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Reality kings stacy jay stacys treasure hardcore cumshot
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Me and mom lived in Los Angeles and now she had been trasnfered to south africa as promoted.And we want to leave there.She was brought up in France and she have travelled world wide and but Africa is first time.She had her childhood friend Clara she is a black and she called up her and she invited her to her home so that she could find a new residence for us with the help of her hubby.We catchup flight new sunny leone red xxx story reached her home.Clara has changed she had 4children's and now too got fat and huge belly with her next child in few months.She looked so ugly now with so fat.Her husband is Chris and he is a farmer and have some land and he had so much loss with his business.He too looked so fat 6'5 inch tall and fat belly,dark skinned,bald hair.They welcomed us.Mom was wearing a white tops and blue shorts and her sleeveless tops shops showed her beauty.Clara told Ava u are still beautiful and sexy and still many craze for you.And you are so lucky and she hugged her.I noticed Chris he was oogling at her huge fatty ass and bulging melons.He was eating her body on just his looks.

Clara introduced mom amd me to her hubby and now he shaked his hand with her and had a fake smile on his face.Mom. Noticed him looking at her huge melons and he couldn't get his eyes away and and she doesn't bothered about it and just left.About Chris he was a loser.Not at all permanent withhis job and goes to unknown buisness and drinks and losesmoney.Always wants to fuck his wife as a result of 4 childs.And he is not a responsible man.Nowadays Clara wont allow him to have fuck and he is always horny for 8 months and he nedd a pussy now.So he now had a plan to some how fuck this beautiful milf and bang her everyday.He was waiting for the perfect day.He planned to keep her near by so that he can approach her easily and he found a good house nearby his house.He helped us shifting things and getting settled up.Mom had good opinion about him and she thanked him for his help.Chris visited our house frequently without knowledge of Clara and he used to talk with mom like a well known person and he cracked jokes and he get to call her whenever she is free and mom too responded well.One day late night mom was in her and i heared some moaning and i saw her screaming like a slut and its not visible clearly she is wearing a night dress with her body exposed she was so horny and i saw some one was standing near the window and peeping through the window hole.

I was shocked to see chris standing there and he was peeping mom with her undergarment he was smelling and licking it.He was stroking his huge fatty cock with his arms so hard.His cock was so big and dark 14 inches long so huge like a rod.Then he ejaculated his sperm in her panty and he just went off.This was continuously going on every day and his wait has been gay luiggi older 4 me was in full mood to bang her.He just went to her room and she was sleeping with her huge cleavage visible on.and her milky thighs visible.He was afraid to ask and he just went out.Next day he was calling her and they spoke for a while he flirted with her with some sexy jokes and she too smiled at her.He was been too close to her after that and she too shared everything with him.He was kept on asking about dad whether they have sex and she too replied about their once in a year sex and she asked about him and he told about his sobbing stories and mom was found he was too horny and need to fuck some women.He told her Chris:Ava u look so sexy and beautiful dear Ava: thanks chris Chris:With such beauty why are you so horny ??

Ava : nope im not !! Chris: yes you are horny always and you need a bood fuck and why cant i fuck u badly. Ava : u idiot hiw can i do it ?

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I m a mom and we both have families and how can that be possible and it will be problem when some one gets to know this stuff. Chris: No one knows about this and I know u need a good fuck and ur avhing pussy is wanting a good fucking cock and why not i fuck u. Mom smiled at him and told okk lets be frank and you come to my home noon and heating this he was amazed and waiting to fuck this hot chick.After few minutes mom heared some knock at door.Shee amazed who is that and it was Chris standing there rubbing his dick and she opened the door ad he came inside some force and he smiled at her and she asked him cant u wait till noon and what if someone finds us and its early morning.He told her Ava babe i cant wait that much i need u now and he came near her with lust and he kisssed her lips and he took her with his huge arms inside her bedroom and he suckedd her pink lips and he bite her lips hard with force and he is too forcefull and he sucked juice from her mouth and his hard tonhue went into her interracial fucking she knows how to ride throat and he sucked it well.For 15 min he sucked her lios and now he kissed her neck with his hard lust warm breath over her sofr face he kissed her all over face she was so much amazed by his so forceful act and she known that he is too horny and too eager to fuck her now.He kiised allover her neck and now he saw her huge melons and now he smiled at her and now he removed her tops and saw hwe huge watermelons insid eher white bra and dnow he pressed at it and squeezed it so hard and now he was amazed and told her its so huge and big and ur hubby is so lucky so that he can suck it and drink milk every time he wants and now he removed her bras and he was shocked to see her huge tits hanging around and her eract nipples so dark and bigger like a grape and ger huge dark areola so dark and round and now he started to suck it squeezed it so hard with his huge arms and he was bite it like a bull.He was so sring and he bite her nipples so welk and she shouted ahhahahahhahahhahahahaahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahshhshshshshshshhshshhshshshshshshshhsshshhshshss loudly and he was manhandling her melons both and his lusty eyes seeing it squeezed it so well and hard.he tried to get it inside hermouth but its tooo big and cant be inside.

He manhandled both melons so hard and he licked her arms pits also and she loved it and he licked all over her body and this shows his lust over her hot body.Now he smiled at her and he removed her shorts and she was wearing a pink panty and he removed and her total pale body is visible and he saw her clean shaved pink pussy and her tattooed belly and he kissed at it and now she is full nude infront of her friend hubby.

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He opened his mouth in amaze to see such a beauty first time in his life and he told her wowww Ava ur so sexy beauty women i ever seen.Now he removed his shirt and she saw his huge hairy chest and huge black belly which is ugly and shhe notice his trousers and now he smiled at her and removed it and she saw some elevation and no he removed his boxers and she opened her mouth with shock and she said wowww his huge blck cock came out its so big and thick like a iron rod and his scrotum is so huge having huge quantity of semen and it looks like a huge coconut.She was shocked how good he gona pound her.He now pulled her in bed and she fell and he jumped over her and he kissed her belly.

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