Eternal source of squirt she goes insane

Eternal source of squirt she goes insane
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I first met Emma at my oldest friend Jerrys birthday party the previous Friday, See for the story of that meeting and consider it part 1 to this adventure.

Now it's Monday and a public holiday, I'd invited Emma over for a barbecue because she seemed eager to have some fun with my boyfriend. Paul was in the back garden firing up the charcoal when Emma arrived.

I rushed out to meet her and held the car door open. Her long and slender, tanned legs emerged. Wearing lemon yellow high heeled shoes and a matching short dress she looked so elegant and very sexy.

She stood, held out a hand and took mine, pulled me towards her and we kissed. Her tongue pushed between my lips, probing my mouth. One hand snaked around my waist while the other slid down the front of my stomach. I pulled her lithe, warm body to mine and our kiss deepened, became more passionate. A long minute later we broke apart and I invited her into the house and meet Paul.

We turned to walk up the drive, Paul was standing at the doorway, watching. He came striding towards us with a beaming smile of welcome on his expressive face, his eyes glittering with a powerful lust. Emma stopped in her tracks, tugged me towards her and whispered in my ear "he's black" I was stunned, surely she's not racist, if she starts getting funny with him, she's out of here faster than a kick in the ass can carry her.

I snapped "Yes he is… and he's my boyfriend". "I've never been with a black guy, is it true what they say?" she whispered. "Ask him. Emma, this is Paul, Paul, meet Emma. Emma wants to ask you a question" "Oh…" She stuttered, suddenly coy and shy, her ears and cheeks rapidly turning red with embarrassment just like Friday night when the crowd of partygoers applauded our antics.

"Err… hello Paul, err…what I…look, oh I'm sorry, I've never actually err&hellip. Paul responded in his easy going 'doctors group of beauties get nailed pornstar and hardcore, "I don't bite…Unless you want me to, what was it you wanted to know?" She looked him in the eye and blurted out "Is it true that black men have huge dicks?" As Paul was replying he was pulling down his zip "I don't really know, I guess there are some big, some small" at this point he flipped his magnificent circumcised member from his trousers and continued "and some an average ten inches like this".

I gave him a sidelong glance and thought 'I've told you fifty millions times not to exaggerate, you know damn well that it's only just over nine and three quarters on a good day' Paul has a way of inviting people to look deeply into his eyes when he speaks with them.

In the sight of a erotic sweetie is gaping narrowed cunt in closeup and coming panties smooth girl, his eyes sparkle with desire. Girls usually take it as an inviting and comforting warmth and are drawn into his eyes so Emma was looking in exactly the wrong place. The sudden movement of his hand and dick flopping out of his trousers drew her attention downwards.

"Oh my God!" she screamed like an over excited schoolgirl, she looked at me. "It's huge, can I touch it?" She knelt and took Pauls magnificent weapon in hand before I could say "Don't ask me, ask Paul".

I was very relieved. The sudden burst of anger she had caused evaporated in that instant Emma crouched in front of my boyfriend looking up into his eyes while she held his shaft in one hand and rubbed the glans with the other.

Paul instantly reacted and within seconds he was erect. Holding his shaft upright she began running her tongue from where his dick emerged from his trousers right up the tip, she swirled her tongue for a second or two and then back down. This was happening out on the front garden, my place is pretty secluded but there is a little traffic passes and I could hear a car labouring up the hill, I said.

"Now you've been introduced I think we should go inside before you draw an audience". "Oh, yes, sorry" Emma looked around and realised where she was, another flush of embarrassment, perhaps memories of last Friday again and the crowd that gathered to watch us, she stood up.

"Spoil sport" Paul reproached. As we walked into the house, I notice that Paul had not put his dick away and the car was pulling smoking fetish vanessa giving smoking lessons xhamster com tube porn my driveway. "Nice out, isn't it Paul?

Put it away before everyone sees it" He looked over his shoulder, "It's Lissa and Ahmeed, shouldn't have used Lissas car, your hill's too steep for it". He waved them to come on in. There was another round of (less intimate) introduction. I though Emma, being bi, would be smitten with Lissa who is a very pretty Vietnamese woman with a slim waist and nicely rounded curves in exactly the right places, long, (almost to her waist) flowing smooth jet black hair and sexy as sin, Pauls ex girlfriend, currently with Ahmeed and also bi-sexual.

But Emma seemed to be fascinated by Ahmeed, she was obviously undressing him in her minds eye. He is big, intimidating, very well muscled, with broad shoulders and a fairly slim waist, and with bulging, rippling biceps that his tight T-shirt only accentuated, perhaps sculptured would be a more accurate description. He has the most wonderful patterns of interwoven tribal markings on his cheeks, arms, chest and back that just beg to be traced with delicate fingers. His face can only be described as pure African, with a broad nose and very thick lips.

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His head is shaved and his skin is a deep (almost blue) black. His voice a deep and gentle rumble with a heavy mid African accent. Oh and Emma does not know this yet but he has the most enormous penis I have ever seen, and I've seen a few big dicks. Paul is not small by any means but Ahmeed is at least twice as thick and a good mouthful longer.

Lissa took Emma by the hand, "Don' worry 'bout 'im" she said "'e 'ere only to show off muscle, 'e look good on my arm, maybe later 'e look good on you". She chuckled as she led Emma through to the patio. Paul said "So that's who helped you collect all that charity money on Friday", he grinned a mischievous grin "she's beautiful, gorgeous, corn blond, honey skin with the body and legs of Jade Hsu, hmmm, nice, you really know how to choose a girl for me (laugh).

She looks late teens, are you sure she's 20?" I grinned as I answered, "That's what she said and Jerry confirmed it", I was smiling because Jade Hsu is Pauls dream girl, more than once we have been fucking and he uttered her name, much to the amusement of both of us.

"Ohhh Jade" I mimicked, we both burst out laughing. Ahmeed stared at us, at a loss to know what was so funny, he growled "I had no breakfast so can we eat first, hope you've got a whole cow cooking". We went out into the garden to see how the charcoal was coming on… …After plenty of good charcoal broiled food and cold juice… (Sorry, no alcohol, I don't object to people having a drink it's just that I like to be in full control of my faculties and I don't see the point mom punishes playfellows daughter bondage she tongues the jism out of the doctors ass pickling my brain cells and liver so it's something that I never think about buying in.

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I suppose it makes me a bad hostess but my visitors never complain.) …While the guys where tidying up, taking the used plates into the kitchen, Lissa, Emma and I decided to put on a show for their entertainment. We played it cool until they had finished their chores, returned to the garden and made themselves comfortable.

I stood, followed by the other two girls. We flaunted ourselves in front of them, stroking our bodies, offering our breasts to them and slowly, enticingly we began to strip. None of us had much in the way of clothes to remove anyway and apart from Lissas split silk dress the tight summer clothing was not designed for taking off seductively so it was a task for all of us to make our striptease exciting. Naked except for our shoes Lissa and I turned to Emma and began to caress her.

We fondled her small, firm breasts, stroked our hands over her slender body, thighs, buttocks and that mound of corn blond hair. We licked and kissed her neck, shoulders, breasts and belly. We worshipped her body with ours. Slowly we eased her over to lie on the grass. I kissed Emma on the lips, massaged and kneaded her breasts, rubbed her nipples between my fingers until they were hard and erect.

I took a nipple between my lips and sucked and nibbled until she gasped then moved my hand down to her sex and felt Lissa nuzzling between her legs. I opened my eyes to see that Lissa was working wonders with her tongue on Emmas clitoris. I pulled away from Emma and shuffled round to straddle her head then lowered myself to her mouth.

Emma eagerly began to lick me, flicking her tongue up and down parting my labia then pushed her tongue into me, clamping her wide open mouth to me and sucking. Lissa swung around without taking her head from between Emmas legs, lifted a leg over Emmas body and pushed herself up to meet me. I folded my arms around her legs, leaned forward and began to eat Lissas juicy cunt, gently nibbling her labia and pushing my tongue inside her, she was open and very wet, I could taste semen, she'd already fucked Ahmeed today.

That was how we all came, Lissa eating Emma. Emma eating me and I was eating Lissa. It started with Emma stiffening and then arching her back, which pushed Lissa harder into my face. Lissa began to shudder just as Emmas probing tongue brought a wave of pleasure flooding through me. I stood up and looked towards the guys. Both were reclined on the garden loungers and watching with rapt attention, rock hard dicks in their black babe plays with her wand amateur toys. As I moved away, I heard Emma say "my God, he's enorm&hellip." as Lissa lowered herself onto Emmas mouth, Emma began to slurp Lissas sopping pussy.

I walked over to Paul and kissed him with my wet lips, then turned and lifted a leg over him and lowered myself onto his hard shaft. I dropped onto his perfect penis until I sat on his pubic bone, his steel hard member filling me. I leaned to one side and took Ahmeeds monster dick in my left hand and gently stroked as we watched Emma and Lissa perform.

Ahmeed rose and began to move towards them, Lissa shooed him away, indicating with her fingers that Emma was too tight for his enormous penis then she waved Paul over. Reluctantly I got off him, considered dropping myself onto Ahmeed and decided it could be a good idea.

Lissa reached across to a cushion, she pulled Emmas ass up and slipped the cushion underneath her. Then she sat sweet honey gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore so her cunt and ass were now completely covering Emmas mouth and nose. She inched herself back and forward over Emmas face searching for the position that would give her total domination and control over Emmas breathing.

Lissa had done this to me before so I know how frighteningly erotic it is only being allowed to breathe at Lissas whim. As I stretched myself over Ahmeeds enormous unyielding dick and began to force him into me, I lowered myself, wincing and savouring every inch until he was just pushing on my cervix.

He groaned, I balanced myself, my legs astride the lounger, hands on his thighs and settled to watch my boyfriend fuck this beautiful girl. Paul was kneeling between Emmas legs, he gently spread her lips and rubbed the tip of his dick up and down her slit.

He positioned the head of his dick at the opening to her vagina, inserting just the very tip and he waited. Sure enough Emma soon began to struggle, to fight for breath. Lissa allowed Emma to take in a breath of much needed air, at the same instant Paul plunged his length deep gratifying a lusty chap smalltits and hardcore Emmas tight vagina.

His flesh slapped on hers and Emma stiffened and began to squeal. Lissa dropped onto her face stopping the squeal of pain before it really started. She struggled, she thrashed her arms and legs and she bucked her ass, she twisted her body. With Lissa sitting on her face and pinning her arms to the ground and Pauls big dick impaling her, his hands tightly gripping her waist she began to accept the invasion of her vagina and relaxed and Lissa rewarded her by letting her take another breath.

Paul had not made a move from that first thrust and was still buried to the balls in Emma flavoured cunt. An ecstatic look washed over his face as Emma clenched and relaxed her muscles, her stomach, buttock and thigh muscles hardening and relaxing and the tendons in at the top of her legs and behind her knees tensing and easing.

Each time she clenched Paul gasped or sighed. I don't know if she was trying to push him out or stimulate him but I do know that he loves this when I do it to him. It was obvious by the stupid faces he was pulling that if she kept clenching on his dick like that rockabilly asian gets a tit load third world media be filling her up with semen before she knows it.

Emma began to struggle for air but Lissa was having none of it, she stayed put, blocking Emmas mouth and nose with her sopping cunt. She knows Paul at least as well as I do and she knew that he was on the verge of exploding. The more Emma struggled the tighter she squeezed on Pauls dick.

His body was rigid, leaning slightly backwards, pushing as hard and deep as he could, his face offered to the sky and contorted in a mask of bliss as her vagina gripped and squeezed him tighter and tighter.

His butt began to tremble then he jerked and let out a moan of pleasure as he shot deep into her cunt, with each spurt his ass tightened, he leaned further back, pushing deeper to plant his semen as deep as possible.

Her hips squirmed in time to his ejaculations as though her cunt was drinking him, sucking the semen from him. Just as his ejaculations were diminishing Lissa rose a little, Emma gulped air and her muscles relaxed, Paul shuddered and let out a long Ahhhh, his butt cheeks tightening as he shot another couple of spurts of hot semen into her welcoming vagina.

I could see by his expression that it was a good flood, as he shot, the contorted expression transformed to pure joy. Paul stayed pushed into her for a moment or two as Emma gasped for air, with each deep breath she took that look of ecstasy wrinkled Pauls face.

When her breathing steadied Paul began to withdraw, he pulled almost out then fucked up and down three or four times and then there sexy babes sexy helpers fucked hardcore bondage a sloppy plopping sound as he pulled completely out. "No, no, put it back, god I love your big thick dick in me, fuck me please Ahmeed" she managed before Lissa gagged her again. With Lissa covering her face she could not see whose dick she had just had in her, she obviously though that it was Ahmeed.

Well now she was amateur white chick gets fucked by black man for a real surprise because Ahmeed was pushing me off him so he could take Pauls place.

The smeared semen on Pauls beautiful chocolate shaft glistened in the sun. I pulled myself off Ahmeed so he could take his turn on Emma. I knelt on the grass, facing Emma and Lissa, spread my legs to that Paul could kneel behind me and fuck me while we both watched Ahmeed fuck Emma. Paul slid into my gaping cunt, my slack vagina enveloping him to his balls. Ahmeed has that effect, he's so big and thick and he stretches you so much that the muscles take a while to return. Paul pushed deep into me, pulling me onto him with his hands on my hips and slowly he moved inside me.

Ahmeed knelt between Emmas legs, took hold of her legs and swung them up for Lissa to hold. Lissa took each of the slim ankles and pushed them apart so that she had to lean slightly forward to get full spread of her arms. Ahmeed touched his monster to Emmas pussy and began to slowly push himself into her. Before the glans has disappeared there was a muffled screaming from the area of Lissas cunt. Emma writhed then went rigid as he began to stretch her wide, she was so tense that it looked like she could snap and the more she was stretched by that colossal dick the harder her muscles became.

Lissa let her get a breath of air and Ahmeed pushed at the same instant. Emma managed a gulping, scream ArrgGH… before Lissa stifled the sound. Just about every muscle in her body was screaming with rigidity. She was going to have real problems unless she relaxed.

He had three or four inches in her, she was stretched to the limit and squeezing with all he might to push that pain away from her, her body was trembling. Ahmeeds face was screwed into an evil mask of lust as the sensitive business end of his huge thick penis was gripped and crushed by tightening vagina walls. I pulled off Pauls dick and lay beside Emma, my face wedged between Lissa calf and ass cheek, my mouth close to Emmas ear.

"Relax, Emma, relax, I know it hurts, I know Ahmeed is big but if you relax it's easier. Emma, listen to me, relax, let him in, teacher and student xxx viedos fight it. Emma, are you listening" "Hnnnph" "Is that one humph for yes?" "Hnnnphhummhunph" Lissa allowed her some air. The weird humphing noises were Emma trying to chuckle.

The sound was abruptly shut off as Lissa sat on her face again. "Emma, relax and let him in, I know it hurts like hell at first but the pain soon goes and it's beautiful when the pain goes, try and relax, try and open for him, let him in, all the way in, you do want him don't you".

"Hnnnph" "One humph for yes?" Then I could hear a rhythmic squelching, the sound of a sloppy, semen impregnated vagina being vigorously fucked. I shuffled up on hands and knees and sure enough, Ahmeed was fucking nicely, using a good half of his dick, with each thrust he sank a little deeper. With each thrust Emma tensed and then relaxed. With each thrust the tension was less as she accepted that monstrous penis into her oh so tight but widening vagina.

And then he hit her cervix and she tensed up like a bow string. Now he didn't pull back but kept on pushing with a steady, invading pressure. Her body began to arch as though she was trying to push herself onto him, to force his dick into her womb. Two opposing forces with only one conclusion.

Lissa was intently watching that huge black shaft very slowly edge its way deeper, watching Emma lift herself off the cushion as she rose to meet him, to force aside the last obstacle separating pain and pleasure from marvellously excruciating ecstasy Lissa judged the moment exactly, in one swift movement she jumped up from Emmas face, pulled Emmas ankles down anal fucking for hot brunette in kitchen that she was almost bent double then let go.

Emma screamed a cry of pure anguish, her legs flew wide into the air as Ahmeeds enormous dick opened her cervix and penetrated her womb. A cold sweat broke out on Emmas face, breasts, stomach and thighs, goose bumps erupted over her body. As the scream died a look of elation turned her face into that of an angel, her body slumped into total submission.

The same thing happens to me when Ahmeed breaks through to my womb, it's the sudden giving way, the snapping, the opening, the accepting, the tension, the trashy treasures gets fucked in hardcore fashion, the unbearable pain and overwhelming joy that combines into a rush of ecstatic sensation that simply devastates the psyche.

Now she is his, forever. No man can ever hope to reproduce her physical and mental state at this moment. She will dream of this, at odd moments her mind will take walks on its own, reliving the first time her cervix opened to allow her womb to be caressed by the head of a gigantic penis. You always remember your first time. How can a woman take so much dick? I stared in fascination as Ahmeeds huge ebony shaft slid into Emma, her slim, flat stomach swelling as he drove in, her labia clinging tightly to the shaft as he withdrew.

Emma was beginning to realise just how intense the pleasure of a huge penis violating her womb could be. She began to cum, she shuddered and moaned, she panted with each of his thrusts, "yep, yep, yelp yelp, Yelp, Yelp, YELP" and exploded, "YEAHLLhhiiiieeeeeeeeee" then started the yelping again. I watched her cum four or five times and decided that I needed a dick in inside me again. I started to get up and, Shit! Lissa had Paul flat on his back, riding him.

Feeling slightly rejected I lay back on a lounger to the sound of stereo squelching and watched the action. Lissa riding my boyfriend like a broncho and Ahmeed powering his enormous dick deep into Emma, to coin a phrase "Where no man had gone before" Ahmeed rolled to his side and then pulled Emma on top of him.

She slowly rose and fell on him taking him at her own pace, savouring every inch of him. I knew what she was feeling the throb of the blood through his veins, every ridge and ripple in that enormous shaft as he pulled back. That exquisite sensation when the cervix follows the contours of the sulcus and corona, as it withdraws and the suction tugs on the walls of your stretched and abused vagina.

And just as your vagina feels hollow, so empty and your labia is beginning to feel a lessening of that tremendous stretching he begins to push into you, to open you again, forcing deeper and deeper, spreading you, stretching you, opening you beyond measure. And then that hard, deep purple glans is passing your cervix, it sexy blonde diana dali gets her twat drilled hard outdoors pornstars cumshot, more easily each time but each time that little death as the corona passes through.

There is no hope of ever willingly opening to meet him, every inch must be forced and the tremendous pressure and friction must be overcome.

Every fraction of an inch is the cause of absolute bliss, the source of an ecstasy so extreme that while Ahmeed is fucking you the entire universe spins in your stomach. Either Paul or Lissa had spotted that Emma was now on top because Paul moved to stand behind Emma. Ahmeed took her by the waist and pulled her to him. He started to kiss her, holding her tightly to him. Her ass was in the perfect position for Paul, he push his dick down to her and bent his legs.

He had eased the tip and a couple of inches of his dick into her tight ass before she responded, before the stimulation of her cunt was disturbed by another, alien sensation, before she realised that there was a dick in her ass and she froze. She turned her head in puzzlement, saw Paul and pushed an arm towards him, "Nooo, not there" she said, "it's not right" Ahmeed tightened his grip round her waist, his deep gravel voice whispered "Oh sweet Emma let this happen, you're a real woman, today you'll be a black mans woman, give yourself, give all of yourself".

He jerked himself into her, she gasped, and then he began to fuck her slowly and deep, whispering to her all the time. She lowered her hand, gave an almost imperceptible nod to Paul and turned back to Ahmeed and began to smother him with kisses. Paul pushed deeper into her ass, Emma bucked up to meet him and then rocked her pelvis up and down to fuck both the men. Every stroke brought Emma to orgasm, her body convulsed and quivered, she moaned in ecstasy, she sighed with pleasure, she screamed with pain, she was wild, her face a picture of perverted lust.

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Her muscles clenched, her buttocks gripped tightly to Pauls shaft, she reached back to his hips and pulled him deep into her ass as she pushed down onto Ahmeeds monster. With the two men embedded deeply into her she began to tremble, a vibration that centred on her lower body and spread through the rest of her, her perfectly tanned flesh rippling to the quivering of muscle beneath.

Her back arched up and she howled, a low moan rising in pitch and volume and pulsating with the tremble, higher and louder. She thrust herself harder onto Ahmeed and tugged on Pauls hips and the howl rose in volume then "Ohhhhh Fuuuuucccckkk".

She arched back, stayed ridged for a full minute or more and then collapsed, gasping onto Ahmeeds chest. After a few moments Paul started to fuck her ass again, Emma whimpered as he thrust in and out, full length into her ass, faster and faster and then he pulled out, his dick sprang up and shot pulse after pulse of thick white semen into the air. It splattered in long, glistening, pearly white trails and great blobs across Emmas back and shoulder blades, and in her golden hair.

When Paul moved away, Ahmeed rolled over, moving her unresisting and totally relaxed body beneath him. He tucked his enormous arms behind her calves, pulling her knees to her chest and began to fuck in earnest. It's a testament to the number and intensity of the orgasms that had racked Emmas body that she simply lay there completely spent, whimpering and sighing as Ahmeed huge manhood powered into her.

With each thrust his huge balls slammed into her ass with a continuous slap, slap, slap, slap. I could see that Emma was cuming again, her thigh muscles were trembling, her eyes rolled back showing just the whites and she was moaning with ecstasy but so completely exhausted that she was unable to move with it.

Suddenly Ahmeed stopped, pushed himself deep into her womb, his butt cheeks and thighs clenched and unclenched as he filled her womb with his load of thick semen. Emma xxx sex dowen lod story left on the lawn while we downed cold drinks. Her knees were up, her gaping vagina facing us. Eventually she pulled herself up onto her elbows, and a glob of semen oozed from her cunt. "Oh my…" she said, "I have never been so thoroughly fucked, never cum like that before, now I know the truth about black men" She tried to stand but her legs kept giving way, like a drunk after way too many.

She settled for sitting on the lawn with a contented smile on her face, a trickle of semen leaking from her vagina and asking if one of us would pass her some cold water.

Later, as darkness began to fall there were only Emma and me left. It was still warm so we had stayed in the garden. Lissa and Ahmeed had left about 5ish.

Paul left for work at 7:30. Emma said, "Sammy, is this how you live, I can see the house and garden but I don't mean that, the sex, it's wonderful. You have two great guys and a very sexy woman to give you everything you could ever need" "No It's not like that " I replied, "I see Paul three or four times a month, I'm beginning to think of him as my boyfriend but I've only met Lissa and Ahmeed a few times and up to today I've only twice fucked with them." She obviously wanted to talk, "I've never had sex with a black guy before, intense isn't it." It was a statement rather than a question, she continued "I meant what I said before, that really was the best sex I've ever had.

I've never had a penis in my rectum before, I was scared but hmmm nice hot milf fucked on real homemade video you get used to it, and two at a time, I could very easily get used to that.

Yes, I think I could easily be a slut. Hmmm, yes, a slut for black men I think that I'm hooked forever… You're so lucky. Paul was the first to fuck me wasn't he, I wasn't sure until I felt Ahmeed later. God he's so big I thought he'd tear me apart, I feel hollow now, empty, I think he went straight unto my uterus".

She seemed to wonder in her own mind for a few seconds before calmly saying "I've never had a guy cum in me before, always used condoms, I'm not on the pill… Finished my last period on the nineteenth… I'm probably a little bit pregnant now." As I started to speak she stopped me.

"No, it's fine, I'm OK". I was annoyed, I insisted, "Emma It's a big thing bringing a child into the world, it'll be mixed race and no matter what people say there is still prejudice. You should have said something, the guys would understand. Shit, I get enough snide comments from both whites and blacks when I'm out with Paul. It'll be hard, young, unmarried and bringing up a kid from a black father are you sure you're up to it, think about it, think about your life.

You've got a couple of days before you need to see a chemist or a month or two if you decide you have an abortion" "Oh no", she said "I couldn't do that, if I'm pregnant I'll have the baby, it's what I want, it's been sort of planned I've been wanting a child for a long time, just not had the opportunity.

And since Friday when you said you had a boyfriend well I really hoped that he could get me pregnant. Then I saw he was black and, well I almost came out there on the driveway I was so excited. They're so mysterious, to me anyway, so exotic, so erotic." "Maybe, but for fucks sake doesn't the guy have any say in this, I know Paul doesn't want kids", I was exasperated "Shit Emma, you should have said something, they would have used protection or pulled out or whatever but …" "I know, I'm sorry but it would have been my secret, I wouldn't come to either of them for maintenance or anything… That wouldn't be fair… It's my choice, my dream…" She paused again, her eyes sparkled then she said "Anyway on another subject…" she jumped off the lounger and buried her head between my legs, her tongue darting up and down, in and out, she licked and sucked my clitoris, she slid fingers in to me and I came.

It was exquisite, intense and very localised like I had been on the edge all day and finally let it go in a rapid flood that was over all too soon. The warmth disappeared from between my legs and after a few moments I opened my eyes to see Emma wondering in perfect body teen brunette showing off all her curves garden.

I closed my eyes again and hot emo teen blowjob a taste of the holidays to conjure up the sensations of orgasm. I sensed rather than felt Emma at the end of the lounger, I was expecting her to go down on me again so when she re-positioned my legs to spread me wide I was just a little eager to feel her tongue. She spread my pussy lips and then a gentle stroking OH FUCK JEEZ tangas de la tetona de mi cuñada!

tube porn FUCKING HELL I was on fire I had been stung. AGHHHHH I was cumming - SHITTTT. Something's stung my clit - I was cumming. My clitoris was burning - I was cumming my clit was swelling, burning, intense agony - I was cumming JEEZ it hurt, the pain made me cum and the cum intensified the pain making me cum more, chain reaction. The pain would not stop, the orgasm just kept on building, growing, exploding.

Wave after continuous wave of pain / pleasure, of agony / ecstasy. And then again, AGHhhh OhhHHHHH FUCK WILL THIS EVER END.

And on and on with unremitting pain, uninterrupted rapture, never ending orgasm, I struggled to get up but just could not move. I was helpless, held down by muscles that just could not respond to anything other than the insistent commands bursting from my clitoris with one everlasting orgasm raking my body.

I don't know how long that ecstatic torture went on. I lost track of time and realty. In the distant past or the far future or now or never I was in my garden with orgasm tearing my body apart. When the pain / ecstasy didn't peak again but oh so slowly receded in waves radiating from my clit throughout my body I stopped writhing and let those pulses course through me.

I felt a hot breath on my clitoris and I burst into orgasm again, one gentle stoke of a finger or tongue and I exploded in my own enclosed world of rapture. Emma put her lips to my burning, swollen clitoris, and sucked. It felt like the universe was draining away through my clit, like every sensation my body had ever felt was being sucked through my clitoris and out of me.

She moved her face away, and rubbed me with delicate fingers while she slid up my body. She kissed me with an intense passion and whispered "That was my thanks for inviting me Sammy. I hope you liked it as much as I do. Thanks for everything I really have had the most wonderful time of my life.

I've got to go now, I'd like to meet again, do all this again with you and Lissa and Paul and Ahmeed, most specially with Ahmeed. I'll phone you." I'll let you know how things go." As she stood she placed her hand on her lower stomach and said again "I'll let you know how things go." I began to pull myself up to see her to her car but she lowered herself to kiss my sex, I lay back and closed my eyes and felt a brushing against my clitoris and I exploded into more shuddering, pain induced, unending orgasm.

Whatever she did before, she'd done again. As the quivering pulsations of exquisitely painful rapture slowly ebbed from my body, leaving me totally exhausted I thought, 'I hope she tells me the fuck she does that'. When I was eventually able to stand, the slightest movement sent pulses of delight bursting from my clitoris.

I looked around, there was no sign of Emma but there was a small pile of stinging nettles on the floor and a single nettle lying on the lounger not far from where she had stroked me with it. Gingerly because the orgasmic spasms brought on when trying to move any faster brought me to my knees. I haltingly made my way to the front of the house, stopping every few steps to steady myself as orgasm racked my.

I was naked and it was dark so the security lights came on. I looked around the pool of bright light. Emmas car had gone, the driveway was empty, I was alone. An owl hooted. I still had to shower and get dressed, drive 50 miles for tonights gig and dance my heart out for an hour and a half.

If this burning pleasure in my clit doesn't subside by then, it's going to be one hell of a hot show. Notes: The trick with the nettles! Don't try this at home folks Unless you really are petite mexican teen slut loves big dicks mexicana amateur pain induced orgasm. I tried it on Paul the following Thursday. I told him what to expect and he was well up for it. I knelt before him and stroked a (gloved) handful of nettles along his shaft and glans.

Instantly his already hard dick stood up more, swelled and stiffened, quickly followed by the rest of his body. The glans swelled and he shot a load straight into my face. He blonde girlfriend fucked in the kitchen shaved pussy and sucking to his knees, a steady trickle of semen dripping from him. The trickle continued in various degrees for some minutes.

Just blowing on the glans made him gush, touching his throbbing dick took him into raptures. He was desperate for a fuck, when he entered me I can honestly say I have not felt him so big and hard before.

Unfortunately he shot a load within a few strokes. Fortunately that was not the end, we finished a long time later and I was absolutely sopping, with semen flowing from my vagina.

Was Emma Impregnated with Black Mans Semen? I'd tried to phone Emma three or four times since the May Day Holiday. There was another holiday at the end of the month and I wanted to invite her again. I was also desperate to know if she had conceived.

Each time I phoned I left a message on her answering service. I arrived home from work at 3:30AM this morning to be told by Paul that she had phoned up around midnight, in tears. I phoned back, she was still tearful, and sobbed that she was sure that she was pregnant but her period had started yesterday evening, almost a month late.

And do I think that Ahmeed would be willing to sire her a child, would I ask him to phone her? I was actually relieved because I know that Paul does not want to bring kids into this madhouse world.

I'm not sure about Ahmeed, but I would think that he'd like the opportunity to have some say in the decision.

Well, now she can at least do the decent thing and ask. Why is Paul answering my Phone at Midnight? That's simple, Last Saturday he moved in with me. I agonised for days when he asked. I argued back and forth tossing my independence (Paul is so easy going he won't interfere). Mens propensity for jealousy (Paul is so easy going it just won't happen). Should I fancy someone else (Paul nasty teenager vanilla loves to do anal so easy going he'd want to help and willingly join in).

Should I have sex with other men (Paul loves fucking me when I am slack and sloppy with other mens semen). What happens when I leave this shit hole of a country, (I'm planning of moving to southern France within the next 5 years, he'll either come with me [doubtful], commute and keep a place her in the UK [possible], or well 5 years is a long time, let's just see).

Basically, every argument but one that I could come up with against, Pauls personality shot that argument down. The one argument that I couldn't resolve was. Do I love him? The answer, I don't know I like him, I'm comfortable with him, and he's good for me and to me.

He actively encourages my lifestyle. But if I loved him, would I still be eyeing up other men, would I be having sex with other men (or women for that matter). So I decided, what the fuck has love got to do with it? Have fun while I can!