Sexy blonde diana dali gets her twat drilled hard outdoors pornstars cumshot

Sexy blonde diana dali gets her twat drilled hard outdoors pornstars cumshot
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Fbailey story number 252 Mother Daughter Love My wife and our daughter look like sisters. My wife is thirty-three years old and our daughter Dixie is fourteen years old. They are both five feet seven inches tall and weigh one hundred and twenty pounds. They even have the same color of brown hair to their shoulders and almost the same shape.

The only real difference is that my wife wears a 34-C bra while our daughter wears a 34-A bra. Other than that they are almost identical. They even share clothes quite frequently.

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My wife knows my fascination with photography because she has posed for me since before we were even married, both dressed and totally nude. So when she saw a very sexy and discreet photo in a magazine of a nude mother and her daughter against a beautiful sunset she said quite honestly that I could have taken a better picture.

Their backs were mostly toward the camera and it was just light enough to see the crack of their asses and the outline of one breast each. It was a very nice picture and I actually was envious of the photographer that took it.

That lucky devil probably spent two or three hours with those women in the nude taking hundreds of photos of anime hentai wife raped by brother in law just to get that perfect one for the magazine. Then my wife suggested that she and our daughter should pose for me that very evening.

What! I was flabbergasted to hear that since I had never even seen our daughter nude before. Dixie dressed very sexy and wore the same revealing clothing that all of the other girls did including thong bikinis but I had never seen her nipples, areolas, or her pussy for certain. However despite all that I really wanted to see Dixie naked and to be able to take pictures of her so I said, "Yes!" My wife went upstairs and returned with Dixie a few minutes later.

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She said that they were ready any time that I was. Shocked I grabbed my camera bag, tripod, and the extra recharged batteries.

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Then off we were. As I drove toward our favorite place on a small lake I was hoping that no one else would be there. Fortunately we were alone. It was a couple of hours before sunset so it was going to be a long wait. Not so! My wife took off her loose dress and stood there in front of Dixie and I totally nude. She said that she didn't want any lines on her body from a bra or panties and that was why she hadn't worn any.

Then she laid out a blanket on the sand and sat down facing me. I got out my camera and took a few test shots then checked them in the viewer. She was just as beautiful as the day I had first met her. With very little coaxing from her mother Dixie removed her tight shorts, her bikini top, and then her panties. For the very first time in my life I saw my daughter naked. My wife had Dixie take her place on the blanket so that I could take some test shots of her too. I was instantly hard and they both knew it.

Then my wife sat down beside her, leaned over, and gave our daughter a kiss. Not a light goodnight kiss or even a mother daughter type of kiss but a kiss that she gives me whenever she wants sex really bad. That was the kiss that she was giving Dixie and Dixie was returning it. What! I just had to take some pictures of that kiss as it went on forever. Soon my wife was on her back and Dixie was still kissing her as her hands roamed over her mother's naked body.

Oh my God they were lovers! Dixie fondled her mother's breasts, tweaked her nipples, and fingered her pussy. It certainly adorable chick with amazing a hole rides knob not their first time either. I watched as Dixie rubbed her mother's clit until she had given her an orgasm. Then the kiss finally broke and Dixie rolled onto her back next to her mother.

Holy shit!

My wife opened her eyes and smiled up at me. Then she said that she should explain. I listened as she told me about her lesbian love affair with our daughter, that it had been going on for a little over a year, and that Dixie now wanted me to join in. In fact she wanted to give me her virginity. Wow! So right there on the beach during the sunset my wife took pictures of me making love to our daughter for the first time.

I enjoyed kissing her, sucking on her nipples, and eating her pussy just as much as I had enjoyed doing those things to her mother. I was even more excited to know that my wife had been there before sex games by a wicked luscious bitch. Dixie's mouth was sweet to the taste as she accepted my tongue, her nipples were sensitive and very hard as I ran my lips over them, and her virgin pussy was extra special.

I had only once before had a virgin and that was her mother. I considered myself to be one of the luckiest men in the whole world.

I had fallen in love with two women, been offered both of their virginities, and they were the best of friends. At that moment I could not possibly love them any more.

I knew that Dixie was more than ready for me and she was certainly willing but I still had to ask, "Sweetheart are you really sure that you want this?" To which she replied, "Yes Daddy.

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I am sure. Now make love to me like mommy has." With that I eased my rock hard cock into my daughter's virgin pussy. She was wet and slick.

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There was nothing to slow me down except my desire to stretch that first penetration out for as long as I could. I wanted to remember and savor that first penetration so that I would always remember it.

I had been way too anxious when I took her mother's virginity. I was too excited that she was going to let me fuck her. Making love was not even in my vocabulary at that time however now was an entirely different story.

I was grown up, mature, and I could think things out. Even though I wanted to force my cock into her all the way and plunge it into her until I cum, I resisted the urge. I knew that if I could make Dixie's first time really nice that I could make love to her every single day from then on. My wife hadn't said it but I knew that I could share our daughter with her after that day. It was as if my wife were sharing her lover with me and in truth she was. I wondered why I had never suspected that they were lovers before.

They were always affectionate in front of me but Dixie was just as affectionate with me in front of her mother. However my wife didn't work and the two girls had a lot of time together. All of those thoughts running through my head kept me from cumming too quickly.

All too soon though I was feeling the intense pleasure that I get as I slid my cock into my wife's moist pussy. The soft wet friction was driving me crazy. The thought of fucking my own daughter was just too great.

I grunted, then I thrust myself as deep into her body as I could possibly get, and then I fired burst after burst of cum into her body. Just as it was happening I was thinking of her getting pregnant and I fired a couple of extra bursts even though I knew it was impossibly. First off I knew that Dixie was on birth control pills and secondly I knew that I had a vasectomy and that Dixie knew that too. None the less the though of getting her pregnant was certainly there and just as strongly as the night that Dixie was conceived.

I collapsed next to Dixie just as she had next to her mother earlier. The sun had set and the flash was blinding as my wife took pictures of my cum dripping out of Dixie's well used pussy. Then it was my turn to flash her eating it out of her daughter.

That evening I took several pictures of them posing in total darkness together. The flash illuminated them perfectly but the entire background was pitch black. Girl lick ass old man we headed for home. The girls we very excited when I flipped the slide show up on my computer at home. They loved every picture and so did I. I was able to re-live the whole thing as Dixie recounted to her mother the details of her first time.

She told of her anxiety, her apprehension, and then of her sheer delight. She told her of the feeling, as my cock grew deeper inside her stretching her vaginal walls to the maximum. She told of how my cock had given her a much deeper orgasm than her mother's tongue or dildos ever had. She then told us that the feel of hot cum hitting her cervix was a feeling that she would never ever forget. Her mother agreed with everything that Dixie had said as a single tear ran down her face.

I kissed away that tear then I kissed both of my women and both of my lovers. That night as we lay in bed together with me in the middle we discussed more places for the girls to pose for nude pictures, how wonderful our second love making had been, and plans for our future together.

The End Mother Daughter Love 252