Put it in my tight vagina were not hiring but we have a job for you

Put it in my tight vagina were not hiring but we have a job for you
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I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason… as I lay there, images from my dreams still filtered through my mind moms big heavy boobs on my back, the flash of her crotch, and that combined sensation of pain and pleasure when she grabbed my crotch…ahhhhh As I came out of my dreams, I tried to figure out why I woke up, normally I sleep through the night with no problem.

As I shifted, I felt wetness at my crotch… I was petrified, it had been years since I wet the bed, god, peeing the bed now, on top of all that happened, mom would be soooo mad at me. I tossed off the covers so I could change the bed so mom would never know, and when I did, I could tell that I hadn't pee'd, there wasn't a big enough puddle, and it was sort of messy after school fuck schoolgirl and hardcore, not just wet.

I tried to figure out what it was. There was a bit of a musky smell to it, but I couldn't figure it out. I even tried tasting it. It was sort of salty, and not really bad tasting.

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I reached down and realized that whatever it was, it was still oozing slowly from my wiener. I squeezed my lil thing and more oozed out into my hand. Looking at it, I just felt like I should lick my fingers and hand clean. I don't know why I did, but I did. The more I licked, the more I wanted. I kept squeezing and wiping my wiener to get more of that creamy stuff.

As I was getting all of the cream off of my thing, I couldn't help but notice how good it felt to rub and pull on it, and it started getting hard like it did when I was wearing mommy's panties. I looked back at playgirl demonstrates sex skills hardcore and blowjob bed and saw the panties by my pillow. I grabbed them and pressed them to my nose as I kept rubbing and pulling on my wiener. The more I rubbed, the better it felt until suddenly the sensations got so intense that I had to stop, but the feelings kept going.

I started making uncontrollable noises. I was so afraid that mom would hear that I did the first thing that came to mind, I shoved moms panties into my mouth to stifle the noises. Just when I thought I had things under control, my tongue started soaking up a flavor from those panties.

It tasted fantastic, better even than the cream that came out of my lil dick. I couldn't help myself. I had to touch myself again, and with what seemed like the first touch, I was oozing… no shooting… that cream out of me again. I caught as much as I could in my hand and began licking it up like it was the best meal ever. I took moms panties and used them to clean myself up and then sucked my cream off of them.

The combination of flavor of my cream, and whatever that flavor was on mom's panties was fantastic. It made me want to rub myself some more, but it almost felt so good that it hurt to touch myself there. I laid back on my bed while I caught my breath and tried to figure out what all just happened. As hard as I tried, I couldn't wrap my brain around it all.

The only thing I knew for certain is that I had to clean up and change my bedding so mom wouldn't know what just happened. I changed my bed and went back to bed, the taste of my cream in my mouth and thoughts of my mom rattling around my head as I fell back to sleep. When my alarm went off for me to get up for school, I rolled out of bed to start getting dressed. I got halfway dressed when I realized I was still wearing mom's bra. In that moment, everything that happened last night jumped to mind, and then straight to my wiener, and boom, it was getting hard again.

I shoved it roughly into my jeans and zipped up before taking off mom's bra. I grabbed it, and the panties, and shoved them under my pillow. I finished getting dressed and went out to the kitchen to have breakfast. I was relieved to see that mom was not up yet, so I started eating my cereal in a rush, hoping I could get out the door without having to see mom a little fuck with a little petite teen in the dark face her anger again.

My stomach lurched as I heard her door open and her footsteps as she came down the hall. I stared intently into my cereal bowl, not daring to look at her, not wanting to see the looks she gave me last night. She came into the kitchen and started making coffee like she did every morning. She came over and kissed me on the top of the head, ruffling my hair with a "morning Vinnie" like normal too. My head was spinning.

She was not yelling FAGGOT at me, wasn't mad, wasn't anything. It was just like every other morning. I got up my courage, and glanced at her. She was getting into the cupboard to get a coffee cup, and Gofuckagirl jessi gold gets a good morning fuck with vira gold could see the curve of her ass, wrapped in black panties as her t-shirt rode up as she stretched for the cup. I realized I had seen the exact same thing hundreds of time before, but this morning, it went straight to my crotch and made the hardness there even worse.

Mom got her coffee and turned around, and I had to absolutely will myself not to look at her nipples gently poking out through her t-shirt. It even took me a moment to realize that she had been talking to me. "…at work. I don't know why they cannot find someone else, but we can always use the extra money too, so oh well… I will leave you some money to order pizza tonight and we will figure out something for the rest of the week.

I am going to need you to do more chores this week though. Along with keeping the kitchen and living room clean, I am going to need you to do the laundry too… Ok. you scoot off to school and I will see you tomorrow morning." The day passed in a blur, I didn't remember anything that the teachers said that day at all.

As soon as I got home, I knew I had to get mom's bra and panties out of my room, and to get those sheets washed from my accident last night. As I came in, I saw a note on the counter along with some money. "Vince, go ahead and order pizza for dinner. Please do a couple loads of laundry tonight. Go into my closet to get the dirty clothes out of my hamper.

Sorry this is such a pain. Love ya and see you in the morning. -Mom" I first got the soiled bedding from my room and got that started before ordering pizza.

I went into mom's room and into her walk in closet. I couldn't remember the last time I was in mom's room and so I took my time looking around, and just inhaling dana and aiden share a thick shaft smell of mom… On an impulse, I grabbed her hamper and dumped it all on top of her bed.

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Stripping out of my clothes, my dick had been hard pretty much all day, and now was not an exception. As I stripped off my undies, I noticed that there was a wet spot in them. I stuck them in my mouth as I jumped on top of moms dirty clothes… As I sucked all of the flavor out of my undies, I inhaled deeply the scent of my mother. I loved the feeling of her clothes on my naked body, and I could tell that my wiener was still oozing that sweet stuff. Only this time, it was more clear and liquidy.

I didn't care. I kept wiping it up and licking my fingers, that is until I spotted another pair of mom's panties. I shoved my nose into the crotch of them and inhaled deeply, her scent going straight from my nose, to my dick and balls, and I felt a new contraction and more goo ooze out of me… I wiped it up with mommy's panties and sucked on them greedily.

I spotted another one of mom's bras and slipped it on.

Feeling the lace and satin rubbing on my chest and nipples felt fantastic! I slipped on the panties and began dancing around moms room, feeling each rub and caress of moms undergarments on me.

I became aware of a knocking at the door and I panicked a moment before remember that I had ordered pizza… Looking around, I spotted my jeans and one of mom's t-shirts and threw them on quickly and got to the door. Opening the door, I saw the pizza delivery lady there looking a little miffed.

I think that she had been knocking for a little bit before I answered. I recognized her as sienna is the boss brunette and big tits older sister of a classmate, so I smiled and asked how Chantel was doing.

She smiled back and said she was good as she pulled the pizza out of the bag and was handing it to me and a curious look came across her face. I gave her the money and took the pizza and she went off to her car, looking back at me a few times as she did. I really didn't care about the pizza right now, so I threw it on the counter and ran back to mom's room. As soon as I entered, I saw myself in mom's big mirror and stopped dead.

The t-shirt I had grabbed was pink with some sparkles on in, and it was big enough on me that the collar had shifted. The bra strap was totally visible. The pizza girl totally saw that I was wearing a bra. I was totally mortified, I couldn't breathe, and suddenly, I doubled over as I felt my dick twitch a few times and I flooded mom's panties and my pants as I collapsed.