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Amazing teen getting her tight enchanting vagina homemade hardcore
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Cadee crossed and uncrossed her legs on the bar stool, looking nervously toward the front entrance. She was early, she knew, but she picked up her phone for the third time anyway to re-check that she had gotten the time and location correct.

As excited as she was to get to know this new heartthrob, meeting a guy offline for the first time always gave her butterflies. She fidgeted, re-adjusting her dress again, this time looking up to see a pair of dark eyes in a strikingly handsome face staring back at her. Her breath hitched a bit the photos he sent had not done him justice and she stood up awkwardly, staring back at Luke, her date.

He smiled and although her heart stuttered a bit, the freezing spell was broken and she was able to smile back. Her face lit up as he approached her, plumber rick clears sara jays drain amp she cleans his pipes casual business khakis and a light colored button down.

He was shaped well and the hint of a full musculature was discernible beneath the clothing. "Well hello there, babygirl," he said as he wrapped his arms around Cadee in a welcoming embrace. She squeezed him back lightly and kissed him on the cheek, simultaneously clenching her thighs together. She had decided against wearing panties tonight and the wetness between her legs was increasing. Even having only been in Luke's presence for a few moments, her body could not help but respond.

She took a deep breath to calm herself and hopped back on the bar stool to engage in pleasantries and light conversation with a few drinks to mellow her out. Luke, meanwhile, took his time appraising this new catch with subtle, respectful glances.

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Her brown eyes glowed with excitement and nervous energy. There was desire there too although he could see she was trying to hide how much she was attracted to him. Once or twice she bit down on her full lower lip and he found he had to stop himself from reaching out to touch her face. Looking at her chest, he wished her breasts were more visible. There was only the shape of two full, round handfuls, as the supple flesh was mostly covered by the neckline of her dress. Her hips and stomach were very ample and Luke found himself distracted for a moment, thinking of how he would really be able to use her extra weight to grab and thrust into her.

When his eyes reached her legs, he could not help resting a hand on her shapely thighs. Cadee's body was leaning in and the carved calf of her right leg was brushing against him.

Cadee took the placement of Luke's hand on her thigh as her cue; she looked up at him from behind her glasses and asked, as coquettishly as possible, "Can I show you something, my dear?" "Of course," Luke replied, watching interestedly as Cadee slid his hand further up her dress, to the inside of her thigh.

She paused a moment to grasp a few of his fingers and then surprised him by pressing them directly into her warm, dripping wet cunt. Slightly disarmed for a moment, he looked around to make sure the staff and other patrons had not noticed this exhibitionist moment. "You're ridiculously wet, there's going to be a puddle on your chair," Luke said under his breath, exploring her pussy as discreetly as possible.

He gently experimented with his thumb against her clit, moving in slow circles. Cadee's body immediately tensed with pleasure and her face became wooden.

"I can't handle that, honey," Cadee managed to say through clenched teeth. Luke leaned in even further to whisper in Cadee's ear, his beard rubbing up against her cheek: "Can you handle my cock?" A low gasp and shudder was all he got in response, but that was answer enough. Within a few minutes, they were both headed out the door, Luke leading Cadee by the hand. When they got to his car, he pushed her back up against the door, grasping her hair with his right hand and forcing her head back to kiss those lips that had been tantalizing him girl with small tits reveals her body the past hour.

She kissed back with as much passion, wrapping her tongue around his and sliding her hands down the back of his pants to grasp his athletic ass. "You know what we've been talking about," Luke said, pulling away rough anal fucking with big cocked stepbrother and blonde stepsis in stockings Cadee for a moment.

"I want a family. And I want one now." His firm, commanding voice left no room for discussion and Cadee merely nodded, still enfolded in his arms. He kissed her softly, on her forehead, cheek, tip of her nose. He pressed his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes, and said in a more dulcet tone, "Cadee, I'm going to get you pregnant tonight. I'm going to cum in you all night long." "I know," Cadee replied, kissing under his chin and around his neck.

Luke shuddered with the pleasure of her compliance, with knowing that soon, his seed would be planted and his child growing. He could not get her into the car fast enough. "Where are we going, my one and only?" "Somewhere I can make love to you," he answered simply.

After a few minutes down the highway, Cadee saw signs for the Bradford Reservoir Recreation Area. Luke turned off and drove through a heavily wooded area, parking in a public lot near the lake. He grabbed a blanket and led Cadee to the end of a small beach, a section of which was partially hidden by a grassy hill. The sun was just starting to set as Luke spread the blanket and got comfortable with Cadee at his side. "This is absolutely beautiful," Cadee said in awe of her surroundings and her new romantic boyfriend.

She was naturally an assertive female, as demonstrated by her adventurous stunt in the bar, but she could feel herself growing as pliant as a reed to Luke's desires. When it started to get dark enough that even a lone hiker would not be able to see them on the beach, Luke moved his hand to Cadee's belly.

"We're going to make a baby in here… right now." His eyes glistened in the semi-dark and he lifted her dress so as to be able to kiss her broad belly, consecrating the home where his child would soon be.

"Oh, I can't wait to feel you cum deep inside me," Cadee moaned, "I'm ovulating too and extra sensitive right now." At news of Cadee's fertility, Luke began to rapidly undress, revealing the body of a young demi-god. Cadee was especially aroused by his now visible bicep tattoos, and she made him stop in his lovemaking to examine them. This only built up Luke's tension further and without really being aware of his actions he pushed Cadee back, forced her knees apart and thrust himself inside her, eager to release his cum in her sweet, wet pussy.

He slowed himself down for a few moments to really savor the feel of her, the future mother of his child. She, however, arched her back and wrapped him in a vice grip with her thighs and calves. "Fertilize me, Luke!" she cried out, digging her nails into his arms.

"Fill me with your cum and impregnate sleep girl clothes cut off, make me your woman. Blast it in as deep as possible, baby!" Luke gasped, struggling to keep control for a few more moments. Where had this woman who was saying all these things he had yearned to hear come from?! She clenched her cunt around his cock and began to beg: "Please, my love, pound the shit out of me and fill my pussy with your juice!" No longer able to hold back, Luke began to pump Cadee's cunt so hard that she was nearly off the blanket.

He felt the tension mounting in his body as he came closer to orgasm with every thrust. He could feel himself near the peak, when Cadee cried out: "I want to have your baby right now!" With that, Luke exploded a fountain of semen into Cadee. He finished with a few final thrusts to make sure every drop was as deep in her as possible.

To his surprise, after he pulled out, Cadee elevated her legs and started rolling on her back a bit. "Are you doing yoga?" he asked, dusting some sand from his leg. Cadee laughed, "No silly, they're body postures to help promote pregnancy. I don't know if they work, but worth a shot, right?" Luke was pleased to see the level of Cadee's commitment to this pregnancy. But he also knew that one shot of his juices was not going to increase the pregnancy odds enough in his favor.

"How long before you're ready to go again? I'm on top this time," she smirked up at him with her fingers between her thighs, feeling the wetness.

Luke just stared back at her, feeling his appreciation and devotion for this woman grow. He kneeled over her warm body and licked a nipple tentatively, testing its hardness. His left hand reached out to stroke one breast while his mouth enclosed the other, lashing the nipple with his hot, wet tongue.

Cadee's body trembled slightly and her moans encouraged Luke's erection to grow. She must have noticed his half-erect member because she suddenly turned and moved down in order to take it up in her mouth.

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She sucked hungrily, eager to stimulate Luke and induce another blast of his cum to enter her. It did not take long. "Let me ride you, baby?" Cadee simpered. "I'm going to cum deep inside you again," Luke stated.

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Cadee nodded and moved to straddle Luke on the blanket, lowering herself slowly onto his thick, hard member. "Oh God, I love your cock," she whispered, rocking forward. Having been so turned on for hours just by being in Luke's presence, Cadee was beyond ready for a mind blowing orgasm while she sat astride her lover. Luke's hands flew to her hips and he held her above him for a moment, just hovering in the moment. Cadee thrust her breasts into his face again, moaning from the extra stimulation of his mouth on her body.

Luke began to pound Cadee from his position on his back, while she closed her eyes and focused on climaxing with her partner. His cock moved inside her with a power all its own, giving her strong sensations and a deep yearning.

She knew that she would be pregnant by the end of the night and this only deepened her pleasure and her sense of belonging to the irresistible man beneath her. "Now, baby, now," Luke gasped as a second fountain emerged from his cock and spread his seed deep into Cadee's womb.

Cadee's thighs clenched Luke's body once more as she was simultaneously shook head to tow with the power of both their orgasms. Each pulsing into and onto one another, covered in a dense wetness. They lay, panting lightly, next to each other under the stars. Once more, Luke placed his hand protectively over Cadee's belly, knowing that life was growing inside black guy and girl xxx storys uc browser. Cadee smiled back, gazing into his eyes, imagining a phantom kick that would be there all too soon.