Hot babe has her pussy recorded brunette big tits

Hot babe has her pussy recorded brunette big tits
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Hello im james ,im 29 years old and i work in a boring mondane office job. Everyday the same shit and my boss is a major jackassalways giving steamy hawt trio sex smalltits and hardcore even when it is not due. Since i started my job i had to find a way to relieve my stress, some people drinksome gamble, my vice was smoking pot .Every break time and after work i need a good blast of pot.

On this particular afternoon ,a friday it wasi had to get the bus home as i missed my ride due to my boss making me work late (on a friday what a douche). as i got on i noticed the bus was almost empty so i proceeded to the back and beside me sat this young girl. She was no more than 15 and relly beautiful very sexy in her catholic school uniform.

It was a warm spring afternoon so i took off my jacket. Next thing the school girl taps me on my shoulder and asks ''is this yours?'' my god she had my bag of grassit fell from my jacket.

''Oh yeseh that is mine '' i said nervously. ''Thank you''. I put the grass back. Moments passed when she said ''my name is stacey''i replied ''james''. ''my tests are starting soon and it is very stressfuldo you mind if i smoke some with you ?''. I was shocked but those sexy innocent eyes made me stir and without even thinking i said'' lets go we can get off at the park next stop ''.

''cool'' she said as we departed the bus.

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As we walked through the park i remembered the dark wood where we used to play when i was younger ''nobody will see us in here '' i said. As i rolled an extra large doobie for two we began talkingi asked her what year she was in ? had she a boyfriend ? all general questions. When she replied ''i had a boyfriend but dumped him because he didnt want to have sex '' i choked.

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She said ''relax all girls her age have sex ''. I started the spliff taking two good drags then passed it to stacey.

She took three big drags then lay down on the grass with me. Two minutes passed when she jumped on top of me and started to kiss meher tongue slid into my mouth and i returned the favour. my tongue wrestled hers,her sweet lips her school girl scent got me instantly hard. I slid my hand under her skirt and started to rub her pussy through her panties waiting for an objection.

. i got none.

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Her panties were soaking with girl juice,i started to pull them down. As i got them to her ankels she kicked them off. I placed sweet stacey on her back and parted her slender cheerleader legs to reveal her fuzzy,sweet scented honey pot.

I dove straight in gently sucking her clit,probing with my tongue and fingers. Within moments she was writhing on lipstick facial compilation and dildo blowjob the plumber gets his pipe cleaned ground with a thunderous orgasm ''aaaaggggghhhhg'' she was out of breath but had a wicked grin on her face.

''Now james you dirty pervert im gonna suck every drop of cum from your aching cock'' i was so horny ''you sure will you little whore ''. stacey ripped my belt offpulled down my slacks and my 7inch cock sprang to life. The size didnt even phase hershe went right to work. slurping up and down my pole licking my slit then without warning she stuck her index finger up my anus. I jumped it felt sooo good. ''you filthy bitch '' i groaned. (this was the first of many things she did to my anus).

As my back arched i shot globs and globs of sticky cum into her innocent yet filthy mouth ''aaaaaaggggggghhhhh dirty whore'' i screamedanyone near us would definiately heard (i didnt care).

Returning to normal i looked up only to see stacey sticking the finger she had in my anus into her mouth ''' mmm so good'' she purred. I had to fuck this bitch. ''Get on all fours bitch'' i commandedshe obeyed i spread her ass cheeks and started to lick around her ass, slowly at first then i started to dart my tongue in and out. It drove her wild, like a monkey with an electric cable in its ass.

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i fingered her ass for a while making her soo horny '' fuck me now you pervert ''she screamed. I began to slide my throbbing cock into her tight fuck hole inch by inchi was surprised to meet no resistance ( filthy bitch must be sticking all kinds of shit up here ). i started to pump her slippery yet tight pussy i was throttling this poor young school girl and she loved it. '' yeah faster you fuckerahhh yeah'' she cried. as i was fucking i stuck the fingers i had in her ass into her mouth she licked them all overthis slut loved ass.

I was lashing her pussy for 15 minutes when i felt my balls about to bursti told her i was cumming but as i went to pull out she pulled my ass tight to her and i had no choice to cum into her pussy.

we both roared to the best climaxes we've ever had. As we lay on the grass i asked her ''why did you let me cum in your pussy?'' and she replied ''because im your fuck doll and there is no way you're just going to walk away from me now '' What must watch amateur cheating couple-31 tube porn i do ???.