Lovely teenie becomes concupiscent during sex hardcore and massage

Lovely teenie becomes concupiscent during sex hardcore and massage
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This is actually written by my wife. She has been away for a few weeks, and as a way to get me excited for her return, she wrote this the teenagers nepali bf sex story for me.

I just had to post it, and would love to hear your comments. Her eyes closed, feeling his lips brush across her stomach. So soft. So warm. Her hands went to the back of his head, pulling him gently to her, anticipating where his mouth was moving to next.

She forced herself to open her eyes and look down at him. The top of his head. A glimpse of his warm brown eyes. A hint of a smile across his lips as he showered her body with kisses. It would be easy to lose herself in the sensations and close her eyes in ecstasy, to revel in the sensation of his warm mouth as his lips traveled further down her body. He kissed his way back up her bodyflicking his tongue across her nipple before making his way to her neck.

Mmmmm Pressing his lips to the soft flesh where her neck met her shoulder, gently he nibbled. She shifted slightly and pressed her legs together, feeling herself get wetter as his teeth grazed her tender skin.

She wanted to cry out. to beg him to slide up on top of her and press into her but she knew it would do no good.

They were still a very long way from that.

First there was the touching. The kissing. The kisses. Lips to lips. Barely brushing against each other, parting lips, gently sucking at her bottom lip. The tip of his tongue tracing her lips, then parting them slightly. She felt herself melting into his kiss as their tongues entwined and began the slow dance that would lead to their bodies doing the same dance.

His hands moved from her shoulders, stroking the length of her arms, finding her wrists. His fingers wrapped around both wrists and simultaneously lifted her hands above her head, pressing them to the bed. For a moment he longed for the ropes. For the leather cuffs. Just the thought of having her bound to the bed in front of him was more than he could bear. He wanted her helpless and at his mercy.

He wanted to drag his fingertips over her soft flesh and feel goosebumps form. He wanted to feel her body rise up off the bed, silently begging for more of his touch.

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He wanted to taste her and feel her wanting to move against him, unable to control the pressure and speed. He wanted to make her want him more than she had ever wanted anything.

Definitely next time, the ropes would come out.

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It was long overdue. But tonight wasn't the night for that. Tonight he just needed to be inside of her. Inside of her body, so soft and warm and wet. Tonight he needed to lose himself in the pleasure of possessing her. She parted her legs as he slid on top of her. Her hips rolled up towards him and her legs wrapped around him.

He knew where this was going, all too well. He was hard and waiting to slip inside. She was wet and eager. And as she rolled her hips up to meet him, the head of his cock made contact with her velvety soft pussy lips. He closed his eyes tightly for a second and took a deep breath. Control. But control was forgotten as she arched her back and took the first inch or so of the head of his hard cock inside of her.

She wanted more and tried to thrust against him. He wanted to plunge the full length as hard and deep as he could thrust it. But instead, he just softly began to thrust against her. Just an inch. Just enough to make her beg with her body for more. Maybe two inches but no more, even as she began to tremble beneath his touch. "Please," she whispered through ragged breaths. "Please fuck me," she barely whispered, not wanting to sound vulgar but needing him inside.

A smile played across his lips. Pushing slowly into her, His lips moved to her lips, not quite kissing, more just brushing against hers as the head of his cock sank as deep inside of her as he could push.

He wanted to go further, to just crawl inside her and lose himself in the sensation. Her ankles locked behind his back and she arched her back to take as much of him inside as possible. The rhythm of their bodies moving together began to build. He could feel her wrapped around him. He could feel her moving, thrusting, quivering, and every movement sent dangerous waves of pleasure through his body. Her eyes closed and he could see her losing herself in the pleasure. Then she would force them open again, quickly making eye contact again, gazing deep into his eyes.

She needed to look in his eyes - to stay completely in the moment that her body had longed for so desperately. They both knew it wouldn't last long. At least not the first time, not that it ever really mattered since there would be a second and a third time.

But the first time was too difficult to control. Amateur webcam orgasm finger the greatest arab porn in the world heard her breathing and knew she was too close. He could stop to drag it out, but there was no stopping.

So he thrust, harder and deeper. Hearing her cry out gave him a thrill and made him want to do it again, harder and deeper. So he did. Again and again, as hard and deep as he could force himself into her, wanting to make her cum hard. And he did. But as he heard her moaning grow louder, the desperate scream of pleasure forming in her throat, he knew he wasn't just pushing her over the edge - he was falling over the edge himself and it was exactly where he wanted to be.

He felt her body convulsing. Her muscles contracting around his cock as it started to throb, juices flowing down the length of his shaft, dripping onto his balls as he felt them tighten. She buried her face in his shoulder. Her mouth moved against his bare skin, softly biting trying to keep from screaming. He knew she would leave him marked and it didn't really matter. "Fuck me," she begged softly.

"Don't stop." She was still cumming. He could feel the twitching. And his own climax swept through his body as she whimpered, her lips still touching his. He trembled as his own orgasm rolled over him and he pumped his cum deep inside of her. Gstring whore acquires bawdy cleft plunged lingerie and japanese clung to each other, holding as tight as they could while their bodies recovered.

As their breathing returned to normal, he was drawn down her body. Kissing his way down, licking the drops of sweat off her breasts, tracing the lines of her body with his tongue.

She wanted to pull him back close to her but she knew where he was going. His hot tongue found her dripping pussy. She was still sensitive and shuddered beneath him but he didn't hesitate. He parted her lips with his tongue and the combined juices of their lovemaking flowed across his lips. She heard a little moan, felt it vibrate across her labia. Then she felt his lips sucking at her wetness. His tongue moved back up to her clit and began to roll it between his lips.

His tongue flicked at the tiny hard nub and once again her hips beyond her control began to thrust against him.

She knew she would cum almost instantly but tried to pull back to prolong it. Unfortunately, there was no prolonging it as he alternated between sucking at her clit and darting his tongue in and out of her. And then, his body sliding back up hers.

His full weight against her damp body. She was limp. Satisfied. Happy. But he wasn't through. She acter sunny leone fuck me his hard cock at her opening and almost wanted to protest in exhaustion.

But she didn't dare. This time was different. He positioned the smooth head against her opening then thrust hard and deep, burying his cock all the way to his balls inside of her. She cried out but before she could make any real noise, his mouth covered hers. His tongue parted her lips and forced inside and she felt the sticky cum flow from his mouth to hers as he pounded his hard cock into her over and over.

She thrust her tongue into his mouth then sucked at his tongue, savoring every drop of the salty cum, licking it off his lips, sucking every drop from his mouth. She thought she heard him growling I love you but she couldn't be sure as orgasm #2 ripped through his body and animalistic grunts and growls escaped his mouth.

She wrapped her legs back around his waist and pulled him close, loving the feeling of his body shuddering and spasming on top of her, thrusting those last few thrusts, then collapsing against her, burying his face in her neck.