Upside down face fuck megan rain

Upside down face fuck megan rain
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Chris and I are good friends. I have not seen her for two years. Chris is 42 years old. She lives in New York. She works as a political journalist in major network. I'm 5"7 and I weigh 120 pounds. My breasts aren't very big, mid-B, I have nicely formed butt, though.

At the moment I'm alone, I've been engaged twice but never been married. In her job she has to wear certain clothes white blouse and black skirt mid thigh together with black father jure kora xxx letile sister. So everyday I'm dressed exactly like that. Her company's office is in the very heart of New York but she is living on the outskirts of the city because She likes fresher air than it is in the centre.

She has a car BMW in colour of champagne in which she drives to her job everyday. One cloudy Friday morning she woke up and did her usual morning things went to shower, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and so on. Then she took black lacy panties and white lacy bra. Over them she put her usual blouse and skirt. She put on her heels, took her purse and went out of her house.

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She locked the door and went to her car. She opened it, got in and started it. It coughed but didn't start. She tried again but it didn't seem to work.

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After some more tries (which became increasingly more desperate. Her phone rang, she answered it. " Hi Chris, I'm in New York today on business. How about getting together for lunch or dinner." I said. " Great John. Can you give me a ride to work my car won't start." She answered.

" Sure, the limo will be there in ten minutes. Call me later." I said. She was getting ready, and I just watched her undress in the bathroom. I am obsessed with her panties, and watching her take her pretty black lacy panties off that she had worn all day got me hard.

I admired her beautiful body, her hairless pussy, and her tight little ass. She has sexy natural tits, size 34b, GOD I wanted her so bad. I wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck the hell out of her. She got into the shower and the water was running, I had already showered and was ready for the evening.

I walked into the bathroom, and grabbed her dirty black panties, I smelled them and the aroma was strong. Her pussy smells so good, I just wanted to beat off in those panties. She got out of the shower, and I walked up behind her and wrapped my hands around her, grabbing both tits, and rubbing my cock up against her ass.

I have done this to her many times, and normally this was returned with a little love of her own. She said, "Let me go, don't think your getting any tonight." She was cold as ever.

I walked out as she got dressed, and I mom and companions daughter big ass he romped that muff until it couldnt take any more out to the limo. I started thinking about how to fuck her, should I put something in her drink, should I just get drunk, and rape her when we get home and blame it on the alcohol.

Fuck no, that bitch deserves a good old rape. I was hard about the thought of planning how to rape her. When she walked out to the limo. I could not help but stare at how beautiful she was, she had on a short denim jean skirt, that showed off her slender legs so nicely.

She had on a pair of sandals, and her toes looked so sexy, I could suck on them right now.

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She was wearing a purple low cut tank top sweater that showed a lot of her cleavage. She had her hair down, and it is shoulder length. She has brown hair, and brown eyes, but she wears colored contact lens, and tonight she had green eyes. I testing out their new strap on toy the door for her and she bent down, of course teasing me and allowed me to see her purple thong.

I was so hard, I walked up behind her and pressed my cock into her ass, and grabbed her hips. She pushed back and said. "Stop." She gave me a dirty look, and said, "No way." I was pissed and I was going to have her one way or another.

Dinner was nice, I took her to a fancy Italian restaurant, but she was still cold, and we had very little conversation. We both had a few drinks with dinner, and just sat their looking at each other. I said, "Lets just have a drink and then we will leave." We arrived at her place walking in, I reached for her, a deep animal-like groan erupting from my throat," AGH!AGH!" and pulled her roughly to me. Her soft tank top ripped away like so much tissue paper.

"STOP!, John! STOP, please! P-Please!" Her voice had resounded through the room in terror as I roughly pushed her down onto the sofa with her legs dangling over the edge.

I held her down with one hand and ran the other greedily over the lush contours of her resisting body, kneading her ripe succulent breasts cruelly beneath my hands I no longer controlled. I undid my pants letting them drop to the floor revealing a rock-hard long thick cock pulsing with anticipation. " pulled her thong off." I laughed. She became fully alert when a powerful thrust from my enormous rod tried to enter her tight dry pussy.

Chris screamed in pain" OMG! AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH!, . " Well, waddaya know? You are very tight!" I smiled. "What a nice surprise!" Tight fists of flesh protruded taylor white with lena the plug in white bloodless ridges between my straining fingers. I began to lick and suck her nipples. I moved my free hand down Chris's stomach and to her left thigh. I began to stroke and rub along the inside of her thigh then my hand reached for her vagina and began to part her soft cunt lips.

"You know this doesn't have to be a bad first time," I whispered. "I can show you how to like it." I began to stroke her clit and finger her cunt at the same time. Chris could barely breathe with my vice-like grip on her breast and all she could think about was the terror and pain of that first painful thrust from my enormous rod.

I began to rub and play with her clit as I bent over her and sucked on her nipples first one, then the other. I made circular motions with my tongue all along the outside of her left nipple and then took the entire nipple in my mouth and sucked hard.

Chris suddenly felt a tingle along her spine and warm sensation growing in her crotch. How could this be? How could she feel so good suddenly? "You are getting wet," I said with a heavy pant to my breath. "It's just a matter of time now." I moved one then two fingers into her cunt - in and out to the rhythm of my tongue swirls over her nipples.

Chris let out a soft quiet moan "ohhhh…mmmmm". I smiled wide and with that, I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and grabbed the bulbous head of my cock, aiming for her moist opening. Slowly I moved the tip of my cock into Chris's wet, hot cunt. Instead of a scream, Chris took a quick breath in and held it. I bent down to her and kissed her roughly, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, consuming the breath she just took with my kiss. As I pulled away from her mouth, I pushed my shaft in and out, coating it with her juices.

She groaned ."Ohhhhhh… Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH!" with fear and a throbbing desire she never knew. I kissed her neck, her ear, and licked her breasts. Her breasts and her crotch were on fire and her hips began to move without her permission. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Suddenly, I began to ram harder, into her small tight straw like tube harder and harder with each thrust.

Chris gasped with both pain and pleasure" OMG! AAAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!". "No, No, N-Nooo, please, not this way, not this way!" She pleaded, but the words rolled unheeded from her tortured lips.

I held her wildly straining body tightly to the sofa. She was imprisoned there by my heavy chest that weighed upon her like a giant stone. Her brown hair had begun thrashing helpless from side to side on the sofa, her face contorted with terror. Her dark eyes flashing wide in disbelief that this was happening to her. She had pleaded more until the sounds became nothing but incoherent mumbles of jumbled words.

Ignoring the low moaning pleas, " Please Stop! Please Don't! Pleeeeaaaasssse!" I rolled on top her, catching her body as her long slim legs had scissored out in one last desperate effort to escape my brutal assault. My hips had fallen heavily between the full wide-splayed thighs, pinning her jerking buttocks tightly to the sofa. I grabbed Chris's hips and began slamming into her hard and fast. Suddenly, Chris's pleasure was replaced with pain again " OMG!

AAAAAAAHHHHH! STOP PLEASE! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!" and she tried to move her hips to cushion the blows from my hot cock. " omg! stop! no more! aaaaaahhhhh! ooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhh!," she whimpered under her breath. "Oh yes, a lot more!" I groaned. She began to cry softly. She didn't move. Her legs were still splayed over the end of the sofa; her wet nylons still clinging to her legs. After a few minutes catching my breath and letting Chris recover from the trauma.

I repositioned myself between her legs, her soft inner thighs brushing teasingly against my throbbing hard cock, inciting me to uncontrollable lust. My knees were holding hers wide apart now and I slammed my pelvis hard back into her squirming defenseless crotch.

The spasmodic jerkings of the hollows of her soft inner thighs Suddenly, without warning.I had brutally jammed the blood-filled bulbous head between the fleshy moist lips and with a groan, :UGH!

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UGH!", shoving it all the way forward into her quivering cunt again. She had squealed, "OMG! OMG! STOP!" like a stuck pig and kicked her legs out wildly in the air in a futile attempt to escape the cruel impalement. It had only worsened her position and I could still hear the guttural screech of further pain that had come tumbling piteously from deep in her throat as my rock-hard long wide cock battered deeper and deeper into her warm yielding flesh.

At last, my pelvis had smacked hard into hers, signaling the end. My rigid fleshy rod lay sunk all the way down inside of her quivering belly, the warm wet walls of her cunt wrapped tightly around it. I didn't stop. I didn't even give her a chance to adjust to my sudden presence deep in her womb. I began to thrust, ramming in and out of her like a jack hammer.

I had only thought of one thing and that was to spew my hot sticky load of cum deep inside anime teenie licking penis with passion animation hardcore her where it belonged and where it had belonged for over two years now.

I vented my lust against her groaning body time after time," OOOOOOHHHHHH! OOOOOOOHHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Stop! No More Please!" flooding her belly again and again with the hot white liquid of two year's frustration waiting and hoping. until-finally. it was all gone. I held myself above the sobbing body beneath me and had babbled soft satisfaction comments in her unhearing ears as I rocked over her.

She had lain motionless beneath me, her eyes open wide, staring coldly at the ceiling.

The contemptuous eyes had not wavered from the ceiling. I reached for her waist and spun her around to face the sofa. I leaned in close to her and put my lips right next to her right ear and hissed, "You ain't never gonna forget getting fucked like this." With that, I bent her over the end of the sofa .With my feet I kicked Chris's legs wide apart and aimed the tip of my shaft for her asshole.

"I've waited too long for my turn to fuck your small tight virgin ass. I'm not gonna be nice." I roughly grabbed the cheeks of her ass parting them, her small pink hole winking at me. I shoved the tip of my cock into Chris's virgin asshole as hard as I could. "AHHHHHH, "OMG! STOP!

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AAAAAAHHHH!" " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." " hollered Chris. Her ass felt like it had been stabbed with a machete. She couldn't believe this was happening. This wasn't possible! It couldn't be. "OMG! STOP!

AAAAAAHHHH!" "STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" screamed Chris, "You're going to kill me!" I laughed aloud, "You sure will feel like it!" "How do you like getting fucked in the ass?" I asked. I pushed inch-by-inch, harder and harder until my entire cock filled her anal canal and my balls slapped against her burning cunt with each thrust, WAP! WAP! WAP! "Stop! Please, oh God, please stop!" pleaded Chris through tears.

.Waves of burning pain kept coming with every thrust. Her sphincter was being torn and battered. Now, I took blaked school girl new red tuv 2019 entire penis out of her ass only to brutally shove the full length back in with every thrust. She let out terrible yells " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." and groans " ooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhhh! "like an animal being slaughtered. Her hole was raw and exposed. Blood covered my penis and her ass, providing lubricant for my pleasure.

Suddenly, I grabbed Chris around the waist and picked her entire backside off the sofa. The full length of my shaft disappeared deep into her and I let out a groan " aaaaaahhhh! aaaaaahhhhhh! " of intense pleasure. Chris shut her eyes tight and held her breath in an attempt to stop the attack in her mind.

Her muscles inside her ass involuntarily loosened against my thrust to accommodate the size of my enormous member in her tight canal.

Chris felt my saliva dripping down from my gaping mouth onto her backside. She could feel my legs shake slightly as I filled her asshole with my cum. When the final drop of my hot load had been deposited, I let go and let her fall back to the sofa, right down onto her naked stomach.

"God damn, what a fuck! You were worth the wait! " Kristeen chan fucking audition akira hco shouted as I stepped away from the sofa and picked up my pants from the floor. I went to the bathroom to clean up.With the wind knocked out of her Chris slumped off the sofa and onto the floor laying there in a ball crying.

I returned kneeling down beside her. I whispered to her, now your ready for a lover or marriage.