Tella spread her pussy for camera fetish

Tella spread her pussy for camera fetish
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART 6 WITH BOYFRIEND (1) I was 18 and student of first year commerce in a college Goa.

College was about 20 kms away from our house. I told my dad to get me a two wheeler but he told me to wait for one more year and asked me to use bus service which was quite regular and good service for attending college. My friend Angelina was also with me in same class. We both used to go to college together.

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I was seeing a handsome boy daily, traveling in the same bus up to the college. My friend Angelina has noticed me to seeing that boy daily and has noticed he was also looking at me whenever I was not looking at him. After few days, Angelina told me that that boy is final year student of our college and is a very good student of our college.

I was sure that I am in love with that boy (By that time I was knowing that his name is Ramesh) Angelina told me that he is a Hindu and you are a catholic. Do not be serious about him. If you want to enjoy with him, it is alright, but do not develop any serious relationship with him.

But I was thinking in different way. One day, I was traveling alone without Angelina in the bus for college. There was rush in bus that day and I did not get a seat. I was standing and saw Ramesh is watching me sitting two seats behind me from where I was standing. He offered me the seat signaling with his eyes and hand. I raised my hand in thank sign towards him.

That was the first communication attempt by us. Suddenly, while standing, I noticed something hard at my ass and I have seen a man pushing his erected cock on my ass. As I was fully aware about sex I could understand what he is doing. I am not the type of girl who keeps silent on such things. First I thought, it was accidentally, but I was confirmed when he pushed his cock more to my ass taking advantage of movement of the bus.

I slowly moved my hand behind and busty babe gets a mouthful of cum his cock. He felt very happy see my response. He thought that I am enjoying and wants to take his cock in my hands. Suddenly, I pinched his cock very hard with my fingers and he jumped in foxy lassie has her tight anus plowed in pain. Co-passengers looked at him with question in their eyes that what happened?

He could not reply and told the conductor to stop the bus and informed him that he is not feeling well. He got out of the bus. Finally, the bus reached college. I got down of the bus and have seen that Ramesh also got down from rear gate. "Hello. I am Ramesh! Studying in same college." I heard sound from my side.

'Hello. I am Julee." I replied. Nice to meet you Julee. Nice to meet you snny leone and blacked xnxx sex stories story Ramesh. Ramesh: I saw what happened to you in the bus. Me: What happened? Nothing. Ramesh: I can't tell you but I have seen all.

What he was doing and what was your reply. I like it. Me: Oh! I am the girl like that. Ramesh: I like this type of girl who reacts fast. By the way I am seeing you daily in bus. Here I am final year's student. Do you accept my friendship?

Me: Ya. I travel by bus daily. I will be happy to be your friend. Ramesh: O.K. then. DONE. From today, I will give you a company daily in bus.

Is it ok? Me: OK Ramesh. Now we should go to the classes. We went to our classes and after that it was our routine to travel in bus together with Ramesh and Angelina. Some time, we also spent time together in canteen. I noticed many a times that Ramesh did not miss any chance to touch me when we were walking or traveling in bus together.

One day, I asked to Angelina. He also seems to be love me but he did not say anything from his mouth. Angelina told me that she will talk to him soon.

We were enjoying pure friendship. Once, Angelina had invited me pahli bar larki ki sex vedio a dinner in a hotel near our house and told me that this is a surprise dinner and she will take permission from my mom. She came to our house at about 8.00 pm and we went for dinner with my mom's permission. It was a real surprise. Ramesh was waiting there for us. Ramesh: This dinner is from me to open a new account with Julee. I understood but did not say anything.

We ordered beer for all and said CHEERS to each other. Suddenly Ramesh hold my hand and said. Julee. I know thru Angelina that you like me and I tell you directly in presence of Angelina that I like you too. Do you mind if I say. I love you.? The golden word in my ears and I could not express my feeling which was in my heart that time.

I could not speak anything. Angelina was smiling and I nodded slowly and said. I LOVE YOU TOO. Everybody was happy and we took the dinner talking some common things. From next day. we felt change in our behavior and we were talking frankly to each other.

He touched my ass and also my boobs many a times without hesitation. I felt good every time when he touched me. Angelina was giving us privacy as much as was possible.

I have invited Ramesh to my home and introduced him to my mom, dad and uncle. I got permission from my uncle to go ahead with him. He told me that . I am unmarried and will love to you till I die but you have a full life ahead and I wish all the best to you.

I would like you to inform him the truth about our relationship for a happy life. I have also visited Ramesh's home to meet his parents. His father is ex army man and owner of a security agency. Her mom is very sweet house wife. In college, most of the students came to know about us because we used to be together all the time.

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We were going to MANALI on college trip. We were about 40 student and were having reservation in A/C 3 TIER coach from Goa - Mumbai - Manali. We had our dinner in train and talking in groups. There was little cold due to A/C. My self and Ramesh were sitting together under one blanket. He touched and stimulated my boobs many a times under the blanket. After some time, everybody went for sleep but I and Ramesh remained sited under the same blanket. I was to sleep on lover berth and he is on middle berth.

The middle berth was flat and not opened yet and we were sitting comfortable talking slowly to each other. The light was off and everybody was sleeping.

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Only night bulb was on in the compartment. Ramesh has moved his hands and hold both of my boobs in his hands. He was giving very gentle massage to my boobs. I felt like kissing but could not do due to fear that somebody will see us. I was wearing jeans and T shirt. He was also wearing jeans and T shirt. He whispered in my ear and asked me to remove T-shirt.

I replied slowly. No. not here. some body may be watching us. Then he moved his hand on my back and opened hook of my bra. He inserted his hand in to my T. shirt and holed my necked boobs. My nipples went erect and tight in pleasure. He was massaging my boobs and stimulating my nipples with his fingers. He was increasing his speed and pressure on my boobs.

I was excited and I could notice wetness in my pussy. I also moved one of my hands towards between of his legs. He has widened his legs little and I have opened the zip of his jeans. I moved my hand further and hold his fully erected long, thick and strong cock. This is the first time in my life to touch a cock other then my uncles. His cock seems to be stronger then my uncle as he is a young boy of 21 years.

I was moving my fingers on his cock over his underwear. I noticed that his hand coming to his cock and he has pulled out his cock from his underwear and I hold it in my hand. The tip of his cock is also wet with pre cum.

We could not see each other's parts as our faces were out of blanked and our hands, my boobs and his cock were under the blanked. Big lun sex stories xxxi vid pulled down skin busty mom and tight teen fondling each pussies on the couch oldvsyoung and pantyhose his cock and have started stroking it up and down.

He closed his eyes in pleasure and started pushing my boobs harder and harder. He moved one of his hands up to zip of my jeans and opened it. He inserted his hand in to my jeans and touched my pussy covered by panty. My panty was also gone wet with my juices coming out of my pussy .

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he was massaging my pussy over panty and then he inserted his fingers from side of my panty up to my wet pussy lips. He told me to go to bathroom for further action but I told him that we will do practical sex later in privacy. Here we will give only hand services to each other.

Somehow he agreed and we were continued with our hands. He put one of his fingers between my pussy lips. I widen my legs further to facilitate him.

He was moving his finger up and down between my pussy lips touching my clit. I was also doing stroking holding his cock tight in my hand. Up and down. Up and down. He is also rubbing my pussy and clit up and down. up and down. He pulled out handkerchief and asked me to cover his cock by it to save blanked when he fire his material. I told him to increase his speed and I have covered his cock with kerchief and increased my speed.

My clit was gone erect in pleasure and unknowingly, I started moving my back. He understood that I stud ploughs hawt darling wildly smalltits and hardcore near to the climax and increased his speed of rubbing my clit. My body went stiff and I reached orgasm. I had tightened my legs joint with his finger inside my pussy. He understood that I have reached and moving his finger slowly inside of my pussy.

I was in total pleasure and satisfaction. I have tightened my grip on hid strong cock and have increased speed further so that he also reaches to climax. I have noticed that he has stopped activity of his finger in my pussy, his eyes went closed and he was lifting his back.

I understood that he is near his climax. I was continuing to stroke harder and faster. Suddenly, I felt vibration in his cock and he fired a lot of material form it.

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I stopped moving my hand and hold his cock tight. He was in full pleasure and full satisfaction. Then he told me to take away my hands. I have withdrawn my hands and he has cleaned his cock with kerchief. Then he told me that he is going to bathroom to clean and throw away the kerchief. He stood up taking full care while uncovering him from blanket so that I should not be exposed as my boobs were still out of T. shirt and bra. My zip was also opened. He pushed his softer cock inside the zipclosed the zip and went to the bathroom.

I got some tissue paper from my hand bag and cleaned my pussy with that. I put the zip of my jeans and hooked my bra putting my boobs in cup. I also stood up then and went towards bathroom. I saw him coming out of bathroom. I steeped further and pushed him again in bathroom.

Now we were two in one bathroom. I hold his face in my hands and kissed him on his lips and said. Now you go. He said. No. let us do it again in bathroom. I told him that. Not now. I told you before.

actually I wanted to kiss you that is why I pushed you again in bathroom. He took my lower lip between his lips and started to suck it. I took his upper lip in grip of my lips and we enjoyed a long kiss. Then he left and I have cleaned my pussy fully with water and tissue paper and returned to the seat.

By that time he has already arranged middle berth for sleeping. He whispered in my ear. Darling. Let us sleep on one birth under one blanket.

Nobody will know. will do further exercise.,, , I slapped slowly on his head in love and said. Shut up you naughty boy and sleep like a good boy. He smiled and said. I am hungry and you are not allowing me to eat fully. this is not good. But I will wait for complete dinner. And we went to sleep. Later in the morning, I came to know that Angelina, who was on the upper berth, have seen our full act that what we did under the blanket.

She said that although she could slutty teen kaylee hilton wanna get mouth filled in front of her bf see anything because of darkness and blanket was on but she could feel our movement and understood what we were doing. She told that she had masturbated herself after we finished. Julee