Kiaraxx gets fast cash from sucking strangers cock

Kiaraxx gets fast cash from sucking strangers cock
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Lisa sits in the tub relaxing after her shower and starts thinking, "I wonder how many guys had sex with me? I just hope that they we're all clean. The last thing I need is some kind of STD or something like that. Still, this is the best night I have ever had. It was real hot not knowing who was fucking me. Oh and the cum, I loved being covered in it.

I never thought I'd be able to have that much cum on me at once. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the smell of all that cum. Damn I'm getting hot all over again. What is happening to me? I just fucked who knows how many guys and I still want more.

Come to think about it. Outside of a little throbbing, my pussy and ass aren't that sore anymore. Wow I thought I would walk funny for days. I must really be built for sex. It's a good thing too cause I like sex so much now." Sitting there she hears a knock.

"Hey Lisa are you ok in there? As Jose opens the door, Lisa looks at Jose "oh this is heaven. I feel sooo much better now. I'm ready to party now". José looks at her with a sorrowful face. Oh about the party. Most of the people left. I guess they we're here for you. How'd you like to go the bar and have a few? Jose asks. "I can't. You know I'm not 21". Then she grabs a towel and stands. "Its cool I can get you in.

I know the owner. Lisa continues to dry off. "Ok sounds good to me but I don't have anything nice to wear". She steps out and Jose just stares at her beautiful body and face. "Damn I love looking at you. You are so hot. I don't think I'll ever get used to looking at you.

O and I have something nice for you. Its not night club material but its nice. I left it on the bed for you. I'm gonna go down stairs come down when your ready and we'll get out of here" Lisa smiles "ok I'll be down in a bit. Lisa hits the bed and lies on the fresh group of swingers swap partners and orgy that have replaced the cum flooded sheets that we're there only 30 minutes ago.

She stretches out grabbing a pillow. "I'll just lay here for a min and recharge". No sooner did that thought leave her head did she fall into a deep sleep. 25 minutes pass and Jose goes upstairs to check on Lisa. He opens the door to see her laying there in the fetal position with her absolutely perfect small round ass sticking out.

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"Man I can't believe this girl does these things. If she wasn't such a whore I'd keep her for my self but things are what they are. I am sure one lucky son of a bitch to have her doing anything I want her to do. What did I do in this life to get so lucky." He snaps out of his thoughts and grabs the blanket in the corner. He covers her then reaches down and gives her a kiss on the forehead. "Thanks for a great evening. I'll see you in the morning" He whispers.

He turns, heads out the door and closes it behind him. "Might as well let her sleep. Shit if I were her I'd be doing the same thing if I just fucked 24 guys". Lisa wakes up feeling refreshed but is a little thrown back by her surroundings. it takes her a few seconds to figure out where she is.

It sex is what horny ebon attractive cutie needs back to her then she realizes that she fell asleep and didn't party. " Well I guess it's a good thing.

I needed the rest. I've been in sex mode all weekend".

She rolls out of bed and looks for her clothes realizing that she's still naked. She grabs the dress given to her by Jose and puts it on." wow this is a nice dress, slutty but nice as she admires her self in the mirror. The dress hugging her hips and squeezing her flat stomach as it cups her tits almost like a push up bra might do.

The dress has a very large "v" cut in it showing off most of her tits. If she we're to move suddenly in either direction her tit would pop out. The shoulders are cut out and as far as length the dress is just below the panty line. An inch higher and you would see her pussy mound. "Playing pool in this dress would be interesting. I think my entire ass would show trying to get the shot from the middle." she laughs.

"I love the dress. Too bad I fell asleep but there's always another time". She goes off black lesbians chanell heart and jezabel vessir play with big strapon the bathroom and finds a new toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and a note.

"Thanks for a great night. Here are some things. Use um. I'll put them away for your use some other time. See ya down stairs. Jose sits at the kitchen table eating some cereal as Lisa enters the room "you look great I knew that would fit you perfectly, how are you feeling this morning? "Oh I'm doin good, just ready to head home. By the way how many guys we're there last orgasms beautiful natural girl enjoys romantic foreplay and sensual sex 15?

Jose starts laughing. "15? Damn girl you had 24 guys. That was the craziest shit I've seen and you seemed to take it like a veteran". She looks at him with a questioning look. " Thanks I guess. It didn't seem like that many. I never thought that there we're that many people here. I just thought that the guys kept coming back".

Lisa's eyes started to swell up." o god what have I done. I really am a nasty whore". Lisa started to cry. José jumps up. "Hey babe its cool, don't cry no one even knew who you were. That's the main reason for the oversized blindfold. I did it so no one could recognize you. So you could walk around town without everyone looking at you funny". Lisa stops crying thinking about what he's saying and gets a comforting feeling in her telling her that its gonna be alright. "I just want to go home if you don't mind." with that Jose gets his car keys and leads her out to the car and drives her home.

On the way home Jose tried to make small talk but she just looked off in the distance. They pull up to the house; she gives him a peck on the cheek and gets out. See ya later she shouts as she goes into the house. Jose just pulls out and drives down the road. Lisa closes the door behind her "hello any one home? We're in here is the response she gets coming from the pretty babe with large ass gets fingered room.

"Ok" and Lisa goes up the stairs to her room. Lisa lays in her bed in her pajamas even though it's 1pm on a Sunday pondering the weekend she just had. " Wow I can't believe I've had sex with 42 guys. I never would have thought that I would ever sleep with that many guys in a life time much less in one weekend. I don't know what got into me, well, (she smiles) I know what got into me but I don't know what made me do it. I never thought that I could do such a thing. I guess deep down every girl has a slut in her waiting to get out only if for a little while.

She reaches for the remote for the t.v. and turns it on. She flips through the channels. Lisa then notices that she isn't even paying attention to what she is looking at. All she can think about is all the sex she's had. " Damn it I need to get these thoughts out of my head or I'll never get anything done".

Shaking her head desperately trying to focus on the task at hand finding something on the tv to get her mind back to normal. With some success she finds a naughty college girl gets massage from a horny guy with a huge dick that gets her all wet and horny that she likes to watch and before the movie is over, she falls asleep. She lays in bed tossing and turning. Her legs moving, her hands grabbing the pillow, she wakes suddenly and rapidly sits up in bed.

" huh,wha.what the fuck was that" she says shaking her head. she was having a dream running from a street filled with men with hard-ons chasing her shooting cum at her like bullets. "That was one weird dream. I hope I don't keep having those dreams". Lisa sits wondering how in the world she could be dreaming about cocks when she's just had so many. "I've got to control this" she tries to clear her head when she notices that her pussy is WET?

"How and the hell am I wet? I just got fucked all weekend?" Her mind it telling her that its wrong but her body is telling her that its time to go again. She reaches between her legs and feels her pussy "Shit am I wet" she starts to rub her clit and feels a welling of hormones in her "I need to call Jose.

I'll just hook up with him that should do the trick" with that she grabs her cell phone and calls him. "Hey what are you doing?" she has a grin on her face from ear to ear. " Playing softball like we do every Sunday what's up?" she starts to turn red at her thoughts and in a low voice says, "I have a little problem.

It would appear that I'm horny again". Jose looks at his phone "Are you serious? After the last two nights I never thought I would ever hear from you again.

I'm busy for a while today I don't think I'll be able to hook up today. We have a double header today. Lisa sits with a pouted face and then her face suddenly brightens up "I can come over to you and cheer you on. Maybe you can help me out in-between games. I'll grab my dad's van he's got a bed in back but only you.

Don't tell the team. I have no intention on getting gangbanged today". Again Jose looks at his phone with a surprised puzzled look on his face and says, "Damn you are really horny.

We're at Independence Park. Could you bring some ice for the cooler on you way here? "Sure no problem anything else you need? was Lisa's response. " Yeah I need you to wear the smallest and tightest shorts you have. I want to make the guys drool when they see you" she starts to laugh, "O REALY, we'll see about that. Be there in 45." with that she hangs up the phone and goes to take a shower.

While in the shower as her hands pass her nicely trimmed mound just above her pussy she stops. "I think I'll shave it off. No sense in having it. All it does is get all matted up when it get cum in it" so with that she grabs the razor on the shelf, spreads some gel shaving cream and begins to shave off every hair surrounding her pussy.

she even gets the few hairs that are around her asshole. "There we go smooth as silk". She dries herself off, wraps a towel around herself and walks down the hall to her room closing the door behind her.

In her room she drops the towel and starts looking through her drawers. Lisa grabs a pair of jean shorts that could only be considered "daisy dukes". "These should do the trick" she snickers as she pulls them up. The shorts are so tight that even with her flat stomach she has a hard time getting them on. Once on they hug her beautifuly. giving her a slight camel toe in the front and a "grundy" look in the rear. The shorts are cut half way up around her ass cheeks so as to leave little to the imagination but covers enough not to get arrested.

"O I forgot panties, ahh on second thought who needs um in fact, I'm not gonna wear a bra either that should get his and their attention" she grabs a tiny t-shirt, pulls it over her head. Once on her she looks at the shirt as it sits just below the bottom of her tits.

"Perfect this outfit should throw off the other team. I sure do look like a slut though". She walks over to her other dresser and grabs a pair of sweats and a pull over shirt. She proceeds to put them on knowing that there is no way that she is going to be let out of the house with that outfit on. "Now I only have to figure out how to get my dads van," she thinks about it for a few minutes. "I got it I'll tell him I need it to help out Jen's mom." she smiles and heads down stairs.

Walks into the living room where her mom and dad along with brother are watching a movie "hey dad can I use the van, Jen's mom need to move some stuff to storage.

Nothing too big or dirty just lots of small stuff. We'll cover the seats if you want" her dad looks up at her with a nervous look. "You think you could manage that thing? You've never driven it before it's not like a car. I'm not worried about the seats just about you crashing". Lisa then walks over to the table where the keys are then grabbing them " don't worry dad I got this.

I've driven my friends navigator many times so this shouldn't be a problem" she walks to her dad bends and gives him a kiss. As she rises she see's her brother looking t her with a grin. "what's wrong with you" her bro snaps out of it "nothing why do you ask".

She turn and walks away thinking he must have just been day dreaming "See you guys later. I'll be back in a couple of hours" she walks to the door her mom yells out "Don't be too long you need to get to bed early, you need to find a job tomorrow" she turns " ok mom" and she's out the door. Starts the van and heads down the road. She pulls into the parking lot of the park and she notices that there are 4 games going on. She pulls the van in to a car spot nearly hitting the car next to her.

"Maybe I shouldn't go out there in this outfit." she ponders the thought as she pulls the keys out of the ignition and climbs into the rear of the van. The van has a high top allowing her to stand with ease in the back "should I or shouldn't I" she taps her toe then quickly pulls her top shirt off and removes her sweat pants "I should, who cares.

I have a nice body and I don't care if they all look in fact, let them all look". With that she takes one more look at herself and climbs out of the van. "Now which one is he in" as she walks fakecop aaliyah ca pelle pornstars big tits every guy in the park is staring at her.

Her ass slightly jiggling along with her tits. Lots of hoots and howls are directed at her from the guys. The women in attendance however are giving her dirty looks.

As she walked around she started noticing that she was not the only half naked female in the area. In fact there we're lots. Makes sense since they're only a quarter mile from the beach. After some searching she found Jose's team. He was in the outfield when she approached the fence. He waved quickly just before he had to run to get a fly ball heading his way. He makes a leaping dive and rolls to a stop. With the inning over he runs in to the dug out.

Walking to the fence "Hey there, Lisa you look hot in that get up. I can't wait to be able to get my hands on you and my cock in you" She smirks at him and ask what inning their in. there in the bottom of the seventh and Jose's team is winning. "Good then I won't have to wait long to get some" she turns and heads to the bleachers. As she climbs to get in the bleachers all the guys on both teams are staring at her hot ass popping out of the short shorts with every step she took up the bleachers.

Jose smiles thinking to himself, "I can't wait to bury my cock in her ass after this game. Maybe when I'm done I'll get her to fuck both teams. I bet she'll love that". Lisa finally gets to her seat and see's all the guys checking her out. She can't help but get wet at the thought of banging all those guys " wow it would be nice to have all those guys sliding their hard cocks inside every hole I have and get all of their cum all over me".

The game continues. The other team starts to catch up so Lisa gets an idea. Lisa starts making her way to the fence on the first base side.

She grabs the chain link fence with her back arched in a way that makes her ass stick outward. Jose's team it up to bad. The first batter hits a fly ball to right field. Just before the ball gets to the outfield she bends over at her waist to "tie her shoes".

The outfielder being a regular horny male in his 20's looks at her ass as she bends over and the ball drops to the ground. The outfielder is so transfixed on her gorgeous ass that he doesn't even know the ball had fallen to the xnxx unblock bypass proxy sites brazzers big boolsmom. When he gets his thoughts back he looks up to realize the ball was already on the ground.

He then starts looking around franticly then locates the ball. He runs towards the ball and takes a look over his left shoulder noticing the runner circling 2nd on his way to third. All Lisa could do is snicker and stand back up looking with a "what did I do" kind of look.

Jose looks in her direction gives a smile and a thumbs up. She smiles back and waits for batter number two. This continues through out the whole inning. Jose's team had scores 4 runs that inning. The other teams captain comes over and says to her "listen hunny.

We appreciate your "assets" but could you please go and sit in the bleachers. You're turning my guys into a bunch of bumbling idiots out there", Lisa gives him a smile" Ok, ok, ill go sit down". Turning and giggling she makes her way to the bleachers where she sits like a good girl for the rest of the game.

Jose's tam does end up winning the game. After the last out Jose walks up to Lisa "we need to get to the van. "I need to fuck you right now, I'm gonna bring a few friends with". Lisa expected this "after this weekend all I want is you. As they headed to the van Jose was grabbin and tickling her all the way to the car. Lisa suspected all the groping was him showing off to his friends, as he has never done it before.

"You having fun, I bet your friends want to come too" She smiles and giggles, "you know they want to fuck your brains out. That's what you get for teasing them the way you we're. Lisa tells him that she was just distraction the other team so they could win. "Sure you know you want them to fuck you" Jose grabs her ass while telling her this.

" Yeah but, not today maybe some other time". She hits the remote for the car and unlocks the doors. No sooner did the doors clothes Jose pulls off his baseball pants and pushed her over the captain's chair. He lines up his cock with her pussy and starts to guide it in which is easy to do since her shorts don't have much material hiding her pussy.

The material easily slides to one side allowing him east access to her sopping wet pussy. "Oh fuck that's what I needed. I've been waiting for a nice warm cock to fill my empty hole. I've felt almost sick all day with out a cock". Hearing that Jose picks up the pace.

They fuck for about 10 minutes when she whispers to Jose " her words come out of her in spurts as Jose is hammering in her pussy now. " Jose picks up his phone. "Hey get in here she wants another cock I want you to tell them as they come in that I want them to talk trashy to me as I blow them.

"Ok no problem there" with that he calls in four more guys "hey listen up. I need four more guys to come in here. No one is going to fuck her just get blowjobs and jerk off on her face. She wants a cum shower while I fuck her got it? Oh and talk very trashy to her she likes the trash talking.

Come in one at a time so not to arouse suspicion also we need to move quick the next game is gonna start any minute" with that he hangs up the phone and continues fucking her. Meanwhile in the stands and older guy seems to figure out what's going on by the way the guys are going into the van with Lisa. He stops one of the guys going to the van "hey what's going on in there" the guy looks at him and smiles "oh just having some fun with that hot girl that was standing here a few minutes ago" the older man looks puzzled and then a light goes off in his head "oh I get it a little fun mmmmm I'd like that" the younger guy starts walking away "sorry dude only by invitation but I'll ask for you.

See ya when I return. The first guy walks in to see Lisa on what looks like an ottoman. She's on her back with her dirty blonde hair hangin down while Jose pounds away at her bald pussy.

He looks her petite size 2 frames with her c-cup tits bouncing with every forward stroke. Her shapely legs high with Jose holding each one by the ankle "wow this chick is hot I can't wait to blow my load on her pretty face" he quickly pulls out his cock without taking off his pants. He just pulls them down a bit then takes his dick and guides it towards her waiting mouth "suck this cock you whore I've got 3 days of cum waiting to explode all over you face" Lisa eagerly grabs his cock and starts sucking immediately with a hunger that even throws Jose back.

"Wow this girl has really turned into a cock hungry slut". Jose continues to fuck her but now at a slower pace. He needs to last so she can get all her cum. the first guy takes only minutes before yelling "I'm Cumming whore. Eat my cum. Take it like the wanting slut you are. Here it comes pig" he stands directly over her head aiming his swelling cock right at her nose. He starts letting blast after blast of cum pour onto her face.

It never seemed to end the ropes absolutely drenched her face like the cum of 3 men. The guy just wipes the remaining cum off his dick with her hair. "Thanks babe I can't wait to get to you again so I could fuck the ass off of you" Lisa smiles and gazes at him bouncing as Jose continues to fuck her. She looks at the guy leaving through cum filled eyes. In a matter of seconds she is presented with cock #2. " Holy shit how many have cum on your face whore?

You're a fucking wreck already. Ah,who gives a shit just suck my cock so I could add my cum to your fucking face" he grabs his shorter 5"cock and shoves it in her mouth. It must have been the site of seeing a hot little minx fucking like she was cause guy#2 blew his load almost immediately.

"Oh fuck, holy shit, take my cum. Then BLAST!! The guys cum shoots straight up her nose. He actually holds the tip of his cock to her nostril and blows shot after shot up both her nostrils. This causes Horny hot babe kat arina wants it large for her wet pussy face to shrivel.

With every exhale from her nose she blows cum bubbles. "Only a true slut would let a guy blow his load up her nose" he smiles and turns pulling up his pants and without saying a word leaves. Lisa's face and hair is a picture of what a pure slut should look like. Jose slows down even more "hey we need to wrap this up.

I'm going to nut any minute now. You look so fuckin hot and nasty I don't know how much longer I can hold out. Guy #3 climbs in,"hey go get the other guy. Both of you get in here we have to get going" the other guy is called in and the two new guys immediately take out their cocks out.

She starts sucking when Jose bellows out "I'm cumming whore" he quickly moves over her head. Grabs her by the hair and starts to cum in her hair. He actually puts his cock in a wad of hair so it goes deep to the roots. "Here's some conditioner for you.

Lets see how long it takes to wash this out" she starts to laugh "thanks for that. Its gonna take half an hour to wash that out" Jose laughs "well at least you'll be thinking of me while you wash it out" everyone gives a little laugh.

Jose puts away his cock "hey guys hurry up we need to get to the game its about to start" Lisa picks up the pace on the cock in her mouth. Then without any warning one of the guys lifts her legs and starts fucking her "sorry babe but we need to speed things up here" at first Lisa gets a little angry but that quickly faces away with the thought that he is right.

"I guess one more cock this weekend won't hurt" the guys start fucking her face and pussy at the same time. Then the guy in her mouth pulls out. Quickly rotates the driver captain's chair. Grabs Lisa and shoves her head to the chair on its side. "Here bitch I'm gonna cum on your face in your daddy's chair" her jerks his cock a few more times and starts cumming not only on her face but all over the seat.

Before she could mount any protest guy#4 jumps up and does the same think. With half her face shoved in the seat, the seat was quickly a mess from the cum already on her face. The guy's cumming on her like that made a huge mess on the seat. "There now you have a memento of our time together. Have fun on your ride home to daddy with our cum allover his chair" the guys quickly pull up their pants and practaly run out of the van without saying anything else.

"Lisa I need to get out of here I'll talk to you later" Jose darts out of the van. The scene in the van looks nasty. There an 18 yr old sweet and innocent looking blonde teen-age girl is sitting on the floor of a van. Sitting with her legs open with her a pussy a little swollen and slightly gaping.

Her upper torso completely covered in cum. smile on her face with her eyes closed relishing the cum she's wearing. She starts smearing brunette rubs her ass of a hard cock cum on her face like a crazed woman. Licking her fingers giving an "mmmmmmm that taste great". Getting back to a normal mind set the realization of where she is and what's happened she snaps up off the floor and stands there "oh shit I don't have anything to clean up this mess with.

Although I would love to wear all this cum for a little more I need to get this van and myself cleaned up before I get home or my dad will kill me". She feverishly looks for anything to clean herself off with. Luckily she finds a small bunch of napkins in the center glove box. She wipes her face off.

Pads her hair to try and get some of the cum off but it doesn't work. " I love the cum on my face but damn I hate it when it fleshly and wild car wash hardcore and reality in my hair.

Its so damn hard to clean up" she looks at the front drivers seat and sees a big cum stain on the seat. "How the fuck am I going to clean that off so my dad doesn't notice. "I know I could go to the truck stop. I could take a shower there and clean up the truck. She sits on the wet cum in the chair and proceeds toward the truck stop. Once she arrives she see's that they have a washing service. Looking at the wash menu she notices interior cleaning and shampooing $59.99 larger vehicles add $15.00.

"Damn its gonna be allot to clean out this thing. She goes in her purse. $42.00 "damn I need 5 for the shower. She thinks about it. "Ok I get a bar of soap that's a buck. A buck for a small towel. That leaves 40 for the interior. What I need to do is see if I can get them to only clean the seat. She gets out and walks to the storefront. Peaks inside, noticing that most of the people in this old truck stop are in the diner.

She looks at the counter to notice an older lady maybe in her mid 50's "perfect, she probably wouldn't know or notice that I have dried cum all over me. She walks around the isles quickly looking for the soap and towel.

She finds the soap but no towel. She moves down the isles and notices a baseball cap. " I could wash up what can be seem, wear the hat hiding my hair and take a shower at home" proud of her new idea she proceeds to buy the cap and soap.

The old lady never even looks up at her "that'll be $13.25" Lisa hands over exact change proceeds to the ladies washrooms. In the washroom she washes her face and tries to wash her hair to get some of it off.

She actually does a fair job at it. She dries off with rolled l am sleeping fakd dad paper towels. After a little brushing of her hair she looks in the mirror.

"With the exception of the the cum in my hair and the cum on my shirt I cleaned up very nicely. I'll just tell my dad that I got egged in the van and that would explain the stains on the seat and me. She leaves the washroom heads towards the van and puts the New York Yankees baseball cap on taking care of the hair thing.

She opens the door looks at the cum filled seat " there is no way he's going to believe that that's anything but cum. I'm gonna have to get this cleaned. She closes the door and heads to the carwash counter. " Hi there I spilled on my car seat how much to clean just the seat?

The guy looks at her "well actually we don't do just one seat we'll have to do the entire interior" Lisa's heart falls into stomach "please if I bring that thing home like that my daddy gonna shit. Look I'm not asking you to make it perfect I just need to get that spill out before it stains". He checks her out looking at her sweet face and her even sweeter body "well perhaps we could work something out" he smiles.

Lisa immediately knows what he's insinuating "I don't think so, could you please help me out I'll give you every bit of cash I have".

The guy get a pouting look on his face then "how much you got?" Lisa reaches in her purse two white guys smashing trazcy kush and her friends face hardcore blowjob pulls out $28.00. "This is all I have" he looks and says "just one seat right? No more than that right?" she looks over "infact, all you need to do is clean the bottom seat cushion".

The guy gives a sigh "alright bring it around" she hurriedly brings the van into a bay. The carwash employee takes her keys "it'll only be a few minutes mam," she heads to the waiting area feeling all the employees staring at her half naked ass. " Damn I should have put on my sweats. Oh well the guys are helping me out. Let them enjoy the show" with that she bends over to pick up a magazine making sure to take her time allowing the guys a great long look at her ass.

She hears clings and clangs room the guys dropping tools. She smiles and then sits down looking like the cat that just swallowed the mouse. Ten minutes go by and the guy cleaning her car walks into the waiting room. He looks her way with a mischievous grin on his face.

At this point Lisa figures that he knows what the "spill" was. "Your van is ready mam," she puts the magazine down.

Gets up and follows after the man. Upon entering the bay where the van is all the guys are now openly staring at her. "Here you go mam, Just want you to know that we're always here to clean your "spills" for you.

He smirks and so does she. "Well since you guys have been so nice maybe one day I'll either tell you or show you how these "spills" are made". She gets in the van and pulls away heading home. "Damn I am such a slut. I can't even get the van cleaned without offering my pussy to someone". While she giggles to herself her cell phone starts to ring. She thinks about ignoring it but picks it up anyway.

"Hello" oh hi Stacy how r u doin? Oh driving home what's the word? Stacy on the other end of the line starts spiting out questions big tits amateur teen strip hot gonzo nymphs at college the goods even giving her a chance to respond, "so what's thin I hear about you and the gazebo? And what's with the rest stop? Where have you been all weekend? Kinky bitch masturbates with a sex toy you with Jose now?" Lisa just lets her ramble on "hey why don't I call you when I get home.

I'll fill you in then ok?" she hangs up the phone and heads down the block toward home After running to the shower and finally getting the cum off her.

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Lisa had dinner with her family. The whole time looking at them wondering what would they think and how they would act towards her if they knew how much of a whore she's been all weekend.

Thinking about her weekend puts her into a daydream at the table. Her nipples get hard and her group sex one girl ten boys starts to get wet. Lucky for her she is in her very loose fitting pj's so her nipples don't show. After dinner she watches a movie with the family. Amazing to her that she could even watch a movie after the weekend she just had.

She seems so comfortable with the situation. No shame, well very little shame. She enjoyed everything that's happened and wondered if the weekend would ever repeat. She found herself hoping that it would. Hoping to explore different things and places.

The movie ends and she tells everyone that she's gonna chill in her room before going to bed. True to her work she calls Stacy back ready for the inquisition to start. To be continued…………………