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Upskirts brasilia por baixo da saia i tube porn
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2. The Sea Witch Ginger made her way back to her room hoping that her room mates were either asleep or gone. They were there and wide awake. Alice was lying back on the bed nude, twisting her own nipples as Bee slurped noisily on her clit while banging three fingers into the sloppy cunt. Alice came with a groan and pulled Bee up to hug her, licking the juices off her face she kiss her deeply. Gingers presence was finally recognized as she passed the two to collect her things.

Bee cuddled in Alice's arms rolling her nipples between her thumb and for finger offered a good morning to Ginger. Alice jumped right in by telling Ginger that she missed the best time; they had gone with the guys to a club where they were introduced to the guy's four roommates and two local girls. They had shared beer, chips and salsa until the band began to play; then the tequila began to flow while everyone danced with everyone.

The girls, it seemed, stayed on the dance floor and always had one, sometimes two boys dancing with them. The local girls were friendly too, sometimes dancing with their butts rubbing the girl's asses while the boys rubbed on their fronts. They continued until midnight then they adjourned to the guy's condo where the pretext of dancing was dropped along with all the clothing. The local girls stood in contrast to the two Anglo girls, they were a little shorter, stockier and had black hair everywhere while the Anglo girls were taller, thinner, smooth all over and had blond hair.

Anyone left vertical was being sucked, everyone horizontal was fucking. The girls had two guys on them most of the time; they sucked one while fucking another or gave a hand job to one while the other fucked their ass. Bee said that she thought that it was Maria that first licked her but that didn't mean much for soon all the girls were doing one another while not ignoring the guys.

Mary was the first to do three guys at once but it was Bee who out did them all by having five guys cum on or in her all at once. One of the guys was very well endowed and it was only Alice that could take him up her ass. Early in the morning when the guys had finally fucked themselves out they sexxxx sex story play com the girls find their own way home; it was Maria that had offered everyone a ride back.

In the car the girls found that they were all still hot and began to make out; when they reached the hotel they just carried on up in the room until just before Whore knows how to suck a schlong arrived.

Alice noticed Gingers attire and asked her if she wanted to play too, ignoring the pass she went right to work packing up her things. Before she left Ginger told them that she had found a better room and that she would see them again just before their plane took off for Cleveland, with that she left dragging all her worldly possessions behind hollywood xx movie in ebony dubbed. She fumbled with Dan's keycard before she opened the door to what was now their room, Dan was on the phone as she drug her bag past him but he hung up and helped her place it on the stand at the foot of the bed; telling her to hurry up, shower and get ready because he had ordered breakfast for them and there was a busy day ahead.

She grabbed her essentials from the bag and stepped into the shower as soon as the temp was set. Dan joined her saying that he was sure she needed help to wash those hard to reach areas; she giggled as he reached around her to caress her tits and rub his hard dick into her ass crack.

He began to hump Ginger trying to get his hard dick deep into her cunt but he quickly found that she was too short to allow him access that way. He backed off a little and bent her over until she had to brace her hands on the little shelf built into the shower wall; bending his knees he aimed his enraged dick at her cunt sinking into her in one smooth thrust.

He caressed her tits and strummed her clit as he ravished her quim; she uk agent bangs american model hardcore european her ass and squeezed his dick with her cunt enjoying his passion. Dan couldn't hold back and wait for her to climax so he let himself go groaning loudly as he found release.

He held her in place until he began to shrivel and slide out of her, he then straightened up and helped her stand spinning her around so that he could hug and kiss her tenderly.

He left the shower first allowing her to wash away the slime that was oozing down her legs; she joined him and was sitting on the bed in a robe drying her hair with a towel when breakfast arrived. She ate heartily as he told her that she should pack for an overnight excursion and that she must hurry because they didn't have much time. Ginger left their room in her big floppy sun hat, a flowing shirt and Capri pants with sandals, caring her big bag stuffed with all her supplies.

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Dan had just his travel bag and a big smile. They saw the waiting bus as they crossed the busy lobby. On its side was painted "Sundown Cruises on the Sea Witch". They were helped aboard the bus and stowed their bags in the over head before settling into their seats just as the door closed. The bus was about half full of excited couples, all were American or at least European and there were no children.

The bus soon departed and after a short trip they were deposited on the dock beside the Sea Witch, a large, well appointed, three masted schooner; they were ushered aboard, shown their cabins and were told to gather on the aft deck to meet the captain to receive their work assignments.

The captain welcomed them to the Sea Witch explaining that this was a real working sailing ship and that his small crew of professionals could not sail her safely without help from everyone on board. They would all have a chance to help him sail his ship just like other sailors had done for hundreds of years. He also promised them that there was going to be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the cruse too.

From the list on his clipboard he called out each couples names and their watch. Dan and Ginger were assigned to the first watch with two other couples, the first was Tom and Carol the second was Bryan and Burt.

Carol was in her late thirties and as they say well preserved; she was 5' 8" tall, thin, had big boobs; she was tanned and had medium length blond hair and a wicked smile. Tom was 6' 2, 25 years old broad shouldered, with blond hair and a tan. Bryan and Burt were very much alike; average in height and weight with pasty skin and few muscles. They were a little loud and very gay. They informed everyone that they had done this cruse before and that they loved sailors.

The captain then introduced the first mate telling everyone that he would be there to help them at whatever they had to do.

The mate looked just like Popeye come to life. He was short for a man but he was powerfully built with a huge chest and bulging biceps with anchors tattooed on each; he even had a pipe clinched tightly in his teeth. With the introductions made Popeye showed everyone their posts and what needed to be done. The men he assigned to the winches that would set the sails once they were under way.

Ginger and Carol he took to the bow where he familiarized them with the bow sheets that they would set by hand. The bow and stern lines were soon let go and the captain brought the ship away from the dock and thru the channel into the open ocean using the ships engine; he then gave the order to set sails and everyone went to work. With Popeye's help the crew managed to set all the sails efficiently and the great ship began to move quickly to the South Southwest.

Once underway the watch assembled at the ships great wheel where the captain stood holding the pegs gracefully; Popeye fucking three dick pic crazy girls in a row that all was ship shape and that the new crew had acquitted themselves admirably.

Bryan and Burt were to take the first two hour watch at the wheel since they had been on this trip before; Dan and Ginger were to have the second, Tom and Carol the third. Bryan and Burt took their placed to the left and right just behind the wheel and struggled against one another to steer the ship straight on the assigned heading with the others watching and learning. Boredom soon set in so Dan and Ginger began to stroll around on deck where they soon found themselves at the bow with a little spray coming up at them from the beam of the ship as it slipped quietly thru the water.

Ginger excitedly pointed out the dolphins cavorting just in front of the ship as they danced and weaved only a few feet from the hull. Dan watched Ginger as she gracefully moved about the ship with the wind in her hair and the sun making her skin glow. Soon enough it was their turn to take the wheel, Dan found a step box for Ginger to stand on that allowed her to see the ships compass easily in its great polished brass housing.

They worked together and found the rhythm that allowed them to keep the ship straight and true to the course. It wasn't long until Dan let Ginger have it all to herself and he moved over to stand behind her with his hands on her hips. The wind blew her hair around his face as he mom ass fot her son in to press his shoulders to her back and his face to her neck where he nibbled softly. She stood rooted to her spot like she was part of the ship, anticipating her movements and adjusting the wheel just so to keep her on course.

Ginger's eyes sparkled and her lips curled up into a pleasant smile as she watched the horizon. All too soon their watch was over and they descended to their cabin to change for dinner. Dan sat on the bed changing his shirt and watching Ginger as she fluttered about the little space excitedly chatting about the ship, the dolphins, and the beauty of the sea.

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He wanted to jump up and hug her but he let her express her excitement as he reveled in her beauty. Dinner was served in the ships grand solon; everyone was seated at a long table with the captain at its head. Steamed lobster with garlic butter, steamed vegetables, boiled potatoes and a fine wine pleased everyone.

The guests finally prevailed on the captain to tell the story of the Sea Witch; he began by saying that he was Dutch and he had been at sea most all his life. He found his ship in a port in Indonesia and it was love at first sight. He had spent every dollar he had and all he could borrow fixing up his wonderful ship. Popeye had come with her and as a matter of fact it was he that introduced the captain to the Sea Witch. They were now living out their dream to be sailing her day after day in the warm waters here off the Mexican coast.

After dinner Dan and Ginger went up on deck to enjoy the sunset as the ship moved easily thru some light swells that rocked the ship like a cradle; Dan retired to the cabin to change and get ready for bed but Ginger wanted to stay out a little longer so she wandered up and down the deck alone enjoying the evening.

Her eye was captured by some movement in one of the cabins; she glanced in intending to only identify who or what it was. She quickly realized that it was Carol in her cabin with Tom and they were kissing! Ginger could see that Carol was nude, Tom had his shirt off and Ginger could not pull her eyes away from the sight before her; even though the window was small and the curtains partially covered the opening she could clearly see the passionate display below.

Carol finally broke the kiss and while laughing she descended to her knees to pull Tom's tented underwear down off his body exposing his long, hard dick. His abs were rock hard and he had an all over tan; his cock was strait, had a dark colored head and it seemed longer than Dan's, though it appeared to not be quite as teen with glasses pleasuring the cock of her professor. Carol put both her hands around the shaft as she began to lick and suck at the head; Tom threw back his head in ecstasy and Ginger was sure she heard his groan too.

Carol then began to suck his manhood further and further down her throat until her nose was buried in his hair at its base. With long slow strokes she sucked him into her waiting throat then retreated back until she had just the tip, repeating the movement over and over.

Tom grabbed the back of her head to steady his thrusts as he began to fuck her face. Ginger found that her feet were frozen to the deck as she watched the little erotic show before her.

She glanced up and down the deck making sure she was not being observed watching the lurid behavior; her fingers brushed over her clit and squeezed a nipple as the two quickened their pace. Tom gritted his teeth and made one last thrust into Carol's mouth before he unleashed his torrent down her throat; Carol swallowed it all and once the man meat was out of her face and in her hands she stroked him lovingly and looked up… straight into Ginger's eyes and smiled.

That shocked Ginger so that she jumped back to try and hide in the gathering darkness, then she ran across the deck, down the passageway and to her cabin. After watching Carol and Tom Ginger had a strong need and she knew where to satisfy that need; she rushed into her cabin to find Dan! He was there on the bed with just his skivvies on, and asleep; the long day, long night before and the big dinner had finally taken their toll.

He was curled up on his side, dead to the world. Ginger sighed and got ready for bed; for PJ's she wore just a large t-shirt and some panties.

Crawling into the bed next to Dan she snuggled against his back, her right arm she threw over his body and the knee of her right leg she wedged between his legs just below his ass.

She was still aroused because of the erotic seen she just witnessed but she resisted the urge to wake Dan or use her own fingers to get off; with a few deep breaths she began to calm down but before sleep would come she had the time to reminisce about the last few days.

If someone had told her a month ago that she would go on a Mexican holiday, be dumped by her friends in a strange bar then rescued by a knight in shining armor, go scuba diving and crew a sailing ship, she would have told them they were crazy; but that is just what she had experienced plus having the most erotic sex imaginable. Her life up to this point had been, well predictable, she had grown up in a good family, she loved her mom and dad, she had done OK in high school, and she had taken some courses at Community College, had gotten an average job and had a nice apartment.

She had lost her virginity in high school, had gone to the Junior and Senior proms with her boyfriend and had dated a few guys since. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this! Dan, a man who would live in her heart forever, had swept her up in a whirlwind and changed her definition of life, sex and love forever; how, she wondered, could she go back to her dull, predictable life in Ohio after having this experience?

Her body absolutely craved his attention, his touch, his cock. He made her feel beautiful, loved and sexy. He turned her on in so many ways; he found things and places that she didn't even know existed and gave them to her and now she didn't know how to live without them.

With that thought she squeezed him feeling his heart beating, strong and slow against her chest and then she drifted off. Sometime in the night Ginger sensed that the ship had stopped and she heard the rattle of the anchor chain as it dropped into the water to secure the ship in place.

As the sun rose filling their cabin with golden light Gingers eyes fluttered open and began to focus; she took in the appointments in their little space. The trim was smooth mahogany and anything metal was brass, the sheets were clean and crisp and the mattress was new. She slid over to close the curtains a little tighter to block out the offending sunlight and when she moved Dan rolled almost flat on his back, she could see the bulge in his shorts as he slept on.

Remembering her need from the night before she found the tingle in her pussy was stronger than ever. She lay down in a position where she could easily reach from his head to his knees and gently slid her hand over his broad chest to toy with the gray hairs then she moved her hand down to his soft tummy where she made lazy circles over his belly button and finally followed his hair down to the brown bush that surrounded his cock.

The hair was soft and curly as she slid her hand under mia pearl in workout fucked in pool hardcore big tits waist band to his dick.

She was in no hurry to bring it to its raging hardness or awaken Dan so she just held him and moved him back and forth marveling at its soft nature. She reached in again thru the leg opening to cup his soft scrotum gently rolling his balls around like she was juggling a pair of dice in her hand. Dan shifted his position slightly and spread his legs easing her access to his parts.

Ginger moved her hand back to the shaft and gripped it firmly and began short strokes as his dick began to fill with blood; she aimed it up thru the slit so that as it grew it pointed straight at the ceiling.

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Her need was great now so she shifted her position, removed her panties, and began to nurse on the cock head letting her saliva drool down the shaft to lubricate it as her hands moved up and down. Dan woke up slowly not wanting to end the erotic dream he was having; he soon realized that reality was even better. There he was lying in bed with Ginger attached to his dick sucking him to full hardness.

His hands swiftly found her bare ass and he tried his best to find her hot pussy all to no avail. She had both hands wrapped around him and she was making a corkscrew motion with them as her lips traveled up and down the top two or three inches.

No words were spoken as Ginger released her grip on Dan to reposition herself with her pussy directly over his hard meat; Dan took advantage of the break to swiftly remove his shorts. Wasting no time she slid down the shaft fitting it all the way into her overheated cunt.

She paused and took the time to remove her t-shirt allowing her hard nipples to graze his chest as she began thrusting firmly against Dan shoving his prick head up hard against her G-spot and grinding the shaft hard against her clit.

She was going to fill her need, the one she had had since last night and Dan was only along for the ride. She moved like a woman possessed and all Dan could do was grip her butt cheeks and thrust into each of Ginger's thrusts. On and on she rode; Dan was certain that she had cum at least once but she did not slow down or let up. Her mouth was open wide as she fought for breath but there were only grunts and groans not words coming out. Dan had never in his life experienced anything like this animalistic drama but he knew what part he played; he was the tool, his role was to make sure that she got what she needed this morning, he accepted that and they fucked on.

He met her force for force, strength for strength; he let her have him to the limit. It all ended with an almost silent wail as her whole body clinched and shook; she locked him with her eyes one last time before she collapsed on top of him. He held her close for a long time as his still hard dick refused to leave its hole.

Finally she rolled from him and when he felt it was safe he ask "what was that all about?" She didn't answer him directly, she just looked up at him and said "good morning lover". After gang rape in tarlac philippines Dan had to get up and pee so they both set out on their morning routines.

Luckily there were two big bathrooms available to the guests and shortly they were both very busy. It sort of happened that one became the men's and the other the woman's as everyone tried to get ready at the same time.

Ginger was brushing her teeth when Carol joined her to brush out her hair. Carol was in a good mood and offered a cheery "good morning". Ginger could not speak with the toothbrush in her mouth so she just nodded and moved over to allow Carol more of the mirror; her cheeks flushed with the memory of her voyeurism the night before. Carol ether didn't notice or ignored it. Breakfast was again in the grand solon with the table spread with pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit. There was no syrup but the honey and jams took its place.

There were hot coffee and chilled juices too. The captain made an appearance to lay out the day's itinerary; they all could swim in the bay where they were anchored, they could lounge out on hung she ada showers lesbian with cum or go ashore and explore until 2PM. Lunch would be served at two and they would depart for the journey back to the home port after lunch. Everyone raced back to their quarters to change; swim suits were the dress of the day.

Ginger appeared on deck wearing her silver mermaid bikini, Carol was in a slightly more conservative blue bikini but she was equally stunning; Dan and Tom were in their flowered swim trunks, the two gay men wore Speedos and the rest of the guests were in various other forms of swim attire. Ladders had been positioned around the ship extending down to the water and a large rope was hanging from one of the yard arms. Extra lounge chairs were on deck along with a stack of beach towels.

Ginger was the first in the water, leaping overboard with a shrill cry, Carol followed then in close order everyone else jumped ship. Tom was the first to make a Tarzan swing from the deck into the water using the rope the crew provided, Dan was next; everyone was hooting and hollering as they let loose their inner child. After a bit Ginger settled down on a towel and let Dan rub in the sun screen.

Carol put her towel next to Ginger's and Tom massaged her with oil. Dan and Tom soon settled nearby with chilled bottles of beer; discovering that they both had served time in the Army they swapped war stories and told lies. Dan discovered that he liked this young man better than most because of his mature attitude and sense of humor; Tom seemed to enjoy the "Old Man" too. Carol engaged Ginger in small talk and soon Ginger's embarrassment was no more, allowing her to chat openly about their lives and loves.

Carol did not pry but soon she knew all about how Ginger and Dan met, Ginger just opened up to the older woman and it all spilled out.

She had wanted to tell someone about how happy she was and brag about all the new things she was able to do so out it came; she even recalled a phrase from an old rock and roll song by Heart, calling Dan A Magic Man. For her part Carol was quite open about her relationship with Tom, how they met, how she seduced him and even how she had paid for all the expenses on this tip.

She even proudly called herself a Cougar. Soon it was back into the water to cool off and a swim to the beach. Carol and Ginger walked ahead of the men as they explored to one end of the beach horny wife welcomes her veteran man with her pussy the other. The guys made sly comments about the girl's sexy walk and slim figures; the flattery made the girls accentuate their wiggle and flaunt their bodies shamelessly, everyone laughed a lot.

As they were returning to the center of the beach Dan motioned to Tom and they charged at the girls at the same time each sweeping their woman up in their arms caring them out into the water where the girls were thrown unceremoniously into the surf and attacked before they could gain their feet.

Dan had Ginger by the waist and was thrashing her about as she laughed and screamed, Tom likewise had Carol in his strong grip and was nuzzling her neck as he slipped his hand into the top of her bikini to enjoy her tits. Dan put his hand down to Ginger's crotch with one finger in her pussy. Both assaults ended as the couples began to kiss. Once the men's grip relaxed both girls broke free and made a dash for the ship.

Ginger seemed more like a mermaid than ever as her shapely figure sliced thru the water with ease. Carol was close behind using a powerful stroke. The guys didn't put much effort into the chase knowing that the girls would be waiting for them on deck. Sure enough the girls greeted them with dry towels, cold beer and a peck on the cheek as they topped the ladder.

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The rest of the morning was filled with sunning on deck, swimming in the bay and reapplying sunscreen. Carol stayed close to Ginger and always seemed to be whispering some secret in the younger girl's ear.

They soon adopted a shorthand way of speaking to one another and they giggled a lot. Lunch was cold cut sandwiches, chips and beer. The regular crew brought it all out on deck after they rigged one of the sails for shade and set up little tables and deck chairs. The sandwiches were piled high on the trays and the bowls of chips were full yet everything disappeared in short order because the guests had worked up huge appetites playing in the water.

Once everyone had had their fill the deck was cleared and the first watch was told to change into their work clothes. Ginger and Carol added only their deck shoes deciding that their swim suits were OK for the trip home.

Dan and Tom followed their lead and soon the anchor was raised, stowed away and the sails set as they turned for home. Popeye remained with the watch because they had to tack back and forth against the wind.

The ship changed course many times and the sails had to be adjusted each time the ship swung about. The work was not hard and the watch quickly learned the routine. When it was their turn to be at the wheel Dan let Ginger have it all by herself while he helped with the rigging.

He found himself staring at her as she confidently stood her watch reacting to each of Popeye's commands with ease and grace. He wanted to remember this moment for ever, trying to burn this vision into his brain again and again. Carol caught him staring and moving to his side she touched his arm lightly and said "She fat girl moon baby xxx sex stories lovely, isn't she".

Dan could not speak but only nodded in agreement. Their watch over the four friends moved near the bow and sat in the deck chairs and chatted quietly, each realizing that this trip was almost over and they would have to go on with their lives without the Sea Witch.

There were more porpoise as the sun began to dive toward the sea and the ship sailed on. Dan had his arm around Ginger as she rested her head on his shoulder; even the irrepressible mermaid had seemed to run out of steam as they all relaxed and enjoyed the moment. Dan thought of how much she had changed since he met her.

She now had an incredible tan; her hair was even more the color of fire, she was confident, capable and most important to him she was sexier than ever. Every time he looked at her now his dick stirred, his heart skipped a sexy doll gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen and he had an overwhelming need to hold her.

A deep dread flashed through his thoughts as he wondered what his life would be like when he returned to California without her. The moment was shattered as the two gay members of their watch joined them and wanted to chat loudly about their day. The two couples moved back to their cabins as quickly as was possible to get away from the annoyance.

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As their cabin door close Dan embraced Ginger, kissing her with more passion than he ever had before, he kept on standing on the deck kissing her pouring his soul out for her to have. She kissed him in return moving slightly against his busty blonde bimbo rides a massive rod enjoying all the sensations rushing to her brain. It was she that broke their kiss to begin her descent to her knees, pulling his shorts down as she descended.

His hardened dick sprang out as the garment released it and she captured it immediately with her lips. She now knew very well his penis in all its states. She had memorized its moods and had fondled it soft and hard: she liked the feel of its skin and reveled in the smell that rose from his balls. There was not one thing she didn't like about her man's cock. She knew what she liked and this was it and she slid her lips down around its shaft. There was one thing she didn't know for sure and that was if she could deep throat Dan like she saw Carol do to Tom the night before; she didn't know but she was going to find out, right now.

With a couple of strokes in and out of her mouth to get her juices going she relaxed and began to work the dick all the way down her throat. She just visualized what she wanted and let it happened, no gagging, no pain; she found that she could slide her face all the way down his member until her nose was buried in his curly short hair.

She pulled back and did it again, then again she found that she had no trouble breathing and could swirl her tongue around the head when it was almost out of her mouth and use a swallowing motion of her throat when he was all the way in to stimulate him.

She had grabbed hold of his ass with both hands to steady herself as she allowed him to fuck her face. Dan was beyond being surprised by his sexy lady but her talents were always finding new ways to turn him on and he needed to have her, all of her, not just her mouth so he pulled himself out and he pulled her to her feet. Spinning her around he untied her bikini top, removed it and gently put it away. Then he slipped his hands around her smooth body to cup and caress her tits.

He traced around her new tan lines as she leaned back against him and tilted her head back to kiss him once more. His hands moved down and untied the strings to the bottom which he removed before he caressed her buns. Standing, her ass was tight and smooth and she moaned into his mouth as they kissed and he played with her butt. That was still not enough so he lifted her onto their bed where he laid her gently down; he kicked his shorts from his ankles and crawled in beside her.

They embraced and caressed one another in a building, mutual passion. Dan began growling, it was a low sound from deep within his chest, when he found himself on top of Ginger he slid his dick into her in hard wang as a reward schoolgirl hardcore violent thrust; he kept on thrusting and vocalizing as his passion grew.

He called her his cum slut and told her she was going to be fucked so hard she wouldn't be able to walk off the ship. Ginger returned the taunts with "Fuck me old man, give me your best." They grunted and groaned as they thrashed about on the bed.

Changing positions to doggie Dan grabbed her hips, pounding away while telling her how tight her pussy was and how his cock could dressed like a nun she pounds her holes her cervix every time he shoved it into her.

She in turn shouted "fuck me harder I need to cum! Make me cum!" Another change brought her on top of Dan where she pounded her cunt onto him as she rained insults about his manhood into his ears. He grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples and pulled them up and away from her chest calling her a common whore and swearing that he would fuck her just like the slut whore she was.

Ginger could tell that Dan was close to exploding so she told him in no uncertain terms that he was not going to cum before he made her cum then she redoubled her efforts at grinding his dick into her now sloppy hole. They came together grunting and cursing until she lay beside him, his cum oozing from her pussy, his dick covered in their juices lay shriveled on his thigh.

It was only then that they could hear the couple next door making similar noises. Carol had quite the potty mouth when she was worked up and Tom was always demanding more, more, and more. Ginger and Dan lay cuddled together listening to the other's carrying on and realized that everyone would have heard them too. Ginger was blushing a little as she visualized what Carol and Tom might look like as they fucked away just inches from her head; Dan was impressed at Tom's staying power as their session went on and on.

Finally there was quiet after a huge orgasmic scream was heard thru the bulkhead. Dan cuddled Ginger and they snuggled and caressed and whispered back and forth. He asked "are you alright"? Giggling she said "I'm too much a woman to be hurt by an old man's little dick." That she just happened to be holding and caressing at the moment. Dan pinched her tit at that remark.

The sounds of the sails being furled and the ships engine starting told everyone that they had returned to port so they began their preparations for leaving. Popeye made sure that everyone's gear was accounted for and brought up on deck. Ginger thought he looked a little funny at her and Carol as he busied himself with the last minute details but that only made her smile, inside of course.

Carol was more direct when she got the chance to talk to Ginger alone she said that the sounds from Ginger's cabin had turned her on so much that she just attacked Tom and well… they heard the result.

She thanked Ginger for the inspiration and offered to return the favor some day. Leaving the ship was a quiet affair; everyone brunette babe maya bijou gets her pussy fucked by dudes huge cock the captain and crew for a marvelous time they took their meager belongings with them to board the bus for the ride back to their hotels.

Ginger and Dan were pleasantly surprised when Tom and Carol got off at the same place so they offered to meet the couple for breakfast in the morning. Ginger was please that their room had been cleaned in their absence with mints laid out on the pillows. There were other surprises too; the maid had left them two fresh robes in the bathroom and more little bottles of shampoo and conditioner by the sink.

Ginger puttered about making herself at home and getting ready for a shower and bed; in the shower Dan joined her and he managed to be helpful, scrubbing her back and washing her hair which was a real treat for Ginger. Dan also had her sit on the little bench as he knelt down and shaved her pussy clean as a whistle. She just scrubbed his back but as soon as they were out of the shower she took great care to rub him dry, everywhere, and pulled him buy his dick onto their bed where she proceeded to give him a world class blow job letting him cum on her tits.

After that they settled into the big bed and slept soundly.