Big titt milf mole on ass

Big titt milf mole on ass
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BH-8136 GANG RAPED VIRGIN by Paul Gable CHAPTER ONE "Hey, babe, what's a nice chick like you doin' down here?" "Ignore him," Julie Watkins whispered, leaning toward her friend. She kept her eyes on the three shabbily dressed studs standing in front of them on the boardwalk. "I told you we should have come down here to Venice," Janet Dennis whispered back, rubbing her fingers briskly over her upper arms. The young blonde teenager felt, a little nervous as she studied the men who had approached her and her girlfriend in front of the recreational pavilion.

They looked as if they might be members of some biker club, perhaps one of those involved in all that terrible violence going on down here in this beach community. She remembered reading about the shootings, the rapes, the reports of all sorts of crimes taking place in Venice.

Why had she agreed, gorgeous pornstar chloe james fucks her blonde girlfriend, to come down here with her girlfriend? "Hey, man, don'tcha like us? Man, you're sure fine, really fine," the tall bearded stud said, his voice becoming thick.

There was something in his eyes, something that both attracted and repulsed Janet. She couldn't stare at him. Her fingers were trembling, turning icy while her flesh started to crawl. Why didn't they leave, turn their backs and just walk away from these horrible men? "No, it's not that," Julie countered, smiling bravely after casting a glance at her mofos sexy latina babe gets fucked in tent. "It's just that.

well, you surprised us by coming up so fast." What was her friend doing? Janet looked at the attractive tall brunette with rounded eyes. It was getting dark. The wind was picking up from the southwest, blowing long bands of reddening clouds over the rolling surf and over the wide stretch of white sand.

The small crowd that had been down here this cool September day was already thinning, few of them glancing at this group in front of the pavilion. "We can get to know you two pretty fast," the tall bearded stud said, rubbing his dirty fingers over the sides of his Levi's.

Janet swallowed hard. She could well guess what the young man meant. Even though her mother had done her best to keep her ignorant of the facts of life, Janet had learned enough from her girlfriends at school. In bathrooms or in the cafeteria police wali ki sexy picture had heard about how guys were built, about how a guy's cock was soft and small until it got excited.

And then, wow, it could be over six inches long, maybe even ten! And then all that white hot stuff shot out of the tip, filling a girl up, maybe even getting her pregnant! Janet remembered how she felt when her girlfriends told her about sex, about fucking! She sat there like the rest of them, turning shades of pink and giggling nervously, wondering if someone was listening to them who shouldn't.

And all the while she had this hot feeling between her legs. When she moved, there was that soft, subtle rub of her cuntlips against one another and against her stiff clit that took her breath away.

She had glanced at the other girls, wondering if they felt the same way. No, she didn't have the courage to ask her friends, not even Julie who was so daring, so forward. Julie Watkins was going to get herself in trouble some day with the fast life she was leading! Those stories about her and her boyfriend Hank and what they did behind the house one summer night spread like wildfire through the school.

"I don't know. you guys got any stuff around?" Julie asked, sucking in her lower lip and biting down. She looked just like an impish elf, brushing her long brown hair back over her shoulders. "Julie!" Janet felt the wind picking up, stinging her face as the three studs looked at one another, their lips curling up into cynical smirks. Janet didn't like the way this was turning out.

Julie had suggested shooting down to Venice after school. They had just started classes this past Monday and already school was turning out to be a drag. Julie was able to drive her mother's car on Tuesdays and Fridays, and her mother wouldn't be home until eight tonight. That left the girls five whole hours to drive around.

As usual Janet left the destination up to her friend who seemed to know more about all the "in" spots. "Come on, Janet, you can't live like a mole all the time. We don't want any.

hard stuff. Just, well, you know, some pot or something," Julie said, straightening her back and tilting her head in an attempt to look older than she was. "I want to go home," Janet whispered, pulling Julie to one side while keeping her eyes on the three men. "Yeah, we got some stuff. But not here. The cops are around too much, you know. If you wanna come with us, we'll have us a little party." Janet shuddered. Didn't Julie understand what these guys were after?

Lewd college girl gets her tight holes on rod in porn scenes she knew they wanted to. to fuck them? She could see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices!

But her friend kept going on, talking with them, laughing easily and freely while the sky grew darker. Already the streetlights were turning on, casting their strange white glare on the boardwalk while residents were scurrying home. "We got some money. We'll pay, don't worry about that," Julie said, straightening her dress.

"Come on, let's get out of here," Janet whispered again, tugging her friend away. "Hey, little lady, come on, we ain't gonna hurt you. Yeah, we could use some extra bucks for tonight. It's the weekend and all that. Come on, it's just a short walk from here down by the canals." "Okay," Julie said, giving her friend a superior look, then moving away.

I should stay right here until she comes back, Janet thought as she joined Julie and followed the three men down Ocean Front Walk. It was madness, insanity to go with the strange men. and on a drug-buying deal to boot! Of course she wasn't horrified at the thought of Julie buying weed. The stuff was sold at school almost as freely as milk at the cafeteria lunch line.

She had tried it a couple of times at Julie's, although Janet wasn't sure whether she liked it or not. "Don't be such a prude," Julie said, pinching Janet's arm as they turned east on Venice Boulevard and crossed Pacific Avenue. "You said you wanted to have a little fun." "Yes, but I didn't think, I mean, I didn't know you were gonna be down here picking up guys. guys like that." Janet looked around her, God, it was getting darker, more creepy.

A few cars zoomed up and down the boulevard as they reached a small bridge. To the right she saw a long waterway wending its way toward the marina. Tumble-down homes and apartment buildings clung precariously to the grass-covered banks. A sour, pungent odor seemed to hang over the area, a smell far from, pleasant that grew stronger as the party descended rickety wooden stairs to a cement walkway.

"Careful here," one, of the men warned. "Lots of cracks. Fuckin' city don't fix nothin'." Janet picked her way carefully in the semi-darkness. A few lights in the homes were the only indication of life in the area. More than once Janet thought about turning around and going back to the car. She drew closer to Julie, wishing time would pass quickly so she could be back home in her boring community. This was the kind of excitement she didn't need. "Here we are." They stopped at the corner of two adjoining waterways.

"Don't worry," Julie reassured her. Janet smiled weakly, bugging her thin shoulders as they stepped into a one-story wood house on the canals. It was damp inside, reeking of a mixture of odors. Janet wrinkled up her nose as she walked in. Someone turned on a dim light that barely illuminated the place.

"Name's Jack," the tall dark-headed, bearded stud said, closing the door behind them and locking it. Yes, he locked it! Janet was sure! She had heard the snap of the bolt even if Julie hadn't. Should she say something? "That there's Bill and Greig." "Get the stuff, man. The girls gotta go," Greig, a tall wiry blond said, wiping his nose with the back of one hand. Janet moved behind her girlfriend protectively, watching the way Jack moved.

He seemed cocky, self-confident, even. yes, she had to admit it to herself, even sexy! In a moment he was back with a small plastic packet filled with marijuana. "You girls wanna try it first?" he asked, holding the packet out. "No." "Sure, come on," Julie countered. Jack had everybody sitting in a circle in spite of Janet's attempts to get her and Julie out of there as quickly as possible. Opening the packet and pulling some papers from his pocket, he rolled several wrinkled, hand-rolled cigarettes.

Janet held her breath. She rousing oriental from behind sex stockings and japanese it was good grass from the way the guys were smiling at Jack.

There was the sound of a match striking, the familiar smell of burning marijuana. They were passing it around. Janet took only a little, handing the smoldering thing to Jack again.

He took advantage of the moment to brush her palm with his fingers. The sensation was electric, thrillingly hot. "Wow, this is good stuff, you know, Janet?" Her friend was looking bleary-eyed. Janet didn't like this, didn't like it at all. She could feel the men closing in on them.

Janet scooted back slowly toward the door. If Julie weren't going to get out of here, then she was going to leave.

She had enough money for a cab. "Hey, where you goin'?" Jack asked, handing the stub of the joint to Greig. He was starting to get up, stretching out one hand toward her. Julie was swaying back and forth, mumbling something incoherent. Already Greig was making his move, rubbing her back with one hand while fondling her ass with the other hand. "I. uhhh. don't want any more." Janet's voice sounded funny. Janet got to her feet, feeling the room sway a little. Yes, she was high, but not as high as her friend.

God, what was that guy doing to Julie? He was feeling her up and down, nuzzling her neck, moving his hands around her ass. And Julie was laughing, throwing her head back and laughing while he touched her all over! It was more than Janet could stand.

She felt real panic as she backed up, one hand stretched behind her, feeling for the bolt. "That's cool. That's okay. You just sit there and wait 'til your friend gets through," Jack said, taking Janet's hand and pulling her away from the door. Janet resisted, tugging back. "No, please, I don't feel so good. I anal with emily thorne pornstars and european some fresh air and." "You just wanna get away." He smiled, his lips parting and revealing a row of white, square-cut teeth.

He was laughing at her, laughing at her weakness, at her vulnerability. The more she trembled in front of him, the more he was enjoying it. In the background she could hear Julie laughing, her laughter interspersed with moans that indicated something more than just pot smoking was going on. "Come on. Why don'tcha be more friendly like your pal over there?" Jack said, gwenanie rentre doucement dans mon petit cul fingers tightening around Janet's wrist until they hurt.

"Please, leave. me. alone!" Janet twisted around, trying to break his grip. But Jack was strong. IHe sneered at her while pulling her toward him. She could smell him, smell the dirt and grease on his clothes, on his body. Wrinkling her nose, she tried to pull back once more. When jody stuffs big tit milf alura jenson with his bbc found she couldn't, Janet panicked and thrust one knee toward his groin.

"Huh!" Jack had seen her move just in time to move, her knee catching the side of his body. "So, gettin' rough, huh? Man, I can get rough. real rough, you know?" The smile left, quickly replaced by a savage look that made Janet tremble. She felt her knees buckling, bending, as she sank to the floor. He was twisting her wrist around harder, his fingers tightening.

She could feel the bones cracking, the pain radiating up her arm to her shoulder. Tears sprang to her eyes as Jack astonishing playgirl loves fucking a lot hardcore and blowjob twisting her arm around. At the last moment he gave her wrist a sharp jerk that sent her to the floor. "Oh, let me go!" "No way, baby, not now," Jack said. The other two men had turned around to see what was going on.

Julie was out like a light. Her dress was hiked up to her waist, her panties pulled down to her knees. Greig and Bill had been feeling her up. Bill had opened his Levi's and pulled out his dick intending to fuck the unconscious brunette when he heard Janet cry out. "Hey, what's the matter, buddy, the bitch givin' you same trouble?" "Naw, just a little feisty, that's all." Janet felt a shock of horror shoot through her like a lightning bolt. She was in trouble, deep trouble!

And there was no one around who would help her. "What do you want from me?" she asked in a small voice, tears in her eyes. "What I usually get from the chicks Barbie sins gets dicked by driving instructor marc rose know around here," Jack laughed. "No, no, you're crazy, no!" Janet gasped, still tugging her arm, trying to get free. Her knees scraped along the dirty wooden floor. "My mother'll call the police when she finds out and they'll." "Cut it out!" Jack snapped.

"You keep talkin' like that and you'll never see your old lady again, unnerstan'?" "No, no, I'll scream!" she threatened, terror blotting out her common sense. She felt her skin tighten around her eyes, felt tingles rushing up and down her spine while her legs cramped. "And who's gonna hear you, the dogs around here, the illegals who live next door?

They're so fuckin' scared of the cops they don't even come out at night, 'less they have to. They ain't gonna help, believe me, baby." "No, help, help!" Jack muttered something, bending down and slipping his free hand wound her opening mouth.

His coarse palm pressed tightly against her lips. "Get up." He jerked her to her feet, wrapping one hand around her waist and shoving her back. Janet struggled, her knees bumping hard against his.

He was twisting her head, shoving it against the wall behind her. Some of the guys were saying something about fucking her, about them all wanting to fuck her! Janet screamed against the filthy hand covering her mouth, struggling to get her arms free, to hurt him. If only she could hurt him, drive him away so she could get to the door and escape! "Unnghhhh!" And then suddenly that arm was gone from around her waist. What was he doing? She felt him fumbling, then heard the sound of jingling.

Glancing down, the girl was able to see that Jack and tugged off his trousers. He was naked from the waist down, something very long and dark pink sticking out from between his thighs. His cock! Yes, that's what it was! It was his dick, that thing she and her girlfriends had laughed and giggled about over lunch. There was nothing funny about it now! He was going to rape her, going to stick that thing into her virgin cunt! And she had always thought it would be a man she cute asian smacked her face with a cock who would break her cherry who would make love to her so passionately that she wouldn't feel that notorious pain she'd heard so much about.

Again Janet tried jerking her knee up, tried kicking him in the groin. But Jack was pressing too hard against her, shoving his dick against her dress, moaning into her ear while dry-fucking her.

"Come on, Jack, com'n fuck the little bitch. That's what her fuckin' friend came here for, betcha. But she's out, man. Ain't no fun fuckin' some corpse. You got a live one, buddy," Greig called out. Janet cried out once more. Jack grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling down so hard he nearly tore it from the roots. She choked and gagged, hating his hot, pungent smell. That awful hand stayed over her mouth.

God, good God, don't let it happen. Please don't! But even as she prayed, Janet knew it would do no good. The men were going to go through with it no matter what, going to fuck her and do something perhaps much worse. She would become yet another statistic in the increasing crime rate of Venice. "Yeah, baby, yeah, we're gonna have ourselves a lotta fun. a lotta fun," Jack whispered, clamping his hand even more tightly over her mouth. CHAPTER Bigbutt xxx xx storys in ebony laguvege baby, when I get through with you, you ain't gonna be able to piss for a week," he hissed, feeling her up and down.

Janet cringed, more tears flooding into her eyes and rolling down her flushed cheeks. "Yeah, you're gonna be fucked, really fucked. Girls around here come knockin' on the door in the middle of the night for my dick.

You got yourself a real gift, know that? Man, you're gonna be cock crazy, thinkin' nothin' else except cock.

inches of dickmeat, baby, cockmeat goin' into your cunt, spreadin' you apart, reachin' down into you, unnerstand?" The words burned shamefully into Janet's ears. She hated him, wished she could jab her knee into his balls, and crush them.

Instead all she could do was stand there, pinned to the wall by this hideous man while he pressed his filthy cock against her and whispered all those terrible things into her ear! "Maybe I oughtta make you suck it first. Lots of chicks turn onto that, you know suckin' dick? Take it in your mouth and move that tongue around it nice and slow while you suck real hard." "Yeah, suck dick," Greig whispered, rubbing his long, thin cock. "Greig over there digs it, digs watchin' chicks goin' down on him, movin' their fingers around his balls while they suck him off.

Most guys dig it, you know, suckin' cock like that. You wanna do it, baby? You wanna get that dick in your mouth and go down on it, gimme good head, baby?

Swing on a dick?" Stick that thing in her mouth? Janet had heard of girls who did it. They said it wasn't so bad and it was even kind of a turn-on.

And they didn't have to worry about getting knocked up if the guy popped off between their lips. Still, the thought of putting a man's cock in her mouth wasn't terribly exciting to Janet. She tried jerking her head away from Jack. He tugged on her hair hard, making her sob out in pain. Her toes fanned out until they cramped when Jack shoved up against her, digging the head of his dick hard against her thighs.

She wasn't going to scream again, wasn't going to make him angry. God only knows what he was capable of! He and the others might enjoy really hurting her, killing her and Julie even!

"Better," Jack murmured into her ear, his wet mouth slobbering over her lobes. "You're gonna be a nice girl, right? You ain't gonna give Jack and his buddies any more trouble, are you? Baby, you play right with me and we'll do good by you." His breath stank with beer and pot.

The hand around her mouth relaxed a little, the other remaining tangled in her hair, keeping her head close to the wall. For a moment Janet thought she would faint. How good that would be. She could be like her friend Julie who had passed out on the floor, completely oblivious to the horror going on around her.

"Down on the floor, baby. We're gonna fuck like a couple of dogs. a bitch and her stud, right? Man, this is gonna be freaky, real freaky!" Janet groaned as he pulled her down, down to the floor. The next moment the blonde teen felt Jack grab her by the buttocks.

He pinched her hard, making her squeal. "Yeah, man, she's a live one, a real fighter," Jack whispered, watching Janet squirm on the floor as he kept hurting her. "She ain't gonna be so live after the three of us get through with her," Bill said, sliding away from the unconscious Julie who was now slumbering peacefully some ten feet away. Jack's hand started exploring all over her body.

It ran excitedly over one side, feeling bits of flesh through her blouse and skirt. When his fingers ran under the hem of her skirt and tried to move between her thighs, Janet panicked once more, clamping her legs together and crying out. "No, no, don't touch me. there. Please, I'll give you anything. I have money. Please, don't! Don't do that, don't touch me!" Jack laughed at her mounting terror, enjoying her frantic pleas for mercy.

He reached around, tearing at her blouse now, pulling at her sweat-dampened blouse until the sound of ripping material filled the room. Janet cried out, feeling the garment shredding, then pulling away from kim seemed a little shy at first but once her clothes came off she showed us a whole other side of h body.

He was stripping her naked, baring her tits! "No!" She could feel his hands sliding between her legs once more, his palms pushing hard against her soft, silky flesh. Her tits were free, flattened out against the filthy floor. Turning, Janet let out a gasp of horror.

It was futile, she knew, to maryjo gets nailed and filled all holes at one night stand with hidden cam and keep him from touching her there. They could easily fuck her now, flip her over like a pancake and jam their cocks into her with little trouble. But they were enjoying this playing, this toying with her, watching her twist and groan and beg them. "No, oh no!" Stretching out her right hand, she curled her fingers and dug frantically at the dirty, wood planks beneath her.

She fought with every bit of strength, trying to keep Jack's fingers away from her cunt. But it was useless. Her straining legs finally opened from the force of his pressure. With a grunt, Jack shifted position, rolling on top of her, his thick-muscled thighs sliding easily on top of her buttocks.

"Ummmooofff!" His weight suddenly on her ass and back nearly crushed all the air from her. "Stop! Oh please, no, no, not yet. I'm not. oh God, no, no!" Her breaths came in short, shallow pants. It felt as if she were drowning as she struggled. He was laughing again, pulling at her hair, humping his dick against her ass, grabbing at her shoulders, her thin arms, his knees pressing hard against the backs of hers.

Dear God, if only she could pass out! "Man, she's hot and fine," Jack sighed. "Yeah, she's gonna be real good, a real good fuck. Yeah, gonna have a nice tight cunt. You ever fuck before, baby? You ever have a guy slide his cock into you?" "No!" she sobbed, clenching her fingers into two fists and beating them against the floor. "A fuckin' virgin! Ain't many of those runnin' around. I hear even the nuns over at Saint Pat's put out," Jack laughed, shoving his solid hard dick hardcore fuck with beautiful teenie blowjob bigcock against, her pussy.

He pulled up her dress around her waist and now he was jamming his dickhead against the nylon crotch panel of her panties, pushing the soft material into her cunt crack! Again Janet groaned, struggling against Jack, against his cunt-hungry dick. "Leave me. alone! Please!" More hands, more fumbling. He was reaching around her waist, tearing the buttons from her waistband, ripping her zipper open, tugging at her skin. She felt him roll to one side, felt him sliding the garment down her legs.

"Nice ass, real nice." She felt his hot fingers through the sheer nylon, felt them pinching her buttocks, sliding up and down the panty crotch, feeling how. yes, oh God, yes, how hot she was down there! It was true, too awfully true! Besides the true sense of horror Janet felt something else was happening down there between her legs, something she didn't want to think about, something she couldn't understand. All this horrible talk and rough handling were turning her on, making her feel so soft and mushy and wet between her white shivering thighs!

"Man, the little bitch's hot! She digs it, really digs it!" Jack whispered. Janet moaned. She rocked her hips, feeling her cuntlips slipping and sliding against one another, feeling the velvety lining of her pussy seeping more and more hot juice that dampened the thin nylon covering her cuntal mound. Janet knew Jack felt her excitement, felt her warmth and wetness with his probing fingers. She gasped as two of his fingers pushed inward against the crotch-panel of her briefs, rubbing her cuntal mouth.

Tightening her thighs, Janet felt herself pushing down and back, raising her ass up slightly as if to give that horrible animal more of her cunt to touch, to feel! No, no, it couldn't be true, it couldn't be true that she was doing that! She wasn't a whore, not like some of the girls at her school. Her mother had told girl toying her pussy while going for a ride masturbating pornstars about girls like that, about how they wound up being laughed at and scorned by decent people!

But Janet couldn't hide her feelings. Jack was exciting her, making her feel so warm, wet and squirmy down there with all his damned fingering!

"Uhhhh. nooooooo!" How she wished he could stop. Again and again she begged him to ease up, to take his fingers out, to let her go. The other two crowded around, watching breathlessly as their buddy began his long, slow fucking spree with Janet.

She could smell their crotches, and once more she thought of what Jack had said about sucking dick. Would they make her do it, take their cocks in her mouth and suck while he fucked the shit out of her? The thought knifed through her mind as she felt Jack's, fingers curl around the elastic waistband of her panties then pull down.

"Can't fuck through this!" She felt the rub of the wet material over her thighs, over her knees, then slip off her ankles.

"No! Oh no!" Jack was back on top of her, covering Janet with his hard, hot, muscular body. "Poor little girl. You don't look so comfortable. Too bad. You're gonna feel good, though, when I finally stick my dick into you." "Help!" Janet screamed. Jack growled, hitting her across the back of her head. "You scream again and I'll punch the shit outta you 'til your fuckin' ribs break," he snarled.

Janet knew he meant it. She blinked away the stars that had exploded in front of her eyes. "Jesus, look at that cunt. It's a shame no one's touched it 'til now," Bill commented in a hoarse whisper. "Ain't gonna be for much longer." Janet knew this was the moment of truth. Realizing what was about to happen, this horny slut loves to fist her pussy extreme insertion and baseball bat struggled wildly.

She opened her mouth again, letting out a wild shout. Jack swore at her, then clamped his dirty palm over her lips, pressing them against her teeth. "No, no, please," she gasped when his hand slipped off her mouth. "Please, what, fuck you?" Jack snarled. "Oh no, no!" Janet twisted her head around. She saw Julie still slumped to the floor, one hand now over her face, sleeping peacefully in her drugged stupor. How she wanted to kick her friend! "Fuck, baby, really fuck it out." Jack reached down and squeezed Janet's rounded assglobes, digging his fingertips hard into her resilient flesh.

He kept telling her about how he was going to fuck her -- real hard at first, then easing up, only to fuck her like an animal at the end. Then he moved his fingers down, until they were pressing against her furry cuntal mound. He tugged at some of the short curly hairs, making her squeal with pain and terror. She felt sick with disgust, knowing that this horrible excuse for, a man was about to sink his dick into her pussy. She felt Jack's hand coursing over her naked outer thighs.

He was playing games with her, teasing her crawling flesh, painfully kneading the white skin into tight little balls, pinching them in his fingers. He pinched her inner thighs until she cried out again. He loved doing this, hurting her, degrading her, calling her all sorts of names while jamming his dick up and down over her butt.

She whimpered in horror and anguish. "Keep it up, baby, keep it up. Ask me not to do it. Man, that turns me on, really turns me on!" he groaned.

She felt him rubbing her asscheeks, spreading the cheeks apart, rubbing his filthy nails into her wet hot ass crack. She groaned, rubbing her pussy against the floor, trying to move her ass away from the stud's probing hands. "Stop this!" she shouted. "Bill, get over here and shut her up!" Janet struggled more violently than before, twisting her body half around, propping up on one elbow while jerking her head to one side peering through the blonde hairs curtaining her face, she saw Bill kneeling next to her, his long skinny dick wagging in front of her face.

Shrinking back, Janet let out a choked cry of horror. "No, no!" Bill grabbed her hair, jerking her head up from the floor and shoving it against his lap. He was rubbing her nose against his hairy crotch, his breath coming in wheezy gasps. How awful, how disgusting! His wiry cock hairs brushed against her nostrils! "No! Ughhhhh!" The smell, that awful sour smell coming from his crotch did something to her, made her cuntal muscles cramp, her pussy walls buckle from sexual heat and tension.

She shouldn't alluring crook fucked by a cop in front of her friend feeling things like this, but Janet man tiger xxx full vido help herself.

It was as if all the training she had received from her mother, from her church, from her school had melted away in a few moments, replaced by this horrible dark force creeping over her mind like a fog.

"Yeah, baby, yeah." Bill sighed. He tall model pleasing herself on the couch forcing her face harder against his crotch.

Janet felt her nose flattening against his groin. He was forcing her to inhale the stench coming from his crotch. She felt his blood-filled cock rubbing against her lips. Janet tried twisting away again, away from the fat thing sliding back and forth over her closed mouth. But Bill was holding her head, tugging at her hair, making her groan through her clenched teeth in pain. Her knees pressed hard against the floor. Both men were trying to rape her -- one in the cunt, the other in the mouth!

Bill, shoved her face harder against his crotch. At the same time Jack was sliding his dick back and forth, forcing it down into her sweaty butt crack while pinching her thighs and asscheeks.

"Gonna fuck her now," Jack whispered. He reached between her thighs with one thumb, digging his fingers into her asscheeks. Slowly the young stud was shaving his thumb into her tight little cunt. "Nice and wet, man. You ain't gonna have too much trouble takin' my cock. The way you're juicin', man, it's like you been wantin' something like this to happen for a long time." No, no, he was lying, trying to make her feel cheaper, more skittish than she already felt.

Again Bill jabbed his cockhead against her lips, swearing through his teeth, jerking up at her hair in an attempt to get her to open her mouth. The thumb slipped deeper and deeper into her crack. Once Janet tried opening her mouth to cry out, then she felt Bill's dick almost slip in. But overriding all, her feelings was, that thumb, that awful thumb now shoved against her cherry. Now Janet felt pain, the pain, of that thin little membrane puckering in, threatening to tear with the slightest increase of pressure.

Janet stiffened arching her back, her body shivering as if someone had touched it with a live electric wire. The pain increased. It was pure agony. Only the pressure of Bill's prick against her lips kept her from screaming out. And then it happened!

Something tore, ripped free from her pussy. Janet could feel it giving way under the pressure of Jack's thumb. Her eyes wide, the girl screamed, her face blanching white as her legs kicked out. "Yeah!" Bill groaned, hunching down and forward.

The head of his cock slipped between her lips, sliding down toward the back of her throat. Janet gagged, sour bile rising from her belly. He had done it, had actually shoved his dick into her mouth! With a sob, she jerked her head away, spitting that filthy thing from her mouth. "Hey, look at this," Jack mia khalifa her melons with gigantic black cock, holding up one thumb.

"She was a virgin after all. She's bleedin' down there. Well, fuck, the blood'll only make things nice and smooth in there when I fuck her." "Come on, baby, what's the difference any more? Come on and suck my dick," Bill growled, tugging at her hair once more and trying to slip his cock into her mouth.

"And let me tell you," Jack went on, "she's got one hell of a tight cunt. for now. When I get through with her, though, it's gonna be a little wider." Janet shivered, terrified that this was only the beginning of a nightmare. CHAPTER THREE Janet's melanie rios cute teen is at it again jerked involuntarily again, convulsing, as she tried wildly to wrench herself away from Jack's thumb.

That awful thumb! It made her sick to know she'd lost her cherry to a thumb, to a hand belonging to a complete stranger. All her dreams were shattered in an instant, that moment Jack's filthy thumbnail tore through her cherry, tearing with it her hopes for a bright happy future.

"Unnghhh!" Again Janet fought to keep from retching. Her belly ground against the floor as she squirmed away from that horrible thumb. Her buttocks clenched together, her knees scraping along the floor while Bill was still trying to jam his dick into her mouth. Janet screamed loudly, having torn away from Jack's hand one more time. If only someone outside could hear her, answer her cries for help by calling the police.

"Yeah, she's a virgin, all right," Bill said, staring at Jack's pink thumb. Janet felt him inserting another finger into her cunthole, trying to squirm two digits into her snatch. She cried out again, her shoulders jutting out, her knees slapping hard against the floor.

Every muscle in her body cramped with the effort she made to wiggle away from his terrible hand. "No, oh God, you're. killing meeeee!" "Shut up," Jack almost shouted, leaning over her as he pulled his thumb and forefinger out of her cunt. Janet sighed, relaxing for a second as the pressure eased around her cuntmouth.

"Just keep quiet and rein, and maybe you'll dig this as much as I'm gonna." "Oh! Ohhhhh!" Jack reared back, reaching down and tugging her buttocks apart. He kept them spread wide as both his thumbs smoothed over her asscrack, then slipped lower and lower until -- oh God -- he was touching the dripping lips of her cunt.

She was wet, hot, really hot for his fingers, for his cock. It was shameful for Janet to realize, but her own body was betraying her. One part of her mind was repulsing the big man hovering over her, pushing him away, wishing she could somehow escape from him and his friends.

And yet another part of her was wanting more degradation, wanting him to shove her into the mud and drag her through filth, all the while exciting her cunt with those magic fingers. "Fuck it out, baby, fuck. Man, juicin' still, can't keep from stoppin', can you?" How she wished she had a gun, a knife, anything to kill him, destroy that animal who made her see herself in this awful light. His fingers slipped up and down, jagged nails teasing the tense, rubbery edges of her inner cuntlips.

Janet jerked her body to one side, clawing at the floor until two of her nails broke. Her heated cunt began lubing up, and the slick liquid started mixing with what little blood there was from her ripped cherry. "No. no more, please. ughhhhh! No more of this," she groaned, sobbing with renewed humiliation. "Good and hot?" Greig asked, caressing his cockhead. He wanted to fuck the young girl in the ass, whispering his needs to Jack. "Yeah, yeah, maybe later you can butt-fuck the bitch.

Right now I just wanna get my cock into the motherfucker and let it ride." Butt fucking? Fucking in the ass? Janet froze with horror. She had heard about that sort of thing just as she'd heard about girls sucking off guys. But mostly fags did that kind of fucking.

or so she thought. Certainly none of the girls at school admitted to letting their boyfriends tap them in the ass. Just the thought of having something that big and fat and long sliding in and out of her bowels made Janet shiver. Her mind spun with fear and humiliation. She sobbed, feeling Jack's fingers come in contact with her pussy.

Very, very slowly she felt him spreading her cuntlips apart. The fleshy, fur-lined labes of her hot trench were wide open now, revealing the moist pink cuntmeat ready to take on his dick. Jack smacked his lips like a hungry wolf, swallowing down his excitement, grabbing hold of his cock with one hand and guiding it down toward her hole.

"Ohhhh. yeah, yeah," Jack whispered, his body trembling as his cockhead slipped between her widely spread cuntlips. "Unnnghh!" Janet closed her eyes, feeling waves of nausea, disgust, self-loathing and delight all mixed together. She twitched, jerking forward, her chin striking the floor hard. He was trying to fuck her, but her cunt was too tight, too tense for him to get all the way in.

His dick bent at the center, the head refusing to go past her outer cuntlips. "She tensed up on me at the last second, damn it!" Jack muttered, pulling his dick out. "No, no, noooo!" He was back to touching her pussy with his fingers, sliding the middle one up, flicking the tip along her clit. He teased the edges of her soaked cunt, his long finger continuing its maddeningly tickling journey down, down until it was going around once more on her clit.

Janet closed her eyes, groaning long and loud as his finger worked its way along the slick length of her narrow slit. More and more juice seeped from her hole, wetting down Jack's hand and her inner thighs.

She was trying to come off as the reluctant virgin and yet there she was, shamelessly wetting herself in front of these awful men! "Nice bitch, good bitch," Jack whispered. He was trying to loosen up her cunt.

"Now look, baby. I can jam my cock in and it's gonna tear you up. Now, the best thing's to relax, understand? Shit, loosen up and you'll dig it. But you keep tightening up on me and I'm gonna fuck you whether you like it or not." "Not again, not again," Janet groaned, begging, pleading, even corno leva negao pra comer o cu da sua mulher em casa again as his long finger moved from the edges of her cunt into the tight little opening.

"Don't. don't. oh God, don't." Jack dug his knees harder against the backs of her legs and jammed his finger all the way in. Janet groaned another low, soft moan as her warm thighs closed jerkingly around his wrist. Jack smiled, shaking the sweat off his face.

Yeah, he'd finally touched her, finally got through to the stupid little cunt. She was warming up fast. "Good, good." Jack felt her cuntal flesh grip and slide around his inserted finger. The stretched walls of her pussy widened, then snapped shut in a wild, clutching motion.

Janet's pussy repeated that exciting movement again and again, her ass jerking up each time her pussy muscles clenched and clamped hard around Jack's finger.

Her cunt sucked so solidly that Jack thought for a moment it was going to pull his finger out of joint! "Unnghhh. yeah, she's startin' to loosen up again. Man, for a second there I thought I'd have to knock the bitch unconscious just to get in," Jack said, moving his finger around and around. "She's gonna be one tight fuck, but, man, she's gettin' wetter and wetter.

And it ain't blood. Man, look at the way she's lubin' herself up." Bill and Greig peered over his shoulder and watched enviously as their buddy kept stroking his finger in and out of Janet's sucking fuckhole. "Ohhhhhh!" Janet wept, sobbing with shame and complete humiliation. She was trapped in this awful neighborhood, a place she didn't want to go to in the first place.

She had to be shamed by these men who had to be the lowest scum in the world. What was even worse was the way she was disgracing herself in front of these animals, giving them cause to believe she actually wanted this, that she actually wanted them to. fuck her. "No! No!" "No, what baby? You know I'm gonna be fucking your pussy in a sec, right?" That awful ward -- fucking -- came up now to mock her as she lay flat on the floor, her tits pillowed under her, her nipples long and hard and dark red.

Her tight, narrow fuck chute was slowly getting bigger. Little by little it was getting wetter and wetter as that stud's dirty finger kept moving around inside her. A weird sense of regret overwhelmed her as the pain diminished. The one thing she didn't want to feel was building -- that wonderful hot tightness she'd had occasionally felt when a boy touched her on the legs.

If this kept on, Janet knew she would more than submit to these animals. She would want exactly what these monsters wanted. She would act out their fantasies of a raped woman begging far more dick, pleading her attackers for more pain, for more stimulation, as she writhed like a bitch in heat under him. No, no, Janet swore she wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Janet opened her mouth to scream again. And again Bill slipped his cock in, reaching down and keeping her jaws apart with both hands.

There was an awful taste oozing down her throat as his dickhead bumped over her teeth and touched her tonsils. Janet gagged, coughing and retching, as she instinctively tried to rid her mouth of that awful thing. She could hear Bill sighing and groaning on top of her, his legs hitting her head, his fingers pressing against her jaws, as he started pumping his dick in and out of her mouth.

For a second the young blonde, teen thought she was going to vomit. And then help came from an unexpected quarter.

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"Hey, knock it off. You're fuckin' up my screwin', man. You'll get your chance maybe," Jack barked, reaching out and pushing Bill away. Janet would have mumbled out a thanks if she could. Bill's dick was out of her mouth in a second. She coughed several times more, shaking her head, shivering at the thought of what had nearly happened!

A cock in her mouth -- a man's dick in her mouth! Never, never in her life would she have suspected it! And yet it had happened, happened here hard fucked anal bitch with big curvy tits Venice while her best girlfriend slept peacefully away some ten feet from her. "Yeah, yeah." Family, friends, everything was being swept away by the thrills building up inside of her. And then she felt that probing finger slip from her cunt once more.

She felt Jack sliding between her thighs behind her, felt the head of his hard cock brush over her asscheeks as she lay there helpless. Now, the sensation of his long, thick cock lay full-length against her fuck-slit.

Oh God, it was huge, really huge! Often in school her friends laughed about the different sizes of a guy's cock. Some of them said their boyfriends had nearly nine inches. Nine inches! Of course, Janet laughed at them. She'd heard from other sources that most guys were six inches or less. Well, obviously those other sources hadn't met Jack or his gang.

Jack's cock had to be at least nine, possibly ten inches long. And the circumference! Oh, it was going to be like getting fucked by a barber pole! "Ughhhh!" Jack rested the head of his cock between her spread thighs, rubbing it continually up and down, up and down.

In a moment Janet thought she would go insane. His cock was teasing her flesh maddeningly, making the girl twist and writhe helplessly in an attempt to escape from the pressure, and yet to seek for more. Her helpless cunt lay there like a big red wet target, just waiting to be pierced! "Oh, oh! Ohhhh!" Her face was red now, pinched and tight, a mask of pain and horror.

Jack was guiding his cock down, down between her buttocks. Not once did his heavy prick lose contact with her hot cuntflesh as it moved lower and lower. "Man, you hold 'er steady. I'm goin' in and I don't want her wigglin' me out," Jack said, turning to Jennifer love live of jl sc private gold quad desert anal fury and indicating with a nod he was ready. Bill reached down and took a handful of Janet's hair once more, turning her face up to look at his.

"Okay, bitch. You didn't want my dick. So now you got the big man's cock goin' in. This is the big one, baby, the big one." His words seared her soul. Janet trembled, feeling the pressure building up against her pussylips.

She felt her inner lips spreading, spreading widely apart as the pressure of his cockhead became greater. The rim figure size 34 28 34 her pussy tried once more to clamp down. But this time Jack was deeper into her cunt. He laughed at her desperate attempts to force his cock out. She let out another long, low moan from between her clenched teeth. "Nooooooo!" Jack eased up, shook more sweat from his head, then shoved down harder, his hairy buttocks shaking with the increased tension.

His knees hurt her legs as they dug against the soft flesh! Janet sucked in a ragged breath, smelling the awful odor that seemed to permeate the room. Slowly, gradually, her tight little cuntal opening was stretching, widening, giving way under this man's insistent pressure. Janet let out another cry, her fingers scratching at the floor again. "Fuck it out, baby, fuck me!" Janet shuddered as she felt the boring mass of stiff cockflesh start fucking its way into her.

Her legs kicked out once more. She cried and sobbed while Bill and Greig laughed at her. Jack was fully on top of her, his chin resting on her shoulders. He was fucking her like a dog, like the poor bitch she was. Yes, she deserved to be fucked in the streets, fucked naked like this.

Again Janet's legs kicked out violently, hitting Bill's shin. "Aaaaayyyyyaaaghhhhh!" she shrieked. Janet twisted her head from side to side, arching her back as much as she could, trying to keep the stretching pain of her fuck from being too much for her to stand. Shock wave after shock wave of pain shot through her as her pussy was stretched to the tearing point.

Bill's hand tugged at her hair one more time, reminding her not to jerk around so much. "Oooohhhhhh, yeahhhhhh." She felt his awful breath blowing against the back of her neck. He was on top of her, pinning her to the floor, driving his cock up her cunt.

Fucked. Yes, she was getting fucked, pierced by that awful man, that total stranger. Damn Julie! Damn her and her wild ideas! Nothing was happening to her while she, Janet, was being screwed by this terrible man! "Fuckin' shit, wet but tight. Man, I like this. I could cum right now, shoot off in her fuckin' cunt right now damn this!" Janet groaned with horror. It felt as if Jack were tearing her body right down the middle. She felt as if she were being skewered all the way up to her pounding head.

His giant hunk of dickmeat lodged inside her cunt felt immense -- as if it would tear her lungs out of her! She couldn't believe her pussy was able to hold that much meat without being injured somehow.

No, she would never be the same, never be able to look at another man. He had ruined life for her, had spoiled everything in a moment. "Unghhhh!" Janet moaned once more. Bill had given up trying to shove his cock into her mouth. But still he jammed her face against his thigh each time she tried to scream, rubbing his cock and balls over her nose and lips, teasing her like that, making her shiver with renewed horror at the possibility of having his dick shoved down her throat. "Christ, she don't let up for nothin'," Jack moaned, jerking his head back and sucking in a long, deep breath.

Janet wondered if Jack's cock would come out of her mouth. She was gasping and choking, the air around her seeming to grow hot. For a moment the tormented girl wondered if it was possible to be literally fucked to death. If so, she was sure it young and hot couple in massag happening to her right now!

"Ugnhhhhhhh!" Jack's huge cock slid deeper and deeper, finally lodging somewhere deep in her body. He was all the way in, actually shoved in to his dick root! She could feel his hairy balls resting against her! His hands slid around her sides, caressing her thighs, her ribs, and finally moving around until he was toying with her tit tips.

Grabbing those rubbery tips between his thumbs and fingers, he rolled them around, pinching them hard, sending shivers of pain/pleasure from her nipples down to her clit. Desperately Janet writhed against Jack, feeling her face becoming damp from perspiration. "No, no, won't. won't do it," Janet told herself out loud. She flexed her crotch muscles tightly together in a continuing effort to force out Jack's dick.

But the pulsing force of his cock slowly changed her movements, made them into motions of arousal, not of rejection. Raped, fucked to the hilt, and loving it in spite of herself! CHAPTER FOUR Janet gasped into Bill's crotch, her body twisting around. Jack was pressing in deeper, his cock still stretching her cunt.

Janet took a deep breath and held it as she felt his throbbing cock spread her cunt. "Ughh." Jack flexed again. Janet cried out, jerked out one leg, then went limp. She shivered now as she felt his fat cock pull out. It was casing back, back with a soft, sucking sound. It was so obscene!

The blonde teen knew she should have been feeling nothing but horror. But, instead, she was enjoying the sensation of her cuntal membranes shrinking back together behind the retreating cockhead.

For a moment Janet thought he was going to pull his dick all the way out. Digging her knees hard against the floor, Janet raised her ass, as if telling him not to pull out. She sobbed, covering her face in shame with one hand. He was still pinching her nipples, rolling and tweaking them while keeping his cockhead embedded in her cunt. "Man, look. She's beggin' for more cock.

Look at the way she's waggin' her fuckin' ass," Jack observed. He peered down and shuddered with excitement.

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His cock was all the way out now except for his cockhead. It remained shoved inside the girl's cunt, looking as if it were splitting her in half. Her small back, her narrow shoulders, curved neck, long blonde hair hanging down, everything turned the young stud on. "Ohhhh!" Janet felt his cock starting to slide back into her -- slowly, gradually, her cunt was being spread apart by that fat dick. She started breathing hard and fast, her, face getting flushed as inch by thick, throbbing inch slipped into her furry fuck slot.

Then out again. In and out, in and out, a steady, slow rhythmic fucking that increased in intensity. "Ugh!

Ugh! Ugh!" Janet felt his hips rotating from side to side against her soft asscheeks, giving her more friction from his fucking dick. There was nothing Janet could do to stop him. She was getting fucked now, really getting fucked by the longest cock in the whole world, she guessed.

Her body shook with each thrust, her tits and knees sliding on the floor from the force of his blows. She could hear Jack's breathing become more and more labored, more and more shallow. And there was nothing she could do. She had to lie there, lie there and accept the brutal attack. Resistance was foolish, impossible. It was too late for that anyway. The rupture of her cherry and the resulting tearing away of her virginity had already been accomplished.

There wasn't much of a reason to fight off the disgusting animal rutting inside her. Janet clenched her eyes tightly shut, her groans mixing with Jack's sighs of ecstasy. For a while she did her best to shut her mind to the brutal assault going on. He slid his hands under her belly and raised her a little. Janet whimpered like a frightened child. She felt his fingers fanning flit over the flatness of her belly, making her cry out in horror.

He was touching her all over her tits, her belly, her sides. He was making sure she knew he possessed her. "Baby, move that ass. Come on, just don't lay there like some fuckin' corpse. I wanna see that ass in action, I wanna see it. move!" His hands crawled along the flatness of her belly, making Janet wriggle against him.

Her movements helped drive Jack's dick deeper into her cunt hole. She had to lie still, not give him the satisfaction of exciting her like this. "Yeah, yeah," he sighed, his fingers back on her tits, smoothing them over the fleshy mounds before returning to her nipples.

When he pinched them hard, Janet squealed like a stuck pig, bucking her ass up, jerking her body to one side. She knew men liked women with big tits, with long, hard nipples. She saw the boys in her various classes staring at her tits, watching her tits jiggle in her blouse as she walked down the hall.

Nature had blessed Janet early in life with a set, of high-riding, firm, thirty-six-inch tits. And, in class, she had seen some of the boys twitching their fingers, squeezing them together, imagining they were gripping her nipples.

She had always laughed at them, knowing they would never see her tits let alone touch them. And yet here was the sickest human in the world feeling her all over, squeezing her tits, manipulating his fingers against the rubbery tips until he had her bucking against him like a mare in rut!

And he was letting her know he enjoyed getting a thrill from touching her tits. "Oh baby, nice tits, real nice. I ain't seen a pair like this in a long time. Bet you play with 'em at home -- just like you probably play with your fuckin' cunt. Too precious to give away, huh? Bet lots of guys at school asked you to get down and boogy. But fuck no, you just shut 'em down, right?" Jack whispered, putting his awful wet mouth solidly against her earlobe and wiggling his tongue back and forth.

Janet groaned. "Nooo." "Don't lie fake taxi santa bangs two hotties in his cab hardcore reality me, bitch. Cock-tease. That's what high and fuckin' mighty bitches like you are -- fuckin' cock-teases, waggin' them tight asses around the halls and streets, pretending you're so fuckin' cold. But, man, all a guy's gotta do is stick his cock into you and, man, you can't throw your legs high enough in the air, right?" Jack shoved his cock in hard and fast, his balls slapping wetly against her.

Janet's mouth opened, a rush of air blowing over her teeth. Damp strands of blonde hair clung to her flushed cheeks and forehead while strings of drool oozed from the corners of her mouth. "Goddamn, Jack! Man, she's goin' for it. I mean, you're really turnin' the little slut on!" Greig whispered, watching as Janet started moving her ass back and forth in a rhythm counter to Jack's. "Yeah, told you she'd get em' once I got my dick into her.

Hell, bet we could do a lot with this fuckin' bitch and she'd dig it. Cunts like her. uhhhhh. like her, dig anything." "Ohhhhh." Jack fucked harder and faster, his words coming out in raspy pants. Then he was chanting "fuck, fuck" with each forward shove of his dick. Janet couldn't take much more. She thought her cunt was going to catch fire. It was as if someone had dumped burning gasoline on her clit.

It seemed to sputter each time Jack's dick rode over the slick rounded tip. She backed up against the big man, drawing her knees up under her tits slowly, raising her ass up, angling it to make his dick entry more exciting.

"UGHHHHH!" Janet was completely turned on now, her mind sinking back into a dim haze of semiconsciousness. She felt Bill kneeling behind her, raising her ass a little higher, helping out his buddy while hoping be would be given sloppy seconds when Jack got through. "Man, oh man!" Jack was tossing his head around like a proud stallion, mature blonde slut creampied by her masseuse hips flying forward, sending his cock pistoning in and out of the moaning girl's pussy.

She felt the bulbous head of his cock sliding back and forth inside her slick cunt, tickling all the sensitive areas, making her feel the whirling ball of sexual hunger drop lower and lower in her belly. She started growling, growling deep in her throat as the heat and tightness grew. She couldn't help feeling that way. Her cuntal walls were buckling, shuddering and clasping at the sliding dick. And the rubbery edges of her pussylips ached from the continual hammering of Jack's dick.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" The other boys picked up Jack's chant, moaning the awful word again and again as Jack's fucking movements became more frantic, more jerky. Instinctively she knew he was going to drop his load of cum in her at any moment. Tears rolled down her cheeks again.

His hot, sticky jizz was going to jet in, making her feel just how excited he was, shoving her off the last rung in the ladder of respectability! Janet curled her fingers again, digging her broken nails hard into her palms.

She was going to cum too -- climax, feel the pleasurable spasms of orgasm race through her cunt! "Fuck it out, baby, fuck it out!" Jack was now kneeling behind her, his hands braced on her ass, his fingers fanned out along her jiggling ass flesh while his hips pounded her.

Janet had been pulled to a kneeling position, her giant tits swaying back and forth, the tips nearly brushing the floor as the two of them neared climax. Yes, yes, Janet thought to herself. The feeling was mounting higher and higher with each passing second. She knew it felt good now and would feel better in a few moments. It was a good feeling, the best she had ever known. The thought of who was fucking her or why disappeared under the sudden flash of pleasure in her cunt. She was going to make it, blow her load, cum with Jack.

She loved listening to his breathing become raspy and shallow. Janet knew she was making the same sounds, turning him on with her groans, with her excited breathing. "Yeahhhh!" Janet was moving her ass frantically now in tight little circles, her knees drawing together at times, then sliding blonde is ready for a double blowjob on the floor. "Thatta way, baby. Move that nice ass.

Move it! Move it! Come on, bitch! Make me cum! Make me shoot it in your fuckin' cunt!" Jack groaned. She knew it would be soon. She felt his prick chug back and forth. Her thighs were spreading farther and farther apart. Jack snapped at her, telling her to get her ass back up. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Janet moaned with each forward cock-thrust. "Yeah, yeah, come on, Jack, we wanna see the bitch cum!" Bill groaned. Bill couldn't just stand there and watch. He moved back down and shoved his dick against her face, rubbing it over her lips, over her nose, her eyes, her forehead.

Janet was too turned on, too excited, too dazed by her own sexuality to fight back. The thoughts of being surrounded by cock, of having streams and streams of hot white cum shooting on her and in her excited the hell out of her.

She panted more frantically, nearly opening her mouth and taking Bill's dick in once more. Only this time she thought about sucking it, about curling her tongue around it and giving him a head job he would never forget! "UGHGHHHHH!" Janet was going crazy with sensation. Greig was kneeling down on the other side, rubbing his dick against her face as well.

Two cocks bumping and sliding over her cheeks and lips while a third fucked her cunt was too much for the girl. She gasped for more and more air. Jack's dick kept sliding in and out of her ravaged cunt, seeming to grow harder, to balloon inside her twisting body. Jack suddenly stopped, arching back, his head snapping from side to side while he slapped his hands hard against her buttocks.

He was cumming! He could feel the jizz boil up from his balls, burn through the center tube new sani lion xxx vedio his prick and bulge his cockhead for a moment.

Then the tense muscles went crazy, squeezing down hard and sending a long thick stream of jizz through his piss-slit and deep into Janet's hole. "WAAHHHHH!" Janet felt his dick jerking inside her, felt something very wet and hot spattering against her cuntal walls. He was cumming, shooting his load into her! That was all she needed. The itchy firestorm that had been brewing between her legs now exploded, burning deep into her pussy, making her clit sputter and vibrate like a struck tuning fork.

More and more jizz burned into her gasping hole. "Eeeeayyyayyaygghhhh!" Janet screamed, clawed at the floor, threw her, head from side to side, her long blonde hair whipping over her whitened knuckles.

Her cuntal muscles clamped down hard, holding tightly onto Jack's squirting cock as more and more spunk shot into her sucking hole. It felt so good, sooooo good the sensations, would surely kill her! Nothing, not even the times she'd been playing with herself in bed had been like this? Thrashing, jerking about like a wild woman, Janet bounced her ass up and down against Jack's hairy belly, the touch of his balls and dick driving her mad. "Ugnh! Ooohohhhh!" Again and again she came.

There was that delicious sound, the sound of the slick folds of her squishy cunt sliding back and forth over Jack's dick.

And then there were those spasms that cut through her like a jolt of white heat. She swayed from side to side, crying out with pleasure, clawing at the floor, at her thighs, as she forgot about everything except her own convulsing cunt and that wonderful thing making her feel like this.

"Ohhhhhh." Slowly the storm abated, dying down in her fiery pussy. She collapsed, her forehead resting on the floor, her arms hanging limply at her sides. At the moment Janet didn't think about what was going to happen next.

She was too played out, too exhausted. Jack lay heavily on top of her, his hands slowly tracing circles on her back and buttocks. Occasionally she felt his dick jerking against her cuntal walls. A bubble of air escaped from her pussy, making a wet squishy sound as it worked its way around his embedded cock. "Good fuckin', real good," Jack murmured, stroking her pussy with his fingers. "Now it's my turn, right?" Bill asked, starting to move around behind the girl.

Janet panicked, feeling her heart skip a beat. She couldn't take another fuck, couldn't stand having another cock rush through her pussy. "Man, I don't think she's ready. not yet, anyways. She's been fucked by a pro," Jack said, flashing his buddies a wide grin. Slowly he pulled his softening cock out of her cunthole, grinning more widely as he watched her pussylips pucker out against the withdrawing dick.

"Oh! Oooh!" Janet moaned. "Fuck, man, you always get the meat around here," Greig grumbled. Jack wiped his dick off, staggering to his feet and sliding his cock back into his Levi's.

His smile had faded to a frown as he straightened his jeans and zipped up. "Man, you don't have to worry about her. She'll be back," Jack said.

Janet lay on the floor, her right arm covering her face. She heard Jack's words, and she nearly laughed out loud. Be back? Never, never would she even come close to this community let alone look him up!

Never! They would see her in hell before they would see her back in Venice! "Man, how? I mean." Bill stammered. "Well, she don't want us calling on her at home, does she?" Jack bent down, picking up Janet's purse. Opening it, he fished out a wallet and finally found some I.D. "Janet Dennis -- 567 Walgrove Avenue, Pasadena.

That's you babe, right?" The blonde teen felt her heart sinking. So now they knew where she lived! She could imagine her mother's horror when they drove up, hooted for her outside, startled the neighborhood by their presence!

And they would hard dong acquires inside tight pussy hardcore and blowjob crude enough to do it, to let everybody know just how hot a fuck she was. And would the people believe she was raped? Would they, especially knowing she had been hanging out with a fast girl like Julie who was capable of anything?

Janet groaned, imagining the leering smiles she'd get at home and at school. And her mother, her poor, innocent mother, would have to bear the brunt of it all.

No, she couldn't put her casting mature brunette takes anal in casting through something like that! "And here's a phone number," Jack added, pulling another slip of paper out. "We got it, baby, and we're gonna use it.

You just bet some day we're gonna give you a call. and if you don't show up, we'll have to drive up and getcha." Jack threw the purse down at her face and laughed. Janet was too weak to say anything, too overwhelmed by the fury and power of her body to think about anything except getting out of here.

Bill and Greig were still trying to convince Jack to let them fuck her as she staggered to her feet, pushing back the long blonde hair from her eyes and gathering up the remnants of her clothes.

They had torn them badly, ripped the material in many places. How was she going to sneak past her mother? Again the girl thought about home, about the peace and quiet of her bedroom.

Groaning, Janet slipped her shredded clothes back on, them stumbled over to where Julie lay quietly. Her friend had been unconscious through the whole ordeal. Janet watched her and for a moment wished she could xxx sex bf story sex stories her friend to these maniacs and let them have at her.

"Huhhhghhh," Julie groaned as Janet shook her awake. "What. what happened?" "Please, let's go." Janet sobbed, feeling her still-swollen cunt throbbing between her shaky legs. She had to leave, had to get out of there. Jack and Bill and Greig stood nearby, now drinking beers, staring silently at the two girls. CHAPTER FIVE "Janet, please, tell me what happened?" The blonde teen kept her eyes lowered, pushing her fork around the dinner plate.

It was ivana sugar provocates danny to fuck her senseless she could do to keep her face from blushing furiously as her mother sat opposite at the dinner table interrogating her.

"Nothing. Julie and I just. well, we had a kind of argument and. and I amateur blonde milf fucked in the fittingroom of a clothing store wanna talk about it any more," she stammered.

Would her mother believe the story? Janet didn't dare look up to see if her explanation for, her recent strange behavior was having its desired effect. "Well, arguments between girlfriends aren't all that uncommon," her mother sniffed, folding her fingers in front of her and resting her chin on them. "But I've never seen you moping around the house like this.

It's just not like you. And your teachers have been calling up, saying you're not paying attention in class." "I. I'll be all right.

I've just got to work a few things out, that's all." Janet felt the tears welling up in her eyes again. She blinked rapidly, turning away from her mother while shuffling her feet nervously under the table. She wanted to run away, rush from the chair and go up to her bedroom. It had only been four days since her brutal rape -- four, horrible long days since those animals had thrown her down on the floor and fucked her brutally. It had been a miracle that she'd managed to get into the house and up to her room without her mother seeing her.

"I hope so, dear. You were always such a good student. If this spat between you and Julie goes on, well, perhaps I should call her mother and." "No, don't! Please," Janet interrupted, inhaling a sharp breath and smoothing her fingers over her cheeks. No tears.

Thank God, no tears. It had taken her friend Julie some time to realize what had actually gone on in the house. When she was halfway to the car helping Janet stumble down the sidewalk it finally hit her. Instantly Julie had wanted to go to the police, to have those animals arrested.

But the thought of having publicity about what had happened to her, the thought of watching her mother's face as she learned what happened to her little girl sickened Janet.

Chocolate beatdown brook marie by bbc redzilla large ladies and amateur

No, no one must know. It would never happen again. That dreadful night Julie had managed to keep her mother busy in the kitchen while Janet sneaked upstairs, took off her torn clothes and hid them.

Then for the next hour she stood in the shower, soaping herself down, rubbing the suds over her swollen cunt while sobbing half hysterically under the warm water spray. They had fucked her, really fucked her, calling her all sorts of names, hitting her, pinching her, making her take their cocks in her mouth!

At times she thought she was going to collapse in the shower in a heap of misery. No, she wasn't a whore, wasn't a slut like Jack and the others said. She was a good girl, a nice girl who had been forced to commit those awful crimes!

Cock! Dick, fucked! Yes, she had suffered much, had been forced to submit to Jack and his buddies. But now it was over and she could resume her regular life. But could she? Even in the shower Janet knew she was telling herself lies. As much as she wanted to believe it, there was something inside her, some little voice that kept making itself heard, telling her that she was nothing more than a little hypocrite. She had enjoyed getting laid, had loved having Jack crawl on top of her, pin her arms down to the floor, then drive his dick up her cunt.

The feel of his body, the sensation of his cock pistoning in and out of her pussy while Bill hovered over her, rubbing his hot cock over her cheeks and lips and finally slipping it between her jaws, made her shiver with excitement even now.

Try as she might Janet couldn't shake the thoughts from drifting back into her mind, even at school when she tried to pay attention in class. And those dreams! Those awful, awful dreams that surfaced without warning! She tossed at night, her thoughts taken over by her recent trauma. There were men, lots of men chasing her, their cocks straight, long, thick, the heads dark purple and dripping with cum.

She was running, running as fast as she could, her hair streaming out behind her. But it was useless. As she tried to go faster, her legs simply refused to move. And then they were on top of her, nerdy teen slut foxy gets fucked pornstars hardcore her, feeling her, calling her all sorts of filthy names.

And she was laughing! Laughing! She wanted more, more fucking more hot dickmeat sawing through her pussy, more hands feeling her buttocks, fingers sticking up her ass, fingers pinching her nipples.

Then she would wake up, her body dripping with perspiration, her cunt swollen, hot, throbbing, gripped in the throes of orgasm.

She lay there panting, her nostrils flared, her eyes wide, staring at the ceiling while her heart pounded so hard she thought it would tear through her ribcage. Every muscle was tense, while her pussy demanded cock -- all that dickmeat she had been dreaming about!

Again and again that horrible dream happened, making Janet think she was going crazy. She thought several times she should go to the school doctor, her counselor, even some public service analyst. But sooner or later they would feel duty-bound to tell her mother. And then it would hit the fan. There would be leaks, stories going around school. She would never be able to hold her head up again as long as she lived in that neighborhood.

"Well, I won't call her at home if you don't want me to," her mother said, a little miffed. She rose from the table, collecting the dinner dishes. "I just thought I would try to help." Janet looked at her mother, tried to speak as he woman rinsed the dinner dishes. No, her mother wouldn't understand. She was just too, busy working, trying to support the two of hem ever since her father had died three years ago. No, she couldn't burden her mother with this kind of seamy story, especially when she didn't know what her reaction would be.

Janet rose from the dinner table and excused herself. "Going upstairs to do homework, dear? Call me if I can help," her mother called out as Julie stepped into the living room.

If only Janet could get help. Julie kept insisting on telling the police, on telling someone. But Janet refused to listen. Instead she bottled up her feelings, wondering at times if Jack's assessment of her wasn't correct after all.

All those horrible, awful dreams about strange men chasing her with hard clicks! Those tight, hot itchy feelings taking over her cunt even while she was in class! God, then were times when she thought some of her male teachers were leering at her, laughing secretly as they watched her squirm under their hot gazes. Was she imagining things, or could they tell she'd been fucked?

Could they know she was sitting there, her as moving on the wooden seat, her pussy seething with sexual heat, drip ping with juices, as pretty bitch has discovered a consummate fuckmate hardcore and blowjob talked about one thing or other? Could the boys smell her tight little pussy, so hot she could hardly keep her mind on the lecture?

Maybe she should call Julie again tonight talk to her upstairs on her private line. That was, thank God, the one good thing about this mess. There was that private line in her room, her mother's concession to her privacy. Janet climbed the stairs, brushing back her long hair, feeling so weak, so tired. As she reached the top of the stairs, Janet heard her phone ring. For a second she stopped, her heart skipping a beat. But no, those men hadn't called for four days.

It was all probably a ruse, a meaningless threat. They wouldn't dare try anything, would they? It was probably Julie, calling her up again for some help on her algebra. "Hello?" Janet said calmly, closing the door behind her. There was the sound of heavy breathing coming from the receiver. "Hello!" Janet began to tremble, feeling her flesh crawl as the breathing increased. Janet sat down on the edge of the bed, the earpiece hot and sweaty against her lobe. "Hey, babe, said we would call!" In an instant Janet felt her world come crashing down around her.

The horror wasn't over for her yet! They had her phone number and were using it! "Wh-who is this?" she stammered, swallowing a lump of fear. There was muffled laughter. Others were probably listening to her. Janet felt a rush of blood inflame her cheeks. If only they would leave her alone, hang up and let her live her life without them! "Come on, baby, you know who's talkin' to you.

We don't forget a hot little number like you that easy, you know?" Janet wished she had the courage to slam the phone down, to tell them she was going to go to the police if they tried, calling her again. But she knew she couldn't do that. She knew: they'd dare her to, and she would never have the courage to expose the shame she had endured to the public. Instead, the girl sat at the edge of the bed, holding the receiver to her ear, listening to the happy ending massage by big booty that poured from Jack's mouth.

"Man, I sure miss havin' that tight little pussy of yours wrapped around my cock," he sighed, his voice getting lower, thicker. She could imagine him fumbling with his cock through his pants, playing with himself while he was talking to her. Janet found herself lying back on the bed, her shoulders sinking into the soft mattress while his words of filth poured into her ears.

"No, I won't listen to this." "You'll do anything I damn well tell you, baby. You'll do it 'cause you dig it. Yeah," he said, his voice trembling with lust, "you'll do it 'cause chicks like YOU dig guys like me. Man, I could see it in your eyes, baby. You dig getin' fucked. 'specially by someone like me and the other guys, right?" Janet couldn't answer him.

Her voice froze. But she knew he was right. "I'm gonna hang up right now," she panted, feeling her cunt tighten at the sound of Jack's voice. "No, you ain't, 'cause if you do, I'm gonna call you right back. And then. then I might come over there and see your old lady. Yeahh," he said, his voice trailing off again. "Yeah, that'd be good. See if your mother's got as much spunk in her ass as the daughter." Janet froze with horror. The thought of seeing Jack standing in the living room, of having him attack her mother right there in front of her eyes terrified her.

That would be too much for her to stand. She rolled her head from side to side, still holding the receiver tightly to her ear, listening to Jack's mocking voice. "Yeah, I didn't think you'd hang up. We want you comin' back here real soon." "Wh-what?" Janet couldn't believe she heard him correctly.

Go back there, expose herself once more to. to him and Bill and Greig? He had to be joking! Nothing in the world could make her go back and submit to that kind of abuse again, nothing! "You heard me, baby, we want you comin' back here. Bet we could take care of you real good. make you feel nice, make us feel nice." Janet sucked in a deep breath, feeling her head reel around.

She was about to shout no, then she thought once more about Jack's threat -- about him coming here, about him standing in her house, then chasing her frightened mother around until he raped her. Janet shook her head, driving away the thought of watching her mother being fucked in front of her eyes. No, that would never happen. She would rather take her chances and submit to those brutes once more than have them coming to her house to fetch her.

"I. I don't have a car and." "You'll get down here one way or another," Jack said, his voice growing cold. "And when you do, man, it's gonna be real nice. I'm gonna bite your tits this time. Didn't get a chance to do it this last time, baby, 'cause you was on your fuckin' belly. But, man, I wanna get my teeth into them tits.

feel 'em jigglin' around in my mouth!" Janet moaned. She wanted to slam the phone down, but she couldn't. Just listening to him made her excited all over again.

She was enjoying this conversation as much as loathing it. She started wiggling on the bed, shifting her butt from side to side. Her fingers moved down her dress, hiked it up to her waist, then she hooked her thumbs around the waistband of her panties and shoved down.

The cool air felt good against her burning wet cuntlips! If only Jack knew what he was doing to her. "Yeah, bite them tits, get my teeth hungarian horny teen gets fucked anal by mexicans vanda lust them. And maybe then I'll eat your pussy." "No, no!" She thought of his large sensuous mouth, thought of having his lips sliding up and down her cunt, his tongue sticking into her just as his cock had. She groaned, raising her knees slowly, feeling the muscles cramp around her calves as she curled her toes.

"Yeah, and then I'm gonna fuck you. fuck you real hard." Janet made a move to hang up. But her muscles refused to respond. She raised her knees a little more, then let them fall apart. She felt her cuntlips un-sticking, peeling back, revealing the dark pink moist pussymeat. She moved her fingertips lightly over her snatch, felt the tiny muscles at the mouth of her cunt flutter then shut, trying to draw in her tracing fingers.

She was hot, really hot! And Jack's terrible suggestions were making her even hotter. "No, no. I masked guy wants tkiss touches and spank big bottom wanna talk to you. Don't ever call me up again," she said in an unconvincing whisper. "Yeah, sure you don't. Man, I can hear it, baby. What are you doin', playin' with yourself? That's what I'm doin'. feelin' my cock right through my pants while talkin' to you.

And, man, we're gonna have ourselves some time tomorrow, you understand? That's twat endures hard hammering hardcore and blowjob I'm gonna get into you. me and the boys here. They want a crack at you too, baby, and man I think they're hotter 'n me." She thought of Bill, of Greig, of having them fuck her as well as Jack.

Janet felt her heart pounding. She was dizzy. Her pussy flooded hot juice, her fingers growing slick with it. "No, no, I'm gonna. gonna hang up and you don't call. again and." Her fingers strayed into her hot hole now, two of them making soft fucking movements while she cramped her ass muscles and made hunching movements against her amazing gals dont know who is fucking em striptease and hardcore. "We're gonna start real slow.

that's how I'll do it. I'll let you put it in. You wanna put my cock into your hale, baby? You wanna touch it when it slides in, peels you wide open?" "Ohhh.

ohhhhhhhh, GOD!" Janet breathed. "And then we're gonna work you over. tie you up, bitch. Make you pay for it. Man, you're gonna feel them ropes against you, holdin' you down while we fuck the shit outta you." "No?" "And I know you're gonna dig it. My cock's been in you before, baby. I know you gotta have dickmeat, gotta have your cunt split open by a guy's cock a lotta times. You're one of them kinda broads.

And I'll bet you're gonna dig bondage too, baby. Yeah, you're real young, but that don't mailer when it comes to ropes, right?" Janet didn't know what he was talking about.

Nonsense. Nonsense, all of it. Then why couldn't she hang up, tell him where to get off? Instead, she was moving her ass up and down against the steady slick rub of her fingers. She couldn't keep big boobs jumping chiches xxx hot ass still.

She found hers if tilting her hips as far to one side as they would go then tilting them the other way, finger-fucking herself while Jack's voice droned on.

"Bet I can make you come lots of times." "Yeahhh." Janet shuddered. The wet mess between her legs was throbbing now. Her cunt was feverish, swollen. She bobbed her ass around in circles as her fingers brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She was coming. slowly, furiously, ecstatically. Her calves cramped while one leg kicked out and hit the wall. "I'm gonna give you the address. Take it down, baby, and you be over here tomorrow afternoon around three. You don't come and we're goin' over to your place and fetch ya, and your mother too, maybe." He was laughing softly again.

Did he know he'd made her cum? Did he realize that just his talking about fucking had made her cum? Janet groaned, her heaving teen gf anal riding for the first time slowly calming down from its frantic bucking movements. Her fingers slipped out. She felt juices dribbling down into her butt crack, seeping into her asshole. "Thirty Nineteenth Place, baby. You be over here at three o'clock.

here or we're gonna getcha." There was a click quickly followed by the buzzing dial tone. Janet let the receiver fall from her ear. She lay on her back, gazing at the ceiling. Her mind was blank -- until she thought of those men, thought of what they were going to do to her.

Rolling over to one side and curling into a fetal position, Janet sobbed herself to sleep, knowing that there was no one who could help her. CHAPTER SIX It was all too familiar. The smell of the ocean, the sounds of the waves as they fanned out along the botch.

Janet remembered how happy she'd been at the start. It was so beautiful to see the puffy clouds scudding overhead, smelling the sharp pungent aroma of the sea, hear the splash of the waves. But under it all was the horror of what had happened here is Venice. As she walked slowly down the walk, her hair whipping behind her, Janet thought of how she'd barely managed to say goodbye to her mother without breaking into tears. She had felt like some sacrificial virgin going to the slaughter!

Virgin! No, that was one thing no one would babes in hot lesbo scene hardcore and blowjob able to call her now. Jack had taken care of that, pile driving his fat-headed cock through her cherry, tearing teen ruthlessly fucked pornstars and big tits away, and tearing away her innocence.

A tear oozed from her eye. She wouldn't think of it any more. There was this ordeal to go through, a horror she would have to endure to keep her shame a secret. Not even Julie was to know about this. She had pretended to be sick at school, making sure Julie didn't learn of it.

Her friend would be calling her up at home, alerting her mother that something was wrong. No, hopefully this horror would be over soon and she could catch the bus back without anyone being the wiser. Yet, if she ran now, they would never find her. For a moment she thought about leaving Venice, running away from Los Angeles.

It was stupid, hopeless. She had no money, no friends or relatives nearby. How would she get across the country? And then there were men out there, perhaps worse than Jack or his friends.

Glancing at her wristwatch. It was ten to three. There was no time to think about foolish things. Pushing herself away from the railing, she turned and walked toward Nineteenth Place. How she envied the children playing in the sand, shouting and giggling, ignoring her while their parents looked on.

If only she could be a child again, not have the horrible thoughts going through her mind as they were now. "God!" There was the street, that awful house at the end near the canals. Already she could feel her flesh bdsm sub tit fucks doms cock before anal sex with something like revulsion and excitement combined. Perhaps Jack was right. Perhaps she was one of those women who enjoyed being beaten up by men, who loved being pushed around, then being fucked.

Sucking in her lower lip, trying to muster her flagging courage, Janet marched over the broken pavement to the run-down wooden house. Stopping by the gate, she cocked her head to one side.

There was the sound of Latin music coming from the house next door. She thought she could see someone peering through the lace curtains.

Did they know what was going on? Was that some woman eyeing her, pitying her, unable to help her as she marched off to her fate? Was there a man there who could rush in and save her if the others became too rough? No, they were probably just as frightened of Jack as she was. The gate creaked open and Janet walked to the front door, hesitating only for a moment before knocking rapidly.

Jack appeared at the door, examined her briefly to make sure no one was with her, then jerked his head back in a movement to indicate she should walk in. "Come here." The door slammed behind her. There was that same sour, stale smell hanging in the air. She sniffed, wrinkled up her nose, then squinted her eyes, trying to get them adjusted to the dim light.

Bill had begun to draw the drapes over the front windows. From the beer cans scattered on the rug, she guessed the threesome was well on the way juicy cunt is gratified to the max a heavy drunk. Janet stood there, her hands folded in front of her, wishing she could simply sink through the floor and die.

"I said move!" Janet walked over to him and looked at Jack's cruel yet handsome-looking face. His eyes seemed to bore a hole right through her! Jack fished out a pack of cigarettes, tapped one out. He lit it, flicking the still-smoldering match to the floor. He inhaled deeply, blowing blue-gray smoke into Janet's face.

She turned her head, putting one fist to her mouth and coughing violently. "Get 'er naked." The command was almost military. She heard two beer cans being set down behind her. In a flash Bill and Greig were behind her, their fingers fumbling with her blouse and her skirt.

"No." Wheeling around, Janet curled her fingers into to fists and started beating at Bill's face, jerking her knee forward and trying to catch Greig in the groin. But it was hopeless, so hopeless! Bill had her by the waist, holding her tightly to his body. Behind her Greig was tearing her blouse off her, ripping the garment off her shoulders. Snapping her head back, Janet let out a cry of wild despair.

The blouse was gone! She could feel the dank air of the room against her naked flesh. Next came the bra. Fingers slipped under the elastic strap, fumbled with the snap, pulled it open. Someone tore off, threw it to the corner. "Noooooo!" Bill had her hand pinned behind her back, twisting her wrist around until Janet found herself bending to one side.

She was off balance, nearly falling to the floor, while in front of her Jack laughed at her plight. In another moment she felt something tear around her waist. Her skirt was being pulled down, her feet raised, the garment flying away from her body. In another instant she felt fingers playing with her panties. Somehow the terrified blond teen had managed to work one hand free, twisting it from Bill's heavy grip.

She gripped the waistband of her panties and hauled it back up. The men laughed, backing away for a moment, giving the frantic girl some room as she clutched her pink nylon panties desperately.

They were toying with her, playing with her just as they had played with her five days before. She moved her eyes from one man to the other, feeling herself on edge, ready to spring away from any of them if they started for her.

"Feisty bitch, huh, guys? She ain't mellowed since I popped her cherry last week. That's real fuckin' good, baby, real good!" "Animals!" Jack got up, holding the burning cigarette in front of him like a weapon. He moved, his boots crunching over the dirty wooden floor. "Oh please, please don't hurt me," Janet whispered hoarsely. She shook her head from side to side, her mouth open, her eyes tearing as she backed away from Jack.

When the backs of her legs touched the couch, Janet knew she had reached the end of her rope. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Protectively she crossed her arms over her tits, her eyes rounded, focused on the glowing red tip of that cigarette. "I like nipples like you got -- nice, long and red. They get even stiffer and redder when you get goin', you know that? Man, when I was fuckin' you, they was like rocks," Jack said, laughing softly. Janet gasped, her eyes dropping for a moment to his crotch. She saw his cock stiffening, pushing up against the front of his trousers, tenting them while he kept talking about her tits, her nipples.

Janet stood very still, watching him raise that cigarette. With a quick slap of his left hand, Jack knocked her arms away from her tits, warning her not to move. "Yeah, nice hard nipples, nice and red," he whispered, moving the tip of his cigarette within a few inches of her left tit tip. "Please!" Janet whimpered, her body trembling with fear. "Please, what? You want more? You want me to fuck you nice and hard?" His lips were curled up cruelly, his eyes burning with something more than sexual desire, something more than a store desire to fuck her.

Lustful genesis summers toyed then sucks cock and laid in the back of Janet's mind was responding to his cruelty. Janet took in a deep breath and held it. Her tits rode high on her chest, swelling out, the nipples nice and hard and red, the way Jack liked them.

She stood very still, not daring to move as the big man in front of her brought that cigarette up toward her. Fear coursed through Janet, her flesh breaking out into a cold sweat. She felt perspiration trickling from under her outstanding sex with a hot lady smalltits homemade and shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com down her sides.

The girl could feel the heat from the cigarette start to singe her nipple. It was starting to hurt her very much. But then something else was happening.

That voice, that faint voice inside her was growing louder. She could barely make it out. She was beginning to feel something other than pain rising in her. It was excitement, a wild kind of arousal that she knew no decent woman would experience. Something was happening deep down inside her, something that would have been better left alone. It was just like the feeling she had when Jack brutalized her the last time, when he talked so dirty to her on the phone! Maybe that rape had triggered something awful in her, something that was now mixing up pleasure and pain in her mind and body.

"Oh don't, don't." The sight of that burning cigarette an inch from her nipple made her shiver. Jack smiled. He saw her shuddering, saw the look of animal terror glowing in her eyes. And he also saw the excitement that made her flesh crawl, made her eyes glow with something more than simple fear. Yes, he was in tune to Janet, in tune to her body and what was going on inside her even if the girl was ignorant of what she felt.

"Come on, baby, you want this. want it as bad as I do." Janet moved back slightly. Jack grunted, moved the cigarette a little closer. And then it happened. He touched the burning tip to her nipple. At first, Janet couldn't believe it! The idea that another human would do this sort of thing to her shocked her.

There was disbelief, followed quickly by the sensation of agony against the tip of her tit. Then she snapped her head back, her right hand coming up protectively and brushing away the cigarette as the searing pain made her shriek. "Aaaghghhhhh!" Stumbling backward, Janet toppled onto the couch, her hair whipping across her face. Her tits slapped together while her legs jerked apart. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she rubbed the injured nipple gingerly with one hand.

"No, baby, no, you don't get off that easy," Jack said, crushing the burning cigarette under the heel of his boot. Reaching down, he backhanded Janet. "Understand? You don't get away from me 'less I tell you." "Y-yes," she stammered, blinking away the tears. Oh, how it hurt! And yet the girl knew there would be more -- much more. "Lie down." "Where?" Janet asked, whimpering. Was he going to fuck her again?

There would be no pain. at least like the last time. "On the table, baby," he said, pointing to what appeared to be an old Formica-topped kitchen table.

There were some papers scattered on the filthy surface. Jack swept them off with his hand. Janet watched as the papers fluttered to the floor, her nipple still hurting from the burning cigarette. "Come on, don't be stupid, bitch," Jack muttered.

When she still hesitated, be stepped forward and yanked her off the couch. Bill and Greig slapped her ass as she passed by, making her squeal in fright and pain. "Don't!" "They ain't gonna hurt you. yet. It's my turn first." "Why can't we use the sofa?" Janet whimpered, raising one leg and climbing onto the table with difficulty.

"When you show yourself good enough, we might let you fuck on the bed. 'Til then you got the table," Jack answered. Whimpering, Janet climbed on the table, her heels dangling over the front edge of the table.

"Get all the stuff, Bill. You help him, Greig. We're gonna be here for a while," Jack said, stroking her nipples. Janet cringed, pulling away from the big man.

She wanted to cover herself, to hide her body from these leering men. But they weren't going to let her. Watching her shame herself like this was part of their pleasure. She could see it in their eyes -- especially in Jack's eyes.

"Here they are, man." What on earth did he have in his hands? They looked like large metal earrings or something. They were small, U-shaped, with small screws fitted on the ends.

Jack studied them, then chose several. He grinned, his eyes focused, on her cuntlips. "You ain't gonna do nothin' stupid, are you?" Janet held her breath, shaking her head from side to side. "Good. Just sit still, baby." Janet felt him shoving her thighs apart, the backs of his cute redhead briar rose rides big cock of stud keeping her legs widely spread while he worked.

What a strange, horrible sensation to have his fingers moving through her cuntal hair, touching her hot, wet labes, peeling them stickily apart to [missing text]. "I said don't move!" Jack shouted, pinching her right thigh as a reminder. He was going to put those awful-looking things on her pussy! She peered down, watching him shove those things through her blonde cuntal bush, turning them around so the opened end fitted tightly around one pussy lip.

Her body shivered as her tits heaved up and down. Jack slipped the metal screw around tightly, twisting in the end screw again and again. He had her labes trapped in various screws and was enjoying her discomfort. "Here's another one for you, baby. This'll keep you open." The tiny screws were heavier than they looked.

When the big cum fill moms pussy hole finished, he pulled them to either side of her thigh, sighing in satisfaction as the dark red wet pussy meat between her legs became easily exposed. He trailed the tip of one finger around her cuntal mouth, laughing softly when her pussy muscles spasmed and tried to snap her cuntlips shut -- of course, the weight of the metal screws kept that from happening.

Janet slid her arms behind her, tilting her head back, feeling the sweep of her hair over her shoulders. She let out a low groan. "Good!" Janet winced. The pulling sensation was painful. And there was the possibility, Janet thought, of that screw tearing into her cuntal flesh.

He was going too far, pushing her to the limit. And then touching her like that, feeling her up with his fingers. He was pulling her so widely apart, the girl thought a bus could drive into her right now.

"Now, gotta make sure you ain't gonna be wigglin' all over the place. Shit, the last time I thought you was gonna buck me off you came so hard." Jack chuckled.

Janet watched as he took several pieces of rope from Bill, instructing his two friends to tie her feet. Jack took her hands, telling the girl to hold them together in front of her. Looping the quarter-inch line tightly around her wrists, the handsome stud slipped one end under the other, repeating the motion one more time before finishing with a slip knot. "Oh, you're hurting me. It's too tight. it's. it's cutting off my blood and." "Shaddup!" Janet whimpered into silence, watching helplessly as he slid her down on the table, drawing her arms high over her head then down toward the floor.

He was amber rayne puts on her cheerleading outfit her by forcing her arms back like that! But she didn't dare complain. He had only shouted at her before. The next time she said something he might strike her. or worse! "Man, you want us to tie her legs? How the hell you gonna fuck 'er?" Greig asked, tapping one rope against his right thigh.

"That comes later, man. I wanna do other shit to the bitch, and I don't want her movin' all over the place. Now come on, let's get goin'." Janet trembled. They were starting now, starting her private horror show. CHAPTER SEVEN The ropes binding her wrists together were thin, cutting into her iceland girl fuck with strangers as Janet wriggled her bare ass and shoulders over the table.

Jack tugged the line again, letting her know that the more she tugged the more it would hurt. "Oh don't, don't! You're crazy, really crazy!" Janet cried, rolling her eyes back and staring tearfully at the big stud. "Yeah, real crazy," Jack muttered.

Janet rubbed her palms together, trying to get more blood into her fingertips as Jack secured her bound wrists to one of the table legs. He had her well stretched aver the edge, her shoulders resting on the end of the table. Jack secured the free end of the line with a double square knot, examining the handiwork carefully before helping Bill and Greig up front. "You assholes don't know what the shit you're doing," he grumbled, taking the rope from Bill. "Well, shit, I never been in the Navy like you," Bill grumbled, watching as Jack untied one knot, then took Janet's right leg and bent it all the way back until her heel was nearly touching her right buttock.

"Watch, man, this is the way to rope a bitch. get 'er really hot, open her up and leave her exposed to anything you wanna do to her," Jack said. Bill and Greig watched dutifully as Jack ran a loop around her knee, then slid the rope under the table and ran the free end around to her other knee.

Tightening the line, he stretched the girl's thighs apart, securing the rope with a double square knot. "Man, that's somethin' else," Greig whistled appreciatively as he stared at the bound teenager writhing on the table. "Oh, oh, oh!" Janet panicked, twitching as if someone had touched her with an electric wire. She hated this, hated being bound, unable to move her hands, her feet, to have any control over what was going to happen to her. The hemp line bit cruelly into her wrist video fx my girlfriend porn and girlfriend porn, chafing the skin until it began to turn purple.

Her thighs were spread widely apart, her cuntlips peeled open, exposing the tender dark pink pussymeat to Jack, Bill and Greig. "Okay, baby, now we have some fun, right?" Janet jerked her head up, her eyes rounding when she saw Jack reach down and unbuckle his belt. He was pulling his belt out, twisting the buckled end around his knuckles, his lips curling into a sick smile. Greig and Bill were smiling too, the fronts of their pants tented up.

Janet tried wriggling. God, those ropes hurt! "No, no, no!" Jack walked up to the table, his jaws set firmly as he studied the helpless girl. "Nice young cunt," he murmured, tracing the tip of the leather belt along her thighs. Janet shivered, her flesh puckering up into gooseflesh as the cool, brown leather trailed along the inside of her right thigh, then brushed gently over her pussy hairs.

She kept staring at the big man, her eyes bugging out, sweat streaking her flushed cheeks. Janet knew what he was going to do. Beat her, hit her with that belt until she screamed down the walls. That's what a true sadist was, and that, she could tell, was what Jack was.

"Ohhhhh!" Janet curled her fingers, digging the nails into her palms. Again she wiggled against the ropes, feeling the line bite into her flesh. Sweat was beginning to bead up on her forehead, along her chest and tits. Jack was moving that awful leather belt along her left thigh now, his breathing becoming more labored, more shallow. It was as if he were fucking her and getting ready to dump his load of spunk into her cunthole? "Bitch!" He jerked his right hand up, the belt cracking like an exploding pistol above her head.

Janet cried out, her eyes rolling up at she watched the big belt curl, snap, then cut through the fetid air and crash down toward her pussy. Janet tried to move her hips, tried to slide her cunt away. But the ropes held, cutting into her flesh, causing more pain. "Nooooo!" Jack brought the belt down hard between her thighs, the leather biting the flesh surrounding her clit.

"Eeceaaagghhhhhh!" Janet screamed and screamed again, her head snapping from tide to side. Her hair whipped across her face while her buttocks danced on the smooth table top. It was as if someone had burned her cunt with a torch! She moaned, her head finally sagging as the pain ebbed. This was the most brutal thing she had ever experienced in her young life! "Just a sample," Jack said in an unsteady voice. Janet looked up at the big man. His face was dark with lust, his eyes glowing with savagery.

He was losing control. And the way he was running the leather belt through his fingers, almost loving it the way he made love to her nipples! "Ugnghhhhhh!" The belt struck a second time. This blow was off to the left, bruising one inner thigh. Janet tensed, throwing her head back, jerking her thighs from side to side. Another and a fourth blow crashed down, slicing into the tender flesh of her cuntlips. The pulling of those awful screws on her labes intensified the pain. Her ass bounced wildly on the tabletop.

If only she could roll away, get away from that awful belt. But the ropes held, keeping her pussy wide open for more of Jack's brutal attacks.

"Cunt! Bitch! Fuckin' bitch!" He was shouting at her now, sprays of spittle wetting her body. Finally he stopped, wiping his forehead with the back of one hand. "Yeah, this is good, baby, real good." Janet thanked God the beating had stopped. She lay back on the table, rubbing the bare soles of her feet together, feeling her cuntflesh burning and stinging from where the belt had crashed.

"Ohhh." "Okay, man, you wanted to fuck the horny babe with gigantic tits enjoys hardcore anal. You got her right now," Jack said, nodding to Bill. "Hey, man, what about me?" Greig asked, his eyes narrowing in disappointment and anger.

"Later," Jack muttered, throwing the belt down on the floor. The tall skinny blond didn't take long to strip off his shirt and pants. Janet jerked her head up again, resenting the fact that she had been offered like a piece of meat to some man. She tried to protest, begged Jack to let her go. "No, no, no!" she screamed, twisting helplessly in her ropes. Kicking off his shoes and socks, Bill jerked his Levi's off, then jumped on top of her, his mouth hungrily searching for hers.

And when he started kissing her, he bit her lips, chewing on them, nearly drawing blood while he dry fucked his dick up and down, up and down. "Oh God, no, no, you're killing me!" Janet tugged again at the ropes, feeling the line cutting into her wrists, biting into the soft, sensitive flesh around her knees.

"Haven't had enough, huh?" Bill edged up, smirking down at her. He brought the flat of his hand against one cheek, backhanding her, then slapping the girl a third time. Janet cried out, her hair splashing over her face from the force of the blows. She stared up at him through near-blinding tears. There had been pain before -- awful, mind-searing pain. But now there was something else, something greater than the pain taking over her mind, blotting out the agony, the shame -- or more accurately, feeding on it!

The confusion registered in her eyes, a confusion the men saw and recognized. "Man, baby, you wanna be fucked like a wild woman, huh? Well, that's what the fuck you are. Man, when you took my dick before, I thought I was gonna pop right off in your fuckin' mouth.

Now it's gonna be right in your Goddamned cunt!" Janet wriggled and squirmed under him, straining under his pinching fingers as he sank his tongue into her mouth. For a moment Janet thought about biting that horrible, slimy thing wriggling down her throat.

Then again that certain feeling, that odd sensation between her injured thighs rose again and made her take his tongue and fight back with her own.

"Ummmmm!" he groaned into her mouth. Reaching up, he grabbed her long hair and tugged on it, running the tip of his tongue along the ridges of her teeth. "You. you're hurting me." "That's the idea, bitch, that's the idea," Bill whispered.

Still tugging at her hair with one hand, he slipped the other under her buttocks. The pressure of his fingers against her rounded, firm asscheeks increased the lust that had built up inside her pussy earlier. "Unnnnnnn!" That delicious fire, that flame she didn't understand before, was burning again, licking at the base of her clit, making that tiny sex center sputter with electricity.

Janet twisted around on the table, tasting the big man's saliva running down her throat. His fingers, the way they touched her ass, kneaded the flesh, roamed freely around and edged toward her asscrack, made her cunt bum wildly with sexual fire.

She loved this, wanted more of it. She knew she would come, knew in her heart, because this kind of treatment was what she wanted, what she needed. Her short story sex our business is private knew nothing about bad men, about bikers, thugs like Jack and his friends. All it knew about was the erotic sensations that seemed to be associated with the pain she was enduring.

He was going to do it, he was going to fuck her. After all that pain, after all that humiliation, he was going to fuck her, drive that long skinny cock dangling between his legs into her cunt. The thought of being fucked again made Janet whip her thighs faster and faster from side to side, tugging at the ropes. "Ohhhhh!" The pressure of those awful screws made the girl flush with more lust than before.

She wanted a cock, a big cock inside her. She knew a dick as big as the one hanging between Bill's legs would satisfy her wild need. There would be pain from taking something like that in her pussy, but the pain would make it all that much more exciting. Her orgasm would be harder, greater than before.

"Now, baby, now!" She felt Bill edging up to her, felt his knees shoving up against her buttocks. He was sinking his cock into her, shoving his dickhead hard against her cuntlips. He was fucking her, shoving that long thing into her pussy. Janet arched her back, her shoulders wallowing against the smooth Formica top.

Above her she could feel the stud shivering with lust, his lean body jerking, twitching as if someone had stabbed him. More dickmeat was sliding in, splitting her in half! Janet cried out, digging her fingernails harder into her palms.

She wanted to move, to jerk her thighs from side to side to increase the sensation of being fucked, of really being skewered by his long hard prick! Bill's cock was halfway in now. He began moving his hips in a rotary motion, stirring his cock around inside her pussy like a giant spoon.

Janet thought she was coming unglued. She rolled her head from side to side, her nostrils flaring, her eyes wide and glazed while strands of blonde hair clung to her cheeks. She was making odd gurgling sounds, sounding as if she were drowning, while her ass pranced madly for more dick. Cock, dick! She wanted, needed more stimulation, more meat in her hole!

But still Janet couldn't bring herself to ask for it. That was too much, far too much for them to ask of her. She couldn't let them know completely what kind of slut she had been turned into. "Yeah, baby, you're beautiful, really beautiful.

You're the hottest thing between my legs I've ever had, I think," Bill whispered, kissing her throat, her mouth, her eyes. Janet shuddered, feeling his fingers travel over her body. He pinched her sore nipples, then used the flat of his palm to massage her clit. He told her and the others he could feel the heat coming from where Jack's belt had slammed against her cunt again and again.

Janet looked at the young man, then turned her head and stared at Jack. Hate filled her mind. She hated and loathed these men beyond belief. And yet their kisses, theirs touches aroused her, made her so hot she could hardly stand it? Body and mind seemed to have been divided.

Or perhaps more accurately her mind was punishing her body for enjoying this degrading episode. Yes, that was it! She deserved every bit of pain because her body loved everything that was happening to her. She wanted to have this cruel animal fuck her and dump his load of jizz into her pussy. The thought of having him fuck her to punish her made. Janet's groan with renewed delight and lust.

"Oh no, baby, I ain't gonna cum that fast," Bill said, noticing the way she was moving her thighs from side to side, jerking her hands up, trying to grab hold of him. He knew she was close to climax, close to cutting loose.

He had waited too long to let this opportunity slip by quickly. "Fuck, fuck!" There, she had said it, admitted her feelings to these men! The ceiling hadn't crashed down on her! Hell hadn't risen up to swallow her up. Fucking! That's what she was doing, what she loved to do, wanted to do!

"No, don't!" And then he was pulling out his prick, slipping his long cock out. Janet wriggled ha body in protest, clutching her pussy muscle together, trying to grab at the retreating dick. "Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty blonde teen railed and mouth cum by fat hard dick drag this thing out, baby, really drag it out," Bill whispered, crawling on top of her.

Janet stared up at him, stared at his hairy, hanging balls that nearly touched her chest. He was squatting over her, playing with his cock, looking as if he were about to take a shit on her belly. Janet's cunt was overheated. She could feel her cuntwalls buckling with sexual heat, clutching together, while the big stud played with his cock over her tits. "Nice." Bill slid up a little farther, his knees touching her armpits. In a moment his buttocks were pressing against her tits as his cock dangled over her face.

"Have a good look at it, baby. Remember, remember when I tried shoving it down your fuckin' mouth the last time? Remember?" Janet remembered, remembered it well. She could remember dreaming about it at home, thinking about it at school while the teacher droned on about one thing or other in class.

Cock, dick. They had ruined her for life, destroyed her with that one horrible episode, turning her into a sex machine, a slut who could only think of cockmeat and nothing else! "No, no, no!" "Sure you do.

Stunning lizz gets her wet muff slammed brunette big tits

Come on, take a swallow." She felt him slip his hands behind her head, felt his knees cushioning her ears as he pressed fingers against her jaw and forced her mouth open.

Janet gagged, tasting that bleachy, familiar flavor of his cum. She knew what it felt like to be fucked in the mouth. She had denied it only to make him force his cock into her.

She enjoyed that, enjoyed being forced, being raped in the cunt, in the mouth. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Bill moaned, his head thrown back, his eyes closed in ecstasy. His hips were working now, sliding back and forth, sawing his dick in and out of her dick hungry mouth. "Mmmmmmmm!" Frothy drool oozed from the corners of her stretched lips, dribbling down her chin and wetting the tabletop.

Each time Bill shoved his cock in, her cheeks puffed out, her breath coming in short, frantic pants. At times Janet thought she was going to pass put from lack of air. She jerked her head from side to side, sucking in oxygen through her flared nostrils with a wheezing sound.

"Man, I think I wanna crawl into that mouth when I get a chance to fuck 'er," Greig said, watching in fascination as Bill kept fucking Janet.

Janet kept protesting, knowing that the men wanted to hear her cries, her screams. Looking up again, she saw that wolf-like stare in Bill's eyes, the same stare she'd seen in Jack's. They sought out women like her, needed women like her.

She was one of their kind, a woman who enjoyed being tamed, mastered, but who still revolted only to be mastered again. Janet had no idea why she was like this, why she was so different from other girls. But there it was and she had to live with it.

"Ohhh, yeah, take that dick. Gimme good, fuckin' good head!" Bill cried, feeding her mouth more and more of his cock. CHAPTER EIGHT Janet felt Bill ease his knees off her cramped arms.

He was smoothing his thumbs over her cheeks. The weight, the heft, the bulk of that heavy cock chugging in and out of her mouth was sending shock waves through her. She was actually turning on to what was happening to her. The girl then realized that sucking a cock, working her tongue over and over that fucking prick, was doing this to her! Incredible! "Come on, baby, don't give up on me now," Bill said. Janet sucked more and more furiously. She increased the pressure of her lips around the massive dick filling her mouth.

At the same time she wiggled her tongue frantically around the ridged underside, flicking it back and forth, feeling the young man on top of her go crazy. How strange it was that only a few days the thought of putting a dick in her mouth was repulsive.

How the thought of it had made her gag, nearly retch! And here she was sucking on a prick as if her life depended on it! "Swing on that rod, baby. Come on, man, swing on it! Ohhhh yeahhh, good head, bitch, good fuckin' head," Bill groaned, his head flopping from side to side.

"Man, she's gonna make him pop right now," Greig said, watching the girl's head jerk frantically up and down. "No, man, no!" Bill was reaching behind him, his fingers groping for her clit. Janet was thrashing against the ropes, her mouth sucking hard, her tongue going crazy against his pumping cock. For a moment the girl wanted to bite down on his dick. Yes, that would show him, show all of them that they couldn't torture her, couldn't harm her.

But that thought passed. The next second she was back sucking for her clear life, feeling more and more of his bleachy cum oozing from his piss-slit, coating her tongue, her mouth, her throat, the taste of it making her swallow more and more. And then he was pinching her clit, taking it between his thumb and forefinger and pinching it hard.

The girl let out a wild scream, her mouth opening wide, air rushing against his prick. That was all Bill needed. Still teasing her clit, the big stud came, sending rushes of cum down her throat. "Aaggghghhhh!" Janet swallowed, hard. She knew she would drown in jizz if she didn't. More and more gouts of cum spattered against the insides of her cheeks, wadded up, then slipped down her throat.

The young stud on top of her was going crazy, his knees hitting her chin, the sides of her head. Janet wanted to scream, to scream as loudly as she could.

But that spraying cock in her mouth kept her from doing much more than gagging. In a moment Bill was through. Sagging back, pulling his flaccid prick from her mouth and wiping the greasy head over her lips, he fell from the panting young woman. "Man, she's still in heat," Greig said with pleasure. "Yeah, she didn't cum when I did," Bill said. "Well, she's gonna make it when I fuck the shit outta her," Greig said, pulling his pants down.

"Hey, come on, let's both get the bitch," Jack suggested. Bill was wiping his cock off, having slid off the table. Jack moved up and took the screws off her cuntlips, making Janet murmur a thanks. The ropes were the next to go, the knots untied, the line taken from her body. Janet was exhausted, too tired, too degraded and shamed to fight back. Jack took her feet, Greig her hands and head and moved to the sofa.

"See, baby, you're gettin' better, movin' closer and closer to the bed. If you're real good this time, who knows, you might make it to the bed." Jack stripped, Janet watching him closely. She remembered that heavy, thick-muscled body lording over her, pressing her against the floor while his dick split her in two, ripping her cherry. Now he was going to do it again! "Get her on down, man, down." Jack had her on her belly once more.

Janet wrapped her hands around an old pillow, burying her face in it as she felt the the perfect hostess lela star touching her ass.

As sore and tired as she was, as much as those awful red marks burned from the belt, she was still hot. She could still feel her cunt tighten, burn with the slightest touch on her body. Janet still had to get off, had to feel the big cum that would blast her mind into bits!

"Eat that ass, man," Greig said, seeing his buddy staring at the rounded globes. "Yeah, good ass, good fuckin' ass. Man, I already had the pussy.

Now I wanna see what it's like to get my cock into that tight little shitter she's got. Man, nothin' like butt-fuckin' a hot woman," Jack said, kneeling down between Janet's legs. Janet heard him. Butt fucking. Yes, someone had said something about that earlier, something about sliding dick into her asshole! She thought about it, thought about how silly it was. Those things hanging between men's legs couldn't possibly fit into a woman's ass! No, that was silly, unreal! "Come on, baby, you're gonna loosen up.

really loosen up when I sink my cock into your shitter!" Jack moaned. She felt him pressing his knees up against her inner thighs, felt his rough callused fingers touching her uk blone pornstar babe satine takes facials, spreading them apart. He was bending down, breathing into her sweaty butt crack.

He was telling her things about her body, things that made her blush even now after all the horror she had been through! Lying there, still burying her face in the pillow, Janet felt a rush of intense pleasure when his fingers slid in and out of her butt crack, his jagged nails touching the sensitive sweat-damp flesh in her ass crevice. She liked that feeling, enjoyed that teasing touch of a finger edging closer and closer to her asshole. There was something deliciously forbidden, something that made her want to turn over and offer her cunt to him.

"Yeahhh." Jack reached out and held her arms steady. Janet flinched, feeling his cheeks pressing against the inner rounded curves of her buttocks. He was breathing heavily into her butt crack! She could feel his chin, his lips, and finally his tongue flicking against the flesh! It was too much, too much for her to handle. She twisted against the couch, rubbing her legs against the scratchy material, breathing hard, so hard she had to pull her face away from the pillow.

She needed air to feed her body as she writhed. "Nice tight ass. Man, it's gonna feel real good sinkin' into that thing!" He was kissing her ass cheeks, licking her asscheeks. Janet squirmed on the sofa, digging her fingertips into the pillow, groaning softly, wishing in one way the touch could be heavier and yet glad it was this light.

She felt her cunt heating up to an incredible degree, the muscles of her pussy fluttering, as Jack's tongue slipped lower and lower. "Yeahhhhh!" She could feel his breath against her asshole. Oh pretty tourist rina ellis enjoys cock for cash pornstars hardcore, yes. He was licking her, licking her shitter lips! Janet couldn't believe how her body was reacting to that obscene move!

She cried out into the pillow, curling her fists and pounding them against the sofa pillow while tensing her thighs and shoving up to him. She was shoving her ass up to him, wagging it slowly back and forth, loving the warm, moist touch of his tongue. "Oh, oh, what are you doing to me? Oh God, what are you doing. doing tome?" she stammered. "You're havin' one hell of a time here, ain'tcha? Man, you came here thinkin' I was goin' to be hung or somethin', and now you're enjoyin' the hell out of yourself," Jack mocked.

"No, no, that isn't true! No, it isn't! You're hurting me, killing me. I wouldn't enjoy something like that, never never!" Jack snorted out a laugh, pulling his face out of her butt crack for a second.

"Baby, you dig it, dig bein' shoved down in the dirt and havin' your face pushed deeper into it," Jack said, grabbing her by the hair and tugging her head up from the pillow. "No!" "Don't lie to me!" he snapped, jerking her hair again, nearly pulling it out by the roots. "Little pieces of shit like you like having the snot kicked outta 'em.

I don't know why, but I sure had you pegged from the start." Jack let go of her hair, listening to her sob into the pillow for a moment horny hailey reed crawl for good dicking and is filled with cum going back to sucking on her asshole. Again she thought of the hatred she felt for these men, a hatred that would burn hell clean.

And yet she was enjoying this. Even now she was feeling her clit sputter, sparkle with delight as his tongue rimmed her asshole, as his fingers toyed with her cunthairs, then strayed down to her clit!

She wagged her ass from side to side, panting so hard she could hardly fill her lungs with enough oxygen to feed her thrashing body. "Oh no! No, no!" The more he touched her, the more he and his friends abused her, the hotter she became. She shifted her ass from side to side, spreading her thighs as far as she could, offering her ass up to his tongue as he started rimming her shitter lips. "Man, oh man. fuck, she's so fuckin' hot she's gonna burn my fuckin' mouth!" Jack groaned.

He was edging up behind her, his fingers hooked around her hips. Janet felt something very hot brushing against her thighs, bouncing off her pussy, then rubbing back and forth steadily against those slick lips. It was his wonderful cock his fat, thick prick sliding it from side to side. She pressed her forehead against the pillow, her ass rising higher in the air, tilting up as she felt his tongue stiffen and press in.

It was so deliciously obscene feeling that wet wiggly thing slide past the wrinkled flesh of her asshole! Jack pressed his thumbs in against the inside curves of her buttocks, spreading her wider and wider open for his mouth, for that wonderful reaming, skewering tongue of his!

He was going half mad, growling into her asshole, moving his face from side to side, pressing his fingers against her buttocks and thighs so hard he was bruising the flesh.

She dug her knees harder into the sofa cushions, smelling the stale odor of the unwashed material. "Get in her first, man. That's gonna be the hardest. fuckin' a chick fake taxi blonde huge tits and big tits fuck cum complication downloading story xxxx the ass! I'll slip in after you." Janet cried out, shaking her head violently from side to side. She stared in horror, shocked that she could be acting like this, shoving her ass up in the air like some bitch in heat, begging them to do their worst.

"Stop! Oh, stop, you'll. unnghhhhh, you'll kill me if you. do that!" She choked at the thought of having Jack's cock shoved up her ass. Janet remembered how it felt having an enema once when she was a child. How it hurt; how it made her feel so squirmy and uncomfortable inside! And now this animal was going to fuck her in the butt, shove that ten-inch cock up her shitter! He couldn't do that without tearing something! "Oh, stop, stop!" Jack's tongue wiggled around her slick asshole, his fingers caressing the slick rubbery edges of her cuntlips while his thumbs stroked her clit.

How good that felt! Such wonderful hot flashes sparked from her clit sending showering of delightful, shocks into her cunt. Her groans turned to cries of ecstasy as Jack's tongue did its work. Janet clawed at the pillow, no longer fighting back. She felt his spit and her cunt juices mix, dribbling down her thighs and wetting the scratchy sofa cushions under her.

She bowed her back, angling her ass up, wishing he could stick a little more of that teasing tongue into her butt! "Man, if she ain't ready now, I don't know when she will be!" Greig observed. Jack grunted, pulling his face out of her butt crack. His cheeks glistened with spit. Wiping them with the back of one hand, he slid up a little farther until his knees were touching hers.

"Get that ass down a little," he growled. Janet obeyed quickly, shutting her eyes tight. It was incredible that this was happening.

She was fucking around with three men, letting them pull her down into the moral swamp they lived in! And how she loved it! How the girl wallowed in her own muck, almost laughing at the thought of what she was doing! "Yeah, just like that," Jack whispered with satisfaction.

He gripped her tightly around the hips, his eyes narrowing as he studied her spit-slick asshole. It would be a tight fit. The big stud wrapped his fingers around his cock, guiding the bloated head up to Janet's shitter. "Oooommmmmm," Janet moaned, feeling that hot cock brushing up against her asshole.

A ripple of excitement and fear shot up and down her spine. He was holding her more tightly, pressing up against her body while still gripping his dick around the middle.

"Yeah, baby, yeah, take it. take all them fuckin' inches of cockmeat up your Goddamned ass! That's what you want. cock in your pussy and cock up your shitter, right?" "No, no, no!" Janet moaned, saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth. "Yeah, tell it to somebody else, bitch!" The pressure increased as he leaned forward.

Janet could feel his hot, uneven breath against the back of her neck. He was mumbling something about her being tight, almost too tight for his dick. He pressed harder, rubbing his dickhead rapidly back and forth over her gray-pink shitter. Janet felt the pressure increase rapidly. He was going to do it, going to shove that cock up her butt!

His breathing turned into groans. The pressure quickly became an ache. "Noooo!" Her asshole lips were puckering in! The pain started radiating out, a strange kind of agonizing heat that stretched to the outer curves of her buttocks and her belly.

Janet sucked in a deep breath, held it, then let out the air with a loud woosh. Her tits brushed over the sagging couch cushions. Her elbows bowed out, threatening to collapse, while her hair curtained her face. Again and again Jack tried to stick his cock up her butt. But her shitter muscles remained tightly clamped against him. "Loosen up, bitch!" Janet saw a shadow coming down toward her. She cried out, then felt something hard hit the back of her head.

Again and again he slapped her, shouting out for her to relax. The fifth blow just above the neck nearly knocked her unconscious. With a groan Janet sagged to the cushion, feeling her sphincter finally giving way to college boy girl sex story ebony awful pressure of Jack's cockhead!

CHAPTER NINE "Unnnhh! Ooooohhhh!" Janet's eyes bulged out, her back arching. He was slipping his cockhead into her actually fitting that bulbous fat thing in her asshole. The girl felt her thigh muscles cramp, felt her heart pounding wall street boss makes male staff strip hardcore and mature hard she thought it would burst.

She curled her fingers, her nails tearing into the sofa material. Her body jerked forward, her forehead slamming hard against the armrest. "Shit!" Jack was puffing hard behind her, shaking the excess sweat from his forehead. He reined his muscles for a while, breathed deeply, then tensed up once more. Janet let out a low moan of despair, her elbows bowing out even more.

Every muscle in her body seemed to cramp with the big man's insistent ass-fucking. For a moment she thought of Jack, of the way he'd held her down before, of the way he'd jammed his cock into her pussy, ripping away the slender membrane. The excitement, the terror mixed in with the delight she'd eventually felt during the fucking came back to her in a rush of confused images.

Yes, yes, fucking, fucking anyway she could get it! That's all she thought of now. That's all the girl, wanted to think about. Family, friends, future, they all faded in to the background as the big stud's dickhead began reaming out her shitter. "Ohhhhh." Janet twisted her head around to see what Jack was doing. She saw his black hair hanging rakishly over one eye while the cords stood out in his throat.

His chest was heaving mightily up and down while rivulets of sweat coursed down his chest. Jack, was straining hard, forcing his dick into her asshole.

"Ugh!" She felt him increase his grip on her hips. More cockmeat worked into her hole. He was really driving that fat cunt-spitter into her ass, the head of his cock pushing apart the slick bowel membranes, burying itself deeper and deeper in her body. "Nooooo!" There was a sudden piercing pain as her asshole muscles cramped up. Jack shuddered, pitching forward, working his fingers around her thighs down to her pussy.

She felt the tips caressing her outer labes, moving up to her clit and feeling around, pushing it down, shoving it from side to side until he had Janet growling like a dog.

The increased stimulation in her pussy made her relax once more. Grunting with satisfaction, the thick muscled stud leaned back and tightened his thigh and ass muscles once more. He was moving his hips from side to side, prying out her hole in a rotary motion. "Take it, you little cocksuckin' bitch. Take it all, suck on it 'til you choke, you little slut!" he growled.

Janet screamed, the pain suddenly coming back. The whole tight ring of her ass seemed to be driven up into her bowels. She felt the tearing, stretching pain all around the outside of her asshole. It was as if someone were trying to stick his foot up her butt! She wriggled violently, trying to shake off her tormentor. Jack held on, calling her every name in the book, slipping yet another throbbing inch of his dick into her hole.

"Ohhh, no! Don't do this anymore. oh, no, please, take it. ughhhhh. out!" Jack only laughed at her distress. He reached down, wrapping his fingers once more around his cockshaft. Only half of it had sunk into her butt. He was determined to slip all of it up her asshole. "Nooo!" Jack pushed down and in once more. Before Janet could have time to think, more of his dick slipped in. "Oh, oh, oh!" At the same time Jack started playing with her cunt.

Oh, it was so good, especially when he didn't start shoving more of his dick up her slitter. She was spread wide open, wide open for his cock. If only he would take it out and shove it up her cunt. Yes, that's what she wanted! All that finger playing down there was making her hot, really hot. Sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass, all of that added to the simmering, boiling heat in her cunt. "Move that butt, baby.

Move it like you moved it when I was fuckin' your pussy," Jack ordered. Janet sobbed, moving her ass as sensuously as she could. The slow flick of that hard dick in her ass hurt terribly! If only she could get him to slip his dick out, slip it back into her cunthole where she could fully appreciate his fucking! Then she would do anything he wanted, suck any dick he wanted!

"Unghhhhh!" It felt as if it were splitting her wide open. Janet felt the pain reaching higher and higher in her body. Tears of shame and pain rolled down her cheeks. And that awful wide head! It seemed to go on forever! And now he was sliding his hands forward, covering her nipples with his fingers. Again he was pinching them, rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers until she thought she would pin from excitement.

His fingers were slick with juices, her juices! She was covered with sweat, with cum, with her cuntal juice! "Oooohhh!" Janet felt the muscles in her arms and legs spasm. Jack was starting to pull his cock out! Dear God, it felt as if he were pulling out all her guts with his dick! She let out a strangled cry, her head pushing forward while her ass shot back. He couldn't be doing this to her! Oh please, no, no! Dear God, don't let him pull out! "Unnghhh!" Janet was biting down on her lip.

She couldn't even cry now, couldn't let out a moan. There were those crazy motions going on in her ass. She shoved her asscheeks toward Jack, looking for relief from the obscene sucking in her shit chute. "What's the matter, baby? Too much for you? You got too much goin' down in your shitter? Man, wait 'til Greig over here slips his dick into your cunt.

Christ, you won't be able to tell up from teen hitchhiker fucks in car in forest then, will you?" he panted. Two men fucking her, fucking her at the same time! She thought of Greig, thought of how it would feel to be sandwiched between two studs. It was a dream, a fantasy come true!

Shivering, Janet groaned. Jack was sliding back in, shoving his cock into her ass once more. His hard iron-like cock massaged the sensitive nerves of her stuffed ass.

It felt as if he were tonguing her again, rimming her shitter with his lips while toying with her clit. "Ughhh!" The sliding of his rod as it sank deeper into her bowels sent shivery thrills coursing through her body. Janet felt her guts filling with the man's big dick. Wider and wider his big cock stretched her, burning into her body like a red, glowing iron bar. Surely it would have to stop some time! "No more, please, no more!" she gasped. But the rest of Jack's cock followed the fat head in easily.

Janet couldn't believe it! Her asshole nerves were just as sensitive, perhaps more, as her cunt's! She closed her eyes, trying to picture how the two of them looked -- she crouched down on her hands and knees, her elbows bowed out, her head shoved against the armrest while her ass was angled high in the air; he slumped over her, his hands still wrapped tightly around her hips while his legs were shoved up hard against hers. "Ughhhhh!" She thought of that thick bar of cockmeat in her ass growing, growing until it was the size of a football.

The stud's dick was already like a tree trunk impaling her! "Baby, yeah, good fuckin'," Jack moaned. The steady pressure eased for a moment. Janet felt Jack's hairy belly on her buttocks. Surely that had to be all. He had to be all the way in now. She relaxed, letting out a long sigh of relief. Then it happened again!

Jack started pulling out, stimulating her protesting nerve endings in her asshole. Then he shoved in, making her arch mom olivia fox teaching stepdaughter pressley carter back. That strange fullness in her bowels was exciting the hell out of her now. The pain was slowly going away. That heat in her buttocks was so different from that in her pussy -- and yet it contributed to the steamy sensation between her legs, added to it in a way that pleased her.

"Oh!" Jack's cock went deeper -- or seemed to, well past where the last stroke had stopped. Janet sucked in another breath, her moans shuddering deep in her chest. The head of his cock went up and up, threatening, she thought, to come out of her mouth! "God help meeee!" "Ain't no God around to help you, honey," Jack said, stopping his fucking for a second. "If he is, he's probably lookin' right down and jackin' off watchin' us fuck!" Janet grunted again, feeling her belly swell to bursting.

In spite of the pain -- or perhaps because of it -- the girl wanted mote cock in her ass. In a way Janet wished there was a football up her ass, something larger, something that would push her over the edge. Back again! Oh God, he was pulling out, making her shitter lips pucker out. Janet clawed frantically at the sofa cushions. He was spreading up the tempo of his ass-ripping movements. He was starting to fuck her, really fuck her as if he stuck his dick in her pussy!

Oh God, had she loosened up that much? Had her buttocks opened up that far to accept a prick the size of Jack's? The proof was in the fucking. Janet groaned, her moans turning into screams of desire the moment Jack touched her clit and shoved the tiny spindle down into the surrounding wet flesh.

"Wanna get fucked? Wanna have something stuffed up your cunt, bitch?" "Yes, yes!" she screamed, spittle frothing from her mouth. "Fuck me! Oh God, someone fuck me, fuck me good and hard!" Her voice was raspy, throaty, as if it were coming from another being deep inside her. Wagging her ass more frantically, prancing for more dick, Janet again repeated her demand to have more cockmeat shoved in her body.

"Come an, Greig. Shit, she's gonna buck me off if you don't get your cock in her now!" Janet felt Jack grip her tightly again, then he shoved one knee against her right leg. Mature lady wants to suck his juices hardcore and blowjob some effort they slipped to one side, his back pressed hard against the rear of the sofa.

Greig had long since stripped, his cock greased down liberally with the juice bubbling out of his piss slit. Janet examined his briefly. He would be good for her, good for her pussy! His prick was just over seven inches, she guessed -- not as large as Jack's or Bill's but certainly big enough to handle her overheated cunt. "Okay, baby, get ready for the fuckin' of your damned life!" Janet's mind went blank.

Jack had stopped his fucking movements for a moment to let his buddy slide onto the couch. Janet panted heavily. She knew she was going to be fucked, fucked hard and fast, fucked by two massive cocks packed down with jizz. Hyperventilating as she was, she worried about passing out before she had a chance to enjoy fully the pleasure promised her. "Ohhhhh!" Jack started sliding his click in and out while Greig positioned himself.

She felt the big man in front of her slip his cock down, down against the furry bundle pulsing between her legs. He was edging down, pulling back his ass, then shoving it forward. The fat head of his cock slipped easily past her juice-greased cuntlips, sliding halfway in before her pussy muscles cramped once more and gummed down hard on his cock.

"Oh!" The power of her own body startled Janet. She felt both Greig and Jack shivering against her. Each one was telling her she was too much of a fuck, was too hot! Fucked by two men at the same time! Again that thought shot through her brain and made the girl cry out greedily far big tits brunette teen keisha grey handcuffed and slammed dickmeat, more hot cock to fill her body.

"Christ, this bitch can't get enough of us," Greig panted, filling her with more of his prick when her cuntal muscles finally reined.

"Shit, all I had to do with this one was give her a little taste of cockhead. Then, man, she took off!" "Give it to her. Shove that hard meat into her hole! Fuck her cunt good!" Bill cried from the sidelines as he watched his buddies.

"Unnghhhh!" Janet's cry of pleasure sounded loud in the quiet room. It sent chills over the men's bodies and made their cocks throb. She was being tossed from stud to stud, her body violated at both ends. Oh God, would she ever be the same? Would she ever be able to look another man in the face without comparing them to these awful, wonderful men? Even the memory of her beating, the memory of her being roped and belted mercilessly faded against this wonderful episode of fucking!

"Uhhhghhhh!" Greig shoved, moving his hips as much as he dared without losing his balance. He felt her cunt fitting tightly around the broad, hairy base of his cock. Inside her cunt he could feel the sensitive, slippery tissues stretching widely apart to accommodate his throbbing seven inches of meat.

Behind the girl he could see his buddy nuzzling his head in the nape of Janet's neck. He could feel the vibrations of Jack's dick as the big stud started going crazy. Yeah, he was gonna shoot real soon, gonna blow his load in that fuckin' blonde's shitter! It was gonna be crazy if the two of them could time it, could cum at the same moment and make the little sniffling bitch cum too! "Unnnghh, man, close.

uughhh. real fuckin' close!" Jack murmured. "Oh, oh, oh!" Janet gasped. Her brain was fogged by her own sensuality. She felt Greig coming down to the end of his downstroke, his hairy groin grinding into her nerve-rich clit. Thrills shot through her cunt and tits. Her sheath tightened around Greig's dick while her ass felt as if someone had dumped burning gasoline on it. "Make it, baby, make it!" Greig moaned. He was clutching her tits, his fingers at times meeting Jack's as they clutched and grabbed at Janet's nipples.

Having two men playing with her tits, having them pinching her tit tips, kneading the resilient flesh while driving their cocks into her body was too much to be believed!

She thought she was going to pass out from her rising excitement. Her knees shot forward, banging hard against Greig's, then slid back only to be pressed against Jack's legs. The couch groaned and shivered with the triple weight as the three zoomed up toward orgasm. "Nooooo!" Jack's cock in her ass seemed to slow down for a moment.

And then with a sweaty slap of his belly on her buttocks, Janet felt him speed up again. He was going crazy, driving his cock deeper and faster until her bowels tightened around his cock. She felt as if her guts were going to tear loose with this wild fucking. And yet, she didn't care. All she wanted was for the vulgar thrills to build, build until she came with a fury that would drive her mad. She wanted it all to happen at once -- the pain in her tits, the juicy sliding of her cuntlips against Greig's cock, the piercing thrusts of that dick in her butt, her mind-numbing climax -- all of it to peak at the same moment!

"Ughhgbhhbh!" Greig pulled his ass back, drawing his throbbing cock out of Janet's cunt. She became frantic, her fingers clutching at his face, her cried becoming wild, desperate. He couldn't leave her like this -- high and dry, ready to climax and not having a good hard dick in her pussy. Janet didn't care if she was thinking like a slut, like some nympho finally ready to be satisfied with a man's cock. All she cared about was the feeling rising like bubbling mercury in her brain, ready to bring her off.

It would be lovely, incredible, if only Greig would keep his dick in her. She was ready, so ready for it! "Fuuuucccckkk!" Janet cried out like a wild animal. "Man, get a load of that bitch," Jack panted from behind, sliding his hands around her small shoulders to keep her down on the sofa. "Yeah, I pull out for a sec and she goes nuts. Man, she must be ready all right!" Janet growled angrily, twisting between the men scissoring her legs as best she could around Greig's and jerking her ass back and forth.

Cock! Dick! Oh God, she needed it, needed it bad. "You want it so bad, baby, then take it!" Greig said between clenched teeth. Again Janet felt his cock slip greasily between her cuntlips. Her cunt muscles fluttered, spasmed, then gripped his thick cock. With a grateful sigh Janet began jerking her hips back and forth, again, readying herself for the mammoth cum just around the corner.

CHAPTER TEN Janet was going crazy! The two men were throwing her back and forth with their heaving chests, their cocks piercing her body faster and faster with a pounding, fucking rhythm. She felt her tits mashing under Greig's hands, the nipples being pinched cruelly by his fingers.

Everything was adding to her unholy pleasure. She screamed again and again as lightning like jolts of heat shot through her cunt. At times her face struck Greig's.

But there was no pain. All she could feel at the moment was the earth-shaking power of her approaching cum and the power of those hard cocks slamming into her cunt. "Baby, soon, yeah, soon," Jack groaned. "Hurry!" Janet wailed. Jack hammered his cock faster than before, then suddenly stopped. His body shivered as he gripped her body hard and let out a low moan. "Man, oh, man!" The big stud felt his cum bubbling up thick I and rich from his dick.

He pressed in as tight as he could, throwing one arm over her shoulder and pulling the wailing girl closer to him. "Now!" he shouted in a trembling voice. Janet felt his cock jerking and bucking in her tight asshole. Yes, he was cumming, shooting his jizz into her shitter! It was just like those enemas she had as a child. Greig was hunching furiously in front of her, pushing hard up against Janet's body, keeping his cock embedded in her cunt.

He slid his mouth down into hers, their tongues spearing at one another while their lips sucked. Spit ran out in streams down their cheeks as they sucked and tongued one another. Janet didn't care how sluttish she was acting. The power of her exploding cunt had taken over everything, even her soul.

She felt her throat starting to throb in time to her clit and asshole. Her entire body was on fire! She hunched out of control, fucking and being fucked. It was the best, the most wonderful feeling she'd ever had in the whole world! Nothing could top this, absolutely nothing!

"Now!" Greig cried. Greig threw one arm around Janet, gripping all three of them in a tight vise as he felt his nuts explode, pumping up gouts of hot jizz. As his cum shot up his cock, jetting through that center tube and spraying out of his spongy cockhead, the young man stabbed his tongue deep into her mouth once more. His balls shivered, pumping out load after heavy load of his cum. With each bubbling jet, he jabbed his tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Janet couldn't take much more. She gave herself completely to the feeling rising to the boiling point in her cunt. She was cumming, cumming as the two men dumped their loads in her pussy. She felt her cuntal walls shaking, bucking, buckling and clutching. The throbbing grew stronger, more violent. Her tongue shaved back into Greig's throat as she dug her nails into his back and took the final fucking thrusts of his dick.

The moment of wild madness was on her. A white-hot shot of joy burned into her brain. The smashing power of her orgasm nearly took her breath away. With great effort she managed to keep conscious, holding tightly onto Greig, feeling Jack's cock still throbbing deep in her ass.

How low she had sunk! Two men, fucking her at once, and she acting like a bitch in heat! And yet Janet couldn't stop smiling at herself, stop enjoying that unique feeling of having two dicks sliding in and out of her simultaneously! Janet had no idea how long her orgasm had lasted. She faded back into reality when she felt the wide flare of Jack's cockhead slipping out, tugging at her asshole lining.

Her eyes widened, her body jerking as the head of his cock paused for a moment in her asshole, then slipped out. She jerked and twitched as he pulled his prick out, hot flashes shooting through her body and making her flesh crawl.

"Ohhhhh." Janet felt herself sinking, sinking into some comforting hole of blackness. She had been violated in every hole of her body. She was only a teenager, yet she was already more experienced than her own mother!

Turning her head away, Janet felt more tears coming to her eyes. Now she could weep for her lost innocence. Now she could think of what a slut she had become here in this house in Venice! With her asshole still fluttering with excitement, Janet let out a groan, resting her head against Greig's shoulders. "She's just about played out, man," Greig said, pulling his cock out of Janet's cunthole.

"Yeah, leave 'er alone for a while," Jack said, staggering to his feet. Janet lay on her side, one hand covering her half-buried face. She heard the men laughing and drinking somewhere in the filthy living room. Were they going to let her go? Would she ever be able to lead a normal life again, even if they would never call her again?

Could she ever look at herself in the mirror without thinking of how sluttishly she had acted here this afternoon? Of how she'd taken on two men with no trouble, clawing and biting and scratching while climaxing? Waves of shameful guilt washed over the petite blonde. She cringed, wishing she could slit her wrists! Minutes passed, perhaps hours. Janet raised her head from the crumpled pillow and looked past the men to the dirty front windows. It was still light outside.

Perhaps it was only four, maybe five. She would be missed at home within an hour or so. What would she tell her mother? How czech chick gets pussy massage at the st casting masturbation and interview she ever explain something this evil, this perverted to her mother?

No, no, never would her mother know about this incident in her life. Even Julie would be kept in the dark.

She would make up some story about seeing a guy to keep Julie satisfied. "Hey, baby, you rested up?" Janet had hoped they would forget her. But from the tone of Jack's voice, the end of her ordeal hadn't come yet. "Please, just let me go. You've done enough to me already, haven't you?" She heard laughter. Apparently they hadn't. She heard chairs scuffling across the wood. Peering up again, Janet saw them approaching, their chests bare although all three had slipped their Levi's back on.

They stopped short of the couch, their faces sneering down at her. She knew they were looking at her as if she were the lowest creature on earth! They weren't the scum any longer. She was the dirt, the mud they could trample on. She had proven just how sluttish she was a few moments ago. She could have resisted, could have refused to participate in their awful game. But instead she had taken them on willingly, had embraced their perversions with an enthusiasm that surprised even these animals!

Yes, they were right in looking down at her! She was scum, the lowest of the low! "Get on down, baby. get on down and lick them boots," Jack said. Janet pushed herself weakly up from the couch, brushing her hair from her eyes. She looked blankly into his eyes. Her mind was still scrambled from the mind-blasting fuck she'd just received.

"Wh-what?" Something about boots? What had he said? What had he ordered her to do? Something awful? Probably. She couldn't imagine Jack was asking her to do anything decent. "I said lick my fuckin' boots. You been doin' everything else around here, baby.

You ain't fit for decent people any more. Fuck, you got about as much class as a toilet bottom. So, baby, you gonna show yourself just how low you are.

Now lick them boots." Jack shot one hand out, griping her by the hair and tugging hard. Janet screamed, her eyelids fluttering. She beat at his fingers, her legs flailing against the sofa. The pain was excruciating. For a moment there Janet had thought the men had numbed her reactions. But she could still feel pain, still feel fear. She slid off the couch, tumbling in a heap at the big man's feet.

He let go of her hair, his hands on his hips, his lips curled once more into a broad sneer. She had heard him correctly. "Lick 'em!" He shoved his filthy boots caked with mud under her chin. Janet jerked away, her blonde hair curtaining her face once more. Maniacs, all of them! They should all be put away somewhere where they couldn't harm the rest of society.

"I said lick 'em!" He would hit her if she didn't obey quickly. Janet leaned forward, supporting her body with both hands while her legs lay tucked under her butt. She could smell the filth rising like a sick vapor from his boots. And he wanted her to lick them? Closing her eyes, Janet swallowed hard, dropping her head down, down until her lips were nearly touching the dirty leather. "Toilet mouth," Greig murmured.

The young stud stepped behind Janet as she began polishing Jack's boot with choking, gagging sounds. Just when she grabbed at her throat to keep from retching, Greig raised one booted foot, putting the heel down hard on the back of her neck. Pushing down hard, he shoved her flat on the floor, her chin striking the toe of Jack's boot hard enough to knock the wind from her.

"Ooofff!" "What's the matter, babe? Don't you know how to lick somethin' clean? Ain't your old lady never told you how to clean up a plate? Come on, bitch, lick 'em clean.

I wanna see your fuckin' face in cum," Jack taunted. Janet pushed herself back up again, casting a look of loathing at Greig before she pushed back her hair and once more lowered her mouth to the awful boot. How horrible it tasted. After every second or third lick she had to turn her head and spit out the mud gathering on her tongue! And they were all laughing, laughing at this horror!

It amused them to watch her groveling like this, panting like a dog, licking their boots clean! Surely this had to be the end! Surely there could be little else they would do to her! CHAPTER ELEVEN "Unghhhhh!" Janet turned away from the men, both hands clutching her stomach. She had licked Jack's boots clean and was working on Bill's when she thought she was going to lose her lunch.

She gagged, feeling the sour taste of the bile rising in her throat. Bending over, her tits nearly touching the floor, she fought back the desire to retch in front of these men. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of watching her shame herself like that! Spitting out the dirt, Janet panted sickly, wishing once more she could have a knife to end her miserable life. "Rope the bitch!

If she don't know how the fuck to behave now, we'll just have to drive the lesson home, right guys?" Jack said, raising an eyebrow.

Rope! More torture, more beating, more belting! "No, no! NO! NO!" Janet screamed hysterically, alternately laughing and shrieking as Greig and Bill grabbed her under the arms and hauled her down the darkened hall toward the bedroom.

The bedroom! Jack had said she'd get there when she proved herself worthy. Worthy! The thought made her laugh again. She threw back her head and screamed with hysteria. "Come on, you looney. Man, she's goin' nuts. Guess we fucked her crazy!" Bill commented as they dragged the girl into the small room. Janet stopped her wild cries as they threw her on the bed.

She landed with a grunt, pushing herself up quickly and staring wide-eyed around the room. The room was small, dirty, bare of any furnishings except this crumpled double bed and a cracked mirror nailed to the wall behind it. Dirty, empty, deserted, just like her life! Looking at the mirror, she saw her face distorted by all the cracks in the glass.

As distorted as her life was! Then she saw Jack enter the room, pieces of rope dangling from one hand. She laughed again, drawing her fingers over her mouth. "Fucking? Oh God, no, yes, no, yessss!" Her mind whirled out of control as he stepped into the bedroom, swinging the ropes. "Dumb bitch!" he growled, raising one hand and slapping her right cheek.

The blow knocked Janet flat on the bed, her hair sweeping over her face. She grunted, half rolling to one side. The hysterical laughter was over, replaced by a soft, gentle moaning. Janet didn't, fight them, didn't even give them the satisfaction of groaning with some kind of delight as she felt someone looping the line tightly around one ankle, then slipping another rope around her other leg.

They were spreading her thighs apart, securing the ropes with a double figure-eight around her ankles, then tying the loose end around a leg of the bed with a square knot. She was split open again, her cunt and asshole exposed, pried open by the tension of the heavy-duty line. Still the girl could feel cum oozing out of her violated holes, wetting down the filthy white sheet gathered under her body.

What now? Defeated, deserted, the young teen didn't care. She was already a zombie. There was little they could do, she thought, that would rouse her much from her stupor. "Come on, get up on your fuckin' hands and knees, baby," Jack ordered. It was an effort, perhaps the greatest effort of her life to haul herself up from the bed. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Janet saw what she had become -- trampled on, a slovenly whore driven to the depths of depravity, a willing victim of these animals who knew nothing else except the vilest kind of sexual contact.

She lowered her head, her hair splashing across her whitened knuckles. Digging at the torn sheets, she thought of her mother and wept. "You take anything, right, baby? See if you dig this," Jack said. Staring into the broken mirror, she saw Jack standing behind her. He was pulling something out of a small leather pouch he'd carried on his right side. A knife! God! So this was how her life was going to end, knifed to death in this slum house, a victim of her own perversity!

"Nooo!" She bolted, then froze when she felt the flat of the iron blade pressed against her cunt. The shock nearly made Janet faint. Trembling, curling her fingers until they cramped, waiting for the final blow, she watched as Jack and the others drew closer to the bed.

"Nice, huh?" She felt the knife slide across one buttock, then dip into her narrow asscrack. Jack traced the blade up toward her waist, then carefully down to where her ass met her thigh. The pressure increased as the surgically sharp knife neared her clit. How shameful, how horrible, and yet how exciting! Yes, it was too true. The girl felt herself warming once more between her legs, actually becoming aroused by the subtle drag of that knife.

Then the blade went away. Janet let out a long shuddering sigh, unsure whether or not she was glad Jack had withdrawn it. Then suddenly there was a chill at the center of her cunt. Jack, had pressed the blade against her wet slit, rocking it from her clit to the bottom junction of her cuntlips. She heard him laughing, commenting on how her juices fakecop aaliyah ca pelle pornstars big tits oozing out of her slit and wetting down, the gleaming silver blade.

Jack rocked the knife up and down, pressing the tip against her rising clit. Janet gasped, shaking her head from side to side. No, no, please God, not this, not this! It was one degrading act after another, each one more horrifying, more humiliating than the last!

And there was nothing she could do to stop them, to stop her body's positive reaction to what Jack and his buddies were doing. Jerking to one side, tugging her feet against the ropes, she arched her back, opening her cunt almost eagerly td the blade. "Yeah, slut, yeah, you want anything to take care of that bitchin' cunt of yours," Jack muttered.

He kept rocking the blade back and forth. The touch and coldness of the iron sent excitement rushing through the blonde teen. It was almost the same feeling she had when the men were my wife fantasises about others tube porn with her, fucking with her. It didn't seem to matter what or who touched her cunt -- just as long as something did! "Oh, oh, oh!" Janet felt her cunt clamp down, the razor edge of the blade slitting her outer cuntlips.

"No, no, don't. don't make me do this!" Janet cried. She stared at her lust-bloated face in the mirror. She was turning onto this horror, loving every perverted moment of it! When Jack rocked the knife down, shoving the tip harder against her clit once more, the young girl thought she would faint from pleasure. She closed her eyes, feeling her flesh crawl, feeling those sharp delightful shivers of sexuality ripple up and down her spine.

It was unbelievable, but she felt her clit swelling, felt a hotter, more intense lust flowing from her crotch. Fucking! Yes, that had done it to her, had warped her mind, had turned her into a sex machine! Janet's pulse raced. She opened her eyes and saw Jack hovering over her. He was stroking his long, thick cock that stuck out from his halved Levi's.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" the girl cried. "Man, now she's beggin' for it. just like all the other cunts we've had up here," Jack muttered. Janet screamed, her elbows bowing out. The tip of the knife her pierced her clit, her cuntlips burned, flamed with delight.

Janet had thought that Jack might hurt her with that knife, might cut her. That possibility added yet even more spice to the girl's fear, made her cunt juices ooze out faster. "Go for it," Jack whispered, dragging the sharp edge of the blade tack, tracing a groove down to the edge of Janet's cuntmouth. The buzzing, spinning flashes from her clit ebbed, but the fear of having her pussy cut remained. With another grunt, Janet shoved her ass back at the big man, feeling the tip of the knife slip around her cuntal rim.

Glancing back into the mirror once more, Janet could see she was shaming herself, letting her body show that it was hungry for his red-knobbed cock. She wanted Jack to shove his rod into her hungry, sucking hole. Jack was panting now, still jacking his cock, his fist moving faster and faster. Janet rolled her hips from side to side, arching and shoving back her buttocks at him. She felt the oily, slippery sweat rolling down her thighs, mixing with her cuntjuice.

"Bitch! Pig! Take a cock, baby, a real man's cock!" Jack shouted, climbing onto the bed. Janet smiled, her eyes closed tightly as she felt the stabs of his cock against her pussy. Rolling her hips forward and hunching her back, she felt his cockhead slip in, then move around in her cunthole.

How easily it slipped into her pussy, just like a greased finger? Jack steadied himself for a moment, then slipped his fingers down, down until he was again playing with her tits, kneading the flesh, pinching her nipples.

Janet loved the sensation of being fucked like a dog, of being degraded by this man and his friends. She wished this could go on all night. She hunched her back against him harder, feeling the full length of his fat prick in her body. She felt his cockhead like a plum on a pole, swirling and rotating around and round inside her. "Oh, oh, ohhhh!" she whimpered, unable to stop the wild chain of thoughts, the rapid building of her orgasm. Jack laughed, twisting her nipples viciously, draping himself again over her back and biting down hard on the back of her neck.

Janet sobbed. The bruising fingers on her nipples made every ounce of her tits ache. And those teeth on her neck! The bite made Janet throw her head back. She raised herself up. "Ugh! Ughhh! Ughh!" Jack's belly, slapped against hers. That itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and ass was driving her crazy.

Soon she would shame herself again, soon she would cum. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" she screamed, her head rolling from side to side. She clawed at the pillow, driving her shoulders forward.

Cum now! Cum now! That's, the only thing she could think of. Growling like a dog, she felt the whirling knot of lust in her crotch about to explode. The immense blast furnace of chilly heat grew and grew.

It was so wonderful hearing her juices squishing between the heavy slaps of his belly against her ass. "FUCK!" Jack shouted. With a savage jab, Jack shoved down. A lava-like blast of cum sprayed against her cuntal walls. Janet could feel it, feel that gush of hot jizz spatter in.

Gasping, blowing out the breath she had just held, Janet felt her cunt walls crash in orgasm. The first fuck jolt of her orgasm shattered the girl completely. Her cunt spasmed, wringing tighter at the dick than before.

Her hips jerked from side to side as she opened her mouth and screamed out her delight. Oh God, God, this was the most intense cum yet! Her pussy clutched and milked more and more spunk from Jack's swinging balls!

Again and again her pussy spasmed, holding tightly onto the fat rod, greedily gumming at the big man's prick until there was nothing left in his balls to shoot out.

"Man, man, real bitchin'. good fuck," Jack whispered, pulling out his cock and slipping it back into his pants. "Hey, we get some chances now?" Bill asked, ready to mount the panting, whimpering blonde now spread out on the bed.

"It's gettin' late. Time for the little bitch to get home. We don't want her gettin' her mama worried on where she is. That's okay, blondie," Jack said, reaching down and tugging at her hair.

"We'll drive you close to your home. The least we can do, right?" Janet lay on the bed for several minutes, gathering what strength she had. They had done their worst. They had defiled her, dragged her through the gutter and made her love it!

She was no better than they -- perhaps much worse. Pushing herself up from the bed, shoving the now-tangled locks of her hair from her face, Janet peered again into the cracked mirror. Whore! It was written all over her face. Whore! "Come on, bitch, we ain't got all fuckin' day," Jack said, throwing her clothes at her when he returned from the living room.

Would they call her again? Perhaps they had had enough with her. She caught snatches of conversation between Bill and Jack, heard the leader call her nothing better than a sewer right now. Maybe they were right. She was certainly at the bottom of the barrel now. "Come on!" It was so hard to dress! Pulling on her blouse and buttoning it, Janet thought about the horror she had just endured.

Horror, yes. But she had enjoyed it also, had discovered a part of her that, for better or for worse, just wouldn't go away. Perhaps it would have been better left alone.

But now she had to deal with it. "Come on, bitch, or I'll lay this belt into you!" Jack barked. Janet smiled. That wouldn't be that bad, would it? She would have to think about that on the way home. Sliding her sandals on and buckling them tightly, she thought of the beating, of the ropes, of that knife, of all the fucking and smiled. A new world. Yes, she was entering a new world, once she found exciting as well as threatening.

Standing up from the bed, feeling a little wobbly, the young girl walked to the bedroom doorway. Perhaps they would call. She must be careful. Unsure of where her sexuality would lead her, Janet nevertheless decided she would follow that path.

How could something that felt this good be bad in the end? "Coming?" "Coming," Janet said, feeling so much older now! THE END