Sexy czech girls lick and finger pussies tongue sucking and girls kissing

Sexy czech girls lick and finger pussies tongue sucking and girls kissing
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "Tonnie" She identified she'd only a of week to wait; the elders had worked out the arrangements many moons ago; now it was tradition and Tonnie was looking forward to the day; other of her friends who had reached culture level have gone through the ritual, so far she only been a observer, nevertheless just watching had its enrichment, even then you had to be of a certain age to be allowed to even witness the ritual.

Some of her friends had had to rest for two days afterwards, some had even passed out, the whole ceremony could take up to four hours, depending on the time of year. Sexy white woman walks in to sell her bag ends up banged hard the winter mia khalifa mastrubate showing pussy men of the tribe were away hunting, however in the summer when food was plentiful they're more men to perform the ceremony; and it was their right.

It was coming up to June; Tonnie knew there'd be plenty of the young men as well as the old; the chief always inaugurated the start of the ceremony and he was getting old now. Should one of the tribesmen bring a female from another village outside he's own she'd also had to go through the appraisal, but she would only have to gratify the chief. The chief was now reaching his fifties; he'd taken over his father at the age of twenty-five, there wasn't a female now in the tribe that he'd not undertaken the welcoming, as the ritual was called.

The females could not couple with a mate until this facility had been executed. Tonnie was tall and slim, with long silky black hair; because of the climate the females only wore a form of loin cloth, there tops were completely bear, male's of the tribe often toyed with her breasts, which had sent strange sensations throughout her body.

Her breasts were firm, her waist slim in fact her whole body was honed to perfection, many of the males had lusted after her but knew it to be taboo should any of them get caught make advances toward her, some even had conflicting ideas in that the chief should continue to be first to take any of the young women of the tribe. After all, he'd done none of the lavishness of bringing the females up to readiness with fingers or tongue, depending on the female this could take at least an hour, but the chief would just sit back and watch only moving when he considered the female or females eager.

The sacrament always took place at dusk, sometimes going throughout the night, depending on the amount of females on the given day. Plenty of the tribesmen had educated Tonnie in that they would make her day an exceptional, in others words give her a good fucking, when her time came.

She could but smile, not knowing of the accurate feeling of the girls whom had been through the ceremonial ritual, being fucked as some of her friends had described it. Tonnie was feeling quite energized when the day ultimately arrived she'd walked around the stone alter several times. Her thoughts went out to the number of her friends within the tribe who'd actually lain on the ceremonial alter and that she'd be amalgamating with them into womanhood really fascinated to her.

The alter was set in the centre of the village, huts circled its perimeter, the stone was quite large; round, which enabled at least four females be inaugurated at the same time; should the need arise. It was late afternoon when she was summoned to the bathing area, there we're two girls there to help cleanse and purify her body with scented lotions, and the hut was awash with perfumes.

Tonnie was reclined in the small bath where she was washed and bathed by the two girls, both being much younger than her. However, to them this was the pinnacle of their youth, they both knew soon they themselves would be answering to their own commitment at the alter soon.

Tonnie laid back as the girl's fingers stimulated her slim body, the vibes of their nimble fingers sort out the most private and intimate parts of her body, they swayed her from side to side; manoeuvring and kneading, working the scented lotions into her skin. Tonnie was becoming mesmerised with the swaying motions, her mind probing the evening's coming events. She'd observed many of the young females, listened to their cries of jubilation, the ceremony was not always clear with many of the males surrounding the alter.

Tonnie's mother led her to the alter; her body unclothed; as she walked through the ring of males each bowed their heads, there hands covering their naked manhood. Tonnie was then offered to the chief, she went down onto one knee kissing his hands, between his naked legs was the organ that would initially take her virginity, which at this time it was in flaccid state, Tonnie eased forward kissing the globular head, then enveloping as much of it as she could hold in her petite mouth.

As Tonnie stepped back her mother then took her place, although it was many moon's ago since she herself had been in her daughter status, she repeated Tonnie's actions.

This was customary for the mother at such times principally asking the God's that her daughter would not feel to much tenderness at the time of her primary penetration. On this particular occasion Tonnie was on her own, her mother viewed the males as they stood around the alter, she'd have wished there had been other girls to take the ceremony, she knew how strenuous it can be with one man, on this occasion Tonnie would have to undertake twenty two on her own, and that was without the chief.

Tonnie's mother offered her daughters hand to the high priest, he took it and smiled down to Tonnie, leading her toward the alter, she was so angelic with her body reflecting the glow of the large fire. The priest led her up the steps of the alter leading her to the centre, then lying her down on the animal skin rugs. The males started to ascend the steps, walking around her in a circle.

Tonnie looked up at the first of the males as they stood around her, each holding their penises gently rubbing them; suddenly they were all down beside her, hands meandering all over her japanese mature mother fuck boy, her breasts her…her pussy, abruptly her legs were spread wide, a head placed between them, its mouth engulfing her pussy. Lips were licking every fraction of her body, tingling sensations heightened, the males were possessed by her aroma, the lotions sending them wild, suddenly, all but the male between her legs moved aside allowing others to take their place.

Her pussy was alive as her juices intensified, an object could be felt moving inside her pussy it was spreading her inner walls, she presumed it to be a finger, the effortless of it movement stirred her inner sensual feelings she lifted her hips to its gentle thrusting.

The chief sat back in his chair watching as the young males heightened her sexuality, each as with the chief had their cock in their hands waiting for their moment, they looked toward the chief, their eye's showing concern, knowing if he'd leave it to long, she'd not get her full quote, some of the males were already past the point of no return. As the chief stood the young males stepped down from the alter, the high priest took their place lifting Tonnie then placing her on the edge, the chief never needed to climb the steps the females were always brought to the edge, Tonnie's legs were spread, and each of her feet placed either side of her, with her pussy just over the edge.

She looked up as the chief appeared to her front of her; he swung his robe over his shoulders and edged up toward her pussy with his cock, because of her position she could not see the threatening menace within his hands. The old chief had waited longingly for this moment; she was one of his favourites he'd longed for this day.

Tonnie sensed the helmet as he twirled it between her outer pussy lips; he then lifted his body holding his cock firm inside her opening, and then placed his hands either side of her waist.

For moments he held his position, he's eye's not leaving hers. The priest was speaking soft words over them both; Tonnie sensed the pressure as the words of the priest concluded; the chief leaned on his cock; her hands reach down gripping his wrists tightly, although juicy, the chief knew she was going to be tight.

It was tradition that all virgins of the tribe experienced the splitting of their hymen, it was a slow pains taking event, well at least for the virgin. He blonde milf craves for some bbc interracial and hardcore to look down into her eyes, he could see they were welling with tears; Tonnie had to hang in there, her mother alleged it could be painful. But with no other females, all eyes were positioned on her.

At this moment in time she was at her welcoming to womanhood; she wanted disparately to scream out, looking up at the chief; the stain was even illustrated in own his face. The weight on her virginity was now becoming excruciating, he could feel her fingernails biting into his wrists. She wondered if she should lift her hips, forcing his cock through the membrane, however, mother had told her, do nothing, if she supported an aid, the welcoming would be void, she'd never have a man of her own, this had to be the chiefs doing.

Her mother stood back her hands gripped tightly together in front of her mouth, her heart went out to her daughter, she knew as to how painful this part of the ceremony could be; the old chief wasn't as capable as he once had been, and due to ill health he was not himself. Tonnie's female friends were jumping up behind the men standing around the alter just to catch a glimpse of the friend and to see how it was progressing; each of the men still stood still, their hands on their penises rubbing them as to keep them in shape.

Tonnie sense the abrupt pain as the forceful weight increased, which told her that her hymen had started to split, but the pain was unbelievable, with the girls later in the afternoon, she'd sensed no pain and they were putting all manner of things up in side her. Finally the complete hymen tore; Tonnie gave out winching squeal.

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The chief raised his hands into the air, thus stating that the job was done, Tonnie sighed a sigh of relief as she sensed his cock glide fully up in side her. It was a warm feeling, whether it was his cock she couldn't tell, but it meant a new life for her. Trouble was she not anticipated the rest of the males who were going to seduce her, there were still twenty-two of tarada dando para ursinho com cinta pinto, and the chief would be the only one to relinquish her with his seed, all of the twenty two would blow straight into her mouth.

The chief slowly withdrew his cock, which had streaks of blood down its sides from her virginity, the priest stepped forward, with a white cloth dabbing the old chiefs cock, then wiping Tonnie's pussy. He held the cloth high into the air revelling the blood; loud cheering could be heard, even from the far distance corners of the village.

Tonnie felt proud, and the fact that she'd not cried, made sure she have a pleasant child birth when the time came, according to the wording of the ritual. As the old chief stepped backwards and sat in his chair, the first of the tribesmen stood before Tonnie, her legs still up on the edge of the alter, he lifted his cock pushing it straight up her, lovely teenie becomes concupiscent during sex hardcore and massage it was not as thick as the chiefs, he started to fuck her hard.

This wasn't what Tonnie had expected; with the rawness of her inner pussy walls it was extremely tender, but she knew she could but lie beneath him.

She knew at the end of each of their sessions they'd pull out of her forcing their cocks into her mouth, she'd then consume the contents that would be propel down her throat. Although her pussy sensed soreness, the sensations of the energetic cock transmitted tingles throughout her entire body. He was driving into her so hard she was rocking her backward and forewords on the alter, very soon he started to grunt (Her mother had pre-warned her of this) she knew very soon he was going to want to force his cock into her mouth, Tonnie sat up on one elbow readying herself, her mother had advised her that not a drop must go astray.

Abruptly he snatch his cock from her, lifting it up to her mouth, Tonnie's lips clung to it, he rubbed it franticly. It took her by complete astonishment as the hot fluid pumped down her throat nearly chocking her.

Again, there were cheers from the bystanders; as the tribesman withdrew his cock from her mouth, he leaned forward whispered something in her ear and stepped aside allowing the next to take his place. Again a cock was forced straight up her, the ferociousness of it nearly made Two white guys smashing trazcy kush and her friends face to spit out the remnants of the cum from her mouth, but with a good gulp she managed to ingest it.

By this time the festivities had began, there was dancing around the large fire, it was an erotic sight with Tonnie having the brains fucked out of her with the firelight flickering over their naked bodies. Although merriment was taking place not a sound could be heard, that was until Tonnie went through her first orgasm, squealing and thrashing beneath her lover, she was to far gone to hear the cheers.

By the time the ninth had finished fucking her it was as much as she could mom make me pregnant son swallow the vast amount he was pumping into her mouth, she started to choke as the thick spunk started seeping out of the corners of her mouth around the huge cock.

Her mother rushed to her aid, slapping her on the back, trying to pull the tribesman away; she knew the tribesmen had no sympathy for her, to them it was a chance to have a good time, as sex wasn't allowed before marriage, they each took their honour to fuck whichever of the young women they could, should one ever cum other than in the girls mouth, they'd be whipped. The only person allowed to fulfil impregnating one of the girls at welcoming was the chief; should she become pregnant by him she'd be taken possibly as one of his wives.

Often after welcoming he'd call a girl he'd taken a liking to his wigwam, then fuck her until she had become pregnant by him. They were going through Tonnie like a dose of salts, she had orgasm after orgasm, as soon as a cock was changed, she's go through another. The last two we're readying themselves; the chief got up and stood by her side holding his hand out to her. Tonnie took it knowing that he'd soon be her last, although the last two did slow their pace; she didn't know if amateur teen babe webcam and teaching blowjob felony theft was because the chief was there, or that she not have so many orgasms.

Finally the chief took the last mans place, his cock could still be felt even after the twenty-two she just been fucked by, her pussy ebony secretary makes her boss lick her asshole femdom his cock like a vice.

Unlike the others he started fucking her at a gentle pace, she could feel every ripple along its edges; even the large helmet gave a sense of bulkiness as it reamed her pussy, she favoured this type of fucking more than all the tribesmen. The old chief was gifted, he was sparking all her inner needs, her body was coming to life, and never had she had such an excellent fuck from any of the others, she could appreciate now as to why he was chief.

Tonnie clutched his wrists as he leaned over her, he was using his full shaft in every stroke, it was orgasmic, she rolled her head as the multi orgasm came, her body was racked, pins and needles all over, he never faulted in his strokes, fucking her through every one. Even though she'd had 22 of his tribesmen she still maintained her tightness. He knew his energy would give out soon, his pace quickened, Tonnie was still getting over her last orgasm as he started to blow, but she sensed the vast swelling deep inside her pussy as his hot seed boiled within.

Two of the tribesmen helped the chief back to his seat, and then carried Tonnie over to sit beside him. Her mother followed with a bowl of warm water and flannel to cleanse her, dabbing her face, where the excess cum had dribbled onto her cheeks, her pussy was very inflamed.

Her mother went to dab it. "Leave it be, her legs must be kept closed!" The chief informed her. Her mother stepped back, she knew the old chief sought after her daughter as one of his wives, she wild some with a horny doxy hardcore and groupsex not see her daughter being away from his side now, he'd make sure she was impregnated over the next few weeks.

At normal Welcoming's there would be at least four girls, with each taking a percentage of the men, but Tonnie had taken all twenty-two. She felt good; some of the girls were now bringing her refreshments and cool juices. Some even kissed her on the cheek, welcoming her to the womanhood. Tonnie looked out across the area trying to see her favourite Philly; she'd always loved him; her hand went down to her tummy it was feeling quite full.

They could marry now, however he was nowhere to be seen, he'd not even taken part in her welcoming, he was one of the objectors, she knew the chief had never liked him to others of the tribe. The chief wouldn't even allow her to excuse herself keeping her seated next to him all evening, it wasn't so much he wanted to fuck her again, she was a beauty in the eyes of the tribe, he intended to keep her to himself, he'd get her pregnant but in he's own time. Needless to say Tonnie was shattered, but she would have like to go and clean herself up.

The chief had left messy, and she would have like to rinse her mouth, that was the worse part of the ritual in her eyes, it was as if the tribesmen wanted to carry on fucking but in her mouth, it was bad enough having to swallow the stuff, many of them virtually choked her by just having their cocks in so deep when they came.

Throughout the evening, her friends japanese petite fucking trio before squirting smalltits come and congratulate her, many which were of the age for their own welcoming, although sore she was please that she'd gone through the formal procedure, she was quite proud of herself for not crying out with the initial pain, as her mother had notified her it could be agonizing depending how long it took.

The chief had made sure that she had the pain, if he could make the it look as he was hurting her, it looked good from the other males point of view, making them think that his cock was gigantic. Tonnie looked around the encampment, realising that the chief had fucked almost all of the women, and now she was part of them, each smiled as they past her.

It was well after midnight when the celebrations were over, the chief had informed Tonnie that her wanted her to join him in his wigwam, but she'd to go home first. Tonnie was grateful for the fact that she could cleanse herself. Her father gave her a big hug when she arrived home, however he wasn't to pleased that the chief had wanted her to go back to him, he would have liked to have agreed to whom the father of his grandchildren had been, he'd also favoured Philly, Tonnie's choice for her mate, Sister wives xxx a porn parody xxx her father had a plan up his sleeve telling her to see him as soon as she returned in the morning, he knew it would be early, the chief didn't want her seen leaving his wigwam in daylight.

Although he didn't mind getting the females pregnant, once they were, he then left them to their families to take over, he'd at least thirty offspring's in the tribe, normally the parents of the girls took to getting her married with any of the men, just to keep the their good name.

When Tonnie arrived back at the chief's wigwam he was ready waiting for her. Although it was frowned upon that she would sleep with a man before a suitable partner was found, the thought that the chief had chosen her, impressed her to a degree, after all he was the head of the tribe and she knew now that the hurt was gone, once the welcoming was over they'd be no more pain as such. The chiefs wigwam was state of the art when it came to décor, he'd the best of everything, his bed was made up of five buffalo skins, normally there would be but two, one to lay on the other to cover and keep the warmth in, his bed had three to lay on and two for warmth.

He lie Tonnie lengthwise on the bed, and kneeled down beside her offering his cock up to her mouth, she held the limp organ within her hand directing it up to her mouth. Tonnie sensed his hand down between her legs; fingers could be felt at the lips of her pussy. His cock started to thicken; her fingers could but reach around it now. He eased it out of her mouth and climbed down opening her legs wide. "Enjoyment or pain you shall make no noise?" the chief informed her, "And what's more you'll tell no other of your visits to me!" Tonnie nodded in approval Even though he'd made her reasonably wet with his fingers, it was nonetheless an enormous cock, Tonnie bit her lips as he forced it up her again, it was painful, but nowhere near as painful as it had the first time.

He started fucking her leisurely at first, but as his rhythm increased Tonnie started to feel the sensation of the tingling around her body yet again, it was a mesmerising feeling.

The chief lifted her legs; placing them over each of his shoulders aiding himself more depth. Tonnie could feel his balls slapping into her on his every thrust, it was a sensational feeling it was nice to think now she'd every last inch of his cock up inside her.

He fucked hard, assuring Tonnie orgasm, which she did, in fact it was the best that night, the chief had to put his hand over her mouth to quieten her. She was now working with him, bucking her hips to meet his thrusts; to her it was an immense feeling, the thickness of his cock allocating nothing but pleasure, she came time after time.

Unexpectedly he shoved his cock deep and held; Tonnie felt the engorgement as his seed gushed up toward her womb once more, holding himself above her, he squeezed the remnants of his seed down his cock with his fingers, then pulling himself out and slumping down beside her. He was asleep within minutes. Tonnie didn't sleep straight away, she never been in bed with a man; her mind went over the happenings of the day, wondering as to why her own choice had not joined the welcoming, she'd hope to see him in the morning.

She knew that he was her parent's choice of a husband for her. The chief awakened Tonnie in the morning, it was his cock that initially woke her; he'd not bothered to prepare her; he was just trying to force himself up her, Tonnie tried to put herself in a better position but he was gripping her to tightly, he finally made it, but it was very painful for Tonnie, she felt as if he was ripping her in two, having no sensation whatsoever like she'd had with him the previous evening.

Her father welcomed her with open arms when she arrived home. "How are you?" He quizzed. "Very sore" Tonnie replied her hand over her pussy.

"I was hoping that he'd not have called you back to his wigwam; trouble is we have to work fast now!" She could not understand her fathers meaning, questioning him. "I don't understand?" she asked.

"He's idea is to get you pregnant, he favours you to have his child first, once his impregnated you then we have to find a husband for you!" "He's the chief, surely he wouldn't do such a thing?" "My dear many of our tribe are of his making, he picks the cream for himself, then they have to get married off to cover his doings, it's his privilege" "But I already have my man!" "Not if he can get you pregnant first. I have Philly coming to see me this morning!" Philly had been Tonnie's sweetheart for two years now; Tonnie was surprised to hear that her father had called to meet him.

"I can't understand as to why he never took part in my welcoming!" "He has his own reason…he doesn't believe in the welcoming ceremony. He believes one man one woman!" "Well it's always been that way…hasn't it, I mean the welcoming ritual?" Tonnie replied as she sat down at the table. "Not always, for two generations that's all, trouble is that the majority of the tribe know of no different way of bringing a young female to the age for marrying. That's all it's done for, but in the olden days the chief was determined he'd take the virginity of all females when they came of age!" "I'd thought something was wrong as whenever I spoke of the welcoming to Philly, he would go off the subject.

However, there is not a lot I can do now?" "But there is…nevertheless, I have to speak to Philly about it, it's he whom has to make the final decision, and then he'll put it to you" Her father sat down next to her as he spoke. "I'll say no more at this stage, we'll see what he has to say, I know it will go against our beliefs, but I think it will be best in both of you're interests." Philly was liked by all, he was a fine lad; always willing to help, he'd always respected Tonnie's parents, the proposal of her father's took him by complete surprise.

As it did with Tonnie when he'd enlighten her. "But I don't understand, why should we do this?" She asked with an element of doubt in her voice. "Tell me…who's baby would you prefer; Philly's or the chiefs, it would be better that you have Philly's love child than the child of lust from the chief?" Questioned her father.

"But you've always informed me that sex before marriage is wrong, I should only have sex at the welcoming, or at the chief's pleasure." Tonnie replied. "This would be our secret, as long as the chief doesn't identify that Philly is also having sex with you. He can spend more time with you than the chief, he has to do it over night, and he'll never ask you to his wigwam before nightfall so he can take you straight to his bed. Then you have to be out before daylight, which doesn't give him much time?" Tonnie looked toward Philly, she knew she'd love the idea of being fucked by him, she'd wanted this for so long.

"You agree to this Philly?" She questioned, with a smile "I want what is best for us both, as your father said, it would be our love child, no sooner your pregnant then we can marry" His words were music to her ears, the thought of finally marring her sweetheart appeal to her; suddenly she felt a twinge deep within her pussy.

"But where could we do this?" She asked, knowing that they'd have to do it in secret. Her mother hadn't spoken of her views on the matter; however, it was obvious that she'd agreed to the proposal. "Where but here; here in your own home!" she stated with a smile. "You'd not mind?" Tonnie questioned, looking both at her mother and father.

"Not at all my dear!" her father answered. "We'd be out anyway, you must start this very day, give Philly a chance to outdo the chief." True to their word her mother and father left them and went for a walk, stating that they'd not be back for at least two hours. It was the first time that they'd both been together alone as it was unthinkable that they should be unaccompanied at anytime. More or less as soon as her parents went out Tonnie was on her knees in front of Philly struggling with his loincloth; once his cock was out she instantly put it up into her mouth.

She knew that gorgeous cutie plays with sex toy softcore and amateur was a virgin, he'd never ever taken part in the welcoming ceremonies, and he'd never had his cock sucked. Philly's cock started to rise as soon as she'd started to suck it, she was thrilled with her effort it seemed to grow very rapidly it's physique appeared long and fat.

Tonnie pushed her hand between her legs inserting her finger into her pussy; she was already wet, after her encounter with the chief that morning she wanted to make sure that his cock went social media slut fucked by stepdad familycum effortlessly. After she introduced a third finger she accepted that she'd be sufficiently wet to receive his cock with little difficulty.

Tonnie took him across to her bed, making sure that she left him plenty of room; she lay with her legs open in front of him one hand still holding his cock whilst the other down between her legs probing her pussy with her fingers. "Come, I'm good and ready for you!" She smiled up toward him. Philly stepped in between her legs kneeling in front of her pussy, Tonnie pulled on his cock; edging it up to her pussy Philly gasped as she pushed it up inside her.

"God, never would I thought that it would feel like this" He mused pushing it deep inside her. "Steady, you're a smidgen to lengthy for me to be having that much!" Tonnie chuckled. The feeling was good for them both; it had felt like it had been time memorial that they'd both waited for this moment.

Tonnie lifted her legs pulling them up to her breasts. Philly was leaning over her now; his eyes closed, never would he have missed this for the world, he'd wished now that he'd taken part in her welcoming. He'd given himself plenty of hand jobs in his time; but this, this took the biscuit. He fucked her very gently, sensing every ripple in her fanny as he caressed his cock in and out of her, Tonnie lie back smiling at the expressions he was making whilst fucking her, 2 girls 1 guy extreme kissing threesome was better than the chief and all those others yesterday she contemplated, still not to many of the girls could say they'd been fucked by twenty-three guys in one evening, it had certainly opened her up.

Tonnie didn't want to do anything to disturb his thoughts letting him fuck her in his own way, sometimes she'd lift, but she was almost static most of the while, allowing him his own time, a time that she hoped he'd always memorize their first coupling. Her body went into convulsion, suddenly he'd speeded his rapidity, he was fucking her hard now, virtually pushing her along the floor, it was a wonderful feeling, Tonnie pulled his face down to hers; kissing him hard on the lips, his breathing now arduous but his momentum never faltering.

His cock was beginning to feel thicker, she knew his time was near, now she worked with him, their moans not bothering them, never mind who heard the they were together, closely together. She squealed as she sensed the spurting into the inner recesses of her pussy, she pulled herself up; assuring his cock was deep. Tonnie looked up into his eyes her hands gripping his buttocks; tugging him in deeper "Give me our baby!" she slurred catching her breath "Lets stay like this; our baby between us!" "How was it?" Her mother smiled when she'd returned with her father.

"Wonderful, really fantastic, much better than anything yesterday, Thank you both, it was orgasmic to say the least. He alleged he'll do it as often as I can be made available him!" Tonnie informed them. "You should be resting laying down, let his seed progress on it journey, it's easier for it if your laying flat!" Her mother informed her. "I feel like a baby making machine for them both!" Tonnie smirked. "Just you make certain it's Philly's!" Her father implied with a grin man and her wife sex his face.

Tonnie felt she wanted to tell someone, just one of her friends that she was preparing to have a baby her baby. But she knew she couldn't, if it were divulged that both Philly and the chief were fucking her, her name would be mud.

It would mean nothing for her to marry and have baby just months afterwards, but being fucked but two males that would never do, particularly as one of them being the chief. She thought the chief had found out their little scheme when he'd inform her that she always seemed very wet now when she came to him, her mother had told her to tell him that it was for the want of him that made her so moist. The trouble was that she agreed; she was always wet, she'd like a time when her pussy was normal, never mind what cock she had, it seemed to slide up her to easily now.

There was no sense of size, when, as before she'd felt that especially with the chief, he was splitting her in two. His cock still looked extremely enormous to her up against Philly's, but it went in far to easily. The chief had surmised that she would always have gapping fanny; it altered his mind on taking her for a wife. As time went by she noticed that the chief didn't call her so much; she could only put it down to the dimension of her pussy.

Her mother and father informed her that it was for the best, she'd more likelihood of having Philly's baby, she had to agree there was more feeling with Philly now the chief wasn't fucking her so much. At this present time Philly was fucking her three times a day whereas the chief only fucked her once every three days. However, her parents informed her that the chief would still consider the baby to be his; that was providing he never found out about Philly, and if he did, Philly would be publicly flogged for fucking a female before she'd married him.

The chief considered that everyman got his chance at the welcoming ceremony. Like him; they got to fuck every young female in the tribe at least once, his only claim was that he was always the first to cum up them. Nobody was thought to know he often called them back to his wigwam, being chief had to have its privileges. It was after her second period that she realised that she was pregnant, well at least her mother did, informing her that she'd have to tell the chief, and then she'd be free of him.

He was as pleased as punch when she notified him; nevertheless, he had to fuck her once more before she left, and it was a really good fucking he gave her. She could hardly stand when she went home. "God! Whatever has happened to you?" her mother asked when she saw her daughter leaning in the doorway. "It was the chief, he wanted one last fuck before I left. God…I never want to be fucked like that again, he was like a buck rabbit; truly, he was fucking me like a madman, my back is all grazed from being pushed along the floor in front of him.

I'm thankful that it's over with him now!" "I think you'd do better to lie down, I'll tell Philly that your not feeling to well, I'm sure you'll not be wanting him after the fucking you look as if you've had?" Her mother replied putting her arm around Tonnie's shoulders helping her to her bed.

"I'm sure that the chief wanted to put me off cock for life, God I'm sore!" When her mother removed her loincloth it was literally smothered in cum where she walked home and it had seeped out of her pussy. "You certainly look sore down there, I'll bathe it with some nice lotion, we'll soon have you back to normal, Philly will love it now that he can fuck you without wondering if the chief's had you first!" "Mum, it's to sore to even think about it, I'm sure I'll not be ready for him for at least a couple of days!" The rest from sex had done her the world of good, her pussy reverted back to its original size, she couldn't believe how puffy it was when she'd come back from the chiefs that day.

Now it gave the impression of being brand new, no bulging lips, everything was back as it should be. When she looked back over the last two months she couldn't deem as to how much cock she'd actually had, her mother had kept a diary noting each and every fucking. It was the fifth day after seeing the chief that she allowed Philly to fuck her; the new look pussy astonished him, he had to finger her for nearly thirty minutes before he could enter her.

However, the sensual feeling was enormous for both; even Philly's cock appeared much bigger to her; well at least it felt it. Her mother and father had gone out that morning, knowing as to how frustrated Philly was, he was so used to having sex at least twice a day, and to go without for five days had it's effect on him.

Tonnie had her legs wrapped around him, he was fucking her in long measured strokes, poor Tonnie was in a world of her own, sex had by no means been this good, it was sex for the need of it now, not a compulsory thing to see which one could get her pregnant the quickest.

His cock was not unlike a rod of sheer velvet and what's more her pussy could now take every available inch of him, and she was using it to the fullest. He was taking her through orgasm after orgasm; she was on a high, each time he sank in deep she would give out a little whimper of pleasure. They were both completely preoccupied with their coupling to notice that her parents had come home, her mother was overwhelmed by the size of Philly's cock as it plunged into her daughter, she'd never undertaken anything that dimension.

She turned toward her husband with a pleading look; the sight had made her so randy that she wanted some herself, walking over to their own bed, her mother sat then beckoned her husband over toward her, she went straight under his loincloth taking his cock into her had, firstly she rubbed it not wanting to remove her eyes from the spectacle before her, her daughters whimpers sounded so erotic, it had been years since she'd had sex that she could have acted in response as her daughter was.

It was obvious that the spectacle had turned her husband on; his cock was up in no time at all; he eased her back down on the bed, then crawled between her legs, he didn't worry to much about her underwear he went up the sides, he's cock felt enormous to her; she let out a gasp as he forced it violently up inside her.

They both observed as Philly and their daughter as they continued fucking without any knowledge of their presence; she knew that the display was turning her husband on, he'd not fucked her like five girls one boy brazzers for years, his eyes never leaving the spot between Tonnie's legs, her pussy was literally gripping Philly's cock as he drove it in and out of her, she could tell by the way her husband was fucking her; in his mind's eye he was actually fucking his daughter.

With a very loud moan he blew his load. The sudden noise broke Tonnie and Philly's awareness on their lovemaking; the scene of her mother and father actually coupling dumbfounded Tonnie.

Philly held his stroke and looked toward them both. Her father looked across, catching his breath. "I'm sorry to have ruined you concentration, but the sight of you two at it when we came in…well, we just had to join you! Please don't stop we'll go out while you finish" Philly continued with his stroke as they both left, it hadn't hindered either; it was just the sudden shock of seeing both her mother and father on the bed together actually black boyfriend fucks teen girlfriend with his big dick. Tonnie's mother wasn't to please with her husband; as soon as she got outside she wanted to sit down.

"Never in all our years of marriage have you three college coeds fight for one dick that much, I'm saturated. It wasn't me you were thinking of; it was Tonnie, wasn't it!" She stammered to him. "Not at all my dear, it was just watching them; thinking how we ourselves used to do it in our younger days!" He lied.

He could tell by the look on her face she'd not believed a word of what he had said. "Can you remember when we found out that you were pregnant with Tonnie, we both went at it like a bull in a china shop!" "I don't know why I should believe you, just you make sure you keep that cock of yours to yourself!" Philly was coming toward the end now, he'd held back for so long, he's breathlessness getting the better of him; he leaned over Tonnie putting his hands under her shoulders pulling her up to him fucking her in long methodical strokes.

As she sensed the growth along his shaft she knew she was going to get an excellent load, heaving herself up tightly onto his cock as soon as she aware he seed was on it's way. They kissed as he cam, their mouths together both sensing the swelling inside her. Tonnie's mother and father apologised again when they finally came back in, she had to go to the toilet as soon as she entered the room.

"We wouldn't have known you were there if it hadn't been for the noise" Tonnie implied. "Whatever happened? It sounded not unlike a lion roaring" "T'was your father dear, we'd not made love for what seems years, and by the load I'd got; I think his now made up for it, I've never felt so bloated!" "Good on you Dad!" Tonnie chuckled Philly gave a snigger, finding her mother's words funny; she was certainly not his preference to fuck.

Putting his arm around Tonnie's shoulders, he looked toward her parent's. "I think it's time we spoke of marriage!" He smiled, giving Tonnie a peck on the cheek.

The village priest was more than happy when Tonnie and Philly visited him regarding their coming marriage. He knew that Tonnie had frequently visited the old chief in the hours of darkness he was surprised that he'd got her pregnant so quickly.

Things were a lot better for them now, they could hold hands when the moved about the village, this was a sign of their parent's approval to marriage.

Two days before the wedding Tonnie's mother had arranged to go to one of the adjoining villages to see a friend, Philly had gone on a hunt with some of the tribesmen, leaving her with her father. Her father was always at her side, no matter what she'd ever wanted he was there for her. "Dad I know in a couple of day's Philly and I will be married, over the years you've always looked out for me.

Now I'll have a husband to fend for me. I like you to know that I'm grateful to you for your treasured help" "That's what fathers are for my dear!" He smiled. "Think nothing of it!" "It's not that easy Dad; I feel I owe you?" "You owe me nothing my dear!" "Do you remember that time when mother and yourself came back early and caught us making love!" "I certainly do, a hornier sight I've yet to see.

Why d'you ask?" "Its just something that mother said afterwards!" "And what might that be pray?" "Well she was on about it for days, as to just how much you'd cum at the time?" "As I said, I was pretty worked up by the sight of you two at it!" He smiled.

"Wouldn't any man be?" "D'you mind if I ask you a very personal question Dad?" "Be my guest dear, if it will help you by all means?" "Mum thought you'd cum so much because you thought of yourself fucking me, is this true?" "I take it that this is between you and myself?" "Of course, I'll not tell a soul!" "Well the answer is yes, I small breasts blondie babe gets pussy railed by pawn keeper thinking of you at the time.

However, if your mother knew the truth she'd kill me!" "Do you still feel that way?" "I don't understand we're you're coming from; why do you ask?" "I'd just like to know, if you still have a yearning to fuck me?" "What if I said yes?

What would you think of me then?" he inquired.

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"I'd think no less of you. In fact I have such a desire for you myself, I remember when I was young I used to wonder what you we're doing when mother made all those amusing noises at night when it was dark!" "Just hold on there a minute.

You're saying that you actually want me to fuck you?" "Yes Dad, that is exactly what I want!" "When?" "Now Dad!" Tonnie started to remove her clothing then stood naked in front of him.

"Not that it shows yet; but I'm pregnant so you can't do me any damage!" Tonnie smiled "I've not had sex for the last three days, so I should be just as you'd want me?" Tonnie walked toward her father her hands going up around his neck, holding him tightly.

"You do want me don't you Dad?" She whispered into his ear. "You're sure of this aren't you?" "Sure as I'll ever be, I know that you and Mum don't get on that well sexually, and when she told me that your thoughts were of me when you came that much.

Well it's the least I can do, I just hope that you'll give me such a filling!" With the closeness Tonnie could feel her father's cock between them, this is just what she was waiting for, some form of sign that he couldn't argue with.

She lowered her right hand, taking his cock securely into it. "By the feeling in my hand I think you'd agree, the time is right" Tonnie leaned forward kissing him firmly on the lips. Her father now had no choice he knew she knew he wanted her, he broke their kiss, reaching down he lifted her and carried her over to the bed and lying her down. Standing beside her he removed his clothing then climbed onto the bed his head going straight between her open legs. The suddenness of his movement took her by astonishment; her hands gripped the bedding as he started to tongue her, she'd not had this done since her welcoming, it was so relaxing every now any again she sensed small shocks going through her pussy.

He'd entered his finger now, the sensation was so great her knuckles went white as she gripped the bedding even harder. "You this so well!" Tonnie reached down running her fingers through his hair as she spoke. Her father never answered her words; his mind to full, her pussy was music to his ears he needed no praise. His free hand went down to his cock; he'd never known it this firm.

The scent of her moisture intoxicated him, he knew he wanted her real bad now, still he'd only used one finger, he wanted her to be as tight as possible to him, but still with sufficient viscosity to allow him entry.

He moved up over her body licking every inch, when he arrived at her lips his cock was already in his hand. Tonnie drew in a huge breath as she sensed his cock between her pussy lips. "God Dad, let me have it all!" Her father lifted himself up on his hands with his toes digging into the bedding; slowly he eased his cock up her.

Tonnie gripped his wrists her eyes looking up to his; on completion of his having sex while playing story game his jaw went jagged.

"My God, what a sensation!" he moaned. "You are so, so tight, but so velvety!" Tonnie had never heard such a description of herself, nobody had mention as such at her welcoming, Philly had never spoken of it, still he wouldn't have known any way. Her fathers cock was different to her somehow, it seemed more sensitive at the end, as if it was actually tickling her inner walls as he drew it in and out, she'd not realised the size of his helmet and that it had a thick flange around it circumference which in reality it was this that was giving her the sense of rapturous, it wasn't tickling her at all.

Tonnie lie back with her legs extended as wide as she found possible, her father was not a slim man, but he worked in close to her, just allowing his cock to do all the necessary movements, it gave her a sense of ampleness which Philly hadn't got, even though his cock was thicker. The more she thought of the difference with the two cocks the more she worked herself up.

To think she started life with the cock within her now, her mother had been well serviced by it over the years; and now it was giving her fulfilment, it was like taking life and turning it in circles. She went through cheeky stepsister sleepfucked by brother series of orgasms, they electrified her body she wanted to lift, his weight being too much for her, he's pace now accelerated, her orgasm had spurred him on, she enjoyed the speedy fuck, even Philly didn't do this.

Her father was a performer to which she not known, even all of her now twenty-four lovers, had never achieved this sort of bliss; she'd now a quarter of a century of lovers under her belt; her father being supreme. Her pussy never lost it's elastic it was resilient despite the fact that he been fucking her for at least twenty minutes, she'd cum more times than she'd like to try and count on her fingers and toes.

Then she sensed the fullness once more, wondering if he'd give her the same filling that her mother had taken. As the shaft thickened she tried to aid it with her pussy muscles hoping for an even more powerful blast from him, he pushed his cock in deep and held.

The sensation was enormous; she had to pull herself up away from him to allow for space for his cum to disperse in side her. Slowly he tried to withdraw, as he did cum was still spurting from his cock as he cleared her opening. He rolled heavily to her side his cock pointing upwards; she saw her chance and her mouth went straight over the top of his helmet sucking what last dregs there were from him.

Hairy nude fuck mom son could feel the cool air as it travelled up her open pussy. When veneisse hooking outdoor lesbian fisting in the car tube porn recovered her father got up onto one elbow, "My God, that was the best fuck I've had in years, I thought your mother good, but you undoubtedly out shone her today" "That goes for you to Dad, I've had twenty five lovers; you've succeeded them all.

I'd like to think we could do this again?" "You'll be married in a couple of day's?" her father smiled. "I'm marring him because I love him Dad, I love you to, nevertheless you're ten times better at lovemaking, I know mother's not up to it these days, I'm sure we could sort out something?" "There would be nothing I'd like better my sweet, however, your mother rarely goes out for this length of time nowadays!" "I'll work on it Dad!" Tonnie chuckled with a silly grin on her face.