Your dick is so small i can t even see it sph

Your dick is so small i can t even see it sph
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Me and my bestfriend at the movies part:2 My heart raced as i remebered what Chris had done to me last sent shivers down my spine to think of how hot his tongue was in my pussy.I licked my lips remembering how his cock felt in my hands and on my tongue."mmmmm" i sighed to myself content.I had gotten eat out in the movie theaters by one of my best friends.I reveled at what had happened an almost had an orgasm right then an there."Mmm i better watch myself around him i dont want to cum right when i see him!" i warned myself.'Hmmm maybe ill go call chris.'i thought to myself.

So i picked up the phone and dialed his number.ring ring."hello?"answered a very handsome voice. "Hey Chris its me Heather!"i greeted."I thought thats who it was but i wasnt sure" he laughed."Soooo chris what are we doing tonight?" i asked in a very seductive voice."oh i dont know maybe i can cum over to your place" he said ephisizing the word come."Sounds good to me,my parents are out of town for the week so feel free to stop by whenever."i said shyly.I was a bit nervous.ive never had full on sex but i knew he would never hurt me."Hey dont sound so shy babe i wont let anything hurt you i promise,but ill be over at 5pm if thats ok with you.?"he assured and asked me politley.I cleared the lump in my throat that had occured,"Yeah thats fine." i said a little breathlessly."And Heather.ummm.I Love you."He said with alot of emotion.I started crying and i think he heard xxx super hot granny d ancing porn are you ok?

If you dont feel the same about me i understand but please dont cry i-" but i cut him off and said"Chris i love you so much more than u could imagine and for you to say you love me it made me peculiar cuties drill the biggest belt cocks and spray love juice all over monstercock ejaculating secure and loved,i havent felt that way for a very long time."I said intensley.My parents never really bothered to tell me often how much they loved me.they were apparently too busy."I know Heather and the last thing i want to do is hurt you.But i really have to go, football practice is in an hour.hey instead of going to your place how about we go to a fancyish restraunt and talk ok?" he asked."Sounds great but please dont hurt yourself in practice."I told him."K ill try not too.I love you"He said shyly yet with much passion."I love you more"i replied.i heard him mutter 'oh i dont think thats even possible' but then he laughed and hung up.

It was 4pm when i decided to get ready for dinner with chris.So i ran down to this little store that sold lots of sex toys and stuff of that sort.The lady at the desk asked if i needed help looking for something so i replied and said "yes i was looking for a nippleless bra and a crotchless thong." She grinned and pull out a matching bra and panties if they really could be called that! I started to pull out my wallet when she said"Hey its on the house." i thanked her and rushed home.

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I hopped in the shower and started to wash up.i grabbed some cherry smelling shampoo and scrubbed my hair as best i could.I slowly slid my hand down my stomach wondering if i should fuck my self.i decided i would.I inserted 3fingers into my tight hole and moaned,then started playing with my clit.I was about to orgasm when i jerked my hands away saving it for Chris.I got out of the shower and went to look for an out fit.I found a real short mini skirt that showed a bit of my ass and a small tight fitting white tank top.

i slipped my little thong and "bra" on and then the rest of the clothes.I went to look for some shoes and found a pair of black 2inch heels and put them on.I looked myself over in the mirror, and thought theres no way he can resist me. ding dong! went my doorbell.i ran to the door almost tripping but caught myself."who is it?" i asked even though i was pretty sure i already knew."Its the pizza guy."Chris said jokingly back.i opened the door to find him staring at my body up and down.

I blushed and looked down at his pants where there seemed a bulge in his pants had transpired.I giggled and looked to where he was looking and he said" Does it turn you on?" I looked up and grinned then walked toward the door and grabbed his package through his pants. He jumped and said"Someones a little excited." it was worded very suggestively.he had gotten into the car before i had which was perfect because once again i climbed into his car and spread my legs far apart for him to see my shaved pussy.His bulge grew bigger.As we drove i pulled his zipper down and let his manhood hang out and i started to massage it."Oh real dad fucks tiny crony associates daughter first time army boy meets busty stepmom god you have nooooo idea how goood thaat feeeellsss!" he said trying not to slurr his words by the intense feelings he felt.I giggled and he drove to this little restraunt and stopped in the parking lot and grasped the wheel hard as i gripped him harder and pushed up and down faster."unnnnggghhh oh fuck yes.OH SHIT OH FUCK YES BABY KEEP GOING!!!!!" i felt his balls tense up and pushed my mouth down on him and he let his load squirt into my mouth.

i kept most of it in trying not to let it get his pants dirty for i didnt want anyone to see we had been doing this. Once inside the restraunt Chris kept whispering dirty words into my ear.I was so wet and horny i great latina tits and ass pradaxxx fucks blowjob bigtits afraid someone other than him would smell me!

He grinned and sat next to me and rested his hand on my thigh."Hi guys my names Rebecca and ill be your server tonight so what can i get for ya?" Chris rubbed his hand between my legs and said"Ill have a coke to start off with.what about you babe?" he slipped his hand further between my legs and rubbed my slit."MMMMMM uhhhh ii thiinnkk ill havee a Mr.Pibbbbb." I said saying them a bit to long. "She has a speach problem."Chris said not wanting the server to think of what we were actually doing.I laughed and called him a jerk but only teasingly."Chris you really cant do that to me when im talking,i almost had an orgasmmmmmmmmmmmm."but i never finished my sentence because he had pretended to drop his fork and slid his head inbetween my legs and licked my clit.That was it and i had the best orgasm ever!

i moaned softly wishing i could scream his name. He came back up from his little adventure and grinned a huge grin at me.I could smell my juices on his face.It turned me on so much that i kissed him hard on the lips and licked the inside of his mouth clean.He laughed and said"Someones a bit excited."Oh if only you knew chris if only you knew.

"I love your new bra and "panties".Chris said enthusiastically. "I bet you would like them better if they were off."I said seductively."Mmmmm baby you just know how to turn me on!" Chris moaned a little as i massaged his thick manhood under the table. After our departure from the restraunt, not a whole lot was said.i think we were saving our words till we got to my house.or maybe we were just nervous.We pulled into my driveway and clambered out of the car towards the front door.

As soon as we were inside I tore his clothes from his body as he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist.He went straight to my room and laid me down on the bed.He ripped my skirt and thong off and i proceeded by ripping his pants off.I then laid back down wanting to get the painfull part over with.

He slowly entered my inner walls never breaking eye contact with me."Are you sure about this Heather? Cuz ill stop if you want me to." He said ernestly. "POP MY CHERRY YOU SEXY BEAST!!!!" i screamed seductively.That was all it took to push him over the edge, he dove in pushing as hard as he could. I cried out in pain as he ripped through my hymen.But he didnt stop to let the pain subside instead he kept going.I think it helped the pain go away faster that way.

We fucked for about an hour having orgasm after orgasm.I then stood up exhausted and laid him on the bed. i got on my hands a knees and sucked his sexy hot adorable hottie hardcore and bondage bringing it back to life. "Oh yes Heather.OH YEAH SUCK MY COCK LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE!!!!!!

UUUGGGGGHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN HOL SHIT THIS IS GUNNA BEEEEEEEE AAA HHHHUGGEEE LOAADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let his hot seed flood into my mouth i gulped it up eagerly awaiting a reply from him after his 3 orgasm subsided form just that one blowjob.

He was panting hard when he finally said"Jesus christ that was.fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!! teensdoporn sexy big booty brunette teen babe banged cant beleive how good that was omg i thought i was gunna pass out!!!!" He said excitedly. I grinned and said " I hoped you would like my fantanstic blowjob!" :) We laid in each others arms completley naked and oblivious to all around us except for each other.I sighed content.He sqeezed me closer and kissed me passionatly.And then one thing led to another and we were sucking and fucking with each other for hours on end.

I hope you all enjoyed it! sorry it took so long to get this part done but i had to edit and then i was busy and yada yada yada well i hope you all LOVE it!

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:) ~heather