Big tits pregnant girl rides on dildo

Big tits pregnant girl rides on dildo
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April and Matt are sitting watching some TV, and Matt suggest they turn the TV off, and try something new. April ask what? He says they should back to back, and tell each other what they would do to one another. The first person to touch themselves, has to be the others sex slave.

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April likes the idea, so they sit on the floor, back to back. Matt starts, he tells her that he would walk up behind her, place his arms around her waist and start kissing, and nibbling on the back of her neck.

Then he would slowly caress her breast with his right hand, while hold her close with his left. Pressing against her, she will be able to feel his hard penis against her butt checks.

He would then lick and kiss his way to the side of her neck, to where he would suck and nibble gently. Then he would skinny wife fucked and filled with cock his hand up her shirt, and caress her breast, pinching her harden nipples through her bra. Lifting her bra up, so that he could caress her breast better.

She sits there with her eyes closed, thinking about this, and staring to get very wet. Then he slides his hand down the front of sunny leone latest sex stories pron story 2019 pants, caressing her crotch from out side her pants, feeling her getting wet. While pinching her nipple, and and caressing her crotch, she rocks her hips back and forth, feeling his hard penis pressing against her butt.

He turns hew toward him, and they kiss, pressing his lips against hers, feeling her body getting excited, with each time their tongues touched each other. He then would remove her shirt and bra, to lick, suck, and nibble on her hard nipples. Running his tongue all over her nipple, while pinching the other. She moans, and lets out a short sigh.

He gently takes her nipple between his teeth, and bites, as he runs his tongue all over the tip, making her go wild. Then he would kiss his way down to her belly button, licking and kissing to her got to her pants.

He would undo the button, using his teeth, and then slowly unzip them, with his teeth. Taking both hands, on either side of her hips, and slowly removing her pants, while kiss as he slowly removes them. He has her step out of her pants, kissing his way back up the other leg, sucking the back of her knee and licking up the inside of her inner thigh. April is getting wet, thinking about how good his tongue feels against her skin.

Just then, the phone rings, and Matt gets up to answer it. He steps into the other room, and can't see April anymore. April, lays back on the floor, thinking about all Matt has said. She starts to pinch her own nipples, Feeling them getting erected in her fingers. She then runs her hand inside her pants, and starts to caress her wet vagina. She is really getting in to it, thinking about what he was saying her wanted to do to her.

She never hears Matt walk back into the room. Matt stands there, and watches for a few minutes, as she brings herself to orgasm. Just as she is about to cum, he says, you lose. She smiles, and says I guess I did. She ask him what does he want? Matt sits on the couch and thinks about it for a minute. He tells her, that he wants to watch her get herself off.

So she smiles and says okay. She starts to remove her clothes pretty czech kittens open up their fannys with ass plug and thick fuck toys, and he stops her, and tells her first.

I want a strip show. So she puts her shirt back on, and slowly, removes her clothes, teasing him as she slowly removes each piece of clothes. She throws her bra into his face, then she undoes her pants, and teases as she removes them.

She just stands there in her panties, she bends over, and pulls them to the side, so that he can get a better view. He can see how wet she is, and he starts to caress his penis, through his pants. She stands up, and smiles, as she removes her panties, and throws them into his face.

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He picks them up, and smells her sweet soft scent on her panties. Once again, she bends over, and opens her butt check for him to get a better view.

While she is bent over, she sees a tapered candle, sitting on top of the TV, she grabs it, and starts to rub it against her clit. Then down femaleagent multiple orgasms in perfect lesbian casting her wet vagina to make sure it is wet, rubbing it hard against her clit, she turns it around, and places the fatter end, inside of her, and rubs her clit with her other hand.

She removes the candle, and stands up. She then lays on the floor, placing both legs on the coffee table, and opens them wide. Matt stands up, and removes his pants, sits back down, and starts to rub himself. April has an idea, and gets up, and goes into the other room. While she is gone, Matt, removes all of his clothes, and waits for her to get back. When she returns to the room, she has a glass of ice cubes, and a box of matches. She lights the candle, and then lays back on the floor.

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She allows the wax to drip on her breast. as she rubs her clit with an ice cube. She then rubs the ice cube all over her wet vagina, and then up to her belly button. She slowly moves the candle down her stomach as the wax melts and drips on her body. As she has the wax drip on her body she lets out soft sighs and moans. She allows the wax to run down between her legs, on her inner thighs, and all over her wet vagina.

She blows the candle out, and then takes another ice cube, and runs it all over the wax, that has collected on her clit. Sliding the ice cube al over, she then slides it inside of her.

Pushing it all the way in. Matt's eye are getting big, watching as she does this to herself. Never thinking he would be so turned on. She starts to rub hard against her clit, As the ice melts, and runs from her vagina. Making a big mess on the floor.

He starts to stroke himself more, and harder. Watching her as she moans, and sighs. She starts to call out that she is cumming, and she starts shaking, then sprays all over.

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Wannabe model thinks im a casting agent has never sprayed before, and she starts yelling in pleasure. Watching this Matt pounding hard and fast on his penis, starts to cum, he stands up, and leans into her, and cums all over her breast. He lays on the floor next to her, and they hold each other, and kiss.

Her body still shaking as he holds her close. She whispers that now she needs to be fucked hard. She sits up, and leans into him, taking his penis into her hands, and working it back up. She leans in, and takes him into her mouth. Tasting his cum as it runs down her lips. He reaches over, and starts to caress her cold, waxed covered clit.

Feeling the ice water running from her, he ask her to lay back. He places 2 ice cubes inside of her, and then starts to lick her clit. She starts shaking again, and does not take her long, before she is cumming again. As the ice melts, and runs out, he licks it up, tasting all of her sweet juices mixed with the ice water. He then moves, and slide his hard warm penis, into her cold, wet tight vagina. She lets out a loud sigh, and digs her nails into his back.

He rams his penis in hard and fast, each time feeling her get tighter, and tighter.

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She digs her nails hard in to his back, and starts yelling out with pleasure. She feels something running down her fingers, so she ask him to stop. She had dug her nails in so babe poses herself as helpless to get a cock, she caused him to bleed. She told him that she was sorry, and wanted to try something new, if he was up to it. They both stood up, and she laid over the arm of the couch. He stood behind her, and opened her legs.

He kneeled down, and started to lick her wet vagina from behind. She starts to cum again, this time all over his face. He stands up, and teases her with his penis, rubbing it all over her clit, smacking her butt with it. Then just sliding in the head. Holding just the head inside of her, she wants more, so she starts to ram herself hard against him, feeling him feel her up, Having him so deep inside, she starts to cry out FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.

Both of them covered with sweat, he starts to cum, He pulls out, and cums, all over her butt. They fall to the floor tired. Both all hot and sweaty. After a few minutes, Matt says that they should take a shower, and finish up in there.

April smiles, and says okay.