Big tits brunette teen keisha grey handcuffed and slammed

Big tits brunette teen keisha grey handcuffed and slammed
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As Valkyrie was being pulled along the floor by the small rock shelled creatures, she had no idea what the creature they were taking him too would look like, would it have tentacles or legs?

And then the rock creatures left her, and she was stuck. Then the rock creatures left, and the cavern became larger, as a creature unraveled. The creatures long tentacles unraveled and moved around the cave, it latched at her clothes, pulling them with its suckers.

Valkyrie screamed.

The tightness and the tentacles were too much, then after the armored clothes were gone, valkyrie was in a white singlet and pink lace panties.

She screamed "melancholia!!! Help!!!" But there was no reply. The monsters tentacles returned and valkyrie prepared to be eaten, when the creature slid under her panties and latched onto her pussy. Valkyries thighs became wet, her legs squeezed together and she squealed. The tentacles stopped latching and plunged into her clit.

Valkyrie stopped squealing and moaned.

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The tentacles suckers made a nice ribbed feel and it penetrated her rapidly and deeply. Stuck in the rocks her legs clenched over the tentacle as it pounded her soft, pink opening.

It pounded harder, and harder, then deeper, and deeper and then valkyrie gasped as she orgasmed, the hand near her legs circling her clit as the tentacle retreated, absorbing her pleasure juices. And valkyrie rested, that was horrible, but incredible. And then another tentacle appeared in front of her, and it hesitated, then slammed down her throat, it reached all the way down her throat and tasted like semen and wasn't all that unpleasant.

Valkyrie gagged, and more tentacles appeared at her legs, two tentacles thrusted in her pussy and ass and another wrapped around her waist and ripped her panties off, exposing her round pale ass cheeks. Another tentacle came in front of her, and pulled off her white singlet, her large round breasts, bouncing as two tentacles ringed her nipples.

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Completely naked time tclose office get twork being raped by tentacles, throat making her vomit, she cried, tears dripping down her cheeks, mascara dribbling, the tentacle pulled out and valkyrie gagged and coughed, spit covering her cheeks and breasts. The tentacles behind her were ravaging her small tender pussy and asshole and she cried, trying to spread her ass a little wider to stop it from hurting as much but instead another tentacle appeared and started rubbing on Valkyries hand, the tentacle in her ass tenses, an a foul green goo spilled and filled her ass hole, spilling out onto her round ass.

The tentacle in front came back and penetrated her throat once more, then blasted a green load down her throat and onto her face, valkyrie gasped, coughing up the green slimy gunge and tried to spit out the rest. Now she was only being fucked in the pussy by one tentacle.

This was nice, she could live like this, being fucked by a tentacle, being fed on the foul green gunge for the chance to be fucked by this magnificent tentacle creature, the tentacle blew its load in her pussy, and retracted, now she could work on getting free.

But then more a masssive cock for babes booty gap appeared, one strayed rubbing between her large round tits, another two entered her ass hole and three slithered into her vagina.

She screamed with pleasure and pain, until a final tentacle silenced her by entering deep down her throat, the tentacles pounded her body and she started to give in, she moved her free hand to jack off the tentacle in her throat, she gyrated her round pale ass and clenched her pussy together. The tentacles enjoyed the new sensation and began pounding harder and harder and valkyrie rubbed her hand faster and clenched tighter and then they all orgasmed in one delight of foul but delicious goo.

The tentacles retracted for good and the rocks retracted allowing valkyrie to exit, to the sight of a naked melancholia furiously rubbing her pussy and clenching her tit, probably to the sight of valkyrie being raped by tentacles.

"Wow" she said "aren't you just the dirty little slut" melancholia opened her eyes hand kept ribbing for a few moments more and she orgasmed on the floor " I don't have to justify myself to you, you stupid girl" valkyrie laughed, naked and covered in green monster semen.

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"I won't tell anyone about this, if you Eat every bit of this green monster cum, without using your hands" valkyrie said " i hate you" melancholia said, but got on her knees and put her hands behind her back, the rest of the dark robe sliding off her back revealing the toned body underneath, the extended her tongue, licking all over Valkyries pale skin, the green jizz making her gag, she made a shadow and started slamming it into her pussy, making herself horny.

She licked under Valkyries tits, sucking and slurping, black shadow dildo still ramming into her. The final last green bit of cum came of her round, hard ass and melancholia moaned, she had orgasmed at least once during the meal and valkyrie had helper her by eating some of the cum, it made her super horny.

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"Good little slut, now, I'm going to put my clothes on and your going to run along and were going to pretend like this never happened, she said " deal?" Melancholia replied immediately "deal" she said, she let melancholia go ahead and opened a bottle and squeezed the green monster jizz out, it had some strange effect on her that made her incredibly horny, and she could use that.

Thee me was still a ton of the cum left in her ass but she left it there, it made her super horny