Saucy hot brunette gets fucked by a horny taxi driver

Saucy hot brunette gets fucked by a horny taxi driver
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BIG FUCKING DISCLAIMER: Some people thought my tone was a bit dickish in this disclaimer, so please bear in mind that that's not my intention. First: this story is YET AGAIN WORSE than (most of) its predecessors.

As usual, expect scat, but this time expect EVEN MORE horrific violence. Second, this is a work of FICTION, and I in no way condone ACTUALLY DOING any of these things! The people who made Die Hard aren't bank robbers in real life, it's JUST A STORY.

Third, and I really can't emphasize this enough: all of those tags are there for a reason! It features TRULY HORRIFIC VIOLENCE. Please, PLEASE only read on if you're convinced that only the most DEPRAVED and utterly BRUTAL SEXUAL VIOLENCE will satisfy you!

I'm serious guys, this one's really, really over-the-top. .Still here? Okay, but don't say ya weren't warned! PS: Save the "You're a sick fuck!" comments for someone who cares! Once you click a story with these tags, you lose your right to judge people. Kylie's Punishment Nathan stared in disbelief, unable to believe what he had heard from his daughter's mouth. "WHAT did you say?!" he asked in astonishment. She said it again, and he realized he was turning red. He grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and dragged her out of the room as her two sisters, twins a year younger than Kylie, stared on; their own faces as crimson as his own, but from fear rather than anger.

He pulled her into his bedroom and slammed the door, ignoring the furtive whispers of her sisters from sex games amaze awesome babe very much living room.

"So you think you're too old to get spanked for that, huh?" Kylie crossed her arms petulantly, staring straight at him. She said it a third time: "Fuck you!" He grabbed her wrists with his left hand and held them tightly together, then spun her around.

He brought his right hand back and smacked her on the ass. But her jeans made the effort less-than-worthwhile, and she made no reaction. He tried again, harder, but with no better result. Somewhat hesitantly, he yanked at her jeans, which were tight enough that he couldn't pull them down; he grew redder as he fumbled at them for several seconds before finally exposing enough of her smooth, pale ass for him to properly administer her punishment.

She struggled slightly, but he could hold each of her slender wrists between two fingers, so her tiny hands twisted pointlessly against his grip. She wriggled her butt in a further attempt to escape, anticipating that the next hit would be more painful. Unable to explain his nervousness, he drew back again, and this time connected with a sharp crack.

She whimpered, going partly limp, her weight almost pulling free of his grip. He spanked her ass again, trying to ignore the strange feeling building inside. By the fifth stroke, she was sobbing, and her pants had fallen down to her ankles. "Now what did you say?" he asked, his skin rachel steele red milf productions in a peculiar pins-and-needles feeling.

"Fuck you!" she screamed, and he could hear her sisters on the other side of the door gasp. He dragged her into the master bedroom where he hoped they wouldn't be able to hear. Still holding her up by her wrists, he spanked her as hard as he could; her shriek was torn from her lungs forcibly.

He spanked her again and again, her ass turning redder each time; she was too small to avoid hitting some of her left cheek as he spanked her right, and vice-versa. His blows were too fevered to make the distinction, at this point; he was hitting her between the two as often as he was hitting his target.

"Now what did you world best naked sexy girls faking story, Kylie?" he asked, amateur girlfriend getting rammed hard hd version breathing shallow, and somehow not merely from the physical exertion.

".fuck you," she whispered. He could feel himself let go. It was a sensation unlike anything he had ever experienced; there was no reasoning, no thought, in that first lunge. He slammed her wrists into the wall; his other hand moved of its own accord, pulling and fumbling. "Fuck ME?" He growled as he slammed his cock into his daughter's pussy, "Fuck YOU!" It was far, far too big for her; he felt himself slam into her cervix long before he could fully penetrate, and her lips were stretched as if about to tear; he ignored this, and pounded into her as hard as he could, over and over.

Each thrust brought a scream of pain, and her body shuddered as she sobbed, begging him to stop. "Please AIHH please please daddy I'm so Ahng I'm so s-s-sorry, I -" He ignored her, pounding harder and harder into his daughter's cunt, strangely unperturbed by the blood smeared across his shaft.

He wiped some of the blood and her cunt-juices onto his hand, then reached forward and smeared it over her face, now covering her mouth as he found it in himself to somehow thrust even harder against her battered body. She had been against the wall so far; now he yanked her body, still impaled on his cock, around and dropped her to her knees. The toilet had been backed up on Friday after she or one of her friends had used too much toilet paper; he hadn't realized this before using it then, and now it was Sunday, and the bowl was still filled with his un-flushed piss and shit, two days old and smelling horrific.

He ignored the stench as he lifted the lid and he felt her suddenly spasm as he gripped her hair and she realized his intent; not that her struggling made any difference.

He plunged her head into the brownish-yellow soup. The slowly-dissolving shit, suddenly disturbed, spread darker clouds of brown, and he made sure to force her head to the bottom where it had settled. Her screams bubbled up, and he saw another cloud appear in the water as she threw up; he held her there and shoved her face slightly forward into her own vomit.

He fucked her like this until he saw, from the movement of the near-liquid shit, that she had finally stopped holding her breath. He pulled her head up as hard as he could, feeling chunks of her hair pull free.

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He wrapped his hands around her chest and squeezed, forcing the fluid out of her lungs. She tried to throw up again, but little came out; he let her breathe for a moment, then dunked her head again. He didn't hesitate as he pulled hubby offers buxom brunette to younger guy cunnilingus hotwife of her bruised and bleeding pussy.

Something had come over him, something that had lain in wait for this moment; and having come this far, it would not be denied. Holding her head as deep in the shit-and-piss-filled toilet as he could, his fingers almost long enough to reach around to her cheeks, he made sure to yank her out by her hair every few seconds as he calmly reached over and grabbed a towel.

He wiped his cock clean of every smear of blood and cunt, until it was completely dry, although perhaps still somewhat sticky. He ran his hand down the shaft, feeling it catch and rub against his skin. Perfect, the thing inside him thought, and without slowing, holding her head down, he slammed his dry, sticky cock balls-deep into his daughter's ass.

The scream was the longest so far, and he felt her accidentally gulp some of the shit-water and swallow, felt her retch as he pulled out, felt the vibration as she screamed again when he entered a second time, full-force, his balls slapping into her tiny bruised cunt.

The water was a uniform cloudy, dark-brown by now, and as he slammed into her ass, her blood and shit beginning to provide some lubricant, he reached forward over her scalp to pull her eyelids open. She was twitching uncontrollably, now. He felt something give on his next thrust; he had heard people reference "the turn" when discussing the dangers of anal sex, and he realized he had probably straightened it with his relentless pounding.

The shit on his dick was black as he slammed in and out, scraping his daughter's colon clean. He pulled out again, his daughter's asshole stretched wide and leaking a mixture of shit and blood downward onto her pussy. He stuffed his shit-covered dick back into her cunt, thrusting as deeply as he could this time, with every ounce of his strength.

He felt her cervix give way, and her screaming was so loud the water barely muffled it; her legs lifted off the ground, and for a moment she was held aloft only by her chest on the toilet-rim and his cock bursting through into her young womb. Holding her there, not withdrawing, he let her up to breathe for a moment as he concentrated.

She was convulsing, unable to make any sound for the moment. He felt the first signs of success; a warm sensation, then a sudden iceland girl fuck with strangers, and then he was pissing into his daughter's destroyed cunt, a torrent filling her up from the inside and eventually spilling out around his cock.

The strain of pissing forced a small piece of shit out of his own ass, and as he felt it fall onto the bathmat, he dunked her head again and pushed harder. Eventually he felt himself run out of piss, and a large, twelve-inch piece of shit emerge from his ass. He reached back and grabbed it, then pulled her head up. She was catching her breath as he pried her mouth open and shoved the turd into her mouth; it was longer than her whole head was deep, and he stuffed it against the back of her throat.

She choked on it, vomiting up nothing but bile, which had nowhere to go; it was shoved back into her throat along with the shit. Her convulsions increased as she choked and tried to gasp. He pulled out of her piss-soaked cunt and slammed back into her ass without warning; but with the solid turd halfway down her throat, her gag reflex wouldn't let up lulu the wolf queen porn cartoonfunny enough for her to breathe, much less scream.

He felt her loose control of her bladder, her piss running freely down her legs and belly. He knew what was about to happen, and his pounding grew more and more violent, his thrusts alternating between her ass and her cunt, each now barely able to recover its grip on his cock before being stretched wide again.

His hand on her chest, he felt the moment approaching, and when it arrived, he was more than ready.

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With a final heave, she shuddered, and he slammed one final time into her cunt, past her torn cervix, the force of it pushing through the wall of her womb into her abdominal cavity, and, pouring his load into her piss-filled insides, he himself shuddered as he felt his daughter Kylie die, impaled on his cock with her lungs and eyes and stomach filled with human waste. He heard the door open behind him, and he pulled out, finding himself no less hard than before.

He turned and saw the twins, Vanessa and Kim, staring in shock and disbelief; without a second thought, he lunged and grabbed them by their throats. "Now do what daddy says," he whispered. He threw Vanessa to the floor on her back in front of the toilet, then grabbed Kim by she needs her booty and pussy licked schoolgirl and japanese hair. He knelt down over Vanessa and pulled her dead sister out from the toilet and let her flop onto the youngest girl, who shrieked and began to cry.

"Shhh" he said, as he spread her legs. "Now kiss you sister." Vanessa hesitated, so he pulled Kylie's limp head up by her sodden hair and slapped Vanessa as hard as he could across her face. She cried again, but when he shoved Kylie's head back down, Vanessa did as she was told. He had to tell her chick opening her cunt for black dick open her mouth; "Kiss her like they kiss in the movies," he ordered, and he saw her gag as the vomit, shit and piss from his dead daughter's mouth entered her.

He pulled the dripping corpse aside and looked sternly at her, yanking Kim around so she could see his face. "Neither of you is to spit anything out," he said. "You'll swallow every single thing in your mouths." They nodded, paralyzed by fear. He yanked Kim around behind him and shoved her face into his asscrack; her head small enough to mostly fit between his cheeks.

"Kimmy, you're gonna lick me until I'm clean. Vanessa, open your mouth." He paused to lift Kylie's dead body up by its hair and set it down, its cunt dripping piss and shit and cum, onto Vanessa's open mouth, ".drink." She gagged and retched as he pulled her pants and little panties off, and she screamed into her dead sister's cunt as he slammed into her ass, his dick still coated in dried blood and shit.

He felt her vomit; he yanked Kylie's corpse off of her and slammed his hand down over her mouth and nose. "Drink," he said again, and she choked down the mixture of her own vomit and her sister's blood and feces. Leaving Kylie's dead body to the side, he fucked his youngest daughter's ass even harder as he felt Kim's tongue awkwardly meandering around his asshole, the shaking of her little head and shoulders as she sobbed.

He tanked her hair and dragged her back in front of him. "I want you to get me completely clean. Do you understand?" he asked. She nodded meekly.

"Y-yes daddy," she sobbed, and when he stuffed her back into place he felt her more effectively licking and slurping the shit and sweat from his asscrack, her sobs and occasional retching even more pronounced; he almost came every time he felt her little throat pulse as she swallowed.

"I want you to clean out the inside of my asshole with your tongue," he said, his own voice a stranger in his ears. She managed to push her tongue inside his asshole, and he stroked her head in encouragement, her terrified trembling causing her to vibrate against and inside of his ass. In front of him, he yanked Kylie's dead body back on top of Vanessa, and forced his living daughter to kiss the dead one again. "Use your tongue," he told her, and felt her body tighten around his cock each time she heaved or threw up.

She knew better than to try to spit; her sister's lifeless eyes demonstrating the consequences of disobedience. So each time she choked it back down, and continued. He pounded into Vanessa's ass again and again, as Kim's tongue probed deeper into his asshole. Suddenly, he felt another small turd slide out of him, lubricated by his daughter's saliva; as he felt her spasm in disgust as she swallowed it, he came into Vanessa's ass. At that moment, his wife walked in.

"Nathan." she began, her eyes wide; suddenly a cold feeling came over him, and he teetered on the brink of realizing what he had done- "I always knew I had married you for a reason," she said, and began frantically removing her clothes, as the tiny glimmer of hope in Kim and Vanessa was suddenly crushed, and Nathan was once again consumed by whatever it was that had left his eldest daughter lying dead on the bathroom floor, his next daughter with a stomach full of his shit, and his youngest daughter with her ass full of his cum.