Sexy brunette rides a massive meat pole creampie and big tits

Sexy brunette rides a massive meat pole creampie and big tits
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It a nice an beautiful day and Im at the Airport Picking Kat up ! You came home for Thanksgiving Break and Im Really Excited to see you its been to long ! Im all nerves and Im sweating a little !

I have Big plans for us to spend time together and Places that I have fantasied about me and you going! My heart skips a beat as you walk down the Hall to see me and your Beautiful long hair is bouncing just so perfect!( I miss it in my face and on my chest!) You are so Beautiful! You see me and you run to me and we embrace and you smell so good!

The feel of you against me was so sweet that I got aroused! So we go down to get your bags. Then head to the car. Im telling you how much Ive missed you and that I cant wait till we get to the car so I can kiss my babygirl! Your tired and your really glad to be home and you have miss me also!

But your friends that live here have been talking to you and there wanting you to go out to a party with them. You want to spend time at home but they are good friends and you told them you would go.

We get to the car, I lean over and give you a kiss on the lips and they are so sweet and soft I instantly aroused and Im thing of all the fun we're going to have while your home! We kiss hard and harder and I grab your breast ! They are so firm and round an soft! I have to pull myself off you so we can get out of the Airport parking.

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In the way to the house your messing with cfnm office sleaze punished by three british ladies and grabing my dick because you no it hard! Then you unzip my pants and grab my cock and pull it out and stroke it with one hand an with the other your playing with your breast!

Lol Im trying to drive but I keep looking at you prefect tits! I love them!!! Your feeling go stroking my cockYou ask may i suck it Daddy with a big smile on your face! Being the good Daddy I am I say yes Babygirl Please suck it!

You go down on me and just lick the head of my dick and suck all the precum off it first then you go DEEP and I almost have a reck ! It is Awesome and I m so excited seeing your head go up and down in my lap !

I m about to explode and I tell you and You say PLease Daddy Give Me You Cum!! Smiling!! Then you go back down on my cock as deep as you can and I explode Deep In Your throat! Its Hard to explain How good it was! You suck christen courtney and jenny double team a big dick drop up and Smile and zip me back up! We make it home and Im thinking party time with just me and you !

You surprise me and go to your room and go take a shower. I come in and ask you what your doing and you tell me that you an your friends or going out and that you will be home around 1.

Im disappointed an sad because I dont like to share my little girl. I tell you its fine and that Ill be looking forward to tomorrow! So you get ready and your friends show you and yall leave! I think of what I want to do to you tomorrow and get our things ready and watch tv and wait on you to get back home. Its getting late and around 12:50 and your not home yet so I start to worry. I get a call and its you and you say that your going to spend the night with your friend.

That you will be home tomorrow afternoon! Now im upset and I really cant sleep and I tell myself that Im going to have to show her that she belongs to Me!! So I think How I should punish you for not being here with me. I work all night on it ! The next day I go to town to pick up a few thing that I need to finish. I get it and get back and put it together and wait! Now its 3:00 and I hear the car door open and I waiting on the couch till you get in!

You walk in and you no Im upset and start to go in your room. I say Hi Babygirl how was the party and I have missed you lastnite! You come over and kiss me an say it was ok! And that you were going to your room. So I let you. When you get there You see the flicker of candles in your room and its kind of dark in the because there are things over your windows to block the light!

You hear me come up behind you and grab you and pull you in there! Your heart is beating fast and you dont understand what Im doing to you! So I rip your shirt off and and grab you an take you over to this saddle stand and bend you over it and tie your hands down to the front legs and your knees to the back legs! Then I get this gag ball out an Put it in you mouth an tie it in the back!

Now your on your belly on this old saddle stand tied up. Im mad and asking you where you have been all night and most of the day!!! I tell you not to lie to me ! Then I get the cane I bought out and smack your ass with it! You flinch and and the sting is breathtaking! You say Daddy I was good! I Promise!!

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I smack you again!! this time it hurt worse!! At this time you still had your tight blue jeans on and your bra! So you want to play games? well Ill let you think about it for a while! I leave the room. While Im gone you look around the room and can barely make out whats on the wall and from the shadows you cant tell. The boards from the saddle stand is digging in to you and starting to make you numb. I wait about a hour and Im drinking a nice glass of ice water and I get a ideal for later of course!!

You hear me coming back down the hall and your heart starts to beat faster an your trying to think what am i going to do next. I open the door and come in and I ask you again what you did? With the ball in your mouth it was hard to talk so you said again I was good daddy! I pick the cane and smack your ass again!

Breathtaking!! I see the pants are getting in the way! I get the scissors and cut them off you leaving your panties! Which are white. I change from the cane to the flogging whip and start to whipp your ass more and you legs and all over your whole body! Horny busty bbw latina milf anal action starting to excite you! Im starting to get excited to and Im not saying any thing to you but just whiping you all over!

Now I come up behind you and put my hand in you pussy and you panties ar soaking wet! Thats right your Daddys little whore!! I rip your panites off you and stick them in your face and show you what you have done! slapping your ass as I rubbed them on the ball! You like this dont you ! Tell Daddy You want more!! Daddy Please give me more I was Bad lastnight!! I flog your ass until I feel the heat off your ass and tit so red and hot. I get the ice from my glass and rub it on your ass and it gives you chills.

I oil up the butt plug and easy it in your ass slow and easy! working it all around in you! then I slap it to get you to jump ! I start to flog your ass again an were the butt plug is! your so in the edge you cant help it ! I come around to the front and when you see me im naked and my dick is hard and ready for you! I take the gag out of your mouth and start to facefuck you driving deep in and gagging you popping your check daughter father big cock incest im still flogging your ass!

every time I flog you you go deeper on my dick! Your begging me to play with you pussy ! I get the rabbit and come over and start to lick your pussy and around your ass!

Your pussy is so wet! It taste so sweet and there is plenty of pussy Juice everywhere! I stick the rabbit in your pussy and I start to fuck you slow just teasing you and then I get faster and faster!

Very sexy teen babe shaved pussy deeply pull your butt plug almost out and fuck you with it at the same time I have you ready to come off the saddle stand! then I pull the rabbit out and shove my hard cock in your pussy driving in hard ! Im still fucking your ass with the butt plug and fucking your pussy! I pull the butt plug out and I stick a finger in your ass and then 2! I can feel my dick in your pussy and I stick 3 fingers in your tight ass!

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its so tight i can barely get it in ! Your screaming fuck my ass daddy! Fuck It Daddy! I pull out and stick the rabbit in your hot wet pussy with a ice cub! Then I stick my dick in your ass and slap your ass! On both sides Like Im riding the fuck out of you! You scream Can I Cum Daddy!!! I say Not yet Hold it You slut !

I need more of your tight ass!!! Please Daddy can I cum!! I slap your ass and say not yet!!! Im fucking you harder and harder! we are moving the saddle stand around the room! I tell you to cum and slap your ass and you cum so hard you spray all over my legs and it makes me cum! I cum in your ass! I cum forever! then I lay over you! After I kiss you on the back of your neck I get up and untie you an tell you to go to the bathroom and clean up and get back here you have 5 min!

You take off quickly and jump in the shower and start to wash your pussy and the cum out of your ass! I am In your room getting stuff ready for the next thing that we are going to do! You have 1 min left and I counting it down and It looks like your going to be late again!!! Your trying to pee but the time limit has you gun shy! 3 2 1 Your Late Again!! I said 5 min nothing more Get in Here!! Now!! You barely get it out and run In the bedroom where I grab you by the hair and pull you over to a pallet on the floor and push you down on it !!

I lay you down on your back and tie your hands down to the corners of the pallet and then tie your feet to the other corners of it so your knees are up and your legs are spread open!

I leave the room to shower and get ready to fuck you again!! After a about 30 min I come back in and come over to you. I have some rope in my hand and tell you to lift up your back off the pallet so i can tie the rope around you. I do then I have a hook on 98874 british sluts xmas roast ceiling and I tie it to it lifting your back up about 4 inches!

Then I get the flogging whip out and start to flog your belly and horny hailey reed crawl for good dicking and is filled with cum tits! I told you 5 min Not 6 min!! You will learn to be on time!! I flog you over and over and your getting red all over! You enjoy the pain and your getting wet again!

I get the vibrator out and tie it to your leg so its on your clit! When it hits you clit your on the edge and its to fast for you so your trying to move around to get it in another place! I get a string and go around your nipple piercing then tie it to the rope on your belly so your tits are lifted up and your nipples are long!!

I come over to your head and tell you to suck Daddys dick! and put it in your mouth and you suck it like a good girl! I have my hand on your throat and I can feel it going in and out of your throat! It turning me on more!!

I flog you again and you gag more on it!! Im ready to cum in your mouth so I pull out and come around an I play with your pussy Its all wet again and I Ask you do you want Daddy to fist His Babygirl? You perk up and say Yes Please Daddy Fist me! I start to put 2 fingers in and your soaking wet and it feels good so i stick 3 finger in your tight pussy and it is tight!!

Im working them around and stretching your pussy so i can get 4 fingers in! I push the 4th one in and you cry out! Daddy I love you!! I love you to Babygirl!!

and I kiss you and shove my hand milf anal fisting solo and webcam masturbation milf cops your pussy up past my knuckles! You kiss me harder!Im twisting my 4 fingers around in your pussy an its so tight and wet!

My dick is so hard! I pull my hand out and rub my hand all around your wet pussy to get my thumb wet to i can put it in your pussy. I spit on your pussy and then I put the 4 fingers back in and its tighter then it was a second ago! Now I slide my thumb in your pussy and force it in You ! I get it to my knuckles again and Im pushing and its to tight and wont go! I spit on your pussy again and Im working my hand back in forth in your pussy fucking you with my hand and your in sure pleasure!!

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I push again an this time it goes in to my wrist! Now Im fist fucking you and slaping your clit with my other hand ! Your screaming Fuck Me Daddy ! Im pumping your pussy good!

then I pull it out an shove my fingers down throat so you can taste your sweet pussy!! Im jacking off with my other hand now and I put my fist back in your pussy and fuck you hard again! Your screaming Im fixing to cum Dont Stop! I pump you harder an slap your clit !

Im still jacking off ! You exploded Cum is everywhere all over my hand your legs I pull out of your pussy an it trys to suck me back in! I get up and come around to your face mia khalifa sex all vdeos you can suck my dick an I can cum all over your face and tits!

I cum so hard that it covers your face and its all over your tits! Your trying to drink it so I shove it back down your throat so you can get every last drop!! Now Daddy needs a Break! I go run some bath water for you in the tub and come back and untie you and carry you to the bathroom so you can relax in the tub! I kiss you and tell you I love you and that Daddy did it for your own good!

So when I tell you to do something you'll do it right them and not make Daddy wait!! But your not out of trouble yet ! You have more to cum!!