Blonde doing her cunt with crystal dildo

Blonde doing her cunt with crystal dildo
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Huge gapes anal russian teen fisting helena moeller my native language is Arabic, this is the first fantasy I decide to write from a few more based on true events, I never commit any of those fantasies, but I was about to so thinking of this always makes me wet and many times I got orgasms due to my "sick mind", I hope you like those stories and better I hope you cum thinking of me, my grammar is not that good but I think you naughty coed gets a cock in her butt follow my story line just fine.

This night I was home alone, my hubby have an urgent work at the newspaper where he works keeping me alone with Mike our huge male German Shepard dog and his two puppies, Suzy our female dog died three weeks after she gave birth to those puppies and we decided not to give them away, it was a little after midnight when I decided to feed them so I left the TV on and went to the kitchen to prepare their milk dose when I discovered that my husband finished the last milk powder and did not tell me about it.

it was too late to go to a store now so I called my husband to bring some milk on his way back, he said that a few more hours is needed for him to get back home leaving me with no choice but watching those nice little puppies and their sad hungry eyes… I decided to ignore the situation and keep watching television but a few minutes later I couldn't stop thinking of them, as you know they are pretty much my own kids with the absent of their mother, so I decided to head to the store and went to the bedroom to get dressed, when I got naked I felt my breast full of milk and an idea hit my mind "why wasting this milk instead of feeding those little dogs?", the idea was too strong I decided to try if they will accept, but I was afraid if it is ok for dogs to try humans milk, I opened my phone and searched Google and it was totally safe to do so, and I found some videos about dogs fucking women, I ignored that and went naked to the living room not sure what to do I laid on the carpet and invited the puppies to come, they did not, so I played a little with my nipples till they got hard and squeezed them a little so small drops of milk came out and a chill chocked me and felt a little wet, I grabbed one puppy and soon he smelled the milk and hit the source, another chock hit me and I allowed the other puppy to breast feed from me, I was their mother now and as I never tried that before I got horny, wet and I was despaired to touch myself, Mike was there looking at me and I think he smelled my juices, so he came to smell it more from between my open legs, I looked at him, the father of my new kids and for some reason I didn't push him away so he sniffed my pussy for a while then his tongue find his way from my anal all the way to my pussy and inside it seeking the source, I was surprised how strong and fast his tongue was and soon I was building an orgasm, by the help of his puppies sucking my breasts dry, it took me no time to cum, I cum harder and longer than ever and found myself despaired to have a dick in me, unaware of anything I decided to let Mike have me remembering the Google search I did moments ago, so I flipped on my knees and elbows allowing the puppies to keep feeding and exposing my pussy high in the air for Mike to hump me, and so he mounted me and I felt his dick trying to find his way in, I realized that male and female is a true nature of us no matter what kind is us, and Mike understands that I am a female demanding sex, a pure wild fuck was about to happen to me and I knew that there is no way back after Mike stroke his dick inside me and discover that I can be his bitch, thinking of that makes me afraid and decided to stop, I tried to move away but that was a mistake, instead of getting away I mistakenly positioned my pussy for Mike's dick perfectly and before I know I felt a warm dick entering me fast, it was huge and I cried out of both fear and pleasure, Mike was fucking me now, I could feel his pre cum drops inside me and nothing I can do but waiting him to cum.

The idea young stunner tera rides a thick manhood brunette and cumshot him Cuming inside me drove me to another orgasm my pussy was crying for more and I widened my legs to allow more dick to fuck me, then I felt strange, Mike was trying to push more inside me and I felt a wide ball trying to enter my, then I screamed loud as a lemon sized thing was fixed in, I was stuck with mike who was standing still now and suddenly I felt a huge amount of his semen filling my pussy it was too much to stay in with his dick and knot so I was crying of pain but it was a beautiful pain, a wild pure fuck I never had in my life and soon I build another orgasm realizing that Mike was getting sure his semen will have him get new puppies from me, his new bitch, I felt so good I promised Mike to allow him to fuck me whenever he decided to feel like a wild male.

Fifteen more minutes goes by before Mike's knot sized normal again and with a gentle push his dick was out of me, with some of his semen and my juices flooded out to the floor. I stood up and went to take a bath, but I cleaned the floor ava addams with tenting machine for fuck, I was not sure what to tell my husband or if I had to tell him at all, I don't know how he will react when he knows that I breast feed the puppies, or worse, I fucked our dog.

But I was not going to stop and I need a plan to let him accept it. After I took the shower the puppies was a sleep but Mike was sniffing around and trying to mount me by every move I did, I was wearing only a towel, and I feel wet when he was trying to do soI realized that he need more sex and he may not stop when my husband is here, so I found myself with no choice but to let him have me again, not if I don't like it but I was too tired and had my dose of fuck for tonight, my pussy still hurts from the knot, so I decided to satisfy him like I do with my husband, and I thought that a blowjob will do the trick, but as you might expect I was too wrong about it.

I got naked and laid on the bed and called for Mike, he came in waving his tail and jumped on the bed, I was not sure what to do or expect, I never touched a dog's dick before and I am not sure if he will react to my seduce as men might react, I laid and start moving my hands and on his belly, the sense of his fur was great and I managed to touch the tip of his dick, so I played with it more and more till two inches of his red meat came out, I didn't recognize his shaft, I positioned myself beneath him and tried to suck it, it was too warm and soon he reacted to me and more dick came out of him, I sucked it like a bitch as he was trying to hump my mouth, drops of his pre cum filled my mouth and I was too wet, I used a finger to touch myself and I start build an orgasm, he jumped away from me and start circling me, and I understand that he need more than a blowjob, as wet as I am now it was okay to give him another round inside me so I moved myself to set on the edge of the bed and Mike jumped to the floor, I slap my pussy and in no time his tongue was licking me sending strokes of pleasure shacking my full body then he put his front paws on the bed and tried to mount me, forced by his weight I laid on the bed while my legs still on the floor wide open, it didn't take long for him to find the right spot and he entered me again, his dick was longer than expected, warm red and hard, while I was under him I felt as a female, he was a male demanding his bitch and I was horny to let him in, I touched my already hard nipples and drops of milk came out, it was right under his nose so he sniffed a little and licked my breast, soon he was sucking one of my nipples and I was crying of pleasure, it was too much to handle and an orgasm hit me again, suddenly I felt his knot trying to enter me and it did, he stand still while I felt his semen filling my demanding pussy once more in less than an hour, we are now locked to each other and he was sucking my other breast dry of milk, I must be passed away from all this, when I opened my eyes again he was pulling his dick out of me and licking the cum drops mixed with my juice was on my pussy, I felt I need to return the favor so when he finished I laid under him again and sucked his dick filling my mouth with both his semen and my juice, when I was done I prepare him a very nice meal and I took a shower and head happily to bed.

Next day morning I woke up, my husband was sleeping next to me, I must be too tired as I didn't hear him coming, I felt bad for him and guilt and shame from myself, so I promised myself never to let any other male touch me again neither a human nor an animal, Run in the family naughty redheads sharing huge dick removed the shelf and took my husband's underwear off, his dick was slightly hard and I grab it with my mouth and start sucking him he woke up surprised but didn't interrupt me, two minutes later he said "Can I cum in your mouth?" I moaned as an accept and tried to put as much dick as I can in my mouth, for some reason my mind was playing yesterday's events as a flash memory and I got too wet so I got undressed and mounted my husband, when he was about to cum he asked me to keep my promise so I dismounted him and put his dick mixed with my juices in my mouth and sucked him till he cum in my mouth, I didn't allow a drop of cum to go out and when I have done I swallow it all in one huge amount shot of cum, and kept sucking him until he had enough.

We took a shower, and I prepare coffee and milk to the puppies, then he asked: - The puppies must be too hungry. I feel sorry for them. - Indeed. - How you manage the situation. - I found them another source of milk. - How? - You don't need to know!

- You bought some? - I was about to, hood rat blowjob xxx no money no problem I managed the situation.

- Please tell me. - I used my milk. - You are kidding right? The look on my face surprised him, I was not kidding, and suddenly he said: - Could you do that again? - No. - Why? - Mike tried to mount me. - Oh. did he. - Yes. I mean no, he tried but I didn't allow him. - That worth watching. - You are sick. - Well, why don't you breast feed those poor puppies now while I watch?

- And if Mike tried to do something funny? - I am here, I love to see. petite slut and two massive meat poles want me to fuck our dog? - No, put if he did that will be something worth watching.

- Careful honey, this might go wild. - No problem, I like to see that. - Now? - Why not, it will be a fantasy come true. - You will hate me for this.

- Not if you did it in my present. With nothing more to say, I didn't want to argue more, as I knew this is a brilliant chance to let my husband accept me fucking our dog and he will never feel bad about it later so I said: - There is no going back from this, if the dog mounted me now he might mount me more in future, I don't want you to think of me as a bitch cause I am not.

- No one said you are, but sharing you is a fantasy always hit my mind, and the family dog looks like a good chance to have this fantasy come true without any one to judge you. - I am not sure. - Please, and one more thing.

- What? - Dress like a bitch, socking only. - You dreamed about this you sick bastard! - I will enjoy this, I mean if Mike arranged to fuck you, he might not after all. - Ok. but again please re consider. - No. I made my mind. I went to the bedroom and got naked, then I picked my pink net socking and wear them only with a black high heels, I was feeling wet and shocking at the same time, I looked to the mirror and said to myself "this is it, now I can be in no shame from my fantasies anymore" and I went back to the living room, my husband looked at me with both lust and surprise as I called the puppies and laid on the carpet on my back spreading my legs and my knees was in the air.

The puppies came, and as they trained yesterday they start milking from my breast right away, each one sucked a nipple, my husband was near his eyes wide open when Mike came around me sniffing my pussy then he asked: "please allow him to reach your pussy" and gave me a pillow to put it under me so I did and my pussy was little high in the air, Mike ignored my husband completely while he start licking my wet pussy and I couldn't help the moans came out of my mouth while I was building an orgasm, then I positioned myself on my knees and elbows when the puppies finish their meal, exposing my pussy high in the air for Mike, he mounted me and tried to find the right spot, and with a little help from me he could enter me, once he start fucking me I looked at my husband, mom and son hot seu dick was out and he was jerking it fast, then cum facial tribute tkate middleton laid in front of me and gave me his dick to suck it, I did as Mike kept fucking me ignoring my husband completely, soon Mike knot entered me and I bite my husband dick from pain, he did not complain and his moans was louder than mine, when Mike cum inside me in the same moment my husband was Cuming in my mouth, I was filled with cum both sides and an orgasm hit me, it was too massive I passed out for a while, my husband went back to the sofa and kept watching Mike and me knotted to each other for five minutes till Mike finally tried to take his dick out of me, I moved away put Mike understand that as another invitation so he kept his dick and fucked me hard for two minutes till he cum inside me again.

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Then by surprise my husband dragged me away to the sofa and licked my pussy with Mike's cum in it and sat in front of me and fucked me again, it took him less than a minute to cum inside me mixing his semen with Mike's and drove me to another orgasm. I stood up finally and asked my husband if he was satisfied, and asked him to take a shower, he was too excited to let me clean myself and said: "today you are my bitch, don't clean yourself just yet, Mike and I will fuck you more".

And so I spent the afternoon naked but from the pink socking and the high heels, while Mike and my husband fucked me twice more and only by evening I was allowed to have a shower to clean all the cum filling my pussy, mouth and covering my body.

By evening my husband went back to the newspaper, and I was home alone with Mike and the puppies, I was happy that things fixed with my husband better than expected, and decided to call Suzan our neighbor to spend a few hours with me till my husband returns, she is 29, dark skinned 170 cm tall with a perfect body that even women turn around when she goes by, married to George a 31 years old good muscled man with a serious face, many times I tried to imagine him on top of me, and dear God, Suzan must be too lucky to fuck him, she said that George at home and she can't keep him alone so I invited hot emo teen blowjob a taste of the holidays both to have coffee and so they did.

She was wearing a short black skirt and a transparent black shirt with a dark bra well seen under that sexy shirt, while George was wearing a cotton shorts and a tight shirt to sow his muscles, they were the perfect couple… we chatted about many things then some dirty jokes started when Mike passed by to the kitchen George looked at him and said: - what a huge dog you have. - Yes he is. - I can't imagine leaving this big monster alone with my wife. - Why? - He might hurt her. - No, he is more nice that you expect.

- What the worse thing he could do? - He might try to mount her. (I laughed). Suzan laughed as well and went to the toilet, George looked at Mike with wide opened eyes and said: - Really? I mean he tried to mount you? - Yes, he is a male after all. - Wow, did you allow him? - Careful now George. - Sorry I just. - Imagining him fucking me? Or Suzan?

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- You are a mind reader. lol. - You want him to? - What? You mean fuck you? - No, Suzan. - How you might manage that? - Are you serious?

- Very serious. - Let she lose a dept. so she get naked and down on her knees and let me do the rest, under one condition. - What is it? - She will not have all the fun, you will fuck me. - If she fucked the dog I will, if not I will another time! We laughed and I thought the joke is over, but when Susan came George couldn't remove his eyes from Mike and he examined my tits and legs several times, then he said: "listen we are all adult here so let's play a game".

- Adult and game is a serious compound. Said Suzan. - What kind of games you suggest? I said. - Do you dare to obey orders if you lose a bet? Said George. - Only if you dare too. Said Suzan. - Whey we skip this and play strip poker as I think George here wants us to get naked?

I laughed. - Sounds like a good idea, only if Suzan said it is okay. Said George. - Ok, but what are the limits? Said Suzan - When we feel it is not ok to go on. I replied.

With every one approved we start playing strip poker, George was the first one to got fully naked and I was just in underwear while Suzan had only here bra on, then Suzan losses to me and I ordered her to kiss George dick, when I loses to here she revenged by making me fully naked, then I lost to George who ordered me to lick his wife pussy, and I did without hesitation, Suzan shocked and I felt here pussy wet but act like I ignored the situation, then when she lost her turn George ordered her to lick my pussy, as I did old man vs teen girl intense orgasm and sensual kissing in the bedroom to here before she find no choice but to do so, I spread my legs and she get down on her knees to lick my pussy, when she did George got too hard and stood behind her, she said no and we laughed, then she loses again and this time it was my turn so I ordered her to allow Mike to lick her pussy, she screamed: - Are you serious?

- Very serious honey. - Grosse. - We are just having fun, do it girl. Then with a little insist from George she was on her knees on the carpet and I called for Mike, and took him to Suzan, she was laughing big bob mom with son couldn't hide how scared she was, when he sniffed her pussy she screamed but George comfort her and soon Mike was licking her juices from her pussy all the way to her anal, she moaned and George asked her to have an orgasm, she was building an orgasm already so that was not too much to ask, the whole situation got me too wet and horny so I laid in front of her and spread my legs to her to lick my pussy, she did, and God she did well, soon I was building an orgasm myself.

George couldn't handle himself and sat next to my head and put his dick on my mouth, I licked his shaft a little then I saw Mike trying to mount Suzan, she was too scared to move and as Mike was already trained by me to fuck women he manage his dick inside her pussy in no time, when he fucked her I felt okay to put all George's dick in my mouth, so I gave him a blowjob while his wife was watching but busy with the dog fucking huge gapes anal russian teen fisting helena moeller to interrupt us, suddenly she screamed of pain as Mike knotted her and she got an orgasm loud enough to make George too horny so he dragged me and spread my legs wide high and open and entered me, he laid on me fucking me and kissing my tits and then when he discovered the milk he sucked me well enough to let me have orgasm then when he was about to cum I begged him to cum in my pussy, it was an invitation he couldn't refuse and he stroked his dick all the way in and cum inside me, I felt the pulse of his dick Cuming inside me I was moaning like a bitch, and a bitch I become.

When I was done with George, Suzan was still knotted to Mike and I laid in front of her spreading my legs and commanded her to lick her husband cum out of my pussy, and so she did without hesitation, she was too horny to say no, when finally Mike dick got out of her I sucked his semen and her juices out of her pussy while George was fucking her mouth, when we finish, they got dressed and went home, she was sad and surprised while George was excited and winked me, I know that he will fuck me more, and I had no problem with that, I was not sure how Suzan relation with me will go on.

I took a shower, I was not sure how I became a bitch overnight and why I did what I did in the first place, thirty minutes later I received a phone call from George, he said that Suzan fall asleep and he have to see me for some urgent matter, I said he can come to see me and I opened the door unaware of what he want, he got in, and immediately pushed me to the wall and start kissing my lips and neck, he was too strong to be pushed away and I realized he was raping me, I cried asking him to stop but he didn't and in fact I can't judge him as I asked him to fuck me in the first place and he did once already.

I tried to escape put he pushed my face to the wall and strip me off using his massive force, he carried me to the bedroom and pushed me to the bed, I was on my belly while he sat on my hip and got naked, I felt his dick on my butt crack and tried to escape, but I couldn't move, then he put some kind of oil on me and I screamed: "you fucking bastard you are prepared.

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please no anal I will do whatever you want. please stop" he ignored my begging and just said: "I never say I fucked a bitch if I didn't completely use her, so your sexy client doroty gets humped by masseur is mine, I will fuck you"… he put oil on my ass and rub it then a few more drops on my ass hole and fingered me, first by his middle finger then he used two, I was screaming of pain but I was wet, he fingered my pussy and used my juices to street walking upskirt and pee eva davai my ass, and that last for two minutes before he stopped, I felt his shaft trying to enter my ass then a stroke of pain and pleasure hit me when his shaft manage its way in, he fucked me slowly first and by each stroke he went harder and deeper until his dick was totally in my ass, I was crying but my body needed more, I moan like a bitch for five full minutes, then I said: "please cum already", he took his dick out and flipped me on my back, put my legs on his shoulders and forced me wide open under him, then he fucked my ass again in that painful position while he played with my tits and milk spread on both our bodies, I was despaired to end this and hit by an orgasm, so I kissed him on his mouth and allowed his tongue to meet mine, his strokes became too hard and too fast I knew he was about to cum, then with one strong push I felt his cum filling my butt, his dick came out from me and I tried to jump away put again he sat on my chest and played his dick on my tits then on my lips and forced me to suck it dry, he get up and took his clothes and said: "you asked me to fuck you and so I did, Hot asian babes gets her hairy clit licked fuck Suzan always by the same passion, no more anal unless you ask for amateur stepsis rides toy reality and blowjob, but I promise you, my dick will be your close friend".

He laughed and went back to his home, I was crying, my ass was well used, and I couldn't tell my husband as it is me who invited George to fuck me at the first place, and there is his wife who fucked our dog and took a share from my pussy, so I just cleaned the mess and get dressed and waited for my husband to come home as a nice respectable house wife will do. My husband came two hours later, he was excited about what happened this afternoon but I said I am not in the mode for more tonight, next day morning I woke up with a sad look in my eyes as a flash memory of yesterday event cross my mind reminding me of the big mistakes I've done, I mean the dog with my husband approval is one thing but George and Suzan is another thing, no forgiveness for sure, I went to the kitchen to make coffee, while my husband arranged a milk dose for the puppies, I received a phone call from Suzan, she was too mad from her husband as she knew that he used me after she get back home, I didn't say anything suspicious until my husband left the kitchen then I told her I was raped by George, who fucked me like an animal, she cried sorry for me and tried to comfort me, that's when an idea hit me like a truck and said: - Why don't we have revenge from George his way?

- What you mean? - He used me, you will use my husband and we are even. - No way, George could kill me for this. - Not if he accepted. - How? - Tell him I will tell my husband about yesterday events and what he have done, unless he agreed to have a swinger party tonight, in that case we are all even and no one can blame any, plus it will be an open invitation to have me again, not as I will accept but it will fix things, eventually my husband will know what happened and the only way is to do it in his present so he will not judge me.

you owe me this much. - I owe you shit dear, you seduced me and George would never fuck you without your approval, but as a situation need to be fixed I will talk to George, but what about your husband. - Oh trust me, he will have fantasies about you the moment I told him that I can arrange a situation you are involved in, but there is one issue. - Tell me! - He need to feel guilt first. - What you are planning? - I will arrange something including you alone first.

- You are a devil. - It looks like I am after all. - When? - Are you ready now? - Okay, let's done with this. - Thirty minutes and be here, bye for now. - Bye. The plan was ready in my mind I just need my husband to accept it as it is a situation happened by accident, so I took the coffee to the living room, my husband finish milking the puppies and feeding Mike, and sat next to me, without wasting any more time I said: - Honey, about yesterday events, I feel sorry for you.

- But I am not, I had a good time, I understand if no more dog sex but I like to do it again if it is okay with you. - But I don't want to be the only one who have fun, we need to get even. - How? - I will arrange you a pussy to fuck! - Oh, I didn't see that coming, is it okay with you?

- Yes it is, I was thinking about that. - What you have in mind? - What you think about Suzan our neighbor next door? - What about her? - I can seduce her to fuck you! - No way, I mean how? - Well, it turns out she is a lesbian and se managed to have fun with Lara last week, if you want I can put her in bed with me and you show up mad from us and let things take its way through. - No, I can't believe she is a lesbian!

- Well she is coming here in thirty minutes, I will tell her that you are out for some business and you just get back home fifteen minutes later, if we are in bed then you know what to do, if not, then keep things normal.

- I don't know deer, are you sure you are okay with that? - Yes I am, I already did the dog for you, Suzan is a hot woman, and as you said previously I will not judge you if you did it in my present. He finished his coffee, left the room for fifteen minutes then get back dressed to go out and said: "in thirty minutes if you girls are in bed I will do it, I'll sneak the way in, bye dear".

Once he left I called Suzan, ten minutes later she came in dressing a white shirt and a short red panties, but with a black net socking which look too sexy on her long legs, she looked little afraid. I told her the plan and asked her to follow me, we were not sure how it may start so I said: - listen, we will get naked, I will do you an oil massage, then you know the drill.

- What about you? - If you asked me to join I will, otherwise I always have Mike. We got naked without touching each other, she kept the socks and the high heels, so I dressed like her, she laid on bed and I put some oil on her tits and belly, two minutes later I was robbing her nipples and she moan like a whore, then I looked to her pussy, it was truly nice to look at, I fingered her then I couldn't help the need to lick it so I did, it was the first time I do a woman alone, and the way she moved and moaned beneath me make me so horny I totally forgot the plan, then I spread her legs wide and put my cunt on hers, she looked at me shocked but she was too horny as well so I realize that I love women and it is me the lesbian after all, we were building an orgasm when suddenly the door got open, it was my husband, we jumped and tried to cover our naked bodies, he looked at us then he stare to Suzan and said: "do you think you can fuck my wife without paying for it?", she cried and tried to leave but he pushed her on the bed and said: "there is no way out but through me fucking you Suzan, so our first grass sex on the bus station are a lesbian as what Dora said".

He unzipped his pants and pop his already hard dick out and said: "you know what to do". She kneeled in front of him and mom and teacher fuck hard nothing as he start jerking his dick on her lips and then his shaft was in her mouth, her eyes were wet, but she manage to do him a blowjob, when he got excited enough she asked him to lay on the bed, she mounted his chest, and kissed him all the way down to his dick then she mounted him, when his dick popped out from her I licked her juices then I kneeled her doggy style and licked her ass, then I fingered her butt till she was ready and I looked to my husband, he understands the invitation and took him no time to fuck her ass, as I laid in front of her opening my legs so she licked my pussy, when my husband was about to cum he stood up and we kneeled to take turns on his dick, he cum in Suzan mouth and on her face, then me and Suzan kissed each other and his cum was covering both our faces now, she got a shower and so I did, when we went out my husband was not in the house, and noting more was to be said to Suzan who got dressed and went back to her home.

two hours later she called: - Dora, what just happened? - We had fun, and I cover my tracks. - What to tell George? - Nothing need to be told unless you want another piece of my hubby. - Your husband think I am a bitch. - So did yours. - What if they want us again in the same situation?

- No way, unless we are cool with that. - I agree, bye. That day I feed the puppies from my breast on more, and Mike fucked me for like an hour, that last for one more month till I stop the medicine and by some more time my body became normal again, the doctor told me that my body is ready to have a baby, so I decided that no more wild things for me, I start living my life as it should be again, I never saw George again and no more sex for Mike, I thought it was over, but it was not.

Later on Chapter two: once a bitch, always a bitch.