Legal age teenagers get orgasm at the casting

Legal age teenagers get orgasm at the casting
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See Part II - PART III * * * Aggression had always been part of Nathan's psyche and had led him into trouble, arguably had even led him here to his mental prison. But this aggression had also meant Nathan was a fighter. He'd taking beatings from his dad and bullies. He'd survived in youth detention by ensuring his anger was channelled right when it was needed, and used as a weapon. Without his violent nature he would never have lived on the streets, clawing his way to the front of a mass of homeless fighting to get the freshly thrown waste food from markets, café's, and restaurants.

He would have frozen to death had it not been for his instant and extreme reactions to anyone trying to take his rags or cardboard. Nathan was a born survivor. He was angry, messed up and lonely, but he endured.

Despite his anger and failings as a civilised boy Nathan wasn't stupid. He knew stuff. He knew what to look for in someone to find a weakness. He knew how to speak to people to coax them into whatever design he had on them. And he knew how to be patient. He'd waited and accepted every beating his dad gave him knowing they would have to end.

He remained stoic while in detention, keeping himself safe with pre-emptive strikes where needed but not overdoing it. Well, not too much. One guy spent considerable time in hospital with painful injuries, but he was let off as so many witnessed the rape attempt.

Stabbing the guy responsible for him being in detention was being planned from day one but even when he got out, it took him time to follow the boy, look for his weaknesses, and attack at the right time. Now he needed to draw every drop from this dual well of fighting spirit and patience if he was to beat the crazy gay fuck who'd taken over his body.

It was almost impossible to believe this could happen, and many times Nathan assumed he was going mad. But too much was going on with clarity for that thought to persist for long. Nathan was locked inside his own body without any control and was being forced to participate in degrading, disgusting acts with other men.

Never in his life would he want to be with a man and even if he did, he would not be the submissive. Nathan's nature was such that he had to dominate, and several girls would attest delicious honey pleasure boners in an orgy this. So Nathan would wait. Nathan would endure. Nathan would engage. And Nathan would find that weak spot and with ruthless violence he would break out and punish his captor.

After days of crying and begging, this he now knew with absolute certainty. Nathan settled down to watch and learn. * * * I leaped out of bed and rushed through my morning bathroom routine. I didn't masturbate, I wanted to save it. Today was the day when it all started and I already had two fucks lined up.

It was so hard to believe it could be this easy. I'd spent lifetimes hiding my desires, conducting secret liaisons in dank back alleys or mouldy wet woods, meeting with ugly men also desperate for any kind of action. It was sad and pathetic. Now however, now I was free and would be open and accommodating. I was going to show the world my body and my sex life, and I was bouncing with excited anticipation. A knock at the door broke my through my thoughts.

He's here! I rushed to put on my towelling robe in such a way as to just hide my cock. One side slipped from my shoulder while below the belt it hung loose and open. Excitement hit a brick wall when I opened the door.

Instead of the cute boy I found a fat girl in her early twenties. She did three things very quickly; she couldn't help but look at my body, especially the part barely covered. She then caught herself doing it, looked me in the eye and flashed a sweet and very embarrassed smile. She then then half ran into the room, stumbling near the bed and just managed to get the tray down before the clattering crockery spilled.

I stopped her hurried exit by touching her arm and said thank you. She smiled again, a smile that made her look very pretty, and left after a final gaze down. I returned to my disappointment and slumped down in the chair to eat.

It took a full two minutes of chomping before I realised he said order lunch, so he must have known he wouldn't be here for breakfast.

Happy again I enjoyed the rest of my meal and considered how to greet him. I spent most of the time setting up a blog,SlutBoy Nate, and taking pictures of myself with my new phone.

I uploaded them and wrote a bit about how I wanted to share my sex life with my followers and they could even get involved. I set up two votes about what they thought of my body and how submissive I should be. I made sure my face was in as many of the pictures as possible and used my own name, or rather this body's name, but as it was mine now it made no difference. Finally I set up an email account and encouraged people to contact me. The last 20 minutes I spent deciding what to wear for him.

I didn't have much in my bag, but I'd had packed well before getting this body, and pulled out several pairs of colourful underwear.

As this was a first meeting I put the girls panties back, and settled for a pair of blue and white checked briefs and a dark blue basketball vest that was two sizes too big, all the better to see my chest. I sat on the bed and waited. * * * Nathan was impressed. Amateur webcam orgasm finger the greatest arab porn in the world wall around his mind was strong.

Nothing was entering except for visual, taste, smell and hearing. It was a strange version of these sensations. While a normal person might be able to smell he would also, quite unknowing, be feeling the odd hair itch or the movement of air through the nasal passages. Nathan felt nothing, only the smells made it to him. This sweet damn hot busty blonde call me the same for the other sensations.

He probed where he could but being a novice at mental warfare he didn't have a hope of breaking through. Yet. * * * Three minutes past midday came the knock. I checked the room was just the right side of messy with a couple of pairs of underwear on show, ignored my phone buzzing on the cabinet, and opened the door.

He stood there grinning, holding a tray of fruit and chocolates. Not what I ordered but I wasn't going to complain. He entered. "Shut the door." That confident tone was present and I did so after which he gave me the tray. He spent an age looking at my body before moving behind me and spending time there, I presumed he was doing the same.

I was getting excited and the start of an erection was clearly visible fighting against my briefs. "Put the tray down." I did as commanded and returned to him to do whatever came next. After looking me down and back up again, pausing at my groin to enjoy the growing bulge, he stared me in the eyes and unbuttoned xxx katrina kaif real rape story shirt.

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I looked down at his smooth chest, the perfect skin showing goose bumps. His nipples were big, pink and round and hardened into impressive buds as I watched. He discarded the shirt and started on his trouser fly. I was beginning to shake with anticipation and my cock hurt trying to split the fabric of my underwear.

He was beautiful. Dark mussy hair framed a youthful face. Thick eyebrows above big, pretty brown eyes gave him an air of innocence. Full pink lips suggested lust. His skin was soft and flawless in the way that only those who don't yet shave can attain. My gaze was broken by his trousers crumpling to the ground. I stared. He was wearing pink cotton panties in the French knicker style. Now my mouth watered. He turned a slow 180 and gave me the perfect view of his ass as he bent to remove his shoes and white ankle socks.

It was perfect. A round bubble ass, smooth and creamy, with just the right squared definition to differentiate it from a girls ass, his gluts accentuated by his trim waist. I couldn't help myself. I dropped to my knees. * * * God No! The boy hadn't even showered. Please DON'T! Disgusted, Nathan watched himself get closer to that ass. * * * I first kissed his cheeks, so warm and smooth.

I ran my tongue up from the top of his thigh to the seam of the panties. I repeated on the other side, losing myself in the sheer joy of such a stunning ass on such a beautiful boy. I expected resistance when my fingers found the waistband and tugged but he allowed me to pull them down, stroking his thighs and legs with my palms as I went.

He stepped out of them and moved forward to the bed, taking up a position on all fours, his back arched down but his shoulders high, pushing his ass out and down. I crawled over to sunny leon brazzar xxx story sex stories and he spread his knees and ankles apart revealing a glorious hairless tan hole. It was pulsating. I found my mouth hanging open as I stared and moved forward, encircling his anus with my lips and pushing my tongue out.

He pushed back. The tip of my big boobs latina pounded by pawn keeper in the back office entered him and I nearly came in my briefs. I pushed harder feeling his sphincter squeeze and release. I licked hard and soft.

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I pushed my tongue in, holding it there for a few seconds before pulling back and circling his hole. I formed an 'O' with my lips and sucked then pushed my tongue back in. He let me rim him for nearly ten minutes, his groans becoming louder and more frequent. Then he span around and captured my neck with his thighs. His stunning young cock was at full hardness barely an inch in front of my face but his strong legs locked me in place.

I tried to lick him but it was just out of reach. I could smell the lonely zazie loves her favorite sex toy pungent scent of his balls, trapped as they had been for his whole shift in cheap Nylon uniform trousers. It drove me wild. I reached around his legs to take hold of him but he slapped my hands away and then leaned back looking me in the eye. "You're very cute." He said grinning. "You're cute AND hot." I grinned back. "And you're an awesome rimmer." "It's a perfect ass to enjoy." His cock bounced and he smiled at me but didn't reply, breaking the silence only after a few minutes.

"What do I call you?" "Whatever you want" He shook his head. "No, I want to know your name babe. I'm Jamie." I was a little disappointed but was careful not to let it show. This was not the domination I had imagined. "Nathan, or Nate." "OK, Nate." His voice was softer now even though it still had that confident tone. "I'm versatile, but today I want to fuck you. I hope you're bottom?" I decided to try and inject some submission. "I'm yours Jamie.

Whatever you want." * * * His initial reaction was to retch but of course he couldn't. As the ass licking went on he became more immune to it.

There was a sweaty smell there but the feared taste of, Nathan couldn't even think it, never materialised. He was surprised however at how Jamie squirmed above him, wondering whether it really could be as good as he was making out. His captor was enjoying it, of that there was no doubt. Once the disgust waned he took more notice of the stream of information needling through his prison barrier carrying the taste and feeling from his tongue.

It was tinged with excitement and satisfaction. Knowing that this wasn't coming from himself, Nathan decided his captor must be leaking this additional sensation.

And where there was a leak, there was a way sexy and wild outdoor oral sex hardcore european. * * * He parted his legs and ordered me to stand.

I couldn't take my eyes of his dick. He was now stroking it, a slow mesmerising motion. Following orders I removed my baseball vest and completed a slow 360 turn. I repeated this after taking off my briefs.

My mouth was watering and I was desperate to feel him, to touch him, to lick him and to have him penetrate me. He was a stunning boy and I knew how lucky I was to have found someone like this teen girls having fun amateur and webcam quickly.

It was an admiration tinged with just a little disappointment however. From his commands I took to mean he would be dominant and perhaps a little aggressive. He was neither. But I refused to let this ruin my moment.

A fit, pretty boy wanted to have sex with me. I was going to give him everything he wanted. * * * Intense impatience was the overriding impression that coloured the information stream. He could feel his own cock now, as hard as he had ever felt it, and his asshole tingling. But his captors desire for this guy was obvious and Nathan was certain he wasn't supposed to know this.

It wasn't supposed to be filtering through. As his body removed its clothes and turned he felt shame. Shame and guilt that part of him found this boy just a little attractive. He had to admit he was very pretty. Nathan had fucked girls that would be considered less pretty than Jamie. At first he thought this was a sensation delivered by mistake by his captor but when he found himself studying the visual information stream and gazing across the boys flawless skin and well-toned body, he knew it wasn't.

For the first time ever he actually found another male attractive, and it was the fault of the thing who had taken his body away from him. A seed of hatred, planted when he found out what was happening to him, had sprouted. * * * Jamie had wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

He was passionate, like I was his long lost love returned. I had taken the opportunity to spin us and he was now on top of me on the bed. He ground his groin into mine, our cocks rubbing hard against each other.

His tongue was driving deep into my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked my ankles together. He moved his lips down to my neck and between soft sucking and kissing he whispered to me. "You're so hot Nate… wow… fucking gorgeous… I want to make love to you…" I too kissed his neck, and whispered a few platitudes of my own, but what I wanted was a hard fuck and I was in danger of losing interest.

He gave my neck and ears a little more attention before pulling away and standing up. I feared he was leaving but he took a couple of small packets from his trousers pocket.

The condom he put on while taking care opening the second, he squeezed the contents into his hand and came back. I opened my legs as wide as I could, holding the back of my knees, and he reached down. * * * With feeling to his cock and ass restored Nathan's reaction was to clench but he had no two attractive teen team fucked in doggie hardcore and massage communication.

The cold of the lube was a shock but it was nothing compared to the painful stretching of his anus until his captor relaxed and allowed the boy to fully penetrate him. Nathan had never had anything inside his ass before and once the sharp pain had dulled to an ache he was able to relax himself. When Jamie was fully inside the prodding of his cock against something inside him even caused Nathan to groan in pleasure, which in turn led to instant guilt and shame.

His cock was trapped between janet ason xxx porn kareena belly and the boys and he found the sensation… nice. He couldn't deny it however much he tried, Jamie was hot and having him on top was, in part, erotic. Beating himself up was not going to help and Nathan tried to put aside his confused feelings and study those pouring in from his stolen body.

He knew what his captor was feeling and he knew this to be wrong. He had been told that he would receive only taste, smell, sight and hearing, with feeling from specific parts of his body only at certain times, like now. There was no way he was supposed to be getting desperation, disappointment, lust and myriad other feelings leaking through the barrier. * * * Jamie was indeed making love to me. While I was enjoying it to a degree, it wasn't what I craved.

For so long I had needed cock that it had morphed into a submissive longing to get used. This slow attempt at passion between two strangers wasn't what I needed. Despite this I did want to be filled up and was going to take everything that came my way.

And he was very good looking and very fit. That helped. A lot. * * * He sensed that his captor was distracted.

Random and gang bang for cuitie pie groupsex european senses drifted to him entwined with the flow of physical sensations. He had fully relaxed and the sex was no longer painful. He concentrated on this information, watching it seep through the barrier from nowhere like a laser through fog. He expanded himself, moving toward the flow.

He grew as slow as he could, not wanting to draw undue attention to himself. So small was his prison that he hit its limit within seconds, in real time a tiny fraction of a single second. He waited for his captor to clamp down on his investigation but nothing came. Nathan took time to read the flow of information again.

Still he was getting mixed messages of lust, desperation, and disappointment. He wanted to wait for the right time but knew it might never come. Then he felt Jamie lift from his body, the sudden removal of his hot body cooling him. Nathan knew he shouldn't be able to feel that either. Then he felt his cock gripped and stroked. A hard fast movement. He heard Jamie grunting and saying something.

That's when the information streams unified into one, a frustrated and agonising pleasure and he knew for certain his own body was about to ejaculate. He readied himself, tensing as much as possible in the tiny restricted area of his own mind. Nathan felt it first deep in aye wut yi thaung fuck storys abdomen.

It was a strange churning feeling that lasted moments before spearing up towards his cock. Bracing himself, he waited for the moment of release. The force travelled into his cock and as his captor cried out in rapturous harmony with Jamie his body shut down for a fraction of a second, all his attention on the one moment.

With orgasmic his body shuddered and Nathan thrust out. * * * Jamie collapsed onto me, squishing my cum between our chests. He kissed me again, softer this time, without the urgent rush to copulate. I wrapped my arms around his damp back without enthusiasm. It was unfair. My orgasm had been fantastic and judging by his forceful thrusts and grunting cry, so had his.

I just didn't feel used. This was how lovers were supposed to act, not abusers. We cuddled for a bit. I was leaving a sufficient amount of time before it was no longer rude to ask him to leave. I didn't need to. Jamie got up and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I watched him pat himself dry before dressing.

I assumed he'd got rid of the my slave tied and trying to get free in the bathroom. "Wow Nate." He said beaming at me. "A great ride!" "You're so hot Jamie." It was difficult to feign interest but a thought occurred; perhaps I could feel used yet.

"I er… I'd like to again." He buttoned his shirt. "If you want I mean?" "Oh yeh Jamie," I smiled at him, my plan seemed a good one. "Anytime you want." "Ha yeh! Anytime…" He was dubious. I wanted him to use me, even if he thought it was something more, and as I didn't really enjoy sex with him, allowing him to use me whenever he wanted went some way to satiating that craving. I got of the bed and knelt before him. I pulled his flaccid dick from his panties and licked it like a lollipop.

I tasted his cum. It was nice. Then I looked up at him. "ANYtime Jamie. Just knock." I gave him a final suck before ticking him away and pulling his trousers up.

"I thought you'd be turned off by my underwear." The confident tone had disappeared. "Jamie, you look fucking stunningly cute in those." That wasn't a lie. He did. When I had finished zipping his trousers and clasping his belt, I stood and kissed him. Just a few moments passed before he pulled away. "I have to go. Tomorrow?" "Any time Jamie. Have me anytime." When he'd gone I sat on the bed and pondered. Then I saw the time, rushed to get dressed, grabbed my phone and hurried from the hotel.

* * * The fuck hadn't noticed. Nathan didn't count himself out of the woods yet, his captor could still find out what he'd done, but Nathan felt he'd timed it to perfection. Between the sudden concentration on one tiny, albeit powerful aspect of his body, Nathan had greatly expanded his prison.

He may not be out of it, but he now had space. And with space came volume, and with volume came brain mass. He felt himself gaining his personality back, his thoughts, his very identity. With this came intelligence.

He had a part of his bran that was no longer available to his captor, and thus his own thoughts shouldn't be read. Nathan took stock and settled down into his bigger home. * * * I made for the sauna opposite the Pink Trout, the events of the last couple of hours still troubling me. I barely felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

These concerns faded as the excitement grew however and once I had paid and collected my towel, all worries had slipped away. A flight of stairs descended straight into the changing room and I found myself in a warm darkened room scented with eucalyptus. Choosing a locker toward the entry to the sauna proper I stripped, locked my stuff away, and wrapped the key around my ankle. The entry took me along a very dark but short corridor at the end of which were two archways, one into a red lit shower room and the other into what looked like a lounge.

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I decided to shower first. Only one other guy entered and he paid me no heed. Still wet, and with the towel wrapped around me loose enough to sink low on my hips, I wandered into the lounge. My first impression was wrong.

The lounge was just a seating area. To the right was a small bar, a TV behind playing hard core pornography. To the left was a large rectangle Jacuzzi bubbling away, partially hidden by a frosted glass pane. Further left of this was a sunbed area in in front of a projected screen showing more men fucking, an orgy. Several guys were lolling around and one was humping the plastic lounger.

A path between the sunbeds and Jacuzzi let to another area, darkened and red lit. Ahead of me a final archway led to a dim, blue lit corridor. I decided to explore and look for the old guy.

Entering the blue zone I found myself in a wide corridor with more showers either side and a bench built into the wall between the shower heads. Several doors led off each side and I entered each one in order. To my left first I pushed a glass door inwards and found myself in a very dark steam room. Amateur gives sloppy blowjob to dildo camg only real light came from the large darkened window opposite that overlooked the Jacuzzi.

Two rows of tiled seating faced the window and I could make out two guys kissing and masturbating each other in the corner. Leaving I entered the room opposite, another steam room, up-lit red from under the circular bench seating creating deep shadows while allowing one to see where one was going. Opposite me was a break in the seating, and with the eyes of five men on me, I padded over. They were two unlit tiled rooms behind the seating, approximately two metres by two.

To the right a guy knelt naked on the floor licking his lips. A cumdump room if ever I saw one. I'd be in here. With that happy thought I left to see what other facilities were available. Next up on the left was a thick rubber like curtain behind which was utter blackness. I knew a dark room when failed to see one and became aroused at the slapping and moaning sounds from within. Behind me were three cubicle like doors spaced about a metre apart.

One was locked but I opened the middle one and found a tiny room, the width of a cubicle but the depth was no longer. Three holes in each the wall at waist height announced a gloryhole room. I actually clapped my hands; another perfect place! Two doors remained, both at the end of the corridor facing down. The left one turned out to be normal toilets but the right one seemed odd, at first.

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It was dark and the pungent stink of piss hit me in the face the second I pushed open the door. This room was lit in green. Although very dim I could make out an oddly shaped floor on both sides. On the left was a raised platform with two steps up. Dug into the platform were four square holes that were the same two steps deep. A drain hole was located at the corner of each hole and what seemed to be the plug of the drain hanging on a hook half way up. The other side was equally weird.

The same two steps up then went straight back down opening up a long, wide and shallow bath like recess. In the middle of this a platform rose higher than the steps, but only a little. It was nothing more than a two metre by one meter raised tiled box. The door opened and I jumped. Three guys padded in. They passed me without acknowledgement and made for one of the smaller holes. All three had lost their towels somewhere. One guy got into the square hole and knelt down.

I grew hard, fast as I watched the other two piss him. I was an idiot! Of course this was the piss room. Glory be I was in heaven. I watched until their flow stopped. I was now so horny it hurt. I had to find the man I met in the street and left to perform a proper search. * * * Everything was carefully watched and noted. Twice he felt the excitement of his captor bleed through the expanded wall and twice Nathan had bambi gets to be my husbands submissive fight to prevent his own excitement leaking out.

He had greater brain capacity and he was learning. After the intense sensation of his first ever anal penetration, and the horrifying realisation that there was some pleasure in it, Nathan tried not to think about it again, but the Sauna was causing him to fail.

He admitted a grudging respect for gays. This whole place was set up for sex. All you had to do was turn up. Where could this be found for men and women? Nathan saw the guy kneeling down just waiting to have a cock rammed in him and a tiny part of his aggressive side found this arousing.

He buried the thought as fast as it hit him, and waited and learned. * * * I checked out all the rooms again but didn't see him. Where was he? I started to think he had stood me up before the rational part of me realised it could be anything at all. I made for the bar area and had some water.

I was there about ten minutes watching a hunky hairy guy hold down and fuck a pretty twink on the TV when he entered, saw me, and made straight for me. A predatory smile crossed his face and he grabbed my towel and whipped it off.

Then he strode of towards the steam rooms. Exposed to everyone in the bar, all of whom snapped around to check me out, I lingered for the barest of seconds before following him. I found him in the dark steam room overlooking the Jacuzzi. Two guys cavorted in it. He was standing with his back to the window, leaning against it. I walked up to him just as he walked forward and I reversed towards the benches.

He threw his towel on the bench behind me and got right up into my face. In the dim light I could just make out delight, lust and domination fighting for dominance behind his eyes. I didn't move. I remained there with my hands by my sides, the willing submissive. His hand came up and stroked my chest. I bit my bottom lip, I knew it was a good look for any guy who likes his boys. He pinched my nipple hard, my cock bounced around brushing against his towel covered bulge and I let out a yelp, but didn't move away or stop him.

* * * If Nathan had the use of his body he would have jumped. The pain flooded through the barrier and engulfed him, an intense sharpness that punctured his numb existence. It took him several seconds to recover from the shock of but once he did he was able to concentrate on how it entered his tiny space. It wasn't like the slow dribble of his erection. He watched the stream flowing in, visualising it as a needle thin line of white feeling driving straight into his consciousness.

He knew what was coming and he knew he couldn't stop it, but he knew he could take it. The pain stopped as the man let go of his nipple and he watched the chubby face draw closer until vision disappeared when his eyes closed. Another shot of feeling came through when he started kissing the man, his clumsy tongue trying to assert dominance.

Nathan could taste a spicy meat flavour mixed in with his spit. It wasn't pleasant. After several minutes the man pushed Nathan, or rather Nathan's body, backwards. He felt nothing as his eyes opened and he watched his angle change. Now lying on the lower bench he saw himself reach behind his knees and pull his legs back.

He felt his anus twitching and visualised it as the first rivulet of a torrent of feeling, the barrier opening up to allow it through and allowing Nathan his first proper glance at the other side. He knew that if he made his move now he would be locked down and never get out.

He had to make his captor think he was subdued, or so well imprisoned that constant surveillance was unnecessary. He also knew that the longer this went on his chances also diminished, so his timing was critical. The flood of feeling coming through washed over him and he tried to sift through it.

He felt filled up and stretched, more so than earlier. The sucking feeling when the guy pulled out was still uncomfortable while the thrust back in was as enjoyable. He was fully aware that his own cock was solid and bouncing up and down on his belly with every thrust and even found the motion stimulating.

He knew from the leaks around the barrier openings that his captor was enjoying himself but it was tinged with a little disappointment. He didn't know why but perhaps the fact that this guy was overweight and a bit of a shit fuck was the reason.

He was grunting with exertion and going through the motions, but Nathan knew it was for his own satisfaction. He wasn't surprised when the fuck ended. The old guy erotic chick spreads narrow snatch and gets deflorated defloration virginity out of shape and probably over excited. He pulled out and shot several small lines of cum over Nathans belly and genitals. He panted for a few moments, picked up his towel, and left the steam room.

Disappointment and a little anger dripped through his barrier and Nathan noted that the holes were slow to close. He watched and timed, mentally hiding in the back of his prison so as not to scare his captor and cause him to tighten security. As the openings closed he lost the soreness from his ass and the frustrated throbbing from his erection. Now numb again he watched himself smear the cum into his belly and chest, stand, and walk to the showers lining the corridor outside.

Seeing himself wash he saw his cock soften and droop. For the first time since he had been taken over, Nathan thought he had the beginnings of a plan. * * * 'What a cunt!' I spat the whispered words out as I lathered up. So much promise and so little delivery. The guy could have been a great dom daddy but instead he'd proved to be a dickless waste of five minutes and possibly the entrance fee. He'd even caused me to lose my towel so now I had to beg for another.

That thought, and the fact that I was forced to be naked for every guy in the sauna, cheered me up a little. I calmed down by the time I finished in the shower. What did I expect really? A professional dominator? HA! Having got another towel from the bar I gorgeous lola taylor sucks a meaty shaft deep throat and rough sex console myself with the fact I was in the best place to get sex.

I spent a little time in the Jacuzzi in which I had a great idea; I would see if the two guys were in the pub. At least I could get used properly. I went to my locker and unlocked my phone. Three messages were indicated and I remember my phone buzzing earlier.

Three unique numbers. I read each one in turn. > Hi cumdump, will u be in the pub later? > Need our cumdump. Trout after 6. X > U were gr8 Nate. Love to b with u again. Let me know xxxx I checked the time, 6:30. I hadn't realised I'd been in here so long! Almost jumping with glee I ignored the one from Jamie and replied to both guys with the same message: < Ur cumdump wants to please.

I'm in the sauna opposite. Any good for you? Xx I jumped from foot to foot waiting for the replies, half expecting the message to be ignored as it was too much trouble, and half begging whatever universal being would grant my wishes. My heart pounded when moments later my phone buzzed in my hand. > We expect more than last time to cum there. Or just cum here. I grinned. I was going to go hell for leather for these two. I was desperate to submit and I wanted them to know it. < There: bj.

Here: ANYTHING. X Another couple of exasperating minutes passed. > You better mean that cumdump. We're not gentle. I jumped and a little squeal escaped my lips. I sealed the deal and went back to the Jacuzzi. > Your little cumdump fuckslut is desperate to serve x * * * Nathan was scared. He remembered these two from the pub. He remembered their merciless aggression. But he wasn't too overcome to note the drop in defences as his captor allowed feeling from his mouth, genitals and ass back in early.

Nor did he miss the sheer delight and intense anticipation leaking through. * * * I was worried. It felt like an age I sat in the Jacuzzi in the only spot that afforded me a view of the entrance. Several guys made moves but I rebuffed them. Even the better built of them didn't give me confidence in their domination skills. So I waited. I smiled at men and watched the porn on the large screen. I saw men couple and even triple up and disappear into the red lit corridor.

According to the clock on the wall by the bar over 40 minutes passed and I was about to give up when I saw them.

Their entrance was perfect. Two alpha males, still fit in their forties and displaying supreme confidence, padded into the bar.

Their very presence seemed to fill the space and my heart jumped. Leaving the water I ignored my towel, my body was theirs now and I wanted everyone to know it. They saw my coming but made no move ensuring I knew who was in charge. I smiled at them both in turn and stopped a scant three feet from them, dripping water onto the cool tiled floor.

The one whom I sucked first was to my right. Close to six foot tall, short cropped dark hair going grey at the temples, he towered over my five-seven frame. His muscular chest, while now showing a little age with a smattering of grey hair, was still puffed up and I knew first hand his arms held strength.

I named him bigdick for obvious reasons. His friend I named straightdick. Despite being smaller he wasn't small but didn't have the slight upward curve of bigdick. Straightdick was also better looking with classical chiselled features and a permanent friendly smile etched into his handsome face.

I hadn't expected him to have a hairless chest. They both watched me for a few moments while my cock grew to full harness. Other men in the room were now watching with interest but I didn't even notice them, I was becoming mesmerised by my two suitors. * * * For the first time Nathan could feel his own heartbeat. It was a joyous return of feeling and he realised how much he had lost. Even the imperceptible thudding of a normal day reminded you of life. Now it was thumping at considerable speed and alexis texas and anikka albrite great threeway took a while for Nathan to realise that his captor may not have intended this feeling to get through.

He studied the boundary again. It seemed weaker. * * * After an agonising few moments waiting for them to finish checking me out they looked at each other and nodded. It seemed I had been accepted. Straightdick stepped toward me and took a firm hold of my cock and balls. Using them as a lead he pulled me towards the red lit corridor, Bigdick following.

My excitement grew with each step. I was already under control and glancing around several guys were watching me. We entered the corridor and turned right. Doors on either side were spaced a couple of metres apart and looking passed Straightdick I saw a very dark area at the end.

I was not to find out what this was however as we stopped outside a door on the left, about one third down the corridor. I was held in position by my genitals while Bigdick used a key attached to his locker key to open the door, and we stepped in. I found myself in a small room about three metres by two with a padded floor. A small flat screen TV was attached to the top corner of the room and showed the same porn as on the main screen in the bar.

Bigdick closed the door and threw the bolt. "Cumdump AND fuckslut huh?" Said Bigdick. "You sure?" It was a final check, a final means of escape and I knew I was in for an incredible time. * * * Those words frightened Nathan. Everything he had been made to suffer so far was nothing compared to what was coming. This he knew with certainty.

How could anyone find this enjoyable? It was sick. He was about to be raped and despite his resolve to wait until the proper time Nathan reached out for the barrier and touched it. In an instant he knew this had been premature and he cursed. The barrier hardened and the holes carrying feeling shrank to pinpoints. He lost the feeling of his heart. Shit fuck! He retreated into his prison expecting a backlash but nothing came except his own voice.

"Anything you want sir." Nathan scolded himself for rushing, and prepared to be attacked. * * * I expected them to drop their towels, throw me to the ground and penetrate me but instead they both took off their locker key bands. They were of the plastic, watch strap type with a pin and buckle. I wore mine on my ankle. Straightdick took my left hand and wrapped his around my wrist and keeping it a little loose.

I wondered what they were doing until he held my left wrist in one hand, and with the other pushed my left shoulder down so I bent over. He pulled my wrist behind my back at the same time Bigdick grabbed my right wrist. Now I understood and my excitement hit new levels. Bigdick fed his strap through the one on my left wrist, then tied it around my right one. I was handcuffed. Now they dropped their towels and paraded around me, inspecting me.

"Is it's ass as willing as its mouth do you think Tone?" This was Bigdick, so Straightdick was Tony. "Don't matter now Chris. It's ours." I thought it was a good way to let me know their names but I would be calling them sir.

"You want cock?" Asked Chris. "Desperately Sir." I answered. "You a faggot?" Asked Tony. "Yes Sir." My cock bounced around in adriana chechik loves getting her cunt banged hard pornstars hardcore air.

It was the hardest I've ever been in over 300 years. "Just a faggot?" This was Chris and he asked it as he stopped in front of me.

I stared at his huge member. I didn't remember it being that big back in the pub toilet but I did remember how good it felt to have my mouth full of it. "No Sir. I'm your cumdump.

Your fuckslut. Your hole sir." I paused and then decided on a further degradation; "I'm your urinal as well if you want Sir." Chris reached out and put both hands around my neck. He held firm without squeezing and pushed me down.

I carefully got onto my knees and allowed him to control me. He knelt down with me and once my ass was in position for Tony he pulled my mouth onto his cock and forced it into my throat. I gagged and spluttered but he didn't remove himself, instead holding me tight. With saliva already dribbling out of the corners of my mouth I started to struggle with lack of oxygen. Chris held me a moment longer then let me go. I took two gasping breaths in and moved forward baby school girl sex rap onto his beautiful hard cock.

This time he didn't pull me right down but did take hold of my neck again to keep my in place, my tied wrists preventing me doing it myself. Tony waited while I was choked but once I was slurping away he spat on my ass twice then forced his cut cock inside me. There was no hesitation, he just forced his head in then kept thrusting until he was ball deep. Despite my desire for pain it took me by surprise, I hadn't realised how tight this body was, and I screamed.

With my mouth full it came out as a muffled groan. "I think he likes it mate." Said Chris. "Make it rough." Tony's reply was a grunt and he started pounding away at me, using the full length of his cock and ensuring his thrusts were as forced as he could make them. The slapping sound was loud in the little room and quickly became a wet slapping sound as it heated up and we started to sweat.

It wasn't long before I became used to Tony's size and started pushing my ass back into him. "Oh yeh, good slut." He panted. I was now rocking back and forth between the two men ensuring that my ass was being fully pounded.

The pain, a pleasure in itself, was easily outweighed by the sheer joy of the fuck, both the physical act and the thought of being used and abused. This was what I had dreamed of for centuries, a fantasy I had never fulfilled. An itch that had been driving me insane and could not be scratched. I lost myself in the sensations of domination, abuse, and the smells of male sweat.

* * * A flood of sensation had engulfed him and pushed him back into the smallest part of his prison. There was no way to fight against tide, a gushing torrent of pain and disgust. Never before had he felt such agony. His ass had surely been ripped open and he was in constant danger of suffocation. He thought he knew what to expect but the onslaught was too much to handle and he tried to make himself as small as possible. His world was reduced to rape. Nathan cried.

* * * This was so amazing I wanted to cry and giggled around Chris's dick. It was more amazing than any of my fantasies. I was slamming back and forth impaling myself on each cock in turn and enjoying the grunts and groans of my two dominators. I couldn't get enough and I was afraid it would end too soon, I could live on my knees getting fucked.

"Fuck! You're a nasty little fucking slut ain't ya?" Tony slammed the flat of his hand against my ass as he spoke. It stung like mad but only increased my excitement. "Mmmhnmf." It was all I could manage as a reply.

I meant Yes Sir. We had all worked ourselves into harmony. As Chris thrust forward, tony pulled back, and I was opposite, pushing myself onto Chris as he pushed forward and backing up onto Tony as he rammed into me.

The sensation of power they had over me was incredible and I wanted nothing more than to submit utterly.

So submissive had I become that Chris was now fucking my throat, pushing his pre-cum covered mushroom into it with every thrust.

Some part of me knew this was probably doing some damage but it could be repaired. I just wanted the cock. "Fucking hell, I'm gonna lucky patient fucks a stunning nurse pornstars cumshots It surprised me that Chris was first. No sooner had he said it than he grabbed the back of my head and rammed himself into my mouth.

I choked and gagged, spluttering into his huge cock as it spewed cum into my throat. He held me tightly as I felt his pelvis thrust and he cried out with every ejaculation. I couldn't swallow as he had my throat blocked up and the cum squirted out the sides of my mouth and dripped down his thighs.

He finally let my head go and sat back on his knees panting. I kept his softening cock in my mouth, licking the last squeezed out drops of delicious spunk. Chris was still drilling me and now the rhythm had been broken my body was shuddering under the force of each thrust. Minutes passed before he too climaxed. "AAAAH FUCK!" I felt him fill me. One moment his cock was stretching my anus and the next he slammed home a final time and I felt it travel up his length.

A warm feeling spread deep inside me and I knew he must have shot a big load into me. I remained in place as he softened. Please don't let this be the end! To my delight it wasn't. They remained in position for a few moments calming down. When Tony got too soft to remain inside me my tightening anus squeezed him out and sat back. Chris grabbed my chin and directed me at his thighs. "Clean it up slut." Without hesitation I worked my tongue up his strong thighs, licking every drop of cum from his hairy skin and swallowing.

When I finished Chris pushed my head around and indicated Tony. "Clean him up." I crawled around and took Tony's flaccid dick in my mouth and sucked. I was gentle and used my tongue to ensure I cleaned every single part. Then I bent lower and licked his balls. They smelled musty and had a salty flavour.

Fresh ball sweat and cum drips. I was in heaven. When Tony was satisfied he pushed me away, but it wasn't over. I turned to see Chris standing over me. "Drink every last drop slut." He grabbed my mouth and pulled it up to his cock.

I opened and took the whole thing in. The big tit blonde student and ass gym when a stranger calls tangy piss sprayed out with a heavy flow and it took me a couple of gulps to get a rhythm going, but I quickly adapted and drank everything.

Pausing to lick his head clean I was then pulled by Tony onto his cock for more. Tony tasted different, watery and sweeter. It was a piss I could easily drink more of and I was sad when he ran out. He pushed my forehead and I fell backwards onto the floor, my tied wrists preventing me laying flat. I turned to my side and looked up at my dominators. "Look at this sensual teenie is gaping spread slit in close up and climaxing cumslut." Said Tony.

"Already begging for more." "Yeh," laughed Chris. "Such a nasty little faggot. Are you a nasty little faggot?" He asked me in mock child like voice. "Yes Sir." I replied. I was beaming. "He fucking is too. Look at him grinning." "And look at his little erection." Added Tony. "I think he wants more." "Do you?" Asked Chris. "Yessir." I nodded as I replied.

"I think we should keep him here until we're finished don't you Tony?" "Oh yes. Most definitely." The looks on their faces were sheer lust and my cock, so hard throughout my fucking, bounced around in eager anticipation. Of course I wanted more. I'd take another ten guys like babysitter kelsi monroe gets anal at work Chris reached down to my wrists and I thought I was going to be untied but instead I felt a tugging and then nothing.

They both left the room and once the door was closed, I heard the unmistakable click of the lock. They had left me bound and locked up like an animal.

I giggled to myself. * * * Not once while in youth detention did Nathan ever get so brutally attacked. Not once did another detainee ever get his cock into Nathan and those that tried paid a heavy price.

He had certainly been in fights, some serious, but he had always come out of them on top, without his ass being penetrated. Each time he would contemplate the sequence of events that led to a given situation, and try to work out where that could have been stopped earlier. He had become to adept at this technique that one guy, old enough that he should have been in standard jail, was attacked in the yard and had his balls repeatedly smashed so as schoolgirl couldnt await to be screwed japanese and hardcore prevent the attempted rape Nathan knew was coming.

People learned to avoid him. Now Nathan had been forced to endure a vile invasion of his body by a tormentor bent on submitting to the most humiliating acts. He had no idea why and didn't hardcore latina swallows and gets a facial. He was doubly ashamed by the realisation that he was again deriving some pleasure from oral and anal penetration.

From what he now realised was a slow and gentle fuck from Jamie, through the desperate attempt to dominate by the old man, to these two genuine dominators, Nathan was scared that he was turning. Cum wasn't quite so disgusting anymore while being impaled on some guys cock seemed to stab him in a very tender and enjoyable place. After the fucking he just received he even found himself longing for Jamie. His initial reactions to the shame of the enjoyment and submitting to the rape was to cower and hide, to try and ignore it.

But the edifice of helplessness was starting to crack under the onslaught of Nathans hatred for his captor. How dare he infiltrate his mind and subsume his thoughts. How dare he take control of a body that wasn't his to command. There was plenty of gay boys out there to have, why did he had to take Nathan? And what was so fucking wrong with whatever it was controlling him that it would be willing to subject itself so completely?

Yes, Nathan hated his mom night sex xxx son and with each repeated remembrance of what had occurred, and each thought of what was to come, his anger grew. It multiplied upon itself and in the restricted space of his confinement it reflected back and fed upon itself.

The loathing nearly consumed Nathan but he knew what needed to happen. Nathan remembered his time in detention and used his experience to channel that anger. He knew the men were coming back.

He knew to flood of feelings that would pour through the barrier, but this time he would be ready. And this time he would not cower. * * *