Cute brunette bbw is picked up and fucked

Cute brunette bbw is picked up and fucked
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".dresser," Kim said softly. Her weight, depressing themattress, caused the huge double-dong to roll heavily against her side. One end was against her shoulder; the other was at her hip. She turned and grasped it. "Top drawer, left," she added. "Aha!" Connie said and Kim remembered that it was the same drawer where she kept her other toys -- the plastic vibrator and the pulsing dildo she'd bought through the mail-order catalog.

The big double-dong, though, was much thicker than either of her old toys. The glans on the nearest end was young girl turns into an anal trooper realistic -- and still warm from the washing Connie had given it. She felt Connie kneel on the bed behind her.

"Big sucker, huh?" Kim's ripe lips quirked in a smile. "Actually, I think it's too big to be a sucker." She raised the dildo to her mouth and managed to get the head inside -- and no more. She removed it and said, "Unreal." "Actually -- " Connie took it from her. "It may be just a little bit fatter than Jerry's. I'll have to try it on for size." "You mean 'Try it *in* for size.'" Connie rolled Kim onto her back and knelt straddling her, Kim's lovely tits brushing the insides of Connie's taut thighs.

"Hey, where's your whatsis, uh, Butterfly?" "You sometimes talk too much." Connie began slowing moving her hips from side to side, brushing Kim's large nipples with her labia, letting her juices moisten the broad, swelling lumps that capped Kim's firm hillocks.

She felt Kim's hands come up behind her, cupping her ass and pulling her cunt closer and closer. Connie leaned forward on her arms and let her drooling pussy descend almost to Kim's yearning lips. Kim's tongue reached up and just barely touched Connie's swollen cunt lips, then tickled back and forth over her clit. Pretty babe with large ass gets fingered moaned and pressed her twat down onto Kim's mouth, kissing Kim's lips with her own.

She began to shake with a small orgasm. Then Kim slid a finger into her little pussy and the orgasm grew -- explosively. Connie settled to a slow seething and swung herself off her lover's face. Her knees were trembling as she reached to unclip the Butterfly still whirring quietly on Kim's crotch. She laid it aside, then let herself drape on top of Kimberly with their faces buried in each other's pussies. Kim sighed as she felt Connie's nimble tongue begin licking the insides of her thighs and then groaned when Connie fastened her lips over Kim's still vibrating cunt.

Connie was bathing her mouth and nose in Kim's copious juices while savoring the touch of Kim's tongue on her eager pussy -- but she was doing more, too. Without looking, she reached to the side with one hand and found the tube of K-Y. She uncapped it.

Still working by feel, she put a big dose of it on the enormous double-dong. Just as Kim was beginning to cum again from the tongue and lips on her cunt, Connie slid one slippery finger into Kim's hungry cunt. "Ahhhh, yes, do me, do me," Kim murmured into Connie's cunt. She raised her knees and opened her shapely legs still wider.

Connie slid another finger in beside the first and Kim began hunching her cunt up toward her demandingly.

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The third finger brought a low, throaty growl of pleasure from Kim. Connie waggled the three digits inside her young lover's pussy, all the while licking at her clitoris. Just as Connie felt the orgasm beginning to explode, Connie yanked the fingers out of her. Kim half-sobbed in frustration -- and then groaned loudly as she felt something smooth and wonderfully firm slowly spreading her cunt lips wider and wider and wider.

The sound that came from deep in her throat was almost a lowing, like an animal. Her cunt was being forced open more than she could have imagined possible, almost painfully open, but the incessant movement of Connie's tongue on her stretching labia and engorged clitoris somehow made it bearable -- and pleasurable. When the glans of the thick double-dong finally popped all the way inside her youthful tunnel, Kim's hips seemed to relax.

One legstraightened and lay limp on the bed while the other slowly swung wider, then back. Connie knew exactly what Kim was sunny loney red xxx vdo -- she'd felt it herself every time she'd gone to bed with Jerry. That empathy sent an additional shiver of pleasure through her that almost compensated for the pause in Kim's oral ministrations to her own hungry cunt.

As son as Kim resumed licking her pussy, though, Connie resumed her tunneling. Bit by bit, she pushed that huge dildo in, withdrawing it slightly every so often both to give Kim the chance to accommodate it and to give herself the thrill of watching Kim's stretched-to-bursting labia coat the massive stick as it pulled outward. When seven or eight inches of the rubber cock were embedded in Kim, Connie began working it back until only the glans was inside -- and then pushed it back in to the previous limit.and a little more.

Kim was bucking her hips up to take it, welcoming it with fucking eagerness. Connie felt Kim tighten beneath her -- and Kim began shuddering and fucking her hips faster, short little jerks. Kim was close, very close. Connie wanted to time this perfectly -- At just the right moment, Connie let her index finger slide down over the short, secretion coated stretch between Kim's packed vagina and her anus -- and then slipped the finger inside to the first knuckle.

"AHHH!" Kim's legs snapped closed and she arched, shivering. Her twat and ass were tightly gripping the rubber cock and Connie's invading finger as she came and came, shrieking in Connie's cunt.

Connie could barely move the latex cock within the sheath of Kim's cunt, but move it she did -- deeper. Kim kept cumming and arching as she felt the fat, phony phallus probing deeper and deeper -- past the deepest any man had been, past the deepest of her mail-order dildo, past what she had always considered her limits. It felt as if it were probing into the base of her stomach and finding in that region another clitoris.

She screamed with pleasure as an immense orgasm wracked her lush, taut frame. She collapsed back to the bed, still shuddering as Connie began working the enormous dildo rapidly in and out with quick, short strokes -- strokes that a man would use if he were cumming with the nubile beauty.

At the same time, she crammed her finger into Kim's ass till her palm was pressed against the shivering globes of firm flesh, and then she wiggled it. Kim jerked her head from side to side, her mouth open and tongue extended against Connie's drooling cunt, as she came and came and came.

Connie began shivering with pleasure as little orgasms went off like firecrackers inside her. She bent lower and fastened her mouth over Kim's protruding clit and licked lightly at the tasty morsel. Kim bucked and shook like a woman in the throes of a seizure. Her legs went wide on the bed and her hands came down on the back of Connie's head, forcing her mouth down over her brunette rubs her ass of a hard cock. And all the time, Connie was still jacking the immense dildo in Kim's cunt and waggling her finger in Kim's nearly virgin anus.

Kim bucked wildly, finally throwing Connie off her. Connie was startled by the violence of the throw and the suddenness with which she was deprived of Kim's clit in her mouth and Kim's tight ass around her finger.

She lay motionless for a moment beside her young lover on the bed -- and then Kim was suddenly black high hells my wife tube porn her, on all fours.

"You fucking slut, I'm still cumming!" Kim moaned and kissed her passionately. Then Connie felt her legs being lifted higher and wider -- and she felt the huge dong pressing against her cunt. "Now I'm gonna fuck you with this cock!" Connie shook and went limp with pleasure as Kim lined up the other end of the double-dong and pressed it relentlessly into Connie's cunt. She felt the breath streaming out of her as it went deeper and deeper, stretching her wonderfully, opening her as it plumbed her depths.

And then she felt Kim's cunt against hers. Between them, they had absorbed almost two feet of plastic cock. "C'mon, fuck - fuck - fuck - fuck," Kim chanted as she bucked her hips. Connie rolled slightly on her side and thrust back at the larger woman, then held her dildo-filled pussy lips against Kim's swollen labia. Both women threw their heads back and moaned at the sensations: sweet cunnies mashed together, swollen clits rubbing, tight pussies packed to bursting with secretion-slicked latex.

As the full strength of her orgasm swept over her, Connie managed to reach up and drop one shaking hand on a one of Kim's quivering tits. She grasped at the huge, swollen nipple and squeezed.

Kim shrieked and froze -- and then her hips shook like a paint-mixing machine. Her climax-tightened cunt contracted on the dildo and her motions sent it rapidly ratcheting inside Connie's fluttering fuck hole as if it really were the huge, hard dick it imitated.

Connie howled and fell back on the bed, barely conscious as Kim finished fucking them both into semiconsciousness. Long minutes later, Connie roused herself slightly -- just enough to slowly extricate the dildo from her cunt.

She felt empty and wanting inside when the many inches were finally out of her. She shifted slowly on the bed and studied the giant toy where it disappeared intoKimberly's awesome stretched cunt lips.

Connie couldn't believe how much of it she'd had inside herself. Kim was still dozing when Connie found the butt plug with her groping fingers. She bent and began lightly kissing Kim's thighs and abdomen, waking her sweetly into morehorniness, while she spread the lubricating gel on the butt plug. Kim moaned as Connie began teasing super big ass bella bellz analyzed hard by massive hard cock hardcore blowjob clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

The long legs parted and the tight hips began slowly rolling. Connie reached beneath Kim and began massaging her puckered little butthole with one slippery finger -- and then pushed it in. "Ohhhh, yeahhhh." Kim's hips were shaking now and Connie could clearly hear her gasps of pleasure and she worked the finger carefully in and out of the tight opening.

Connie began working a second finger into Kim's ass while she slowly pulled the big double-dong free of the younger woman's tight cuntal clutches. The fat knob came out just as the second finger slid home.

Kim arched at the withdrawal and Connie quickly covered the temporarily gaping opening with her thirsty mouth. Kim was flowing and flowing, more than Connie would have thought possible. Suddenly, Kim grabbed Connie's hips and rolled over, reversing their position; Connie was now on the bottom. But Kim's sweetlystreaming cunt was still pressed against her lips, pouring its savory sauce into Connie's thirsty mouth.

Her fingers had come out of Kim's ass during the change of place. With the same hand, she reached back to find the butt plug just as Kim began feasting on Connie's eager snatch.

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Shivering with pleasure at what Kim was doing with her lovely lips and tongue, Connie brought the butt plug into alignment and began working it slowly into Kim's ass. Kim's thighs began shaking and her knees gave out. She collapsed slowly atop Connie, her long legs extended back and to each side of Connie's head. Connie kept up the licking and the pressure and suddenly the butt plug slid all the way home and was locked in place by the flutterings of Kim's tight sphincter muscles.

Kim arched her head up long enough to hiss, "I feel like I'm taking a huge shit!" and then dropped her face back between Connie's legs. Connie never stopped her snacking on Kim's snatch and in moments, both women were shuddering to orgasm again. Kim rolled off her and Connie squirmed around on the bed to be in her young lover's arms. "With that thing in my ass, I keep feeling like I'm going to cum again in a second," Kim breathed into Connie's mouth.

Connie responded by taking one prodigiously swollen nipple into her mouth and lightly bringing her teeth down on it. Kim shook and arched her hips and came again. Connie kept chewing that large nipple and slid her ungreased hand down to cover Kim's cunt -- and was shocked at the quantity of liquid seeping out of her. She sank two fingers suddenly into Kim's quim and pressed her palm of her clitoris. She wiggled the fingers inside Kim and felt the liquids sloshing inside her. Kim was bucking her firm hips again, seeking -- and Connie obliged.

She curled her fingers inside Kim and found the swollen nodule of nerves on the upper part of her vagina. As soon as she began massaging the G spot, Kim screamed and arched up off the bed.

She seemed unable to control the frantic rolling of her hips as she came and came. The juices flowed out of her spasming cunt, now. Connie could feel them on her hand, dripping. Slowly, she removed her mouth from Kim's nipple and her fingers from Kim's cunt. The younger woman collapsed onto the bed again, still rippling with pleasure. Connie watched happily as Kim's stomach and abdomen continued to contract. She knew Kim was still cumming and quickly plastered her lips onto her lover's.

Kim hugged her urgently as they passionately kissed long and deep. Their legs intertwined and each pressed against the other hungrily, as if trying to feel all her flesh against all of her flesh, as if trying to merge.

Later, Kim quietly said, "I wish you could stay the night." Connie, standing, smiled. "I'm planning to. We still have toys to break in." Kim's joyous smile at having her lover stay the night with her became a slack-lipped look of pure lust. "Yes, those others." Her fingers trailed down to her sodden crotch as if they moved on their own volition. "It's too bad we can't use them all at once somehow." "There's too many for two of us." Connie sat on the edge of the totally disheveled bed.

"But we can always call Emily and lecherous beauteous bitch gets hard fuck hardcore creampie her to join us sometime." She leaned over and licked Kim's belly.

"For tonight, though, I want you all to myself." She kissed Kim's pubis. "I can't believe you're going to be with me all night long," Kim breathed. She was still aware of the butt plug, but had already gotten comfortable with it. "What about your husband?" "He doesn't mind." Connie was kissing the insides of Kim's thighs. She suddenly sat up. "Or did you mean something else?" "Not originally, but -- yeah, sure. Still." Connie thought for a moment. "I'd like that. It's not his thing, but our anniversary is coming up.

He won't refuse me anything." Kim smiled and ran her hand over Connie's back. "Neither will I." "I know." She bent and started kissing Kim's calves as Kim reached down to caress her tight ass cheeks with one hand while the other sought -- and found -- her mail order pulsating vibrator and the lubricating gel. She had an idea forming. When her finger brushed Connie's tiny anus and the lithe, petite woman moaned and arched her butt against the digit, Kim's idea became a certainty.

"Come up here, you slut," Kim crooned. "It's your turn to get butt-plugged." Connie groaned in anticipation and moved in willing compliance.* * * Connie got home just after ten in the morning. The weather was unusually warm for late February and the two or three inches ofaccumulated snow was already melting into a large puddle that flashed blue-sky sunlight. She'd purposely delayed returning, despite her eagerness to be with her beloved. If he'd been drinking the night before, he'd need a little time alone to come to terms with it.

And it was true: She *was* eager. Despite the splendid pleasures of the night before, the endless, self-indulgent satisfactions of her cravings for slippery sex with another woman -- Kim, in particular -- she ached to be with her man.

The ache was in her heart and her head and other points, farther south. It seemed that the more she was with anyone else, the more she wanted Jerry. She hesitated at the door and took a deep breath before she let herself in. He was in the kitchen, drinking coffee from his favorite mug, a huge thing they'd found at a pottery fair two years before.

"Hello, wife," he said. The New York Times was spread on the table next to a plate holding the surviving crumbs of a toasted English muffin.

"Glad to see you." She grinned and felt the tears spilling down her face. She threw herself into his arms and held him as tightly as she could. "Goddam, but I love you!" she sobbed. She felt his arms close lightly around her as he kissed the side of her face.

She calmed and finally slipped away to sit kitty-corner from him at the table. "Well, what about last -- " both began saying, and then stopped and laughed. "You first," she said, reaching for the coffee carafe. "I wondered about you, went to the gym, pumped for a while,wondered about you, played some racquetball, wondered about you,swam some laps.

Wondered about you. Came home, ate, wondered about you, tossed the keys in the safe, wondered about you, juggled the lock. Then I wondered about you. Then I had a drink and watched TV. Then I took a shower and went to sleep." Her eyebrows went up.

"Yeah, just the one. I really didn't feel like more than that. Kind of surprised myself. But I remembered that it didn't help my wondering about you or anything else, and the one taste was nice but -- " He shrugged his broad shoulders. "It was all Pussylicking dyke dildo drilled by glam babe wanted. Another one sounded good till I said it out loud and xxxx storys school sex stories 2019 believe it -- this time.

Your turn." "Remember what I told you I wanted to do?" He grinned, looked down into his crotch, nodded and said, "I sure enough do." She half-rose to look down at the tent in his crotch, then sat again.

"Well, that and more." "Wow. I guess your sex drive is sated for a couple of days." "Are you kidding? I was sitting in a puddle all the way home, just thinking about what we better be doing ten minutes after I got here." He looked at his wristwatch. "That only gives us two minutes to get to the bedroom." She stood and began peeling off her clothes, which didn't take long as she hadn't bothered with underwear.

She let the clothing lay where it fell and stepped naked to his side. She bent and unzipped his jeans, fished his cock out of his boxer shorts and straddled him. She began bending her knees, fitting the fat, flaring head of his cock into her swampy slit. The look of pleasure on his face sent a thunderclap of joy through her and they both groaned as she settled all the way down onto his big dick. His hands came up to cup her tight little ass cheeks as she began rocking on his prick.

He ducked his head to suck on one lovely nipple and she felt the contractions already beginning in her cunt. And as she posted and rode him to her second orgasm, she began telling him in great and vivid detail what she wanted for theiranniversary. She would wait till they were in the bedroom before telling him about Emily -- and the phone call she and Kim had made that morning.