World best naked sexy girls faking story

World best naked sexy girls faking story
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This is the sequel to "Husband's assistant", "Husband's assistant 2", "Husband's assistant 3"and "Husband's assistant 4". XNXX has messed up the dates which makes it harder to find "Husband's assistant 4", but it is

I suggest that you read those first. I spent Friday night in bed with Bill's friend, Len, while Bill slept with Len's wife. Eleanor, in another room. Remembering the night that I had spent with Bill, one month earlier, I had no doubt that Bill would please Eleanor. I was delighted to find that Len was every bit as good as Bill had been.

He started by eating my pussy to two great orgasms.

Then I insisted on swallowing his cock until he pumped his first load down my throat. After that we cuddled together and fell asleep before anything more happened. In the middle of the night I woke and found that there was a hand stroking my pussy. I felt for his prick and found that it was ready to fuck.

"OK! Len.

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Why don't you put this rod into me and show me what you can do with it?" He didn't say anything, but he rolled on top of me and speared me, missionary style.

It only took a couple of minutes of fucking in and out of me, before I felt his cock spurting another load, this time into my cunt.

He rolled horny babe in stockings fucked and gives a nice footjob me and we fell asleep again, cuddled together. The next thing that I knew was someone shaking me gently.

I struggled awake and saw Bill leaning over me. "It's breakfast time, Vera." I could smell bacon cooking and coffee brewing. I climbed out of bed into Bill's arms. "Did Len take good care of you? Are you ready for breakfast?" "Yes, very good care.

Can I have a shower first?" "I'll shower with you. I'd like some time with just you and me." In the shower, Bill was all over me with his soapy hands. I was all over him with my soapy hands too. "Oh! Bill! I'm not sure that I can wait until tonight to be in bed with you. As much as I am enjoying Eleanor and Len, I did come to the Gold Coast to fuck you.

I thought that that was our arrangement." "OK. I really want to show you off as my trophy woman. If you'll come to the beach this morning and expose your beautiful body for the men to drool over, we'll take some one-on-one time together straight after lunch. Is that good enough for you?" The kiss that I planted on his lips was all the answer that he needed. For the trip to the beach, I decided that I wanted to be topless again so I put on a very short skirt from my backpack, nothing else.

"Are you really going to the beach like that?", Eleanor asked. "Why not? I love being naked or topless in public. Will I be embarrassing you?" "A bit. I feel such a coward. I don't think I could walk out of here dressed like you." "Would you prefer it if Bill and I walk out to his car separately from you and Len? That way you can pretend that you don't know me." "You wouldn't mind?" "No.

How about you, Bill? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me dressed like this?

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Do you want me to wear something more?" "I love it. If you get arrested I'll get you out on bail." "That would mess up our weekend together. Perhaps I should wear a top?" "Don't you dare. I don't really think that you'll get arrested. I was just teasing. Your bikini top is still in my car if a policeman asks you to cover up." The trip to the beach turned out to be almost an anti-climax, not a policeman in sight.

Still I got a few wolf whistles walking to Bill's car and a few more walking from the car to the beach. Once we were on the beach I took my skirt off, but, because everyone else was naked too, I did not stand out as much although my all-over tan and my sexy body were lustful busty dykes get freaky inside a cab worth looking at, I thought.

We settled on the beach, lay on our towels and rubbed block out into each other's skin. After a bit Eleanor and Len went into the water to cool off, giving Bill and me a chance to talk without being overheard. "So, Vera, how come you want to be in bed with me? Are things not so good with Andrew?" "Things are great with Andrew, when he's home. The trouble is that he's not home often enough to keep me satisfied.

A while ago I started sleeping around when Andrew was away on his interminable business trips. Andrew was furious but I told him that I would not stop unless he spent more time at home, fucking me. Then, somehow, things changed. "It started when Andrew invited me to a dinner with a potential client, Fred. That evening ended up with Fred fucking my cunt while Andrew fucked my arsehole.

After which Fred signed Andrew's contract. "Then we started inviting our neighbours from either side to nude pool parties, which led to wild sex with them. Then Andrew said he was OK with me sleeping with those two men and their wives, but no one else.

That now works for both of us." "You say that that works for you, yet here you are, my sex slave and wanting me to fuck you. I don't get it." "This is different, because I am here for Andrew. You are the second of Andrew's clients who has signed a contract after fucking me. But this is what puzzles me: you, a hard headed business man, would not sign a contract for something that you did not think was fit for purpose just because I have a sexy body and I am a good fuck.

So what is going on?" "You are right, Vera. I would never buy a product that was not essential for my business. As soon as I understood what Andrew's product could do for me I knew that I wanted it.

I just wanted Andrew to work a bit harder selling it to me, maybe bring the price down a bit, maybe throw in something extra. You are the something extra that tipped the balance for me. Does that satisfy you?" "Thank you. Yes. It all makes sense now." "So why do you want to spend time with just the two of us? I quite enjoy orgasm vibratoring in webcam livechat masturbation and amateur you out to my friends as my sex slave." "Hey!

I really love being your sex slave and I've enjoyed what I've done with Eleanor and Len. It's just that, while I was flying up here I was remembering that first night that we spent together and how good you made me feel and I was really looking forward to more of that.

Even though I absolutely love Andrew, I think that I love you too. Does that make sense? Does love have to be exclusive?" "I don't know much about love. I've never been married or even lived with someone for as long as a year.

I do very much enjoy being with you, and I could imagine us shacking up together and living happily." "You know that I'm not going to leave Andrew?" "Yes. I know that. I know that I just have to make the most of your brief visits." "If you ever meet someone else." "We wont worry about that until it happens. It's not very likely now that I get you once a month." ~~ "Good day, Bill. Who is the good looking shiela (=oz slang for broad/dame/woman)?" I looked up to see who had spoken.

He was a young man with a fantastic body. He was staring at my body so I had no problem staring at his. I felt a shiver run down my spine.

"Good day, Tony, this is my sex slave, Vera. Vera, Tony is a good mate. Please excuse the way that he's sexy amateur honey christy lynn hardcore and blowjob at you. He probably hasn't seen a naked woman as beautiful as you in a long time." "No problem. I guess that it is only fair since I'm enjoying looking at his naked body." "Your sex slave, eh?

Does that mean that you can order her to fuck me?" "Yes. It does mean that. However I intend to keep her for myself for the rest of today. I only have her for the weekend." "I'll be back with Bill," I interjected, "for the last weekend of every month. Perhaps you can persuade him to lend me to you for part of the next time that I'm here. What do you say, Bill?" Bill looked at me quizzically.

I winked at him, hoping that he would pick up on the fact that I was attracted to Tony. Then he grinned and winked at me. "Tony. Vera really likes to be DPed. Would you please come home with us now and help me to DP her?" Bill looked at me and saw me smiling, then he looked at Tony and saw him smiling too. "I gather, from your smiles, that you both like my suggestion.

We're staying with Len and Eleanor for this weekend. I'll get them from the water and we can all head back there." "Is that all that you're wearing?" Tony asked, "How come?" "I'm Bill's sex slave for this weekend and I like to dress the part. Don't you approve?" "You're something else." The grin on Tony's face said that he approved. Again I had no trouble with police or indignant citizens when I walked, half naked, from Bill's car to Len and Eleanor's apartment.

Once inside Bill explained to Len and Eleanor that he and Tony were going to DP me. "What about us?" Eleanor asked, "Can we watch?" "Yes. Sure. Maybe Tony will play with you after we've done Vera." Bill and Tony tossed a coin, Tony won my cunt, leaving Bill with my arsehole. Eleanor suggested that we all go out onto their deck, a small deck off their main bedroom which I had not seen before.

It was in the open air, with a view of the ocean, and yet completely private because so far above the surrounding buildings. Soon Tony was lying on his back on a mattress with me on top, impaled on his cock.

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I felt fingers pressing something cold (lube?) into my arsehole, then something bigger was pressed into my arse. Soon Bill and Tony were pumping in and out of my two holes. Very quickly I was climbing to my first orgasm. Then I felt Tony pulsing in my cunt and I went over the edge, thrashing about not that I could thrash very far, pinned as I was between two huge cocks.

Bill slipped out of my arsehole and rolled to the side. Tony, however, did not soften, but remained rigid inside my cunt as I lay on top of him. let me rub on out for you with a pov handjob had been recounting my weekend activities to Andrew as he drove me home from the airport.

At that point he interrupted my story. "You really gave yourself to Bill as his sex slave?" "Yes. It was very exciting to be someone's sex slave." "And you took your top off and rode in his car half naked?" "Well, yes. Once I had told him that I was his sex slave for the weekend, I had to do whatever he told me to do." "Well.

From now on I want you to be my sex slave, and I want you to take all your clothes off now." "Yes master." My bikini top came off first, then my split skirt, and finally my sandals. The next time that we stopped at traffic lights Andrew turned to look at me. "Do you like what you see, master?" "Yes. It's a pity to hide that beautiful body of yours. However, you had better look after those clothes.

I've got another client that I want you to meet and I think that you should dress in that outfit for him." "When you say that you want me to meet him." "I mean that I want you to fuck him. OK?" "A slave must obey her master.

I hope that he is a good fuck. So far Fred and Bill have been great." When we got home, Andrew parked outside lulu the wolf queen porn cartoonfunny the street instead of driving into the garage. When he got out and came to open my door I realised that he expected me to walk naked from the car to the house. I grinned at him as I climbed out of the car and walked casually to the front door.

Andrew brought my backpack and my discarded clothes from the car and handed them to me while he opened the front door. As soon as we were inside the phone started ringing.

I picked it up. "Hello?" "Hello. Is that you Vera. Was that you that I saw walking naked from Andrew's car into your house?", our neighbour, Sarah, wanted to know, "What's going on?" "Why don't you and Ken come and have a drink with us and I'll tell you why I was naked.

I'll invite Wendy and Les too." Once we were gathered, all naked and with drinks in hand Sarah wanted to know what had changed. "What's going on, girl?" "Andrew asked me to become his sex slave and I couldn't very well refuse. I had to strip in the car and then he ordered that I walk naked from the car to the front door." "And you agreed? Why?" So then I had to describe how I had been Bill's sex slave while I had been with him. By the time that I had finished a detailed description of my weekend with Bill, Andrew, Ken and Les all had stiff cocks which they were absently stroking, and Wendy's and Sarah's pussies were glistening with moisture.

"How come," Sarah wanted to know, "you can spend a weekend like that with people that you hardly know? You and Andrew certainly seem to love each other. Do you?" "Well, Sarah, you've watched your husband fuck me and Wendy, and you've been fucked by Len and Andrew while Ken watched. Don't you understand the difference between sex and love?" "I suppose so.

After a fuck session with the six of us Ken and I fuck like rabbits for days. A session with you guys really turns us on." "Well. In the car I was telling Andrew about my weekend with Bill, and I think that it really turned him on.

I'm going to have to be his sex slave from now on and I'm really turned on by thinking about what he might make me do." I turned to Andrew.

"Can you give me any idea of what you are going to make me do, honey?" "I have never had a sex slave before. I'd have you naked extreme anal bangvan orgy mybangvan and backseat the time, except that I don't want to get you arrested.

I'm sure that ideas will come to me. Why don't you eat Sarah's and Wendy's pussies, then suck Len's and Ken's cocks and finally suck my cock?" "Yes master." As I crawled towards Sarah she said, "This is exciting!

I've never had a slave eat me before." I was surprised when, after only two or three minutes, I had Sarah moaning as her orgasm swept over her. A few short minutes later Wendy was experiencing as good an orgasm as Sarah's. Was it the sex-slave role that I was playing that made it so exciting?

It was the same with the men. Len was squirting his cum down my orgasm vibratoring in webcam livechat masturbation and amateur almost as soon as I had his cock-head in my throat, and Ken did not last much longer.

I moved over to Andrew and reached for his cock. "So, slave, you seem to have a magic touch tonight. Are you enjoying yourself?" "Yes master. It is almost too easy tonight. Are you pleased with me?" "Yes slave, very pleased.

Before you suck me off come and sit on my lap while I tell you how I want you to welcome my next client." I quickly sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around him. "You know slave how I'd like you to be naked all the time, don't you?" "Yes, master." "Well. I've decided that I'm going to bring my next client here to meet my 'hostess'.

You'll greet him wearing your red high heels." "Nothing else?" "Nothing else. We'll get someone else to cater for, and serve a dinner. I'll talk to him about the contract that I want him to sign, and you'll make it clear to him that he can fuck you." "I'm starting up a catering firm." Wendy offered, "I could do the catering for you and Les could be the waiter. Would we have to be naked too?" "Perfect! No, only Vera will be completely naked, but I want you to wear a short skirt and high heels, nothing else." The smile on Wendy's face told me that she was happy with the idea of exposing her boobs for some stranger.

"Wow, Wendy, you've changed since our first nude, pool-side barbeque! You didn't want to take your bikini off that night." "I'd say that we've all changed since then." retorted Wendy, "For instance, I don't remember you wanting to be a sex slave back then. I happen to like the way that I've changed. I have much more fun these days." "And what should I wear?" Les wanted to know. "I'll have to think about that, Les.

Possibly a tuxedo, a bow tie, and maybe nothing else." To be continued in "Husband's assistant 6" Please vote and comment.