Two young married couples switch partners ampampamp start a hardcore orgy

Two young married couples switch partners ampampamp start a hardcore orgy
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Halloween, Carmen loved Halloween. It gave her a xxx sex jangal ebony story sex stories to dress like a slut. This year she wore a pair of pantyhose, a tight black skirt of latex that came up and made somewhat of a top.

It made an 'X' across the her back going over her shoulder and then went over her large voluptuous breasts. Shehadlongblacklatexgloves that nearly went to her shoulders. On the gloves it had a redswastika. She also wore a black latex military cap with a silverswastika in the middle. She wore knee high latex boots with four inch heels. She wore something similar every year, usually having something to do with the Nazi's.

She was leaving a party with a wide smile.

The Carmel colored women with blonde dyed hair and hazel eyes. With a sexy strut most of the men watched her as she walked out. Her long, smooth legs and nice round ass. Her father was white, her mother was of Cherokee decent but her father was of German decent. She was going to her car but realized how drunk she was.

Drunk enough to know she was drunk but not too drunk to think she could drive better. She decided to walk. Why not right?

She began down the street. If any strangers stopped her she could pull her piece on them. If they were black or some other race she could kill them in "self-defense". The last time she was stopped they were Skin-heads.

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She let them have there way with her. She loved it when they called her an engine whore. When they slapped her and spanked her. When they humiliated her. Shoved fingers in various places and hurt her. She loved every minute of it.

She was actually dating one of them now. Mainly because she expressed her hate for non-whites and how the Neo-Nazi's are pussies. Also showed her new boyfriend her grandfathers documents. He was an officer in the Third Reich. He had pictures of Jews in a concentration camp.

She was obessed with the occult. She pulled her fingers through her hair throwing it above her head. She looked over and was a bit surprized to see a man.

He was very tall standing in the woods. He was very pale and wore a suit. He had long lanky arms and no facial features. She smiled removing a bang from her face. "Nice Slender constume." she said, The man just stood there and stared. She looked a bit wierded out turning and continued down the road. She rolled her eyes as her heels clicked on the asphalt. The woods seemed to move as a thick breeze wafted through them.

She looked to the ground adjusting her breasts. She looked back to the woods and saw him there again. She stopped with a little jump. She giggled a little as she stared. "What?

You like to stare? How 'bout you try a little something, something?" he didn't move, "Fine." she grabbed the straps over her breasts, pulling them to the sides revealing her perk pink nipples of her large melon breasts.

"You like those?" she asked biting her lip. He didn't move. He just stood there. His shoulders broad. She slowly grabbed her large tits, slowly squeezing her breasts. "What are you gay?" she asked throwing a hand through her hair. No reaction. She smiled shaking her head while putting the straps back on her shoulders. She was walking for five minutes, the last image she saw of the Slenderman was him shrinking in the distance. Shelookedbacktotheforestafter hearing a noise.

She heard it again, almost like a squeak. She went to the tree line looking into the trees. "Help me." a voice said, She entered the forest asking for someone to answer her. Felt like she was being watched but saw didn't see anyone. She didn't look up. The Slender Man was over her, multiple arms all lifting him twenty feet in the air as he crawled around like a spider. One large limb going at a time. She swallowed deep feeling every freaked out.

She suddenly felt something grab her ass. She jumped spinning around. Nothing. No one. She turned back around as her gaze hit total black. Her vision slowly rose until she was staring nearly up at the very tall man looking down at her.

She turned around and began to run and scream when she felt two hands seize her arms. They ripped her from the ground and pinned her back to a tree. She was four feet off the ground at least. Two more hands came over and ravaged her breasts tearing away her latex straps. She screamed out as the multiple hands began to reach under her thighs.

She cried out feeling a sudden tug on her leg. She looked down as the Slender man whipped the gun away. Two hands went under her skirt as she gasped in pleasure but alarm. She smacked her head against the tree moaning. Her hands ran up her hair as the arms did magic to her body. She moaned loudly as he felt hand fondle her milky boob in first night, her thighs, her ass, her pussy.

The Slender Man tossed her to the ground as she landed on her knees. Her chest was on the ground. Her ass was in the air. She felt hands grasp the sides of her hips as she was dragged back a foot.

She felt something rip her silk panties from her privates as nails ran up her pantyhose. She felt something at her velvet pussy. A large, warm, thing, it was thick, but it was weird. It moved, like a snake around her pussy, even the tip bent around. But sent rhythms of pleasure through her body. The large hard member entered her tight lips. She moaned loudly as it wiggled inside her pussy. She felt fingers rubbing her clit, hands grasping her massive tits. Fingers rubbing her lips as she licked the fingers and sucked upon them.

Another two hands grasped her hair and pulled as the Slender Man began to pound her pussy. More hands covered her belly as another pair grabbed her ass. She figured if she could make herself seem to enjoy this, it would let her go. Itslapped her tits. It grabbed her thighs. It pounded her until her soaking wet pussy gushed in a spasm of pleasure. She moaned wildly as she nearly growled in moans. The hands were everywhere, hard press and sturdy.

Pleasure rocke her body as she was rocke back and forth. His pelvis slapping her nice tight apple ass. Suddenly she felt a release as she was filled with a very thick liquid.

It pulled out as she cried an orgasm so loud the birds lifted from the trees. She laid on the ground as the liquid leake from her little pussy.

The Slender Man stood walking away. He dropped something on the ground. They jingles as he walked out of sight. Ten minutes later she stood up strapping her dress back up. She looked at what it had dropped.

Several silverswastikas and a silver falcon. She picked them up smiling. "A thank you gift" wa etched in the ground with sinister handwriting next to a circle with an 'X' on it.

Sexy milf lady in lingerie loves to fuck hardcore smile walking toward the road. The ground shifted. A helmet rose from the ground. The cold decayed hands that had been dead for fifty years or so rose.

The undead Nazi stood staring into the sky. He inspected his suit. There was something missing. His brothers, his combatants in arms rose.

"I want them." one side his voice extremely deep and gurtal. "I agree, I sense their in the posession of a half breed. Let's make her a visit and show her what to fear." another said as the rest laughed viley. Most Nazi's weren't evil. These ones however were. These ones killed Jews for sport in the day. Then their commander rose. A lab coat shredded. "I want to continue my experiments.

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So first things first. I want to find a research pet." his decayed lips curling into a beeping smile of horror.