Kinky lesbian threesome with ravishing sex bombs creampie brunette

Kinky lesbian threesome with ravishing sex bombs creampie brunette
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This story does not belong to me. It belong to its original poster LORDSOFTRUNKS. I am simply posting here to help spread his/her work since I couldnt find this story anywhere else here you go "Ouch." Kiara moaned as she felt tender around her left hind leg.

Kiara walked up the promontory of Pride Rock and into the cave, where she was surprised to find her father Simba, taking a nap. "Kiara." Simba awoke sensing the presence of his daughter as she walked inside the cave. "Hi daddy." Kiara said. Simba then noticed the cut on one of her legs. "Hey, what happened to you?" Simba asked. "Oh, I'd rather not say." Kiara started, with a vague feeling of shame in her voice. "Kiara, I'm your father, don't be afraid to talk to me about your problems." Simba quickly responded.

"Your sure you won't be mad at me?" Kiara asked with a look of hurt on her face. "I'm sure I won't if you'd just tell me how you got alexis malone sits down on your dick cut on your leg." Simba answered. Kiara rolled her eyes, as if there was nothing she could do but tell her father the truth. "Well, Kovu and I were having sex." Kiara started, looking for an angry reaction from her father.

But there was nothing but a look of concern on Simba's face. ".And, well, he sort of cut me by accident." Kiara said as she looked away in shame.

".It's still tender." Kiara said with her back turned to her father. Simba got up and walked up to her and took hold of her chin with his paw, moving toward him. Simba looked into the eyes of his daughter and with a sigh he began to speak. "My dearest daughter.your not a cub anymore." Simba began. Kiara perked up at that comment.

".In fact you've grown into a beautiful young lioness, that Kovu loves with all his heart." Simba said. "Kiara, you don't have to hide from me about this subject." Simba said firmly. "But daddy." Kiara started.

"Look, I know about having sex." Simba said. "Your mother and I learned how to use this type of love respectably and honestly. We share a bond, that spans time and space, we can feel our love grow.Physically.and Emotionally.when we have sex together." Simba said firmly.

"Then you wouldn't be embarrassed to answer a few questions I have regarding this subject?" Kiara asked. "Kiara, I'm concerned that you feel embarrassed about this subject. Sex is a powerful thing.

I find it very disturbing that in most families, this subject almost never gets talked about between parents and their children." Simba explained. "So Kiara, don't be ashamed of it, embrace it. Don't be afraid to talk to either me or your mother about it.

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I'm well aware that your still new to having sex with someone you love, most likely that someone you love is Kovu, am I right?" Simba asked. "Yes, I do love him." Kiara replied. "Then are you sad that he hurt you, when you had sex with him earlier today?" Simba asked.

"Yes, he was on top of me and he pushed his way inside me too fast and his paw slipped and I fell on it, and he clawed me too hard by accident." Kiara explained. Simba nodded in understandment, he had a few mistakes when he and Nala had sex for the first time, but over time they began to get better at it, and they eventually forgave eachother's mistakes. "Kiara, you had some questions regarding this subject?" Simba asked. "Yes.I was wondering.Do you and Mom still have sex together?" Kiara asked.

"Yes, we do." Simba answered. "So, what does it feel like?" Kiara asked. "It feels as if I'm knocking on heavens door." Simba replied.

"Your mother will tell you the same thing." Simba quickly added. "Well, I'm a little worried about doing it with Kovu again." Kiara started. "As you should." Simba said. "Huh?" Kiara asked. "Kiara, it seems that your afraid to have sex because of a.lack of experience." Simba realized.

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"That how I feel." Kiara answered. "What should I do?" Kiara asked her father. "Kiara, I have a little secret to tell you right now. I'm bisexual." Simba said. "Bi--what?" Kiara asked with a bit of curiosity in her voice. "I prefer to have sex with both sexes. Male and Female." Simba answered. "Now before you go off thinking I'm gay, I want you to know that sex, and desires for it, come from within. I think that's why I like both sexes. Love can flourish beyond sexual class. Love can foxy latina mia martinez gets her pussy beaten up between family members, friends, even beyond races.

It might seem discomforting to some, but it does exist. Just as I exist." Simba finished. Kiara just looked at her father in awe at what he said. "Well, I guess you do have a point." Kiara replied.

"Now Kiara, it seems girlfriend and friend fucking while he sleeps cheating girlfriend brothers girlfriend me that you have a lack of experience with Sex, am I right?" Simba asked his daughter. "That's right daddy." Kiara answered. "Well, I'll tell you what, I'm going to help you." Simba replied.

"How?" Kiara asked. "What I'm about to ask of you is for you and I to have sex for one night. However if you find this too discomforting I'm sure I can find another way to teach you. This is considered incest, but I know something that Rafiki has that will have some counter actions to the actual sex that we have, but I don't wanna force you to do anything you don't want to do.

It's entirely up to you." Simba answered. Kiara was shocked. Her mind was totally blank, her father wanted to help her by having sex with her? It was unthinkable, yet she did wanted help, and the pain in her left leg told the story in color. She then took a moment to think about it and then gave her father the answer. "Ok, daddy.I don't want to have to come home injured or worse when I do it with'" Kiara stammered.

"Kiara, don't be afraid. I will be gentel with you, and I'll let your mother know about this so there won't be any secrets going around the pride. The main problem here is you, and in order for you to reach your sexual height, you honestly need help." Simba said firmly.

Kiara then perked up again. Her eyes all happy once again. Simba returned this expression with a smile. "Ok. When should we start?" Kiara asked. "First I'm going to go teach, Kovu a lesson in having sex." Simba answered. "Your going to fuck him?" Kiara asked. "Yes, I think he suffers from a lack of experience as well. I'll go out on patrol with him, and I'll pick up the stuff I need from Rafiki on the way back, then we'll have your lessons out in the fields, just before dawn." Simba explained.

Kiara understood. "Now, what I want you to do is to get some rest. You have a bad cut on your leg and it'll need time to heal. I'll tell your mother and she'll take care of your food tonight." Simba ordered. "Thanks daddy." Kiara replied.

- End of Chapter One -