starters. Cock sucker, bitch, whatever. But if he mentions my mounds at all, he tries to sound nice. Since there's not much he can say nice that sounds realistic he's learned to just avoid the topic.

When Ralph got there I was wearing a sundress and a bra, but nothing else. I don't have much of a figure, and guys don't go ga-ga slipping my panties off the way they would disrobing some slim young chickie with a swelvet body. My legs aren't bad, but Ralph wasn't going to get a thrill or spend any time admiring them with me in nylons and high heels.

Anyway, he'd already done that a lot at work. That's how come he was here. The sundress didn't look bad on me. But it's best feature was that it took about one second to get it off. The real problem was getting him undressed.

I didn't know whether it was better to let him see me naked first or start in on his dick with the dress still on.

Better to let him keep his illusions a bit longer, I decided, so as soon as he closed the door I dropped down to my knees, unzipped his japanese babe in tight pants with a dildo and fished out his member.

It wasn't big yet.

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At that point it never is, at least not when I'm the woman about to get fucked. I knew I really wouldn't have any idea how big he was going to get until I got him there. But I love sucking cock so this was a win-win situation. I don't know if size matters. I don't get big cocks, so I can't really judge. The big studs probably know they can do better than me so only average guys hit on me. Or should I say, let me hit on them. Ralph grew to about six inches in length and about one and a half inches in diameter.

I didn't even have to look to know his dimensions. My throat is experienced and has a good memory. This was about as big as I'd ever had, so I knew I was going to love Ralph's dick inside me, hopefully both places if he was into anal.

Most guys, even one's who've never done it, discover they love anal sex when I show them how nice it felt to be inside my fanny.

I think I started doing it because it made it easier to get lovers. But somewhere along the way I discovered I'd learned to love it even more than pussy fucking. And that's saying something because I love feeling a man inside my cunt. I love it when he's gentle. I love it when he slamming in me, bruising my lips with his pelvic bone. I love it when he's rubbing my clit beforehand and even more while he's shafting me.

I may not be the world most georgeous female. But the sensitivity of my vaginal nerve endings are world class. Sometimes I orgasm the first time a guy licks my labia. I love having orgasms. I think they even make my life a joy. Ralph's wife may be beautiful, have three kids, status, a nice house and all.

But she's never had an orgasm. I'd rather be me! Liking anal sex isn't unusual for masochistic women. Even some women who don't like being hurt still like the feel of a dick up their heinie. Of course, I had to eventually explain to Ralph that I liked being spanked and stuff as long as he didn't leave marks.

After that things got pretty good. I might like it if he smacked me a little harder than he does. But he does ok. Anyway, this pain thing is more in my head than anywhere else. I don't like pain except when it's being inflicted by a man who's fucking me. No tattoos, not even nipple piercing or that kind of stuff. I think the only way I'd enjoy having holes punched through my nips would be if a guy was doing it while another guy was fucking me.

While I was sucking Ralph's manhood into a respectible tool, I undid his pants and stripped him from the waist down. I even got his shoes off without letting his penis excape my lips. I'm just talented. Ralph, meanwhile got his shirt off. When your whole apartment is just a bedroom with a cooking area and sitting area, there's no need to move to the bedroom.

My dress disappeared in the one second as advertised, and the only thing I really wanted to know was, did he want me face up or down? But then he had the misunderstanding about my bra, insisted and learned what all my lovers learned about my worst feature. He had the decency to squeeze them a little, and I have to admit it feels nice for me if I keep my eyes shut and don't look at them. Normally, with my bra on, Ralph likes fucking me a little in the face up position after he's done me doggie style for a time.

This first time he made no objection when I assumed the face down position, my legs sticking off the end of the bed, my puddles pressed into the mattress and hidden. He had no objection to me remaining tiny lucy klein gets validation for being tiny that position while he used me to work off several years of frustration for both of us. When he was done with me, his cume safely inside my rectum, he was facing away, getting dressed while I slipped quickly back into my bra without him seeing me do it.

When he turned around seeing me lesbian interracial naomi banxxx amp khloe kush still naked but safely supported, he actually smiled.

I think he found the rest of me attractive. I hate weekends because Ralph only fucks me on weekdays. I always leave on time. But you can bet that every time he leaves only a few minutes later he won't be going straight home.

Twice we've done it five times in five days. He says I'm the sexiest woman he knows. Fortunately he doesn't try to pretend I'm pretty. Sexy I can sort of believe.