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Xxxporn of twboys and one girls
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CHAPTER 14 The school gym was open Saturday and Sunday afternoons for anyone who wanted to play some ball.

I rarely went—I played plenty at practice during the week--but Kenny and all but begged me. I took Cinda so she wouldn't be home alone even though Fred would look after her. We'd been in school together about two weeks and Cinda was still making new friends.

Cinda was seated in the bleachers when I walked into the locker room to change. I was on the gym floor with Kenny and a group of other guys, shooting and warming up, when I heard a voice behind me. "Hey, man—catch the spade." I dropped the ball and turned around in a second, seething as I saw Stewart, a June graduate who had more mouth than sense about fifteen feet away. I had taken three steps in his direction when Kenny ran between us and wrapped his arms around my body.

"Don't, Ty…he's not worth it." Then turning toward Stewart he said, "Listen, Stewart…we know you're an asshole; you don't have to prove it by opening your mouth. Not only is the woman you insulted about a hundred times better than you, she is also Ty's wife." Stewart was justifiably terrified.

I would never have mentioned a word about my run-in with the four muggers, but Kenny blabbed about it as soon as we stepped onto the school bus that Monday morning. By the end of school everyone believed that I had single-handedly taken down sixteen terrorists with machine guns.

It was weeks before I was able to set the record straight. Stewart approached tentatively, Kenny still between us.

"Uh…I'm sorry, Ty." "You didn't insult me. You insulted my wife. Apologize to her." Stewart was shocked, but shuffled over to where Cinda and Mandy were sitting. Cinda looked to me when Stewart said he was sorry. I signaled her to just go with it. I'd explain later. Kenny and I returned to our warm-up. We were just choosing sides when I saw Mandy wave to three other girls.

They came and joined her and Cinda and soon they were chatting up a storm. Stewart left the gym and never returned. He wouldn't be missed. We had a good game, but by four we'd had enough. We showered and joined our women, taking them out for fast food and ice cream sundaes. We talked about our new rental house and everything we'd need to do over the next few weeks. Mandy was the first to volunteer her help.

We returned home around nine. "What was that guy apologizing for, Ty?" "For referring to you as a spade; I was ready to take him apart." Cinda sat there silently until we were back in the house. "Ty, I want you to promise me not to get upset at everything people say about me.

You can't stop prejudice any more than you can stop idiocy. I don't want you getting into trouble. I think our new neighbors will have concerns enough about two eighteen-year-olds living next to them without getting a bad reputation for fighting." "I'm sorry. I heard that idiot and I just reacted." "I understand. I'm also glad you didn't hear the conversation Mandy and I had with the others." "Why? It looked like you were having a good time." "I was, but you'd have swelled head listening to them describe you as the 'school hunk.' They told me they were jealous.

I believed every word." I had to laugh. "You are kidding, aren't you? I'm hardly a 'hunk.' Kenny in more a hunk than I am." "Regardless, you seem to be the heart-throb of the entire female populace." "You do recall my telling you that I'd never even been on a single date before you." "Of course, that just makes them even more jealous. Now, I suggest we clean up. You know how much I like to do that before we make ourselves dirty again." I did—Cinda enjoyed getting dirty every bit as much as I did.

We showered quickly even though I'd just had one a few hours ago. I couldn't get enough of Cinda's silken skin. We were dry and into bed, naked as usual, as quickly as humanly possible. We rolled across the bed in our love for each other, hugging and kissing and touching. My hands covered her butt, my finger tracing up and down her crack as Cinda rubbed herself into my thigh.

Finally, Cinda had me on my back as she rose above me. "Okay, Hunk—ready to do your husbandly duty?" "Always," I responded with a smile. Cinda moved forward making her nipple available to my mouth. I'm no fool; I reached up to suckle, to work that hard wrinkled tissue between my teeth. Cinda worked her way up my cock and when she moved back down my cock disappeared into her vault.

I could hear her groan as I stretched her almost to the limit. Cinda had told me several times how much she enjoyed this part of our love making. I reluctantly released her stepmom tiffany rain wears strapon and fucks teen babe fingering japanese as we began to move together.

We knew each other well by now, the result of coupling several times a day whenever possible. My hands roamed from her shoulders to her butt as Teen slut rough choke weird family sex science thrust upwards to lift Cinda, her body skewered onto my cock.

Her eyes betrayed her desire, her yearning to be one with me. On and on we went until the inevitable—Cinda shook wildly, completely losing control of her body to avast ames anal sex com orgasm. She was almost down to my chest when I erupted within her, semen pouring from her cunt.

"God, woman—the things you do to me! I hope you want to sleep now; I don't think I could do anything else." Cinda snuggled into my body and acted as my blanket once again. Our first five games were merely tune-ups for the coming league competition. We blew out the opponents by an average of twenty-three points.

I led the team as expected in scoring, assists, and even rebounds as I played both inside and out. Inside I was much quicker than everyone who guarded me and outside I was bigger and able to jump higher. Being ambidextrous was a huge advantage, especially once I had developed a jump hook.

I averaged 31.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 12.4 assists over those games. We were ready for the St. Ann's Holiday Tournament just after Christmas day. Growing up poor Cinda received but a single present from Momma and another from Monroe and she reciprocated in kind. Cinda had phoned her family as soon as we checked into the Maple Tree Inn and I had encouraged her to call several times a week since.

We shopped for Momma and Monroe after church on the second Sunday in December. We also shopped for each other and for Fred—yes, even our dog would celebrate. We had a wonderful time buying and decorating our tree even though Fred knocked it over twice and his wagging tail sent several ornaments flying into the next room. I couldn't even scold him—how could I tell him not to wag his tail?

We opened our gifts early Christmas morning, phoned Momma and Monroe, then drove to see my parents after lunch. We were home early so I could prepare for our 1:00 p.m. game in the tournament the following day. We knew this was just another tune-up. The real battle would occur the next evening when we challenged St.

Ann's for the championship. Our rivalry was at a fever pitch after beating them twice in their own tournament the past two years. As expected, the first game was a joke.

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I played the first half while we built a 48-17 lead then reality kings two twerking babes in foursom on the bench while our subs played them even the rest of the way. Dad dropped Cinda back at the high school where she met me once our bus had arrived. We went to the farm for dinner, just as we had on Christmas day. St. Ann's gym was packed the following night for the championship game.

Kenny did a fantastic job neutralizing their big man, outscoring him twelve to six and beating him on the boards, too. They had no idea how to stop me. I scored 25 in the first half while getting two of their starters into foul trouble. We were almost a minute into the third quarter when I passed to our other guard before posting up on the foul line while Kenny posted low. I had just received a return pass and pivoted to the right, holding the ball high.

The next thing I knew I was on the floor, blood pouring from my nose as I saw stars. Our team doctor wanted me out of the game. "Fuck that," I told him. "Stuff my nose with cotton and tape it up so I don't hurt it and send me back in. Just do it, okay?" He looked at our coach who shrugged his shoulders. "Coach, there is no way I'm coming out of this game. Fix me up so I can go back in." I managed to get to the foul line in time to take the shots. Cleaning the floor of my blood had taken almost fifteen minutes.

That's when I learned that a flagrant foul had been called—two shots and we'd have the ball again. I made both then took the pass in bounds about thirty feet from the basket. Two dribbles later I sank a long three-pointer. I did my best to avoid contact and--to be honest--the defenders seemed to play me loosely.

I scored another 14 points and fed for another 10 as we built a twenty point lead by the midpoint of the fourth quarter. I willingly volunteered to sit on the bench then. The doctor sent me right into the locker room where he examined me again once I had come from the shower. "You need to go to the hospital, Ty. I'm sure your cheek bone and your nose are broken. An ambulance will be here in a few minutes.

I've already notified your family." I was on the gurney en route to the ambulance when an older gentleman in a grey suit and tie stopped the EMT's. "I'm Sheriff Barnham, Ty. I think you should press charges." "For a basketball accident?" "That was no accident. Everyone but you saw what happened. Take a look at the video on my phone." This game, because of its importance locally had been broadcast both on TV and radio.

He held it up for me to see. I had just received the pass and turned when I saw the punch. My opponent had reared back and let me have it—a blind shot I'd never seen coming. "It was deliberate; what a bastard! You bet I'll press charges on him. Keiran lee got some hot deep throat outdoor blowjob do I have to do?" "One of my deputies will bring the papers to you tomorrow morning.

My men already have him in custody. He's eighteen; battery is big trouble and with your injuries it will be even worse." I laid back as they wheeled me out the door. Cinda waited there with my parents. She had tears in her eyes. I reached for her. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." She kissed my hand. "I don't think you'd say that if you saw your face." I hadn't. I'd gone straight to the shower once I had shed my bloody uniform. From there it was straight to where the doctor waited for me.

"What is it?" "Your nose is swollen badly and you have one huge bruise covering both eyes and halfway down your cheek. Did the Sheriff speak with you?" "Yes, he did. I'm pressing charges. I didn't realize it was a deliberate punch." I wanted to say more, but the EMT's chose that moment to whisk me away. It was my first time, and hopefully my last, in an ambulance. We tore down the country roads at an unsafe speed while my ECG was transmitted directly to the ER.

They wheeled me out roughly twenty minutes later. A young doctor came out to me, checking my pulse and breathing while I was wheeled in.

"We need to wait for your parents, Ty. They need to sign the permission for treatment and possible surgery." "No…I'm eighteen and I live with my wife in our own place. I can sign or my wife. She's with my folks." "I think we should wait.

That was one hell of a game you played. We had it on the radio. I have to hand it to you—you have a lot of guts. Orderly, put him into twelve." I was moved from the ambulance gurney to a hospital bed. The orderly helped me out of my clothes, taking extraordinary care pulling my tee shirt over my head.

I staggered up, my bare ass hanging out of the hospital gown to the bathroom. I was shocked—worse than shocked—when I saw my face in the mirror. I had to sit to take a leak. Cinda and my parents were there when I returned. "Gee, Ty I can see your cute little butt. I think we should get some of these things for you to wear at home." I knew what Cinda was doing—putting up a brave front for me. The doctor explained what was needed—x-rays and possibly surgery.

Did I have insurance? I already knew the answer to that—no! Cinda and I hadn't been sick for even an hour in the past ten years. Hell, neither of us had ever missed even a single day of school.

Dad told the doctor he'd cover the cost. Cinda signed the form and I was sent in a wheelchair to X-ray. Ten minutes later the doctor showed us the results. My nose was clearly broken and there was a crack running down my cheek from my left eye to the side of my nose.

"There's nothing to be done with your cheek bone, Ty. That's just a matter of time. It'll heal on its own. Your nose, though, is another matter. I'll send in an orthopedic surgeon to speak with you." He came in about fifteen minutes later. Looking at the x-ray he explained exactly what needed to be done. My septum needed to be straightened and several chips of bone and cartilage would be removed. "You'll be in a ton of pain any time someone touches your nose if they stay in there.

Don't worry, this is routine surgery. I've done it probably two hundred times." "What about playing ball, Doctor?" I could see Cinda cringe even as I asked the question. "Could I play with one of those masks, you know the kind I see college and NBA players use?" "I could get you a mask, but probably not for another week to ten days once the swelling is down." He left us to deal with some other patients.

I lay there holding Cinda's hand for almost an hour while the nurses prepped me. Then the orderlies came for me. I kissed her, told her how much I loved her and lay on one chap fucking in face hole striptease and hardcore gurney while Mom kissed my cheek and Dad shook my hand.

I could see how much they were shaken by what had happened. I was wheeled into the operating room. The last thing I recalled was one of the doctors talking to me, having me count down from a hundred and then I woke in what I was told was post-op.

I was given a few sips of water and about a half hour later I was shown to a room. Cinda was there waiting along with my parents even though it was after one in the morning. Cinda stayed even though Mom suggested she go home.

She told me that Kenny had driven my truck to our home and would see to Fred tonight and tomorrow morning. I planned to be home later tomorrow afternoon at the latest. I was conscious, but weak when Mom and Dad left. "Cinda," I whispered, "Come in here with me…please." "Ty, I'm afraid I'll hurt you and I'm sure it's against the rules." "I know you won't and to hell with the rules.

I love to have you close to me…please!" Shaking her head Cinda slowly and carefully climbed under the blanket. I wrapped my arm around her as she placed her head onto my shoulder. I faded into sleep moments later. We were interrupted by a nurse at six. "May I ask what you think you're doing? Getting into bed with patients is strictly against the rules. Now get up before I throw you out of here." "You'll do nothing of the sort. If she goes I'm going with her.

It's a stupid rule. We sleep like this all the time at home. I asked her to do it because it makes me feel better. Isn't that the whole idea—to make me feel better? My wife is staying right where she is." I pulled her back to me until she said, "I have to get up anyway unless you want me to pee on you." She was up a second later en route to the bathroom. I ate a really lousy breakfast, but I did learn that I was able to sit up fairly easily and without the raging headache I'd experienced last night.

Cinda and I talked for more than an hour until the surgeon came to check on me around nine. "I hear you're a terrible patient." "No…I just don't see the need for some of these stupid rules. Guess where my wife is going to sleep tonight. You are sending me home, aren't you?" "Yes, there's no point in keeping you. I'll give you a prescription for painkillers. Be careful with them. They contain codeine. Ice on your face for fifteen minutes every hour for the next day; no driving and limited walking.

Lean on your wife. I'll see you next Wednesday and we can talk about the mask. You going to remember all of this." "It doesn't matter if he does—I'll remember and I'll make sure he follows instructions." I knew when to quit.

I held up my hands in surrender. Cinda kissed me gently. "It's a good thing I love you. You're downright ugly now." She laughed and I joined her. The doctor left a minute later. My parents came at ten. Dad had paid the bill—more than $30,000—and I would be free to go as soon as the nurses could manage.

I walked carefully into our house with Cinda and my parents just before one. Kenny and Mandy were there with Fred. Don't ask me how he knew something was wrong. His mood was subdued as he accompanied Cinda and me to the bedroom. She changed my clothes, dressing me in a tee and gym shorts, as she propped me up in bed.

Fred laid his head on the bed and looked up at me. I petted his head as Cinda brought me a Coke with ice and an ice pack for my face. We were alone at last an hour later. Cinda sat on the side of the bed. "I assume you know that last night was a first for us." I did, but I was feeling well enough to tease her. "Yup! It was the first time we slept together with clothes on." She gave me that exasperated look. She knew I was teasing her and now she was teasing me back. "Oh…you mean the first time we haven't made love." "Yes, and I missed you so much.

Unfortunately, you're not making love for a few days yet." "I didn't hear the doctor say that." "You're hearing it now. Dr. Cinda is taking no chances with you. I'd rather do without than take a chance of hurting you.

However, if you promise to keep your head perfectly still I will gladly take care of you." "I promise, but I hope you realize that there's nothing wrong with my fingers." "I do, but I'm afraid you'll get carried away and hurt yourself. Now…raise your hips so I can get these shorts off of you." She pulled them past my ankles. "Fred, on your bed; c'mon, I need some room to take care of Ty." She pointed to the foot of the bed.

Cinda stood where Fred had lain, bending at the waist. She took my cock into her mouth, licking around the head and up and down the sensitive underside of my shaft. Standing suddenly, she maintained her grip on my organ. "Keep perfectly still." Cinda turned her head so it was perpendicular to mine. Her plump moist lips found mine and her tongue was into my mouth seconds later.

I wanted nothing more than to hold her and mash my lips into hers, but I knew she was right. I kept my hands down until Cinda had finished the kiss. "Know who I'm reminded of? Beauty and the Beast! "Which one are you?" She gave me that look again—the one that said, "Duh!" "That bad, huh?" "Yes, but I still love you and I know it's only temporary unlike this." She fingered my cock, grinned like a lunatic, and returned her mouth to my organ.

It disappeared a few seconds later. Up and down she went while her tongue worked me over. I'd always been unable to resist her mouth and today was no exception. I felt it coming and, apparently, so did Cinda. She locked her lips around the shaft as I came and came and came, venting the frustrations I'd felt over the last day and a half.

She sucked me dry, kissed the tip and returned her lips to my mouth. "Okay…time for your nap. Jamie ray in jealous learner wants good fucking put Fred out and come back in an hour." She kissed my forehead lightly and signaled Fred to follow.

I fell asleep a few minutes later. The painkillers made me incredibly woozy. I woke up about an hour later to find Cinda sitting next to me on the bed. "You know, I just realized that there's nothing to stop us from making love." "Oh no—I'm not taking a chance on hurting you. I know how you anime girl is getting missionary hardcore and animated I promise to keep my head still and resting securely on the pillow?" I could see Cinda thinking.

"You could rest your hands on the headboard. That way you'd never have to worry about my face." She laughed. "I see you have this all figured out. You were supposed to sleep." "I was sleeping.

I did this before.when you were taking care of me. So…" "So…right now you need to ice your face. Then maybe we'll talk about it." I gave her my "puppy dog" look and she laughed again. "That's not going to work. Let me get the icepack." She kissed my head and left, returning a few minutes later.

I pressed the cloth around the pack into my face. The icepack was big—big enough to block out my eyes. I closed them and relaxed. I felt rather than saw Cinda return to her spot on the side of the bed. My hand reached out for her leg. All I felt was her skin as my hand moved up to her hip. I responded with a huge grin as I rubbed her thigh. Cinda took my hand and moved it to her breast. "Seems a shame to waste all this time, don't you think?" "Yes, I do.

I love you," I told her as I massaged her and rubbed her hard wrinkled nipple. My hands are big, another thing I inherited from my dad. Stretching my fingers apart I was able to finger both of her nipples simultaneously.

It always drove Cinda crazy with desire. I could hear her moan in response. I couldn't wait to get this ice off my face. Cinda was strict with my care. I knew it was for my benefit, but just this once I wished she would be lenient—no such luck. She made me wait the entire fifteen minutes. On the other hand she was practically begging for my cock by then. She dropped the ice onto a towel, narrowly missing Fred then climbed quickly over my body.

"Remember your bargain—keep your head still." Her hands were on the headboard in a second as her slit ran its way up and down my shaft.

I grabbed it with my hand and moved it quickly into her. It wasn't long before our pubic hair meshed and I was pressing against her cervix. Cinda's hand to my chest reminded me to take it easy. She'd do all the work—for both of us.

She rode my cock, slowly at first, to extend the pleasure for both of us.

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Our eyes met as Cinda mouthed the words—I love you. I reached up to her breasts. They were glorious—incredible—symmetrically round and firm with sensitive nipples and areolas. I wanted to reach up to suckle, but a promise was a promise. I kept my head down and still while Cinda went crazy on me, bending my poor cock in directions I couldn't have imagined. In time I could see she was close.

Tiny shudders ran through her body. Cinda arched her back and as she did she ground her clit into me with incredible force and strength. A massive spasm coursed through her body and she began to fall. She would have had I not reached up to hold and support her.

I had enjoyed our coupling immensely, but I didn't cum—I'm not Superman, after all. Cinda lay on my chest, her crotch leaking onto my abdomen. I felt her stir after almost ten minutes. "You did very well," she whispered. "Keeping my head still?" Cinda chuckled.

"That, too; since you were so good, I think we can do it again." Now it was my turn to laugh. I hugged Cinda tightly. She began to rise and as she did I told her I wanted to get up, too. "I don't like lying here and doing nothing. I'm not sick, you know. There are only two parts of my body that aren't working right." "Yeah, and one part that works spectacularly!

Okay…but I want you dressed warmly." She helped me up and into a sweatshirt before returning my shorts to my body and covering them with a pair of sweatpants. I was sure I'd be a sweaty mess by the time I returned to bed.

Cinda helped me walk to the living room where she seated me carefully on the couch. She brought me a Coke then grabbed the phone to call for a pizza and delivery. I had just fed Fred, giving him some pizza scraps along with his food, when Cinda reminded me to ice my face again.

She brought me one of the painkillers, but Slender blonde teen tastes some sticky jizz turned her down. "I don't like the way they make me feel. May I please have some ibuprofen?" We spent the night watching TV, Cinda lying with her head in my lap. We went to bed, naked as usual, with Cinda blonde mom and teen licking in bedroom her customary position—head on my shoulder and leg over mine.

It was great to be home. CHAPTER 14 We were up early, showered and dressed although I had to be careful to keep my bandages dry, a breakfast of cold cereal and banana and the kitchen clean by 8:30. We had our first snowfall of the season overnight.

It wasn't much--probably not more than three inches, but it was Cinda's first. She took Fred out back with her and noticed Holly playing in her yard. Holly made a snowball, throwing it into ours. Fred, being a retriever, chased it, digging his snout into the snow trying futilely to find it. Holly found that hilarious; so did Cinda.

She made several snowballs, throwing them into the air for Fred to chase. I put on my jacket and walked outside carefully. Fred ran to my side with Cinda following as Holly walked up to the fence. "Wow, Ty—your face is all black and blue. Michael heard what happened on the radio and then we saw it on the news, but I didn't think it was that bad. Does it hurt?" "A little, but it's getting better." Holly looked at Cinda who just shook her head.

"It would get better even faster if our patient would follow directions. Aren't you supposed to be on the couch?" She pointed to the door. I turned around as Holly laughed. Cinda returned to the house a few minutes later.

"Snow is petite asian babe kidnapped and toyed by horny perverted freaks much fun." "It is for kids and first-timers like you; for the rest of us it's just a big pain in the ass.

Luckily, Kenny just phoned. He'll be over later to shovel our walks and a lane up the driveway so we can get in and out. Wait until you drive in it. This is why I bought a truck with four-wheel drive." Cinda went to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate and fetch a biscuit for Fred. We relaxed together, icing my face and watching TV until Fred jumped up racing and barking to the door. I wasn't surprised when the bell rang a few seconds later.

Cinda answered it. Fred stepped in front of Cinda ready to growl and defend her until she told him, "Okay, Fred…it's okay. Hi, Coach." She led my coach and another man I recognized as the St. Ann's coach to me. "Hello, Ty," he said, extending his hand for me to shake. I did. "I wanted you to know that I don't condone what Sheehy did to you, Ty and neither does St. Ann's. We've learned he was high—speed.

There were several pills in his clothes when we returned to the locker room. I've thrown him off the team and he's been expelled from St. Ann's. I know his father very well; he's furious with his son." He gave me a business card. "He wants you to send your medical bills to him. He insists on paying them. Don't worry, he'll find a way to make Peter reimburse him. " We spoke for almost a half hour before they left. They were just leaving when Dan Shulman walked in. I told him about my conversation with the St.

Ann's coach. "Pretty smart, although I suggest that you sue the son of a bitch. You could make a fortune—at least ten times what your bills are." "No…I don't think so. I'm already pressing charges and he's been kicked out of school if what I've just been told is true.

Enough is enough." He said he'd get in touch with Dad about the bills and left, setting an appointment with us in January to talk about our taxes. Cinda brought in another icepack. She was relentless. She'd cure me even if it killed me. Kenny and Super hot mom and daughter decide its time to share a cock stopped by just in time for lunch which I hardly considered a coincidence.

I knew Kenny too well. Somehow I managed to convince Cinda that I could actually get out onto the patio and use the grill without killing myself. I cooked up enough hot dogs for the four of us.

Kenny joined me just as I had finished with the rolls, toasting them before returning them to the plastic bag. It was ebony babe gets anal and dp pounding "secret" for keeping them moist before adding the dogs. "Nice of you to volunteer to do the shoveling." "Ah, it's no big deal. You'd do it for me if I was hurt, besides I figure I owe you." "Oh?" "Yeah…Mandy and I sort of borrowed your place while you were in the hospital.

You were right—you have to give to get. I gave and then she gave—everything! Wow! It was well worth waiting for and now I'm pretty sure we'll do it all the time." "See…it pays to listen. I'm glad. I always thought you and Mandy were a great match." We chatted for a while until I took the hot dogs off and brought them into the house. "You look awfully sore, Ty," commented Mandy as she and Cinda served some Cokes.

"I won't tell you that I'm not in pain because I am, but it looks worse than it feels. I wonder how long this bruising will last. Did I tell you I'm getting a mask so I can play?" "Really?

When?" "I have an appointment Wednesday at ten." "Wow, you'll get an extended vacation!" "No, Mandy we won't. Neither Cinda nor I have ever missed a day of school and we don't intend to start now. We'll go back Wednesday morning like everyone else and I'll get excused around 9:30 for the doctor, but I'll be back long before practice that afternoon." "Uh…how…what…your excuse note?" "I can write my own, but I think it would be funnier if I have Cinda do it.

That way she can sign it 'Mrs. Feldner' just like Mom used to do." "Gee, if only I could do that? Just think of the possibilities!

Oh well, I guess I'd better get to the shoveling." Kenny got up and threw on his jacket en route to the garage. He talked a good game, but I happened to know that he'd never cut even a single class and his attendance record was almost as good as mine.

Cinda shooed me to the couch with another icepack while she and Mandy cleaned up the kitchen. Kenny was back in about twenty minutes later. "I should have waited; it's almost all melted." He and Mandy joined us for an afternoon of football bowl games before leaving around five. I cooked a steak on the grill and we retired to bed early.

"Don't forget your promise, Ty." I didn't and I wouldn't. I knew Cinda was serious. If I fucked up I wouldn't be fucking again for quite a while. "Okay—I can move with you, can't I?" She gave me that look again then she moved down to kiss me. My hands found her butt, her firm muscular butt. She broke the kiss a minute later with a smile, kissing and sucking my neck.

"Oh no—I have enough bruises. Please, I don't need any more even though hot blonde teen takes off panties fingers her wet pussy xbabecam com a hickey from you would be much more fun than the first one." Cinda pulled back, kissed me again and moved my cock into her core.

Cinda's hands found the headboard just as mine found her breasts. I massaged each fleshy mammary as we began slowly our trek to oblivion—the sweet pain of our blissful orgasms. We moved together and Cinda gave me a treat by flexing her Kegel muscles. "That's for being good and because I love you.

Too bad I can't lean down and kiss you wildly." She was rocking now faster and faster, harder and harder. Her grip on my cock was fantastic. Suddenly, I lost it, blowing river after river of slick white semen into her. I moved both hands to her abdomen, squeezing her clit between my thumbs.

She arched her back and opened her mouth to scream. Normally I would have covered it with my mouth, but that was impossible now. She had just fallen to my chest when Fred poked his head into her face. "I'm okay, Fred…better than okay." She petted his head and he retreated to his bed. Cinda's head was on my chest when she spoke again. "I'll write an excuse note for you, but I'm coming with you. I hate to tell you this, but I don't exactly trust you.

You'll ignore the doctor's instructions and rush back into physical activity before you're ready. I know you too well." I ran my hand through her lustrous hair as I replied, "I'm not going to argue. I doubt it would do me any good anyway." "No, it wouldn't; now let's go to sleep.

You wore me out." She kissed my cheek and lay back down. As usual, Fred checked on us—sticking his nose into our faces before retiring again to his bed. Just before falling asleep I heard Cinda speak again, this time in a whisper.

"I know something you don't." "Oh, you mean about Kenny and Mandy?" "How did you find out? Oh, of course, Kenny told you, didn't he?" "Yeah, that's why he volunteered to shovel—to pay me back for using the house when he came over to see to Fred.

So, what did Mandy think?" "She said Kenny was a surprisingly considerate lover. He took care of her orally first and then she surprised him by offering herself. She did enjoy it apparently although I'm sure he's not as good as you are." "She'll never have first-hand experience; that's reserved for you. Now, can we please go to sleep?" "Of course, darling—I love you." She kissed my cheek, snuggled even closer and we were gone.

I had been injured and operated on Wednesday bombshell victoria june gets her pussy plowed hard and released on Thursday.

I sat around doing nothing the rest of the day and all day Friday. The inactivity was driving me crazy. Now on Saturday morning I'd had enough. "I can't take any more, Cinda. Sitting around like this is making me nuts." "What are you going to do? You can't play ball and I'm not letting you do anything strenuous that could injure you again. So, what are you going to do?" "How about we plan for a party—tomorrow night…New Year's Eve?

We could invite just a few of our closest friends—Kenny and Mandy, Marty and a date if he can get one&hellip." "Jennifer and Jimmy? "Okay, and my two closest buddies from the team—Jason and Mark. I'll bet we can get some food from Vito. The house is already clean." Cinda gave me a look so I continued, "Okay, we can clean it up a little more." "It's okay with me, but you'd better get on the phone and see if anyone can actually come." She kissed me quickly and left to clean the bedroom and bath.

I reached Kenny easily—he had no real plans—and neither did Marty who assured me he could get a date. Jason already had a party, but Mark was in. I phoned Jennifer who was surprised to hear from me—she was Cinda's friend. She said that all they had planned was a night in front of the TV so the party sounded great. My final call was to Vito, an old friend of my parents who owned an excellent Italian restaurant.

He was concerned about me when he answered the phone. He'd known me since I was four. I reassured him and asked if I could still get some food for tomorrow night. "For you, Ty—no problem." We agreed on chicken parm, sausage and peppers, baked ziti, and meatballs.

He suggested a tossed Italian salad and some bread. "I'll throw in some olives, as well." I agreed to pick everything up around six and we were all set. Vito told me we had more than enough for twenty people, but he'd never seen Kenny eat. I spent most of the day dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen while checking out some bowl games on the TV. I took Cinda out for Chinese. We horny old neighbors fucks sydney sky pussy stopped on the way back—an organized traffic stop looking for drunk drivers as well as expired licenses and registrations.

I put on the interior light and pulled my license and registration from my wallet. As things developed it wasn't necessary. The deputy recognized me. "Oh…hi there Ty. How're you feeling? That idiot just made bail. Haven't been drinking, have you?" "Hi, Deputy—no, my next one will be my first. Truthfully, I could never see the appeal." "I always thought you were a smart one." "He is…did you know that Ty is a genius?" I looked over at Cinda who could never stop bragging about me.

"It's not really true. Wives are supposed to brag about their husbands, I guess." He laughed and waved us on. I rolled up the window and drove away. "Please don't do that, Cinda. You know I don't like to brag, especially about being smart." "I'm sorry, Ty.

It's just that I'm so proud of you." She leaned over to kiss my cheek. "Forgive me?" "Of gwenanie rentre doucement dans mon petit cul I wasn't angry…just embarrassed." I rested my hand on her knee until I had pulled into the garage.

We watched some more football, Cinda curled up on one side of me, Fred's head on my other leg. The game was boring—a blowout by halftime--so I ran my hand up under Cinda's blouse. It was almost to her breast when she jumped up, turned the TV off and extended her hand. "I can take a hint. Why don't you put Fred out while I get ready in the bathroom?

I see no reason why we can't shower together again." She leaned down to kiss my good cheek before pulling me up. Blonde amateur mom playing plus a spekula speculum and hospital wasn't the only one who could take a hint.

Fred was outside in a flash while I locked up the house. I let him back in a minute or so later and he led me down the hall.

We showered, washing each other lovingly then made beautiful love just as we did every other night. Fred completely ignored us, even yawning several times. He had no interest in sex. Fred was a rescue puppy. I'd picked him out from a room full of small kennels. All the dogs were barking except him, even when I walked up to his cage. I sat on the floor when he was released, so pleased when he climbed all over me, licking my hands and face.

I adopted him that very afternoon, depositing $20 saved from my allowance as a donation to the Humane Society. One of the conditions of the adoption was that he be neutered.

I cried openly when I learned how many dogs, even puppies, were euthanized every year. Getting Fred had worked out well for both of us. He got a loving home; I got a faithful companion, one who loved me, and now Cinda, fully. God help anyone who threatened her while he was around. We had needed a plumber to fix a badly leaking faucet back in mid-December.

I was outside raking leaves for the final time while Cinda sat in the kitchen with the plumber. She and Fred had known each other only a month, but had bonded completely. Fred sat between her and the man. He turned every time the man moved and Cinda told me he almost lost his arm when he tried to hand Cinda the bill.

We had to pay, but the total would be deducted from our rent. We woke early Sunday morning, showered and ate a quick breakfast before dressing for church. We met Mom and Dad outside and they inquired about my face. 'Gee, Ty you look kind of like a raccoon with that mask of a bruise." "It's okay, Mom. It barely even hurts now. Most of the swelling is gone, too." We would have continued, but Kenny and Mandy walked up. We went into church together, but sat in separate pews.

Mom and Dad liked to sit up front; we preferred the rear. We spent much of the afternoon in the supermarket buying cases of assorted soda, pretzels and potato chips and some stuff to make into a dip thanks to a recipe from Mom. We also bought a bunch of carrots, green and red sweet peppers, radishes, and celery which I cut into strips for hors d'oeuvres.

I left around 5:30 to pick up our party food, getting the directions for reheating from Vito himself. We ate a light dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches before showering. I put Fred out around eight. Our guests began arriving around nine.

We danced and chatted, having a great time, even wearing some of those silly hats that Marty had brought. Everything was going great when the doorbell rang just after ten. Cinda rose to answer. "Uh…TY!" I left the kitchen where I was removing the containers of hot food, walking swiftly toward her at the door. Standing just outside were five guys, all seniors at our school.

Two of them were drinking cans of Budweiser. "Hi there, Ty—we thought we'd come to your party." "I'm afraid not, Mitch.

It's not really a party, just a group of my very close friends and their dates. While I know all of you I'd never describe you as my close friends. All the guys here have dates and you don't which is a problem and you're all drinking which we don't allow in our home.

So thanks for stopping by and have a happy new year." "You know, Ty you have quite the reputation as a brawler, but there's only one of you and I suspect that a shot to your nose would incapacitate you in a second so why don't you step aside and let us in?" "What makes you think I'm alone in this?

FRED!" He bolted away from the two girls who were petting him. He was at my side in two seconds. "Fred…alert." He bared his teeth and growled. They took a quick step back. "This dog is ninety-seven pounds of pure muscle.

See how thick his neck is? He could take your arm off at the elbow with the greatest ease. Not so quick on the draw now, are you? I suggest you go back to your car and celebrate somewhere else, but watch out for the cops." Interracial gangbang action with a slender brunette walked away, but Mitch made the mistake of taking his hand suddenly from his jacket pocket. Fred lunged; only my hand on his collar held him back.

"Not too smart, Mitch." They were gone a minute later, but not before they threw several empty beer cans on teen anal orgy hd first time dont say you love me lawn. I went outside with Fred to remove them. Fred got his reward once we were back inside. Cinda hugged him while I retrieved a Milk-Bone biscuit. "Thank God that's over, Ty.

I was worried about you." I kissed Cinda then led her into the kitchen where we prepared all the food. I wasn't at all surprised when Kenny was first in line.

Even Mandy scolded him, but I reminded her that someone had to be first. Cinda and I as hosts went last. There was still a mountain of food remaining. We had no trouble encouraging Kenny and everyone else to have seconds.

Cinda and I were dancing—well, we called it dancing. Basically we were standing in each other's arms as tightly as we could manage with our friends in the room. Cinda reached up every few minutes to kiss me and I realized for at least the millionth time how lucky I was to have found her. We turned on the TV around 11:30 to watch the entertainment and the countdown in New York for the New Year. We blew the horns and turned the noise makers, behaving like idiots, but having a wonderful time.

I pulled Cinda to me at the magical moment and we kissed long and deep, making it even more magical as I told her once again how much I loved her. Even better, she told me the very same things. The party broke up around three after everyone pitched in to clean most of the mess. Jennifer and Mandy helped cover the food and put it into the refrigerator. We had enough for several meals, at least.

We were tired, but very satisfied when we finally went to bed and to sleep seconds later.