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Nerd el nerd se la logra follar anal brazzers
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They had been together for 2 years now, it was their anniversary and Jack couldn't be more excited. He loved Victoria more than anything, it seemed she got more beautiful every day and every day was more passionate than the one before it.

He left work in a hurry to get home, he checked the time, 3:47pm. He would be home early, she wasn't expecting him until 7pm, so he figured he could surprise her. He parked the car at the florist and walked in to pick up his order of a dozen red roses in the most extravagant bouquet.

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He paid for it and returned to the car. His excitement clouded his mind as he drove. His mind drifted to sweet thoughts of Victoria; her long icy blonde hair that fell down in sensual waves to her waist, her doe-like emerald green eyes that were always attentive and observant, her perfectly rounded perky 32-D breasts that made her little waist that much more narrow-looking, her pale ivory skin that earned her the comparison to a perfect porcelain doll, her---BEEP BEEP.

He swerved his car and dodged the car coming right at him. He pulled to the side of the road in a frantic attempt to comprehend what was going on. He had gotten so absorbed into his thoughts that he had lost track of his whereabouts. He composed himself and got back on the road, this time on the right side of the road.

He pulled into the driveway of the apartment building and got out of the car with the flowers. He walked over to the trunk and took out a bottle of Jacob's Creek - 2009 red wine and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. He closed the trunk of the car and walked to the building. He greeted the doorman and entered, he walked to the elevator and got inside, waiting to be taken to the 8th floor. Once he got to the 8th floor, he got out and turned right, he slowly approached the door of apartment 823 and opened it with his key.

As the door opened, he heard her moans, as beautiful as they always were. She was probably horny and alone, trying to get off, he chuckled to himself. Then he heard it, a man's guttural groans and grunts.

Could it be porn? he wondered. He quietly walked to the door of the bedroom and looked in to see his Victoria with a man on top of her, ramming her hard as she tried hard not to scream. Jack was furious, he dropped everything he was holding, the wine bottle fell to the ground and shattered loudly. At that moment, Victoria and the man on top of her stopped and turned around. "JACK!", She exclaimed in shock "Yeah, bitch, did you miss me?" "Let me explain" "Don't bother", he said yo latin schoolgirl punished for bad grades by daddy his voice.

Jack walked over to the man, who was collecting his clothes as fast as he could and kicked him in the gut as hard as he could. The man groaned and doubled over in pain. As he tried to get back up, Jack grabbed him by the collar, pulled him up, and pushed him against the wall whilst holding onto his throat. "JACK, STOP! PLEASE STOP, YOU'LL KILL HIM!", screamed Victoria, the panic completely taking her over. She was covering her body with the bed sheets, with her back pressed against the wooden bedpost.

Jack let the man go grudgingly. "Get out of my home. Now." said Jack, his voice shaking with anger.

The man grabbed his pants and ran as fast as his legs could let him, slamming the door on his way out, afraid that Jack would follow him. Jack stood there, staring at the woman he loved, the woman who had betrayed him, the woman who belonged to him and would have one day taken his name with fervent hatred.

Her eyes were sad and she was muttering apologies. Jack walked towards her, and her body stiffened against the bedpost. He reached for her face and rested a hand on her cheek. "Ja--" She objected "Shh baby, relax" he said softly, interrupting her. She exhaled as he firmly pressed his index finger against the back of her earlobe with one quick jab.

Her eyes widened and then slid shut as she lost consciousness.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Victoria opened her eyes and tried lucky guy gets to pound innocent girl regain focus on what was around her. She was in her bedroom, lying down and propped up against a few pillows, with her legs and arms spread eagle.

She tried to straighten herself up and realized that her hands and legs were bound. She began to struggle and wriggle around helplessly. She whimpered as she realized the lack of control she had in her current position.

Jack peaked his head in through the door and she noticed him immediately. -Jack, what the hell is going on -Take a wild guess -Did you tie me up? -Did you cheat on me? -I'm so sorry, he meant nothing to me. None of it meant anything. Untie me and we can talk about it, okay? Just untie me -You're going to have to shut up right about now, thanks. -You're so immature -SHUT IT, he yelled She winced and closed her mouth and turned her head away from him.

He chuckled and shook his head at her nerve. Even tied up, she managed to want to challenge him. He walked over to her and grabber her by the throat, "Listen close, whore, You made me angry and this relationship is over. There is nothing left to talk about, but before you can leave, you're going to face the consequences of your actions" Her eyes widened as she considered every possible scenario in her head.

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She began to object once again, but this time Jack slapped her across the face, hard. She yelped and looked at him, completely stunned by what had just happened. He used this moment of silence to his advantage and pressed his lips against hers forcefully and bit onto her lower lip until he could taste her blood. He pulled back and admired her lips bleeding a brilliant red.

He licked her lips slowly, and pulled back once again to look at her. -Jack, I'm so sorry. I love you and I'm so so so sorry -Shh. I don't want to hear it -Please, just don't hurt me -Why not? You hurt me -Jack, pleas-- -Shh. You're just talking way too much, Let me give you something to do with that mouth.

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Bite down and I'll have to hurt you, Okay baby? She nodded sadly, got up and kneeled in front of her, setting one knee on each side of her hips so that her face was perfectly aligned with his crotch. She opened her mouth obediently and he pushed his length into her mouth forcefully.

She lets out a pained moan as he begins thrusting as a quick pace. He grabs onto a fistful of hair with each hand and uses it to slam his dick into her mouth repeatedly. She let out a whine as he quickened his pace. "Take it, whore. You like that?" He kept muttering degrading things to her as he fucked her face, Victoria's eyes were looking up at him, pleading for him to stop. He groaned in pleasure as he slammed harder and harder, her pain gave him so much satisfaction.

After a few minutes of this, he slowed down, thrust in once as hard as he could to hear her cry out and he pulled out. She began gasping for air and coughing as tears streamed down her face.

Jack lowered his face to her breasts and traced his lips over them gently and kissed her nipple as softly as he could, "You're so beautiful, My Victoria" he said right before he bit down hard. She cried out in shock and started to struggle against the ropes that were binding her to the bed. "Jack, I'm sorry. We'll get through this, just stop please. Please just stop" she whispered desperately. He got up abruptly and left the room. Several minutes later, he returned with a pair of underwear and slutty blonde babe is looking for some fun and is craving for huge coc tube porn tape.

-I tried playing nice, he said -Jack Please -SHUT. UP!, he took a deep breath and started again,I tried playing nice, but you don't know how to listen to me. I don't want to do this, but you practically begged me to. He opened her mouth and stuffed the underwear in it, then sealed her mouth shut with duct tape. Victoria's big green eyes glimmered with fear as she stared at the man she loved. To be continued.