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No tease out of a fuck girlfriend hardcore
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Once they arrived at Stoney Point Jetty (about 5 km from Hastings), Maverick signed the invoice for the Limo and sent the driver on his way. Lily insisted that she know what their ultimate destination was.

"In due time my darling" he answered. She trusted him but she was so worried that she would run into someone that she knew. "You don't understand", she pleaded. "I know we're going on the Ferry because there's no other reason for us to be at Stoney Point. My husband has petite teen hardcore fucking ms police officer in Inverloch and I am supposed to be in Sydney on business, remember?" "Well I can promise you this.

We aren't going anywhere close to Inverloch." After a slight hesitation, he gave in, "We're going to Rhyll." Maverick hesitated then decided that it was better that there be no more surprises. "I rented the Maple Penthouse at the Youki's on Phillip Island for the week". "Oh my god, Are you serious? Youki's?" she asked. "Nothing but the best for my Angel" Thinking about where they were, Lily made a very important observation.

With a slight tone of humorous sarcasm, she asked "Hey Captain Smarty, the ferry made its last run hours ago… how do you plan to get there from here without going back through Melbourne… without a car because the limo just left?" She loved the fact that she got one up on him.

She has always known him to be right, always in charge. She loved that about him. Of the two, she was the one who thought he was perfect. He adamantly denied it but, she has never known him to make a mistake until now and oh was it a big one. A look of worry instantly came over his face. And she relished the moment. Here they were standing on an empty dock at Stoney Point in Victoria, Australia. They had a destination in mind but no way to get there.

As much as she liked the look on his face, she figured she had better "Bail him out". With a victorious grin, she said, "I'll use my cell to call a cab… but you will owe me something MISTER…" With a half hearted laugh he replied, "Owe you something? Like what the price of the call? " "Nope, whatever I want during the course of the week." "So what you're saying is that because I messed up, I owe you… but if tables were turned, that would mean you would owe me right?" "Well seeing as though I'm not the one here who goofed, yeah… sure why not?" Lily was taken off guard when she saw someone exiting the harbor office.

Thinking they were alone, she became very cautious. As the shadow approached them her concern increased. Lily moved behind Maverick and prepared herself of the unknown.

As the dark shadowed figure approached them she heard him say "Captain Maverick Sir, Is that you?" With a stern and authoritive voice, he answered, "I though you forgot about us and left for the evening.

"No Sir, the Provincial Police Headquarters free men strip outdoor and outdoor tube porn us to ferry you across to Phillip Island after hours. My crew and I have been awaiting your arrival.

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The ship is right over here sir". "Well I apologize for the delay I know you and your crew would like to get home to your families… I was held up at LAX. I truly apologize". "No problem Sir. Think nothing of it. Right this way." he said as he pointed to the ferry at the end of the dock. Lily was stunned. She has lived here all her life and has never known the ferry to run after dark.

She looked at Maverick and said, "How'd you…?" With a grin from ear to ear, he interrupted her, "My lady, your Ferry is waiting" "But how…?" "Lily we mustn't keep the crew waiting. And don't worry, we have the whole week to decided what you owe me" She couldn't believe her eyes. Who was this man?

Once they stepped onto the ferry, that actually looked more like a small cruise ship more naomi russel perfect anal booty a ferry, any reservations that she may have had disappeared. They walked to the bow (front) of the vessel and enjoyed the view.

As Lily stood against the rail, she could feel the breeze blowing through her hair.

The cool evening air had a slight chill to it and it sent a slight shiver over her body. As she leaned against the rail, absorbing the moment, she felt two strong hands on her hips from behind and a pair of soft lips kissing the side of her neck. Enjoying the moment, she rested her head on his shoulder. This opened up her neck to his kisses.

Lily touched his hands and moved them onto her stomach just below her naval. Maverick thought to himself, if this isn't an invitation, nothing was. The bow of the vessel was dark with the exception of the "running lights". They could see the lights of French Island to their left and Phillip Island straight ahead.

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Initially this was supposed to be a fifteen minute Ferry Ride but because it was a night time voyage, the ferry and to reduce speed thus extending the ride. Maverick's kisses moved from her neck line to her ear lobe.

As he continued to nibble his way from her lobe back to her neck, she was caught up in the moment. Lily began guiding his right hand to her breast and held his left hand in place.

Between the sensual moment and the cool breeze, her nipples were becoming harder and increasingly more sensitive. Lily was still feeling good from their second bottle of Dom Perignon in the Limo and was definitely in the mood for anything.

She could feel her panties getting more and more damp as a result of Maverick's touch. He slipped his hand over hers and used her own hand to massage her breast. As she massaged her breast, she guided his other hand down to her crotch. The breeze was definitely cooperating because the front of her skirt was swaying up and down in the breeze allowing easy access to her now wet thong. Once in place, she now guided his hand over her wet crotch. As Maverick slipped a finger into her thong and began massaging her clitoris, Lily's knees began to buckle.

Catching her balance, she inadvertently pressed her ass against Maverick hard cock. Lilly released her breast and reached behind her.

Without hesitation, she rubbed his hardened penis before moving his zipper down. She took her hand away from her crotch and reached over her head and ran his fingers through the hair on his head.

The more she rubbed her ass against his crotch the more she wanted him here and now. Their gyrating increased until she couldn't take it any longer. She released his cock and moved her thong string from between her luscious ass cheeks, then bent slightly forward big tits milf brandi love very hot some on the couch the rail.

Maverick slipped placed his hands on her fabulous hips and inserted his prick into her waiting vagina. Ever so slowly, he began moving in and out of her wet tunnel. The more he did, the more she wanted him to.

He only gave her an inch or so but did so in a rapidly increasing pace.

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The faster he went the deeper she wanted him. This went on until she could handle it anymore. She begged him fir it, "Dam baby fuck me… fuck me… oh Fuck me baby Oh yes… oh oh Baby fuck me…" This was his cue; the time to start has arrived. Now that his teasing has done its duty, Maverick pressed forward with everything he had and rammed his dick as deep as it would go.

She could hardly handle it. It was both pleasure and pain. The faster he fucked her, the deeper he went.

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Every rapidly increasing thrust was to the hilt "oh yeah baby… fuck me… oh …oh… oh my god yes. Deeper … harder… oh yeah…" In a split second, Lily felt every nerve in her body jump to life and explode. She felt every nerve awaken and dance across her body. The more she shook the harder and faster Maverick fucked her. When her shivers subsided, she pulled Maverick out of her. She quickly knelt down in front of her lover and took his dick into her mouth.

She loved the taste of her juices on him. Taken by surprise, Maverick certainly wasn't going to tell her no. She busty blondie receives her dudes schlong deep her tongue along his dick as she continually thrusts forward taking him deep into her throat.

In rapid fashion she continued to suck his cock deeper and deeper. Fighting the gag reflex, she reached around and squeezed his ass. Maverick placed one hand on the rail and the other on the back of Lily head. She more than allowed him to thrust his dick deep into her throat as he pulled her head into him. With a force equal to the Manhattan Project, Maverick released his cum deep into her throat. It took everything she had not to choke on the large load she had just received.

Without fail she stayed in place and drained his balls of everything they had to offer.

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She enjoyed the taste of her juices mixed together his. Once she finished draining him of his load, she licked the shaft and head of his big dick like an ice cream cone relishing every drop of his seed. Once she cleaned his now softening dick, she zipped his fly and stood up.

Now facing each other, Maverick leaned forward and pinned her into the corner of the rail. They locked lips while their tongues danced in each others mouths. What seemed out of the blue, the ferry blew its docking horn. This snapped both of them from their trance. It would appear as though they had arrived in Cowes, Phillip Island.