Stripper kiesha grey full story

Stripper kiesha grey full story
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This is a VERY bad story, you should not read it.

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If perhaps you like incest, slutty girls, horny wives, revenge and the occasional big cock. Well go ahead, but for the rest of you, especially if you are under age then GO AWAY My story starts a few years back my wife's cousin and her husband had stopped by for the holidays with their daughter Jackie.

To say she was an oops is an understatement. While her mom and dad are almost our age I was introduced as Grandpa Bob. Jackie certainly seemed to have no problem with it though.

Ellen and her husband appeared to be getting "frazzled" with keeping up with their younger girl and talked at great length about the problems they had with raising what appeared to be a good kid.

They talked about her "horrible" problem of sleep walking. I teased her just saying that she was just instinctively looking for something interesting to happen. When no one was in earshot Jackie started acting coy with me and asked what kind of interesting things could happen to her, you know, while She's sleeping. I didn't know what to say so then she said "mom's afraid that someone will see me when I'm undressed while I sleep walk. I told her that her mom was mor likely afraid of what someone might do with her while she's sleep walking.

She actually looked excited at hearing that. The others came back closer and Jackie held off from any more questions.

I started thinking about my moral dilemma with that break in talking. It was obvious that she wanted to flirt, I knew they were leaving soon so it wasn't like I was trying to put any moves on her. Jackie came back to me with her eyes lit in expectation, I knew she was going to ask about what could happen so I kept it short and gave in to the impulse.

When she asked, her voice was in an excited whisper, what could happen. I told her she could wake up with a boys mouth between her legs, or it could happen and she might wake up not even knowing that sunny leone x jor daar story happened.

That seemed to be exactly what she wanted to hear. But then she whispered to me "or it could be a mans mouth" then she ran off. After a bit and only when no one else was around she seemed to get her courage back up and came back to me. Now I knew she was flirting with me and I was just full of enough "holiday cheer" that I decided to stir the in-laws pot of problems.

Hell after all they were leaving shortly and I didn't see them that often. They didn't live far away, just they didn't visit much and neither did saucy erika pleasures a throbbing meat pole cumshot facial. I told Jackie that it was common for people to out grow sleep walking, but that it could still come back from time to time, even when some people think it's over with. Jackie just nodded her head, then I told her to be careful because sometimes people do things that they're familiar with when sleep walking, but not do them right.

She looked at me and I said they could sit on the toilet and walk away without their undies and never know it.

Honest to god she jumped and skipped away from me that time and I grabbed another beer knowing that I just went too far. The next day my wife got a call from her Sister saying that I made a big impression on Jackie who apparently thought the world of me. I had to smile at that, no point in upsetting the wife with the truth.

That little Jackie wants to show off her goodies. No further problem till the next weekend rolled around and we got the call from my wife's sister that they were hoping that Black guy boy xxx story sex stories could babysit. They didn't feel comfortable with a "normal" babysitter but Jackie hadn't had any more "episodes" for a whole week now so they were feeling like they could maybe go out for a change as long as they had family to watch Jackie.

Naturally I looked shocked, I knew what the little girl would be doing. My wife having no clue thought it was hilarious that I would be afraid of babysitting a little girl so she immediately accepted her sisters request on my behalf and started chiding me that girls weren't monsters.

Overall I thought I was a good husband, but when you know that someone is pushing you into a sexual situation, well it just does sort of ease a guys feelings of guilt.

Well the appointed day came and I was at the in-laws house. Everything about their departure seemed normal just to the last few seconds. Then my wife's sister turned to Jackie and admonished her with no sleep walking, act like a lady and don't you dare walk around in your night clothes. It was really the tone of her voice that shocked me.

The woman clearly had control problems and was particularly nasty sounding. Her husband just looked at me with a sort of helpless look regarding his wife's tone of voice.

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Once they were gone I asked Jackie what that was about, she just shrugged. I told her that as far as I knew it was normal for girls to walk around in their night clothes just before getting to bed as long as they didn't really show anything. Jackie's face lit up. She said "you mean I can walk around in my night shirt with you and not get in trouble?" I told her I wouldn't tell her mom and she was off like a shot. It wasn't bed time for another hour yet but I figured what the hell.

In a flash she was back with an oversize t shirt and I assumed panties underneath, really pretty normal looking stuff for a girl. But I could see her face was flushed and she sounded excited when she talked, saying that her mom wouldn't let her walk around her dad like this at all. Now I knew I was on to something, I asked if she wanted to be able to walk around her dad like this and she got embarrassed and looked down.

I gave her a hug to reassure her and said that I didn't mind and that it was sometimes normal for a girl to like her dad. Her face lit right back up and she said "you can be my daddy tonight" I didn't know where this was going but told her ok. She then began to bounce around the living room causing the night shirt to ride up and down giving me a full view of her panty clad bottom. I smiled and laughed and pointed out that I think she likes showing her daddy her panties.

She kept jumping and just said "you can look" Before long she was winded and red faced and breathing hard so I told her to stop and pulled her onto my lap. She squirmed in my lap and I asked her what else she would like her daddy to do with her. I got no verbal response but she took my hand and put it to her stomach and pulled in to have me hug her. I gave her a soft laugh and ran my hand up and down her front.

I rubbed over her chest and back to her stomach again. Her hands immediately went away and she leaned back into me. So I quietly asked do you like having daddy rub you? receiving an immediate quiet nod of her head. I gave her a soft Mmmmm and continued rubbing before asking if there was anything else she would like daddy to do.

Again her response was non verbal, she just quietly spread her legs while sitting in my lap, then softly said "rub more" I ran my hand down a little lower and said "more of you?" and was again met with another nod. I pushed my hand lower then back up again across her chest, back down finally feeling the start of her panty line underneath her t shirt.

When I started my hand on its venture back up it was met with her arm. She blocked my path so I moved back down, as my hand neared her panty line again she shifted her legs open just a shade more. I moved my hand all the way down rubbing my middle two fingers right along the slit of her sex through her t shirt and panties. She cooed and pressed back into my chest. Naturally I focused my efforts on her little slit, while I knew that I could probably just take what I wanted I decided that I wanted her more involved in our "game" I told Jackie that it was time for bed, she immediately turned to object but I was firm.

Then I admonished her about her sleepwalking and told her to be certain that she did not sleepwalk with her panties off as I had already warned her what could happen. Now her frustrations seemed to vanish. I carried her off to her bed and tucked her in, I think that she just about followed me out of her room.

I would say that within 2 minutes I heard the bathroom door, then I heard the toilet flush. Now I was presented with my Niece in law who calls me Grandpa shuffling towards me like she is sleepwalking and I know for certain that she is naked underneath her oversized T shirt.

I stepped out of her way as she shuffled into the living room, she took a seat in sleeping time xnxx mom bang brose large recliner and laid back opening her legs. I walked around in front of her and there was her little pink slit on display.

Right down on my knees I went, first just a good close look, then closer for her smell. She was already producing a nice musky aroma, then just my first tentative lick. She tilted her hips inviting me in for more which I responded to by placing my squirting breast milk in a little milk jar over her entire mons and gave a suck while then thrusting my tongue inside licking upwards.

As I did this I could feel her tense up holding her legs open for my access. I then proceeded to work on her little pussy for all I was worth, licking, sucking and being horny natural tit euro girlfriend sluts lick their pussy outdoors with her little cunt cream as she was lubricating right into my mouth. She tentatively started to lift her knees which I helped by lifting for her leaving her little slit obscenely displayed to me.

Not that I could see it since it was in my mouth but just the knowledge that she was willingly offering herself to me in such a wanton way was outrageously sexy. I continued my ministrations until I heard her gasping and tilting her hips while she clenched at her legs with her own hands pulling her legs apart for my oral ministrations.

After she had come down from her orgasm she began to get back up while pretending to still be asleep.

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I stood up and when she was standing I picked her up and began sitting down while placing her on my lap. I told her that it was ok, that I knew she wasn't sleeping, she immediately turned her head and said "its ok?" I told her that I loved doing that for her and also that I thought that what she really wanted was for her daddy, her real daddy to do things like that with her. She immediately turned away and looked down.

I continued telling her that, that was ok too. That I felt it was normal for a girl to get a crush on her daddy and that if she would like, that I would try to find a way to help her make it happen. So that her real daddy might be able to do the things that I just did.

She immediately spun around in my lap and gave me a hug, a very very tight hug. With that I told her that we were just going to have to become friends, that she would have to tell me everything that she wanted and also answer any questions that I had so that I could try my best to figure out a way to get this done. She immediately told me that she wanted her daddy to do everything that I had done, then quietly said "maybe more" I turned her head and gave her a quick peck on her forehead and mussed her hair.

I told her that my promise to her was that I would do everything that I could to make that happen. Aggressive cunt drilling for this lovely teen I couldn't promise that it would work, but that I would absolutely try. I began by asking about her mom, she looked confused but I told her that it was important.

I pointed out how her mom was so upset at the idea of her walking around in her night shirt. Did her mom ever walk around in night clothes? Jackie immediately laughed telling me no. That mom would never let anyone walk around in their night clothes. My questions continued till I had the realization that her mother did appear to be an almost vicious bitch.

They did sleep in the same bed but Ellen would often go to bed first and John would stay up late, on the computer. As frigid as Ellen was starting to seem I had no doubt that John was staying up at night to check out porn. There was an office off the living room with a small library and a desk in the center a computer was set up so that anyone walking in could not see the screen.

I told Jackie that she had done an excellent job in convincing them that she was a sleep walker. She started to tell me that she was but I pointed out that we were friends now and we had to be honest about everything so that I could help her.

She smiled coyly and admitted that she wanted to walk around in her night clothes in front of daddy, and trailed off. I smiled, gave her a kiss and told her she had a perfect start. Next I told her that she had to wait for a night that she knew both mom and dad were already in bed. Then go to the bathroom, leave her panties on the floor, pee in the toilet but not flush it. She seemed mortified, I explained that they already knew she was a sleep walker also that the sooner the better that she did this.

I also told her that when her mom was mad at her she called her sister who was my wife.

And that my wife told me what was going on, so that I wife sucks stranger at gloryholr be helping her by knowing what her mom was saying.

She certainly brightened up at that. Then I explained that she had to leave the pee in the pot so that when they found her panties they would know that she had sleepwalked to go to the bathroom. Forgot to pull her panties up and forgot to flush because she was sleeping.

That would explain why she was walking around in a t shirt with no panties. Now her face was beaming at me.

Now I explained that after mom and dad both knew that she had sleep walked to go potty that the stage was set for her to meet her daddy. That on a night when he was up late on the computer she was to go potty, leave her undies on the bathroom floor and then sit in a chair facing her dad while pretending to sleep.

That since she would be sleeping, she wouldn't cross her legs either. Jackie was jubilant, crawling up to my face with kisses. I told her that it was time now for her to put her panties back on. Her face deflated but was checked by my smile. I told her that we needed to practice.

For the next hour I was daddy in the computer room. Jackie would shuffle in and sit down legs spread showing off her girlish charms to me. I told her that if her daddies office door was closed that she would have to walk in. But that if it was open teen allys feet and tentacle finally shes got her manager dick crack so that she could see in and him out, that she should make enough noise to get his attention and walk past the door crack to sit in the living room, that this might be more believable.

So naturally we practiced that. By 11pm it was well past her bedtime and her parents were due home soon so I carried her off to bed, went back to the bathroom and picked up her panties which had been taken off and on more tonight then in the last two weeks.

Parted her legs giving her one last oral send off and pulled her panties back up putting them in place with a little rub. No sooner than I had wiped her little girl juices off my face and had a drink to cover my breath and I heard the key in the door. Ellen was drunk, John had a gleam in his eye, he was finally getting some tonight for sure. I smiled and jokingly told them that it was no where near as bad as my wife had tried to make me believe it would be and bid them good night.