He knows how tlick a pussy

He knows how tlick a pussy
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Sarah never quite knew how to begin conversations. At 5'9" with 36DD tits and brunette hair she never really had to be great at them, many men, unfortunately, would start them for her. This is why she often found herself stumbling on her words while at bars. Finally deciding to stop giving a fuck she approached the young women with black hair and an ass to die for.

Nervously speaking she said "Did you sit in some sugar, because that ass is sweet?" Laughing, the young woman replied "Wow, you suck at this, but that's okay I'm not too great at this either." "So I'm Sarah…" Sarah replied, blushing slightly.

"Well nice to meet you, Sarah.

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I'm Elena by the way." she replied. "Cool. Wait, no, why the fuck did I say that. Sorry…" Sarah stumbled. "Don't worry about it. Hey have you been drinking lemonade because everything you say is sweet?" Elena teased. "God, look at us; a bunch of fucking comedians," Sarah laughed. "We've got the comedian part down, but not the fucking, yet," Elena said. "So do you want to get out of here and head back to my place?" Sarah nervously asked.

"Not so quick Speedy Gonzalez, let me get another round before I agree to anything like that," Elena replied. So for the rest of the night Elena and Sarah joked around making one bad joke after the other until both of their glasses went dry.

When that happened Elena and Sarah headed to Sarah's house. Before reaching the front door the two women became entangled in each other's arms. Passionately kissing the duo reached Sarah's bedroom. Without speaking Elena grasped Sarah's shirt and lifted over her head.

Elena began to massage Sarah's tit's through her bra. Sarah was taken over by the bliss this red head was able to give through the simple act of massaging her tits.

However, her bliss came to an abrupt end when Elena began to unclasp Sarah's bra.

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Sarah then felt Elena's hot mouth around her nipple. Feeling this made Sarah begin to moan and squirm. Anticipating what was going on, Elena slipped her hand into Sarah's panties and slowly slipped a finger into the brunette's hot pussy.

"Oh God, you fucking slut. Fuck my pussy you god damn whore." Sarah screamed as her body began to shake with an orgasm. "Holy fuck, you're good." Sarah said sheepishly, coming down off of cloud nine. "I love when you talk dirty to me," Elena said. "Is that right, Bitch? Well take off your fucking clothes, now." Sarah barked at Elena. Without saying a word Elena began to strip her clothes and stood seductively over Sarah. "God give me that fucking ass, Slut" Sarah commanded Elena.

Elena then layed down on Sarah's bed and turned around so her ass was in the right position for Sarah.

After a moment of repositioning Elena felt Sarah's hot breath on her asshole. "Please, not there." Elena begged knowing what was coming "Shut the fuck up, Slut.

You're my god damn whore and you're going to like my wet tongue in your fucking asshole." Sarah said, with her face inches from Elena's' asshole. Both knowing she was powerless to stop this and the urge to have her asshole licked Elena remained motionless.

She soon felt Sarah's tongue on her asshole. At first Sarah slowly circled Elena's asshole, but quickly pushed her tongue past Elena's rosebud. This made Elena begin to moan like the whore she is.

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"Oh God, that feels good. Don't stop." Elena moaned into the pillow. With renewed vigor Sarah began to really get into Elena's asshole. Like a dog getting a drink for the first time, she thirstily lapped away at Elena's hot ass. Feeling Elena's moans of pleasure become more intense Sarah started to massage Elena's pussy. The young red head was not ready for this and soon began to moan quicker and quicker. "Fuck. Fuck.

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FUCK!!!" Elena screamed as the waves of pleasure washed over her. With Elena bucking and squirming Sarah had to hold onto her ass like a vise. Giving no quarter Sarah ate out Elena's asshole until she was certain that Elena was finished coming. "Holy fuck, you loved that slut." Sarah said. "I can't believe it, but I did." Elena replied, out of breath. Sarah moved up to Elena and started to kiss the young red head's neck. Wanting more Elena turned around and kissed Sarah softly on the lips. Elena could taste her ass on Sarah's lips.

Enjoying the taste she continued to kiss Sarah. The two lesbians became lost in each other's lips and nice black wang smashes great boobs woman cuddling for a long while the pair fell asleep.

The next morning when Sarah woke up she was sad to see that Elena had left. However, she soon found a note on her fridge with Elena's number and the message that read: "Your slut wants more. -Elena." Sarah couldn't wait to taste more of the red head's nasty asshole. ---- Hey guys this is my first story.

Please leave some feedback in the comments. I'd love to know what you thought about it, where'd you like the story to go, and how I wrote in general.

I'm always looking for tips and ways to improve. Please just constructive criticism only, no one likes a dick.Thanks for reading.