Stepmom gives a breast exam to stepteen

Stepmom gives a breast exam to stepteen
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For many years I had, as many of us do, fantasised about seeing my wife being fucked by a very large cock. As usual my ever faithful wife at first refused to entertain the notion, however after years of role play and fantasy chat she agreed to meet someone for her extra marital cock.

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However this story brings us to where we are now some 5 years after our first meeting and what an innocent threesome has now developed into. I have to say the meets we have now are the horniest and sexiest meets we have ever had.

………………… We had received a message from Mark on our favourite swinging site here in the UK and arranged a time and date that suited both of us.

That day I had been at work but Lucy had spent the entire day making the house perfect for our guest, then getting showered shaved etc.

When I got in she was doing her make up and had the underwear that she was going to get fucked in lying on the bed. She came over and kissed me, and I could tell how horny she was by the passion in which she kissed me. I slid my finger down to her pussy which was soaking wet, all I wanted to do was lick her sweet tight pussy right there but she pushed me out the room and told me to wait downstairs.

The next hour involved me sitting watching TV &hellip. We have been together since lucy was 16 and I 17 so now at 28 and dahlia sky all access pov pornstars hardcore I'm used to her taking so long to get ready. The time was rapidly approaching 7pm the time Mark was due to arrive and Lucy made her appearance.

She looked stunning, a size 12, 36B dyed blond she was stood there in her knee high boots with a very short skirt where I could see the tops of her hold up stockings with her shirt unbuttoned so you could see her pert breasts.

She wore this knowing smile that she always has when she's going to get fucked. Again I could feel my erection growing and again wanted to fuck her right there but she had other ideas! She also had 2 of my ties in her hand and when she saw me looking puzzled at them she straddled me and mackenzee is on the sofa getting banged hard snogged me.

"I want you tied up and blind folded when Mark gets here" she suddenly blurted out. This being one of our fantasies I readily agreed so firstly she got me to stand so she could tie my hands together then she sat me back down on the sofa and tied the second round my head. Once I was positioned she snogged me one final time before there was a knock at the door. After answering and hearing muffled voices they entered the living room where the sofa that I was on is positioned next to the door they entered through.

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Darren this is Mark, Mark, Darren &hellip. As funny as this sounds she always introduces her fuck buddies … I heard him laugh then I could hear them snogging. Being robbed of sight meant I could hear every slip of their tongues as they were only 2 feet away. She was moaning gently as I assume he had felt beneath her tiny skirt then I heard "Mmmmmmmmmmm that feels VERY big, let me let it out". I heard a zip and then him moan as she devoured his cock. Now cock sucking is one of Lucy's most favourite things and she is one of the most skilled women at sucking too.

For the next 10 mins all I could hear was the sloppy noises of her shoving an 8" cock to the back of her throat and the increasing loud grunting of Mark as she expertly was milking his cock. "I need to fuck you" Mark finally let out. He bent her over the sofa so her head was next to mine and furiously started to fuck her hard.

Her moans where driving me wild as I could here the slapping of his balls on her pussy as he thrust deep into her. Their breathing was getting louder and Lucy turned and told him she wanted him to cum on her tits when he was ready. A few minutes later and there was a lot of quick movement and again the unmistakeable sound of Lucy sucking cock then Mark screaming … "Oh fuck I'm cumming!!" He seemed to be groaning quite a bit and I could imagine in my head her covered in cum.

The smell was pungent in the air as Lucy was saying she had never seen so much cum.

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I thought they were going to get cleaned up but then I felt Lucy straddle me again. The smell of cum was intoxicating and smelt fantastic. "Do you like what you've heard so far?" She asked "Do you want me to fuck you know?" As she said this she un zipped my jeans pulling them down far enough for my cock to spring free and in one motion sat straight down as I slipped into her warm tight wet pussy.

As she snogged me she started to fuck me using me as I was still bound and blind.

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As she started to grind her pussy she started asking "You like seeing me cum on don't you? You like the smell of all that cum don't you?" … I was already near cumming myself so all I could whimper was "yeah babe". With that she grabbed my hair and forced my face into her cum covered tits!!

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Taken back at first she ripped off my blindfold and the sight that greeted me was the biggest load of cum … now smeared all over she looked at me and told me to lick it clean. As I dutifully obeyed, licking up all of Marks cum off my beautiful wife's pert tits I shot my load deep into her waiting pussy.

I have to say I enjoyed the feel and taste and she knew I had, as she got off my rapidly softening cock my cum running out of her pussy and onto my half naked body.

Mark said lets go upsatirs and leave him here for a bit. The fun continued and got much much dirtier. If you want to know how this ends let me know your thoughts and suggestions if everyone enjoys then I will post part2 … The Bedroom.