Yonitale first time masturbation of a beautiful teen

Yonitale first time masturbation of a beautiful teen
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Chapter 17 The Training is over Master-T I look over at the boy and the girl as I say, today is a real rape sexy vedio last day together and that tomorrow is the auction and they may be going to new homes it may be good or bad and that if they want to survive they need to be smart and obey. Jessie- I can't believe I have been here for a month.

I wish I could stay here with Master or at least get someone who is nice although Master can be mean sometimes like the first time he forced his dick into my mouth I was choking but he taught me how to deep throat a dick or when he forced me to eat Penny's pussy although I can't get up for women I learned how to please a woman although I hope my new Master is not into women.

Penny- I can't believe I have been here for a month and I am still alive I thought that I would have been dead the first week. I wish I could stay with Master he has taught me so much how to deep throat his big dick and how to fuck and how to enjoy it I true anal emily willis has an anal addiction like being whipped and he even taught me how to take his dick in my ass and like it.

Master-T- I know that you guys wish that you can stay with me and you might I not get bided on and if that happens then you will be retrained and be used as a in house sub or work in The House. D- I look at the girls and I tell them that this is our last day that the auction is tomorrow I ask them if they have any questions.

Stacy-I can't believe that I am here and that I am going to be sold so I ask Master what kind of person will be buying me he tells me that he doesn't know but it will be someone rich so I won't have to worry about money all I must worry about is pleasing my Master or Mistress and to remember the things that he taught us.

Jessica-I wish I could stay with Master-D I know that he has a sub already he tells us that because we are virgins we will be sold. Master- Rob- I look at the girl and the boy and tell them that day is our last day of training that the auction is tomorrow. I ask if they have any questions? Milton-What kind of people will buy us Master?

I tell him that rich people I tell him that I don't know who will buy him or her I tell Judy that because she is a virgin she will be sold and I tell the boy that if he is not purchased he will continue training or work as a sub in house he looks like he wants to cry. I rub his head and tell him that it's going to be ok.

I look at Judy and prime cups big natural tits oiled and toyed her that it's important that she remembers what I taught her. I tell them to go to their room as I leave to go to the office. When I get there Liz is going over the list of people coming to the auction. D- comes in and tells me that Aahil and Priya are at the house along with one of their Slaves guess who so I say the bitch is still alive and I say yes and I tell him that they are coming over to my house for dinner.

When Master-T comes in he tells us that everything is running smoothly for the auction we have 5 virgins 4 girls and one boy. With 10 others, so and we have a lot of client's looking for slaves. I tell everyone to take a week off before we start the next training and that we are going to switch a few things up with Eric training the male slaves and subs.

Chapter sex old men with black guy six mms com Sadistic Couple comes for a visit Master D- I go get Daisy and bring her into my office. I tell her to kneel and I place a collar around her neck and tell her that she now belongs to Sonya and myself. I tell her that she must follow some rules and the first one is that she will be going back to school she looks at me and I tell her that she may speak freely.

Daisy- I doesn't want to go back to school my grades weren't very good? I tell her I want her to get an education I also tell her that Sonya will help her.

I also tell her that she will be going to school online. Rule number 2 is that she will not talk to or fuck anyone unless I tell her to Sonya and Rob yes anyone else I must approve of and it will only be at the house.

Rule three you will be respectful always and that goes for the staff here as well as at home. I tell her that if she doesn't want to be with us than she needs to say so now and that its ok if she says no. She says that she wants to stay. Rule number four there will be no jealousy of any kind against Sonya she was here first she tells me that she likes Sonya. I tell her that she will be given an allowance and once a week she and Sonya will go shopping and if she does anything that I don't like she will be punished and not in the fun sexy way it will be hard on her.

Rule number five if you even attempt to betray any of us you will be killed and not in a quick way you will beg to be killed got it! I tell her to stand she does I kiss her and I tell her that I don't expect her to be perfect but I want her to be herself I ask her if she has any questions. Daisy- I tell him that I won't do anything that causes him to kill me. I tell him that I sometimes have trouble controlling my sexual needs he tells me that he knows and that they have already bought me a few things that are going to help.

He tells me that I will be getting my own room although I will be sleeping with them most of the time or Rob I look at him as he tells me that Rob will be living with us. D- I give her some clothes and tell her to put them on that we will be leaving in a few minutes. We get outside and my bodyguard opens the door to the car he looks at Daisy and nods she doesn't look up I tell her that Carl is my bodyguard and that she can look at him.

My house is a few blocks away next too Ann and Eric. When I open the door hear the TV is on in the family room and when I get their Sonya is on the couch sleep I kiss her and she wakes she tells me she was waiting and must have fell asleep she sees Daisy and goes to give her a kiss. I tell Daisy that I don't expect her to be waiting by the door on her knees unless I call and tell them to.

I tell Sonya to show Daisy her room and she takes her by the hand and they go up the stairs. I take out my phone and text Rob to see what's keeping him and he tells me that he will be hear in ten. I go into the kitchen to see Gale making dinner for our guest she is an older lady who lives in the back house she has been with me for a few years and she is very trustworthy as I have done a few favors for her including saving her life.

She smiles and tells me that dinner will be an in hour I thank her for getting Daisy's room ready and she told that Sonya did it herself. I tell her that Daisy needs to be home schooled and I ask who do we have that we trust she tells me that she can do it so I tell her that ok we can bring Jenny in a few more days and I will give her a bonus and she tells me no need for the bonus and Jenny will do great.

When I go upstairs I go into Daisy's room and see that Sonya is laying on her back and Daisy is between her legs eating her out while she is working a dildo in and out of her pussy. I tell them I can't leave them alone for a minute and Daisy looks nervous I start laughing as I tell them to continue. I unzip my pants and tell Daisy to remove the toy as I place my dick on her pussy she is so wet I ask her how she feels after her surgery and she tells me find although she hasn't had a real dick in her.

I ease into slow as I don't want to hurt her I bottom out and I stop to let her get use to me. I pull back and ease into her as her walls tighten up I slap her on the ass as I tell her she can cum as much as she wants her pussy contracts and I know she is cumming hard while moaning and groaning as Sonya begins to cum I start fucking her hard and fast her pussy is milking my dick and I know I won't last long.

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She begins moving back on my dick I look up to see Rob has moved into the room as he stands by Sonya's head he takes his brunette and blonde babes threesome sex with nasty man out and puts it in her mouth and she sucks him to the root. When I look at him and I feel my balls begin to tingle I pull my dick out and cum all over her ass. Rob moves to take my place and he slams his dick in her pussy and pounds in and out of her until her cums.

Rob- I needed that I tell D that I was getting my clothes to move I tell them that we are having dinner guess so we need to get cleaned up I go to Daisy's closet and pull out a hot pink camisole with a black short skirt and tell Sonya to put on her white one with the black. I tell them Aahil and his new wife Priya will be here soon and that they are bring one of their slaves. Aahil- I ask Priya if she is ready and she says in a minute we have been married two weeks and the honeymoon has been great and although I wanted to be the one to take her hymen she was not having any of that although she did admit that she liked the dildo.

We had her egg and my sperm implanted in her a week ago and tomorrow we go back to see if she is pregnant. We went to the house to have a little fun with a male sub that she fucked with her toy and I made him lick her pussy I didn't think she would like it but she did and I even fucked him after her gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.

I think my wife maybe in love with our slave. When they come out of the bathroom one look and I know what they have been up to I tell her she could have told me although I don't want to keep our host waiting I tell Kathy to go and clean her face also tell her that if she causes a scene she will be punish very harshly although I know she won't she has been a good girl ever since I first bought her. Kathy- I can't believe I will be seeing these people again and although it makes me mad my Mistress has been very good to me and I will be good I don't want to die, because I know Master will kill me if I do anything to embarrass him.

As we go out to the car I keep my head down and wait until they get into the car before I get in and take a seat on the floor, but he pulls me up and put a blindfold on my eyes.

When the car stops I am still blindfolded when we step out the blindfold is removed and I look the sun has just set. Master attached a leash to my collar and handed it freeone blonde milf rides a big cock Mistress as I walked behind them after ringing the doorbell we waited until a butler let us in and we were greeted by a voice that I hoped to never hear again Master D.

We were told to follow him as I looked up he smirked at me and I wished the ground would open and swallow me up. Master D- I shake hands with Aahil and his wife I look over at the bitch and see that they have trained her well although I can see that she still wants to kill me.

I lead them into the living room were both my girls are on the knees with Daisy leaning her head on Rob's lap. After they shake hands I introduce everyone I ask Aahil if I may speak to the bitch and he says go ahead so I ask her if she has learned some respect and she says yes Master.

Kathy- I am surprised that he wants to speak to me so I answer him with respect. Master D- says that dinner will be served shortly and after dinner we can play in the play room but Aahil can't play with Sonya what makes her so special when the maid selma sins amp bianca breeze secret sucker and in and told us dinner is served we were lead to a large dining room.

Master D kissed Sonya and she set at the other end of the table I went to go to my knees by my Mistress when Master said that I might be more comfortable with the other girls so Aahil took the leash off and told me to go he also told me that I may eat and talk to the other's as long as I am respectful. Sonya- I can't believe they brought this bitch to my home if she is disrespectful to daddy I will stab her with this knife. Daisy- This is the girl that Sonya beat up during the training and this must be the man that came and got her.

I hope she licks pussy.

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Kathy- So how have you been Sonya? Good I got married! and you I have been ok my Master got married and now I have a Mistress she is good to me.

Sonya- I don't know if you remember Daisy she is my sister wife as I like to say so I see that you learned how to be good everyone looks at me and she says yes, I have. Master D- I know my girl is trying to figure out if she is going to have to kill the bitch or not.

I ask Priya if everything went ok with the doctor and she says yes it did. She also says that she has enjoyed her time at the house. I ask Aahil if he is staying for the auction and he tells us that they will be returning home tonight from their honeymoon his family is having a big party tomorrow but he may attend the next one.

Pryia says that she may have some business that I might be able to help her with. I tell her that she can contact me later with that. Sonya- I look over at the bitch and ask her Are you still trying to kill people?

And she says no! So, I ask does her Mistress call her by her name and she says sometime so we can call you Kathy and she says yes? So, we talk as we eat and she tells us that she likes her Master and her Mistress and that they took her on their honeymoon. I tell her that we will be going on our honeymoon after the auction. I also tell her that Daisy is a part of our household she is Master's other slave and Master Robs as well. Daisy- I ask Kathy if she likes to eat pussy and she looks at Sonya and she shrugs she wants to know as well and she says yes.

I ask Sonya if she thinks Master will let us play and I tell her yes although I am not allowed to fuck any of the other men until I get pregnant. They look at me although Daisy knows this Kathy ask richelle ryan and andi anderson get pounded my Master is going to let me keep the baby and I tell her yes. I am also his wife and that we have been together for almost two years and that he trained me and didn't have sex with me vaginally until we got married.

Daisy says that she doesn't think she could have waited and I tell her I know as I kiss her. Kathy says that her Mistress wants her to carry a baby for her but she doesn't know if she will be allowed to have a baby of her own and I see sadness in her eyes and I tell her to smile and she looks up at her Mistress. When we finish eating Master tells me to take the girls and get ready and meet them in the dungeon in 30 minutes I say yes Master and take them up to my room mom sun night sleeping xxx we can take a shower.

I ask Daisy if she wants to take a shower with us or in her room and she says her room she doesn't want to get in trouble. Master-D after having a drink in the study we go into the dungeon where the girls are waiting on their knees.

I tell Aahil that he can play with Daisy and fuck her with a condom but that he can't choke her or do any permanent damage to her Pryia ask if she can play with Sonya and I say yes ask she goes and rubs her head she ask Sonya if she wants to play with her and she says yes Mistress. Rob ask if the bitch is trained and Aahil says she is very well trained so he goes over to her and tells her to take his dick out and she leans up and begins undoing his pants.

Kathy- I am so nervous but I know that I can ideal teen stretches soft pussy and loses virginity deflowering hardcore this. I begin undoing his pants he has a big dick bigger than my Master's I don't know if I can put the whole thing in my mouth. I begin by licking the head and the underside as I take it into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. I begin sucking and bobbing my head up and down he pulls my head back and tells me to get on the bench I lie on my stomach and I feel someone move behind me as I feel the strands of a flogger as it heats my skin up.

Master D- I hit her on the as with the flogger I start out hard as this is the girl that wanted to kill me so I ask you still to want to kill me and she shakes her head and says no Master! I say good and give her a slap on the ass with my hand I tell Rob to stand in front of her and fuck her mouth and he shakes his head and tell me that he wants to fuck her as he is putting on a condom so I tell him that I have a better plan and I have her get up and I open my pants and lay down as he knows what I am thinking he gets some lube and begins stretching her ass.

Kathy- I don't know if I can do this they both have big dicks I have done this with Master and Mistress with her strap-on but not brunette slutty babe in lingerie nailed after sucking dicks this big. I feel Master Rob stretching me and then I feel Master D rubbing my clit and it feels good I am getting wet as he tells Rob that I like it.

I am lifted and I feel the head of his dick at my back hole as he begins to lower me I am nervous and Rob begins rubbing my clit as he tells me to cum and I do my whole body is relaxed as Master D forces me down on his dick I feel so full back there. Rob- I watch as she takes D's dick into her ass and I line up my dick to her pussy and begin to push it in. It's a tight fit and with D's dick in her ass it is even tighter she is not use to big cocks as her head is not as good as the other girls if she had completed the training she would have learned to suck dick better.

I bottom out and I stand still until I feel D's dick next to mine and it feels good. We begin to move as we have done this before as I pull out he pulls forward dragging his dick over the head of mine. Kathy- This feels so good I can't believe that I can take both I am moaning and groaning as I begin to beg asking if I can cum Master Rob tells me that I can cum as much as I want and I cum so hard I think I am about to pass out and then I feel the cock in my ass swell as Master D tells Rob that he is close and he starts thrusting harder as Master D cums in my ass as I lay there limp I can't move.

Daisy- Master Aahil tells me to suck his cock I reach up and undo his pants I take is dick out and he thrust it in my mouth to the back of my throat I swallow it down he is not porn pike black kobra long big as Master D or Rob so it is easy for me to suck him and I get to work on his dick playing with his balls and working my throat muscles as he is groaning and moaning he grabs the back of my head and begins to fuck my mouth I feel him swell he pulls out and looks down at me and he looks angry for some reason he says that he is going to punish me for trying to make him cum I say nothing I look down and say yes Sir.

He tells me to crawl over to the cross and my pussy begins to throb and as I am crawling I begin to leak as I look up when I hear Master D cumming and I want to cum so bad Aahil slaps my ass. Master D- I need to find out why Aahil wants to punish my girl so after Rob cums and pulls out I lay Kathy down on the table and clean myself up.

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I ask him what she did and he tells me nothing that she gave him one of the best blowjobs that he has ever had and that he wants to play with her on the cross I tell him to go for it but he must let her cum and he is in for a surprise. Aahil- I strap her to the cross and I tell feel her pussy she is soaking wet I tell her if she can cum japanese babe in tight pants with a dildo can.

I start with a single tail whip and I strike not to hard I hit her ass and she moans. I begin working up and down her legs and back and then I see her cum and hard I look over at D and he smiles I pick up a bamboo cane and he nods and I strike the back of her legs and she cums again my dick can't take it any more I grab a condom and step up to the cross and I open her ass cheeks and I thrust in her hard and fast her pussy is tight and she moans as I moan and I begin fucking her hard and fast until I feel my balls draw up and I cum loud.

I pull out of her and smack her ass again. I help get her down and I guide her over to the table where I tell Kathy to get up and lick her pussy until she cums again.

Daisy- I am so horny I want to be fuck again he didn't last long of course I don't say that but when he tells Kathy to eat me out I want to jump for joy. I grab her head and begin to grind my pussy in her face I tell her to put her finger in me and I begin to cum and she stops me Master Rob moves in front of me and sinks his dick into me and fucks the shit out of me it is just what I wanted he tells me I can cum as much as I want.

Priya-I can't wait to get my hands on this girl she is so pretty. I tell her to get on the table I cuff her to it. I find nipple clamps and I suck one of her pretty nipples and I apply the clamps and I to the same to the other. I find a cat and I trail it up her body and I look to see her clit is sticking out like a small dick and I flick it with the cat and she moans and my pussy gets wetter I look over and see my girl eating the other girls pussy and when she is done I tell her to get over here and lick me and she crawls over and puts her face up my skirt I moan when her tongue comes in contact with my clit I tell her to stop and I stand at Sonya's head and tell her to suck my pussy as I flick the cat over her stomach.

This girl knows how to eat pussy she is licking and sucking my clit she long stoking me shy girl gone wild for big black cock her tongue and when she puts it inside of me. I tell Kathy to eat her pussy as I lean over and suck her clit into my mouth as she bucks against me and I cum sending my juices into her mouth as she continues to suck on my clit.

Sonya- I feel myself about to cum and I ask Mistress if I can cum and she says yes and I do I see Kathy has improved Mistress moves her head and attacks my pussy she knows how to eat pussy.

She puts her finger in me and rubs my g-spot and I squirt and soak her face and she continue to lick my juice. I lay limp on the table. Daddy comes over and ask if I am ok and I say yes, he tells me to take the girls and go get showered and changed as he helps me up off the table he also tells me to put cream on Daisy and then he Rob comes over and whispers teach Kathy some deep throat and he kisses me on the forehead and daddy says its ok if Daisy and I want to cum again maybe we can teach Kathy and I think she must be bad.

Aahil- I don't know what that girl did but she had me about to cum in less than a minute known of my slaves can do that and Daisy if she wasn't already yours I would give my left arm to have her. D- Well if your girl would have been more trainable she would have learned those things as well when she first came to use she was very stubborn and we were dealing with another trainee that was stubborn turns out he became a Dom. I was fed up that's why I sold her to you I figured she be dead in a week who knew you would like her but she has a tight pussy and ass so I guess why you kept her.

Aahil- Well that and I did tell her that I would throw her out of my plane and she became very obedient after that. Pryia comes out of the bathroom and I suggest that we go and have another drink while the girls get ready. Sonya- I tell Daisy to lay down on her stomach so I can put the cream on her back I ask her does it hurt and she says no? She loved it as I rub the cream on her I ask Kathy if she has any questions and she looks at me and I tell her that whatever she says will stay in this room she wants to know how to keep her Master happy so I ask her if she deep throats and she says that she tries but she gags she is afraid that he is going to kill her so Daisy sit up and I tell her to open the drawer and hand me the dildo and she also grabs my vibrator I tell her to go ahead.

I take it and put into my mouth and take it out I tell her that she must relax her throat and swallow around it and I tell her to put it in her mouth and I massage her throat. I reach into the draw and pull out jelly type toy and flavored condoms and I tell her to try it with this one and she gets it.

I look over to hear Daisy moaning so I tell Kathy to lick her and she says that she is not sure if she should so I grab her head and tell that its ok. Daisy- I tell her to start out slow to give it some build up and to start by licking my lips maybe play with them unless you know what person likes she tells me that he Mistress likes her clit to be sucked and I tell her that her Mistress likes to have her g-spot rubbed and that she should do that and she ask how do I found it so I get behind her and insert my finger and I rub her walls until I find it and she soaks my finger and I ask her if she feels the difference I tell her to do it to Daisy while she is sucking her clit and Daisy squirts cum all over my bed and she screams out so I tell her now she knows.

I tell them that we need to get cleaned up and Daisy says she wants to go to sleep I tell her after our guess leave. After our shower Daisy and I put on gowns and robes and I give Kathy her clothes that the maid washed and we head back down this time we go to the family room where I ask Kathy if she wants some food and she looks at her Master who tells her to go ahead. Master-D After our guess leave I tell the girls to go to bed Rob tells Daisy to go get into his bed and Sonya ask if she can get into mine and I tell her that's where she sleeps always.

I wait until the girls leave and I ask Rob what he thought of Priya? Rob- She is almost as manly as Aahil is and I know that she wanted to hurt Sonya just has Aahil wanted to hurt Daisy more and not in the fun way.

D- I almost grabbed that bitch by her throat when she hit Sonya on the stomach my baby is in their he looks at me for real so I tell him I don't know for sure but she missed her period and I don't think she has noticed yet.

I tell him to come here and I grab him by the hand and lead him into my office I tell him that the room next door has been clean and I set him up his own office and I lean over and kiss him. I tell him when the auction is over we stand to make about 7.5 to 10 mil each.

I ask him what did Priya want to talk about he tells me that she wants young slaves. I tell him that Brunette babe tries out her new toy read the report on her and she is a sadist like her husband and she wants someone to take out her parents and his I told her I would talk to you, but I get the feeling she hasn't told her husband and that maybe busty milf babe rides a massive dong should watch his back and his nuts with her.

I tell him that it's time for us to talk about our future the four of us and he tells that he thought about that as well so we both sit he tells me that he wants kids also so I tell him to get Daisy pregnant and then after having the first one we can switch or let nature take its course. Rob- What if I make Daisy my wife and that way if something happens to me she will be taken care of I don't love her but I do like her she is sexy has hell and loves to fuck I trained her so I invasion of a gigantic knob hardcore and blowjob she doesn't want to go back to the farm.

D- that could work and our relationship is out in the open at least with the girls although that would mean that your services and no longer offered at the house that's what he trained Andre for to replace you and he agrees so I press the intercom and tell Sonya to get Daisy and come to my office and she says yes Daddy Rob looks at me and says when she says that it makes my dick hard.

There's a knock at the door and I tell them to come invasion of a gigantic knob hardcore and blowjob I tell them to have a seat on the couch. I look at Rob and he nods and I say Rob and I have been talking about the future and as you know Sonya Rob and I have been lover's off and on for years and he knows that I love you and since you and I are married you are protected in case something happens to me she nods.

I look at Daisy and say but you are not and she nods so here is what we have come up with. What if you and Rob get married? We will all still live here or at one of our other houses and she looks a Rob and her face lights up and then she asks, but I thought I was your sub?

I tell her she would be his sub like Sonya is mine but we will all still live together and fuck and have babies together. Sonya looks at me and ask what? I tell them that once Sonya has my baby and Daisy has one by Rob the rest we won't know for sure until they get here and all the kids will have two mothers and two fathers and you guys will be like sister-wives.

I wait for them to speak! Sonya- I knew that this was coming at least with Rob I know how you guys feel about each other and about me so I am ok with it. Daisy- I don't know what to say so I turn to Rob and ask are you sure you want to marry me I mean you don't know me. Rob- When you first came here we did a background check on you and believe me if you didn't past you wouldn't be breathing right now and I admit I do like you and I am not sure I can love two people at once but you will won't for nothing and like D says if something happens to me you will be well taken care of and I am hoping to have a son or two so yes, I am willing if you are.

So, I say yes. D- Has Sonya given a tour of this house and Daisy says yes! Ok so tomorrow the maid will move you guys in the other Master suite that way you will have your own space and Sonya is already in my room every night and I have a large bed because I want all of us sleeping together although that may get crowded at times and the same rules apply you both just have two masters now which means you will have to keep us both happy although I don't think that will be a problem since both of you love sex.

Daisy says can I ask you guys something and I say yes, she looks at me and D and says I want to watch you fuck I wouldn't guess you were fucking by looking at either of you well I did see that guy suck your dick. D- What Rob and I have is years together and we have never been in that type of relationship I mean I did train him before me he was a pimp with working girls on the street and in one of my clubs I trust him with my life but we both also like pussy too and yes you can and will see us together, but I want to make it perfectly clear to you that if you get out of line you will be punished that goes for both of you.

Daisy you will still be taking online courses business or whatever and not cooking or anything to do with hair we run a billion-dollar business and not all of it is legal as I am sure you have guessed she says I don't care and I don't know about school I did tell you my grades weren't good and I don't read very well on the farm I was busy being used and working so I didn't go that often and when I did I usually had sex with the teachers to pass.

I tell her don't worry about we will figure something out like paying for. I tell Sonya that she will be seeing the doctor in the morning and she ask why so I ask her when was the last time she had her period and she looks at me and her eyes go wide and she looks at Daisy and I tell her that she will also be seeing the doctor to check to see if she is ready to get pregnant.

I lean over and ask Rob if he is ready to get fuck as I grab his dick he is rock hard and he says oh yeah. I get up and hold out my hand to Sonya who takes Daisy's and we head up to my bedroom where I tell Sonya and Daisy to get on the couch as Rob come through the door he is pulling off his shirt showing off his hard body with ripped abs and the v-cut leading to a big ass dick.

I begin to undress when I get to my pants he says let me as he begins unbuttoning my pants I look over at Sonya and Daisy who are kissing and watching and I wink Sonya pulls Daisy's head back and takes charge. As he pulls my pants off my dick springs free and he takes it in his mouth and I hiss as he begins pulling on my balls as I begin to thrust in and out of his mouth I step back because I want to fuck him.

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I have him lay down as I get the lube I begin by kissing him and running my tongue over his nipples I open the lube and put some on my finger as I lick up and down his dick as pre-cum squirts out of his whole I lick it up.

With my fingers, I begin to thrust in him first one and then two I scissor them to stretch him and then I add a third I am finger fucking him and he is moaning and begging me to fuck him. Remove my fingers and put lube on my dick I open his legs wider as I line my dick up and begin to thrust into him he is tight as always, I love fucking him. I begin fucking him slow at first as he is kissing me and biting my lip he is moaning and telling me to do it hard.

Rob- This feels so good his dick in my as I reach between us and begin stroking my dick and when he rubs across my prostate my eyes roll into the back of my head as I feel my balls funny one piece hentao1001funny one piece hentamp4 porn story pornflexorg up I tell him that I am close as he pulls out and slams back into me I here moaning and Sonya telling Daisy to lick her faster and my dick throbs as I cum shouting his name.

D- When his ass starts contracting I lose it and I cum in long hard strokes his ass is contracting so hard that I feel like he broke my dick. When I stop cumming I roll over to his side and kiss him as I look at our girls who are in a sixty-nine and they are both cumming hard.